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Check out the re-post below from October 14th, 2013. It covers many of the (still) unanswered questions & issues regarding Jodi’s judicial farce of a trial.

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There have always been more questions than answers in Jodi’s trial… and many things that just never added up. 9 months on, and nothing has changed really…

Read my post below and let me know your thoughts:

The Camera/Memory Card: Heather Conner (CSI) testified that she found the camera and the memory card as separate items in the washing machine. Michael Melendez (Mesa PD) testified that when he got the bagged up evidence for analysis, the memory card was already in the camera. So who put it in there and what did they actually do between both events? More importantly, how many pics do we think they deleted? And which ones?

Jodi’s Abs: Ryan Burns went out of his way to describe Jodi’s awesome strength, and how easy it would have been for her to overpower TA and move him around at will. He even went as far to highlight her “abs” and her “six-pack”. However, in the bedroom pics from June 4th, Jodi’s abs are non existent, thereby negating his BS story.

The License Plates: Another BS-filled red herring smokescreen from Kermit.

The Gas Cans: Much ado about nothing, once again. A moot point from start to finish. Zero relevance. Here’s why.

The Walmart Receipt: Same as the gas cans. No big deal, despite Kermit building his piss-poor closing arguments around it. It’s explained right here.

The much trumpeted “27” stab wounds: In actuality, there were only 3. Details here.

The Roommates: Not withstanding the unmissable (but evidently missed) stench of decomp throughout the whole house… all the roommates turned out to be a very tight-knit & very deceptive bunch to say the least. No wonder none of them ever made it to the witness stand.

As demonstrated multiple times already, their respective stories & recollections changed many more times than Jodi’s ever did. The Flores Report covered it all in great detail. For example, when asked when he did the washing that week, Zach Billings even gave 3 different days, and still wasn’t sure on the specifics… even though he knew the exact days & times of all his other activities in & around the house that week, including knowing the color of TA’s underwear. Odd? Not really.

Gus Searcy: Remember Gus pleading the 5th during his testimony? It turned out he was trying to protect Charmaine Juban, after Chris Hughes threatened her with all manner of unpleasant repercussions if she testified regarding what she knew. Mormon-Pedo cover-up? Had she witnessed TA’s temper? Did she know about TA & Sky? More than likely on all 3 counts.

This video (from Greta) features an interesting interview with Gus Searcy and his thoughts on the trial, the events of June 4th 2008, the court of public opinion, additional witnesses, the big Mormon cover up and the media coverage. Sounds very much like there are numerous witnesses out there to TA’s vile temper, that have been “warned off” against testifying – (from 8:06 onwards):

[hdplay id=113 width=500 height=300]

The Closet Shelves: Gloria Esteban must have spent all day locked away & playing with himself in TA’s closet. All he finished up with were a few pics of the shelves and “absolute certainty” that Jodi couldn’t have stood on them to grab the gun. Duh! An “After Dark” reenactment (on HLN of all places) disproved that theory in less than a second.

[hdplay id=202 width=500 height=300]

The Bedroom Key: Zach Billings proudly announced that he was the only key holder to the bedroom door. Only he knew where it was hidden. So who locked the bedroom door behind them on June 4th or 5th or 6th… or 7th? The same person that magically “discovered” the body and left their shoe print at the same time?

The Bathroom Shoe Print: Shown during the trial and even highlighted, but only the one time. I still beliewve law enforcement know who the shoe print belongs to, how it got there, and when…  but that information (along with a lot of other stuff) has been conveniently suppressed.

When you already have your sights fixed on a suspect, it’s standard law enforcement procedure not to confuse things by introducing anyone else into the equation. Yuri Melich proved that in Casey’s trial too, remember?

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Throw in witness intimidation, death threats, bomb threats, sexual innuendo, evidence tampering, Snow White, the lying lead detective, the typo-ridden ME’s report, the proven Perjury by Horn, Flores & Martinez, attempted suppression of key evidence, enough prosecutorial misconduct to write a Hollywood movie around… and you have all the makings of one of the most enormous judicial cluster-fucks ever.

The fact is, there was a lot of speculation, wishful thinking, supposition, hype, lies & BS — both inside and outside of the courtroom — but there was never anything to prove pre-meditation beyond and to the exclusion of all reasonable doubt. There never has been, and there never will be. Period.

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If you missed our earlier post featuring the JAA Appellate Movie, click this link to watch it.


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  1. I just watched the entire Gus Searcy interview. I wonder if any of the Mormon women will eventually come forward. Maybe somebody who leaves the Mormon faith and decides it’s the right thing to do…..just thinking! Does anyone know if Gus is Mormon? Why is Legal Shield tied in with Mormons so much? I find it so weird that some people seem to “sell” Legal Shield and “sell” their religion to others?

    • There are a lot of Mormons involved with all types of network, or multi-level marketing. It suits their family-oriented culture. You can easily find out more about that on the internet.

  2. Gas receipts for Pasadena: first one CASH – 8.3 gals – $35.06, (gas cans at the pump} and the other two, are both PREPAID 1 1/2 mins. apart for $20.00 and $40.00 (2.77 and 9.6 gals = 12.4 gals) which was the amount she consistently bought for the car. Looking at this again, Nurmi really muddled up the redirect on this, introducing a third can in his hypothetical question, which just mixed the jury up. Their one question about the gas cans was this third can in this question.

    • Hi CandaCarol,

      Just wanted to ask you about your figures in case I missed something.

      If Jodi bought 8.3 gals for $35.06 that would put the price of gas at around $4.224. If the next prepaid transactions were for $20 and $40 that would put the gas amounts at 4.734 and 9.469 gallons = 14.203 gallons.

      Was your 2.77 a typo or do you think other things were bought in addition to the gas?

      • Hi Eli,
        This is Day 27 2 of 2 right at the beginning of the video where Nurmi is confusing it with the 3rd can. At 0:57 seconds he shows the first receipt clearly pump 2 – gals – 8.301 price 14.169 with a .45 transaction fee. Then he shows the two prepaid receipts side by side at 2:27 which were made 10 mins later and 1 1/2 mins apart. Because of the glare you can’t read them completely, but Nurmi says they are roughly 2.7 and 9.6 gals. I will check for the previous testimony to see if they are clearer to read.

        • Hey Eli,
          I checked thru previous and Day 24 2 of 3 (21:35 – 21:41 mins) he shows the $40.00 prepaid receipt and it is legible:
          Exhibit 237.012
          #7 9.5946 gals 4.169 prepaid $40.00

          The other receipt is faded on that line so that it isn’t legible any time they show it (21:51 & 41.24).

          The rates are shown very differently (14.169 vs. 4.169) ?? Don’t know why.

          • Thanks CanadaCarol,

            It is difficult to read the receipt on the screen. I see the price of the gas was 4.169 and not 4.224 plus there were transaction fees. Nurmi can be confusing at times with the pace of his speech.

            It’s too bad that the capacity of the gas tank wasn’t verified by either the defense or the prosecutor. Like Jodi said on that day, it is just nonsensible.

  3. Mimi testified that she had not seen Travis for a week, although she saw or heard from him every day and he wasn’t even at church or Friday home meeting. She lived so close to him that she ran home to check her messages that night. It seems very strange that suddenly she is so frightened that she calls her mother and sister and keeps them on the phone while she is driving over there to check.

    • Maybe she had them on the phone because she suddenly realized that she was not the only one who was not hearing from TA.

  4. I’ve posted a question on the vent page and would be grateful if everyone involved in fundraising could take a look.

    • DL, the vent page is for long time posters here at the site. It’s mainly used for working on projects and such. If you have something you’d like to share with us but don’t want it on the main page (viewed by the public), please contact SJ or myself by e-mail.

      Rasna – TEAM JODI

  5. I recently watched an episode of “Who Do You Think You Are?” in which Cynthia Nixon (Miranda Hobbs on “Sex and the City”) traced her ancestry back to her 3X great grandmother, Martha (Curnutt) Castro, who spent time in a Missouri state prison for taking an axe to her abusive husband. Here’s the known account as found online:

    “[Noah Casto] had been in the habit of treating his wife in a manner too brutal and too shocking to think of,” Nixon read from a newspaper of the time. “On the morning of the day mentioned he told his wife to get up and get breakfast for himself and her two children, and then to commence saying her prayers, for she should die, he swore, before sunset.”

    “She got up and made a fire and returned to the room where her unnatural husband slept,” the article continued. “He was lying on his back in a sound sleep. She took the axe with which she had been chopping wood and with one blow sunk it deep into his head, just through the eyes.”

    The online article goes on:

    Curnutt was found guilty of first-degree manslaughter and sentenced to five years in prison. Out of 800 inmates, Curnutt was the only female in the Missouri State Penitentiary at the time. An emotional Nixon, who visited the prison in person, considered Curnutt’s circumstances and her actions. “I certainly wouldn’t call it a happy ending, by any stretch of the imagination,” the star said. “But certainly I think a better ending than if Noah had killed Martha and maybe killed her children, too.”

    Nixon learned that Curnutt gave birth to a daughter, Sarah, during her incarceration — although the identity of the child’s father still remains a mystery. Curnutt was ultimately pardoned in December 1844, after serving less than two years, and returned home, where she used her maiden name.

    It’s interesting to think about what Martha would have been convicted of today, in this atmosphere, maybe with HLN screaming every night about how she “axed him through the eyes” and telling everyone, even before the end of the first day of trial, that Martha most likely used her “female ways” to lure him into a vulnerable position.

    Sounds to me like M1 according to today’s standards.

    • I’m sure the nay-sayers would say “but Martha apparently had proof that he was abusive”, again forgetting that proof by the defendant is not required in a self-defense case (and Martha’s case was most definitely a self-defense case.) It was entirely up to the State to prove, BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, that he WAS NOT abusive. Where’s there any proof that Travis wasn’t abusive? What? Because he (maybe) hadn’t been physically abusive with previous girlfriends? So does this mean the abuser gets a free pass on the first one? That’s proof of absolutely nothing. And all the logical arrows point in the direction that he, not Jodi, was the one with an abusive attitude.

      Martha still got convicted of first-degree manslaughter, for saving her own life and that of her children. And then obviously got raped even one more time in prison.

      • And then the nay-sayers would say “but how do you prove a negative, that he wasn’t abusive?” (Yes, suddenly the problem of proving a negative will become an issue, even though that’s exactly what Martinez did to prove there was no returned gas can.) I would say then that the way you prove a negative is with circumstantial evidence, by showing, for instance, that he wasn’t abusive in other ways. That he didn’t speak abusively, or play little (abusive) tricks on people, like pulling forward every time someone he supposedly cared about is trying to get in the car. Who doesn’t ridicule people. Who doesn’t think making jokes about beating women is appropriate. Who doesn’t make people he supposedly cares about flinch when he speaks to them on the phone. Who doesn’t go into a long tirade because someone he’s having secret sex with doesn’t leap up out of bed at his beck and call.

        • You are correct about the old days in this country and how the attitude about women defending themselves differs from today’s. In the American frontier, women were so scarce that judgements were often not severe when women defended themselves even to the death. There was not a lot of interest in locking women away from society, such as it was in those rough towns.

        • Talk about negatives: 0 – 0 = 0. Never brought the (obviously) recovered gas cans into court, which could have led to jurors doing some math with positive whole numbers along the lines of: 3 – 1 = 2.

  6. Password for VENT page has been changed. All that had the previous password will be receiving a new one via e-mail in the next hour.

    • So the blog part of the website is gone. The inconvenienttruth person was throwing bombs at the occupyHLN guy, and saying he was hornswoggling Jodi’s aunt, and is that why the blog is down? If I misstated these things,please someone straighten me out. It seems it’s a chapter in the hater’s war. Hard to understand, but thanks for the links SJ.

      • johnm –

        For a week or so, the formerly simple and dignified JAA Appellate Fund page was replaced with a page of a more sensational nature. I wouldn’t really call it a blog, and it was actually pretty good in many ways. But there were concerns among many – especially folks who’d already sent out fundraising letters directing them to that formerly simple and dignified page – that this new page misrepresented a few facts, misunderstood a few others, and just WASN’T the simple and dignified page that had already been promoted to some potentially serious donors.

        Nothing really ‘hater war’ about people wanting the old page back – more just concern for the cause.

        • I see. Thank you Journee. I just misunderstood the inconvenienttruth/occupyHLN deal, but it’s not important. I’m glad they got the appellate page fixed.

          • johnm –
            I was only privy to the conversations that happened here (in vent – where we usually have our fundraising conversations). I gather most of it happened over on FB, and I don’t do FB – didn’t know until today that the person who put up the more sensational page was also connected to OccupyHLN.

            But I know that the conversations that happened HERE were people trying to find a way to diplomatically assert that the new page was the *wrong* page for the potentially serious donors already solicited, and to make those assertions without hurting anyone’s feelings. Nothing ‘hater’ at all about what was said here.

            • yeah, I’m sorry about the hater war comment. It was between occupyHLN and inconvenient truth, I was just confused, really not my business anyway, thanks again

    • Once again thank you to SJ and RASNA plus all of our other administrators for keeping us safe. It would make me sea sick from all the “rocking and rolling” you all have to put up with!!!! 🙂

  7. Hi Rasna,

    Could you email me the new password to the VENT page? I have some things I have to get off my chest and don’t want the whole world privy to. I’m Jodi’s friend; she will vouch for me.

  8. I think there may be some crossed wires here. I see this from Jason (as of 5:49 PDT) regarding the site:

    “Our site was hacked by (presumably) some hater, which boggles my mind ’cause we’re set up to protect us from any DDOS or Brute Force attack. So I have to see what’s going on. Working on it. Apologies!”

    I don’t know the ins and outs of who’s running what but could this be that someone changed the direction of the domain name ( without Jason being aware of it?

    I’d hate to see our family of supporters begin to come apart because of something as simple as miscommunication.

    • The problem was NOT “crossed wires” nor hacking. But this bunch is seriously hurting Jodi and causing people NOT to donate. Please don’t make excuses for narcissists! Jodi’s family does not approve of any other donation site except the one here:

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