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As of right now, the “aggravation phase” of the trial is scheduled to start tomorrow @ 10 am.

We’ve also just launched Mission #1 – so if you already have access to the password-protected Vent pages, you’ll also have access to the new page. Passwords are no longer being sent out.

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Just as a quick side note, and as we demonstrated several times yesterday – anyone posting comments directly attacking or abusing other posters in this site, or anyone repeatedly posting BS links to BS sites will be banned.

In the meantime, leave your current thoughts and comments below as we plough on in our quest for JUSTICE FOR JODI!


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    • geebee2

      Please have a look at my posts from yesterday. There might be a project in there for you, especially since I took your name in vain!

      • Al I did take a look…

        I’m quite clear – the physical evidence very strongly supports the claim of self-defence, and it’s also completely clear to me that Jodi has a very gentle nature, and she did not “snap” at any point, she simply did what she had to do to overcome Travis.

        We know that Travis went down the corridor, felll over, then went back towards the batroom, while Jodi ran through the closet for a second time. That’s pretty evident from the blood stains at the bedroom end of the hallway. I have actually considered doing a video film of what could have happened. I don’t think there is any great mystery, Travis was tring to kill Jodi from just after the moment when she accidentally shot him. and nothing would stop him.

        I believe shortly after the 62 second photo, she probably tried to help him, for the second time, but he grabbed her, and they fought face-to-face on the floor outside the linen cupboard for the next 72 seconds, until he tried to choke her and she cut his throat. That’s my most likely scenario.

        • She loved him too much to just go there w/intent to kill him. I’ll never believe she “intended” to kill that pervert! She was in a fight for her life, and she won, thank God! If the pictures don’t prove that, nothing does! If her intent was to kill, she would’ve planned better……

          • I agree with you. She’s not the type of woman to have gone there to kill him, not at all. I see Jodi, or rather, feel her to be a very sensive person who would help anyone. Who wouldn’t fight for their life? I believe he would have killed her had she not killed him.

            • O yes Heather, I agree. She is a doll… Sweet person! TA attacked her, no doubt about it.

        • Geebee2, that is a really sensible depiction of what may well have occurred. Why oh why has this trial been so unfair and idiotic….. 🙁

          • I agree. As testified by the medical examiner Horn, the cluster of wounds on his back did not penetrate very deep and were coming from a weak position and were not the cause of his death and could not have been since they were not deep enough. I think he must have been on top of her and she was reaching around toward his back and trying to stab him to get him off of her, hence the placement and clustering of the wounds on his back and the fact they were not deep at all. Under the definition of what a “stab” wound is, they do not count as stab wounds. A wound to be considered a stab wound, has to apparently be deeper than the knife is wide. That is what the definition of “stab wound” is, He did not have 27 stab wounds! The one photo of Travis shows him lieing on his stomach and his head is turned to the left, and one cannot even see a slit that goes to his left ear. So I am wondering if this is even true. I am sorry for his death, but I do believe it was self defense. Has anyone seen the actual autopsy photos? One was posted on a blog site.
            Also, I read the report the police officer made after he went to Arias grandparents house to investigate the burglary. In the report it said that the back door was kicked in and that there was a foot print underneath the doorknob. The officer noted it was raining out and muddy and there was a foot print left. Did they investigate the foot print that was left on the door. Why didn’t the defense bring this up in court? I do not understand unless they were not allowed because I think the prosecution has to agree? Does anyone know, Also, supposedly, there were a string of burglarys in the neighborhood too. Why was this evidence not allowed in court? Also, the gun that the burglar stole was from her grandfathers DRAWER in his bedroom as stated in the police report, so why does HLN etc, keep commenting on why the burglars didnot take the other guns and leave the money which was sitting on top of the gun cabinet. The burglars, may not have even gotten that far into the burglary before they had to haul ass out of there,. What do you all think ?

        • I hope you make the video. The evidence supports the defense claim much more than anything. It’s BS that this happened to her.

          • I would like to get a vent password as well i am sorry I missed out. Anyone know what the defense will do next?

            • I also would like a password, I want to help, if there is anything I can do, like a letter writing campaign. I asked a couple times earlier, I’m guessing always very late and my request is missed. However I am now getting the updates, which I really appreciate. I haven’t been posting much. I lack confidence, but I completely support Jodi and have deep respect for the others I have come to know while reading their post.

        • I just don’t understand why our Heavenly God wants to punish Jodi Arias! How could he allow her to be broken and abused like she has. It is truly beyond me to think of all the perverted sex that she was forced to do in her wonder areas. Nurmi is a lame lawyer. He never brought up that when Travis told Jodi that a 5 year old could handle the camera better than she could, that was even more positive proof that Travis is a pedophile. I mean, did you ever notice how Travis always mentions underage children??? It was obvious that he was obsessed with children! You don’t have to keep pictures on your computer if you have a photographic memory. If you saw pictures of his closet, you know he had a mind like that because everything looked like a store and it was obssessive compulsive traits. Also, everyone knows how children lie to protect their abusers. That is what Jodi was doing! She was forced into being a child just to please Travis. That’s why she drove over 1,000 miles to be with him and why she lied. Not because she was premeditating his murder! Children don’t think like that. They only want to be near the one that abuses them. I don’t understand why the jury can’t see this! They should have been made to watch Sybil, then they would understand why Jodi went into a fog. I think the fog was just her mind going into another personality to be able to handle the horrific things that Travis was doing. And when he mentioned the 5 year old handling the camera it set her brain off and I believe that another personality was forming inside her. It was probably a strong 5 year old boy who was going to avenge her and protect her and be her savior and that is who killed Travis, not Jodi. I think we should get all of Jodi’s supporters and sign a petition to Nurmi to have him appeal her case and get her tested to see if she was turning into a Sybil. This has been such a travesty of justice…and it makes me even more nauseous to think that travesty and Travis sound alike. My knees are going to be bloody with all the praying I will be doing for Jodi and I hope you all do the same, because she needs us now MORE THAN EVER. Bless you for listening…and bless Jodi’s family. They are victims too.

      • Hey Al. You seem to be pretty up-to-date, and I wanted your opinion on this.

        Jodi did take the gas cans, so she wouldn’t be caught in AZ (Just go with me on this for a sec)…
        The reason, she was meeting a new man (Ryan), and didn’t want ANY receipts or tracking of her there, in AZ (something TA could’ve used on her being at his house – something TA could’ve told Ryan). Simple…she didn’t want Ryan to know she was with TA, NOT the cops!
        Jodi went to TA’s one last time to make sure they were absolutely done! Once and for all.
        She was sweet to him, had sex w/him (obviously), trying to make what she wanted work….. She realized TA was using her again, he started his usual smartin’ off, and she said, I’m going to the bishop to clear this up! That’s when he lost it! Due to him (TA) converting her to Mormon, he (TA) felt she had no right telling on him! She got scared, dropped the camera, and he flipped thinking Jodi dropped it on purpose! TA went after Jodi, then all crap broke loose! The rest is Jodi’s story….. She ran, got the gun, but it didn’t stop him! She shot, then grabbed the knife.
        One other question for ya,
        Do you wonder why, if TA was SO loved and/or liked, why it took 5 days for anyone, including family, to look for him? And, the only reason it was 5 days was b/c that trip was scheduled. I really wonder how long it would’ve been, if that trip was never scheduled! I also wonder about the roommates! Something is wrong there IMO… The dog running around, the smell, etc… and not one person questioned it? The laundry had to be soured…. Does no one do laundry there?
        I know this is “my” theory, and only Jodi knows, but it’s something that crossed my mind.
        Your thoughts?
        Where did Also Abused go? She was great! Loved talking to her too.

        • I am not certain how to post in here and hope this works. I just want to say that I do not believe the murder was premeditated. I don’t believe Jodi is the black widow that went to see Travis, had sex to weaken him, then went out with her plan to stab him to death. Lol. The case and verdict was media driven and I believe appealable. If you watch Nancy G. You can see how Juan used her and her buddies own words in his case. I catch it several times. They were guiding his case and you can see him literally repeat their suggestions. A couple clear ones are the spiderman underwear in relation to the movie “Charlie’s Angels”, the knife and ” can you imagine how that would hurt”….that came directly from Nancy Grace, and in the rebuttal Juan also makes another statement right from Nancy’s mouth after one of the breaks. It is clear Juan abused his position and made the case a media driven verdict. There are several other things that were extremely troubling that Juan did that I am certain the defense already noted. Even Juan knows he crossed the line but he was in it to win at all costs and is willing to take the chance to lose it later, as long as he can have fame now. The relationship between Jodi and Travis was toxic on both ends. I do believe though that Jodi was trying to part with him peacefully because of their work place, which by the way, was another form of control TA had on her. Very sad.

        • I wondered the same thing about the room mates. Something seems fishy. Apparently there was a stench exuding through the whole house. How could the roommates not smell it and question it. Who was told to take care of the dog? What was the usual protocol for his dog when he went away? He apparently didn’t leave any instructions for them to take care of the dog, because he hadnt left on his trip.Who was feeding the dog? When Marie Hall went to his house, she said she knocked on the door for atleast two minutes and the roommates did not answer! The dog was barking according to Marie and they did not go to the door. It does not make sense. Why wouldn’t the defense council bring this up? At the end of Nurmis closing, he said something to the effect that if they (jury) doesn’t believe either of these scenarios, then basically he alluded to maybe there being another scenario. (which may not have been allowed into evidence? ) Also, why did Jodi sign a document on behalf of her friend which does not allow him to be questioned by the police or prosecution etc. What is up with that? If he was supposedly the only one who saw her bruises, then why wouldn’t she want him to testify on her behalf? That is one thing that does not at all make sense. Can anyone elaborate for me. Also, on this website, someone does a great job explaining what a spent bullet would look like if it were hollow point after being shot. The blogger says why can’t we see what the bullet they found in Travis looks like so we can see if it was in fact a hollow point or not. Why wouldn’t the defense bring this up, or would it have hurt her in some way.
          One more question, when Jodi was on the stand, she was asked by Martinez if she thought that the police would follow up on her story and investigate her story about two intruders, and Jodi said she didn’t think they would or it didn’t cross her mind. Why did she say that. Because I do believe her to be highly highly intelligent and that goes against what I believe. I still believe she is totally innocent of premeditation and even second degree murder. The prosecution proved nothing beyond a reasonable doubt, but as I was relistening to the trial, I heard this statement from Jodi and I did not understand why she responded that way. She was probably just so fed up. And like she said, it was hard to follow his questioning sometimes and his sentences were not grammatically correct many times which I thought was so funny when she would correct him!lol I would appreciate any insight into my questions, and also, Jodi referred to evidence that could have benefitted her which was not allowedin court, does anyone know what evidence that was other than her polygraph. I think they wanted that into evidence? Thank you, I was sick and disgusted by the Jury’s verdict. I wish the Judge would do something on her behalf, but it seemed like she overruled Nurmi more than Martinez don’t you think?

          • Does anyone know if Travis has been excommunicated and has any news station tried to interview the church where he held a priest hood position? Where are the reporters who are objective? Why is this not being debated? It is so scary to see how so many people presumed her guilty. In our country, we are presumed innocent until found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. I would not want a jury of my peers, after seeing this. Also, like the psychotherapists give patients an IQ test and or reading comprehension test etc. why isnt the jury subjected to some kind of reading comprehension, psychological testing before they can sit on a jury where they are deciding life and death for a fellow human being. What if they or some didn’t comprehend or understand things, What was there education etc, I am just sick about this.

        • CSTH,
          For them not to miss Travis for 5 days is so totally unbelievable.
          Chris Hughes, brother David Hughes said that before they left for Cancun, he got a text
          that said Travis is dead, but they didn’t care to check it out and he said thy would talk about it when they got together at Cancun,But they all didn’t think anymore about it until they got back

          Plus I think it was Zach his roommate that said he washed clothes that week.
          When they missed him, they go to his house and Zach says he’s got a key to the bedroom.
          How did he know it was locked??

          He goes in the garage, get’s Travis’s key to the bedroom.
          ( question ) Why or how did Zach his roommate know where the key was and who keeps their bedroom key in the garage, especially let’s his roommate KNOW where it is. What is the key for?

          All 5 go up walking the room and call 911, so right there they have already fucked the crime scene up. Plus really how many were there?
          The 911 call is Zach, he says yep he’s dead, just nonchalot, the 911 dispatcher ask if he’s had any problem with anyone and I think the girl that was supposed to go to Cancun with him, daid yeah, he’s had this stalker and somone slashing his tires.
          Question: I know they tried to prove that Jodi was a stalker, but didn’t really prove that and WHO was slashing his tires???
          Did they ever investigate that?

          The dispatcher told them to get out of there, BUT what did they do before getting out of the house?
          I don’t trust any of them. Why did the girl that was supposed to Cancun wait 5 days. What happened? She just decide not to go,
          I think while in Cancun they made this whole LIE up and it started there.
          Bunch of damn liars and jaun and horn and flores have to all know too.

          • Zach knew where the key was because he told Flores that he had access to Travis’ bedroom and bathroom when he needed to get something. Zach said that Travis would let him get medications and stuff like that from his medicine cabinet…Flores report page 8….6th paragraph down…

        • I’m here. I haven’t posted a lot here lately, sorry. I’m going through a crisis in my own life, and have been dealing with a great deal of anxiety and palpitations. When I’ve checked in here, there were quite a few arguments going on, and given my current state, I thought it best I stay out of those before I go “postal” on someone 😀

          I’ve posted on another blog which is having some very interesting discussions with a couple of lawyers and Heather as the main posters there (infiltrated by some of the “pro Travis” people from time to time but rather tamely) and it’s been pretty interesting discussion. One lawyer, who is a criminal defense lawyer has posited some truly interesting theories that Jodi may well not have done this at all.

    • geebee2, ftw!

      P.S. Jodi is GORGEOUS in that witness stand pic. Seriously, she’s a natural beauty. A hottie-biscotti, if you will. Not only is she not wearing makeup in that pic, that’s what she looks like when the defense intentionally tries to ugly her up.

      • My sentiments exactly. She is a natural beauty. In the interview with Troy Hayden, even though she looked deflated and hopeless emotionally, I saw her in a way I have never seen. I could see more clearly how beautiful her eyes are, and the light that shines from them. I like to look at women too, not in the way a man does, but because I think they are one of the most beautiful beings on earth, and I will say this … I take Jodi’s looks over a bombshell any day!

        • It is not really fair to keep those of us who are rooting for Jodi from being able to know the good things? I have never had a password on here, I just logged in under my email…I think? If at first I had to use a password I do not remember it. I blog all the time for Jodi..because I am just sick of the sickest of all people with their dam crying and moaning…when they do not know a dam sole involved in this??? And not that I don’t believe it wasn’t hard to look at crime photos..but the Alexander family just appeared so PHONY to me? And what sealed that deal was seeing how HAPPY they were the day after they filed the civil suit…they smell that money..and I think that is what brought them into the court room each day with their BS kleenexs and well.. I just can’t stand looking at them. STill would love to know if there is any progress at all for Jodi…anywhere! This is the only site that anyone FOR her can go and get some piece of mind. I am not crazy…mind you..I do not know Jodi…but I DO KNOW when something is completely UNFAIR, ONE SIDED, and done for MONEY…HLN, Alexanders, etc. As far as those in society that are MORE dangerous than Jodi will ever be….those outside the court house cheering..I believe people like Gool Girl Grace and Vinnie Pile of it…create more of them each day. I get constant BS on my facebook page pretty much everywhere that I blog…I could care less! I have a RIGHT to my dam opinion and the haters are NOT going to shut me up…I do not care what they say. Still think it is unfair that those of us NOT crazy can’t get passwords to really get some news WORTH hearing.

          • I agree, had I known about this website since the beginning of the trial I would have followed it. I to have had people on You Tube blast me. I even had one guy that i finally had to block because he would cuss me out and tell me how demented I was because I was defending Jodi. I wish we could get a password to know all the latest. I really feel bad for Jodi and I think she needs to know that not everybody is hating on her and that there are people who believe her and who are supporting her!! We should be given a chance too!! I tell Nancy Graceless off everyday on my Twitter account. I will never watch HLN ever again either. ANd Dr. Drew Ugh! He is the worst because he studied psychology and should be more compassionate. I’m dissappointed in him!!

      • PGP! “Pretty Girl Problems”
        Her beauty is the real reason she’s been convicted so harshly. All of the other women in TA’s life were “grenades” (the kind a girl u don’t take home to mom or out in public), especially his “friend’s” wives, they all envied her beauty. This was a slam dunk for JM, when you read the reason’s members of the public want her dead, they are simply projecting their own insecurities and using JA’s mistake as an excuse for their morbid need to boost their egos :,-( And also, LIKE IT”S HARD TO CONVICT MEXICAN’S IN AZ!!!

        • EXACTLY!! I think her beauty and her being mexican also contributed to her being convicted of first degree

  1. Good morning everyone,…..going to try to post more often. I have company staying with me so its difficult, and they don’t understand this debacle so I’m going nuts lol nice to have same-minded people I can talk with. Hugs to all… and hugs for Jodi

    • I understand that! The day of the verdict I went out side crying and my downstairs neighbor had her door open when I walked out and she had HLN on. She is an older woman and asked me what was wrong. I was crying too hard so I just pointed to the TV and I said I am sad for Jodi. She gave me the look like GIRL you are NUTS!!! So I know what you mean!!!

      • Try being all alone and not being able to talk to anyone for a few days. Al and I both thought we got blocked. Its very difficult to try and understand what it is you are feeling when every emotion you have ever felt comes at you all at incessant. I haven’t felt that way sences my nephew took his own life.

        • GOSH Cindy I didn’t know you couldn’t get on for that long. I wondered where you were. I couldn’t post a lot either but I thought it was a good thing that so many people wanted to start to support Jodi and that all of us wanted to be here with our cyber family. I was thinking about you when the text notification didn’t come through right away because I knew you were out and about that day and wouldn’t be by the TV. I even mentioned on here that if anyone knew how to get ahold of you to please do so but I am not sure if it even posted I was getting booted a lot.

      • “She gave me the look like GIRL you are NUTS!!!”

        The day of the verdict, I stopped at my mom’s, and she was positively GLOWING over Jodi’s guilty verdict. Honest to God, I was DEVASTATED and SICKENED by her reaction; I foolishly thought my myriad explanations re Jodi’s innocence had made at least a SLIGHT impact on her. WRONG. I actually turned and walked out w/out saying a word. .

        • I cannot post what my mother has said…it truly breaks my heart that MY MOTHER, whom I consider one of my bestestestest friends…………………….

          I REFUSE to discuss Jodi with her.

        • That is sad but I know how you feel. My Mom passed away a few years ago but she had a different view then I do on abortion…I am a RIGHT to LIFE member and my Mom believed abortion was ok.We went ROUND AND ROUND!!!

      • The night(for me )of the verict I had my sister and 2 friends over my house.They left and just as they were reaching their houses I called them,saying a verdicty has been reached and if they would be so kind as to come ober again,coz I felt I couldnt handle it by myself.They did.I acrtually regret it.My sister who is my bestest friend was extremely supportive.When they announced the verdict I started screaming,weeping uncontrollably(at some point I think I fainted a bit,because I can only remember being half-sitted on the chair and my sister leaning over me with a glass of water).My firnds didnt say much,they were left speechless by my reaction even though how invested I’ve become to this case and how fond I am of Jodi,how much I’ve grown to love her.It was their continuous stare that makes me regret the fact that I called them back.They were looking at me as if I was crazy,one of the 2 actually told”it’s not about you,stop it,dont you care about your well being?you’re gonna get sick if you keep on crying like that”.
        Some times in life,we just have to come to terms with the fact that not only we dont see eye to eye with some people but even the people we feel closest to will never trully understand us 🙁

        • I actually cried when I read that, maria, (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  2. Does this mean long-time posters (like me) will have no access to Mission #1? I never felt a need to vent. No offense but venting is just not my thing.

  3. Does anyone know how many siblings TA had?

    I thought I have read that he had five. But I can only think of Tanisha, Samantha, Steven and Gary. That makes only four. Is there another one?

      • Did anyone notice that they never seemed to be close even though sitting together, I didn’t even see them hug each other after the verdict when they were hugging other people.

          • Yes, I never saw Tanisha and Samantha hug one another, and they were sitting together. I thought it was odd.

            • They never even made eye contact! Once, when Samantha was boo-hooing like crazy, Tanisha’s husband, who was sitting next to Samantha, just threw her a dirty look. I could NOT believe that man did not attempt to comfort her, or even acknowledge Samantha.

              • The only person whom I ever saw showing affection was Harold, and that was only to Tanisha. He had his arm around her quite often.

                • I thought that was weird too. The one brother sat on the end, had no expression at all. The woman sitting behind him kept patting his shoulder…….. Weird! Just like my family I guess! If I died, my family would do a happy dance! Except my girls……

                • Yes,Kira you’re right.Tanisha and Samantha did seem to be like total strangers throughout the trial; not even when one of them cried did the other one ever try to hug or console her.

                • I noticed that too!! I was wondering even,,.. are they all full brother and sisters? Or were they raised separate from each other? Because they didn’t seem close!

    • Gary and Dennis are half-brothers. TA is the oldest of Tanisha,Samantha, Steven and Hillary (or Allie, I can’t remember her name, no one ever talks about her).

      • I think Hilary and Allie are two different people. There are Gary, Dennis, Travis, Tanisha, Samantha, Hilary and Steven , then Allie. Hilary is the girl that looks like she has terrible bags under her eyes and Allie looks younger than the rest.

    • Thank you!

      One website claims that TA had a brother named Greg and also the number of siblings he had varies.

      It is the first time I hear about Dennis and Hillary/Allie.


      • I googled it, and here’s his siblings as listed in his obit: Gary Alexander, Greg Alexander, Tanisha Alexander, Samantha Alexander, Hillary Wixcox, Steven Alexander, and Allie Tilghman.

        • I stand corrected! Lol! Not sure where I got Dennis from and I somehow morphed Hillary and Allie together. Who can keep it straight, shit that is a lot of kids!

            • How can you get away with that? Don’t the check your ID when you get arrested?
              Wonder if it really was Dennis Gregory who got arrested.

              • I don’t know how his true identity never came up, and I wonder if his brother really ever forgave him (or hell, even knew about it!) because obviously the family is not close at all. But here’s a link to the story about his brother posing as TA:

                When this came up, the defense team did try to validate it, but ultimately they couldn’t use it because it’s the brother in the pic. Still, it’s suspicious and at the very least points out how corrupt our “justice” system is. Several of his sibs were into drugs, and I know the autopsy didn’t find anything, but you have to wonder after so many days, if maybe some of TA’s rage was really drug fueled.

                And I agree with Jodi, how freaky it is that all the siblings look similar. I have 3 brothers, and we all have different coloring/different features. Makes me wonder if the Alexander family might be a wee bit (or a lot!) inbreed!

                • Thank you for the link!

                  I hadn’t seen the picture of his brother before. It is obvious that that man was not Travis.

        • No they were addicts and that is a big sin in the Moron Church! Drug addict sin…… being a pedo that makes you a hero in the church…Sorry all I had to

  4. Morning peeps!

    I’m already nervous for the aggravation phase to start; not sure if I’ll be able to watch it live, might have to just read what you all post about it!! B-)

  5. I did post on the other page..Goodmorning.. I hope everyone has a great day. I will be stopping in to read your post but it is to hard to try and post anything from my phone. It has taken on a mind of it’s own. If I have offended anyone I am very sorry.

  6. Hello all! This trial is a debacle, and sets a terrible precedent for domestic violence, women’s issues, and the Constitution. Trial by media is what this was. Watch how James Holmes gets a not guilty by reason if insanity in the future, and no one calls him awful names and wants to burn him at the stake.

    Society judges women so much harsher than men. I don’t see HLN crying about James Holmes insanity plea. But had Jodi Arias done it she would be called evil and manipulative. The media reports things and gives them a twist when it’s convenient to them. They’ve objectified and exploited jodi arias, and now, they got what they wanted.

  7. Good morning everyone. I just woke up a little early to stop by and say hi. I think the same way lthat you guys think and I know how you feel when people don’t understand. I try to extplained the situation to a few people, but they just want to believe what media feeds them. Only my mother in law understand me, But most of my family thinks that I am crazy to believe in Jodi. Well, regardless of what they had to say, I will still keep deffending Jodi and keep looking for justice.
    Have a beautiful day everyone. I’m having a good one, it’s sunny here in Miami.

  8. i don’t have the password &sadly wouldn’t remember it.. if i did have it….will miss all the great post ……hopefully some of U will keep posting here….this has been a great place 4 me 2 vent about my concern 4 Jodi&herFamily…will continue to visit here 4 awhile..hoping many of u will return

    • I think all the people on the vent page will still post on this page also. I know that most of them as of right now are.

    • Everyone will keep posting here. No worries. If we keep all of our thoughts private then it would look like we have jumped ship on Jodi. Which will never be the case for some of us. 🙂

  9. I need the documents of the motion the defense filed to preclude the evidence of the gun theft

    can anybody find it for me online?

    i need the original motion, the objection from the state, and the reply from the defense

    this is what i found on the court docs website but it does not include the actual documents with the arguments of both sides

    12/13/2012 012 – ME: Trial – Party (001) 12/13/2012
    12/12/2012 OBJ – Objection/Opposition. – Party (001) 12/12/2012
    12/11/2012 005 – ME: Hearing – Party (001) 12/11/2012
    12/11/2012 OBJ – Objection/Opposition. – Party (001) 12/12/2012

    • Eli,
      I thought that I heard when the trial started that there wasn’t going to be a felony murder.
      I remember asking my husband what that meant.
      so,I do remember them saying that.

      I can see now why, THEY wanted to say Travis never owned a gun, like his frirnds kept saying, but they didn’t know him after all. They said he also was a virgin. OH!! They knew him so well, didn’t they?
      Then they couldn’t prove she took her Granpa’s gun.

      So whoch was it, she stole her Granpa’s gun or shot him with his gun, Travis’s and then took it.
      Didn’t juan say she brought the gun and knife with her in her purse.
      That was the first that I heard them try to claim that.
      So, did she also steal the knife from her Granpa?

      I can’t see why Jodi would have not just taken the knife and camera with her and thrown them all away.
      Didn’t she say that she threw some clothes in a dumpster BUT also threw the camera and some clothes in the washer.
      Why not just take it all and throw it in the dumpster?

      They really didn’t look that hard for the gun that she threw away or the stuff in the dumpster.
      Actually this was the poorest investation that I have ever heard of.
      NONE of it makes sense and there is doubt ALL over the place.

      I think the verdict was a big shock because I really believe that most people didn’t believe she actually planned this. No Way!!!

  10. This is a post from last night. I will post it again for others to look at it.

    I wanted to share this article from CNN back in 2010. I’m pretty sure some of you know about this women, “The Blue-eyed butcher”. I’m going to copy and paste some of the content of this article and then on the bottom I will post the link.

    Houston, Texas — A Houston woman known as the “blue-eyed butcher” was resentenced Tuesday to 20 years for stabbing her husband some 200 times.

    Susan Wright was convicted of first-degree murder in 2004 in the stabbing death of her husband, Jeffrey Wright. According to testimony, she buried the body in the backyard of their Houston-area home.

    The same jury that convicted Wright sentenced her at the time to 25 years in prison, but an appeals court overturned her sentence last year, saying her attorneys had bungled the case.

    A new jury was seated last month to determine Wright’s punishment, with possible punishments ranging from community supervision to life behind bars.

    During more than two weeks of dramatic testimony, family members, Jeffrey Wright’s ex-girlfriends, and neighbors of the Wrights squarely divided over whether the 34-year-old victim was a loving family man or a violent, cocaine-fueled abuser.

    A medical examiner testified he was able to count 193 wounds on the body, with the actual number of stab wounds well in excess of that. Defense attorneys claim Wright killed in the heat of passion after years of beatings and rapes.

    Prosecutors argued Wright was tired of married life, and angry at her husband’s drug use and frequent late nights out. “This was not a battered woman — this was divorce by homicide,” said Assistant District Attorney John Jordan during his closing argument on Monday. He asked jurors to sentence Wright to no less than 45 years behind bars.

    Among the witnesses not called in the 2004 trial was psychologist Jerome Brown, who interviewed Wright days after the killing. Brown diagnosed Wright with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and told jurors last week she was in a “dissociative state” while attempting an elaborate cleanup after the killing.

    2004: ‘Blue-eyed butcher’ sentenced

    • Very familiar with this case! Yes, his autopsy showed cocaine in his system and the four year old told the psychologist that “my daddy hits me in the face”! Many, many things to prove Susan was telling the truth. His murder was brutual and proved evidence of an abusive relationship, IMO due to all the stab wounds.
      Many parallels to Jodi’s case, IMO. Over aggressive prosecutor that yelled, made up and twisted stories and falsified evidence. It was sick!

      • Travis??
        27 and not all stab wounds and Susan 199?

        And Jodi get’s life or desth?

        I think Susan’s must not have been televised, or was it?
        MY God!! HLN didn’t go bizark on her?

        BECAUSE they had a lot of PRIVACY photos that they were more than delighted to show over and over again.
        They make me sick.
        WHY???? What was the purpase of showing the pictures that Jodi and Travis in their private moments.AND I will never believe that MAGIC camera just went off and took the last pictures.

  11. Given some of the stuff that’s gone on out there, I can understand why some feel the need for private conversations going forward… especially as they may be needed to help Jodi without the prying eyes of lurkers on a public page.

    But I also think that SJ has already done PLENTY in all it takes to run this page as support for Jodi.

    Might I suggest that people who feel the need to have private conversations could find another way to set them up, rather than putting the burden on SJ to decide who can be in your group? It’s easy to set up an email group. I don’t do facebook but I gather its pretty easy to set up a restricted access fb page.

          • SJ I have posted on here ferquently too and am a huge Jodi supporter. I was off for a few days because i was devastated by the verdict… I didnt know about a password. What else can I do? Is it to late to get one?

            • Me also, I never asked for the password to the vent page, but I would like to help with the mission, how do we get a password?

              • Hello everyone,

                I heard on the news this morning that Jodi is back in the Estrella jail. I am going to send her some more post cards; I sent several before the verdict and want to make sure she knows she has support through this. I also never received a password, but I would like to help financially or any other way with Jodi’s appeal.

                Please keep me in the loop; I post only periodically but read everyday.

                Thanks and keep the faith!

                • I didn’t get a password either, but that’s ok SJ, you have my email. If you need support for Jodi just let me know. I’m here for her all the way.

        • I am sorry SJ I don’t mean to make more work for you then you already do. You have done so much for us already!!

  12. Good morning everyone! I’m wondering what the beautiful Arizona Judicial system has in store tomorrow. Will it forge ahead into aggravators with the bloody pics to inflame the oh-so-truthful jurors further (is that even possible since Day #1 of this farce?) ?

    Will the sooper-secret events of last Thursday play some role? Have jurors been busted by the statements of Juror # 8? Were they individually questioned by pickles and found to be lying? I damned sure hope so.

    Was the defense successful in removing the DP from the available sentences?

    There are a lot of questions bouncing around in my head as to what happens tomorrow, because of things that began on sooper-secret Thursday and the obvious prior juror misconduct . Will it all be hushed up by pickles with a ‘motion denied’ from her snappy mouth? Is the defense even still on-board? Did they file a motion criticizing the non-sequestration and escalated it to the Appeals court, or are they just coasting down at this point.

    Of course every court day is important, but tomorrow really may be Jodi’s only chance for a real long time to have the charges tamped down if this case. Of course, the right thing would be to do over with a sequestered jury. Ain’t gonna happen because AZ doesn’t DO the right thing in many cases..

    How does everyone else feel about this?

    • As far as I know the defense team is still on board. I don’t know if this phase will be postponed until Jodi is completely evaluated.

    • I feel outraged.

      “aggravators with the bloody pics to inflame the oh-so-truthful jurors further” WHY is this allowed?! I know this isn’t allowed in other trials, as it’s too inflammatory! Completely prejudicial, designed to inflame the jury against Jodi as if they haven’t been incited enough!

      I’ve been reading about that prosecutor’s office. It’s known as having a climate of prosecutorial misconduct.

        • SS is bending to the public that elected her, and that she would like to elect her again. Do any of us think that she didn’t discuss this case with anyone? Her family, friends, colleagues? What stopped SS from watching her reviews on HLN,CNN, FOX, and any other news outlet. Come on … give me a break! She is a weak pitiful judge.

          My understanding is that appellate judges invoke a higher standard. I hope that’s true.

          • She’s a disgusting ”sell-out”,compromising all morality,integrity and impartiality a judge should have!

            • I agree that Pickles is a cow. I would love to get a still of her rolling her eyes during ALV’s testimony and plaster the thing all over the internet when she is campaigning again. Or will it be years until she has to run for re-election? Ugh. She’s not worth the effort. Cow…

              The jurors, though–I believe–were simply terrified. If they did cheat even a little they had to know how bad it would be for them if they came back with anything other than guilty. Which is also why they will probably give DP tomorrow. Even if they didn’t cheat (yeah, right) it’s impossible that friends or family didn’t warn them about how bad the hate is. It’s all so ridiculous, though.

              Let’s just get it overwith–we all know what they are going to do–so the appeal process can get rolling and Jodi can get her life back. I just keep faith and hope for that day–and the image in my brain of NG melting like the Wicked Witch of the West–turning green and clawing at her face–when the current verdict is overturned!!@!!!

  13. So sad I missed the password. Praying for the next steps that must be taken, and strength for Jodi and her family.

  14. Ed,

    I would be surprised if any questioning of the jurors turned up anything at this stage. Not least, because Pickles was so willing to accept their word at every turn when she asked if they had heard or seen anything about this case throughout the trial. I think Montgomery’s comments about a non sequestered jury becoming an appellate issue might have some traction going forward, how much is anybody’s guess. And given the rush to judgement shown by the jury last week – and the rush to convict of M1- suggests to me that tomorrow is going to be tough.
    As you pointed out ‘AZ doesn’t do the right thing in many cases’ and seemingly gets way with it.

    • Same here. Especially since the jury saw what happened with Juror #5, and how upset she was and how much she cried when she was dismissed. Do they want to admit misconduct? NO. Yet there is no way they can have kept away from the media coverage of this. All of it hateful but maybe 1/2 of 1 percent.

      They have the fear of being attacked for not giving a guilty verdict, after watching the Casey Anthony trial and knowing what happened to those jurors in one of those rare cases that has had as much media attention as Jodi’s. Plus, the social embarrassment and all of that fallout.

      Then there’s the likelihood of one or more of them being mormon or favorable toward mormons because of connections. Mormon = pro T.A.

      Accused and blamed for wasting huge amounts of resources and taxpayer money.

      Having made up their minds long prior. Jodi was arrested 5 years ago.

      Among other things I’m too tired to write at the moment!

      • It was a blessing to Casey Anthony that her jurors were sequestered.Poor Jodi was never that lucky.

    • I think “the sequestering of the jury issue” will be an appellate issue and may ago up to the
      supreme court. We are in new age of communication with twitter, youtube, 24 hr. news cycle etc.
      The Sam Shepherd case went to the Supreme Court in the 50 sThe verdict was overturned due
      to the “circus atmosphere” but that case is mild compared to this one.

      F. Lee Bailey was the lawyer in Shepherd s second trial where he was acquitted. Jodie needs a
      lawyer of that caliber, I hope she gets one.

      • Woa, I had no idea. This trial has definitely proven the pinnacle of “times change.” Maybe that’s what this is all about. It is often the hitting of rock bottom that gives rise to change. Maybe Jodi will become a symbol of the change so long overdue. I hope she somehow gets some of this information from us. It might give her hope knowing about the Sam Shepard case. Thank you for this….

  15. I, personally am clinging to hope of misconduct being proven to the judge during the events of Thursday by Juror #8 or whomever else. It would be a delight to hang this whole problem on pickle’s *failure* to protect the jury from outside influences.

    • I’m with you on that one Ed. Nive been thinking the same thing, and praying that poor excuse for a judge FINALLY comes to the plate. I have my doubts, but I do hope

      • Mistrials have been declared in the past because it was discovered that Jurors “cheated” with their electronic devices. I posted a link last night to a UK blog where the trials and details are discussed. I imagine the defense cannot do anything until the sentencing phase is over?? Does anyone know if this is the case? Or whether it is too late to subpeona the jurors’ devices?

    • Something others may remember from the ‘trial’. The moment when pickles swore in the 2 female bailiffs before deliberations and had them swear they would protect the jury, etc..

      When I saw that, I thought to myself, that the biggest job these bailiffs had was make sure that any embarrassing ringtones from jury smartphones were turned off. This jury had to go on ‘vibrate’ while in the courthouse, I would guess

    • If number 8 blabbed to an officer, I’m sure wherever he was drinking he
      blabbed to more about the
      trial and telling them he was on the jury.
      AND wherever that was YOU know they had a TV and it was on.
      He had misconduct all over the place.
      The family TRAVIS’s cried when they took #5 off.

      The one that puzzles me is the one they let go and he was sick for one day, plus had the weekend to get well and picles DISCHARGED him?????

  16. Goodmorning everyone. Last night I ran into the picture of Jodi looking back at her family after the verdict was read.! I cant get the look of ger face out of my mind. It just breaks my heart! I pray, plz Jodi stay strong we’re here for you all the way!

    • I must have watched the verdict video a million times,every time crying my eyes out.I know how you feel LC

      • I’ve never watched it. I cannot bear to. I suppose that is awful, since I am safe in my home and don’t have the courage to face what doesn’t really affect me while Jodi had to sit there and endure it…. This whole thing is so upsetting sometimes it is unberarable!! :

  17. No the DP was not taken off. Did anyone really think it would be? What JM wants JM gets.
    Did anyone watch CNN last night? JOSE B. more or less said Jodi doing the interview put the needle in her own arm. JM will use it against her.

    I could very well be wrong but will the “judge” be the one who will decide if Jodi gets the DP..I thought I read that.

    • I can’t help but hope that Jodi’s post verdict interview might somehow spare her the DP.

      If the jury has been following media, as it appears to me to be the case, and decided the verdict based on emotion and bias, also looks like the case, that they will then give her not death but life as a reverse psychology punishment. ::hope, hope::

        • I don’t have access to US TV and I don’t visit HLN’s website.
          I just hope that giving the interview at that time will serve some positive purpose, even if it’s just Jodi’s peace of mind, without having negative repercussions for her.

          • That’s what I thought Jester,
            She probably only had that ONE chance to REALLY say something
            out of the court room.

        • I have had such mixed feelings about the interview. One one hand I wasted to put duct tape on her. Then I went back a few times and listan to it. I thought she just wanted to have the last word and she was untitled to it. But if you really listan to it..Jodi is sending out clues to what happened.

          I have to respect Jodi’s wishes of what she wants for herself. I learned that after 4 people in my life took their own lives. I want her to fight but we can not know what is truely in her mind…

          • “I thought she just wanted to have the last word”

            I know some people have felt this about her…but it is inaccurate. I’m surprised one poster I haven’t seen in a while has not been on saying this very thing based on some of the things she has said about Jodi in the past. LOL

            Jodi likes accuracy, she does not like misconceptions to be out there. So I have never felt that she was the type to want the last word…

            Yes, she has sent clues, and so did Nurmi during the closing arguments.

            • BeeGee you took that wrong. I didn’t mean that in a negitive way. I mentioned it in a she had a right to do the interview.. I would have done the same thing.

              • oh sorry cindy, I meant there is a different poster who would believe what you thought at first.

                I understood you.


            • What were the clues Jodi & Nurmi were sending? I don’t mean to be dense, just haven’t had time to stay totally up-to-speed with the trial and all it’s twists and turns.

          • Jodie and her family needed a good spokesman during this process. HLN and the
            TA supporters continually put on those who spoke for Travis as if he was a saint.

            this prejudiced the public against Jodie.The coverage was very lopsided.
            The DA represents the people of Az. not the Alexander familyWhat Jodie did was not
            in any way to be excused but it does not deserve the DP.

            • I think defending yourself even if you have to kill that person is self defense. What Jodi did, she HAD to do.

              She WAS trying to save her life and NOW the state wants to take it.
              Makes NO sense.

                • Heather,
                  I don’t either.
                  NOR a bunch of evil talking bastards.
                  How do they sleep at night?

                  Thy know that the TRUTH hasn’t come out about what really happened
                  to Travis.
                  I feel like we’re living in the dark ages.
                  But assholes don’t always win, because they lose in the first place, hating themselves and others. Gotta be miserable for them.

            • The only journalist who has come out TOTALLY against Jodi getting the DP has been Geraldo Rivera. Hopefully he’ll continue to speak out in favor of Jodi!

              • Isn’t that amazing??

                What is wrong with these other idiots.
                I am so surprised that Jose said that about Jodi putting the needle in her arm.
                He is so against the DP.
                Did he really say that???

    • No I didn’t watch CNN. I sure hope he is wrong, but I’m sure JM will do everything in his power to play the interview. At least the portion that benefits his case against her.

    • No the death penalty has to be decided by the jury. The judge can override it if she is so inclined, but a DP sentence must be handed down by the jury.

      And I have no doubt where this is headed.

      Horn will get up and lie again, the jury will buy it because they seem to want it and that will be that.

      I don’t know how Horn and Flores can live with themselves. It is one thing to lie to save someone’s life. It is something else to lie to intentionally kill someone. And that is someone you don’t know from Adam. I hope this decision of their’s keeps them up at night.

        • I agree too.I wish all bad things will fall on their heads and that they will be torured by guilt,remorse and nightmares for the rest of their lives.And mind you,they are still young 😉

      • Thanks Al. Well we all know where this is headed. But if there can be anything good about it…if the DP is what Jodi is handed the f……… state of AZ will have to foot the bill for the appeals. But I think there was a trade off with the jury with the verdict and they will come back with life.

        • ” But I think there was a trade off with the jury with the verdict and they will come back with life”

          Interesting! Why do you think that, since the penalty phase deliberations haven’t begun.

              • They wanted ONLY the DP from the beginning, juan and Travis’s family.

                That’s why they turned down the 2nd degree plea from Jodi.

                Maybe something will happen unjust to them, like get accused for sometihng they didn’t do then they will be singing another song,
                and I’ll say Cry Me A River!!!

      • Truly sad and sickening. I think they’ll give her the DP because like you said they WANTto believe the version JM presented. He’s gonna use the photos and probably the past interviews where she’s stated she wants the DP. Flores and Horne will continue to perpetuate their lie. It’s just aweful.

      • I think that you are exactly right, Al. But frankly, it is what I am hoping for. I personally think that there is no more legal basis for an LWOP sentence than there is for DP, but at least w DP there is auto appeal, national attention of anti-DP advocates and the like.
        In my home town there was a murder many decades ago. Two men were wrongly convicted. One was put on death row, and the other got a life sentence. It was through the work on the case of the death row inmate that all of the irregularities came to light. If he had not been sentenced to the DP, neither of them would be free today.
        I agree with the tenet that justice delayed is justice denied. There is no doubt that this is a travesty. I’m just saying that it will have a better chance of working out positively for Jodi in the long run if she gets the DP sentence now.
        As for the interview, who cares? This jury is going to try to give her the needle even if she gives a kidney to one of their dying grandchildren.

        • ”This jury is going to try to give her the needle even if she gives a kidney to one of their dying grandchildren.”
          oh,joujou you’re so right….Unfortunately.

    • That interview should not be allowed to be used. Her emotional, distraught reaction to being put directly in the path of an oncoming train should not be held against her.

      And, by God, yes that jury has been following the media. Phrases they used in their questions showed they were watching HLN months ago. Something is rotten in Arizona.

      • M. Milan,

        I certainly agree with you. She was railroaded into a M1 verdict, had promised an interview earlier and granted it to keep her word. Then BSHLN takes and distorts and twists it into what they want. They way they glorify that Little Weasel Martinez is sickening. It would’nt surprise me if he isn’t getting and giving information to BSHLN all through the trial.

        Plus, did you find anything in it that was incriminating in the interview. I really didn’t. If Jodi states she wants the death penalty it would seem that would work for her. As the Jury/BSHLN has not done anything that Jodi wants.

        • No, honestly, her interview didn’t bother me at all. I feel sorry for her because she clearly feels a sense of hopelessness.

          • Not only did her inteview not bother me,I actually felt proud of her the way she talked about scumbag Travis,his family,NG,and Kermit.I know it was and will be used against her but even if she had said all the things the haters would like her to say they woul;d still find a way to twist them around and get their favourite pastime:public outcry!And when I say haters yes,Mr Martinez you are included in that lot!!!

    • Jose was right Cindy. JM will use that interview against Jodi you can almost bet on it. I honestly could not understand her doing another interview since her other interviews got her in trouble in court. They used those against her too.

    • Yes, that silly ass “Judge” is the one who decides if Jodi gets the DP. I read somewhere that JM is “very involved with a blonde woman, very pretty, and very well known at the courthouse.” Hmmm, who could that be?? If JM and silly ass are involved then he’ll get his way most likely….how very sickening!! I hope Jodi knows how much support she has!!

  18. I’m from Tennessee, and we do things much differently here. I heard that there were jurors in this capital murder case in court and deliberations in shorts and flip-flops with heir iWhatevers and access to the net. Ain’t happenin’ here. Dress codes may be casual, but not shorts and flip-flops. Nope. And electronics won’t be in a jury room, certainly not avaiable to jurors in a capital case. D’OH.

    Sequestration in capital/high profile cases … uhh yeah, all of ’em.

    Can a travesty of justice occur in either state, yep, but I represent that Tennessee does it far better.

    Go Vols.

  19. I just wanted to comment on something I found yesterday. There is a woman about to be tried for murder in California, the article is here:
    But, the thing that I’m interested in is this quote from the article, talking about the defendant Kelly: “Let’s just say Kelly isn’t a fan of the media…. many of whom have portrayed her as the ‘‘female James Bond’.. you know.. as in a license to kill ? In fact, the defense, so worried that the jury might be prejudiced against poor Kelly if she were referred to by that nickname in court, won a motion to preclude the use of the James Bond reference.”

    If the defense in this case could win a motion to preclude the use of a “James Bond” nickname because the jury might be prejudiced against the defendant Kelly, then what the heck has been going on in Jodi’s trial? How can any of the B.S. that’s been a hurricane surrounding this case have been allowed, how is it possible that the jury was not sequestered? The media was clearly playing to the jury in Jodi’s trial! They’ve been playing to the jury to influence the sentencing phase as well!

    Can’t even describe how demoralizing this mess is. That this can happen in this day and age, it’s like watching some sequel to George Orwell’s 1984 based on the media and their “hunts”.

    Hello to everyone, I too missed the password for the vent page, darn it.

    • I get that Arizona was trying to save money by not sequestering the jury. But it didn’t work! This trial would have gone much faster if the jury had been sequesterd, the trial days could have been longer, there would have been far less chance of the jury being tainted… but also, they would have had more time to talk about it amongst theirselves, so I don’t know if that would have been a good thing either. I think no matter what, Jodi wasn’t going to get a fair trial in the state of Arizona, or even the United States, not once the media got ahold of this. It’s amazing that CA or OJ got off, because they were both convicted by the press long before they came to trial.

      • Well, with OJ, Johnny Cochran turned that into his own show and made it into a payback for what happened with Rodney King – when the cops who beat him got off. It was turned into a race thing, the white L.A. cops versus black citizens just going about their lives. Not to mention that was the original “dream team” of lawyers. Money talks.

        Casey Anthony’s jury was sequestered. I don’t think it would have been so bad if Jodi’s jury was sequestered and could talk amongst themselves, as long as they weren’t bombarded by the insane screeching by HLN. Every single sentence practically was prefaced with, “shot in the face, stabbed 29 times, almost decapitated” – yes, they exaggerated from 27 to 29. They had me brainwashed at first, until I got sick of it and started looking at the facts.

        If the jury had actually had to think about it and use their own brains without the snap judgements and sound bytes of HLN that alone would have made a difference, I think. Plus, when a jury is sequestered, don’t they only have a certain amount of time together, and they are supervised by a bailiff or officer of the court or something? Then they go to their hotel rooms and I don’t think they get to socialize with one another.

        You’re right. I don’t know how she could ever get a fair trial now, anywhere. Where could people be found who haven’t been blasted by the ridiculous headlines? France?

        This has got to stop. It’s bad enough that you have to worry about corruption, but to see them doing this blatantly in everyone’s face is a whole ‘nother level of evil.

        • Hi Milan,

          “Every single sentence practically was prefaced with, “shot in the face, stabbed 29 times, almost decapitated” – yes, they exaggerated from 27 to 29. They had me brainwashed at first, until I got sick of it and started looking at the facts.”

          You would think that kind of sick bs that she and her cohorts have kept feeding everyone would actually turn a lot of people away, like it for you. I mean …. it’s downright sadistic. Amazing to me that people aren’t smarter to see that their bottom line is about money and they don’t care how they get it. Very, very disturbing.

  20. they just want to hurt Jodi….4 mindless reasons….the evil they’ve done 2Jodi will retuen 2 them….even the mindless pay for their actions in time…..praying 4 a miracle 4Jodi

  21. Good morning everyone, this may be a dumb question but is there a place where you can see some of the evidence (or, rather LACK of evidence :/) such as the texts, call logs, emails, etc.? I don’t know if thats available to look at other than going back through all the trial videos and pausing when the put the evidence up on the screen. Any help would be appreciated:)

  22. 5 jurors for PRE-MED, 7 for NO PRE-MED in the verdicts. SEVEN people thought she didn’t premeditate, is that right? Of course the bogus, but nasty, felony murder trick that JM pulled off (accusing Jodi of stealing Travis’ gun that JM REPEATEDLY says she brought with her from home) made the big M1 verdict possible. Adding votes together. Has anyone else heard of a state that adds up votes between 2 charges?

    Back to my point. SEVEN jurors DID NOT find her guilty of PRE-MED in the main M1 case, am I right? If the bogus gun charge were yanked prior to the verdict, the jury would have moved down to the next level. M2, etc.. If pickles could see the validity of the removal of the felony murder because of JM’s shenanigans, then what do we have?


        • But if the gun theft charge (felony murder) is removed because JM’s case was laced with accusations that she brought the gun with her, then what..? 😉

      • Hmmm.. maybe the higher math of AZ law has me confused. I stand corrected, Al.

        I’m from the backwards state of Tennessee. We believe you have to unanimously convict on M1 to bring in a verdict of M1. I hope they don’t execute her for a stolen gun..

        • BTW, Al, I understand the concept of predicate felony etc. Anyone who thinks that she pre-meditatedly stole TA’s gun and along the way he interfered or otherwise ended up dead, well ,,

          The Law’s an Ass, but not that big an Ass, I hope.

          • Ed,

            The felony occurred the moment she had a weapon in her hand, she was no longer in the house lawfully. I’m not saying I agree with this…but at that point the origin of the gun or knife doesn’t matter, they don’t have to agree if she brought the gun or knife, they don’t have agree which comes first…it is just based on the fact she had a weapon in her hand.

            • “The felony occurred the moment she had a weapon in her hand, she was no longer in the house lawfully.”

              Very interesting!! I had assumed that it had to do with the theft. Very good info. I’m old and slow but I’ll catch up. Thanks 😉

              • Hi Ed,

                “Very interesting!! I had assumed that it had to do with the theft. Very good info. I’m old and slow but I’ll catch up. Thanks 😉 ”

                Lol! I see I’m in good company.

                I thought, until this moment, that the felony occurred when she left the house as an uninvited guest with gun. Leaving with the gun was critical.

  23. I love you guys but Denver my phone keeps putting in words that I didn’t say when I hit post..I’m better off leavening the posting to all of you.

    I stand next to Jodi with my heart and I pray that what comes around goes around.

    • cindy, I know you have been having trouble with your computers and I agree phones are a pain in the booty! They make it VERY difficult to post.

      Just keep posting.

      We understand.


  24. I’m not the most ”huggy” person around… but from reading your posts today, Cindy Jewell, I wonder if you could use a hug?

    Just in case:
    ((((((((((((Cindy Jewell))))))))))))

    • No I’m just sick about this whole trial and trying to to understand how the hell this all happened. For the love of God they want to kill our Jodi and unless someone has allot of $$$$$ ..I will never give up in what I beleave…I only pray that Jodi does not give up…

      OK now I have to a tend to my moms needs…

      Ya it sure has sucked useing my phone..but soon I will have my PC back…God help all of you on that day..LOL.

  25. PREDICTION ALERT: I’m going to make a daring prediction. I do not believe that the jury will ultimately decide the penalty in this case. I think they will be quietly dismissed before any penalty verdict by pickles and she will take a month or two to ponder it (normal) and then give Jodi Life or LWOP, which is *all* she can do without a jury recommendation.


    1) Issues with JM’s use of ‘the gun’ as a theft from Travis (‘felony murder’), when he repeatedly said Jodi was carrying it from YReka. SEVEN jurors voted for NO PRE-MED in the main M1 case. ie: NO M1.

    2) Issues with the media blowout and the non-sequestration. They want to quietly figure out how to do capital/hi-profile cases in the 21st century. QUIETLY is the key word here.

    3) All officers of the court and some other parties will be sworn to secrecy and Jodi heads over to prison (life or life without parole) with no DP.

    4) Pickles gets to say “there has been a (sooper-secret) decision made and here is my verdict”

    5) I predict a Life sentence, not LWOP, maybe even M2 if pickles’ conscience is bothering her.

    That’s what I think.

  26. Taking a few minutes break between clients today…

    One of my clients told me yesterday evening that NG and JM are megalomanic type people…

    I have never heard of this term before…so I looked it up and posted it…

    I agree with him 100% that these two are….full of themselves, haughty…and they both think they are the best and most important person in the universe…they are so self absorbed…they walk over everyone else with their venomous twisted versions of the truth making every word that comes out of their mouth poisonous…

  27. Good Morning everyone.

    It’s almost 1 week since the verdict and I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that a jury convicted Jodi of premeditated 1st degree murder based entirely on circumstantial evidence and speculation. The justice system is really broken if a person can be put to death based on this trial.

    I watched a documentary on this trial Sunday night on Dateline on ID. No one wants to talk about what a perverted abusive pig Travis was. All you hear is poor Travis. Travis was a saint. It made me want to puke.

      • Same here,still shocked and trying to wrap my head around it too…I can only think that they had made up their minds a long time ago and whatever the defense team,Jodi herself or any of the defense experts said they chose to disregard.Maybe they were present physically but absent minded,daydreaming or simply sniggering inside the entire time.No other explanation I could ever come to terms with!! No way!

    • ” based entirely on circumstantial evidence and speculation.”

      Joe, this is what really gets me!!!

      It wasn’t even that good of cirumstantial evidence. Basically we are talking about things that can all be explained in a logical manner and/or were refuted by evidence (hair color).

      Crazy. I can’t believe no one on the jury has rented a car elsewhere for price or carried gas cans.

      I don’t get the whole Saint Travis thing either…wonder if there are any little boys anywhere who will grow up and someday come out and say he abused them?

  28. I guess I’m old and I just don’t seem to be able to grasp the concept of AZ verdict law. Nevah heard of anything like it. ALIEN oh and IANAL. I think I’ll just watch what happens, because, ultimately, that’s all we can do at this point. Thanks to those that tried to clear it up for me. I don’t understand it.

    FWIW, I’ve been sequestered on a jury on a major capital murder trial. We gave the perp 3 death penalties and 3 life sentences. After 26 yrs on Death Row, killing other inmates etc., they finally executed him a few years ago.

    Read all about it here:

  29. Throughout the trial Martinez kept bringing up all of Jodi’s lies and his closing argument was about Jodi’s lies and how you couldn’t believe anything she said because she was a liar and a manipulator. So now he might use the video of her saying she would prefer the death penalty and now all of a sudden she is telling the truth?

    Sadly, I think this jury has it out for Jodi. I think they already know what their punishment for her will be. I do think if they give her the death penalty it will be reversed on the plethora of appealable issues that have come up during this travesty of a trial.

    • “So now he might use the video of her saying she would prefer the death penalty and now all of a sudden she is telling the truth?”

      This is exactly the point I have so vehemently harped about, that I have been banned from literally every FB page that is pro-Travis. According to the TT, not one word Jodi says is truthful, EXCEPT for when she said she “did it”.

      Travis Taliban: BUT SHE ADMITTED IT.


      • I’m dealing with the same thing Basse! Let’s just say I’m not a very popular poster on Facebook. One thing is I don’t back down from a challenge. I see so much that went wrong in this trial and to stay silent about it just seems wrong.

        • Right with you, Bunny. I get crazy-angry at the stupidity of the Travis Taliban and, I swear, I have no control over my hands. I absolutely MUST reply to these a-holes.

          P.S. You cannot possibly be more unpopular than me on FB. lol Seriously, they freaking despise me.

  30. Good Morning Everyone! I just want to start this fine sunny CO day with a stout FUCK YOU to the haters as well as the Pedo-hugging predators. I want to remind everyone that no matter WHAT happens tomorrow Jodi WILL be victorious! There is even a silver-lining to her receiving the death penalty. The haters keep raging with hate because they KNOW this shit ain’t over, and to the assholes who WANT HER DEAD to save their own ASSES, well, you KNOW what time it is. Keep one eye open, shits about to get REAL.
    Your celebration is a bit premature, dontcha know?

  31. SJ… I’ve been out of town for two funerals; didn’t have access to site…is it possible you could give me access to the code for Mission #1… if not I’ll understand, Good Luck in the endeavors !!!!!!

    • hi samj!

      Sorry to hear about your funerals. 🙁 I hope you are doing well.

      I can’t remember you posting before, I guess I’m getting older than I thought.

      OMG maybe Kermit’s memory problem questions have affected me!!!!!!!

      You might want to read SJ’c post up above. 🙂

  32. Very aggravated this morning…….So Jodi is amazingly cleared after being handed a M1 conviction which would put any of us in the psych ward and she has been transferred back to Estrella…..awww warm fuzzies huh? How about the fact that she is in 23 hour isolation lockdown with only one hour per day out to shower and use the phone. I know she was convicted of a crime (ridiculous in itself) but she is not a high risk or vioent person in jail. Why is she in isolation when she needs people to talk to now more than ever? I hate Maricopa County. They are incompetent.

  33. SJ… just got a chance to read through comments; if it’s true I need to donate $500 in order to recieve the password…sorry I can’t afford that right now… I’ll just continue to connect via this site…

      • The person saying it costs $500 was joking. No where has SJ said it costs to post on VENT. But SJ did explain above that it would no longer be given out.

    • No, SamJ. If someone said that, it was just a joke. This site is COMPLETELY non-profit. SJ has never EVER asked for money for ANYTHING. There is an opportunity if you can or want to Donate to Jodi, but that has never been a requirement. No offense, I’m sure you didn’t realize it was a joke, but I just want to make sure no one gets any ideas and starts more rumors on the net that we are about any sort of fraud or scamming people like the TA Taliban.

      • Yes… I get the feeling our non-existent “$500 entry fee” is gonna find it’s way onto HLN if we’re not careful :mrgreen:

        Team Jodi

        • already has, I saw it just a few minutes ago that this sight is asking for donations. HLN sucks, hate them

          • HATE HLN, I can’t believe they actually thought that was true, sick m….r f…..s!!!
            I take the full responsibility, it was a BAD, BAD JOKE !!!

            I am so very sorry 🙁

        • SJ please if you ever decide that you have to make the site private, please send me the password. I have been here since the CA trial, and since you started this site up afterwards.

        • From my own experience with Nasty Nancy using my Hail Mary from here you can bet on it. They will use it mock my words now and tell me tomorrow you were right

      • well said Kmiller!

        samj, if you notice, there aren’t even any ads on this site!

        Feel free to keep posting here…let us know how you feel about the crappy verdict.

        again, welcome!

        • Thanks BeeCee 🙂 You’re my Ace in da hole! I just like all the supporters here want as many as possible in support of Jodi, but I’m protective of our “little engine that could” 🙂

    • OMG where did you hear that load of crap?

      Let me guess – Justice4Travis, State vs Jodi Arias, ect and so forth.

  34. I want to say something to all of you who have been what ever about the PASSWORD. STOP and think of how lucky we are to have this site to come to day or night to vent or express our views. or find comfort. in knowing you are not alone..

    Lets not forget why we are’s for Jodi not for a fricken password..

    Thank you SJ for a place to find some peace …

    • To those that want the password so bad, let me assure you, this is not some plot against you. Do you go to the first day at a new job and demand your boss give you a key to his office?

      This page is always available to post on. Those who post “there” also post “here”. There is nothing glamorous or secretive going on there. It is a safe place for a few people to vent or post without fear of stalkers.

      Many of us have been stalked beyond this site.

      Please, post here…..all over here…. please do not feel if you cannot go to one of the PW protected places that your voice is not important. It is!

      Post here for a while….that is how we learn to trust people.

    • Thank you Renee. I am very greatful for this site. For all the hard work SJ and the admins do to allow us a place to meet and support Jodi and family. I am thankful for the right I have to speak my mind and knowing I am not alone. I don’t need a password as I have been given this board and these amazing people. Thank you all…

  35. HLN played to the jury and the judge is blind to the fact and she has had all the evidence she needed handed to her on a silver platter. She doesn’t want a mistrial on her record, but I’m guessing an overturned conviction on appeal will look much better. Hell, they even created a tv show just for that purpose and a reason that most of TA’s leeches, um, I mean friends went on Dr. Drew’s show and made sure that it aired at a time when most folks were watching television and was on a constant loop. They knew that the jury was watching! There’s a reason why After Dark didn’t pop up with their fake jury and their bobble-headed commentators during the CA trial and that was only because the jury was sequestered. Had this jury been sequestered, I’m sure she would have gotten a much fairer trial.

  36. Hey SJ – you indicated in your post that passwords are no longer being sent out for the Vent or Mission pages! This seems a bit unfair. I am an attorney and would really like to be able to participate in those posts. Any exceptions????? Thanks.

    • Hi Bernadette!

      Welcome to this site! We are so happy to have so many more Jodi supporters!

      Have you posted before today?

      How do you feel about the verdict?

    • Hello, Bernadette, and welcome!

      Have not seen you post, and to tell the admin what is fair on his site is not very fair, either!

      By all means, post here! Would love to hear your take on this situation?

    • Hi Bernadette….

      Actually as an attorney, I would like to know what your view is on the state’s attorney’s performance. Do you think this should have been a death penalty case?

  37. I just want to add, to those that are hurt/upset about not getting the PW. I am sorry you feel left out. I can almost understand your feelings if you have been posting for a while.

    This issue is this: There are folks out there who are so desperate to see what is over “there” that they will impersonate us to get there. Luckily, SJ and Admins can tell by your ISP if you are legit.

    I appreciate all the desire to help Jodi at this time.

    hopefully…. you will keep posting here, as we all are.

    We need to be strong, and united!!!! 😀

    we can and will make a difference!!!

    • Renee,

      I arrived post-verdict. I was across the net debating “The Mob” … I only started following the trial after Jodi took the stand. I seen on FOX Report with Shepard Smith about the salacious testimony.

      I do enjoy debating the “The Mob” with facts. And when they start calling me names and criticizing my grammar … I know I am winning the debate 🙂

      And I am glad SJ has a protected place for the TEAM JODI regulars to chat with each other.

      I am fine right out here for all the idiots from “The Mob” to read … glad the moderator’s ban the haters.

    • It’s funny for me even though I post I’m not good w venting. I have an anger problem. If I focus on it too much I get more and more angry. So I may vent for 10 minutes and then I have to stop. If I don’t or I look at what others are saying I get crazy mad. It’s so opposite of a normal person!!!! I noticed it when I was working. If I vented w a coworker I was mad all day. If I vented and walked away I could get it out of my system. So that’s why I never asked for the password bc Jodi’s treatment makes me so mad. The interviews make me cry.

      • Danielle,

        “It’s funny for me even though I post I’m not good w venting. I have an anger problem. If I focus on it too much I get more and more angry. So I may vent for 10 minutes and then I have to stop.”

        I feel like you. I have to limit how wound up I get. Because it also affects people around me. I went to the vent page and realized that I didn’t want to try to do something that isn’t really me. I have never been one to cuss a lot. Doing that would feel unnatural to me. But I am glad it’s there for those needing to express their anger. Renee’s post was very good …. nobody is missing anything. Lots of venting is going on here too.

  38. You don’t have to be bias to see JM was allowed to intimidate every witness. Is this why I pay taxes, to have DA’s win at all cost, even if the government employee’s have to lie ? This isn’t fair and impartial justice.

    The abuse that was allowed against ALV by JM was unbelievable. ALV had no horse in the race, ALV was there to merely show Jodi was a victim of DV.

    HLN knew ALV testimony and conclusion couldn’t be impeached by JM. I could her clear panic at HLN about the impact of ALV testimony.

    And why this jury in Mormon, AZ couldn’t see Jodi was a victim of DV can only be explained that JM total disrespect of ALV, made her not credible.

    Do us taxpayers fund our judicial system to find the truth or win at all cost ?

    • you know willie…this trial has been a real eye opener for me and I have friends and family in Law enforcement/private investigations.

      I had no idea prosecutors were allowed to behave in that manner and PEOPLE THINK IT IS NORMAL!!!!

      That just fries my brain…

      • Really Willie!!
        You’re so right.
        The way that they treated Alyce and had all of the stores leaving terrible feedback and it wasn’t about the book.
        I hold every store responsible that allowed that and will not shop there ever again.
        I don’t give a rats ass if they don’t miss my business , but it makes me feel better.
        There are plenty of other places to shop and I do just fine without them.
        THEY were AWFUL!!!

        And that is when baby martinez decided to throw his tantrum and throw a pen along with it????
        You’re right BeeCee,
        PLUS never have I seen a family act up in court like the Travis family did and they did it EVERY day.
        I’m disgusted with that whole side. They all acted like immature brats, including baby martinez.

  39. Morning everyone~I had taken a couple of days off after being so upset over the Dateline “story” on Fri night, but was pleasantly surprised at Geraldo’s coverage of Jodi’s after verdict least he isn’t afraid to go against the grain and I applaud him for that.

    I have only been on this site for a couple of months, and did not ask for the vent password as I don’t have a working headset or mic on pc..Since people here are talking about being impersonated and attacked I don’t feel comfortable posting on here anymore. I don’t want someone hacking into my PC etc.. But I still support Jodi and will be praying for the best of the two worst case options tomorrow, and will be praying for a successful appeal and/or overturning of this verdict.

    So sorry that the haters won’t leave us would think they would get a life and move on..they got their corrupt verdict. I’m sorry SJ that you had to comb thru all of the BS, and I’m thankful that you had the courage to set this site up.

    Best wishes to everyone and especially to Jodi~

    • I believe it is safe to post here. Just do not post personal information or click on ANY link where you do not recognize the poster. And it’s best to ignore friend requests on facebook from people you don’t know.

      Don’t let the haters chase you away.

    • Lynn,

      It is very safe to post here…just don’t click links sent out by facebook or in facebook.

      Some links are not actually from facebook and I’m pretty sure that might be where people are running into problems.

      • Thanks Jaz and BeeCee..I didn’t understand what has been happening on here. The last thing I want to do is not be able to show my support, but I won’t be posting as much anymore as I was getting so upset at what all was going on that it was affecting my personal life…just ask my hubby, my dogs, my salt water fish and my laundry! 😉 I enjoy everyone on here very much and feel connected and didn’t want to loose that do to hackers/haters.

        • 🙂 Hold down your home first and post your support when you can. There will always be true supporters around when you feel the need to chat.

          • Thanks Jaz! My home was feeling the neglect and my fish tank was lookin really bad! Thank God my husband was understanding when I would vent! I’m glad that at least I was able to shed some light on what was really going on with this case and he now is on our side!! 😉

  40. Hi guys!
    I’ve been following Beth Karas twitter and she said Jodi is out of the mental facility and back in jail.

    I’m going to startmy crazy million postcard sending. I don’t want to keep talking to her about her case bc I want to try to cheer her or maybe make her smile if I could so I actually started telling her funny stories from my life and about my cats or something. It’s easy I am a klutz and like to goof around (I’m 7 mths older than her too LOL) so I make a fool of myself constantly. I used to be very serious and tried to keep myself all uptight, but I finally let me be me and I’m a mess, but I make myself laugh and hopefully I’ll make Jodi laugh too!

    ((((((((TEAM JODI)))))))))

    (I’m nervous about tomorrow but I’m trying to stay positive so I’m not talking too much about it just praying)

    • Did you also read that she was transferred back to Estrella and is in 23 hour lockdown? She is in a cell by herself and is allowed out one hour per day to shower and make phone calls. I am livid. She is being punished for being distraught after and horrible and unjust verdict? How much more is this girl expected to endure and hold on to her sanity? My heart breaks for her and her family.

      • Lucy are you aware that when Casey Anthony was arrested she spent the entire three + years up until her trial in 23 hour lock down?They call it protective custody. They also may have Jodi in protective custody so that none of the inmates can give her anything she can off herself with.

        • I know Debbie but it is still cruel and hard on the prisoner. I worry about her depression and being isolated increases that. There really is no winning situation. There is no counseling or mental health provided. It is just pitiful. I want her safe but I also want her sane.

        • What’s sad is that in Jose Baez’ book, he said that Casey loved being in jail because it gave her structure and kept her away from her father :(.

    • ((((danielle))))

      You know what? I think I am not nervous at all because it doesn’t matter what is going to happen, we are going to save jodi and get the verdict overturned!!!

      • You are spot on BeeCee. Even though the media are hyping it all up, the “events” of tomorrow count for very little in the big scheme of things. We are here for the long haul, and we will ultimately get JUSTICE FOR JODI!

        Team Jodi

        • “We are here for the long haul, and we will ultimately get JUSTICE FOR JODI!”


          SJ you always say it so much better!!!!!

        • Yes!

          Remember that at one time, Damien Echols thought that it was hopeless too. 18 years on Death Row. But people started paying attention, and now he’s free.

          Jodi WILL NOT die by the State. We’ll see to it.

          • Let’s pray, as I’m sure DE would if he knew the facts, and maybe does anyway I don’t know, that it does not come to that. This is a disaster, but not a total unmitigated disaster. As detrimental as this national attention has been for Jodi, it cuts both ways. At least she will not be beaten to near death and thrown in a hole until she can barely see.

      • Yes!! Positive energy! I don’t know anything about law and I am so thankful for the supporters who know so much about law and appeals and what to do next and how to help. They are like angels for Jodi. You’re all like angels for Jodi! Everyone can do something to help. Everyone can play a roll. I can’t do much but I can support Jodi and write postcard after postcard. 🙂

        • danielle, I bet it would help her a lot to have positive uplifting postcards…

          I know it would me if I were where she is and knew I was innocent of premed…

          You are sweet for that.

            • Maria-
              If you would like, you can email me what you would want to write to Jodi and I will send her the post card for you and sign your name. You are one of her biggest supporters and I think it would be good for you to let her know how much you care.

              SJ- Please provide my email to Maria if she would like. Thanks

              • Oh,TR…How kind of you to care about my feelings (((((((hugs and love))))))))
                Of course I dont mind you getting my e-mail along with anybody else here who would like it.I dont wanna be a burden to anyone here,as I’ve stated before.Otherwise I’d be ‘pesting’ all of you to find me a ouple hundred postcards LOL!! Plus,there’s the money that you;ll spent on getting the card and mailing it.I’d be feeling uncomfortable knowing someone spends their money on sth I should be doing.But my bad luck is there are no metered postcards here. 🙁
                I’ve sent an e-mail letter to her through the Supporters of Jodi Arias Facebook page,they clai to print out everything and give it to her through her family but I never heard back from them so I dont know if she ever received it.

                • Maria-
                  was thinking of another way to do it so you can actually write Jodi yourself. I can get some postcards from the post office and have them metered and send them to you via snail mail. You could write them out and mail them back to me in the US and I will mail them to Jodi. won’t be that expensive so don’t worry about that. Email me and let me know if you would like to do that.

                • TR,
                  first let me tell you that even your trying to find a solution to my problem is enough for me to be grateful to you.That sounds like a plan,although I’m still feeling guilty for putting you through all this trouble.When SJ gives me your e-mail I’ll be contacting you for sure!!
                  Or maybe after sentencing,Jodi gets transferred to a more humane(when it comes to mail)prison and spare you the trouble 🙂

      • I feel that too BeeCee…an overturned verdict due to jury misconduct, proscicutural (urgh, spell checker wont even help me!) misconduct etc..maybe that was what was going on after conviction in closed court!!!

  41. Hey….this site was just mention on HLN……they were saying Jodi wants donations to be sent through this site like it was a new thing or something. This had always been the site for any donations for Jodi!!!!

  42. Hello everyone,
    I turned on HLN yesterday for a short period of time. Actually, I was assuming they could calm down a bit at last. But I see that they can’t, and they are not going to. They need to arise a kind of vengeance. A woman on HLN was saying that Jodi was 100% evil. They absolutely don’t want to try to analyze the facts of the case! Their mission is to make a kind maniac from this poor girl, to turn on the public and to arise aggression . Apparently, these so-called experts are not even psychiatrists or psychologists. They make me sick. I immediately turned my TV off when I heard that.

  43. I have no doubt this fake verdict will be overturned by a higher court. It is not over yet. The media acted as Judge and Jury in this case and that is unacceptable. It may take time, but it will happen.

  44. Oh, f.f.s., Travis’ birthday is July 28th. He would have turned 36. Guess what? There’s an entire page dedicated to his upcoming birthday.



  45. I found your site a few weeks ago when I was looking for a refuge from the HLN propaganda machine and I’ve been lurking since. It was a nice surprise to find intelligent well thought out posts and not people just spewing venom. I can’t believe the level of hate on the message boards toward Jodi and the total gang bully mentality. Travis = Saint Jodi = Devil. (RME) So its refreshing to actually find people who think clearly and aren’t ready to stone this woman in the streets.

    I can write a book on the many reasons why this trial has been a joke starting from the non-sequestering of the jury. Even in the Casey Anthony case they not only sequestered the jury they went out of County to find jurors so there would be at least an attempt to get a non biased jury. No such luck in this case and with JM bullying and intimidating witnesses the whole trial turned into a farce. Again thanks for keeping it real here folks and I look forward to posting more in the future.

  46. hi sj. Nice to see all these ppl voice their minds without fear of stalkers and haters! thanks for this website!

  47. I checked out HLN today, for the first time in a while, because I was curious to get a glimpse of OJ. Anyway, they showed OUR site on there. They said, “Jodi arias is back on the web. This time she’s asking her supporters to donate to “team Jodi”.
    WTF? Well free publicity, but those bastards know GOOD and DAMN well this is not a new site, and donations that Jodi NEVER ASKED for has been an option for a while now!!
    They know this cause they and the haters have been sweatin’ us like TA at a Boy Scouts wheel barrel race!!!!

  48. what about a private investigator? Some non-biased to check all the evidence, cover ups, Ashley Reed , roommates, dustin, jm, horne – everything……

    • Good Day, All,

      Zoe, I have thought about that, too. I would pitch in money to help pay for him/her. Perhaps there would be someone willing to work for less due to the notoriety of this case.

      • It would have to be someone impeachable with stellar record. I do not have any faith in the government to do anything to help Jodi even in appeals. Its all about politics.

    • a PI would have 2b really good..but how would he get around Horne’s lies& the legal KKK there..i’m very affraid to even drive thur AZ after they did this to Jodi….i wish we could get a real psychic….one the detectives use in cold cases….I’m wearing purple 4 jodi on july9 w/ red underwear…..HLN is so jealous of this web pg;;;;

  49. Looks like the mission of HLN is to arise aggression and create a lynch mob that is blood thirsty. Some of their so-called experts even don’t try to analyze the real facts of the case, they just want to make the public more aggressive.

  50. So I reading more on the Innocence Project, and did you guys know they are also working to stop prosecutorial misconduct? Here is one quote from one of their Executive Directors – and fyi, it’s about the AZ judicial system: “The fact that it is so difficult to document the scope of the problem speaks volumes about the lack of accountability for prosecutors,” said Cookie Ridolfi, professor at Santa Clara University School of Law and Executive Director of the Northern California Innocence Project and the Veritas Initiative. “We don’t accept this lack of accountability and oversight for any other government entity where life and liberty are at stake, and there’s no reason we should do so for prosecutors.”

    There is a website called prosecutorialoversight dot org and they encourage everyone to “have a voice.” There is a space there where you can add your voice and experience or perspective about the issue. I added my perspective about JM and added that as a tax payer, I’m appalled that the system that is supposed to work for justice does not look for justice. I was hoping that anyone here (as many of you are far more eloquent that I am) would also go post. Perhaps we can get them to look at this and get a jump-start on any appeals….. ? (Not sure how the whole process works, but I believe any little bit can help.)

    • I am a big supporter of the Innocence Project however, I was not aware of the Prosecutorial Misconduct website. I will go check out the website right now. Thanks for the heads up about the website.

    • Thank you for sharing that cp and taking a stand! I would think Jodi’s case would be one that they would take interest in!

      • Thanks for reading! 😀 Please go post on it. I also sent info to the innocence project AND to false confessions dot org. This whole thing stinks of conspiracy to me (and I’m NOT a conspiracy nut or even close!). But looking at this case from an objective point of view – I don’t see any other reason for every piece of injustice that is going on from the media, to the lying, p.o.s. prosecutor, biased judge, the hate mobs (and for what!?), and the absurd verdict that was based on nothing. This needs to be addressed and stopped on all levels. I love you guys (everyone here, Team Jodi) – you are the sanity during an insane time.

  51. SJ, or any mods, the haters have the password to the vent pages and the mission page, at jodiarias is a butcher, they have a screen shot of the mission page, peeps stop posting there.

      • Alright, I never requested a password, so what does that mean, that someone who was reg poster is a fraud, or how else could they get that??

        • I don’t know how they got it, but the have it. I believed it because they have a screen shot of the mission page.

              • Definetly Tony..there is one person that I have been suspicious of but I could be totally wrong..a late comer that came on strong..but that was just a feeling I had about this person

                • see, I tried to say it yesterday when defending people like me who have not posted all along and enjoy reading and listening as much as speaking and participating, that a real spy would be discreet why else be a real spy to begin with?

    • The only way he could have obtained that password is to pretend to be a Jodi supporter. So wonder which one he was? Is there anyone who posted they wanted the password and then just left?

      • This is no hacker. He is obsessed with SJ and the success of this site. I’m sure he’s been mole-ing around here for months. He is the one who thinks he figured out that SJ was a Pakistani guy or whatever. I recognize his voice.

        • I had never been to his site until now and it is apparent he is jealous over this site, he even created his just like this one..That is bizarre.

            • joujou-
              LOL. Would you mind answering a few questions for me?

              Everyday, I hope to see a post that Jodi’s defense team has filed some sort of motion to have the verdict thrown out, based on the perjured testimony of Horne and or Flores, amongst other nefarious things. Isn’t there a way they can pursue this without having to wait until Appeal? I think I am still in shock and can’t believe that a Court higher than Stephen’s kangaroo Court could not step in sooner, just based on the perjury alone?

              • TR you read my mind. I do hope, every day, to see something good has happened. But then the other side of me thinks; not this time. This case is set from the beginning to make Jodi a scapegoat, an example, an idol for the evil-doers witch hunt. Not only do they not want justice – certain powers have used the ignorance and stupidity of the haters to drive the machine of injustice in order to provide a cover-up. IDK for whom, but that is a question that should be asked by all. This is an atrocity of justice and I hope her attorneys are doing something. It doesn’t seem right that the courts can turn a blind eye to the abuse of the prosecutor and his lying, perjuring witnesses.

              • I don’t know the ins and outs of AZ law, so this is a general answer to a specific question. Furthermore, unlike some here, I haven’t followed each motion. The defense has filed what are called interlocutory motions all along. These are motions that deal with irregularities in the trial before its’ completion. I’m pretty sure each has been denied.
                On a related note, for all the Monday morning quarterbacking, I don’t think that anyone can make the case that the Defense did not do a good job of preserving the record for an appeal. Did they make every single objection or in retrospect called every witness? Maybe not, but it’s easy to armchair litigate. I don’t think that there was any winning this for them. They did valiant work in the face of enormous obstacles, and have given Jodi an excellent chance of being able to demonstrate harmful error on appeal.

                • Thanks Joujou-

                  Though I’m no legal expert, I agree that the defense did a great job setting up for an appeal. They repeatedly filed for mistrials for everything they could including Prosecutorial misconduct. My hope is that Jodi would not have to wait for an appeal to have this verdict overturned. I still can’t believe this happens in the US, and in front of all to see, State witnesses can lie on the stand with impunity and still get a guilty verdict.

    • Meant to also say that There is nothing anyone can do about their private info being posted if someone found it on the internet. If it is already posted elsewhere..there’s no crime in it at all. I say that b/c they said someone should sue over his info being posted…but there’s nothing he can do about that.

  52. An Open Letter to the HLN and all the haters:

    I’ve been thinking about you, even though I try not to because it is hazardous to my health, plus it gives me gas. But since you are all so obsessed with our little group. I felt compelled to address you and your hate.

    Fueled by HLN’s campaign against Jodi, you started to believe that you have the right to attack, not only Jodi, but her family, her attorneys, the witnesses and everyone who supports her in any way. You are crusaders in your quest to annihilate anyone who goes against your beliefs. You don’t give a fuck who you hurt in the process. You are determined to have this girl killed to satisfy your deep dark need for revenge. I don’t think her death will fulfill the empty space in your heart. It will not fill the void in your soul, either.

    I know that you are offended by the fact that we exist. I know it shocks you that we don’t agree with your hate and it infuriates you that Jodi has any supporters at all.

    You were given a free pass on your campaign to destroy Alyce and Dr. Samuels. You were free to go after them with everything you had. And you succeeded to some degree. You were allowed to abuse this woman and this Doctor in such a despicable way and still you are not satisfied. What more do you want?

    You are allowed to express yourselves freely. All your comments on FB and Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and HLN are condoned and approved by them. None of them have been removed. I can only assume that they probably agree with you. (Well I know HLN for sure) and that’s why you have not been shut down, quieted or even reprimanded for your behavior.

    NO one has truly spoken up about the things you have said and done to these people. No one on whatever credible media is left, has had the balls to tell you how despicable, immoral and wrong that was. Not a single judge…Not a single attorney…Not a single talking head on TV…Not a single real journalist. NO ONE has dared to speak about this at all. Everyone is afraid of you and your hatred.

    So you sit there in your high moral ground and you hide behind your religion and you claim that you want Justice for Travis, but I think that’s just bullshit. I think this was the perfect opportunity to let your true nature come through. And OMG, it has. The fact that some of you would be willing to volunteer to personally do away with Jodi says a lot about you and it is NOT a reflection on her. You can’t blame her for your sickness. You can’t put that on her. That is all YOU. And you are the one who has to live with those feelings. You are the one that needs to find some way to justify your hatred and your need to have this girl killed.

    So I’m asking you, given the fact that you are the majority…Why do *we* bother you so much? You pretty much dominate the web. You go around the internet posting your vile comments, anywhere and everywhere where there’s a venue for it. Will you not be satisfied until you have your way and shut us up?

    You want us to shut up because you’re angry and you blame us for destroying Travis’ reputation. Seriously? You blame us? And then the Tragedy Engorged Tick has the gall to say that we are worse than you are? Where have you seen us plan an attack on Juan Martinez or the Stupid Judge, or the lying witnesses? Flores lied, the ME lied, the chick with “8-year* experience and the 2-page CV lied! And still we didn’t go bat-shit crazy stalking them online and/or attacked them the way you did Dr. Samuels and Alyce. How in the fuck does that even compute in your brain? How does that lack of logic not make your brain implode, I have no idea.

    Once Travis’ abusive nature came through, via his own words in the text messages, emails and recorded conversations, you still refuse to believe that this man was no successful, devout, mormon saint. So, I ask you to think about this:

    Travis claimed to be a virgin and yet, he had been porking Deanna years before he even met Jodi.
    But you refuse to acknowledge that he lied to everyone about it.

    I was taken aback, not shocked or anything because I don’t judge that stuff…sex is a wonderful thing, but when Deanna, being a devout mormon girl didn’t even flinch when she admitted she had sex with TA on multiple occasions, I was like… what the hell!? She even sounded defiant and defensive as she stated that the sex was part of a normal healthy boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, totally ignoring the fact that according to the tenants of their religion..THAT shit is wrong!! And then, on her interview with HLN, she said that Jodi was trying to humiliate her? I am so fucking tired of EVERYONE trying to blame Jodi for their fuck ups. Bitch! Jodi didn’t even KNOW you before you allowed Travis to put his red angry pecker in your ass! Or vagina, or whatever mormon-approved bedroom protocol you were following when you were having sex with him. If you were humiliated that you had to admit that you were having sex with Travis…how in the fuck are you trying to put that on her?

    Travis fucking lied all the time!! You don’t want to hear it, I know. You will ignore it because it doesn’t support your stance and it doesn’t help you consolidate your condemnation for her lies against your lack of acknowledgment about his lies. In the scope of all things, who was the biggest liar?

    Another thing that I want to know is how you are suspiciously quiet about Travis’ comment about how Jodi sounded like a 12-year-old having her first orgasm and how HOT that was. (OMG, vomit!!)

    Do you all think that is HOT? Have you ever seen a 12-year-old have sex? Have you heard a 12-year-old orgasm? (I just made myself sick typing that).

    I have nieces around that age and when I look at their sweet angelic faces…the innocence in their eyes…these are children!! Please, if you have a daughter and/or nieces…LOOK AT THEM and then think about TA’s words. And then tell me how they made you feel.

    My nieces are into Justin Bieber, they love a teen band called One Direction…they still watch the Disney Channel, they talk about innocuous things…you know, little girl stuff and that gets me thinking…

    Who in the holy fuck, except a pedophile would imagine a CHILD in that type of sexual context? Seriously? That is okay with you?

    If you don’t want to believe Jodi was abused…Fine. Whatever. I know she was. But how do you Justify any of the above?

    The emails, the recorded phone sex, and the text messages cannot be denied. They will be around forever. Chris and Skye Hughes can spin and twist and throw shit all around, but the emails they sent to Travis about Jodi are already out in the open. That cannot be undone…and they may have convinced you that they didn’t write them or that they were manipulated by Jodi or whatever bullshit comes out of their mouths, but at some point you have to think…seriously?…how much fucking talent and intelligence would Jodi need to have to infiltrate that church and pull the wool over all of their eyes, and still end up in this fucked up situation? Think for a minute about that and stop making excuses for Travis’ deviant behavior and for the way his family acted during the trial, and for the Hughes and for all these so-called-friends who loved Travis so much they didn’t even smell Travis’ decomposing body for FIVE FUCKING DAYS! If you buy that shit, then you also believe that the jury did not watch or read anything pertaining to the case.

    In closing…

    You can hate us and hate Jodi all you want, but you won’t change our minds about how we feel. You can’t stop us from believing that Travis had pedophilia tendencies. You can’t change our minds that he was abusive towards Jodi. Scream and shout and shit all you want. We are team Jodi so leave us the fuck alone and take your hatred somewhere else. Because we are not trying to change your minds. We are smart enough to recognize that you can reason with a rock…We’re here for a cause we believe in and only those who support Jodi 100% are welcome here.

    And know this…We are outnumbered but we are strong. And this is our house motherfuckers. This is a place where we are safe from your hate to voice our support for Jodi and we won’t let you fuck it up. Take your hate to your FB wall or to the intimacy of your homes and spread it lovingly over your children, or tweet it until your heart is content. Just leave us out of it.

    Think of it this way. 98% percent of you believe that Travis was a saint. So why bother us? There’s not that many of us… We should’t have that much power over you…or is it that you will not be satisfied until you get rid of each and every one of us? Is that the plan? Will you persecute us too? Jodi has supporters from all over the world you know…Will you travel that far in your quest for Justice? Will you take it to that level? Is your hate that great? Aren’t you exhausted?


    If you want to do something productive for Travis instead of hating us…Go on and erect a monument for him for you to worship…or plant trees in his memory and tie ribbons on them….or get that Travis Law going..(good luck with that btw)….Or keep sending money to the Hughes and the Alexanders…They need a vacation…just kindly leave us the fuck alone.

        • Oh, Sil. Please do! (Maybe there is someone at HLN who hasn’t totally bought into the party line.) But how about also sending it to the other networks as an editorial piece? That’s what open letters are, right?

          • Excellent letter! I’d sign my name to that! If you decide to send it anywhere I’d change can to can’t in front of reason with a rock though. I think you meant to say can’t reason with a rock . Just saying because those fucks will latch onto that and ridicule it all the way to mars and back.

    • Wow, Sil, that’s beautifully written. You said a lot of what was in my mind. I think you should print it and snail mail it to their offices, post it anyplace you can and even send copies to their rivals (fox, etc.). Maybe that would wake them up!

    • Sil~ very good letter~ how they cover 4 TA & the 12Y/O girl thing is unbelievable….it is proof of what he is…i knew wild guys in my life and they never talked that way….about any underage girls…they never showed any interest…but w/ grown women they loved to talk about their grown woman fantasies….

    • Bravo Sil!!

      Haters keep on hatin..We don’t care..We will keep fighting for Jodi when your hate will be turned by the Vultures onto newer targets! and eventually you all will realize you hate yourself!!

    • Once in a while I peak at their hate page. The hate of most (not all) is really astounding. Including hating anyone who has any sympathy for Jodi.

      • I don’t go to any of those pages. I might check out once in a while. They are at least civil there because don’t put up with BS!

      • Traviss Law I believe is if a man comes after me, slams me to the ground, chokes me, tells me he is gonna kill me and I fight back and he dies..I cannot use his history for my defence!~

      • They’re trying to pass a law to “stop allowing highly prejudicial claims against murder victims without evidence” or some shit like that.

        • But Sil, they forget there was evidence, like his own words on all the texts, emails, im, phone tapes. And don’t forget, do you really believe all the defense attorneys in this country don’t want to be on the unemployment line. hahaha, Good luck going against all of them.

    • OMG!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself! I think this should be put on the home wall so it is the first thing the “haters” see when they visit this site?? 😉 thank you for this!! Xoxoxo <3 for Jodi!!

    • Wow Sil, that’s a GREAT post! Everything you say is SOOOOOOOO true and we will be supporting Jodi all the way no matter what! We can be 2% and outnumbered but yes, we’re a STRONG 2% and they’ll always hate that. They’re the ones suffering not us!

    • Beautiful!!! Loved, loved, loved EVERY word!!!!

      Especially the phrase about TA’s angry red pecker!!! I’m still laughing at that one!!!

      That is the best letter ever and you should post it on all of the hater sites too!!

    • Thank you ! Well put!!!!!!!!! and AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I have sent HLN and its “screwed -up morons ” (Nancy Disgrace, Dr. Drew, Vinnie, ETC>) a few comments on their website ….. its helped me to cope with the injustice they have done Jodi. Freedom of speech ? they say…….. its appalling and ridiculous what they have done. I realize there are people out there that can’t think for themselves and have to be played like puppets but its really sad to see that the majority of the country is so dumb they can not form their own opinions. Jodi’s “peers” in the jury box were not her Peers …. they were the majority HLN peers. Still praying for you Jodi.

    • Oh ,Sil….
      Every day I love more and more.
      I too believe you ahould actually send it out! It’s a very powerful piece of writing.
      The part where you talk about 12 year olds and your nieces brought tears to my eyes.Literally.I find the fact that 98%of people out there are willing to overlook such a disturbing issue,people who are probably parents themselves.I cant get over it,it was one of the things concerning this case that really made me lose any faith I had lefg in humanity.I have no children of my own,I worl with children though.They are innocent angels,still living in their own beautiful world so a person saying what that pig Travis said and having people sewwping it under the rug is beyond sick,disheartening and disgusting.

      • I love you too, maria!! <3

        and yes…it is sad. I have two nieces. One is exactly 12 and the other one is 14. Both are angels. Both are so pretty and innocent. They say the funniest things sometimes. They little girl crushes. They don't know shit about the sick world out there. I cannot imagine what I would do if anyone would try to hurt them or touch them inappropriately. I think I would be on the news. Because what Jodi supposedly did to Travis would be NOTHING to what I would do to any fucker who messed with my girls.

        FUCK pedophiles and FUCK whoever supports them.

    • Sil-
      BRAVO !! You are the best. Your words made me laugh, be angry all over again and cry a little. I just don’t have the words to express how I fell about all of this, so thanks for doing it for me.

    • There are moments I just want to scream as loud as I can concerning what has been done to Jodi. There are other moments that I just want to cry. That was excellent Sil.

    • Sil,
      Let me start by giving you a standing ovation!!!! BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!!! BRAVO!!!!
      That letter sounds like it was written by a presidential speech writer for a Presidential speech to Korea.. You have hit the nail on the head!!! I think they fear us. Like I have said many times We are far smaller in size however we are MIGHTY and WE WILL PREVAIL!!! They only show what they truly are with their hateful slurs They claim TA was the greatest motivational speaker right up their with Tony Robbins. Why then I asked them was he so far in debt? Why did a 30 year old man need to take roommates into a home that he was buying?
      You my friend are my HERO, I have to remember to never cross you.
      I wanted to ask if you ment you CANT reason with a rock? Instead of you can reason with a rock?

      • Thank you, Jennifer…and yes…it was supposed to be *can’t argue with a rock, but I was typing so fast and I hit the submit button before reading it all the way through! lol

  53. the Innocence Project is the very best….Memphis3…they saved those guys…Memphis 3 w/ rock stars singing about their injustice…..i wish rock stars would feel this 4 jodi

    • elna….the Innocence Project may not want to get involved with Jodi’s case because she did say she killed TA.

        • I’ve had a little dealing working with the Innocence Project students here on campus. All of the cases were folks who were innocence of the crimes they were convicted of. Below is the information for the the Innocence Project in California.

          The Innocence Project does NOT review claims where DNA testing cannot prove innocence. We do not handle the following types of cases:

          1.Consent/Transaction: The defendant claims that there was no crime because the victim consented to the events (e.g. agreed to sex) and/or received some form of payment in exchange for the activity. (e.g. prostitution, drug transaction)

          2.Self Defense/Justification: The defendant admits to causing the injury/death but believes the acts were justified because s/he acted in self defense or to protect other people.

          3.Sustained Abuse – The defendant is accused of crimes against the victim(s) that happened more than once and over a period of time (e.g., allegations of long term sexual abuse of a family member).

          4.Illegal Possession/Distribution of any controlled substance: The defendant is only challenging a possession or distribution charge.

          5.RICO/Hobbs Act: The defendant has been charged under RICO or the Hobbs Act.

          6.DWI or DUI: The defendant was convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI).

          7.Fraud/Identity Theft/Forgery: The defendant was only convicted of one or more of these crimes.

          8.Stalking/Harassment – The primary charges against the defendant involve stalking and/or harassment.

          9.Sentencing reduction/overcharged – The defendant wants to challenge the charge or length of sentence but does not claim innocence.

          So there you go…………….

      • Moni, they also deal with false confessions and prosecutorial misconduct. I wrote to them (and to false confessions dot org and prosecutorialoversight dot org). I think its worth a shot – tell anyone and hope someone listens. At the very least JM needs to be held accountable for his bullying, lying and prejudice.

        • I think she’d had a lot better chance with prosecutorial misconduct in working with the Innocence Project. Cause that little ass had a LOT of misconducting going on!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Did you know Jodi had a closed hearing today? I guess Maria Dela Rosa was spoted coming into the court house with close on a hanger. As well as TA two ugly sisters enter the courthouse???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  55. something going on in the courtroom right now.. The penatly phase specialist brought in clothes on a hanger… two of travis’s siblings are there as well as Martinez. No one has seen Nurmi or Jennifer.. Wonder what the heck ??

      • OH good gosh!!! I was having a heart attack….I thought after last night I got black balled or is it blue balled???AUUUGGGHHH I thought I got kicked out LOL

        • Me too…been running in and out, and tried to get on the ‘vent’ and ‘mission’ page but I couldn’t. Hope all is ok. I scanned the posts here, and it appears there was a mole. Fucking asshole !! Sorry for the language…that’s why I like the vent page. Don’t want to offend anyone. I like the password protected pages, cause the first time I came onto this site…and probably a hater site, my whole IP address was compromised, and my brother lost his computer altogether. Thankfully, I’m loaded with anit-virus protection, but I was getting banged like no tomorrow. Needless to say, my adult son was not happy…and of course, I wasn’t admitting to anything..;) but now I know better, and I don’t go any site but this one. I may not post a lot, and I refuse to watch HLN or CNN…makes my blood pressure rise, so I get my info from all you wonderfully informed people…so I thank you all. And I thank SJ for his tireless efforts to keep this a safe haven for all of us. I did watch the enitre trial, pvr’d it, and had my brother watch too. He was even yelling at JM, and couldn’t believe what he was watching. Unfortunately, I watched with emotional eyes, and didn’t catch half the information you all have. So many thanks, because, although I was always pro-Jodi, I’m learning the facts, because of all of you. Thank you, and much love sent to all of you….

    • Yes I am having trouble too. Glad to know they are working on it. I have also decided that until it’s fixed dammit I’ll just vent here. Those pieces of shit don’t want Jodi to have any support. They need to get a brain in their heads. I usually don’t speak with a lot of cussing or post either but now I am damn mad. I don’t care what the idiots have to say. I know that this case has smelled from the beginning and I was so right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For a person to be convicted because of the media and lies is unacceptable. I have lots more to say. Those idiots who supposedly lived in the house for 5 days with his decomposing body are LIARS and anyone who has ever smelled human decomp can and will back me up. There is an inth of evidence and that’s all. SOMETHING bad happened in that bathroom but it wasn’t a cold blooded murder. He was going to kill her and she stopped him. I’d better hush for a few cause I’m getting wound up again.

      • Thank you CJ!! 5 f@#$ing days with a corpse and they never;

        1-Smelled him
        2-Noticed the presence of decomp. flies
        3-Noticed the blood trail
        4-Noticed the bloody crap in the washer.

        What bothers me the most is the squeaky clean computer history!!

          • I could never understand that. Think I heard that one of his roomies thought the dog had gotten into something and smelled bad. H E L L O….decomposing body does not equate to a stinky dog….something is just not right…AT ALL…and Jodi doesn’t deserve any of this, and I hope she’ not covering up for anyone, but I suspect she…especially, if her family was threatened. She’s such a kind, gentle soul that I would expect nothing less from her…God Ble our sweet girt.

      • CJ I think we scare the hell out of them. YEs we are smaller in numbers but we are MIGHTIER then they can ever HOPE of being and I think that SCARES the HELL out of them!!! So they act like grade schoolers and come on our sites and spy on us…. I am an adult and there is nothing that I say here that I would not say to their faces!!! Truth be said there is nothing that I say here that I wouldn’t say to Nancy DisGrace!!!! OR any other HLN MORON!!! (Sorry Vent Page Down)

      • The roommate thing just sticks in my mind. How did they not know? I had roommates in grad school and I saw them, well it felt like 50000 times a day. If I didn’t see them for a day I would knock and ask if they were okay. I wouldn’t think they were dead of course, I would think they were having a bad day or sick or boyfriend troubles. But, I would notice not seeing my roommate.

        Don’t get me started about the smell. I am a smell maniac. If something smells the least bit weird I will hunt it down and clean the crap out of it. My cat brought me a dead mouse and I had to act like I liked it bc he thought it was a present to me. But I cleaned the floor, showered, cleaned the floor. Smelled it again and found where he got it from (bc there was liquid of some kind ew) cleaned that.

        I mean come on! I haven’t seen my roommate and my house smells like something dead. His stuff is in the washer. I’ll just leave it. Let’s get a pizza.

        • See, that’s what I mean. This whole things is messed up. HOW in hell can you give someone M1 when you don’t even have all the FACTS. Not fairy tales or made up theories or HYPOTHETICALS! For heavens sake, come on people. This was like in grade school, if someone got 3 sips of water and you were only allowed two, someone was going to screammmmmmm she got THREEEEE and point and want to burn her at the stake.

          • It blows my mind that a jury deliberated this. It blows my mind the an entertainment news show ran a death penalty court case and got away with it! Now I hear the haters saying: “Look at her eyes, the are empty. They are the eyes of a murderer”. But you stupid haters, her eyes haven’t always been like this. It is you haters that day in and day out just drain this person of life. You haters are the ones that murder. You made her eyes go blank. Jodi at least had a real serious reason to defend herself. But everyone that is hating her just jumped on the bus. No mind of your own. No individuality. Lynch mob thinking. Witch hunt.

        • And add that you see their cell phone and rings on the counter, the dog was left behind with ZERO instructions as to care, laptop left in office.

          You know they are sched to go out of town but how do you eat that pizza without giving a thought about should i call and let them know they forgot their cell phone and fancy ring on the counter cuz you know they’re frantically searching for it.

  56. A little addition to the Haters/Lurkers

    You don’t like TA being called an abusive bully.
    You are being abusive bullies by bothering us here.

    We support Jodi and we will continue to.

    JM says everyone is obsessed w Jodi.
    You are acting obsessed w Jodi and us.

    This is our place to support Jodi and we will continue to.

    You are being everything you don’t want TA to be called.

        • That’s true but, we want people to be able to come here and support Jodi. We don’t want to shut out people who need to be able to come here and ask questions and not be jumped on and harassed.

    • Wow, they think their so smart now don’t they…they need to get a life..just shows how hateful TA supports are…just like their mentor..great minds think alike..pedo huggers, you should be so proud of yourself..hope to God you stay away from small children!!!

    • I am sure SJ is savvy enough to know exactly what IP address is taking screenshots.

      I know people across the net who know immediately the IP location of a person who is stealing the live video feed from pay per-view websites. The thief then rebroadcasts the pay per-view feed on their own pay per-view websites without paying the provider, the software to do this can be found @ piratesbay dot com.

      It won’t take SJ much time to ban judas 🙂

            • lol- just saw he says “no need to email him” below. OOps 🙂
              I’m sure we have all emailed him like crazy all at once. It will get ironed out. You can get my email from Renee’, BeeCee, AA, or Ashley if you have any of theirs. They are the only ones besides SJ who have it.

  57. I am not going to be shut up. I am going to do and say whatever I damn well please. The haters don’t want Jodi to have support, toooo damn bad. They are attempting to do exactly what they are supposedly against, do I have that right? The hate&liesnetwork is once again lying. They got the damn verdict that they wanted, why not leave us alone. I am not kidding when I say that Alyce should sue. They did things to her that no witness should be put through. Dr Samuels was there as a witness as well, not a defendant.You know what, Travis died. That does NOT make him a SAINT. He did abuse Jodi, he did lead a DOUBLE life and this came from HIS own mouth. This trial was one huge farce. I know I have said that over and over and yall are prolly sick of hearing it but dammmmmm!

    • Yea go figure, people would rather support an abusive pedophile than someone who killed in self defense and they say were crazy. And then they think they can intimidate us, why bother with us if we’re crazy. I don’t go looking for them, but they sure do like abusing us.

    • Im not sick of hearing it, im glad im not the only one that feeks that way. We all do and the more we hear it the better. We know we’re not crazy! They have done not only Jodi wrong but also our justice system. But they can’t see that, they won’t see it until they need the law to work for them!

      Im not going to shut up and go away either! FUCK THEM!!! Do they think they can intimidate us? I don’t think so! Do they think they can harass us, bully us, talk shit about us but WE CANT say a word about them? I DONT THINK SO! And do they think they can demand an apology or else, they will post negative things on fb and other websites (to the point of creating a website “jodiariasguilty”)! So what, post all you want and photoshop all you want, keep entertaining yourselves and the Alexander family because we’re not going to apologize (we haven’t done anything wrong)! TA did it to himself!

  58. You don’t want to be abused so don’t abuse us. We have and are entitled to our opinions. Anyone ever heard of these things called FACTS?????????? That is what this case should have been about. Gee, it wasn’t though was it? It was all about lies, lies and more lies and, I’m NOT talking about Jodi’s lies. I think my head is going to explode. Just because they want to shut me up does NOT mean that they can.

    • cj, that is exactly what the trolls want..they want us to pay attention to them foremost as they think they are so clever, and they want us to get upset..that is their main goal. We should just ignore them, altho bugsy pissed me off..they aren’t as clever as they think..I smelled that one right off the bat!!

  59. TA supporters are acting like lobbyists! Their efforts to silence the truth (aka, us) will fail and they will only provoke us to recruit more JA supporters.
    I would not be surprised if this entire JA trial and coverage is being exploited by Mormon lobbyists for future political gains. Someone needs to investigate JM and his involvement with the Mormon bigwigs.

    • I have to agree about how the OVERzealous TA supporters are going to draw more people to this site. I was sitting back as a fairly casual observer then I just couldn’t take the HLN machine and on so many message boards the turning JM into the Messiah completely turned me off and made me root for Jodi even more. So I googled looking for some pro Jodi sites and this came up high on Google and was so happy that this was a “safe” site.

    • Us Jodi supporters, even in our most profanity filled moments, don’t come close in spewing the ugliness and hate towards the PAL’s (Personal Ass Licker’s) of the croaked loser pedophile hypocrite, who was left bare ass naked, rotting in the worlds smallest shower.

      He was so cared for and so loved NO one noticed him MIA. Not even the dumb asses who LIVED in the same house!!!!!

      • When I 1st heard TA wasn’t found for 5 days, I just thought no one came in the house and TA lived alone. Then I heard he had roommates. I can not even imagine how these roommates lived in the house with dead TA and could not figure out something was wrong. I don’t have to repeat all the so obvious reasons this is so strange. On top of everything there was a dog that needed to be fed. Did they just starve the dog for 5 days? What are the police detective guy fiores(don’t remember name) and Martinez working so hard on hiding?

        • Marianne,

          As the folklore goes the roommate girlfriends aka *fake virgins* supposedly fed / cared for the dog. I question the quality of that care tough as they blamed the stench on the dog? I guess that means it was common they allowed the dog to shit the house and no one bothered to find the source.

          But wait ….. I thought de-virgined Deanna was the one who fed the dog when the T-Dawgg was out of town? I guess none of the brainiac fake virgin roommates or the fake virgin girlfriends remembered that.

          So we can add one more conundrum to our list:
          How come the roommates didn’t find it odd that de-virgined Deanna NEVER showed up to check on the poor abandoned dog that DD usually checked on during the dead guys absence? Or that they didn’t pick up the damn phone, dial her up to ASK HER if she was planning to stop by to see T-Dawg’s dog cuz they thought he was galavanting about in Cancun, trying to get into Mimi’s panties even though he’d already been informed he wasn’t getting any as she didn’t want to be added to the long list of decent LDS ladies he’d de-virgined.

          • Rainy,

            I cannot get over the stupidity. I think no one cared what happened to TA. Because ultimately, it is not what people say, it is what they do. Those people did NOTHING!

    • Apparently they had the password all week… so they say. I doubt they would have been able to refrain from commenting if that was the case.

      • they wanted to dig for any info we might be talking about as far as appeals go I’m betting. It’s also funny that what was on (I read here on this page) was that hln was talking about money from this site.

        • Wouldn’t it really be better if they knew everything we were talking about? The more information they have or receive here, the more likely a few will come over to our side. Information may even open a few eyes although some will never be convinced. Usually haters don’t want information because of the possibility they will have to face the truth and stop spreading all the bullshit. Can someone tell me why we’re meeting in secret? We can just ignore their comments. When I was involved in Occupy Vancouver we just never responded to haters and believe me we had many, many haters. But, if people ignored them, they got bored and went someplace where people would pay attention to them. Most haters even prefer negative attention to no attention at all.

    • You know, FUCK whoever was the snitch!!!! I KNEW IT, I KNEW there would be a fucking SNITCH!
      SJ, I have an idea. Ill email you.

  60. Thanks SJ! You know what else I don’t get? IF they want to hate then they can hate all over the place. WHY the hell come here and try to start with us? It’s certainly NOT like they stop us from having our opinions, thoughts, theories. They can’t change our beliefs with their bs.

  61. Someone needs to make a movie through our eyes and the facts from the EVIDENCE. I still say and I hope Alyce hears me, she needs to SUE!

      • It’s complete bullshit!!!!!!!!! Take away my vent page will they, well by God, that’s a mistake cause I’ll say it right here! Trust me you idiots who are out there wanting to shut us up and turn our attemtion away. You will not change our minds, we will not be brainwashed with your shit. I am so mad! The only thing they might do is drive me to drink!!!!!!!! Don’t come here tryin to stir up shit, we will blow it back on your ass like a fan would!

    • You are not alone, cj, I’m popping in and out today (work always interferes! lol). But I love your idea about a movie. I have also, often wondered if ALV was okay. I feel for her and I hate how people call her a fraud and a liar. The fact is – SHE has helped many victims of DV while those that criticized have done nothing for the cause. Fuck them.

      • I follow Alyce on Facebook. Not sure if she runs it but there are some very thoughtful posts there.