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While the jurors deliberate, leave your comments below on the afternoon session of Tuesday’s AZ State Circus.


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    • I’m glad Jodi changed her mind about death. She has acknowledged the gravity of her mistake and is truly remorseful. That said, and being experienced in psychology, I suggest she not try to waive any possible appeals, because once you say that, you CAN”T GET the CHANCE back! In my educated opinion, Jodi was indeed a victim of, at least emotional, sexual abuse, and neglect. Her parents should’ve gotten her the help she needed. Whether planned or not, it was still a crime of passion; escalated beyond what she had thought would happen, whether she brought a weapon or not. It can be scary when your against a man. Her best bet is to LET THE MEDIA ATTN. FADE! That can only hurt her-public opinion is harsh, and assumes what it does not know. Only she knows what truly happened, and the “mult-faceted circumstances” I’m not saying its an excuse, but its ground for an appeal. She needs to keep in tuch with the lawyers that already know her case, and the psychiatrists that can appeal her on the grounds of mental illness.

      • Jayne,

        I couldn’ty agree more — once the media banshees stop devoting entire shows to “marketing” a particular view of Jodi’s case to the public (and remember, long, long, before any of the jurors promised to adhere to the judge’s admonition not to read about or watch coverage of the case, they were all living in Mesa from 6/4/08 until jury selection). So hello. That jury had already been condition by all the tabloid tv.

        What I couldn’t agree with more is that what happened on 6/4/08 is quite obviously a crime of passion. There was nothing “cold blooded” about what happened in those much debated 90 seconds.

        I pray that as soon as this week is over — even if the jury can’t agree on death — that an agressive attorney will appeal based on two points: (1) the act she is convicted of occurred in the heat of passion (2) since the prosecutor himself presented a psychologist who sold the jury on the fact that she’s a borderline personality — then so be it. Borderlines, experts have been saying, would likely not be capable of the planning the prosecution attributed to her.

        • The Death Penalty has no place in a civilized society! The massive HLN media coverage has created nothing short of a “lynch mob” – I expect to turn on the tv and see mobs carrying torches and huge long logs of wood breaking down the court house doors! this has got to be the biggest circus and longest trial in recorded history.
          .. I am praying the jury will consider the fact that they will one day have to give an account to the Living God who is ultimately the the Real Judge. I find it hard to believe any Christian who is a true believer in Jesus Christ could impose the death penalty. Jesus clearly taught ” thou shalt not Judge for with what judgement you render it will be rendered back to you!
          I pray that the jury will grant Jodi her life. Our God is a God of Mercy and forgiveness. I only wish a true christian had intervened in Jodi’s life before she got hung up in the other faith that was bent on destruction and must be a form of the Anti-Christ! .
          All I can say is we all need to pray for Jodi and for our justice system. Surely she will be granted a new trial. And if you ask me she has spent enough time in hell from the day she first set foot in the state of AZ.
          I also think if the jury tries to kill Jodi based on lies, they should ask themselves if they themselves should deserve such a sentence, since it is unbelievable that they did not discuss the case and watch media throughout the trial and enter the court room daily and keep silent when asked by the judge if they had watched coverage or read newspapers or talked about the case.
          again, I am praying for Mercy for Jodi. and after all the is no one without sin,. I mean don’t we all need forgiveness? Let us not give up faith and hope.

          • You are exactly right. I’ve expected to see pitchforks and torches, and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit to see those crazies beating down the courthouse door.

            Not sure if someone else said this as I can’t read all the comments, but HLN was lobbying the jurors for the death penalty as soon as Jodi finished speaking. They’re having a field day.

      • i think my head will explode,having a freakinf headache.This is too stressful.I admire Jodi for holding up so well.

        • i am glad i found this site. i have been so angry watching the HLN people cut and shed jodi for not acting the way they want . it is my opinion, from the days i have watched, (I didnt watch it all), but, what i feel is Travis was a bigger than life personality that basically shut jodi down. she wasnt able to react to him while he was alive. tack on 4yrs sitting around in county jail, who knows how much crying she has already done. the girl is doing the best she freaking can! omg! no one knows what its like to sit in county jail unless u have done so. it strips u from the outside world.
          i was surprized as hell to find out travis one sister IS a police officer!? she of all people should understand what its like in county jail.
          I very much feel travis was a pig. of course his siblings are not gonna know his sexual preferences. well, they do now. but, he was a BIG DUDE, and jodi is a slight gal. How the hell did he expect to keep pushing her buttons, abusing her sexually, treating her like his sex animal. it may have split her mind. who knows. she was used IMO. maybe the day she murdered him and took photos, maybe she screamed ‘U WANT PHOTOS NOW U PIG, HERE YOU GO!!! HOWS IT FEEL!’. He pushed her over the edge, and she snapped. Remember Mizz Bobbit? who cut her mans penis off? Well, woman can only take so much from an agressive sexual dude. As i already said, i missed alot of the trial. But, i feel for Jodi. I loathe HLN for acting like they are in a sandbox. They lack professionalism.

  1. Oh I am in tears! That was so brave, and beautifully written and spoken. I pray the jurors will have mercy for Jodi.

    • Good job Jodi! You did GREAT! I’ll be giving money to help for your appeal!
      Lots of love!
      Missy R

        • I’m not sure how AZ court system works, but on appeal (which she’ll win), SJ, could you pass the word somehow, about that stupid family sitting SO CLOSE to the jury!! Here we go again! Lemon Mouth & Bobble Head FAKE crying, looking at the jury, they can touch!! This would NEVER happen in my State! They would move them, or REmove them for such conduct! Either sit there and conduct yourself in a PROPER manner, or LEAVE! This should NOT be allowed!!

          • I didn’t see the mormonite freaks crying today. They seemed annoyed, pissed, and angry just glaring (intimidating once again) Jodi as she spoke. I felt her speech was just fine. She said she wished this NEVER happened. She just didn’t look at the Alexanders and give them any satisfaction..Way to go. I’m sure they will be featured on HLN someway or another..With that being said what happened to Abe and Juror#8 and the other juror that was soooo concerned? I wonder if SKY made it out without speaking to press??? They are just one despicable bunch. JM is the most disgusting too…I think he’s trying to land a regular spot on HLN. Poor poor Travis…boohoo boohoo…Hooray 4 Jodi to prevent him from preying upon anyone else his vile family and religion.

    • She showed TRUE DIGNITY!!! unlike the fake tears and lies of TA’S Wicked brother & sister. But HLN is tearing her apart right now! This poor girl can’t win… whatever she would have said today …in HLN”s eyes she a the worst person ever! Even Dhemer wasn’t hated so much! I hate HLN soooo much I wish we could join together and get them off the air.

      • Agreed! They already have Caryn Kelley convicted, and Zimmerman! They don’t even have a jury picked yet, but HLN has them under the jail, and 1 foot in the grave! Here it goes again! I wonder if they’ll set up another studio for them like they did Jodi!

          • Yeah, he made my daughter’s life a living hell! The loss of her daddy, then posting that to my wall on FB on my sexual abuse as a child! She cut herself 3 days later! I just found out Saturday night! I am PISSED!

            • OMG!! I am Soooo sorry ;( that is awful!! Can you press a lawsuit against him? He seems to have something personal against Jodi, I mean the entire HLN staff really demonizes her but Dumbass minny volatile really possesses some serious hatred I think he needs some psychological help!! Have you pressed the issue with the network at all?? I hope so!

      • She gave a very beautiful, moving speech, and she did it with dignity, that is exactly right.

        The Mormon Hate Machine, HLN, JM, and co. I want to see them go down.

      • And you should check out the lies Nancy Disgrace uses about her murdered fiance to make her story sound better!

        • Give me an update… I knew she lied many times, but I can’t find it anywhere online… I’m not sure which version is true. All I do know, if she keeps on, her hubby may walk with the twins, and leave her to sit in all her misery! Who says, O my life would’ve been so different if he hadn’t been murdered! Bet her kids, and hubby appreciate that!! Playing the victim much Disgrace?

        • Nancy Grace’s murdered ex-fiance dodged a different bullet.

          “Nan” really can’t shut up about his murder–I mean doesn’t her current husband get sick of hearing her rant about another dude (“Lucy and John” DO have a father, right?) sigh.

          Pity they couldn’t touch up her roots before she did her prison gig for HNL.

          • I wouldn’t be surprised if the assailant wasn’t actually shooting at that bitch and hit the cunt’s boyfriend instead. Truthfully, that poor bastard got off easy!! Fuck Nancy Grace!!!

        • I don’t know why I do it, but i’ll turn on NG occasionally just for train wreck value. She has to be one of the most vile people on Earth – the rudeness with which she treats guests, asking for opinions then getting absolutely rude if they speak their minds. If she’s so ‘right’ it’s hard to understand why she thinks anything but 100% agreement is offensive or threatening. The shamelessness with which she goes into a tirade, then does the sympathy for veterans or whatever, shows what a fake she is. Throwing out her dead fiance and her kids makes it all the more pathetic – most people wouldn’t shamelessly capitalize on the death of a loved one, but NG – no problem. I loved it when the CA Jury member called her out on her BS…too bad she makes money off this schtick – even worse that she’s getting rich and fanning the flames. Even assume Jodi was guilty of everything NG says, for someone that cares about victims so much, what good does she think she’s doing about parading a girls private parts for the world and ensuring that Jodi’s family and friends see this. I’m not a boycott advocate, but I definitely go out of my way to avoid anything I see advertised on her show

      • Dwane ..cant think of his last name.. just about the only attorney who tries to say positive things.. said… They wouldnt be happy unless Jodi shot herself right in front of the jury..

    • Same here.
      I turned off HLN immediately after she finished. I couldn’t stand to see the inevitable ripping apart of Jodi and her family after that moving speech.

      • I did the exact same thing I watched inside the courtroom on my phone via the link SJ provided! Thank you for that SJ I hate HLN!! Jodi was amazing I was balling through the whole thing she is so brave!

    • I’m amazed at how she was able to stay so calm and keep her composure. Not that it matters to this jury but I thought her words were very heartfelt and the section about holidays and her poor family holding her picture were very moving. I’m so glad I’m watching this on the live feed because I would shoot my tv if I had to listen to the HLN hacks tearing apart her words.

  2. When they say ”life” that means life without parole, right?

    If they can’t agree or decide, what happens?

    • It could be either one. If they can’t agree, the judge will thank them, dismiss them and she will give the penalty herself. The only ones she can give are Life or LWOP.

      • Ok. Thanks Ed.

        Just watched the first part of Jodi’s presentation that I missed. There’s absolutely no reason to not let her teach people to read, speak Spanish or donate hair. Even if you think she’s guilty of everything and the kitchen sink. Please crazy jury, please.

  3. OMG Is there an app to shut Judge Ratched up?
    Her reading is like being on 5 Ambiens and wandering
    lost in the woods without a compass.

      • HLN is saying if Jodi gets life, she would be in a maximum security prison with very little interaction with other inmates? Is this true? If so, why would that happen?

        Also, I thought that Jodi did a wonderful job today. I felt her. I think that HLN really is shameful,

      • Defen-DANT….. I thought I was the only one who caught that. I also thought Jodi’s statement was heartfelt and courageous but HLN is riot seeking haters. There are a couple commentators on HLN that are courageous enough to admit she did well. They probably have to limit anything good they have to say, so they can stay on as guests. I wish just one strong defense attorney would admit the case and verdict was media driven. They really are shameful and they are making the a mockery of the justice system.

        First, T.A. was no Jim Baker but he was considered a priest in his church. He was clearly leading a double life between his church and job. This double life benefited him greatly. The only reason the jury did not catch on, is the media input and the very calculated bullying by Juan. I sure hope they give her life because the truth will surface when the dust settles and they will be sorry.

        Would it have been so bad to teach the viewers what real justice is all about? What Juan did was a
        stomp all over the constitution and lie. His expert witnesses lied about key testimony that could potentially put someone to death.

        The only real truth we learn from the HLN crew….Is that Nancy & Dr. Drew want their children to be just like T.A. A model person……..(lol)

        • I want them to overturn the whole damn thing. I don’t think she deserves life in prison, she deserves maybe 10 years and then she should walk, especially based on this kangaroo court she’s been put through and her family has been put through.

  4. I’m sorry but in a situation such as this, a domestic violence death, where the defendant has never been in trouble in her life. giving her death is way over the top and uncalled for and if I may say so overkill,
    Death serves no purpose here. Especially when it should have been no more than a Manslaughter conviction to begin with or self defense which I would have voted for.

    • I totally agree. Let me say this. There are 100s of females who have committed murders who do not sit on death row. I feel, the media is pushing for death. This upsets me. I do not know if the jurors watch HLN each nite when they go home, but HLN has been one sided this entire time. They are swaying the jury, nite after nite with their opinions. Their opinions are spoken as if WE the people feel the same! This infuriates me! They need to shut up. Keep their feelings to theirselves. Nancy grace is the worst of them all. How many times do we have to hear her story about the person she loved who was murdered?How many times do we have to hear Nancy Grace repeat ‘This has been the Jodi Arias SHow’! The venom in NGrace reaks of jealousy. If the media wants to talk to Jodi, that is her right. Amy Fisher got 3 movie deals. OH! I LOVED the Sherriff tonite!!! Vincent, from HLN (whom I loathe as well) tried to push the sherriffs buttons, asking ‘why is media allowed in to talk to her’. The sherriff put vincent in his place, several times. I noticed the switch in Vincent, as he tried to ‘make nice’ with the sherriff who clearly didnt like HLNs Vincent. BRAVO to the Sherriff who said “WE have nothign to hide, and its her right, her first admendment’… loved it!

  5. The man sitting behind the defense team was Uylsses Ferregut , another defense attorney, so they must be getting ready for appeals .

  6. Every time I heard her say death I thought of medieval times. This country is shameful. Execution is uncivilized and banned in western democracies, except here. And how religious hypocrites can sentence someone to death is doubly revolting. I really need to move to Europe.

      • OregonMom, I once supported the death penalty, but have in the last 10 years change my mind. There are to many people in prison that are innocent due to prosecutors just like JM. They are not interested in the truth only a conviction.

    • Well said Nancy.
      I, like all on here was deeply moved by Jodi’s words. Yet even for those who believed Jodi to be guilty of pre meditated murder, what possible benefit can be gained by sentencing her to death? We talk of rehabilitating prisoners and wanting them to lead purposeful, productive lives, so why do they want to stop that in this case? Why? There can be no other reason than vengeance. How on earth a society that considers itself civilised can want that as ‘justice’ beggars belief.

    • Well put! The hypocrisy of the death penalty shows how neanderthal our society still is. It embarrasses me to admit I’m from a state that still carries it out. (Friends in France think our knuckles drag on the ground – had this said to me once). Even those who are not innocent, it isn’t right. It brings us to a lower level, I have not heard one word about forgiveness, all I hear and read is about punishment – it disgusts me. Compared to many other horrific situations where people have killed, Jodi has been crucified. That this jury was not sequester, with no chance of seeing news/papers/television, is not right. Any trial put on public television ought to be sequestered juries only.

  7. So stupid question, here, but is all talk about a “stay” and Jodi vs Judge Stevens all out the window, or was it gossip, or just speculation? I am still hoping Nurmi went over this incompetent judge’s head to get things done.

    • Someone reported on twitter that Jodi team made an inquiry about filing for a stay to the Appeal Court but didn’t actually file.

      • Thanks, Dave C. I was (and still am) very much hoping for the judge and jm to pay for their crimes they committed during this trial (in my eyes, they committed many from biasing the jury to witness intimidation and more) .

        • Yes. I hope this whole thing completely blows up in the faces of all of those involved in perpetrating this farce. From the Mormon lynch mob “teams” (yes, I am quite sure that is the case, and that’s why it’s been “team travis”), to Juan Martinez, to Judge pickle face, to HLN. They have all been involved, and some of them should go to jail.

  8. They’re STILL not satisfied, she DIDNT say sorry TO the family!!!! That’s all they wanted! She’s COLD and sound like she was giving a power point introduction, bla bla bla…..

    I wish she wouldn’t have said anything but I guess, she knows why she did and hopefully it wont affect the appeals.

    • LC…

      If she stood there with a knife against her own throat and told the jury she was going to slit her own throat right there in the courtroom because she wanted to die they would have said it was not fair because she killed herself before they could…and they would call her a self-serving narcissistic psychopath….

      They will NEVER be happy because they are UNHAPPY within themselves…

      FUCK THEM. FUCK THEM in Macy’s window for the world to see. FUCK THEM FUCK THEM FUCK THEM…!

      • Fuck it, Janeen, let’s tell it like it is. If she stood in court, stabbed herself 500 times and slashed her own throat, they’d STILL find a way to blame her for the trauma she caused everyone who had to see that.

        • NO SHIT!!!!! ^5!!!!! LOL LOL LOL You said it sister!!!!! LOL

          Let’s do tell it like it is!!!!! LOL LOL

        • No doubt! She’s always wrong! Cry = too late, Doesn’t cry = cold hearted, Sorry = no you’re not, doesn’t say sorry = it’s all about her….. Aaaaaaaaagh!!! No matter what she does OR says, she’s wrong! Biased SOB’s!!! I hate HLN!!!

    • LC, don’t hurt yourself over them. That lying media found their audience and is pandering to that audience. I refuse to believe that the majority of people are like that. The haters all watch hln because they are sheep and too ignorant to think for themselves – which is why they turn to media to think for them. I recently had a dinner party and brought up the trial at conversation. EVERYONE at the table listened, asked questions and used their own brains to discuss the case. Please, keep the faith and good thoughts for Jodi.

    • uh…dear HLN fuck you fuck you and fuck you, she was
      giving a power point presentation of her life through pictures
      WTF are they tripping on? What do they think that thing she was
      clicking was…it was her choice on how she wanted to give
      her presentation. They make me want to crawl under a rock
      and hibernate for the next 100 years! I really hate them

    • But she did LC, she said she never meant to cause Steven or the family so much pain and she didn’t know the grandmother had died and felt badly that she may have inadvertently caused that as well.

    • Somewhere I heard – not sure where – but one of the rules is that Jodi was not allowed to address the family. So now she is being criticized because she followed the rules? That is as bad as when the THs and haters were saying that ALV didn’t interview the Alexander family while knowing full well that she was restricted from doing so.

    • I KNEW they would say that. They barely let her finish before they started in on her. That pig Vinnie Politan was in the middle of a vicious attack when I turned the channel because I cannot stomach one more second of their crazed vitriol.

      If Jodi ADMITS to what they want her to admit to, and apologizes for it, then she’s signing her own death warrant, and she will lose any appeal.

      Those people couldn’t be more gleeful at having her in such a horrible situation.

      What they’ve put her through will probably take a lot of years off of her life, and the life of her family just from the tremendous stress and pressure of the hatred aimed at them.

      There are tribes who kill people by shunning them and giving them hate vibes, and it works. They’ve been trying to do that to Jodi and her family and it’s pure evil.

      She has shown profound remorse to the limit.

  9. I know this seems silly, but I was watching Runaway Juror for the first
    time the other night with my roommate & we were laughing * yet entertained *
    at how ludicrous and far-fetched the story was. I turned to my roommate & said
    “This is so fucked up like The Jodi Arias Trial”
    and he said “Her trial is just as far-fetched like a Hollywood movie”
    and we both looked at each other & said “hummmmmm I wonder if
    someone on the jury’s been planted & someone’s being paid off”
    We both nodded and agreed as crazy life imitating art, but in this case
    art sometimes
    imitates life

    • I would not be surprised. Witnesses have been tampered with and threatened. Jurors have been removed behind closed doors. It isn’t far fetched at all. Hollywood had plenty of examples to chose from, but usually it is an organized crime operation, not prosecution in league with religious cults.

    • I agree. In my life, truth has always been much stranger than fiction.

      I’ve been up against the resistance of people to believe things that are absolutely true, just because they don’t think they are believable.

      Hollywood could never “sell” some of the real stories out there.

      Plus, it wouldn’t surprise me for a second that people have been paid off.

      I know of some extremely serious bribes being a matter of course in some high places. Fact.

  10. I was wondering the same thing.

    verena besse ‏@verenabesse 7m
    @michaelbkiefer you have any idea who is sitting in the back of the defense team the tall gentleman?

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 6m
    @verenabesse Defense attorney Ulysses Ferragut. here is his web site. I think he may be the appeals lawyer for her.

    “In Arizona a person who has been convicted of a criminal offense at trial has the right to take an appeal of the conviction within 20 days after entry of judgment and sentence. many appeals deal with issues related to errors of law made either in pre-trial rulings or during the trial and claims of prosecutorial misconduct.
    The Law Firm has successfully represented numerous clients on appeal. Please contact the Law Firm to discuss representation as each case is unique.”

      • Me too, Maria!

        Btw, i saw your earlier post about how you were mowing down everyone in your path on your bicycle onwy back home from work. Tee hee gave me a little chuckle.


        ((((((((Team Jodi))))))) too.

        • ((((((((((Sable)))))))))))
          And to think I was not on my bike but driving haha!! I must have tooted more times that I can count 🙂

    • I hope this guy is good, and prepared to take on some extremely serious issues, and set some precedents, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, and I hope that is exactly what happens.

      The issues that have been roiling for long enough are social media, HLN, and the like.

      Included is the mormon cult media blitz. I am convinced that they have been TOLD to go onto every comment section of every news article on the internet and flame everyone who defends Jodi Arias or tries to discuss the real issues of the case.

      The Mormon spin machine is all over this.

      As I’ve said before, think of how bad it looks for the mormon church when the average person views Travis Alexander as your average young mormon adult. There are a lot of disgusting sexual terms that I had to look up in slang dictionaries specifically related to mormons getting around their own moral guidelines (provo push, for example)

      Mitt Romney was a Presidential Candidate. Who thinks he still doesn’t plan on running in the future? He’s not that old, is he? That makes the mormon image in the national consciousness crucial to the mormon political machine. For decades they have been crafting an image focused on making them “mainstream” instead of a freaky fringe cult that believes in the angel “Moroni” (LOL,MORON) and polygamy and everything else. Not to mention pushing into the distant past their extremely bloody and murderous history. They are a CULT, they are not mainstream, and their agenda hinges on getting the public to believe they are just another conservative religion.

      Jodi really got caught in an awful convergence of circumstances.

      I’m not a cryer, but I could not help crying at her heartfelt speech.

  11. I personally think that some jurors are going too feel they made the wrong decision after hearing Jodi speak to them! It was perfect I think, she showed compassion, accountability, remorse, humility, humanity and above all that she could not have committed this act purposely! I really think that these jurors will have a crisis of conscience eventually.

    I never watched the travis family speak out, I did read from a few on here and SJ that they were not in touch, and I had to chuckle a bit knowing that they would hate to have me as a sibling because my daughter has been instructed that any family member or friend of mine for that matter that has not spoken with me within the last six months of my death will never be informed of my death nor be invited to my funeral or given anything LOL. I just personally take issue with people thinking they can not speak to you like for ever but remain close, nah not in my world, the TA family is delusional.

    • No Shit Penny….I say the same thing: if you didn’t love me and share my life when I was alive – FUCK YOU when I’m dead…don’t bring your phony ass shit around my family when I’m gone.


    • Penny, well said! I have family all over the US and we talk weekly. Another thing that pisses me off was listening to his siblings talking about the financial hardship this has caused them. What a big fat lie. They have profited from there brothers death. And Steven, he needs to grow up and be a man and give his wife and daughter the man they deserve.

      Jodi did one hell of a job today. And as others who have posted it wouldn’t have made a bit of difference what she said the goonies from HLN would jump all over it.

      • see that is why I couldn’t watch them Tim. I just could not stomach it. Who the hell brings up financial hardship when morning a loved one, you may think about it of course but to use it as a feel sorry for me. BS to that.

        Yes, you are right it wouldnt matter as far as the Haters and Liars network is concerned, but I really am hoping that the jurors are like dam we made a mistake !!!!! I do not see how some of them cannot be thinking that.

      • Wasn’t it Steven who was arrested for domestic violence?

        If you do the math, those siblings are raking it in, they are profiting off of Travis Alexander’s death.

  12. Ok, iv decided to buy the “Survivor” t-shirt. I wanted to get one but since HLN and the media want to make a BIG deal out of it, I think ill BUY TWO!!!! : D~

    Does anyone know if I can buy TWO “Survivor” t-shirts at the same time OR do I have to make TWO different purchases?

    • Still waiting for my paycheck in order to be able to afford it 🙁 I’m sooo looking forward to it!!

    • I just did!! take that Jane Velez Mitchel …. you and your stupid remark about … “Did I just hear that ? ” about Jodi pushing her t-shirts! You self- righteous hypocrite!!

    • I ordered my two thio this afternoon, one black and one white, but I must be dense or something because I could not figure out how to order both in one purchase. I just went ahead and ordered twice. Lol.

      I thought it was great that Angela was wearing hers in the courtroom yesterday!

      I am so sad for the Arias family. But glad they are there for Jodi. yesterday. I as afternjust ordered

  13. Jodi did a wonderful job up there today. Very courageous and powerful. Her soul is truly a kind and empathetic soul who wants to create good out of every bad situation, who loves life and loves people. I am proud of her and proud to be a supporter on her journey of making a positive difference in our world. I believe this is the beginning a real change in the views of domestic violence. Our society is so ignorant in this area and maybe God chose Jodi to be in this place at this time to bring awareness to this ignorance. Domestic violence is real and will always turn into tragedy on way or another. Usually we hear about the man killing his intimate partner though in Jodi’s case, she fought for her life and survived. I pray that society can finally start wrapping their heads around this complexity of the dynamics of intimate partner violence.
    LOVE YOU JODI!!!!!

    • Thanks guys…Everyone here supporting Jodi, are all making a difference in this epidemic of dv..its all of our voices together that are making it happen…. Never are we defeated when we speak our truth…
      Our voices are change and with Jodi behind our passion, we will help others and her soul will feel free.

    • I couldn’t agree more. She moved me to tears, and I was trying not to because I hate crying.

      Also, late last night I watched the Darryl Brewer videos. I couldn’t load the last two though. He completely validated my gut feelings regarding this case. He was very courageous and a man of integrity.

      He described someone who was kind, thoughtful, responsible, loving, well loved and liked by her friends, who still has many friends and supporters where he’s from. He said he trusted her with his son.

      He said he was on the verge of marrying her, and the only reason he didn’t is that he felt he did not spend enough time with his son, and that he knew Jodi wanted children and when she had a child that would make him have even less time for the son he already has.

      He told how much she changed when she got involved with the mormons and PPL, that she read the book “The Secret”, which was part of the whole PPL sales pitch (I gathered that from what he said, don’t remember exactly how he put it).

      He said that she’s the same Jodi somewhere inside and that she needs help. To me it was exactly the portrait of an abused woman, exactly. He’s probably the person who tried to get her parents to help her.

      He said point blank that she was NOT using him for money, that he had no money when he met her.

      He also said the reason that he had hidden his face while testifying was to try to keep his son from being bullied at school (14 yr. old middle school), and it sounded like, now he was mad and he didn’t care about showing his face, it was now about telling the truth and not being afraid of the Jodi hater-nazis.

      I was very, very moved by his interview. WHY was that suppressed?

      Please, let us get someone with the heart of a badger (far more courageous than a lion) to fight this.

      For everyone who, along with Jodi Arias, has been slandered, libeled, shouted down and drowned out in a quest for justice.

    • Tracy, that was very well said. I too, am so proud of her. On her way to the podium I was praying for her and Yes she did very well. Thank you for saying what you did. Everything that happens is for a reason. Jodi is a good person you see it. and as time passes she will prove it and its just a matter of time and she will be out of prison. I will be praying for her and her family….as for the HLN people they can kiss one anothers ass, they are pure evil and full of hate. All of them to look at their own lives.

      • She needs somebody like him !!! I feel much better knowing that somebody is interested in her appeal, if that’s the case !!!

      • Danielle, I read that article and I believe I’m in love with him! lol But seriously, he is exactly what is needed – someone who knows how to ‘play their game,’ compassionate AND passionate about true justice. I think the day may be coming where people realize it is not the defense attorneys who should be put under a spotlight – but prosecutors who should be. The article says many lawyers call Mr. Farragut arrogant and a media-whore, but I say to them, look in the mirror.

      • That is music to my ears. Clearly she needs an agressive attorney for the Appeals process and (fingers crossed) since this is an Appellate Court matter Kermit won’t be a part of it. I’m already dreading having to hear his voice again this afternoon.

  14. She held herself well. Very strong. But with that jury who knows!!!! They are going to their I phones and I pads to see what JON thinks so they can make their decision. And do we really have to listen to Martinez again? I mean like really? It’s over DONE!! Let the jury make their decision. We don’t need his pacing, his snide remarks nor his side to side hand movements and especially not his lies to mislead jury more. UGH!

  15. Glad I stumbled upon the group a few days ago…I honestly thought I was going insane in thinking that I was the only one whose “hinkey meter” was going off since the first day of this trial! I’ve long since lost faith in this country’s judicial system where prosecutors act like 5 year olds throwing temper tantrums, the judge is a joke (I have a 12 year old Shih Tzu who could do a better job) and acceptable punishment is murder…makes complete NONsense!

    I listened through Jodi’s allocution, and don’t see how anyone (I won’t even mention the media circus…and who made them judge/jury/executioner anyway?) could miss Jodi’s apology!!! I have zero faith in this jury and believe that they too can’t see past the $ signs in their hollow eyes…God bless!

  16. Jodi could not have done better!!!
    I am so proud of her.

    HLN The hateful Network is NOT HeadLineNews. Who the fuck are they kidding???
    Making fun of her still???
    My GOD!!!!!
    Life in Prison or death?

    THey said yesterday that if she asked for life, ALL matin…… has to do is show her where she wanted death.

    SHE already has said it twice and she reminded them of that what she has preferred, BUT yes for her family.

    I Hate to use the word hate in my vocalbulary, but I loth HLN and their idiot “reporters” WHAT A fucking joke they are.

    WHY don’t they make a difference????? They could. They have the voice. But instead they spread hate and want the rest of the country to join in the woderful world of hate.

    MADE FUN of the Survivor shirt???? Are they fucking kidding me.
    I have not been abused, but I have survived many things, SO I’m going to purchase, ONE to sleep in, wear in public.

    I SURVIVED WATCHING HLN for JODI!!!! That’s just one.
    After this no more HLN.
    The blood thirsty network.

    You go Jodi!!!!

    • They are pissed bc none of the HLN talking heads accurately predicted what Jodi would say. They think they know here so well. You have to have a soul to see her. They portray a monster and she is anything but that.

      I liked in Jodi’s closing when she said she wanted the pain to stop and the healing to start for everyone involved. Is this jury puts her to death row, then this cult runs deeper than we think.

      • And the liars of HLN kept saying that she didn’t say she was sorry…WTF…she did too…they lied again about her….

        I watched the replay on AZ central…it shows slightly different angles than the broadcast of the trial from HLN…

        Jodi does say she is “sorry” right after the part where she is talking about Travis…she says, “at one point he meant the world to me”…then she talked about not knowing that she was capable of that…and before that day she wouldn’t even hurt a spider…then she said…”for that, I will be sorry for the rest of my life”

        I don’t know if Jodi said that she was sorry any other time during her statement…but I happened to be watching it when I heard her say that she was sorry in that above paragraph….

    • Thank you very much because they single handedly had her gtng the death penalty from the word go. Its not a news station if they sit there day in n day out makin fun of sumone like they do. Isnt a news station supposed to be reporting the news n not tainting jury pools n forming lynch mobs. They should be ashamed of there selves esp that bitch at nite whos name isnt even worth mentioning. God Bless

    • I know what you are saying…. I have it on while I am doing house work…for once…and I just wanted to listen for when Jodi’s time would be. I was screaming at the TV…they were all mad and upset that there was a delay….”MYSTERY DELAY” they called it…they were upset…because you know they have have schedule to keep you know…other stories to move on to….there are dead and suffering folks in Oklahoma to exploit! How dare Jodi take any extra time and mess up their broadcast schedule! It’s not like its a life or death matter after all. Gahh

    • I agree she just can’t win with HLN. For days they have been saying the types of things she needs to say to save her life. 1. Admit to killing him and admit to lying about things, 2. Say how much she is sorry and how much pain she caused, 4. They said a good mitigating factor is that she could become a teacher in jail, and 5. Asking for her life even if they think she doesn’t deserve mercy. She said all the things they said she needed to but they still criticize her.

      • All of you,
        This has been so many months in TV that I will NEVER forget, And today they topped it off with their hate after Jodi spoke.
        NO, I could have turned the asses off, BUT I wanted to see how LOW they could possibly go.
        Ryan Smith called it “COLD” then they ALL bashed the SURVIVER shirt.
        Talk about COLD, HLN and their blood thirsty “yakkers” knows very well the meaning of it

        Well they did it. I know watching it on HLN brings up their ratings and I’ve helped them.
        That’s the only way that I could watch. Keeping up on here was not good for my eyes, BUT I love it here. If I tried to watch the trial on the computer, I think I would be almost blind by now,

        If THEY think I’m going tp watch any other trial on there, they are mistaken. I have a friend that blocks the station she doesn’t like, I WILL block them.

        And I AGREE that if Jodi get’s death, the CULT is much deeper and stronger than we realized.
        Sneaky CULT, the worst kind. Take Jim Jones, we knew he was a cult leader, BUT when you have a denomenation that is cult, where do you start?

        I KNOW all of them can be and I’m starting to believe and ask myself IS there ONE that isn’t.

        Those people on he right in court are all Mormon Christians?
        All that I can say is that’s messed up.

        Eli and others I’ll join you in donations ONLY on this site.
        Jodi is an the angel.
        There is a song Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground.
        That’s what happened the day that she met Travis a religion that doesn’t love.

        Go Jodi, no matter the out come you’ve got plenty who love you
        and this trial was out of everyones hands.

  17. Jodi has obviously been thru alot.It took alotta courage n heart to get up there n front of a world that basically wants to lynch her. She was branded as guilty before she even got into a courtroom.Branded by a media that can obviously hold sumones life n there hands alone. It took alot for her to stand up there n basically support herself.IDK why no family or friends spoke on such an important issue as life or death.A friend gets threatened n he/she just walks away.Maybe im different but no way would I leave a friend to hang out to dry.Good luck Jodi and may God Bless you in ur time of need.

  18. What more can the attorney’s say? I wouldn’t want to hear them again. Just go right into deliberations. Nothing anyone says now is going to change any minds. It didn’t before and it sure as hell won’t now.

    I believe that this jury wants Jodi’s blood as bad as Martinez and the Judge and the Alexander siblings do.

  19. For some horrible reason I was blocked from this site. I am very good friends with SJ and he knows I am not a troll or a hater. I would never waste my time. But what hurts is this has been such crucial days and I didn’t even have a place to go concerning Jodi. I didn’t want to bother SJ. He had given me who to get in touch with. But it took a long time to hear from them.

    I am not a hater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Read that and except it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Well atleast she did mention that her friend and her 9year old daughter where THREATEND!

    Why is NOONE talking about that? That’s what the jurors should be asking themselves.

    • I KNOW! I was reading to the bottom of the comments to see if anyone else mentioned it before I brought it up!

      I LOVE LOVE LOVED it that she got in the line that Pickles struck from the explanation for Womack’s absence!

      GOOD FOR YOU, JODI !!!

      • I was very happy about that too, sirlips told me last night that, thats not the reason she isnt there and I was so confused but now that Jodi said it I know it was the reason and its disgusting that people are allowed to do that

        • The prosecution filled a motion too claiming patti was a drug user and had not paid taxes on pics sent to HLN , he also said it in court in his response.
          The defence motion was that Patti was threatened. That is what Sirlips was explaining

          • paid taxes on pics? OMG I tell ya this jury is gona reap it especially if they do not already know about all the lies and intimations. I just know it will get to some of them eventually, like when you hear jurors come back speaking out saying how they made a mistake, they will be feeling the same I knwo it!!!!

      • Yea and NO ONE has said a peep about THAT!!!! Whats wrong with these people, HELLLLOOO?????!!!!! Idiots, that’s why all these motions are going to work for an appeal, that’s why Jodi did have to BEG for her LIFE!!!! They want to keep ignoring what they want to now, but its ALL going to come back to bit them in the ass & then theyre going wonder WTF happened!!! ASSHOLES!

  21. Jinkasaurus is all a flutter and offended that folks think she is crying for Jodi during her plea…Jean says she has allergies dammit, and she is a professional tabloid, I mean journalist! She doesn’t get emotional. She is neutral and just reports the facts man…don’t you all know that? I mean….the time when she got all swoony about Travis and sighed and said she wished that she could have know Travis cause she can tell he was such a wonderful person. That was not emotional at all dammit….she is a PROFESSIONAL


  22. New attorney sitting behind the defense team this morning.

    His name is Ulises Ferragut, and he s a Phoenix Criminal attorney, who seems to have an interesting practice. His two partners are not practicing attorneys but an ex-judge and a guy who spent 18 years in jail:

    Looks like a lot of his work is on appeals.

    Also a Rule 32 filing (Post conviction relief) has a fairly short fuse for the initial paper work:

    “The Notice of PCR is filed within 90 days of sentencing. It is important not to miss this deadline for the Notice. A Defendant may DIRECT his trial-level attorney — including a public defender — to file the Notice of PCR on behalf of the Defendant. For those sentenced after September 29, 1992, the 90-day deadline is a MUST. If the notice if not timely filed, the person faces the strong possibility of being forever precluded from filing a Petition for Post Conviction Relief.

    Ususally with three weeks of filing the Notice of PCR, and if the Defendant has requested an attorney, an attorney will be appointed by the court to represent him. Private Counsel can be retained at this point. If an attorney is appointed, the Defendant will be notified of his/her name and address.

    Once a PCR attorney is appointed or retained by the Defendant or his family, the attorney has 60 days to file the Petition itself. In some cases, a 30-day extension of time can be granted.”

    Wonder if Ferragut is the appeals/PCR attorney and we will get to know him over the next few months?

    • Thank you for that! That sounds good! Well, as good as it can get. I want to learn about him from somewhere other than HLN!

    • You think he”ll take Jodis appeal??? Ulises Ferragut, he’s Cuban too. I watched something lastweek, he was saying he’s been paying close attention to the case. I HOPE if she gets LWOP he WILL take it PRO-BONO!!! I hope, I hope, PLZ PLZ GOD!!! Jodi will NEED it if they give her LWOP.

    • He sounds like he would be an ideal advocate for Jodi! He knows the players on the other side, has vast media experience and can finally put the fear of God in JM and SS..

  23. I wish I could walk in and be like you guys are stupid. Grab Jodi’s arm and be like I’m going to take her now. She’s going to have life wo the possibility of being in AZ again so you can all be happy you’ll never have to see her again, idiots. Then we’ll just leave AZ.

    • The just put it on pause for a commercial and he tells the viewing audience to go and blog if you would save her life or not based on her statement….WTF…they are such heartless fools …grrr….

  24. What a beautiful speech. Extremely touched by her words. I felt & saw TRUE an REAL emotion. For the idiots complaining that all she did was speak about herself…. umm… SHE IS TRYING TO SAVE HER OWN LIFE… WTF…
    These people hate Jodi so much they don’t an WON’T see any good in her & it is disgusting yet they call HER the monster. What a load of BS.
    Stand strong Jodi. There are people who stand by you, who love you & who will stand with you through all of this, no matter what.
    Been standing on your side since first watching & hearing about it all.
    Just know there are people on your side. There are people that aren’t pitchfork hunters.
    We will stand with you.
    All my love.

  25. Thank you for your posts, it makes me clear my head. What good came out after the chamber conference, was the judge said “no cross examination” and Wolmack was not testifying. When Jodi got up, it was fair game. Jodi had an intro, body and conclusion. Her words needed to be heard and this was her time to bring all that to the table. It was for all the people who still loves her and have been there for her. She admitted her ignorance and naivety for wanting DP and now asks for the Jury’s mercy for LIFE, for the good she could do for society and the community. I saw LIFE and I believe it to be true till now.
    Right now, I have transported myself to the Jury’s deliberation room. My energy is there, breathing LIFE and MERCY!

    Please join me as I can’t do this without you all!

    • I am not being nasty Be Well….


      Are you for real?!?!?!?!?! You have “transported” yourself into Jury’s deliberation room…..????????



      • I’m assuming Be Well means spiritually.
        I’ve been reading a LOT about Quantum Physics and Vedic history; even today there are yogins who have proven that you can “transfer”/”transport” your energy/consciousness.

        I certainly don’t think there’s any harm in trying!

  26. A great cause to donate hair too…

    “Locks of Love”

    [quote]Locks of Love is devoted to helping every child suffering from medical hair loss, thus we do not discriminate as to the cause of hair loss. We list the following information in an attempt to explain types of hair loss and specific needs of individual recipients[quote]

    God Bless you Jodi for donating your hair to help other children who are suffering…

  27. I’m reporting this here because I was at the tail end of the last page.

    Hi guys! Been watching from hospital, got home this AM to broken AC-NOT pleasant with SLE + Grave’s Disease.
    Anyway, Jodi did wonderful, so articulate! But we already knew she would be!
    A Question and suggestion:
    How soon can they file for appeal legally/formally?

    If THIS TRIAL BY MEDIA showed us ANYTHING, (together with prior cases such as CA & Cynthia Sommer-which need to be brought up as precedent), WE HAVE TO STOP THESE CIRCUSES!!!!!
    If ANY organization has already been set up, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! (I know about & signed the petition) We need MORE that just a PETITION!! And I think we could definitely think of some professionals and attorneys who would participate!!
    How the HELL can our country continue to claim “JUSTICE”, while we have these trials that DEFENDANTS LIVE’S DEPEND ON, as long as we have this SHAM OF A JUSTICE SYSTEM BEING RULED BY BLOODTHIRSTY/RATINGS-THIRSTY MEDIA!!

    Sorry for the caps, but we HAVE TO STOP THIS!!!!
    If there’s already an organization, let me know; if not, as soon as I feel a little better and can fix my laptop, I’LL START ONE, dammit!!
    I am PISSED!! (And upset that a woman had to PLEAD for her LIFE in this country!!)

  28. wild at the AZ central….keeps rewinding the tape back to Jodi’s sister and mother wiping their tears…Jodi’s family is an obsession for some folks today…

    He’s rewinding for something else now…looks like he is going to replay even another time…???

    • And didn’t it seem like the camera spent an inordinate amount of time on Samantha’s eye-rolling when Jodi was showing her childhood photos.

      • samantha is a witch and should not be allowed to act like that in court, if it were somebody else or someone on Jodi’s family did that, they would reprimanded.

  29. Lets band together with the good we have in us as people of mercy and compassion. We can perform a miracle together and turn this to LIFE. For the next hour or so, we are going to be stronger than ever. Only positive thoughts will be engaged. I only saw Jodi being positive today, she was peaceful, articulate, soulful, humbled and human. With that, I feel Jodi’s energy and she is letting us know, please send your energies so I can be heard when the jury is deliberating. Love and Light.
    Always human first than emotions.

  30. Why are they replaying this over and over? I try not to say much about the family. I really do. But did they have to roll their eyes and shake their heads while Jodi spoke?

    • No, they didn’t. When it broadcast the first time it didn’t show the family. I’m glad it didn’t. I’ve been muttering expletives since. Did you see how they looked at the jury to see if they were watching? OMG >:(

      • I’m sick of their stupid faces and eye rolls and head shakes.
        Their laser stares, their “Pity Me” attitudes, and fake tears.
        This isn’t about Justice for them, its about Revenge.
        Fuck that whole clan.

  31. Why is everyone so afraid to offend the Travis Taliban by being honest? I’m talking about media people. They are all afraid of saying anything that might be seen as supporting Jodi in any way.
    The media is as gutless as the jury.
    Another thing. If I had a friend who I’d known since childhood and I was to speak on their behalf in a DP trial. I wouldn’t give a crap who said what to me or who threatened me, bring it on.
    I’m speaking on their behalf. I know that everyone has their own reasons for what they do or don’t do but I’m saying what I’d do. I won’t be bullied.
    Hell I’ll come testify for Jodi right now. Fuck the haters.

    • Same here, but we don’t know to what extent they threatened her. They might have brought up phony charges to get her arrested in AZ Joe’s county, plant dope on her, you name it. As to Darryl, his young son’s life was in the line of fire.
      There is no limit to what these people are willing to do to win, they are utterly vile and corrupt.

    • I always try to look at other perspectives and I have to say it would give me reason to hesitate if I knew JM could question me and attack me. Anyone watching the trial has to know that they would be hung out to dry. The judge would not intervene. I would probably be in jail for contempt because I would turn on that fucker and tell him off. I have no criminal record and not really anything in my past that would concern me but I do understand those who do, and their not wanting irrelevant things brought up just for JM’s sport.

  32. I predict: Hung Jury after a day or two. Judge thanks them, dismisses them and she ‘takes it under advisement’. Then she ‘deliberates’ for a month or two. (bullshit) and returns her highest verdict of LWOP.

    Remember you heard it here first..

    • Someone clarify if this is wrong but I understand that if jury is hung, they are dismissed and a new jury is brought in, if this jury is hung also, DP is off the table and the judge then sentences her.

        • Beth needs to wear a longer dress when doing sit down interviews…you can see the darkness between her legs as she sits there…she remembers to put a hand on her knees every once in a while…these folks have no decency….

      • PK – thats my understanding as well. If this Jury can’t decide unamiously, another Jury will be seated. No telling how long that would take……and on Judge Stephens clock, it would be months probably.

          • No, if the jury hangs on life / death then they redo the 3rd phase only with a 2nd jury.
            If that 2nd jury hangs then death is off the table.

            If life, Judge Stephens has to decide with or without parole after 25 years.

      • How can they bring in a new jury? I would think the decision goes right to Stephens and we know what that decision will be.
        Martinez will stop giving her the D if she chooses life over death. She needs that D.

    • Ed

      In AZ if there is a hung jury, JM gets another kick at the can with a new jury. And if that’s hung I think he gets a three-peat before the judge takes over.

      Yeah it sure is one fucked up state.

    • Yes and no. An appellate lawyer from another state could apply to practice law in AZ temporarily for an appeal; however, he/she would have to work under the supervision of an AZ licensed attorney. This is not something attorneys like to do in general; however, it’s not such a bad situation for an appeal which mainly consists of briefs.

    • An appeal attorney not licensed to practice in AZ would work with an AZ attorney, and would file a motion for pro hac vice, to be an attorney of record for this occasion.

    • I know, right? No matter what they all feel, they all have eyes and ears and they heard from Travis own mouth the disgusting things he said and saw with their own eyes the texts he sent, why do they insist on holding him up for sainthood, It is beyond me

  33. To Janeen Russo,
    No you are not being nasty. You have every right to feel how you feel. I am in spirit, not dead literally, I mean spiritual energy. I am focusing on the good of my energy for the good of humanity.
    It is what it is, we can be a positive force that is what I chose to do.
    Meditate and pray.

  34. Have I been ban…Havent been able to post been working!
    If i was younger I coould have used my Iphone..But Im
    old and according to my kids febal.

  35. In perfect world JM WOULD do the appeal with a judge that would put his ignorant ass in place EVERY time he steps out of line. Although I realize he would not be doing an appeal I would SO love to see that little prick get his comeuppance (sp)

    He will get it eventually, make no mistake. You can’t be that big of a prick, ignore the rules, and attack at every turn without it coming back to bite you in the ass eventally

    I refuse to watch HLN and their negativity. I KNEW they would attack Jodi no matter what she said. There is no reasoning with that kind of mindset. We still have the option to turn them off and it gives me great pleasure to do so.

    • I completely believe in Karma.
      My ex, who beat the crap out of me, severe emotional abuse, abused the children, to the point that my 25yo daughter found out she can’t have children-died 2yrs ago at age 55.
      I can’t believe I finally typed/said that-it’s been in my mind for 2yrs, but I don’t dare say it where my kids could hear/read it. He was a doped up drunken abusive asshole, responsible for destroying many lives…but he was still their father.

      I have many other examples, but believe me, Karma’s a BITCH, and rat-faced JM WILL get his!!

    • Bev, an appeal isn’t like another trial. Essentially, it’s about reviewing the record from the trial court and filing briefs citing issues for the appellate court to review and case law (past opinions) in support thereof. (Appellant – Jodi — files an initial brief, Appellee – State of AZ – files an answer brief, then Appellant files a reply brief (focusing solely on the answer brief.) Oral argument can be requested, and may be granted (but it’s discretionary). That consists of usually 10-15 minutes before the panel of judges assigned to the case (it’s never one judge — although one judge usually writes the opinion, if any). During oral argument, the judges often ask questions. But there are no witnesses. It’s all very very civilized.

      I think AZ may televise oral arguments, but would have to check. If so, you might find it interesting to watch one. There are many sample briefs online also, if you would like to read one for a better understanding. Let me know if you need help digging one up.

      Assuming Jodi cites prosecutorial misconduct in her brief and the panel finds that it did indeed exist, they have the power to recommend disciplinary action. I don’t mean to imply that happens very often — but it does happen occasionally. We can always hope for that!

  36. Jodi words stop the hate had me balling and squalling over what she said she still wants to live and I am glad I was screaming FUCK YOU at the tv when HLN started the hate campaign as soon as they go the chance the still show there ass

  37. Time to call the companies that put their commercials on HLN and tell them you will boycott their products as long as they advertise on that POS


      This “media by trial” is a complete negation of our constitution!!! (See my comment above)


  38. From the bottom of my heart I pray she does not get the DP. I think she did good today, she showed remorse, and spoke about her family. It had to have touched one juror. One juror that is a mother, or a father, and would have a hard time sending a child of someone off to death row. Giving the DP cannot be an easy thing to do one would hope.

  39. So, while we wait for the clowns to touch up their make-up and the mini cars to get re-gassed up, i thought we should take a moment to thank our sponsors.

    Wal-Mart, the official gas can of the Jodi Arias Trial. Also available in Kerosene models. Please see our return policy for details.

    Browning, the official 25 caliber hand gun. It not only has magic bullets that can penetrate the brain while leaving the brain sack intact but it also breaks down in the desert sun, so no one will ever find it.

    Cutco knives, sold exclusively through vector marketing. when you need to slash and stab without being able to differentiate between the 2 wounds, except no substitutes.

    Sprint, the official cell phone of Jodi Arias AND Travis Alexander. Our batteries may not last as long as you need for an alibi but the text and messages will always be available to be brought to your court case.

    Hertz, They will pick you up and throw you under the bus, unless you don’t dye your hair. Available in “invisible white” or cop attractant red.

    624 mafia, the official skateboard gang of the JA trial. No day is too cold or hot, they will steal or flip your plates faster than Juan Martinez would go down on an aids invested whore from Africa, if it bettered his career.

    Real Wood Crooked Canes. When you need a walking stick that doubles as an autograph devise, think RWCC. Choose from a custom design or take home one of our pretreated models that really make that autograph POP.

    Cannon, we make your pictures come to life or your deleted photos come to death…depending on your needs. try our new “washing machine” safe models.

    Dr. Drew Rehab. Taking patients’ needs first. If you need excuses we have ’em. Brother died? no need to worry, we will help create a scape goat to continue your addiction. Wife left you? We can help blame it on your brothers ex-girlfriend. Not sleep? We can prescribe a remedy. The next ten callers also receive a book on how to exploit bad situation for drug money.

    Finally we would like to thank HLeN for providing us with the most biased coverage of any event…ever. Supplying us with a steady stream of people that would rather drink acid than watch one more day of your ignorant entertainment coverage.

  40. I hope the Survivor t-shirt sales go through the roof, I’m going to be buying two t-shirts on Friday, when I get paid.

      • LC – it looks to me like there has to be two separate transactions since it doesn’t give the option of changing the quantity.

  41. I watched the replay on AZ central…it shows slightly different angles than the broadcast of the trial from HLN…

    Jodi does say she is “sorry” right after the part where she is talking about Travis…she says, “at one point he meant the world to me”…then she talked about not knowing that she was capable of that…and before that day she wouldn’t even hurt a spider…then she said…”for that, I will be sorry for the rest of my life”


    • Yea she DOES! I just don’t know what they want! They want her to break down and say sorry 10 times, they want a special I’m sorry to HLN! WHATEVER! !!! They can go suck ass!

      • Exactly! They can go suck it.
        They want a false confession from her, and have her groveling just like she did at one point with Travis the pedo abuser, because they are abusers themselves.

      • Ignore HLN; they hear what they want, and hypothesize on everything else. She spoke to the jury, not anyone else. The jury is all she needs to impact. Even one member of the jury to have a new jury selection if this one becomes ‘hung’.

        • I like to think that at least one of the jurors has a little compassion and that would be a way to bail out if they fear for their lives. They will leave it to the new jury to decide her fate…just hoping 🙁

          • That’s how I’m thinking,too. I would love for the jury to come back with LWOP …. but, in reality, I can’t see 12 of them agreeing to that. How I wish!!!!!!

          • I don’t watch HLN either and my mom used to watch it, but is not allowed now…lol. Everything about HLN I learn from here. And my blood pressure is not as high as it used to be while watching the fucking morons on this station.

  42. If Jodi apologized to the family, HLN would accuse her of lying. They would point out in their most exasperated tone, “She lied to the police.” In their world, Jodi is the only person in the history of criminal justice to lie to the police.

    • I often seek out the police JUST so i can lie to them. Thursday, nothing on TV? Call the cops and make some shit up. Drunk and board driving around town? Find the poe poe and tell them a tail.

      You show me an adult that has NOT lied to the police and I’ll show you an adult that has never talked to the police.

      Lieing to a cop…PALEEZE. Thats like talking down to an adult male for pissing in the woods. Sure, i SUPPOSE its public pissing…but really, who can blaim a guy?

  43. So did JM drag TA’s corpse into the courtroom for his closing arguments, yet? Or is that still to come?

    lol..sorry, haven’t been able to post until now. =)

  44. Beth K says that Jodi’s “cold affect is due to her borderline personality disorder”. Where is it stated anywhere that this “a cold affect” is connected with BPD. Wow, it just does not get any better. Idiot!

    • i didnt think she was cold, perse. However if she was “cold” i dont suppose being in a box for the last 5 years and now finding out it will be your perminent home will “cold” you up a bit.

      Maybe she should have spun her head around a few times, done some back flips and then spit in the jurors faces. What did they fucking expect?

      • Cold, pfft.
        If she had cried we’d have to hear about how fake her tears were.
        How great of an actress she is.
        Blah, blah, blah.

        HLN and all their followers can suck a fart.

    • I wasn’t aware that Beth K was also a practicing psychiatrist. I wonder if these idiots actually believe the shit that comes out of their own mouths!

  45. Vinnie “I want to inject Jodi myself” Politan just said someone wrote ” I love Jodi” on the landscaping at court house. Josh Davis was that you??

  46. The ONLY part of this trial that EVER got underway on time or even a little early was lunch. Stephens loves lunchtime. Her and Juan alone in her chambers.

  47. While we wait, I had a thought to toss out.

    There was a brief mention here yesterday about the Lifetime special tomorrow night, with the ‘exclusive interview’.

    I am betting the interview is with someone connected to the production of their upcoming movie, ‘Dirty Little Secret’ – essentially nothing more than a long promo ad.

  48. The sad thing here is that there are people out there that would want to be the one to inject the needle. That includes some of the trash at HLN.

  49. Im sad to say I dont have my hopes up….this f ing jury
    is something else.

    I would be surprised if they gave her life!

  50. HLeN will be pushing to be the exclusive Media coverage of the Jodi Arias death sentence. They will try to get a camera in her cell for 24 hour viewing then have a whole team of people in the room as they kil..MURDER her.

  51. I’m expecting shorty to get up and say Patricia didn’t testify because she’s a criminal and drug addict who was afraid of being charged. He’s such an ass, and doesn’t care who he smears.

  52. I find it very telling that JM is reminding the jury that they are supposed to respect the decisions of other jurors. It seems she knows that some jurors may have been bullied into the M1 verdict (which is my feeling).

  53. JW is doing good!!! I have a big crush on her though!!

    However this jury has done the opposite of what I thught
    they would do all thru this farce.

      • If they fail Jodi again, it proves they are bias. M1 and Jodi’s character are separated in this decision like a crime was never committed. jm banking on jury ignorance just like he’s fkd them over during this entire trial . . jms psychosis made him a meglamaniac. Him going off the charts will back Jens closing and stoke appeal

  54. I’ll be bracing for when after the final verdict is delivered the jurors hit the talk show market. Gee, I wonder what network will snag them first. And how much they’ll make off Jodi’s case. It all makes me want to puke. Damn you, America, for letting this circus continue.

  55. It makes me so sad they have to prove her life isn’t worth anything.

    Her life is worth a lot!


    • Me too!!
      It’s like she’s saying what we’ve been wanting to hear all this time!This is all so powerful.

      • At this stage, in my opinion, talking about Travis’s abuse is a mistake. I’m sorry. I know many of you will not agree with me. But this jury already convicted Jodi. They already found the crime to be especially cruel. It is NOT helping to rub in the jurors’ faces ANYTHING about abuse. The t-shirt is fine, but it should have stopped there. I hope I’m wrong and this works. I really do. But it’s my opinion, strongly, that this is a mistake.

        • I ♥ you, AA. But I disagree. The time for not talking about abuse is NEVER. we need to be loud, and yes, so does Jodi.

        • Thanks, AA.

          I really don’t know what to think. To me, Jennifer hit the right notes, by not back-tracking on the claims of abuse. She didn’t ask them to believe he hurt her or attacked her physically. She asked that they recall the evidence of his verbal abuse. I thought it was effective, but I may be as far as you can get from those jurors–in mind, and in spirit.

          I would never qualify (due to the death penalty) to be a juror in this case, as I’m sure many of us here would not. At this point I’ve pretty much given up on trying to get into their minds.

          I can only hope that you’re wrong about the feeling that you’re getting!

  56. Jennifer Wilmott rocks! Jodi good enough to be a defense attorney instead is a defendant. Jodi does have many talents, LIFE it is!

  57. Why doesn’t she say WHY would you kill a young woman who has killed her abuser as if she were some kind of mass serial murderer ????????!!!!!??????

      • They’re incapable of feeling any kind of emotion.They’re deprived of them.Well,okey maybe they have just one:hatred.

    • meth users, after using for so long, even after rehabilitation can lose the ability for any type of compassion, it is a medical fact, I would look it up and post this here but I dont know what my work would say about my search, heh – can someone else?

  58. JW is focusing on mitigating factors for Jury to deliberate and not to focus on the act only like the prosecutor will portray. JW is reminding jury that they would choose LIP when they were picked back in Dec. b4 trial. Good reminders to deter from DP and spare Jodi’s life. She is worth saving and show mercy.

  59. I don’t know if this post will make it on your board or not but I at least wanted to write it. I first came to this site and thought are we watching the same trial, to have all seen the same things and come forth with such differing opinions? However some of the posts and comments have struck a chord with me. I just finished watching Jodi’s statement asking the jury not to sentence her to death, and I ended up in tears. She is a human being, just as he was a human being and it makes me sad to think of anyone dying. I feel for both families, no one is a winner in this situation. I also can see your point(s) on how HLN reacts to her. I feel she was honest, genuine, and heartfelt in her speech, and it made me sad to see the way they started talking about her “lack of affect.” I have felt she was dishonest before and didn’t convey a lot of emotion, again I know many of you disagree with me and will probably tear this post to shreds. I just wanted to take a chance that maybe I would be heard as saying I felt she was guilty, but I do not believe she deserves to die. Thank you for at least reading it before you delete.

    • Yea, but remember, their nose spouts turn off, they run out of Kleenex, the $$$$ pipe also shuts off, expect the “tears” to continue…

  60. Brace yourself, this will be SUPER DICK on steriods here…. He will GO OVER THE TOP.

    If you cant hadle it, i wouldnt watch it.

  61. Here come the water works……….right on cue…….pan the camera and I bet we all see the eye roller let it flow, or atleast try to.

  62. “To his family, he will be forever young.”

    Who starts out like that.
    That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

    • Also on the dumb meter, he will be 30 for the rest of his life, gee if it worked that way, everyone would want to die young, so they could be young for the rest of their lives.

  63. OMG this motherfucker is going to start posting dead pics again? Watch, the judge is going to let him. WHORE!

  64. He doesnt give 1 flying fuck about TA’s family, why would he keep trying to show that picture?

    JM Fuck You

  65. ‘Can’t forget he was emotionally distressed’ ????? WTF????? HE was emotionally distressed…??? My fucking head..this man is vile..absolutely vile


  67. WHERE’S MY CACTUS????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!



  68. Did Vinnie really say he wants to inject Jodi????? There are so many people who should be afraid of the karma coming their way…..that’s the only comfort I have when thinking about how all the evil people have been acting towards Jodi, one day their karma will give it all right back to them

  69. But OF COURSE the bitch judge allows the photo’s. Defense team need not bother objecting to anything. Cannot imagine their frustration…

    • I had to switch him off. He is not good for my blood pressure.

      He always sounds like he wants to kill her himself.

  70. This judge is incompetent and her and JM are digging themselves in nice and deep.

    I hope I never have to hear his voice again.

  71. I cannot listen to this evil little prick any longer….I cannot look at TA’s family with their fake fucking tears ONLY when the camera pans on them…grrrrrrrr…fucking triple grrrrrr

    • All the little prick is doing is taking shots at Jodi not arguing his case. If there is a God, the scumbag is going to die a horrible death

  72. I am not watching live. Once again, I am recording it for when I can get my emotions under control. I fear if I heard JM utter one syllable I would go on a spree or rampage of some sort. How dare that reptilian little f#cker argue for Jodi’s death! He is the one who is of no value to society in my opinion. He and every other lizard-like creature that is chanting for the DP. May you all have hardships in your future that might not have transpired had you not been such cold blooded worms.

    • Gwen

      I am with you. I will watch it on You tube. I just can not bear to hear his voice and my daughter who watches with me who ” used” to think differently about what JA had to do gets physically sick when listening to him. I am ‘listening’ to all of you until I can watch it.

      Also, although I post very seldom I hope everyone knows, including Admin that I am a full blown Jodi supporter and have been reading here, (lurking) since the first day of Jodi’s testimony in the defense case. I knew from listening to her life story, her relationships in her life and her relationship with TA, that that could of just of easy have been me. “But by the grace of God go I”

      I will pray for Jodi till the day she walks free.

  73. He needs to use the pics because that is the families que and motivation to cry. Fucking Tammy Faye Baker wannabes.

  74. I turned the sound down for Martinez. I don’t give a damn what he has to say.

    Jodi seems like she has made peace with spending the rest of her life in prison. At least she wants to continue to better herself and help the other women in prison. Just remember if the jury comes back with death, the automatic appeals process begins immediately and we all know how many appealabe issues there are in this case. I think everything is going to turn out ok in the end.

  75. Juan Martinez is a sadistic joke.

    I am pretty sure that if there is a heaven, he won’t get in.

    How many premeditated murders has he done now?

  76. Sadly, with a broken heart. With anger at all the injustice. I know those jurors will find DP. This is not about justice. No way. Only REVENGE. Prayers for a speedy re-trial.

  77. Add to the list of appeal issues…

    Repeated using this/these photos for shock value is going to come back and bit him. This will be overturned for this and many other reasons.

    • it’s all he has…to continually shock and get people crying…it’s not appropriate at this stage anyway

    • He has a “kill belt” he want to put another notch in. This is about putting as many people on death row as possible so he can maintain his “rock star” status. This is not about truth or justice.

    • maybe her being an artist is another way she could help other people in prison. Teach classes and show other women another outlet that is a healthy one

  78. I think for Jaun, he’s like a gunfighter, every DP he gets is another notch on his gun. Psycho fucking prick.

  79. Although I’m not in ANY way “gay”, I think I’m in love with JW… This woman is cute as a button, knows her stuff, and has compassionately represented Jodi in the face of this bloodthirsty media and nutcase haters. Poor girl, can you imagine what she and KN have been through these past 5 months??!!

    IF Jennifer were to get a show on….nevermind, HLN ONLY employs former, half-assed psycho bloodthirsty so-called “attorney’s”….

  80. Hi All,

    This is my first time posting on here for Jodi Arias. I didn’t follow this case too much because I just couldn’t emotionally, the Casey Anthony trial took ALOT out of me, as I am sure it did many others on this site. I did follow it enough to know that Murder 1 was a bullshit verdict. I just have to say that I hope and pray that this jury is not made up of a bunch of heartless bastards. It will break my heart if they give her the DP. I am trying to be positive, but what has been happening so far in this trial is making it hard to be positive about the outcome. I am glad to be able to post somewhere about my feelings and not have to worry about having to fight why I feel the way I do. I fought with all my friends and family about Casey Anthony and I fight them as to why I feel Jodi’s verdict was wrong and why she should not get the death penalty. Anyway, I am praying for Jodi and that the jury for once makes the right decision. Thanks

  81. K…I can’t stand listening to this wee wee little man any longer, so I’m going for a smoke, and hopefully when I return, he will be done with this garbage spewing from his trap….

  82. Why can’t they be happy that she’s at least getting life here????? They just have to argue for death?

  83. Her life has so much value and would have more if she wasn’t behind bars! I know that’s a big wish.

  84. I hate that fucking sneer the brother has on his face, and that skinny, pale faced sister. Can they scowl any harder?

  85. Jesus if you give just one juror to come back with a life and not death I will promise every one here will say a hail Mary even (((((( SIrlips )))))) and he is a non believer here my prayer lord what say you family friend