Tuesday – Groundhog Day

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Leave your comments below on the continuation of Tuesday’s events at the AZ State Circus.

Click here to read the Motion For Mistrial (6 page PDF) from 5/19


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  1. Good Morning everyone!!!!

    I’m a little concerned about what Jodi may say today……..but I hope in her own way she let’s the jury have it….we’ll see;>)

    • Me too! In my heart I would LOVE for her to give a big F’you to the jury, judge, JM, and especially the haters and their leaders. But in my head I hope she doesn’t say anything. They will twist her words into something sinister no matter what. 🙁

        • I would love for her not a say anything……it won’t matter to that jury what she may say!!!

          But you’re right Joe….she is a talker. However….nothing she has said so far has been of any help to her.

  2. Hi Admins can You check out Dave C from the previous thread? He needs to be shown the door____>
    Thank you 🙂

  3. I have a question that is on my mind for quite a while.

    Why do you think is it that Jodi told so much about Travis and her sex life in the interrogation and on 48 hours?

    Do you think that she felt guilty about it or did she want to give a hint about the possible motive why TA was killed?

    Any other ideas?

      • Since both of you took offense about how I worded my question I apologize and explain it a bit more detailed.

        If TA was killed by one or more than one intruder do you think Jodi would have known or at least been able to make a good guess about his/their motives?

        I also wonder if TA’s real killers blamed, abused or threatened Jodi in someway.

        Do you think that Jodi felt guilt about their sexual relationship and that guilt became overwhelming after TA’s death? I also wonder if she blamed herself for not having protected Travis? Even though it was not her fault that he died she might have felt that she should have been able to stop him from whatever? Maybe from being behind other women?

          • Moni,

            many people here on the page believe that it is possible that TA was killed by intruders.

            I wonder if Jodi wanted to give a clue about them.

        • Toni, I had understood your questions the way you meant them and JUST wanted to come to help my fellow German :), but now you clarified your statements yourself.

          To some extent, I think both played a role. I feel like Jodi does feel at least bad about the sex, not sure about “guilty”, though. And I also have been thinking that she’s probably hoping people will find out about why things happened without her having to tell.

          Also, I was watching Darryl Brewer’s testimony from January last night. Did any of you notice how Jodi was grimacing when Darryl Brewer said “Mormonism” (answering Kirk’s question what kind of religion she turned towards)? But how does that go together with her quoting Mormon leaders on twitter, and so on??

          • Thanks for wanting to help me to clarify my input!

            I agree with you that Jodi probably hoped that people would find out without her having to tell.

            I think she was maybe not in the psycholgical state to tell everything right in the beginning or maybe she felt threatened.

    • I think I get what you are putting down. For so long people said Jodi was crazy when she would tell people about the “real” T.A. she needed to let people know what he was really like – – Which after this trial no one can say Jodi was lying about him , and that makes them mad ass heck to know they were duped!

      • Thanks for you reply, Frannie!

        Yes, I think Jodi really had to tell the truth about Travis.

        It must have been hard for her to cover up things for so long.

  4. “DENIED! OVERRULED! Whatever the defense requests, the answer is no.”
    “What do you mean we haven’t started yet?” eh ” Well, I’m just practicing ” -Sherry Stephens

  5. Good morning….

    Jaz, Moni, Joe – ((((((((((((((((hugs to all of you))))))))))))))))))

    Renee and RU: ((((((((((((((((((((Love you)))))))))))))))))))))

    ToniW: Why on earth are you questioning about Jodi’s sex life?!?!?!?!! I agree with Renee – WHOLEHEARTEDLY – I don’t like the way you phrased that. You do NOT sound like a supporter AT ALL.

    Renee, Rupaul—————————————the boots ARE ON today!!!!!!!!!

    To anyone I did not mention above, good morning.

  6. Jaz thanks… OK I have a question. Lets say that for the love of God they do not give the DP. Isn’t that a win for the defense? I know it should have never gotten this far and I know I can be dalosuional at times but when it comes right down to it I’m not sure everyone one on the Jury will be able to do it

    • No problem Cindy. The new thread wasn’t showing for me at first either. 🙂

      If there is anyone on the jury with an ounce of common sense or an ounce of compassion…you would think no DP. But from their actions it seems they have already sentenced her. If they give her life I would say it is a small victory for the defense. But victory for me means seeing her free…maybe it can’t happen this second but the continued fight for Jodi will get her there.

      • I totally agree. But she will be.. I just want to see the little FF not get his way in the end..and needless to say Jodi in a better place while she waits to get out. I know she can spend her time helping others.

        I’m so proud of her..

      • Good morning everyone! Whatever happened to Travis was NOT exceptionally cruel – he was not raped, burned, gagged, kept tied for hours, violated, dismembered etc. Thins like that usually happen to women. Whoever committed that deed to TA in no way deserves DP. If Jodi in some way pleads for it, there should be a decent prison system doctor who will place her in a hospital and says something about it all. I strongly believe that today she would gain by asserting that she is psychologically fragile and possibly with Borderline PD that has never before been diagnosed and that she needs help in that respect to become even greater person that she is now.

    • I think the defense may think its hopeless. This jury bought all the bullshit from Juan on premeditation so they seem to be just tooling up for appeals. Otherwise I can’t imagine why they would not want Brewer to testify.

  7. BeeCee, Good morning friend. I know you can’t post as much right now since you’re dealing with some personal business, I know you are reading when you get the chance. Lots of love to you!!

  8. Dear Anna Ryan/Sheila:

    I have this, and only this, to say to you, Anna Ryan. I read what you said after you were asked to leave here. I also read that you want to see what we have to say about you, and saw the directions given to you to use a proxy server to come and see. A Proxy server– the same thing TA used to surf kiddie porn.

    Anyway. I didn’t go to your site to see this, it was sent to me. I won’t go to that site and give any one the benefit of a page hit. You folks are certifiably ill.

    What I want to say to you, Anna, aka Sheila, is that while most folks here thought you were a self-centered whiner, I did somewhat like you. Although, I too, thought you had more self pity than most. I even prayed for you a couple times. Yay, you–ya fooled me. 😆

    Don’t ya feel like a winner?

    My main idea, knowing you spent MONTHS doing this, is that you are FAR more mentally ill than you came across. You came across as a highly depressive, hypochondriac whiner.

    The truth is much scarier. For some one to do what you did, you have to have serious antisocial paranoia. Have you been analyzed? Schizophrenia or multiple personalities run in your gene pool? You sure put a lot of time and energy into your fake life. I do pity you. Truly.


    p.s. I am not going to waste a Fuck You on you, you are not worthy. Good day! 😀

        • I noticed that some seemed to have dropped off when Jodi was found guilty…maybe they were news reporters all along fishing for their next big breaking moment…who knows what resides in the minds of some of those sick folks…hmmm….

    • She fooled me too.

      I don’t go to hater pages. I try as hard as I can to avoid HLN. Why is it that these people want to pretend to be a supporter? I would never for one minute pretend to be one of the haters. I am here because I truly believe that Jodi deserves her freedom. For me to pretend to or say I believe anything different would make me a hypocrite.


    • Oh and Sheila:

      Pity when your cat tripped you down your basement stairs (A BULLSHIT STORY I’M SURE) you didn’t sprain more than your wrist.

      Glad you kept your fucking cat; although I pity the fur ball for having to live with such a psychotic lame ass person who has evidently no life because you had all the time in the world to bullshit your way into our house and hoodwink people into believing your pity party.

      Even crazy cakes like you, assuredly have learned Karma is a bitch.

    • i don’t understand why someone would spend so much time on a blog they don’t agree with- or anyone else for that matter- whats the point? Sounds like anna/sheila has some issues she needs to take care of.

        • Renee’

          Just email me and I will show you my support for Jodi on a hater site.

          You will be able to Google my user name & the site … see 100’s of posts I made using ‘just facts’ to debate the haters.

          • If you are who you say you are, when did you start posting here? If you are not a hater, then I apologize.

            • Renee’

              I started posting here on May 8th I believe.

              You should be able to Google my user name along with this site.

              • Good evening friends,

                I don’t post here very much, I try to read all your posts. I don’t go on FB. Tried that few days ago and got booted off the hate site as soon as I posted something in Jodi’s favor. I don’t want to waste my energy arguing with dumbfucks, instead I try to concentrate on Jodi and how we can help with her appeal. I am not rich, but I have started my own fund for Jodi (I have some memorabilia that I will sell on eBay) and all the money will go toward Jodi’s appeal costs. I am sure that we can raise the money for a good lawyer. I can’t bear the tough of Jodi spending any time in maximum security, it kills me.
                I hope she doesn’t beg this jury for her life, they don’t care and they will give her the DP, so why give them the satisfaction and more reason for the haters to mock her and her family. That’s just MHO.

    • There is something wrong with people that engages in that type of behavior. If they want to know what is going on over here, all they have to do is come here and read; this site is open to the public. They don’t need to make up a fake identity. I find this behavior very WEIRD!!!

    • Renee….I love your passion and compassion, you’re a true warrior and a blessing to this site. I’ve been a ‘lurker’, and don’t post often, and I can completely understand if you don’t trust me…I get it, cause the people out there who have no soul, attack when least expected. I just wanted you to know, that I, for one, applaud you, and thank you for being here and telling it like it is !!! You say what so many of us cannot, and you do say it with dignity, even if you’re bashing the shit out of a hater…..Kudo to you !!!

    • She had us ALL fooled!! I never really likjed her.She spent too much time commenting on her own supposed obsession of the trial and how it affected HER,she was too much into herself one monet and next thing you know she would cynically talk about the next step of the trial proceedings! I was utterly confused and talked to her few times only.Now all I wanna say is that these people are SICKOS!!!Why the fuck spent MONTHS on sth you hate or dislike?Why trick other people who have nothing against you,people who simply wish to have the freedom of speech and just ONE freakingplace to come and talk about whatever they wanna support?? LEAVE US ALONE ,please.We have hurt noone,we wish peace and quiet nothing more,nothing less.We love Jodi and that’s about it.

    • Anna Ryan/Sheila-
      What Renee’ says goes double for me. You need to RUN, not walk, to your nearest Mental Health Clinic and get treatment ASAP.

    • What Anna Ryan is a troll? Unbelievable! She was a good one then! I remember the day she tripped over her cat! I remember her picture too! She has devoted hours and hours to this site. I can understand someone reading all this, but why would they want to be a regular poster?

      I appreciate that the new troll today, Laurie who was trying to save our souls before leaving. She said she could find her own wy out, but looks like it took her a few tries, if she finally did. By the way, Laurie, it is not M1 even though Ng told you so, and you soooo want it to be.

  9. Happy morning all!

    Today, if court happens (hopefully), we are looking at the possibilty of Jodi making a statement, if she elects to but is that all the defense would present? Mr Brewer is out, correct?

    When the defense is finished, does Kermit yak some more or would the jury begin ”deliberating” then?
    (I say ”deliberating” in quotes because I think they just mess around in their room and neglect their upstanding duty.)

    So I was just curious what we’re expecting today 🙂
    Godspeed to Jodi, her family and friends, her defense team and her appellate team!!

    • As of yesterday, Nurmi said the defense if not calling any character whitnesses – mostly because of threats those folks have received AND that all Kermit wants to do is dredge up crappy stuff about the whitness instead of getting to any truth. I think that now it does go straight to the jury. Oh, and they don’t just mess around – – remember what DWI Juror said? They have their smart phones, iPads, etc…they are watching HLN and reading the haters blog. They are cowards and are afraid the haters will come after them like the haters did to the Casey jury.

  10. I wonder if Sherry Stephens rules against the defense in all or most of her cases? Based on the way she’s handled Jodi’s trial, I’d beg for a different judge if I’m the defendant.

  11. i repost here a comment from 5 days ago; i believe it’s apposite today, though roughly drafted

    Wes says:
    May 16, 2013 at 6:56 am



    A mormon man, single, a self proclaimed virgin, an up and coming polygamist, busy practising his skills in gathering his future harem ie a standard mormon male predator

    HIS techniques: glibeness, superficial charm, family values rhetoric, sex, violence and deceit ie the ingredients of a sociopath
    alyce laviolette though said he wasn’t

    BUT it’s his violence that gets this explosive, and volatile, disturbed man into trouble
    ONE time when he starts to beat one of his woman, she fearing for her life, and with good reason, responds by killing him

    THE mormon church is aghast ie the president, and the quorum of the twelve apostles

    THEY are astute, and quickly realize the dangers, especially if this problem is mismanaged.
    THEIR polygamy, and their secrets will come tumbling out into public gaze if this problem is not managed properly
    A special action group is formed to control the public’s perception of events, and to focus on the young woman who it appears has killed this man; she is to be scapegoated
    THE central strategy is to divert attention away from the church, and onto the woman’s character.
    ALL the assets of the chuch are brought to bear, and coordinated
    PEOPLE in arizona’s power structure are contacted
    THE media, especially the electronic media, are on board
    THE woman is to be characterized as unstable, a woman spurned, who killed an uprighteous mormon man
    THE woman is convicted, after a lengthy trial, and the church, largely unscathed, relaxes a little


    11 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Mormons
    [ including a photo of magic underwear, for both men and women ]

    • Wes…thanks for the post and the link …

      With mormonism being the fourth fastest growing religion in the US…wow….

      Now I understand what I have been feeling from day one of this trial…

      I still believe that their circle of mormon friends started some vendetta of twisted excommunications of some sorts toward her beginning on the night of Monday, June 9, 2008…they all seemed too “prepared” with pointing fingers at Jodi when they talked with the detective…

      The excommunication is a form of disciplinary action of the mormon church toward a member…I feel that a lot of their circle of friends had already previously been thwarted the excommunication thing to their advantage by turning face toward Jodi and producing more twisted untruths that continued to escalate when they found out about the death…then they took a stronger stand of the excommunication by appearing on HLN saying the complete opposite of their original statements to the detective…getting paid to receive their “15 minutes of fame” on national television…

      Something has always smelled fishy with that circle of friends…jealousy???

      (1) Blaming Jodi of slashing tires…never proven that tires were ever slashed…
      (2) That Jodi crawled through a doggie door…why would she do that when she knew the garage key code and the door was always unlocked…
      (3) And the list goes on and on…so many other things that we all know that they are now saying that is not true…

      • I always wondered- how big IS that doggie door? napoleon is a tiny dog- how could anyone fit thru his doggy door??? Is there a photo of said doggie door????
        All I know is I sure as hell couldn’t fit thru my dachshunds door and I’m not obese .

      • I agree that it’s more than a little fishy that everyone pointed fingers at Jodi all at the same time. I would love to play a game of reverse telephone and find out where that accusation originated. Oh wait, that was Gloria’s job in the first place… ::eye roll::

      • OMG!! Yes – the slashed tire thing always bugged me! It is brought up by the haters like it is the gospel truth but there is no evidence to back that up! BTW—tire rubber is HARD!!! you have to have a lot of force. Jodi would not be strong enough to do that. Personally, I think it was someone mad at Travis for something. Maybe a busisness deal gone bad. OR, another theory it was the ex of the much younger girl (Lisa?) he was seeing at the time.
        then the infamous doggy door-gate! LOL!!! yeah, I’m gonna crawl on my hands and knees through a doggy door when I know every entry code and spare key location? Really??
        Oh, and finally – – the night she came over “uninvited” to see TA and Lisa(?) in the kitchen together – – uuhhh, she was INVITED by one of the roommates to bring food from the restaurant she worked at!

  12. Repost:If you have not seen this..

    FYI: Alexander Family, C&S Hughes, etc. SCAM exposed:

    Here is an explanation as to why the HLN media blitz, with regard to this trial has continued to ramp up and keep the vitriol of the T/Taliban, etc. going. I will say this link is well worth reading.

    Please check out the OccupyHLN site and all the work Jason has done to uncover Alexander’s, S&C Hugh’s, etc. SCAM. It’s long, but a great read. Wow…so many things make sense now. Talk about connecting all the dots. Thanks, Jason.

    ****Please repost this link where you think it will get the exposure it deserves. Thanks

  13. Hey everyone- I haven’t been able to post during work in awhile, but I haven’t stopped fighting the good fight. I am so scared for Jodi today. I want her to be at peace with things, but I have no idea what she’s going to say. This case just makes me lose more and more faith in humanity, and I thought I had lost all of my faith in humanity already, I had no idea the world could be so cruel.

    Hang in there everyone.

  14. Tuning in to the Three Stooges shortly (too many blonde moments judge, little juanabee a big man, and little man’s sidekick, Flores)

  15. Reposting, without his permission, SIRLIPS’s post from the last forum. PERFECT.

    sirlips says:
    May 21, 2013 at 7:38 am

    i would love to hear her (Jodi) just “tell it like it is”.

    Maybe something like….

    “I do not respect this system. I do not respect this judge. I do not respect this prosecutor. You have all been lied to, and the proof is that not 1 but 2 attorneys, that know these truths, have asked to be removed from this trial tens of times. You will never be told this, as the judge hides it from you. You will never be told that the prosecutor hid evidence. You will never hear that the witnesses that could be called on my behalf have not been called because of death threats. You will only find this information out, after you decide my fate.
    You are being taken advantage of. I will not beg for my life, as i would rather die than be locked away for the next 60 years. I WILL beg for our system to be fixed. This is an injustice, a circus…a shame. You can and will do whatever you want. Even though you are insructed not to, im sure you have made up your mind already. So i leave you with this… What system would you want your 32 year old daughter judged by, the one full of secrets, prosecutor tricks and a biased judge OR one that is based on the constitution of the United States Of America? Regardless of your response, I will not “have a nice life” but i still wish you “have a nice day”. Goodbye.”

    • WOW, Sirlips! Perfect. Nothing more, nothing less. You need to start being Jodi’s voice.

      How did I miss this post in the last forum? Thanks, Ed B, for reposting.

  16. Goodmorning everyone. So, defens is requesting a mistrial for “thid phase” and if the mistrial is not granted (we know judge bitch will dismiss it), then Jodi is asking the court to let the jury know WHY Patti didnt testify on he behalf “THREATS”.

    Well, well have to see what that idiot judge will do. I dont think she’ll do anything!

    I feel like what happened yesterday was a good thing for Jodi, so keep it up HATERS! YOUR HELPING JODI OUT WITH ALL THE HATRED! !!!!!!

  17. Good morning everyone!
    I loved the ”Groundhog Day” title of today’s proceedings.I super nervous.Jodi must be literally exhausted both mentally and physically from having to endure all this mockery of a trial.They need to end this part so that we could all move on and focus on how to help her with her appeals.

    (((((((((((((Team Jodi)))))))))))))))))

    Let’s piss off the haters with our love and hugs today! 😉

  18. Are we getting a bit paranoid at our own people, people? I can understand that to a certain extent but all of us seem to be a little touchy, including me. I don’t want to jump all over someone who’s words may not come across the way they intended.

    • Yes, everyone should step back and take a deep breath at this point. Lets stay positive – Jodie deserves that from us.

    • Joe,

      That’s fine for you.

      For the rest of us, we are being careful. If that is what paranoia is than so be it.

      I for one and TIRED and I mean FUCKING TIRED of phony ass people coming in here with their made up fake phony ass stories about abuse – which by the way is NOT a subject to be fucking made fun of – and pouring their bullshit like molasses and maple syrup.

      This is OUR HOUSE. We do not go to their house. We do not post our comments on any other social media (that I know of) other than this site. Who the fuck are they to come here and ridicule our comments, our beliefs, our wishes, our thoughts?

      Who the fuck are they to attack our members, witnesses, professionals who are not even close to being personally involved this case?

      You say we are getting a bit paranoid at our “own people”. To that I say: IT”S ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!!!! The ones here that ARE trusted – KNOW IT. Not one trusted member has been attacked by one of our own. NOT ONE.

      I’m not paranoid. I’m realistic.

      • I understand Janeen. I would hate for any TravisTaliban or AlexanderAcolyte people to pop in here and run back saying we are going after each other is all.
        Believe me, I’m as realistic as a it gets.

      • I agree with Janeen…

        And that’s what sets us apart from all of those phony others…

        We are all honest and kind hearted loving humans…

        And I did say H U M A N S…!!!

      • i agree with janeen russo 100 % about the “phony ass” characterization by Joe Yinzer of our concern
        and care for jodi as “Are we getting a bit paranoid at our own people, people?”

        we’ve seen EVIL in this trial, from the police, the prosecutor, the judicial system, including stephens, the political system, the governor [who told the jury DURING their deliberations
        that jodi was guilty ie jury tampering], and the mormons

        is that paranoia to so characterize the EVIL we’ve seen ?

        many of the jews throughout europe before world war 2 could not believe things would become so
        bad or believe the rare accounts that surfaced of nazi extermination camps

        some saw the gathering storm, and were able to escape from nazi occupied europe, and so the death



        Edmund Burke
        ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’


        Martin Niemöller (1892-1984) was a prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken
        public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps.

        “First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—
        because I was not a communist;
        Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
        because I was not a socialist;
        Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
        because I was not a trade unionist;
        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
        because I was not a Jew;
        Then they came for me—
        and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

    • I know I was REALLY touchy yesterday……little better today!!! But I’ll step back and breath!!!

      ((((((((((((((((((((BIG GROUP HUG))))))))))))))))))))

      • I agree.I was a bit freaked out yesterday too.But it’s a new day and seeing things a bit clearer.Or not…I dunno… 🙂

        ((((((((((((((((((GROUP HUG))))))))))))

        Hahaha,now I know haters hate our group hugs I wanna do them even more!!!

    • Yes! This trial has frustrated and dumbfounded us with this unbelievable injustice it is dishing out. We were all shocked and saddened when the jury came up with M1. We knew that the detective, prosecutor, ME had cooked this case and the judge is siding with them, but we had held out hope for the jury till then. When that hope fell apart, we all felt helpless, angry and frustrated. At this time, when trolls come out in full swing, and some of them had been disguising themselves as our own for a long time, we are left to wonder, who to trust and who not to. Everybody is on edge. So every true “team Jodi” teammate, please understand that when someone jumps on you, they are just on troll watch for all of us and we are on the same side.

  19. 3 minutes ago…

    wild says….Jodi Arias family is here now. Her father sits in the aisle seat in front row. We await the judge, jury and Jodi.

  20. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 1m

    Valerie just called the defense team back into chambers. Mike B. is there waiting. Jodi is in all black, she goes back as well. #JodiArias

  21. The people on HLN keep saying how wrong killing someone is yet they want Jodi to die. That is hypocrcy at it’s best. I saw one of the million interviews the Hughes have done. They said their religion requires them to forgive her but yet they want her to die. They are sickening!

  22. DP Mitigation Specialist just took #JodiArias’ mother out side of the courtroom. Interesting.
    Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial

  23. 1 minute ago….wild says…

    Valerie just called the defense team back into chambers. Mike B. is there waiting. Jodi is in all black, she goes back as well.

    Also, Juan, Flores and Steven and Samantha head back into chambers as well.

  24. Kinda nervous but staying calm!
    Another Insomnia filled night, tired
    but I am filled with slight tension.
    i hope things go well for Jodi & my
    thoughts are with her family.

    Good morning everyone.

  25. I posted this on the other page but I’m reposting it here because what’s the point of venting if there’s nobody listening? Kinda like a tree falling in the forest.

    I think that from the moment this judge and prosecuter were decided for this trial, Jodi’s fate was sealed. She didn’t have a chance. I don’t know if the judge and JM have a history, somehow I think they do, but one thing they definitely have in common is that they are totally clueless about social media and the impact of both the internet and tv. I think when all is said and done, neither of them are going to come out of this looking very good. This judge should have educated herself about the things that came up that she had no understanding of and acted accordingly. I think that if the jury had not been sequestered for Casey Anthony the results would have been exactly the same as for Jodi. Thanks to HLN and their hate and quest for the almighty dollar.

    I don’t know how old Judge Stephens is, but if her career is nearly at an end, this is one HELL of a way to go out. She should be ashamed of herself and I think she will live to regret her blatent bias in this trial.

    JM doesn’t care about the future he only wants to win. Someone else will have to clean up this mess. As long as he has another win under his belt he doesn’t give a flying fuck about how he achieved it. History will not be very kind to either him or the judge.

    As for the pitiful, pathetic COW who spent ALL NIGHT outside the courtroom in order to get inside for today………………GET A LIFE YOU IMBECILE!!! (I’m sure many others did too)

  26. This is an off the wall comment :
    I can’t believe that Samantha is a cop. She must be a desk cop because she doesn’t have the emotional strength or discipline to be a patrol cop.

  27. I don’t know if I can listen to Jodi plea for her life…….I just can’t!!! Mute and read you guy’s post!!

    • I can’t watch it either. She should not have to beg/plea for anything with these jurors who did not give her a fair trial.

  28. Hi everybody! I am so nervous, Just heard that Jodi is in chambers, and there is a podium set up, so I am assuming she will speak. Both of her parents are there, in the gallery. I think they are about to start…big hugs , love you guys! Jessie

  29. Hello, folks. Going to watch what I can whilst on my lunch break. Feeling a little scared, I must say. Prayers going out for Jodi today….join me if you will.

  30. I’m ant-DP anyway, but Jodi doesn’t deserve any of this. The idea of Nancy Grace’s preemptive strike before anything got underway was the 1st clue for me. Jodi can still fight on appeals, and with luck she could get a new trial. Ariz. is the worst, she should’ve been tried in northern Cal.

  31. Do you think today will be the last day of this mess?
    Everyone is really curious about what Jodi will say.
    At least she will have the freedom to use her voice today.
    That’s better than listenting to all the lies.
    Here’s hoping some good comes from her words.

  32. All of HLNs speculation is driving me crazy! I don’t want her to ask for the death penalty but I don’t want her to apologize for defending herself either!! On top of that, why appeal to people who already have their minds made up!! I’m going crazy right now…..all of this humor about someone’s life is just disgusting!

  33. Diana Alvear‏@AlvearDiana1m
    Mother of #JodiaArias comforted then led out of courtroom.

    So everyone is in chambers as far as I can tell and then this tweet pops up. What the hell is going on? She has been a rock through this total fuckery and now she is upset? What could have possibly happened? I am really worried now.

    • It may be that it is just now ‘hitting her.’. I know I would be in disbelief if my daughter were going through this.

    • Chris Williams@chriswnews

      One of #JodiArias’ former atty’s, Victoria Washington, approached #Arias mother & offered a hug. The pair just left the courtroom talking

      Sorry for jumping the gun…. I was worried and posted too quickly. Looks like Diana Alvear is an idiot.

  34. How sad, such a media circus! What will all these talk shows do when this trial is over? You know their rating’s will go to hell and there shows will not be the same till they latch on to another poor soul. I’m very disappointed in all of them. I think the media needs to not be voicing their opinions and let the jury decide. Just unprofessional but this is my own opinion!

    • As I’ve said before, I believe court proceedings should be available only on a channel similar to CSPAN, only proceedings, no commentary, no commercials.

      • RB in AZ

        Good ideal. I would sign a petition regarding this. There should be no “reality show” allowed while a trial is in session. After trial, have your fun speculating, re-enacting, mock juries, all night parties, etc, etc, ad nauseam! What HLN has become is disgusting, pathetic and not to mention interfering with the judicial process.

    • Oh,you are right Kathy! However HLN is already getting ready to make a million off of the Zimmerman case. They are already slobbering and chomping at the bit to spin that trial which ever way they choose. they are so disgusting!

      • Yes, indeed, HLN is recruiting people to be a participant in their “mock jury” on After Dark. That says it all…..they will continue interfering with the judicial process. This is despicable in my opinion.

  35. MaryEllen Resendez @maryellenabc159:56am… Judge, #jodiarias and atty’s are all still meeting in Judge’s chambers…courtroom is packed — all seats taken

  36. I hope she does not ask for death penalty. I would love her to say what Sirlips had posted (last page). I am going to watch, but I know I will be angry because I believe the reptiles on the jury already have decided.

  37. I don’t know about you guys
    but that courtroom & Judges face
    just gives me the worst negative vibes
    There is some bad ju ju going on in that
    “I see no hands…” courtroom
    maybe my anxiety levels are just high,
    maybe it’s the unpredictable batshit
    insanity that’s been going on…
    I just hope things don’t get any more
    Off The Rails then they have been…
    Again I am so proud of Nurmi
    for calling out shit…
    I have a feeling things are gonna be EMOTIONAL

  38. I am so horribly disgusted at hln (haters, loosers, numnuts) at their extreme delight in the blood sport of the death penalty for jodi. these god damn people make me vomit. according to them life hold no value at all. the fact they profit off death is nonredeemable in the eyes of people that hold life precious. these vampire sucking the blood off the death of murdered people is so horribly wrong.

  39. So today is my birthday and for my birthday I wish for this whole case gets overturned…ok, I’m wishing for something that may not happen today though I believe my birthday wish will come true in time.
    Jodi <3 <3 <3 my prayers are with you and stronger than ever.

  40. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 1m

    Prosecution and two Travis’ sisters just came out. Flores and Juan went into side room by me. He was moving fast. #JodiArias

  41. HLN videos at the moment 1:10pm EST – They can’t find any crowds outside the courtroom building except for their own in-house bloodthirsty vampires, Jane Velez Mitchell standing there all by her hideous self.

  42. I’ve been Tweeting and firing up the Taliban with my comments. Do honestly think I’d post nonsense like that knowing full well that many of the people here would see it and call me on it. Don’t insult me Ed.

  43. HI EVERYONE!!! ((((((HUGS))))))) sorry i have been away I have been getting ready to move. They are saying on the news the DT might by trying to have the judge removed that might be what the delay is for. What have I missed?!?!?!

      • HI (((((MARIA)))) !! UGHHHHHHH…..SLOW Tomorrow is the big day so packing up the last boxes!! I am freakin out!! JVM just said she read jodi s journal and PRINTED IT OUT ITS THIS THICK she said. The one she is currently writting in JVM just said she has a full print out of it can you believe this BITCH!!! UGHH can she do that?

    • Krista…

      wild says that Juan and Flores are seated. Sisters didn’t look upset to me from what others seem to be saying. Defense and Jodi Arias are still in chambers…

  44. Happy Birthday Tracey!
    My birthday wish for you is below:
    I hope Jodi gets a well-deserved break, new trial, new location, NEW everything! What a day it would be!

  45. I’ve been waiting to hear from Jodi for approx. 45 minutes. Hope something is going in her favor. BTW Saw SKY with giant pink purse just a smiling away for the camera. Sick bitch. Makes me wanna fly there and knock that smurk off her ugly face.

  46. Since the trolls seem to be among us, or are at the least reading our posts, lets all be loving and supportive. We do not ever want to sink to there level of hate.

  47. 10:11 AMMaryEllen Resendez @maryellenabc15#JuanMartinez and Detective Flores are now seated at prosecution table…

  48. Wild About Trial
    5 min ago
    Juan and Flores are seated. SIsters didn’t look upset to me from what others seem to be saying. Defense and #JodiArias are still in chambers

  49. Silly me, I thought Jeff was first when I read a post past midnight. So I congratulated him not realizing that he was not 1st and I was not 2nd. 🙂

  50. wild says that Juan and Flores are seated. Sisters didn’t look upset to me from what others seem to be saying. Defense and Jodi Arias are still in chambers…

  51. Ok, I know they are in chambers. Today, is one of the most important day because it can go one way or the other. So I asked each one of you to transport your energies into that chambers and knock some sense into that judge. Really, I read the court doc for a mistrial by Nurmi. It is all there! He said it in writing so clearly, “it is a modern day witch hunt trial” Why is Jodi being punished to the full extent is beyond belief? So be there with me as I am in spirit in chambers.

  52. 10:19 AMsteve krafft @SKrafftFox10#jodiarias #fox10 Prosecutor and two members of Alexander family back in courtroom. Jodi and defense team still meeting w/judge.

  53. Still in the delay since Thursday afternoon. I suppose it’s still not too late for the defense to change their mind and call witnesses if they want to.

  54. Krista Walters, I sure wish your newscasters had it right about the DT trying to get Pickles removed.
    I cannot imagine what is going through poor Jodi’s mind right now.

    Later I will share something with you all about a Walmart return when a second Walmart opened in my town. It just occurred to me last night. Maybe it might help for the APPEAL!!!!!

  55. Can I now throw up? I want you all to feel sorry for ME…I have to watch this on hln..they are such fuck heads. They are turning everything that happened yesterday..Now it’s Jodi’s faltered that the defence team wanted withdrawal from the case. She is uncontrollable….Hummer I must be very dalosuional and hard of hearing also..

    • You would think they were watching a totally different trial, wouldn’t you? Its really become a travesty what they are doing at HLN.

    • OMG I don’t think I could watch at all…Can you set it on record and walk away so you can just FF through their disgusting commentary? They are demons from hell. They make me sick. I tuned in a few minutes last night before bed and on VP’s late night show they were all (mock jury and VP) making fun of Jodi! How EVIL is that? Making fun of her addressing the jury! They will all rot in hell.

  56. i am mad now!

    why is Darryl Brewer saying in his interview that he believes Jodi should spend the rest of her life in prison ?

    • because he doesn’t want her to die thats what he means. Hes scared but he’s still backing her up. He didnt get on the stand for a reason . Have faith still, these guys are trying to make you doubt. DON”T!! the DT knows what they are doing. Its ok think positive and think about how bad He must feel because he probably feels he condemned her when he testified about the gas cans ( Because remember these dumies convicted her BECAUSE of these gas cans) So please throw him a bone and dont worry hes still team jodi!!

      • I wish, when on the stand during trial, he would have mentioned about how it was very common for him and Jodi to take gas cans anytime they traveled (as he states in that interview). I think DT never drilled that point in because they (like me) probably thought it was such a non-issue that the jury wouldn’t be stupid enough to buy that theory. IMO, Darryl does feel bad and I also got the feeling he was trying to get that point (about the common use of gas cans) across to the public.

        • His exact quote was “Jodi needs some help and she should not be let back into society.” I believe he meant she should get help now BEFORE being let back into society and she should not get the death penalty.

          • He is the only one willing to speak for her, i give him credit for that. But here is the problem. If I am juror, and the only person ever saying anything positive about Jodi is saying “she needs some help and she should not be let back into society”, I am going to take it for what it says- people who know her, think she is dangerous to society, if I let her out now. And this is coming from a person vouching for her!

            From what I saw of Jodi in this court room, and up on the stand, I did not see a person who needed help before being let out. I do not think she would be, in any shape or form, harming anyone if she walks out today. She might need therapy for all she endured at the hands of ta and the media trial, but why should it be before she is let out? This was more to deter his hate mail. I have the same feelings as Eli and flnang.

            I have noticed that when something is being said about Jodi, what a pro Jodi person hears and what a Jodi-hater takes away from it, are two different things. I know Darryl cares about Jodi, but to someone who is not pro-Jodi, this is more proof that even people who know her personally don’t believe her self defense claim. By the same token Nurmi’s joke, which was meant to lighten the mood, “9 out of 10 days, even I don’t like her” would have been used against her.

          • I saw the interview and caught the remark and I agree with you AA, I think what he was saying was she doesn’t need to be let back into society untill she gets mental help.
            But, I don’t know if Jodi has ‘mental’ problems. I still think she was abused and had bottled up anger and felt again abused and threatened on June 4th 2008.

      • listen to all the videos in one of them he is saying that Jodi needs to pay for her crime it was not self defense and she should be sentenced to LIP a moment latter he is saying “i should probably not be the one to sentence her”

        • ‘thank god I am not in the jury’- or something to that effect. Sounds like he doesn’t believe it is self defense. Otherwise, why should he say she needs to be in jail? When someone is attacking you, and you are fighting for your life, no one can predict what will happen. A victim should not be punished for trying to defended her life!

    • It’s probably to deter hate mail. There are aweful things being spread online about him. He has a 14 year old son. There’s alot of vitriole and hate out there.

    • I know. I was very excited that he was testifying. But hearing what he had to say was a disappointment. He ‘loves her, but is not in love with her’. He talked about ‘the Jodi I knew’ over and over again. That gives the doubters a chance to say that she changed and the new Jodi is capable of doing all this! He was basically clearing his name ‘people think that I knew her plans that day or that I was an accomplice, I was not’. Not what I expected. Something to the effect of – there is still a lot worth saving in Jodi. What does that mean? Other than killing a man to save her life, what has she done wrong? And is that wrong?- killing someone who attacks you, to save your life?

  57. I hope that the trial will be postponed for another week because the judge needs to look at all the legal ramifications for her ask she keeps denying the motions for a mistrial…

  58. JVM just said she has read and PRINTED OUT her CURRENT journal she is writing in in jail and its”this thick” Can she do that? What a fucking bitch!! Sorry I know its early but i cant help it!!! Oh yeah can i still get a survivor shirt i want to wait till after i moved to order mine!!! and is there guy versions my boyfriend thinks these are girl and wont wear one.

  59. 10:24 AMMaryEllen Resendez @maryellenabc15Defense Assistant and #jodiarias mother are whispering to one another. Family seems to know what’s happening. They did come in later.

  60. This is getting ridiculous.. I hope there is a good reason for the hold up. I’m afraid all these hold ups will just aggravate the jury. Prayers for Jodi!

  61. Well then jorors, if you are reading…Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves? Do you know that HLN is now on to the next big thing that they can create scandal about? And you bought in to all of their garbage! Shame on you! You have to carry your actions with you for the rest of your lives.

  62. what exactly has the mitigation specialist done ? Is she able to provide reports and such from people that Jodi knows or do people have to physically testify?

    • I would hazard a guess that she would’ve been the one to question Jodi’s witnesses and lodge objections during cross. She’s probably interviewed and rehearsed testimony with potential witnesses for this phase.

      Of course given the plan now is to present no witnesses, that’s out the window.

  63. Dear Admins – I found your site 4 days ago on twitter, it is saving my health and sanity. I am sure I have a lot to contribute to any site that is intelligently fighting for justice for Jodi. I assume you have access to my e-mail address so you are welcome to contact me there. I can give you then my twitter account so you can check my pro Jodi posts – which of course were attacked with filth and bully style. All the TA mob blocked me as well. Until 2 months ago I did not want to follow the trial at all. One day I checked the tag #jodiarias and HLN and I saw a woman being LYNCHED. So I had to step in. I am in it now with love for Jodi and her family. I send all of them and US good spirit vibes. It is a big day today for all of us.

    My comments need not to be awaiting moderation anymore. Time is precious. 🙂

  64. wild says…

    Mike B. and Jodi Arias just came out of chambers. She is speaking with DP Mitigation Specialist now…

    Deputy just took Jodi Arias into the side room.

  65. wild says….

    Jodi Arias father just left the courtroom. Jodi didn’t look happy or sad, just complacent as she went by. Nurmi just returned.

  66. wild just said…

    Mike B placed a paper on the attorneys desk. Nurmi read it, handed it to WIllmott then he left the courtroom. Didn’t look happy.

  67. OH CHYT!!!

    MaryEllen Resendez @maryellenabc15Jennifer Wilmott picks up purse and papers and walks out of #jodiarias courtroom

  68. Just to calm your nerves! Only good is going to come out of this. Feel with me Team Jodi. Focus on the good!

  69. Since there are obviously new faces here today, maybe they missed what I wrote the other day. Reposting:

    * Jurors’ Remorse

    As a former sequestered juror in a hi-profile case who gave a REAL monster 3 death sentences and 4 Life sentences, and who has lived with my thoughts, conscience and dreams for over 30 years since the trial, and a few years since his comeuppance, a needle in the Tennessee State Prison, I can tell you what’s coming up for these jurors. I’m your expert witness in this regard.

    (in 1980, Nashville) Johnson (with no disguise or mask) walked into Bob Bell’s Market (that he regularly frequented, eveyone knew him) where the owner’s 12-year-old son was told to empty the cash register. Johnson then shot the boy in the head, (actually the little black bookworm A-student had his face blown completely off) wounded his father (seriously)and a friend (making him a quadraplegic forever) in the store, and gunned down (shot and killed) James Moore and Charles House (who had nothing to do with anything) outside while they sat in a taxicab. In 1987, Johnson was one of two death row inmates convicted in the 1985 beating death of fellow prisoner Laron Williams at the old Tennessee Penitentiary. ” (Actually he killed two Death Row inmates. He beat the charge of killing an inmate for being on the phone too long). A monster…

    At first, after the trial, I didn’t go back to work for 2 weeks. Self-doubt, nightmares, regular psychological counseling over a 2 or 3 year period. Did I do the right thing? I physically signed his Death Warrant, a document that would be read to him immediately prior to slipping in the needle. He would hear MY name read aloud as the reason he was one minute from meeting his Maker.

    I have had intrusive thoughts, major depressive episodes, PTSD and a splash of BPD since his THUG family threatened to kill the entire jury. On TV. On the 5 o’clock news. In the local Nashville newspaper.

    I and my paralyzed wife live as hermits. Our lives have been affected by this and other things.

    To make a long story short. This will not go away for any juror who has a conscience. When they learn that a DV 2-way fight (IMO) gone REAL BAD is not a DP case, at least some of them WILL come forward because they will feel a deep sense of shame after realizing that JM/HLN sold them a sack of shit as it relates to the M1 and DP charge. Some will commit suicide. I predict 1/3 of them will seek therapy. Some will move on with their lives, but not all. If they tell you that 5 years from now, most of them will be lying.

    The Fat Lady will NEVER sing for many of these jurors. IMO, of course.

    For now, it’s the glare/glow of being important that soothes their conscience. At least a few of them, statistically, actually have a conscience no matter how we sometimes don’t think so.

    I’m old and have a terminal disease. I won’t live to see what happens to the jurors many years from now. Just remember that an old hermit from Tennessee told you so.

    Thanks to the admins for this fine site. May God bless everyone here, even the f’in haters.


  70. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 1m

    Willmott took the paper, grabbed her maroon/salmon bag and also left the courtroom. Can someone please just tell me what’s up? #JodiArias
    Wild About Trial Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 1m

    Mike B placed a paper on the attorneys desk. Nurmi read it, handed it to WIllmott then he left the courtroom. Didn’t look happy.

  71. wild says…
    Willmott took the paper, grabbed her maroon/salmon bag and also left the courtroom. Can someone please just tell me what’s up?

  72. DAMN!!!

    jose miguel @reporterjmiguelNurmi and Willmott have left the courtroom. No one seems to know what is going on

  73. Camille Kimball ‏@CamilleKimball 2m
    Wilmott is getting her urse etc. and walking down the aisle past us out the front door. #JodiArias

  74. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 37s
    I’m hearing there is a motion to stay the trial in the Arizona Court of Appeals. Trying to get it now.

    Maybe just maybe appeals court will step in and stop this farce of a trial!

  75. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 1m
    I’m hearing there is a motion to stay the trial in the Arizona Court of Appeals. Trying to get it now.

  76. I think Jodi SHOULDN’T N say ANYTHING!

    It be a waste anyway! This jury has already made up their minds and all she’ll do is give the midia and haters something else to talk about.

    Dont say anything Jodi, wait for your appeal.

  77. Every tweet about the perceptions of how Jodi and her defense team have been feeling, or about how the prosecutor has been feeling, have been inaccurate.

    People in the courtroom need to report what they see and stop reporting about how they think everyone looks/feels.

  78. I agree!!!:>)))

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 2m @emicska It’s like a time out in the last minutes of a football game

  79. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 47s
    Two official looking sheriff type guys just went into the side room where #JodiArias is held. Very suspenseful in here! SUP?!?!?

    Expand Reply



    Wild About Trial Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 3m
    Multiple sherrif deputies just came in and talked to Valerie and left. #JodiArias

  80. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 54s
    #JodiArias’ mother just left out the back of the courtroom. I don’t see any more of her family in the front row now.

  81. 10:45 AMElizabeth Erwin @elizabetherwinFound something on the state appellate court website that says Arias vs. Judge Stephens…trying to open it now. #JodiArias

  82. I’ll bet the DT took a Writ right up over Pickle’s head. Appealed for a show cause hearing to a superior court. That’s what it sounds like. IANAL.

    • Nurmi has a look on his face that I get when I am waiting in line for a ride at Magic Mountain and a group of people cut in front.#JodiArias

    • both Jodi’s mother and father have left the courtroom…and Jodi has left the courtroom…only the defense team is in the courtroom at this moment….

      Waiting to see if any of them show back up….???

  83. UUUGGG!!! This is the first time I want to hear what Judge Pickles has to say!! she has to say something to the jury about the delay in open court!! Please hurry before i puke!

  84. 10:51 AMMaryEllen Resendez @maryellenabc15AZ Supreme Ct tells @CoreyABC15 so far “Stay” has not been officially filed by #jodiarias attys

  85. Question for AA( or anyone else who can answer my question) reposting.

    AA, you seem to be very knowledgable about the appellate process. what do you think will happen in this case? Do you think the appellate court will overturn this jury’s verdict? Do you think they will go by the facts in the case and not public opinion? Is there any hope for Jodi? I have lost faith in this judicial system completely.

    Also, I just saw that it took 22 years on death row before the Milke sentence was Overturned. Where is the justice in that? That is the same as serving the rest of your life in prison! If Jodi’s case took that long, I don’t think she will be alive that long. This case has already taken a toll on her! Please tell me her’s would be overturned in a couple of years at least.

    • Her best bet is to appeal cause she did not get a fair trial. This trial was on TV for the world (and the jury) to see,. The jury was not sequestered so that could have unfairly hurt her case as well.

  86. I am new to this site but glad I found it. Feeling very nervous for Jodi and wishing her the very best of everything!! Can’t stand the site of Juan M. I think he is a Bully azz Jerk with the facial features of a rat. The suspense is pretty painful

  87. This woman’s strength never ceases to amaze me. I would be crumbled on the floor sobbing. I have so much love and respect for you Jodi. You have a life worth living. These people need to see that.

  88. 11:02 AMsteve krafft @SKrafftFox10#jodiarias #fox10 “Some people may not believe I am a survivor of domestic violence. They are entitled to their opinion.”-Jodi Arias

  89. Just popping in to leave a good day to everybody. I am
    In my hometown today because I attended the funeral of my best friends mother who was, at times, like a mother for me too. Sad day today. Time is short. Cried a lot for Jodi, too, today. I don’t know what’s happening right now and I will have to leave for a small gathering and wine drinking right now, but I will tune in later at night ( it is already 8 pm over here) and I hope everything goes well. Will not be able to take much more heartbreak today.
    Hugs to everybody who is in need of one.

  90. This is so sad. She shouldn’t have to prove her life is worth living. Her life is worth living. This is making me feel sick.

  91. It’s pointless Juan will say that none of this matters and she continues lying to the jury. I would have preferred her to stay quiet, but at least she got her two cents of being DV and death threat to friend.

  92. I’m not usually a person who hates, but I have such a hatred for TA. HE took all of these things away from her, Jodi didn’t. He ruined her life. I hope he is burning somewhere. Fucker!

  93. And Nancy Disgrace says all say does is trace magazine images, eat it new ND, look at her beautiful nice portray.

  94. Somebody who all her life never been to jail or gotten in to trouble. then now in prison?? there wasnt any money involved in her relationship with Travis. She is completely innocent. She was protecting herself.

  95. JA at her very best today – poised, and articulate. So very proud of how she is carrying herself. Totally amazing.

  96. I’m so sorry Jodi.
    Bless you and your family—you have all suffered.
    You have had to be stronger than anyone can even imagine.

    I watch the television and see Jodi laying her soul bare in front of the jury (pearls before swine)—- and I’m so sad.
    Carl, Angela
    … could any one person sentence another person to death?
    It’s not about the ‘heat of PASSION….in the MOMENT’
    ….an argument out of control…..
    and These selected batch of “individuals'” charged with the task to determining her FATE.
    and——Who among us may truly judge another in clear conscience?

    I pray that AT LEAST one juror will understand that JODI could be a tremendous friend and benefit to so many women who are incarcerated–
    Jodi is a giving YOUNG woman with so much left to offer.

    She has accepted her ruling—-
    She IS a decent, talented and intelligent woman.
    May God be with her. But for the Grace of God go any of us.
    Please Lord have Mercy.

  97. Oh man my heart just aches for her mom. Joid must get her strength from her mom because her mom has been amazing through all of this.

    • I’m sobbing.She is such a brave woman.I admire her more than I could possibly express with words.

  98. Hey everyone~I am in tears right now..Jodi was so eloquent and I’m praying that the jury will give her life…I can’t be on here all the time…this takes an emotional toll on me to the point that I get physically ill..Prayers to all of you and especially Jodi. Vinnie is talking…turning volume down. Will check in and out on this forum when I can.
    Love to you guys~

    • I almost can’t bear to watch anymore. Her family has suffered through so much through this, and on top of it the media hounding them.

      How anyone can want a precious light like Jodi taken away, is unfathomable to me.

      • Amen.

        Jodi’s family has been treated HORRIBLY through this trial.

        It’s Shameful.

        Jodi has shown more poise than I could ever imagine doing myself though this ‘Inquisition….’

        It’s heartbreaking.

        I am immensely grateful to have found this site to at least meet some people of a like mind———-the overall understanding of my pro Jodi stance by the ‘genpop’ has been lacking.
        How can there be such GLEE to watch a beautiful woman crucified?

        It leaves me dumbfounded that so many people bought into the Alexander story that JM spun.

        I guess there would have been a different spin on this if Jodi hadn’t defended herself– and She was found in the shower?????????

        How many times does she need to beg for her LIFE?
        How Dare THEY?

        Jodi, you are in my prayers. This sucks.

  99. She has so much more to offer this world. I cannot imagine anyone not seeing her inner beauty. She is strong and beautiful and she is completely being sustained right now by God. I believe that.

  100. Oh I am crying at work, they think I am crazy, my heart is breaking, please dont put her to death, there has been enough death, I dont understand people that want more death, it makes me sick, I cant work

  101. So, please, someone explain to me how we need to protect society, from that woman, to the point that we need to KILL her?

    ANyone, someone?

    Make something up…try to argue that…Let the haters respond… I need to know how ANYONE could think that she should be killed, to protect our society?

  102. That was really beautiful. She did well. She didn’t apologize for self defense, she still maintained it was self defense, but she did apologize for the pain that the action of self defense caused others, which even though it is not her fault, the jury wanted to hear

  103. Sitting at work with tears streaming down my face. What a travesty. HLN can spin this however they feel fit. I will not watch one second. Jodi Arias is a class act and a strong woman.

  104. I’m so PROUD of my angel right now.
    She’s the most dignified,sweet,caring person I’ve met in my life.
    She deserves the world.

    • Just heard HLN ‘s drunk JVM say “Oh, no she didn’t,,, when Jodi showed the Survivor tee …I had already ordered one but now …. I am ordering at least 20!

  105. Posted my final screw you to the haters who are saying “not one I’m sorry”. They don’t even listen. OK I hate them now too.

    • She took complete responsibility. She did more than simply say an I’m sorry. They’re going to hate no matter what.

  106. I dont know anything about anything legally but did she say anything that would hurt her in an appeal? I hope and pray not, please? Does anyone know?