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There have always been more questions than answers in Jodi’s trial… and many things that just never added up. 9 months on, and nothing has changed really…

Read my post below and let me know your thoughts:

The Camera/Memory Card: Heather Conner (CSI) testified that she found the camera and the memory card as separate items in the washing machine. Michael Melendez (Mesa PD) testified that when he got the bagged up evidence for analysis, the memory card was already in the camera. So who put it in there and what did they actually do between both events? More importantly, how many pics do we think they deleted? And which ones?

Jodi’s Abs: Ryan Burns went out of his way to describe Jodi’s awesome strength, and how easy it would have been for her to overpower TA and move him around at will. He even went as far to highlight her “abs” and her “six-pack”. However, in the bedroom pics from June 4th, Jodi’s abs are non existent, thereby negating his BS story.

The License Plates: Another BS-filled red herring smokescreen from Kermit.

The Gas Cans: Much ado about nothing, once again. A moot point from start to finish. Zero relevance. Here’s why.

The Walmart Receipt: Same as the gas cans. No big deal, despite Kermit building his piss-poor closing arguments around it. It’s explained right here.

TA ending up in the shower: How did that happen?

The much trumpeted “27” stab wounds: In actuality, there were only 3. Details here.

The Roommates: Not withstanding the unmissable (but evidently missed) stench of decomp throughout the whole house… all the roommates turned out to be a very tight-knit & very deceptive bunch to say the least. No wonder none of them ever made it to the witness stand.

As demonstrated multiple times already, their respective stories & recollections changed many more times than Jodi’s ever did. The Flores Report covered it all in great detail. For example, when asked when he did the washing that week, Zach Billings even gave 3 different days, and still wasn’t sure on the specifics… even though he knew the exact days & times of all his other activities in & around the house that week, including knowing the color of TA’s underwear. Odd? Not really.

Gus Searcy: Remember Gus pleading the 5th during his testimony? It turned out he was trying to protect Charmaine Juban, after Chris Hughes threatened her with all manner of unpleasant repercussions if she testified regarding what she knew. Mormon-Pedo cover-up? Had she witnesses TA’s temper? Did she know about TA & Sky? More than likely on all 3 counts.

The Closet Shelves: Gloria Esteban must have spent all day locked away & playing with himself in TA’s closet. All he finished up with were a few pics of the shelves and “absolute certainty” that Jodi couldn’t have stood on them to grab the gun. Duh! An “After Dark” reenactment (on HLN of all places) disproved that theory in less than a second.

The Bedroom Key: Zach Billings proudly announced that he was the only key holder to the bedroom door. Only he knew where it was hidden. So who locked the bedroom door behind them on June 4th or 5th or 6th… or 7th? The same person that magically “discovered” the body and left their shoe print at the same time?

The Bathroom Shoe Print: Shown during the trial and even highlighted, but only the one time. I still beleive law enforcement know who the shoe print belongs to, how it got there, and when…  but that information (along with a lot of other stuff) has been conveniently suppressed. When you already have your sights fixed on a suspect, it’s standard law enforcement procedure not to confuse things by introducing anyone else into the equation. Yuri Melich proved that in Casey’s trial too, remember?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Throw in witness intimidation, death threats, bomb threats, sexual innuendo, evidence tampering, Snow White, the lying lead detective, the typo-ridden ME’s report, the proven Perjury by Horn, Flores & Martinez, attempted suppression of key evidence, enough prosecutorial misconduct to write a Hollywood movie around… and you have all the makings of one of the most enormous judicial cluster-fucks ever.

The fact is, there was a lot of speculation, wishful thinking, supposition, hype, lies & BS — both inside and outside of the courtroom — but there was never anything to prove pre-meditation beyond and to the exclusion of all reasonable doubt. There never has been, and there never will be. Period.

In the cold light of day, this is what it all boils down to folks:

After watching the trial and reviewing all the respective testimonies & evidence (or lack thereof), anyone that still thinks this was pre-meditated 1st degree murder, and that Jodi somehow “pre-planned” this whole event, well, they’re a cunt. Plain & simple.

Even if they live in a double-wide or a mansion, and whether they’re black, white, Hispanic or any other permutation… they’re still a cunt… and a clueless one at that.

As always, feel free to leave your thoughts & comments below.

And remember…


Make no mistake.

Believe it.

Prepare for it.

Team Jodi

We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!



    • Damn it! (Stomping foot!!!). 🙁

      They say: Whoever snoozes, loses… Well someone has some explaining to do about snoozing while getting paid for a job they were assigned to do BUT turns out that they are doing a shitty job of it after all (you know who you are!!!!).

      Because of my noble nature I will have to congradulate you, Ms Maria Rigadopoulou.. (making a curtsy gesture). Cheers!

      • And because of MY noble nature I’m gonna have to accept your congratulating me, Mrs P!
        The thing is your own words have revealed your dark secret: I guess your insider failed to provide you with the necessary ”Pan-run-new-thread-up” tip! May the best man win…

      • Ahem – Ahem! Attention people!!!!

        Has anyone seen SJ around??? I need to have a word or two with him about this ‘first comment’ business… (crossing hands over chest and tapping foot).

      • Pandora, Like people around here say “sometimes even a blind hog will find an acorn from time to time” LOL. I am sure you will be first again.

        (((((PANDORA♥ ♥))))) 🙂

        • (((((Ray))))) &heart;

          Thank you for the pep talk! I sure am going to be first again! LMAO! Maria just got lucky this time around… or maybe it wasn’t luck at all! Maybe Maria is the one with the ‘inside informant’ and all this “”Pan-run-new-thread-up” tip” nonsense is just a way to sidetrack us from what’s really going on… I WILL investigate!


  1. SJ, excellent post. Where to begin??… Let’s start with the camera/ memory card.

    If I remember correctly, it was said that the memory card that they had taken pictures of at the scene of the crime wasn’t even the correct memory card that suits the camera found there. Am I mistaken?

    And yes, how can we be absolutely sure that no pictures were deleted after the camera and memory card were taken for analysis?

    • Hi Pandora…

      Well, we can’t be sure of what exactly happened. That’s my point. All we know is that the camera & card were found separately, and that a memory card was put in the camera prior to it being handed over for analysis. That’s based on witness testimony, not assumption.

      It’s all Greek to me! :mrgreen:

      Team Jodi

  2. SJ,
    once again excellent,excellent post! It sums up everything in the most effective way. The links are particularly helpful, too.
    One sentence really drives it home: ” but there was never anything to prove pre-meditation beyond and to the exclusion of all reasonable doubt.”

    This is one (if not the most important) of the arguments TA supporters usually use against us. That we believe Jodi is innocent even though she admitted to killing him: we never said she didn’t do it.
    Did we explore other options? Sure! Did we discuss other theories and people possibly involved? Yes! Bottom line? She confessed. And we have NOE reason whatsoever to not believe in what she says.

    Now, to think that just because she confessed she deserved such a disgustingly unfair trial or that the lack of tangible proof of premeditation combined with the jurors’ gullibility should go unnoticed is a huge leap of faith, one so frivolously taken by the haters.

    Courtroom dramas may make great TV series and movies but when it comes to real life, I consider it a blessing that there are still people out there who are not giving up on the real truth coming out sooner or later. Because if it weren’t for them, we would be stuck with viewers who follow trials just for the sake of entertainment!

    Jodi may have suffered a gread deal of injustice, hatred and bashing but in the end the few (and we say that PROUDLY) that have seen through all the shenanigans will remain faithfully by her side.

    • The way I look at it, Maria, is that Jodi told three stories. False confessions are not uncommon and Jodi may have been convinced that claiming self defense was her best option.

      And she says she doesn’t remember killing Travis – she only agrees that she must have.

      She did not get on the stand and, under oath, describe how she killed Travis or how she got him into the shower or what she did or didn’t do to clean up the mess or where the bloody shoe print came from or how the camera got in the washing machine or why there wasn’t blood all over the driver’s side of her car… none of that.

      IOW, Jodi’s ‘confession’ has as many holes in it as the state’s case does.

      • That is exactly why it has always seemed to me there was someone else involved. Pajama Girl’s view point is one way to look at it. Then there were the roommates who were so fast to send the police Jodi way’s and then don’t forget Ashley Reed’s husband. Also, Chris Hughes and his charming wife Sky seem guilty of something too. Will we ever know? I’m not sure but I know that Jodi could not have possibly been responsible for everything that was done to Travis. If not Jodi who? That’s what keeps bothering me.
        I pray she can keep her strength up to fight for freedom. I hope she can feel our love!!!! Such an nightmare!

    • Well said Maria, like I have said all along self defense is not murder. Jodi should be released immediately with time served. I for one will stand with Jodi faithfully for as long as it takes, and will support and defend her to my last breath.

      (((((JODI♥♥))))) 🙂

      Ray in H-burg Va.

  3. Well, you girls are up and at it this morning!!! As usual you both are right on the money. Good post SJ.
    Have a Great Monday. FREE OUR JODI!

    PS Congrats to Maria:)

  4. Glad to see our Greek girls are well and reporting in this morning…. I know the news said there was no significant damage or injuries from your (not so) little temblor last night, but I was thinking of you anyway and hoping you’d check in.

    SJ, spot on with the list! (except I think Connor explained that the bedroom door could be locked ‘on the way out’ by simply twisting a little tab on the inside handle and pulling the door shut as you exit the room.)

    • Hi Journee!

      Ok, that may well be the case with Conner & the door locking. I’ll have another look to see what happened there. If so, it’s one unanswered question we can remove from our very long list.

      Team Jodi

    • (((((Journee))))) ♥

      Thank you for caring! Yes, it was a bit shaky! The earthquake was in the ocean area right next to Crete Island but we felt it all the way up to Sparti (where I am from). It gave us a good long shake! Thankfully, no damages and no people were harmed!

      Maria told me that it didn’t ‘shake’ them up at her city.

    • Journee, thank you for being so considerate. ♥
      The towns/villages near Crete (like the one Pandora lives in) did feel the shaking. I on the other hand felt nothing because I live in a town far away from the earthquake’s epicenter.

      • WOW! Glad that are Sweet Greek girls are doing ok. I hadn’t heard about the earthquake. Those can really be scary. Happy our Guardian Angels are taking care of you all!!!! Gives a new meaning to “all shook up” 🙂 I just love our Jodi Family!! We just need our Jodi free so we can send her to you all to get over this nightmare. Far, Far, away from AZ!

  5. Second topic: Jodi’s abs…

    I wonder how much $$$$ ryan burns was paid for what he said.

    Yes, Jodi has an amazing body – and yes she has a flat stomache but come on… ryan painted her out to have the strength of Atlas (In Greek mythology, Atlas was the primordial Titan who held up the celestial sphere) and the body of wonder woman (abs of steel)! 🙄

    If it was so easy for Jodi to overpower travis (because of her super duper strength powers – GMAFB) then why didn’t she overpower him previous times when he also attacked her?!?!?

    IMO, ryan burns is full of it!

  6. SJ, Fantastic post. Perfectly stated!

    And yet, I can’t seem to understand how a pre-meditated 1st degree murder verdict was given under these circumstances.

    All the evidence was ambiguous.

    Prosecutorial misconduct, just as you stated.

    And of course: the jurors that were obviously imbeciles with an IQ of a goldfish or otherwise known as severely challenged.

    • Rasna,
      I have always had the same questions. That is why I always felt I was falling into Alice in Wonderland with that trial.
      I also think Martinez put too many limitations on the defense. There were specific topics Martinez got thrown out previous to trial starting. I don’t think any of the roommates testified. There was a lot of conspiracy. No truth was spoken during that trial. It was so clearly a witch hunt. One day that trial will be an example of all that is evil in the world. Their is so much to pull from. Jodi did excellent making it through that kangaroo bullshit trial. I will stand by her till the very end and long after. My salvation was finding others that could also see the evil.

      • To the haters: The Evil is not, was not, and never will be Jodi. We understand your brains are not developed to the point to understand that concept. That is okay. Everything happens for a reason. There are reasons this trial is continuing so long. There are reasons everything is happening as it is. There are reasons the extremely large amount of haters are mediocre or below average. There are reasons Jodi supporters are above average and genius. Jodi supporters got the game immediately. Jodi haters need months maybe years to understand. But they are being given a chance. Important life lessons come with the Jodi trial. Read between the lines. What you see is not always what you get. This is an opportunity to grow and learn to protect yourself. Do not pass this by! Ultimately this trial is not about Jodi. This trial is about learning how to protect you and so much more.

        Take it as you want, but opportunity has been knocking.

    • They should have given all prospective jurors an IQ test during voir dire, to cull out all the retards (like there was a lot of hicks on the jury who couldn’t put one and one together – hence Martinez put one over on them).
      And I’m all for professional juries.

      • I talked to my professor about this. They don’t want philosophy majors on the jury because we are taught how to think, detect logical fallacies, etc. Defense & Prosecuting attorneys rely on playing cheap tricks on the jury. You can’t pull the wool over a philosophy major’s eyes, we see right through that shit. I was watching the trial going, “That’s a fucking fallacy!!…That’s another fallacy!!…ANOTHER one?! Are these people really stupid enough to buy this? Ad Hominem argument, another fallacy!! This – mother – fucker!!” LOL He totally played the jury. His b.s. “this crime means she has a prior criminal history” made me wanna bust my t.v. That’s not even a fallacy that’s just a false statement. Man, that guy needs an ethics class, BADLY!! And they need to start letting people who have some fucking sense in their damn head be called for jury duty. Sorry for the rant, but GRRRRRRR!!

        • LL,

          You are correct. Lives are sacred. No parts of a trial need to be tricks and underhandedness. It needs real truth presented correctly. Unfortunately everyone is looking to win regardless of the truth. It all seems to work around where the money lives.

    • Once again,one of the jurors opens her mouth only to prove us what we already knew: that they were a group of people who came into this trial full of prejudices and totally carried away by their emotions. This is NOT how the system is supposed to be working.

      She says ” I don’t think she can open her mouth and not have a lie come out.” Ok, where is that based on?Why isn’t she talking about PROOF of catching Jodi in a lie?? Personal opinions shouldn’t matter in a court of Law!

      Then she goes on to brag she went through 14 bottles of wine while Jodi was on the stand? Good to know you used to go to court the next morning half drunk, Marilou!

      And she seems to be all over the place regarding the premeditation; to this day she sounds as if she hasn’t made up her mind if Jodi started premeditating this crime in Yreka or in Travis’ bathroom. Shouldn’t this be considered ‘reasonable doubt’? WTF?!?!

      And the MOST important and at the same time DISTURBING statement of hers: ” I think we should have been sequestered.” O…M…G…!! She practically admits they were tainted or at best influenced by the media and the unprecedented cover of this trial!! But when she lets herself step into Jodi’s shoes she adds ” If it were me fighting for my life, I would want them to.” Yeah, you would bi*ch, wouldn’t you?? But of course Jodi had to be convicted by morons like yourself who got everything wrong.

      Where in this interview does she talk about hard conclusive evidence that led her and the rest of the jurors to a M1 guilty verdict??
      I am utterly appauled.. Just like every time one of them speaks out. They will regret it one day, either they will be punished by their own conscience or when Jodi gets true Justice through an appeal…

      • Yep,it was disgusting. Did you read the comments at the end. Oh my. I’m not very impressed with their Diva site. We all know Jodi is innocent and the truth will come out. This juror just helps prove the injustices that have been done to Jodi.:(

      • They will all be judged in the end, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”…I wouldn’t want to be them on judgment day.

        Ray in H-burg Va.

        • “The righteous one takes note of the house of the wicked & brings the wicked to ruin.” ~Proverbs 21:12

          “For with God, nothing shall be impossible.”
          ~Luke 1:37

          We are Team Jodi & we WILL be victorious!!

      • You have got to be ducking KIDDING ME!! They better allow that into evidence if & when an appeal is filed!! That’s just b.s.!! Thank God for us & Jodi that she has a big mouth that she just cannot keep shut. Thanks, chick, you just did us a favor. Screen shot that shit Maria in case they see this & try to make it disappear into cyberspace. I would also like to see their browsing history subpoenaed so we can prove that they were influenced by the media & did not follow direct instructions given to them by Pickles.

      • Thank you Maria. Another example of how pathetic and stupid the jurors exude. Send to defense attorney. Every example of reasonable doubt, prosecution misconduct, juror misconduct, judge misconduct, anything wrong with gas cans, etc – all needs this brought to their attention. Even if they are aware, they need to be sent again and again.

  7. An interesting fact: In my new Blog I am planning to discuss a Chicano novel by Rudolpho Anaya (“the father of Chicano literature) called “Bless Me, Ultima”. There was also a film released recently that you can rent or buy.

    The reason I bring this up here & feel that it is relevant is for a couple of related reasons:
    1) The book over the years has in many cases been banned, forbidden & burned, most RECENTLY in Arizona LAST YEAR. WHAT?! Have we really not moved past dogmatic ways of thinking in this country? Are we STILL banning books that are rightfully protected by Freedom of Speech? It doesn’t not surprise me AT ALL that this recently took place in Arizona, what I have come to believe to be the absolute worst state in the country! Obviously, Arizona is a bigger Bible Thumper state, no offense, than even mine, which is in the Bible belt.
    2) I bring this up because Jodi is also Chicano, she is portrayed as a “witch” just like Ultima, when in fact it is the pious daughters of a wealthy man that are KNOWN Satan worshipers & effectively curse people. Not only does Arizona apparently STILL discriminate against Chicano’s the way they did the Pueblos in the 1600s, but apparently they also practically forbid any religion other than Catholicism & other forms of Christianity. THIS should help people better understand the kind of discrimination Jodi was up against.

    • And why the bias fell on “the witch”, Jodi, rather than ” the pious” T.A., just like with Ultima & Tenario’s daughters in the book.

      • omg! they burnt the book?? Just like the Nazis? Sheesh…

        You’re right LL, one of the most disturbing issues that rose from this whole case was the fact that Travis’ friends and family but most importantly the media found a way to sweep under the rug all the aspects of his personality and to hush up all the aspects of his behaviour that just didn’t match the image of the good Mormon boy.

        To achieve that, his facade and persona were re-invented and boosted to such a degree that even TA himself would be ecstatic to see the results of his friends and family’s intervention! He became a one-dimensional character, one that simply does not exist in real life (maybe the Traviban watches too much TV?LOL) because human nature is just NOT that one-sided, not that ‘dull’. Otherwise we would fall under 2 or 3 major psychological/behavioral categories.

        To counterbalance the Saint they had created they needed a Devil: Jodi Arias was the perfect candidate. She was beautiful, eloquent, not born into the mormon faith etc ,IWO she was different. And if it hadn’t been for that sex tape and those naked pics, her character would have been made one-dimensional too: meaning the psycho stalker who wanted what she could not have. Once, the tape and the pics were made public and in order to maintain TA’s persona alive and not vilified, they had to add even more characterisitics to the murderer. What’s better than the Evil Seductress, the femme fatale that lures the innocent virgin boy into the Realm of Carnal Knowledge, the pleasures of the flesh and he being a man (boys will be boys, of course) is unable to resist.

        Once again, real life is just NOT that simple. Human nature and human psychology are far more complicated and thus interesting.

        Puh-leeeeeez! This is at best a cheesy script for a mini-series! However, it was preached on to thousands of people through HLN and the like and by the Alexander clan! Thousands of people bought this shit, which leaves us all in awe and wonderment of whether we are being deluged by wild crowds of barbaric morons.

        • They sure did. The burning was actually in Colorado. The principle threw them away & then the parents asked to burn them so he did. They didn’t sell them, donate them, anything, they threw them away & then burnt them. In AZ the school’s superintendent claimed that we have nothing to learn from Chicano culture because it does not fit in to the Western Mold. Excuse me, but isn’t the Unites States WESTERN? The fucking world doesn’t drop off west of fucking Europe. Clearly, Native American & Mexican American culture has been a HUGE missing piece in the bigger picture of Western Culture & our way of life.

    • WOOOOOW!! this is so prejudiced that I seriously cannot believe it!!


      “Arizona State Schools Superintendent Tom Horne dared utter what I believe to be the real reasons behind white antipathy toward Bless Me, Ultima. In interviews leading up to the infamous TUSD book bannings he characterized Mexican-American studies and the books used in those classes as ‘civilizational war’ and stated that in his view the histories of Mexican-Americans and Native Americans are not based on ‘Greco-Roman’ knowledge and thus not part of Western civilization. Oh, yes, he really did say that.” (http://m.dailykos.com/story/2013/05/18/1209020/-You-Can-t-Read-That)

          • I think Jodi may have grounds to claim racial discrimination. Maybe THIS, the blantant racism in AZ, is what ultimately resulted in her not receiving a fair trial.

            • LL,
              There has to be a place this can be reported. There is so much about this trial that is wrong. You just brought up something America is not supposed to stand for! This is the basis of America’s existence! We are to exist in unity with all different races and cultures. I know there are places to report it to. I will look in to this. I will ask SJ how to get the information to you.
              I don’t ever want to go to Arizona. It looks like a beautiful state. But, looks are deceiving. I would go to Arizona to support Jodi for her trial.

              • Thanks, Marianne. I am convinced that religion & race had more to do with this than people realize, especially when you consider some of the major cultural conflicts occurring in that State as of late & even during the time of this tragedy, because I do believe it to be just that. Ask Aristotle, I believe that he would be inclined to agree with me. This is just as sad & shocking, if not more so, than a Greek or Shakespearian tagedy.

                • LL,

                  I totally agree with you. Culture, race, religion breeds hatred and isolation from groups. I knew nothing about Arizona’s belief system. But we have learned it. Plus, we have found out most people are hating right behind them and they don’t even know why.

                  I was made aware of a book called ‘Viral Hate’ IT speaks about the haters who were the first ones to create web sites devoted to racist messages. It is from the book that I read about the ‘Anti-Defamation League’s ADL’s) National Commission.’

                  Hopefully Jodi won’t agree to any deals with the State. If she goes for Appeals it will go out of Arizona and to the United States Supreme Court. There will be people that will understand the small mindedness. There will be all kinds of religions that have had to deal with haters. The lawyers and judges will see right through it. Especially if we get documentation on top of all of the misconduct, etc.
                  By no means is Jodi a murderer. She never got a fair trial.

                • The book & website seem very interesting!! I will have to check them out!! I agree with you, once we get this to the Supreme Court I wouldn’t doubt if they determine that a TON of mistakes were made & laws not followed. It gives us a better chance. I don’t think it would hurt to bring up the events in AZ because this was the SUPERINTENDANT OF AZ SCHOOLS, which means this racial discrimination is apparently present within the entire state, not just Maricopa County.

                • And even if Martinez & Flores ARE Hispanic, Pickles sure isn’t & we witnessed her clear bias first hand. The problem is proving it & I think the words of Horne give us at least some ground to claim discrimination due to race. The religious aspect would be a lot harder to price since nothing about her practicing witchcraft was ever mentioned by Flores or Martinez before, during, or after the trial & I am not aware of any incidents regarding the state in regards to religious discrimination.

                • LL,

                  Correct. We need facts to prove this part of what we know is true. The prejudice may be there but not as blatantly in writing. But action shows a different story. It may be something a specialized attorney would help with.

              • True Journee, but think about it. Is she a devout Catholic like they probably are? Do they probably see her as a “bruja”, a witch” & as a “Pagan”, probably. Moreover, Jodi’s race is mixed. These things could all account for why even two Hispanic males might demonstrate racial & religious discrimination against her.

                • As I understand it, Detective Flores is a Mormon. It’s been said that Martinez is also. Maricopa County is a bit of a Mormon stronghold… if one is ambitious and lives in the Phoenix area, converting to Mormonism can be a career move.

                • I suspect that more than racial or religious discrimination, Martinez and Flores are most likely exhibiting deeply entrenched sexist beliefs. The word “macho”, after all, comes from the Spanish word “machismo”, originally meaning a belief in the supremacy of men over women. Feelings of supremacy can also foster feelings of contempt, especially since Jodi is probably more intelligent than either of them and, for the macho, that in itself is a crime.

                • Very good point, Justus!! I think all around it is clear that there was a very strong bias against Jodi from the beginning, regardless of the specifics. 🙂

                • Well, that does make sense, Journee, but if you ask me that would give them all the more reason, “she’s a fake Mormon witch who converted to drag Travis to Hell”. I can’t speak for Martinez or Flores, but just because you are Hispanic or Mormon doesn’t mean you can’t still discriminate against someone for their race or religion when they are the same as your own. Jodi is of mixed raced & converted to Mormonism, which everyone believe to be a ploy to win over Travis. I’m definitely not trying to undermine your observations, but at the same time I think there are a number of factors in this case that even though they may not make perfect sense to us, likely influenced the outcome to some degree.

                • Also, even if they are Mormon, rather than Catholic, they still have very similar & strict views, especially in terms of paganism &/or witchcraft.

              • You have to remember that a big part of the reason for the book being banned was not just the fact that it is Chicano literature. A LOT of it had to do with strict & devout Catholic views that directly conflicted with some of the language used in the book as well as aspects of the book that have to do with things like sex, violence, murder &, mainly, PAGANISM. this is why the parents in Colorado wanted them burned & why the Superintendent would not donate them: he claimed he didn’t want them to fall into the hands of someone else’s child. The books were being used for a LITERATURE class. Similar events occurred over the Harry Potter books because the children in the books use magic (OMG, let’s all freak out over FANTASY!). I don’t think the discrimination against Jodi was purely racial or purely religious, I think it was a combination of both & they did a good job of generalizing why Jodi should be hated, no matter what about a person does or could sicken you the most, they made absolutely sure to depict in Jodi. The bias toward her was present from the beginning & then perpetuated. Oh, fornication isn’t enough to make you hate her? Well, she was also a “Pagan” (no evidence of that whatsoever) & she “tortured cats”. Do you hate her now? They found some way to make everyone hate her. No matter who they were or what their values were, they were given some reason to hate her, & with a passion.

                • Moreover, as both a PROUD Universal Unitarianist AND someone who practies of Wicca, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a Wiccan OR a Pagan. We have a right to our own religious freedom in this country. If you don’t like it, move to AZ, I hear they’re taking rights. >_<

    • LL,
      Very interesting. Thank you for the info. I will absolutely do look into this!

      And yes, it is offensive and I find it totally rasist the way Shitzona’s judicial system works! Why the hell would color or race matter? We are talking about humans with equal rights. -Sheeesh! 🙄

      • Exactly, we TOOK this land from Native Americans, Mexican Americans & Native Americans justifiably have more claim to our country than we do & look how we treat them… We took over their home & now we exploit & discriminate against them, & refuse to allow them legal immigration into our country when they already do absolute shit work, for shit pay just to take care of their families like the rest of us. It’s despicable & primative.

  8. Good morning!
    I am moving on to the next points of SJ’s thread:

    License Plates: I never did understand why martinez made such a fuss about this. So fucking what??!!! It was a stupid practical joke made by dumb teenagers. This kind of shit happens everyday to people. Youtube is full of these kinds of acts by idiot kids.

    SJ, you are absolutely right: ” Another BS-filled red herring smokescreen from Kermit.”

    • Martinez’ argument that she did it herself so as to avoid being detected or tracked down is the crappiest most ridiculous argument ever!
      What are the chances of NOT getting stopped from Pasadena,California to Arizona or Utah when driving with your license plates upside down??? Also, wasn’t the front one removed by Jodi herself at Starbucks whereas the back one was still upside down? WOW, for such a clever girl (literally) she acted as if she wanted to get caught! 🙄

      • When I say she removed the front licence plate, I mean she saw it lying on the sidewalk, she picked it up and put it in the car I think on the floor of the passenger seat. In other words, she did not put it back because she obviously needed tools to do that.
        Now, if she had gone through the trouble of putting the plates upside down, why would she change her mind and keep the front one in the car and the back one upside down? What purpose would it serve? It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. The license plates theory is the crappiest red herring ever!

        • Couldn’t this have been done later by someone else after the vehicle was returned? How can they be CERTAIN Jodi did it? How can that even be brought up in the trial when the tires couldn’t be?

    • Was it ever stated why Jodi removed her front license plate? If Jodi took the time to turn her license plate upside down on the back of the car,she probably would have removed it too , or covered it . . .your right Pandora. She is smarter than that. In TN we only have one plate and it is in the back of the vehicle. It makes no sense and proves not one thing.

  9. Gas cans and The Walmart Receipt: Pfff… Too much fuss for nothing. IMO, on long trips, others take gas with them, others water, others food, others toilet paper… LOL. Whatever makes a person feel safe on these long trips! For crying out loud!

    As for the Walmart Receipt, I am sure that this is the piece of evidence that shows how guilty Jodi is..NOT! This is one more (of the many) stupidities that kermit/martinez/fuckwad used just to try and ‘build’ a case and justify ‘premeditated murder’. (I am really wondering how this asshole got a law license. Seriously, how???).

    I’ll be back later to continue with the next points… Til then, be well.

  10. Good Morning Team Jodi. . . Hey Justus . . .if you are around. Your petition has been promoted!! 🙂 Let’s watch and see if it makes a difference. It is worth a try. 🙂

      • Sure, as I had said the Spot popped up that one can click on to promote a petition. It doesn’t happen much but when it did this time I jumped on it! TaDa! For it being sent to 125 people it is $25. and 250 people $50. (It goes way up for more money) I did the $50 just to see how much it would help. I checked a minute ago and it was at 188 I think. I was tickled to get the chance. . . we’ll wait and see what happens. Every little thing we can do to get this world on the right track we need to promote :). Keep up the good work !

        • You are a darling, R. I want to match your $50 so I will see if I can get the pop up. You’ve said you only saw it during signing but were you doing something else this time when it popped up?

          • No ,I just was checking to see if it had been getting any more signatures.It just appeared below where the FaceBook and Twitter share buttons are. It said promote a petition. Maybe it comes up after one checks on a petition so many times. Not sure. But I was ticked to finally get it to come up. You might wait and see if it helps us get more signatures before you try it.

            • I just checked again we are getting more. . .230 something:). The place to click on is right below where you can click to share on facebook, twiiter and email. . . below there is a button to click that says Promote this Petition. Hope you can get it to work. It at least is getting more people to read it. I really do not have 250 friends to send it to. Geez, that sounds sad. Not everyone my age is on the computer or has one. Hard to believe isn’t it. Ha! Can’t wait to see how many we get. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and say a prayer.
              Your doing a good job Justus. FREE JODI!!!!!

            • I am pretty sure I signed it already. But please put the link up again so I can check. Maybe I can figure a way to get others to sign it.

  11. Well, this morning on the Today show they were blasting Jodi for saying she was filing for bankruptcy. Said there was no point in filing if you were going to spend the rest of your life in jail. Said she was at it again trying to influence the public with her tweets. Geeez! They just will not leave her alone. Wonder why they don’t ever report about the way AZ has conducted the worst trial of this century? How the trial has been conducted like a 3-ring circus!?! How Jodi has been convicted of defending herself from an abuser of the worst kind? Slow news day I guess.

  12. The team (and http://www.misspajamagirl.wordpress.com if her work is not already in the team reports) has done an outstanding job of going through the record. Now the material has to be put into context that will make it useable in appeals. The basic trial is over and in the record. It will stand unless there is a reason for it to be altered in some way. The trials completed were brought by the state and they had the burden of proving their case to a “finder of fact”, which in this case was the jury. Appeals, on the other hand are brought by the defendant and it is she that must prove her case that she was not treated according to due process of law, or that some new evidence has been found that had not been previously found as fact by the jury. So the basis for an appeal must be a set of clear and convincing indications of a violation of due process, or the recent finding of new evidence and in both cases the new issues must be shown to be “material” (that is if these had come up in the now closed trial, the verdict could have been different.

    The appeals court will respond to a petition from the defendant to have some remedy applied because there was a material process error which could have changed the verdict that was made during the trial. A process error is one that convincingly shows that due process of law was not applied, and to do this, the specific law or case holding must be cited. The appeals court will assume that the trial transcript contains all of the pertinent facts and that are indeed factual unless there is clear and convincing evidence to the contrary. They will also consider newly discovered facts on if there is clear and convincing evidence that the new facts are indeed factual. Clearly new or newly interpreted facts must be material. For example, if the prosecutor in his summary told a story to the jury that was not supported by testimony, then that is a process error. The lawyers cannot testify without being held to cross examination. And, if it were a key to the outcome, then appeals court need to give it a review. Another example, if the mysterious gun were found, and it belonged to neither Jodi nor Travis, it probably would not matter since the cause of death was the loss of blood from stab wounds. It may weaken premeditation a bit, but just how much is to be determined.

    In order for elements taken from the trial record to be useful in an appeal, it must be shown that there was an error in the original trial. So, if a witness lied, it will be necessary to show that a corrected version would have a clear impact on the outcome of the trial. Or if the testimony he gave was inconsistent with official reports, that this too would have a “material” impact and if defense counsel objected at the time of testimony and was overruled, then it might be considered. If this happened many times that there can be an argument for ineffective counsel. Another issue is incomplete discovery. That is, did the prosecution turn over all potentially exculpatory evidentiary material to the defense upon their request? If not, then in most states, this would be an error of due process.

    This is a tall order, but it must be done for the new findings to be effective. I do not know the laws in Arizona, but in many states a convicted person in entitled to one shot at an appeal that is paid for by the state. Many have a statewide public defender organization that reviews transcripts and if they find no errors, they mark the case as, “no merit”. And that is the end of it. The defendant can file again, but there is no state funding for that second appeal. The rules may be different for capital versus non-capital convictions, but I do not know what Arizona does in such matters. In any event, the first shot at appeal is very important. It should cover as many errors as possible and each one must be carefully crafted to show what happened at trial, what rule it violates and why it could have changed the verdict. If there is new evidence, it will need clear, convincing, accurate and material.

    If some members of the team could start working in this direction, it would be very helpful to Jodi. I am not a lawyer, but would be willing to serve as one to give a preliminary review of the findings of the team, and to help with when recasting matters in the terms needed for appeal. If there is a lawyer in the crowd, then I will happily defer to him of her.

    • Thank you Mr. Blitzer for the detailed posting of what’s ahead of this team to free Jodi from this earthly state of hell. This team has spent countless hours on supporting Jodi and members are to be commended. Miss Pajama Girl & her other colleagues have come to the conclusion that the knife type used to murder Travis was a kabar. This knife is used mainly by the military and hunters. I have posted the link to Miss Pajama Girl’s blog in the past but the vast majority of Team Jodi was not receptive to it. Perhaps Mr. Blitzer, you can elaborate on Miss Pajama Girl’s work as a forensic anthropologist and behavioral analyst. She like the rest of us wants Jodi out of her current conditions and to become a free woman again. I would like to connect to other members of this team. You can contact me on twitter @LMlovesfacts .

      • It has been some time since I read Misspajamagirls blog. I think that her reviews of the evidence are very reasonable, but some of the conclusions she draws (some one else did the killing) will not fly given the concluded case. Her findings need to be broken down into parts and analyzed relative to the testimony that was presented. For example, at one point Martinez commented to the jury that his throat was slit ear to ear. This is not true in fact and he was therefore testifying to the jury — which he is not allowed to do unless he is available for cross examination. This would have an impact on the aggrivation and penalty phases. When I can I will re read her material. BTW I am now taking to courses in the local law school. One on investigations and the other on adjudication (trials). I am not a lawyer, but I am learning.

        If someone has access to some of the early material it would be very helpful to know more about when the police read her the Marinda rights, did she sign a waiver, did she waive those rights willingly and knowingly? Did the first lawyer assigned to her instruct the police that they were not to interview her with out her (the lawyer) being present? If this part of the saga violates the Miranda requirements, that all by itself could result in an appeals court reversing the whole shebang. Violations of the 5th amendment (protection from self incrimination) and the 6th amendment (right to have an attorney present) are not taken lightly. I assume that there was some look see into this, but it is too big a stone to leave unturned.

        • The miranda warning isn’t on the interrogation tapes, but there is a point where Jodi wonders whether she should get a lawyer, there’s discussion – Flores didn’t try to dissuade her or anything, but he didn’t get up and leave the room either. Jodi speculates that a lawyer would make her stop talking, and she didn’t want to stop talking.

          She’s, um, had a problem with that I think.

          • I’m not sure she had thought through it all. I really believe she thought she would not be charged with murder at all. Travis’s friends did a number on her when they started their lies. I don’t think she knew how they had thrown her under the bus, at that time.

            • I also think that part of her just wanted to – NEEDED to – say it. She’d been carrying around a burdensome secret and a lot of fear and she finally had someone she could talk to about it.

            • No, actually if you listen closely she does say how she knew her time was up and that sooner or later she would get caught. For example, when Flores asks her why she took a picture of the underwear and T-shirt with the ‘word ‘Travis’ ” on them. And she probably knew what was being said behind her back because Flores makes sure to tell her right from the start that all fingers point at her and that Travis’ friends had told him ”to look at Jodi” 🙄

              • Was she incarcerated at that point? If someone gives a confession it must be given “willingly” and “knowingly” and she should have had a Miranda warning prior. Also, if she asked for a lawyer and was not granted one, then the confession is useless. If there had not been a valid “confession”, there probably would not have been an affirmative defense (self defense) and JA would not have had to testify. The details are important.

                • Seven and a half minutes into her first interrogation after she was taken into custody in Yreka she was read her rights. She was not asked to sign anything at that point, and was not specifically asked if she wanted an attorney, Flores just sort of eased right into easy, chatty questions.

          • It should be documented in the police report or somewhere in the early part of the conversations. I would have hoped that Nurmi and Willmont would have checked this out very carefully. Police cannot coerce someone to waive their rights, but if and when the suspect waives the rights, they can resort to all sorts of lies and tricks, as Flores did in the bit of interview that I saw. Can anyone check with her lawyers?

          • Now, from what I understand, guys, this would fall under misconduct. By law, Flores is required to read her rights to her & MAKE SURE THAT SHE UNDERSTAND THEM & THE CONSEQUENCES THAT COUKD FOLLOW FROM NOT HAVING REPRESENTATION PRESENT. He took advantage of her & let her walk into a trap. Jodi had never been in trouble for ANYTHING, she isn’t a criminal, so how would she know that it was in her best interests to not say EVEN ONE WORD without an attorney.

            • His response to her when she told him she didn’t know whether or not to speak to him without legal representation was exactly the point when he is required to inform her of what the risks are of not having an attorney present. “Anything you say can or will be used against you in a court of law.” Jodi clearly did not fully understand her rights or her need for an attorney.

            • “Do you understand these rights as I have read them to you?” Her question is proof that she did not “understand [her] rights as they were read to [her]”.

        • I have been informed (haven’t had the opportunity to check for myself) that Jodi was, indeed, mirandized on the first interrogation tape.

          • I wonder if her being mirandized is enough. If she has questions about her legal rights, such as, “IDK, should I speak to an attorney first”, they have to make sure she understands them full before they proceed. I could be wrong though.

            • Police are trained in how to snooker people in to talking more than they should. So, if she was read her rights and did not ask for a lawyer, then there is not much that can be done now. The only hope would be that once she had a preliminary hearing (before a judge or magistrate) she should have been assigned a lawyer and that lawyer should have told the police, et al, that she is not to be interrogated without him/her being present. Again, if that happened then there is possibility of a reversible error.

              • Jodi spent a good eight hours spilling her guts to Flores before they ever left Yreka,

                I did think police were supposed to ask people if they understood those rights and the suspect was supposed to sign a waiver if they declined counsel before questioning.

                (But maybe I watch too many crime dramas.)

                • No, actually, Journee, I believe you are right. It’s right in the Miranda Rights: “Do you understand these rights as I have read them to you?” That means that the suspect has to fully understand their rights before proceeding. For example, say you are questioning a person with a mental disability, like mental retardation or autism. They may not understand their right or what any of the Miranda Rights even mean. If the suspect explicitly says they are uncertain of their rights or need for counsel they obviously do not understand their rights. His response should have been something along the lines of, “I cannot advise you in terms of whether or not to seek legal counsel because that would be a conflict of interests; however, “anything you say can & will be used against you in a court of law”, so anything you tell me here today WILL be used against you in court. Does this help you to better understand you rights?”

    • I am a philosophy major & will be taking the LSATs soon, so I would be very interested in doing as much busy work in terms of research as our team needs. I need the practice in this area anyway since I’m still undecided for my Masters (It’s either gonna be Law School, Library Science or a Masters in Social work; my mentor says I should be a therapist, but…just, no). Not only that, but so far, I don’t feel like I’ve been able to do enough as I would like to for Jodi & I know this would be the perfect way for me to change that. 🙂

  13. With regard to appeals funding: many people on this site have said that if Jodi gets a DP, the state pays for appeals. Even if this were not true, various nonprofit organizations litigate DP cases as part of their mission. Also, Jodi’s aunt says that an account to collect private funds for her appeals is in preparation. I hope that her supporters here and elsewhere will raise a really big pile of money for this purpose.

    Certainly we should all be saving what dollars we can with this in mind! Even $500, or $10/week for a year, from 200 supporters would be $100,000, and some will be able to give more or help find people who can. I may be too optimistic, but I’m betting that funding Jodi’s early appeals won’t be much of a problem if people are serious about it.

    • There has to be an organization that won’t be too intimidated by the whole thing to get involved (let’s just be honest, this whole thing is not gonna be a walk in the park, not even close). Should I do some research?

    • chris, I’m sure that when times comes to start collecting appeal funds we will all do our best to save as much money as we can to help our Jodi.

  14. Good morning my cyber family!

    Continuing with my thoughts on SJ’s post:

    TA ending up in the shower: As I have many times in the past said, it is impossible that Jodi put travis in the shower in a matter of a few minutes, all on her own! As I noted previously about Jodi’s strength, no woman Jodi’s size – no matter how high her adrenaline was – could have carried travis (because if she dragged him, there would be bloody drag marks down the hallway) to the shower and placed him there, the way he was found.

    Were is the evidence that shows BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT that Jodi put travis in the shower??? We can all speculate but is there actually any SOLID evidence and proof that Jodi put travis in the shower??? Not to my knowledge.

    • Hi Pandora!

      Yes, there’s a lot of assumption but no real proof of anything. This once again demonstrates that when the jurors came to assimilate all the evidence, they turned out to be as useful as a room full of politicians.

      Team Jodi

    • Hey girl!

      Oh trust me, the fact that there is no extensive drag mark from the carpet to the shower has been one of the things that still scream in my head. The Prosecution’s theory that she cut his throat on the carpet and then he somehow was carried in the shower without blood all over the place, is beyond me. That carpet was soaked and so was the floor and subfloor, right? We’re talking about a great amount of blood. Now, if Jodi dragged him ( he wouldnt be able to drag himself,what with a slashed throat and everything!) we would expect a trail just like the one down the hallway but with much more blood left behind.

      There are people who have suggested the Fireman’s carry, but in my mind this sounds almost impossible. I can understand that adrenaline rush can be a wondrous phenomenon, giving people inexplicable extraordinary strength but can we really imagine Jodi picking up Travis the way firemen do? Travis’s body weighed 185 lbs the day the autopsy was conducted! (he would have weighed more in life)

      • Putting him down from a fireman’s carry would have positioned him just as he was found – dragging would not have, and dragging would have cause injuries to his backside that were not present.

        But, no, I don’t think Jodi could have picked him up that way. More likely a man about Travis’s size.

        Which may only mean that someone found him dead and moved him, but would add a question to SJ’s list. Why?

        • Good point
          I too am of the opinion that there’s a (good) possibility that someone bumped travis off, then fireman-carried and stuck him into the shower stall. Jodi would not have been able to hoist the bulk of Travis’s body onto her shoulders – it’s completely out of the question.
          Travis’s roommates acted hinky too – how come they did not notice and report the stench that must have been emanating from travis’s digs – maybe they know more than they’re letting on?

        • I think he’s been laying near the end of the hallway NY the bedroom bleeding out, which would explain the large pool of blood. I think that was where he was found, but for whatever reason, he was moved. PERHAPS, there was a cleanup done by his friends. They probably put two & two together & realize him & Jodi’d had themselves a little tryst. I bet they put the camera in the washing machine & the memory card, they probably found them separate or took it out to view the photos, etc. When they saw naked Travis & Jodi they tried to destroy (Jodi would have known better. She took the gun, right –or so they say– why not the memory card & camera?) I think they cleaned up, maybe even got rif of the rope, etc. & threw the knives in the dishwasher to remove any of Travis’ fingerprints should they have been there. I think they put him in the shower to make it look as though he was attacked there or maybe attacked & drug there. If he was in the bedroom it might tip them off to the tryst. They wanted Jodi to be arrested for murder, but they also wanted to salvage his reputation even more so than Jodi did. I think this is why we saw some interesting behavior from certain people: they knew what they’d done to try to protect Travis’ reputation & it came out anyway. I think at that point even they began to question what really happened & began to consider that it may very well have been self defense & they felt extremely guilty for what they’d done. However, it’s not so easy to say, “We lied, this is the truth”, just ask Jodi.

          • I think this is also why Jodi doesn’t remember any of this, she wasn’t a part of the “cleanup”. My bet is, after she knew he wasn’t going to get back up & attack her she booked it out of there like a bat out of Hell. She was probably scared shirtless & in too much shock to think straight. Ask anyone who knows anything about a person being in shock. People, especially kids, can even go catatonic & start profusely sucking their thumb from a life threatening trauma. She didn’t clean up the handprint, the most damning of all the evidence… I’m telling you guys, it wasn’t her. Someone else tried to clean up the scene to protect Travis. That’s my opinion & I’m sticking to it.

            • Think about it, the only evidence that was destroyed was evidence that would have been damning for T reputation, not evidence that would have helped to protect Jodi, with the exception of the camera. Why leave the murder weapons instead of taking them with the gun if you are cleaning up? Why not take them instead of putting them in the dishwasher? Why take the rope with her? Why wipe up blood & leave an easily seen bloody handprint? Why even move the body? Why would she spend time trying to move the body rather than cleaning up evidence? None of it is logical & it doesn’t make any sense. T’s friends had much more reason to dispose of these things.

              • And the only reason the prosecution would give was that she didn’t plan carefully enough of just wasn’t thorough enough. So, 1) She’s smart enough to premeditate, but not smart enough to clean up the right evidence? And, 2) even though she is soooooo smart the way they point out, they seem to think she really would have been that stupid. They failed miserably at explaining those inconsistencies.

              • I think they destroyed the pictures & cleaned up to make it look like he’d been in the shower when he was attacked & never let Jodi in. I imagine they planned on the cops assuming she got in undetected while he was showering, probably banking on the doggy door tale. Then the photos came out. Perhaps the washing was done by the friends to remove any possible left over evidence from their tryst.

          • Maybe, just maybe, the roommates computers could be confiscated to determine whether or not that memory card had been put into their computer? If they put the memory card into the computer & even viewed the files, I believe an IT can find it on the hardrive. They DEFINITELY can if the images were ever saved. I believe they may also be able to simply identify the memory card as being the same one. I’m not an IT, but I have some friends I could probably ask.

              • Maybe the computers are long gone – OR, maybe the roomies are like me and wary of letting hard drives with potentially sensitive information leave their possession. I’ve ditched several computers over the years, but their hard drives are still here with me.

                • It’s definitely worth looking into, I think. What could it hurt, ya know? If they’re gone, they’re gone, but it’s worth a shot just in case. That’s a good point, Journee, I know a lot of people who do that & they wouldn’t know to get rid of the computer & hardrive it they weren’t even aware that the washing machine wouldn’t completely destroy the pictures.

                • Now that I think of it, I probably shouldn’t have brought it up here. They troll our site, so if they see this they’ll probably ditch the hard drives.

          • Were they able to tell if there was a large amount of blood in the drain? If there wasn’t, that would suggest he was moved there long after he’d been dead. Without running water, the drain would be CAKED with blood.

            • I saw no blood in the shower when I looked at the autopsy photos. What do you think, Journee? Has this already been discussed elsewhere?

              • There was a lot of blood on the shower floor after his body was taken. Blood which was accumulated there due to gravity (?)

                • Hmmmm, well, let’s try to think about this for a second. We know there was a huge pool of blood in the hall, which suggests that he bled out there from the neck wound. There was also a lot of blood all over the bathroom & hallway. So, if he was still bleeding while in the bathtub, how soon would he have had to have been moved for this to happen?

                • Also, which would would have had to have bleeding for the blood to pool underneath him? Would this have been the chest or back wound, & why wasn’t blood all over him from dripping down, because wasnt he basically partially sitting up? The photos make me really squeamish, so I haven’t studied them carefully.

                • Yeah ?, I just now read that: “An empty plastic glass lies on its side where the 32-year-old made a futile and desperate attempt to clean up the blood by pouring water on Travis Alexander’s corpse before fleeing the scene.”

                  Ummmmm… 1) Is the not a nozzle on that cup, like a nozzle on a douche for lack of a better example?? Also, WHY ON EARTH would you attempt to clean the body? Have they not seen CSI (yeah right)? Something isn’t right here. I’m ever more convinced now that there was a clean up. Maybe they got home not too long after the murder, moved him, & then just waited awhile to call the police to avoid suspicion. This is fishy, very fishy…

                • Well, there are many reasons why she would think of cleaning up the body. I don’t buy the ”to wash away her DNA” shit because if that was on her mind she would have done a better job with the rest of the crime scene, duh!
                  It never sat right with me that she used the plastic cup to clean up the body when there was a faucet to turn on, after all his body was in the shower. Why use a small cup? I don’t think she did. However, the cup itself was quite clean.

                • Well, it says that one of the FRIENDS used it to clean up the body. I don’t think she tried to clean up at all, I think his friends did. I even asked a friend without her seeing the rest of the photo for context (no possible bias) & she also thinks it looks like a tube, like a Monistat applicator or something. WTF is that?! It’s gonna drive me nuts!!

                • If she wanted to wash away evidence, wouldn’t she have just turned on the shower head & left it on? Easier & smarter than going downstairs for a cup. Plus, why put in all that effort to drag the body & not fully clean him up? Why clean up the body & not the handprint? It just doesn’t make sense. She didn’t clean the bathroom for fingerprints, anything. That would mean that she did the most difficult thing first, didn’t properly dispose of evidence & the “murder weapon”, & then took off. Even in a hurry because you are afraid to get caught I don’t think anyone would do that.

                • Perhaps this is part of the missing piece to the puzzle: maybe Flores knew the scene was contaminated & covered it up because otherwise evidence could be called into question.

                • They ADMIT to “a 32 year old male” washing the body, that means the crime scene was contaminated, that proves it.

                • Oh man, do I feel stupid, “made”, not “male”, oops!! That explains it!! Still doesn’t explain that tube though.

                • I was reading it as a 32 year old male attempted to clean the body before being told to leave by the 911 operator. I’m still confused as to why if you walked in & saw that much blood why you would even go into the bathroom. 1) The attacker could still be there, & 2) Anyone who has seen CSI, which is everyone nowadays, knows that doing such can contaminate a crime scene. I bet one of the friends washed the body. Either while calling 911 or during a clean up. People do that a lot, cover people up when they find them out of respect, etc.

              • I posted this link to a recent conversation, but don’t recall if it was on this page or the last one. LL, a picture here shows the shower after Travis was removed – plenty of blood.


                Which brings to mind something I’ve been meaning to mention:

                Is anyone else surprised by how RED the blood in the crime scene photos is? My experience with dried blood is that it is much darker and browner, almost more like a reddish black.

                • Yes, Journey, that is actually a good observation, a very good one. Dried blood cakes & turns a dark maroonish, brown. Maybe being mixed with the water???

                • There is also a blood smear in your photo that is not in #44 because the smear in your picture was higher that his head in #44 & should, therefore, be easily been seen in #44.

                • Not being able to see the blood underneath him is one thing, but the blood being absent from the lip & the smear above his head both missing in #44 just doesn’t seem possible.

                • I dunno, LL – could liquids released in decomp be bloody colored? And those drips on the front and the smear in the shower happened as they were removing him?

                • IDK, maybe. We’d need to ask a specialist in forensics, but take a look at the blood drop in your photo. That is a very dark, defined drop. Unless that was already there I don’t see how if could be fluids left in the body. It also looks like the blood in your photo had been there awhile because it looks dried. Moreover, I would think they would be able to lift him witout causing that to happen. I would imagine it would be imperative that they did as to not alter the scene as much as possible. I am becoming more & more convinced that there was a cleanup & some of this was staged. Perhaps, as I mentioned before, they got it out of his friends that they did all of this or even just suspected they did, or had proof they did & had to cover it up because if he didn’t, most if all of the evidence would be inadmissable due to contamination of the scene. That could be why a lot of the evidence just doesn’t seem to fit the incident.

                • The whole body (except for bones, hair and teeth) pretty much liquifies as it decomposes – I just don’t know what color that liquid is.

                • Yes, I have often thought that maybe all of these weird things could be explained by someone having tampered with the scene…. after Travis was dead, after Jodi killed him in self defense.

                  But it still begs the question of WHY. I can see why maybe a few people wanted to be able to scramble around and, perhaps, sanitize what investigators would find out about Travis – maybe even what they would find out about some of his friends. (It’s always bugged me that Travis’ laptop was showed Deanna Reid as the registered owner.) I don’t see why they’d have to move Travis’ body to do that though – unless he actually died somewhere else in the house and they had to hide him away so he could be found.

                  AND, if it’s true, then the scene WAS tampered with and the evidence at the scene CAN’T be trusted as proof of anything.

                  And, BTW LL, maybe you missed this in testimony: Jodi’s handprint was NOT in blood. It was in some biological substance (I’m guessing sweat) with a mixture or her DNA and Travis’, but according to testimony it was NOT blood. So it really could have been left there at any time.

                • I think they moved the body to make it appear as though he was attacked by an intruder, who they claimed must have been Jodi, while in the shower, tried to get away & got drug back there. If they could make it look this way, then they could also salvage his reputation while still implicating Jodi. “Poor Travis was taking a shower when the psycho crawled through the doggy door & killed him while his guard was down.” (They obviously didnt know about the phone call though, so it never would have worked. Maybe Flores caught that & they caved, who knows.)Then there’s no evidence or anything to tip them off that he actually asked her to come there & let her in, then had a tryst with her. For them, this would mean he died with a mortal sin on his soul. Salvaging his reputation & cleaning him up was probably the only thing they felt they could do for him at that point. I think that’s why the cup was used. They loved him, they didn’t wanna just turn on the shower & blast him, so they gently washed him with a cup. I think they may also have washed him to remove any of THEIR hair, DNA, etc. from when they moved the body.

                  I think they found him & knew Jodi did it. They knew he was already dead from the stench & the amount of blood, so they weren’t in a hurry to call anyone. I think they found the camera in the bathroom, saw the pictures, took the memory card out to make sure it was damaged (it might not be damaged enough while in the camera. I think the camera was put in the washer & the knife in the dishwasher to ensure his fingerprints weren’t on anything because I think they already knew what he was doing to Jodi & couldn’t be sure exactly what took place. I think they got rid of the rope around the bed, etc. Moved him out of the bedroom & into the bathroom, cleaned him up gently, wiped up their bloody tacks with towels & missed one shoe print, locked the bedroom door, waited awhile, then called the police.

                  This way, Travis would seem to be an innocent victim of a vulnerable attack while in the shower rather than a love tryst (which is fornication) gone bad.

                  I do remember that now, they didn’t make that very clear until the actual trial, so I forget that sometimes. I agree that it could have been left there anytime. It could have even happened before the murder took place. Maybe they were going at it against the way, who knows, either way, if the print doesn’t contain either of their blood, I don’t see how the print is relevant or can even establish that she was there that day.

            • Good eye, spotting that tube. I’d never noticed it before. Actually, it looks like a tampax to me (sorry guys, lol) – anyone else?

              • Me too!! We thought it looked like a vagina applicator like for Monistat, but IDK. I’d like to know what it is & what it’s doing here. I think it is either not present in your photo or underneath him. The cup is also in a different position, but could have rolled when the body was moved.

                We’re stumped guys!! Anyone have any ideas on what this thing is???

                • It is there in the link I posted, it’s not visible in the pictures where Travis is still in the shower.

              • This is really gonna bother me. There has to be a reason it’s there. It doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen in a shower. Did they lift any prints off of the cup, do you know?

    • HLN did a re-enactment. I think Jose Baez was there for it. They had a woman Jodi’s size drag a weighted dummy and she had no problem. She dragged it by the arms. Did anyone else see this? It put that question to rest (for me).

      I really want to know if Judge Stephens is getting kickbacks from HLN. Why else is she only allowing HLN in the SEALED courtroom while other media has to wait outside??

      • I saw it.

        For starters, the dummy did not end up positioned as Travis was – it was more slanted from back right to left front.

        More significantly, though, something that did not strike me until after the verdict was in – remember from the autopsy photos, the scrape above one of Travis’ heels? If Travis had been dragged over the metal lip at the base of that shower,his lower back, his buttocks and upper thighs would have been scraped like that.

        They weren’t.

      • I still believe that if she had dragged him, there would be a dragging mark, a trail, a swoosh mark of some kind.

        • Yes, a long smear of blood down the middle of the hall – all those ‘stab’ wounds on his back, dontcha know – instead of the almost perfectly straight streaming trail down the side (where his head/neck would have been in a fireman’s carry).

        • There would have been scrapes on him somewhere from being dragged into the shower. I don’t think Jodi had the strength to pick him up and place him in the shower, IF she did it I’m still not convinced 100%

          Ray in H-burg Va.

    • Have these people ever considered what “DEAD WEIGHT” means? It’s not like carrying a passed out person. In the words of Monty Python:

      1st soldier with a keen interest in birds: Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?
      King Arthur: Not at all. They could be carried.
      1st soldier with a keen interest in birds: What? A swallow carrying a coconut?
      King Arthur: It could grip it by the husk!
      1st soldier with a keen interest in birds: It’s not a question of where he grips it! It’s a simple question of weight ratios! A five ounce bird could not carry a one pound coconut.
      King Arthur: Well, it doesn’t matter. Will you go and tell your master that Arthur from the Court of Camelot is here?
      1st soldier with a keen interest in birds: Listen. In order to maintain air-speed velocity, a swallow needs to beat its wings forty-three times every second, right?
      King Arthur: Please!
      1st soldier with a keen interest in birds: Am I right?

  15. Moving on… ‘The 27 stab wounds’… Please! 🙄

    3 stab wounds and the rest are superficial knife scratches!

    The media and of course the rock star-not! martinez needed to make travis’s death a hideous one.

    How else would they have ‘sold’ the story and persuaded the jury?? By telling the truth?? Saying: 3 stab wounds and 24 scrapes?!!

    They knew better than that! EXAGGERATION… gets you places. And that’s what they did: they exaggerated!

    Unfortunately, people are so gullible they will believe anything they hear. Sad thing is that they don’t want to take the time to use common sense and reasearch to crosscheck the information they are given. 🙁

    • Why don’t people just sit the f**k down and read the autopsy report???

      Page 2, FFS he begins describing the ”Sharp Force Injuries” by stating :

      ” There are very numerous INCISED and stab wounds of the head, neck, torso and extremities. ”
      Thank God for geebee, he was the one to drive the point home for me at least, because the pics can be rather graphic and we tend to stick to the awful sight of a dead and badly injured body.

      • I agree. It drives me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY that they say there were 27 stab wounds. They were SUPERFICIAL CUTS, obvious made while T was on top of her & she was trying to get him off. She would have a clear shot at his front, so she would have to go for his back, the only vulnerable part of his body. Someone wrote a blog demonstrating how this could easily be seen as a knife fight if you have experience in the military & showed that all the wounds to his back were on the side where Jodi would have been holding the knife with her dominate hand. Just because he had wounds to his back & the back of his head DOES NOT suggest ONLY that she was behind him stabbing him. If a man was on top of me & I had a knife, I would go for his back too, it’s the most logical way to defend yourself in that kind of vulnerable position.

        • *wouldn’t have a clear shot of his front.
          Obviously with the wound being superficial they were made in self defense. Think of it as an incentive to make him want to stop attacking her & let her up. When 25 of those didn’t work, she became desperate & had no choice but to ACTUALLY STAB HIM. Even then, we know that he still would not get off of her because she stabbed him twice more. If this was, in fact, the situation, her actions were not only understandable, but justified as well.

          • This would also explain the cut throat. After using a knife on someone 27 times, AFTER A GUN SHOT, & they STILL won’t stop attacking you, it becomes a life or death situation. Likely, in shock, she did the only thing she could do to ensure that he couldn’t come back after her. I think at that point she ran, ran, ran, & didn’t stop until the shock had passed. If she was in that kind of shock, she likely wouldn’t remember anything. Ask anyone who specializes in trauma, anyone. Fuck, ask a paramedic, they’ll tell you the same thing. Ask someone who was in Vietnam or Iraq, or who was living in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, ask the folks in Jolpin where their town got whipped out by a huge tornado & Westboro Baptist Church came there to protest the funerals & claim to these people that the tornado was God’s wrath because of the gays, etc. living there. The Hells Angels even showed up. They rode their bikes in & kept them reved up to drown out the protesting & people wore angel wings to block the view of Westboro. The Hells Angels & Westboro had it out & Wetboro got gased “for their safety”, but I digress.

  16. Neat fact, the guy that played T.A. in Dirty Little Secret added our Support IG & asked about FB Support sites. (I checked him out, seems legit). I monitor the Page carefully though, I’m on there more than my own, so no worries. Our IG is @JodiAriasIsInnocent. I spammed up the JodiAriasIsInnocent & JodiArias hash tags with gorgeous pictures of Jodi & her artwork, so the first thing you see is about 100+ posts of Jodi love. LOL If they can spread hate, I can spread love. 🙂 66 Followers in counting!! My current goal is 100.

  17. Hell to the yeah SJ! Very well thought out and very well said unlike the nonsensical jibberish spewed by the prosecutor, judge and witnesses at this trial. Hitler wouldn’t have been convicted on such an unbelievable pile of crap as was put on by the State in it’s quest to prosecute Jodi. I can only wonder what is their endgame…why such a need for misplaced vengeance. Money and power must be exchanging hands somewhere for them to doggedly pursue a conviction against a victim who, in my opinion, was defending herself.

    • Hey there! Yup, you are absolutely right! I am sure that there are a lot of ‘behind the scene’ games going on. Politics, money, religion. Corrupt power games.

    • Gwen!! Where have you been, girl??

      I bet Martinez still cannot believe how lucky he got to be assigned to this case! He is hungry for fame, he really enjoys being called ”a rock-star” and he is ‘high’ on all this over the top admitaration and worship. Which come to think about it, aside from being immoral is also pretty disgusting because Prosecutors are there to seek Justice and not a conviction, as we have repeatedly said. All these haters that are now rejoicing in one of the most unfair trials ever, should just stop for a moment and think if they would feel the same if one of their beloved ones was in Jodi’s shoes. Would Martinez’ behavior and total disprespect for the Law and courtrooom protocol be equally attractive and admirable? I don’t think so.

      • I am still around Maria just not as often but I still support Jodi 100% and stop by here to see if there’s any progress. If Martinez had a daughter who was treated as badly as Jodi has been by TA, the media, the courts, the public and by a hell-bent unethical prosecutor, I am sure he would have a totally different view of justice versus getting a conviction. But, thankfully, as far as we know, the little weasel hasn’t spawned.

        • AFAIK, the shit-weasel (Martinez, that is) is not even married.
          And that figures – he supports the way Travis treated Jodi and no woman would stand for that kind of treatment.

  18. LL,
    I absolutely LOVE your passion! You are very thorough and very observant! I totally agree with you about the shower theory!


    • Mnaw!!! Thank you Pandora!! *blush* I absolutely adore everyone here, it’s like our own little family. 🙂

      ((((((Our Site & Admins.))))))

      • I like LL too!!!

        ((((( LL )))))))))

        Just one favour (sorry sometimes I can be a pain in the a$$ ) : can you make longer posts instead of multiple short ones? Just a visual thing, nothing more. LOL! 🙂

        • Sure!! I figured that may be bugging some people. I have somewhat of an air trigger & a very active mind, so a lot of the time I post something, then have an after thought, & another, & another. LOL I’ll try to do my best to let my thoughts get all the way through my brain before I hit post in case there’s anything I end up wanting to add. And I’m pretty sure I’m the pain in the ass with my crazy amount of posts & typos. I promise I’ll work on it though. 🙂

          • Your amount of posts are just fine! Don’t worry! LOL! You are not at the least a pain in the ass and your point of views are welcome. That’s why we are here: to share and discuss. It’s just that sometimes it’s difficult to follow if there are multiple short ones!

            (((((LL)))))) ♥

          • LL you are far from a pain in the ass. It’s a good thing that you have an active mind we can always use another good active mind. The more the merrier……..Welcome to the family!!

            (((((LL ♥))))) 🙂

            Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

            • Thank you, Ray!! It’s so wonderful to have met you all & to be a part of something that can make a difference. This site & our endeavour to help Jodi has been very fulfilling!! It’s nice to be a part of something, especially such an important cause!!


  19. Good morning everyone! Hope you have a lovely Thursday. ♥

    Continuing on SJ’s post.

    Ahhhh, ‘the roommates’…How could anyone not notice the stink of a rotting body?!?! They say they never got a ‘whiff’ that travis was in his room. Where I live, there is a lot of forest areas. Unfortunately, many animals hit by cars run in the forest where they eventually die. Walking by on the main road and almost more than 500 meters away, it reeks of decomposing carcass. And it’s outdoors! Now, Zippy – oops! sorry, I meant Zachy – thinks that it is believable that for 5 days he never smelled anything rotting in a closed house, in the summer heat?!?! GMAFB!

    I am guessing either someone told him to keep his mouth shut for his own well being OR he decided to play ignorant to avoid getting involved in a murder case.

    • Or, he was part of the cleanup. I think they all knew the whole time, they just didn’t want anyone to suspect that they’d tampered with the scene. Just my opinion, though. I could smell a dead MOUSE my cat got once. A human body?! They’re full of shit!!

    • I still can’t figure out why there were no maggots on TA’s body after 5 days. I know around here “roadkill” is covered with them in just a few hours.

      Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

      • Yes!!! This was one of the strangest things. Maggots will find a dead body within a few hours after death occurs(actually that’s one of the methods that help doctors find the time of death); this happens particularly quickly if the body is left outdoors but when a body is ”protected” like in a closed space the process may slow down. The complete LACK of maggots in TA’s body though is disturbing. Weird how it was never mentioned in the trial…

        • And, don’t forget my dying freezer theory!!! There should have been fly larvae on the body somewhere whether he was inside or outside. It doesn’t add up. Maybe they packed him in ice if not a freezer. I smell something fishy again 🙂 Oh my.

          • Now, THAT is a thought!! Pack him in ice to slow the decomp. & prevent a strong stench… That could explain the brightness of the blood too, Journee. Mix water with dried blood & it turns bright red again. Hmmmmmmm… *sniff sniff* Oh, THAT’S what we keep smelling!! “Good morning, Marilou, what’s the interview about today?”

  20. Gus Searcy: This man has ‘balls’.

    Against all odds, he stood in front of the jury, the judge and the prosecution and was honest and straight forward.

    I am happy to see that there are still people out there that want to have their conscious clean. He wasn’t spooked by any threats! Hell, he wasn’t going to play in their puppet theatre. He knew that by standing and supporting the truth about Jodi would cause him many troubles (threats, probably his job, etc) he refused to be manhandled!

    And kudos to him for trying to protect Charmaine Juban.

    I totally respect Gus.

  21. The closet shelves:

    How hard is it to climb up one or two shelves to reach the top? I’ve done it many times Not hard at all. Now, if ‘Gloria Esteban’ (LMAO – SJ, thank you for that! Too funny!) tried it, I can see how it would be difficult for him to climb up there due to the fact that he sees to be as lazy as it gets! Even when he spoke he was sluggish (did I use that right?).

    Nothing more to add here.


  22. The Bedroom Key: Journee covered that ^^^ (upthread) so I don’t have anything to add.

    The Bathroom Shoeprint. I too agree with SJ! How hard is it to analyze a bloody shoeprint? From the print they could have found out the structure, the make. Take that and compare it to all the people that were ‘close’ to travis and you’ve got the owner of the shoe.

    “When you already have your sights fixed on a suspect, it’s standard law enforcement procedure not to confuse things by introducing anyone else into the equation”. Spot on SJ!

    • I agree, Pandora. It shouldn’t have been difficult at all for them to find out who that shoe belonged to. My first line of business would have been confiscating all the roommates shoes. The shoe print doesn’t even look like it could be Jodi’s size, it’s too large, & it looks like the print off of the bottom of a man’s boot, not a woman’s.

  23. ((((((PANDORA♥))))))

    I love the new picture! You’re going to have to tell me how to do that. I can’t figure out how to make this damn nerve rackin computer do anything. …..I always had a “thing” for redheads WOW!! 😉

    Ray in H-burg Va.

    • LOL! My good friend Ray, I will private message you at fb to help you set up a gravatar pic. I know which one I’d love you to put already… 😉

      You are an amazing person! I adore you!

      ((((((Ray ♥ )))))))))

  24. I thought he was keeping under wraps until after the settlement conference that was scheduled for tomorrow, but now I see that it’s been bumped to Oct 24 and tomorrow is an evidentiary hearing.

  25. I have two months more of school, which is taking a lot of my time these days. After that, I will have more time to devote to looking for cracks in the wall. To me, key places to look are the state’s ME’s report versus his testimony. As I recall his testimony was incorrectly used by martinez in summary. Also, did the defense object to the 2 minutes of silence? That gambit is a magicians trick and never should have been allowed. That opened the door to the DP. Also, when Jodi was cross examined, did the defense object to martinez “badgering the witness”? She later said that he peppered her with questions such that she could not think clearly. Just some thoughts about where to look. I can be reached at herbert.blitzer@gmail.com

  26. Jodi’s latest tweets:

    Jodi Arias ‏@JodiAnnArias 16 Οct
    100 Limited-Edition Prints of “Sailing at Sunset” now available at http://JodiArias.com .

    odi Arias ‏@JodiAnnArias 16 Oct
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    Jodi Arias ‏@JodiAnnArias 2h
    Oops, here’s the correct link for limited-edition prints:

    Jodi Arias ‏@JodiAnnArias 2h
    Today is the 24th anniversary of Loma Prieta.

    Jodi Arias ‏@JodiAnnArias 1h
    If you pre-ordered a limited-edition print of “Sailing at Sunset,” shipping will begin on 10/29.

  27. Did anyone watch Snapped last night part 2 is on tonight…..what a farce…TA maybe dead but him and his friends and the Snapped crew all are working together against Jodi once again…just like the Lifetime movie. No truth for Jodi and no making TA look like the snake he was.

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