Trust Fund Scam Warning – (audio recording 9-4-2014)

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Legal action  - Jason Weber

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As you may have heard on the grapevine… not content with having set up their own PayPal link & trustee mailing address very recently… “The Weberz” (aka Jason Weber, Pascal Van Daele & Elizabeth Ann Schilling) have now set up an illegal Trust Fund (using Jodi’s name) in an attempt to enhance their deception to an even greater degree.

They’ve even roped in an equally clueless array of cohorts. and gave them all “Board Member” titles.

Who would even want to be a Board Member of an illegal Trust scam is beyond me. You can see all their names & pics by clicking here if you so wish.

Needless to say, none of their latest illegal Trust Fund activities were ever sanctioned, approved or even authorized by Jodi or any member of the Arias family at any time – despite the almost daily misleading messages to the contrary, posted in their fake support group page on FB.

In light of all this BS, and to put the issue to bed once and for all, click the play button below to listen to a recorded telephone conversation from yesterday – September 4th 2014 – between Jodi and Elizabeth (Lisa) Ann Schilling.

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Audio Recording: Jodi Arias & Elizabeth (Lisa) Ann Schilling (9/4/2014):

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Click here for a transcript of this call – (launches 2 page PDF in new window)

You can also listen to the full audio via YouTube by clicking here.

This is a clip of the audio featured on Fox 10 News, September 5th:

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Legal Facts:

The Jodi Arias Defense Fund has not been recognized as exempt under Internal Revenue Service Code 501(c)(3). Nor can it be.

Article II of the Articles of Incorporation for the “Jodi Arias Defense Fund” (signed by the incorporators, Jason Paul Weber and Elizabeth Schilling, and certified by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Corporations, Securities & Commercial Licensing Bureau on August 21, 2014) states:

“The purpose of the Jodi Arias Defense Fund is to accrue funds through donations in order to (a) accommodate any of Jodi’s wishes while she is in prison, such as the purchase of a television or other amenities, (b) provide for any expenses Jodi feels is necessary for her appeals, and to (c) raise necessary funds to hire Jodi a well-qualified appellate counsel to guide her through the appellate process, while (d) maintaining enough funds necessary for a new trial, should one be granted. Any residual fees will be allocated to Jodi Arias and/or any domestic violence charities in which she instructs the Board of Directors to donate to.”

Under IRS Provision, adopted into law on February 23, 1999:

CHARITABLE CLASS REQUIREMENT “A charitable organization or trust must be set up for the benefit of an indefinite class of individuals, NOT FOR SPECIFIC PERSONS. A trust or corporation organized and operated FOR THE BENEFIT OF SPECIFIC INDIVIDUALS IS NOT CHARITABLE. Thus, a trust to benefit John Jones is not a charitable trust even though the facts may show that John Jones is impoverished.

However, an organization set up with the general charitable purpose of benefiting needy individuals in a particular community is a charitable organization and it may select John Jones as a beneficiary.”

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Click this link to read the Article of Incorporation for “The Jodi Arias Defense Fund”
– Filed August 21st 2014
(launches 4 page PDF in new window)
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In summary:

If you would like to help Jodi by way of a financial donation to the official JAA APPELLATE FUND, click here for further details.

All donations via go directly to the fund for assisting with the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction. is the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

In addition, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, donate through any other website or Facebook page/group claiming to be “official” and/or acting with Jodi’s approval or authorization. The same applies to any “Jodi Membership Clubs”, groups or fake Trust funds (as detailed in this page) that have been set up. These sites are bogus – as are their intentions – and they should be actively avoided. If you are aware of any such sites, please help Jodi by clicking here and reporting them. Thank you for your ongoing support!

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  1. I read the telephone transcript. Jodi needs to be very clear when speaking with the individuals from J.W.’s camp.. Just say no Jodi! No need to go around and around with this and explaining yourself over and over again.. It is not a sanctioned website by Jodi or family and should be taken down. Even if she can’t make them take it down, she needs to be clear.

  2. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THIS is PROOF, people.

    It’s what we’ve been waiting for so that the whole ”Jodi endorses us ” matter can be put to rest.

    • Oh honey, they will never put it to rest.

      To them, it’s not about what Jodi wants or doesn’t want. It’s what they think is best for Jodi… because according to them Jodi is not capable of knowing best for herself… that is so disturbing of them. The lack of respect for a human being they claim to care for is so contradictory to their actions…

      Why won’t they just stop with whatever they are trying to manipulate Jodi with – ESPECIALLY now – with her trial just around the corner!

      This has blown totally way out of proportion! Geneva Convention anyone?

  3. It doesn’t get clearer than this… enough with the emotional blackmail & abuse that they were doing to Jodi. It’s good she made it clear that she doesn’t endorse it. People would have crucified her for this and she never wanted any part of the Weberz corporation in the first place!

    ((((Jodi))) ♥

  4. Those jerks should not be arguing with Jodi about her appellate fund and the fact that she wants her family to keep control over it. It is the right thing for her to do and they should respect her and comply with her wishes immediately. Jodi’s feelings about this are clearly on the record for attorneys to enforce her wishes if they continue with this!!

    ♥ Jodi’s Art ♥

  5. Its been a while since I have posted. i check in from time to time but i’ve been busy with personal things. I dont know what to believe anymore! However that being said, I have never doubted this site. There are SO many people wanting a piece of Jodi it is ridiculous. Every day on FB there is a new page, a new site, a new set of vultures. People are fighting to be a part of Jodi’s case and are doing more damage than good. I will always be a supporter, of Jodi and of this site.

    SJ I need to change my email associated with this site. Please let me know how I can do that. I am locked out of the old email address I was using.
    Thanks and much love to all of you!

    • Hi Trixels,

      Nice to see you here again! There is no need to do anything more than post using a new e-mail you’ll make. We’ll let you through.

      Thanks for your ongoing support to Jodi!

      Hope we see more of you around here. 🙂

  6. Having just listened to the audio, Jodi was, indeed, kind, and respectful, and spoke in a professional manner. Her greatest asset, is Her Calm and Assertive manner. It seemed to me, that the caller was rather “insistent”, and it was good, that Jodi “said no”, and it is also, always good, to “follow one’s gut feeling”. It seems to me, that Jodi’s Appellate Fund, should be, just that. A Trust for Jodi and Family. How She wishes to have Her Fund, IS, Her Business, and Her wishes, are to be Respected. And, it is Not Right, for “others” to profit, off from Jodi, in Any, way. I believe there are those who have already pocketed too much money, that was rightfully, Jodi’s, please correct me, if I am wrong on this.
    This is going off from the subject, but in a earlier posting, I had mentioned ppl, whom I did not trust, and here are a couple more:D.H. and B.K., among others.
    It would be good if it would be made known to me, what are, and who are, trusted twitter sites, who are Not, fake supporters, of Jodi. I do not wish to “follow” ppl. or sites, who only wish to further hurt Jodi, as Jodi has been hurt, too much already- Thanks
    Team Jodi <3

  7. It’s going to be ambiguous all the way down the line. Here we go again.
    Lisa says:
    Second thing I have to say is that THIS call from just yesterday while I was on my lunch break at work, is the first time Jodi said she did not want to be involved in the website, when she told me this, I contacted Jason right away and we took immediate action and made changes to how our corporation is structured. We’ll just let you guys dig on it and find out for yourselves what we did, but we accommodated Jodi’s wishes, which were stated to me personally, or any board member, for the first time yesterday.

    “We accommodated Jodi’s wishes”…?
    “We’ll just let you guys dig on it and find out for yourselves what we did”…?

    How does one even ever go about trying to trust a “Corporation” that has people representing it that have “Communications” degrees that say s**t like that?

    Lisa here’s an idea for you, and your pals, pray and send your money to Jodi’s aunt Sue
    Say what you mean Ms. Communications degree lady

  8. Listening to the conversation, Lisa Schilling sounds like a liar. She sounds defensive, she stutters and stammers…meanwhile, Jodi sounds calm and confident by comparison. What Lisa and her friends are doing is illegal and that website needs to be shut down ASAP.

  9. Thanks SJ for the insight to the phone conversation between Jodi and Lisa, that does make it clear as to where Jodi stands with the appellate fund. I can’t believe that these people want to dip into the money that should rightfully go to Jodi and her family. I thought Jodi tried to go gentle on Lisa’s feelings but I don’t think she took the hint.

  10. “Lisa: So if we collect money, are you saying that you don’t want it?

    Jodi: Yaah. No-no-no — I’m not saying that. I’m saying that I don’t want other people outside of my family to be accepting money on my behalf.”

    Lisa, Lisa , Lisa… ts ts ts! Is this how low you are getting? Emotionally blackmailing Jodi. You know she NEEDS any donation that is given for her appeals. What you seem to NOT understand is that she doesn’t want YOU and your corporation collecting donations! Jodi wants any donations to go straight to her official appellate fund site ( Why can’t you respect that? Keep your site, try spreading the word of injustice BUT hands off any sort of donations! It’s as simple as that, ffs!


    “Jodi: ….Everything says don’t trust Jason. Like, why was he so intent about having control over the money when my aunt started to — he, he coerced my aunt into giving herthe password to the Paypal, giving him the password to my Paypal, which is weird, like, no one else needed that just to put it on the web site. You just need the code. But he wanted to be, he wanted more than that. Like everytime he’s asking for more and more and more. And now he’s—

    Lisa: No. Well, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. I’m— Yer just getting all the wrong information. He wanted the password because he [unintelligible] to put, like a banner in there so it would look professional and—”

    HA! I call that BULLSHIT! NOBODY needs paypal passwords to put up a banner in a website! That is the most laughable, lame excuse I have ever heard! Jason could have put the link to the official appellate site on the banner directing anyone interested in donating there…

    • This summer was supposed to be a period of time when Jodi should have had only one concern in her mind: how to best defend herself against Kermit and how to best fight for her life (literally).
      Yet, here we are and Jodi has already spent unbelievably much time fighting those Corporate-hungry individuals.
      They believed they were Jodi’s saviors, their bloated Egos and their ”We’re the best thing that’s happened to Jodi” BS! UGH, I hope they’re proud of what they did. They certainly are NOT the best thing that’s happened to Jodi.

    • That’s the problem: people on ‘power trips’ are very dangerous. They forget the cause they are working for and care more about exercising control over others. This ultimately results in abusing others.

      This is from the ‘urban dictionary’:

      power trip
      one who thinks that they are better than everyone else. Then goes on a huge anger spree and is mean to people just because they think they can be.

      power trip
      Something a person “goes on” when they exert all their possible power (usually confined to forum moderation) to control people’s behavior, or to force others to listen to ranty monologues.

      power trip
      The rush one gets when he or she is promoted to a very high and authoritative position in a company’s corporate hierarchy and eventually becomes an asshole.

      power trip
      Someone, typically at work, who has higher powers over most people they work with. This higher power (usually a manager or someone’s boss) tends to go to their head causing them
      to “Power trip” and abuse their rights as a manager/boss/owner. Such as picking on people or making their lives difficult, “Just because they can.” is a person who is on a Power Trip.

      Hmmmm: “Just because we can”. Where have I heard that before??? (raising eyebrow; rolling eyes 🙄 )

  11. Jodi did great! These people won’t stop and I have said “cease and desist” until I am blue in the face! It will take a court order and handcuffs eventually. Oh, I would love to see a new mugshot for One B (Weber)!

    Good thing is that Troy Hayden did jump on it, as expected. Now, let’s see if Weber can convince him to spin things his way. If Hayden wants to ever talk to Jodi again, he needs to tread lightly, and THINK about what words he uses. No matter what Hayden says, it is clear Jodi is doing everything she can to stop innocent people from giving to a fund that fraudulently uses her name! That is a good thing!

    George is also out of control and STILL apparently trying to straddle the fence and support Lisa and Jason. I have never seen more of a cluster fuck of fucktards in my entire life! Sorry, but I am running out of nice words to choose from!

    Great job, JAII!

    • Haha, yeah, Jason’s current mugshot has gotten a bit stale, he definitely needs a new one and by the looks of it he may just get it for being such a stubborn jackass. He really needs to back off,
      The 501 (c)(3) status that he claims his “organization” has is a big lie, he has been called out on it and guess what – he’s never addressed that – so much for his lauded “transparency”! When people call him out on an obvious lie, he simply clams up. What a joke!

      • Not to mention all the unfavourable or inquisitive comments that magically get deleted 😉 Can’t say I’m surprised but I’d expect more transparency by someone who claims to be well, that: transparent! LOLOL!

        • Yeah, what’s up with that!?! 🙂 I remember him saying that he doesn’t delete comments/questions, lol.

          Only what he wants the public to see is transparent, the rest is hidden from all eyes and ears.

      • I hear that the site he is running cost 5k hummm interesting when I saw some one type it good ole TMC man of the hour wonder if he comes here and comments

        • So if this is true that a good reason to be mad at Jodi for telling him keep your site just dont add my name to it now he has an ice cream stand in Vegas some where with his name one it had to remove Jodi name

    • I would hate to be Jason when NG gets a sniff of this and she probably will now that Troy has it. He has written a lot of words about HLN that I’m sure she would love to discuss with him. 🙂

    • Oh Sandra, don’t get me started on George Barwood. Not only does he approve of the Weberz but now he is on a maniac rant spewing his hatred about SJ and JAII wherever he can: In groups, at sites, in pm’s, by e-mails…. And the nutty thing is that the topic where he spams his vile remarks at doesn’t have to do with SJ.. He just ‘copies/pastes’ the passages that he and Weber have probably written together… What he doesn’t seem to understand is that Jodi personally wrote him a letter telling him to back off on SJ! His hatred is larger than his logic. Another one that doesn’t ‘listen’ or respect Jodi’s wishes…

      George, when you leave the dark side and come back to the light, contact me…. 😉

  12. CanadaCarol,

    On August 26th you wrote:

    Quote from TA’s Apr 24/08 ppl training speech: ‘My sister, to this day, thinks I am a scam artist. Every time I see her she makes some sort of comment about that. In addition, she also asks to borrow money every single time I see her. Not a good approach if you need a buck or two by the way.”

    Can you point me to that speech? Thx.

          • Wow, so I have listened to most of this speech while I was doing some cleaning. One thing that stuck out was he said his grandparents weren’t devout Mormons (i thought they were) and the other, he starts talking about skiing (1:22 in) and how it would be embarrassing to fall in front of a “cute girl with pigtails and blond hair”

            • Vicky, besides what you bring up, he also talks about men not asking for directions and ending up in the desert having run out of gas. He has a date with someone in Mesa who doesn’t know he’s alive but he is going to persist until he wins her over or there is a restraining order. It’s lot’s of boring, but a few little interesting comments from TA.

              • Yeah I heard the restraining order thing too…missed the running out of gas part though. It is a lot of boring! The whole PPL thing is so weird, the crowds in all the PPL speech videos are like so enamored by whoever is speaking. And he also plays part of the Secret in the presentation…..brainwashing!

                • Not only do I not think that the ” Secret”, works__ I think it has a detrimental effect upon the individual.
                  Aside from causing the adherent to ignore the possibilities of what ‘ negativity’ might rightly have to offer__ helpful signs of warning or alarm signals of real threat or danger, and guidance through intuition that encourages one to go into a certain direction that will prove most beneficial,
                  __ instead the ” Secret” causes a person to live unnaturally by splitting reality and their own being in half.
                  Being divided against onself has the dangerous effect of increasing repression__ and unawareness.
                  Reality is reality. Ignoring negativity_ which has its own validity, does not make negativity go away. Ignoring what is only exacerbates its power and sway over the individual’s consciousness.
                  It creates repression, which becomes a volatile cauldren of enormous power which eventually erupt and leave the individual at its mercy.
                  The forces of the unconscious are far more powerful and influential than every- day consciousness, which only amounts to the tip of the iceberg of what an individual actually is.
                  What one is unconscious of, always holds more sway than what one is unconscious of.
                  One has no power over what one is unconscious of_ and that can have disastrous consequences.
                  Organized religions of all kinds have insisted that human beings become unnatural and split in half to realize the goal of becoming ‘ good’ or holy.
                  In truth, becoming unnatural and separated from one self is the exact opposite of what spirituality is.
                  The ” Secret” is often lauded as being spiritual; it is anything but.
                  The Secret increases ego- identification based upon desire. It is simply a philosophy predicated upon the motive to get what one wants. ( Greed might be an apt name for it.)
                  Forcing oneself to remainina sweat- lodge, believing pushing oneself unnaturally, and ignoring all the warning signs nature gave ( that one’s life was in danger), resulted in actual death.

                  I consider Jodi’s behavior in regard to insisting that no one will convict her, simply to be her attempt to adhere tothis philosophy which isbuilt upon positive affirmations. ( Likewise, popular culture has widely adopted the use of popular affirmations.)
                  Similarly, Jodi’s cartwheel and ironic remark to herself that she should have at least remembered to put on makeup, _ are evidence of practicing the philosophy of positivity.
                  Her behavior were simply attempts to cope; they had nothing to do with arrogance or vanity.
                  I want to emphasize again; the philosophy of the secret creates repression, and repression can cause great violence.

                • Amy,
                  great post!!!! OMG, I so agree. Ignoring negativity will not make it go away. Ignoring problems or pretending they do not exist, will not make them go away. Ignoring people’s darkeness and concentrating on their few good traits will not make the bad aspects of their personality go away.
                  I have experienced with a close family member this getting sucked into positive affirmations/thoughts philosophy & positive psychology. It can lead to an illusionary and false perception of reality. Life is both black and white.

                • Even TotDoc testified about the negative effects of trying to live this Law of Attraction type of life, and had experienced it’s effects on some of her patients.

  13. A few months ago, I viewed the beginning of this speech/presentation by TA. (You can definitely tell he was very tired in this one since he almost seems to lose his train of thought a few times.) So I decided to go back and look further for the reference to the sister. Seeing that he was trying to entertain and engage the group with the irony of their interactions – he did get a laugh with that “bit” while making a point about tenacity – reminded me of other motivational speeches TA made that contained humor. He began one by making fun of his single status, i.e., after several somewhat depressing incidents in that regard and in an attempt to shift focus, he turned on the radio in his car. It was playing “Solitary Man” by Neil Diamond. He got a huge laugh with that.

    Personally, I’m convinced that if TA had wanted it, he could have become a successful stand-up comic. It must have occurred to him to try out material somewhere (comedy writing and stage timing both seemed to come very naturally to him) but he might have thought it more prudent to use his talent just for motivational work, considering how debilitating the world of clubs and touring can be for some people. Yet there are many comics who “work clean” and stay “clean” (sober) even when on tour. He might not have realized that, and been afraid to even give it a try (it is well-known that comics often “roast” each other – think Joan Rivers) given the pressures Carol mentions in the 10:31am comment here.

  14. ALL I have to say today is that JODI ANN ARIAS is the MOST amazing person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just LOVE her to pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She DESERVES utmost RESPECT and SUPPORT from everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People who don’t support her or hate her are TOTALLY blinded!!! I bet not a one of them could keep their composure like Jodi does under all the hateful words and actions that THEY THEMSELVES dish out to her!!! Just ONE second of it and they would EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love you JODI and I am standing in the gap for you all the way to your FREEDOM and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jodi, I am CONFIDENT that you will do an AMAZING job representing yourself in your upcoming Penalty Phase Trial!!! Of course, why wouldn’t you, you will just be your AMAZING, naturally, AWESOME self!!!!!!!! 🙂

    JAII is the Number ONE support site for JODI ANN ARIAS!!! I am honored to be in the family and I stand with, support and love Jodi and ALL TEAM JODI at JAII as well as have the utmost respect for SJ and his ADMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO TEAM JODI!!! GO!!! NUMBER ONE!!! ALWAYS HAS BEEN and ALWAYS WILL BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Beautifully said Marja!

      Jodi is an amazing woman with the worst luck EVER!

      In most of her life, she has been at the wrong place the wrong time, met the wrong people that she thought were her friends, fell in love with the wrong person, trusted the wrong people that only wanted to control her mind and body and now fighting all those negative people on one hand and trying to focus and prepare for her trial on the other hand.

      It’s absolutely NOT FAIR!

      And finally, YES! JAII and SJ have been by Jodi’s side supporting her when supporting Jodi was so unpopular and still unknown! This site as well as SJ and a lot of Jodi’s supporters have been taunted, bullied, verbally abused when others supporters were ‘hiding’ (and still are) in secret and closed groups. And now to see a lot of those ‘secret supporters’ have a bad opinion about SJ or about JAII is hypocritical! I absolutely don’t mean all supporters that prefer to remain anonymous, I am talking about those that bash this site and SJ BUT are totally wusses in publicly supporting Jodi!

      Peace out!

      ((((Jodi)))) ♥
      ((((JAII)))) ♥
      (((SJ))) ♥
      ((((supporters that are not embarrassed to say they support Jodi in public)))) ♥

      • Insightful and spot on as usual, Pandora! This site, as most know, was the reason I learned about the “other side” and started my own page, and blog. I got involved in the fray pretty early, too, and learned the toll it takes both from wanting to fight the good fight, and from the enormous daily negativity and more thrown at supporters. All of it derailed me from the bigger, important issues many times. I was not strong enough back then, nor did I understand “hater mentality”. I devoted a lot of writing and research time on this, but in a sense it helped me, to stay angry enough to keep fighting. I am not proud of a lot of what I wrote and said, but hey, I was and still am human. SJ is too, I am pretty sure! Now I am not so sure about George, but it does work in the bigger picture of all things Jodi, I am most convinced of. He shrugs off so much, but I do believe he is honing his arguments, and actually using the haters to help him, which is, if I may say, a kind of genius!

        As for Lisa Schilling. She was never on the front lines. But she was always there to try to pick my brain and others. Now, she is getting a taste of what it’s like, and she’s gone into hiding! Go figure. So how can she “market internationally” with no public twitter account??? Must have something to do with “transparency”! LOL!

        This site, and I have said it before, is a GOLD mine for those who take the time and read and absorb the brilliant comments and insights. There is most definitely a book or three on these pages!
        And there is room on the book market for books from plenty of supporters just from what has been discussed. If SJ or his team wanted to do something like that, I think it would be great. I would lay off the really bad comments or pics on TA, but it could be done.

        Anyway, my two cents! 🙂 ONWARD!

    • I find it a bit sad that Jodi is aware of some of the names she is being called. I don’t understand why someone would pass that information on to her.

      Anyway, what she wrote reminded me of some information I found on a hater site. Ironically, it’s quite good and describes some of the stuff Jodi experienced in the past with Travis and is still experiencing second-hand now.

      “Emotional abuse isn’t calling someone a name; it isn’t simply raising your voice at someone you’re meant to love…it’s a concerted effort, a campaign, designed with the sole purpose of destruction. Your destruction. Emotional abuse crushes your spirit. It steals a piece of your soul. It changes everything about you and how you interact with others. You are never the same having survived it. In its wake, you question everything you ever thought you knew. You wonder what’s wrong with you. You believe you aren’t worth loving.You doubt yourself – constantly. And you learn to live with scars no one sees.”

      Jodi appears to have a very strong character. She’s dealing with so much stress and yet she relates to others with kindness and compassion. If I was in her situation, I would be begging for medication and be lying in a fetal position with a blanket over my head 24 hours a day.

      • She does appear to have a strong character. Her equanimity is remarkable.
        If I were in her place, I believe I would be absolutely paralysed by fear, anxiety, stress, depression, and the weight of oppression .

        What stands out in her blog- post is her sincere concern for, admiration of, love and RESPECT for Travis.
        Her detractors say she dishonors Travis, but on the contrary, she has, and still does, show her devotedness and allegiance to him.
        Her detractors don’ t see it because they don’ t want to see it or believe it.

        She is an excellent writer. Hopefully her writing and artwork will provide her with solace.
        She has immense depth.

        • In regard to the intense hatred directed towards Jodi:

          “The gentlest thing in the world
          Overcomes the hardest thing in the world.”

          ___ Tao Te Ching

          • I see Jodi as one STRONG, DEDICATED, SMART, LOVING and THOUGHTFUL young woman who has been through Hell and back several times. Through out it all she has continued to hold her head up high and continued to stay positive. Only an innocent person could manage such a challenge. When one has been abused to the level she has, nothing can hurt or harm her anymore. The Haters are wasting their horrid breath. They harm only themselves. God will protect her. No doubt. Jodi grows stronger everyday and she will prove her innocence to the WORLD.

      • I think it is Edd feeding her this stuff, unnecessarily. I don’t think he realizes the negativity that can result from it, or at least not fully. He talks to her a lot, and I think this is their big area of chat. Jodi IS influenced by others greatly, and I have seen this personally. It’s a little scary at times, to be honest.

        • Agree. Gotta admt I was shocked and surprised to read she is aware of the horrible names she is called by haters. Unless hate mails reaches ehr, i cannot understand why would someone , supporters no less, sare this with her. 🙄

    • EXCERPTS from Jodi’s blog-post that SJ linked in his comment Sept.7 at 10:28pm above ^:

      “His outbursts were always followed by an apology and a renewed determination to be better.”

      “I know that if he knew how many people today perpetuate his worst self by sustaining this trend that he
      initiated*, and that they do so in his ‘honor’, it would make him sad and ashamed.”

      “But haters don’t care about what Travis would want. Haters are not concerned about the high-minded ideals he espoused.”

      *e.g.: calling Jodi a “whore”, etc.

      • Correction/addition to EXCERPTS from Jodi’s blog-post, above in my 12:18pm comment:

        Jodi did not emphasize the word “he” (followed by “initiated”) by leaving “he” separately on its own line. There was no space between those two words in her original blog-post; this was just my (computer) error.

        Also, I added the * since her reference was not obvious as excerpted. Her original post is very clear.

  15. Regarding the ‘ stand- up floor cleaner’ that detectives found in the middle of the living room floor on the day Travis was found:
    Was the cleaner taken for evidence and examined?

    Also, I find it curious how one room- mate stated that Travis had purchased the cleaner a few weeks earlier, and the other room- mate said, (prior to seeing it on about June 4th or 5th), that Travis had not yet assembled the cleaner__ the room- mate meaning that the cleaner had only been assembled for the first time on June 4th or 5th_ and he supposed that Travis was the one who assembled it.

    Was it ever investigated and proven that it was actually Travis that purchased it?
    And/ or, was it ever investigated and proven when it was purchased?

    Was the cleaner examined for finger- prints to determine whether Travis had ever touched the cleaner?

    (If it is the case that the cleaner was never thoroughly tested for evidence, I would strongly question why it was not.)

    • Was the dog fence dusted for fingerprints?

      I have wondered (along with many other supporters) about the mechanics of the bedroom doorknob/lock. There are so many variations on how a door can be locked and unlocked.

      How did ZB attempt to contact TA about the mailbox? Wasn’t TA’s cellphone phone in plain sight in his office? Which phone did ZB send a message to? Did he leave a message on the land line or the cellphone hoping TA would retrieve it using a third party’s phone? Or did TA have a second cellphone, to which ZB could have sent a text message at some point?

      • I *think* Connor explained that the bedroom door could be locked on the way out by simply turning the thumb tab on the inside door handle, and then pulling the door to as you leave the room. I say I *think* she explained that, but I could be just super-imposing my experience with those types of latches onto my memory of her testimony. I *am* pretty sure she explained SOMETHING about the door latch, though! Does that help? lol

        • It was stated in the Flores Report that he ZB had texted Travis about the mailbox key 2 different days, I think the 5th of June and then on the 9th. Why did he need to find the mailbox key when all along he had access to Travis’s room key, one would think they would be together. Right? I too wonder if all of the above things were fingerprinted. Dog gate, door knob Travis keys and on and on. And, what was in the mailbox? Was that investigated, probably not 🙄

          • The 5th and the 9th??? Wow….
            You text someone you live with twice over a 4-day time span, he does not reply, you have not seen him at home at all yet you are not concerned. Okeyyy…

        • Yes, Journee, your comment does help, if it was Connor. I also recall (an investigator) explanation as to how the door worked, but as he/she addressed it, I still had questions. Since, to my memory, the locking possibilities were not completely laid out, am not 100% convinced that one wouldn’t have needed a key to do that. But like you, not certain at this point so much later.

        • Checked out Connor on Day Four. (Thanks, Journee.) Martinez asked her if she knew anything about a “master key” to the bedroom. She seemed surprised by the question, then replied after a moment that she didn’t know anything about a key to the bedroom. Was at end of her testimony that day.

          • IIRC, he drags the door knob assembly out again the next time she’s on the stand…. I *think* at the start.

            And I can’t say for sure whether the discussion I remember might have happened on cross.

            • I don’t see where Connor is on the stand after Day 4, but she came in Days 2 and 3.

              I do remember some testimony about the door locking for sure, but not anyone bringing in the assembly. I guess this’ll take awhile to locate.

                • Well, since JM only asked her about a “master key” Day 4, maybe the assembly was brought in earlier, with totally different questions. But it’s also possible that she didn’t end up on the main list under further tab headings, while her name is only notated above the video window on a later day.

                • I wanted to try to help find it, but I have an unusually slow connection tonight. Usually a whole trial session worth of video downloads in a minute or so, but tonight the download is staying just barely ahead of the play. I will try again tomorrow if you don’t find it.

                • Nurmi did ask her how long fingerprints can last and she said for months, depending, etc. JM brought up the key after that.

                • I looked it up here on Day 2. After 02:02:00, JM introduces the doorknob into evidence – Exh. 231. Connor is questioned about locking and unlocking the door; it is shown to have a keyhole for the outside/exterior. HC explains that on the inside (of the room) with this door lock there is only a “flat piece that’s turned”, no keyhole. (Not a separate deadbolt, but a knob with an inset protrusion. It is located on the exact reverse side of the exterior keyhole.)

                  Having viewed this testimony, the question I had remains. Would one need a key to lock the door if one were actually on the OUTSIDE of the room when locking it?

                  Some door knobs with this appearance can only be locked from the inside when using the knob protrusion, because the door cannot be “pulled to” once the little
                  “knob within the knob” has been turned to lock it – IF the door is still open. It would seem that this is to keep a person from inadvertently locking themselves out by pulling the door closed behind them on the way out while the knob protrusion is still in the locked position.

                  To say it another way, the bolt portion of the lock, once turned using the knobby protrusion, can extend outward on some door locks as if it’s a deadbolt; it won’t “give” as you try to pull the door closed. We’ve all seen doors with the knobby inset that can only be locked if it is already closed and completely “pulled to” and you’ve heard the latching sound. Only then can you turn the protrusion in that type of lock and actually secure the door. So, with a lock of that type, if you try to do this from the outside you would be stymied, unable to pull the door closed after turning the knobby thing because the bolt would not spring back upon pressure and slide into the latch. It seems to me that some locks are actually designed this way, so that they require a key (and conscious purpose) to be locked from the outside.

                  Perhaps I’ve just described a broken door lock, but I’ve noticed this type of restriction on several occasions over the years.

                  Here is testimony with regard to how one would get into the bedroom once it is locked, with HC.

                  JM: In order to get into that room if it had been locked from the inside, would a person need a key?
                  HC: Yes.
                  JM: And, in order to lock it if you were inside, would a person need a key or would they just need to turn the knob or the item there?
                  HC: A key would not be necessary.
                  JM: So, what that means is a person could just turn the little knob there […unintelligible – I believe he says “knob or whatever”] and close it from the inside, and lock it.
                  HC: Yes.

                  Connor did not mention “locksmithing” as one of her skills. And she was not asked to physically demonstrate the lock’s working capabilities. Details on the doorknob were pointed out in close shots.

                • I guess I remembered it wrong. I’m sorry. Yes, I do understand what you’re saying, I’ve just never seen a door-lock like that one that worked as you describe… which would only mean my experience is limited.

                  (and my experience on doorknob locking mechanisms is limited to the extent that, about a year or so after I moved into this 60 year old house, I managed to lock myself INSIDE my bedroom, couldn’t get out and had to jump out a window!)

                • LOL! Well, heck that’s a good point – even a smart person can be bamboozled by a tricky doorknob. Have you ever encountered one that can only be locked with the little knob within a knob if it’s closed and securely latched? There’s a type that automatically unlocks – the little knobby thing always pops out – when you turn the doorknob to open or even when you close the door. There are so many different types of doorknobs it surprises me that they just left the assembly in the plastic bag while she pointed things out.

                • Bamboozled is right! There’s no visible locking mechanism on these doorknobs, and until that day I didn’t know they WOULD lock. They lock by pushing the knob itself towards the door. And since my bedroom door opens outwards, my efforts to wrestle the door open only served to insure it stayed locked.

                  (mind you, once I’d solved the mystery, I had to climb back through the window because my dogs were still locked in the bedroom)

                • Hilarious – the dogs so happy to see you climb back through the window they were probably beside themselves, lol!

                  With respect to that confounding door – no doubt you cannot lock it by pushing the doorknob in, stepping outside the door and closing it? If you try to do that, the doorknob is engineered to pop back out when it latches – because there is no keyhole on the exterior to allow re-entry. (Proceed with caution or be prepared for a climb or to take the door off the hinges, ha!)

                  Sounds like the door must be already closed for it to lock, with you on the INSIDE, forcing you to climb out a window if you want to leave with the door remaining locked, since there is no way to unlock OR LOCK it from the outside.

                  The one-sided keyhole COULD simply indicate that a door can be locked from the outside, which otherwise would not be possible with an interior locking mechanism such as you describe; a key would in that instance be needed to lock the door from the outside, not just to unlock it. JM’s wording is very interesting in this regard – and extremely careful – as usual.

                  p.s. I have seen doorknobs such as the one you have; design was popular for awhile, then discarded, probably because people bamboozled themselves on a daily basis (and in light of child-proofing issues, etc.). So I’m guessing that that gave rise to a similar doorknob capability, but one that announced its lockability with the knob protrusion. So the exterior keyhole could just be an add-on to this basic “you cannot lock yourself out” design. The exterior key could also allow a second party to override the interior knob protrusion lock if a person had locked the door and were still inside needing help to get out.

                • I have seen door knobs with the little metal knob in the center of the interior side of door that one would turn it to lock and on the outside of the door it has a tiny hole in the middle of the door knob that one could take a long metal pin like instrument into the hole and unlock it. Those are pretty common IMO. In fact I have them in my house.

      • I am sure it’s been answered and I probably have missed it BUT can someone tell me who had travis’s spare key to the bedroom? Who opened the bedroom door the day they found him?

    • The contents of the floor cleaner, and the fingerprints on it, should have been OBVIOUS points to examine. There was a CRiME SCENE upstairs, with OBVIOUS efforts at cleanup, according to Flores. Should’ve been a no-brainer to check out the floor cleaner.

    • Good point Amy! So many things for reasonable doubt! That ‘not important’ floor cleaner could have answered a lot of questions! And it was in the middle of the living room for how many days? And wasn’t travis OCD (speculating from how tidy he kept his closet – you can tell a lot about a person’s character by looking in their closet)? Didn’t any of the roommates find it odd that he’d leave it there for so many days? So many ‘red flags’ and yet… the roommates didn’t notice anything wrong… 🙄 GMAFB

      • OK, let’s assume they are guys: guys are not particularly interested in cleaning. They are macho, they see a floor cleaner lying around and don’t pay much attention. OK, I can believe that.

        The weirdest thing is a cell phone, ringing for 5 days (Travis was a popular guy, right?Lots of friends, lots of acquaintances who must have been texting/calling him) yet they didn’t think much of it? Even if it wasn’t ringing, it could have been vibrating.

    • All I have seen is that the investigation was done really sloppy and I am pretty sure that the crime scene was tampered with for the convenience of the police report (to make it easier and not have to do thorough and excessive investigating… Can someone pass me the donuts box please?

      • Your probably right Pandora! “They” must have known who the detective would be, Mr. Magoo 🙄
        I believe my dog (be a wonderful judge of character) would have done a better job sniffing out the guilty. LOL 😀 Funny but the truth!

  16. There is a Petition For Jodi on Change.Org – The petition organizer is a Geo Barwood.
    Is this a petition that will help Jodi, or no? Sorry for my ignorance, only want to do the right thing by Jodi, and i do not know who to trust, anymore – Should i Sign this Petition? If it will help Jodi Arias, i will sign it, if it is a bogus petition, that would not help Her, i will not sign it. Saw the Petition 9/8/14 – Thanks
    Love to All Team Jodi <3
    If this is not a good Petition – maybe a better one could be created. I do not know how to do this –

    • Jo, I don’t know which petition you’re referring to but it seems that lately George has gone a bit manic and obsessed when it comes to do with Jodi.

      On one hand he claims he supports Jodi (and I really want to give him the benefit of the doubt) but on the other hand, it seems that he is trying to damage the credibility of her Art site and Appellate Fund site.

      It’s up to you, really. I personally wouldn’t want to be part of whatever he thinks he is accomplishing, especially since Jodi has asked him to behave and to respect her, her family and her friends which he has miserably failed to do.

      Admin Rasna – TEAM JODI

  17. Infamous Luka Magnotta murder trial to start in Montreal September 22, 2014. He is accused of killing and dismembering a man and mailing the severed parts to political parties & elementary schools. The case received such extensive and sensational coverage that Magnotta was named Canadian newsmaker of the year in 2012 by the Canadian Press. They need 12 jurors and 2 alternates for the trial and are planning to interview 400 people a day for the next 4 days if necessary. There will probably be a widespread information ban. Also, there is discussion about showing graphic/sexual evidence which is felt to prejudice the jurors against the accused.

    Jodi would probably have had a much better result in a Canadian court b/c it sounds like there wouldn’t have been autopsy photos or nude photos shown to the jurors.

    The article below discusses the difficulty in making the trial fair in a highly publicized murder case and the steps Canadian courts take to do so.

    • Yes, I have so wished that Jodi was here in Canada and she would have been treated much differently. For Jodi, there would have been no media frenzy allowed, no death penalty on the table and real recognition of battered woman syndrome For the Magnotta trial, they started with a pool of 800 jurors because of the international media exposure, and they also need to be bilingual.

      CNN has a new series Death Row Stories. It sounds so depressing I didn’t watch it for a while, but it is an excellent series, directed by Robert Redford and narrated by Susan Sarandon. Timothy Hennis Double Jeopardy was the last one I watched where the prosecutor displayed on a full-wall screen for two solid days the pictures of the autopsies of the children victims. He was granted a new trial on the basis of these slides. These are stories about innocent people who were wrongfully convicted. One circuit judge stated the crime was so heinous that if there ever was a death penalty case, it was this one. Thanks to DNA and thirty years later, their innocence was proven.

  18. In regard to the power of images in the courtroom:

    After the rental car man had finished his testimony, the prosecutor kept Jodi’s smiling mug shot on the overhead projector, effectively using it as a BACKDROP for the receipts from Jodi’s road trip as they were entered into evidence one by one (with Nathan Mendes on Day Five).

    Isn’t it a legal necessity that each piece of evidence stands or falls on its own probative value? Jodi’s lingering photograph was not intrusive to TV viewers, but it must have been a monumental distraction to the jurors while they attempted to make sense of those receipts.

    The state presented the paper receipts AS IF they were the ONLY proof of gas cans having been used on the trip. So when JM insisted that there were THREE cans, not two as Jodi asserted, no one seemed to notice that NONE of them was ever brought into court. Likewise, the jurors must not have given much consideration to the casualness of cash returns when items are purchased with cash, i.e. the alleged third (kerosene) can, though we’ve all experienced the ease of a cash return.

    Did it never occur to the jurors that it would have appeared less than probative for the prosecutor to have wheeled in three cans on a trolley, when one of them should have been blue, not red like the others – the different color a warning that it is not legal to fill kerosene cans with gasoline?

    How could Jodi have ever used a kerosene can for gas without someone – a customer or a service station employee – pointing out to her that it was improper and dangerous?

    And in a death penalty case that clearly involves elements of intimate partner abuse, it didn’t seem to give the jurors pause that they were being asked to take the corporate Tesoro lady’s WORD that one of the purchases Jodi made was for gas, not for a snack or some other thing. If the witness found something at the corporate level to prove that, why was she not REQUIRED to “wheel it in” to the courtroom?

    If Jodi had ever had three fuel cans in her possession, whether or not she used any of them, why wouldn’t she have discarded ALL of them, if she had the idea that they could be associated with premeditation? Since the jury must have perceived her to be a “disorganized killer”, shouldn’t the inconsistencies of her modus operandi have weighed in on the side of a LACK of premeditation?

    As the jurors were constantly reminded by the prosecutor of Jodi’s original dissembling and fabrications, his keeping the mug shot on the projector was just more of the same. In response, and whether or not they believed that a mistrial would be granted, the defense needed to answer in equal measure by objecting with more frequency and stridency, and by linking Jodi’s traumatic memory loss, battered woman’s syndrome and her desire to protect the families from the horror of the tragedy in a consistently cohesive manner. It was, after all, a horror her own brain never permitted her to fully experience.

    • whichtrial?,

      You make a good point about the gas cans vs the kerosene can. It’s interesting that Martinez, when questioning Amanda Webb, NEVER calls the item they are discussing by its correct term. He shows the receipt that clearly shows an item near the bottom marked: “5G Kero cans $12.96.” In other words, a Kerosene can costing $12.96. But here is how he refers to the item each time he refer to the kerosene can throughout their discussion:

      “this 5G”
      “this item”
      “5 gallon item …gas…5 gallon gas can”
      “5 gallon item”
      “this item at the bottom”
      “the one on the bottom”
      “item we are looking at here”
      “this item, this 5 gallon item”
      “item we have been talking about, this 5 gallon item at the bottom”
      “5 gallon item”
      “5 gallon can…gas”
      “this particular gas can”
      “this item”

      Note that he stumbles/hesitates over the word “gas” a few times. I think he was leery about using the term gas in case someone called him on it.

      * I may have messed up the order of 1-2 comments.

      When Martinez is finished, Judge Stephens asks Kirk Nurmi if he had any questions and he answered:
      “No thanks, your Honor”

      There was one juror question but it didn’t relate to the type of can.

      Martinez obviously (to my mind) knew that he was talking about a Kerosene can but I think that might have confused , or raised questions in the juror’s minds, if they knew it was a Kerosene can and not a gas can. It would have screwed up his theory if the jurors knew the discussion was about a can that wasn’t made for carrying gasoline. He may also have worried that if he called it a gas can too many times Amanda Webb might have said: “It’s actually a kerosene can on the receipt.” But, he probably made sure she didn’t correct him before he ever brought her into court.

      It’s surprising that neither defense lawyer realized it was a kerosene can or that Jodi didn’t tell them. I suspect she returned the kerosene can because someone informed her that it is illegal to transport gas in a kerosene can and that she might have trouble at service stations using a kerosene can to purchase & transport gas .

      • Bingo; he didn’t want to be corrected by Webb on the type of can. He didn’t want to “highlight” that it was a kerosene can to the jurors, or to the defense. I seem to remember that at another point he referred to it as a “fuel can”. Gasoline is much more combustible than kerosene, and many of the jurors would have known that, and known also that a kerosene can is unfit and dangerous for gasoline storage. But were they ever clear about which type the elusive third fuel can actually was?

        • I don’t think many (if any) jurors knew it was a kerosene can unless they were reading JAII during the trial b/c people here knew it was a kerosene can. It was discussed here and on some hater sites. Blue kerosene can photos were floating all over the internet.

          I wonder if Jodi (and her lawyers) know about the information that has been discussed here. It’s too bad some key issues weren’t summarized and turned over to them. Maybe it has been.

          I saw a quote on a hater site recently attributed to Flores where he apparently testified that the palm print that was found in Travis’s house belonged to Jodi and contained a mixture of blood from both Travis & Jodi. I haven’t been able to find any video of Flores saying that as yet but I think that statement would be false (if it was made). My understanding was that Jodi’s palm print contained biological substances from both Travis and Jodi but the lab was unable to identify what kind of biological substances they were.
          That would indicate (to me at least) that the print could have been made anytime since Jodi had been in the house many times in the past. But, it the palm print did contain blood from both of them that would indicate she was there during his killing or shortly after. I know she says she was there and killed him in self defense but the only proof that have that Jodi was there at all are the photos from earlier in the day. Flores does admit on tape that is the ONLY evidence they have that she was there.

          • I think you could say without those time-stamped photos there would be no case against Jodi. In fact, they really only prove she was there in the afternoon. I wonder who’s idea it was for her to make a confession?

          • Flores told Jodi about her ‘palm print in Travis’ blood’ during the interrogation…. and cops are allowed to lie to suspects during interrogation. I don’t know if that part of interrogation made it into evidence but I think that all of it did.

            JM talked about a bloody handprint a few times, but he didn’t swear to tell the truth.

            • Re: Jodi being at TA’s – she said he was watching a particular video on YouTube at around 4 or 4:30am, which was verified by computer forensics.

            • coldcase, also in interrogation Flores said to Jodi that he interviewed neighbors and that someone saw her outside the house, but again, he had the leeway to allege whatever he wanted in order to get her to confess to being there.

    • I’ve been forever suspicious of the Tesoro lady’s testimony. Juan asked her to give us the number of gallons on those receipts that Jodi had and she gave the exact gallons. On the third exhibit (#635) which she had brought from Corporate she said the $19+ purchase was gas and when Juan asked her how much gas she said 5 gallons. Juan then said “Or there about, right?” to which she answered yes. It sounded like they were both estimating the number of gallons based on the total purchase amount and the cost per gallon. And we (and the jury) never got to see exhibit #635 (at least not in court); I’ve even searched the Internet for it to no avail. I would have hoped the defense team would have done something about it, if there was some sort of trickery involved but I’m not totally convinced at this point. And while the jury may have had the exhibit in deliberations I’m not too confident in their reasoning abilities.

  19. I know I have stated all of this before but maybe this will help explain where I’m coming from. I would never want to seem pushy or boastful because that is not my way but I would like my JAII family to know no matter what they believe or who they believe in I will stand with them to fight against the injustices that have been committed against Jodi Arias. Period. I love each and every one who has given of their time and shared their wealth of knowledge and money to help our dear sweet Jodi.
    So with that said, Iwould like to share this because it pretty well sums me up! ♥
    God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble.
    “I am a Christian”, I am not shouting “I am clean living”. I’m whispering “I was lost, but now I’m found and forgiven.” When I say “I am a Christian” I do not speak of this with pride, “I am confessing that I stumble and need Christ to be my Guide. When I say “I am a Christian”, I’m not trying to be strong. I am professing that I’m weak and need His strength to carry on. When I say “I am a Christian” I’m not bragging of success. I’m admitting I have failed and need God to clean up my mess. When I say “I am a Christian, I’m not claiming to be perfect. My flaws are visible but God believes I am worth it. When I say “I am a Christian”, I still feel the sting of pain. I have my share of headaches, so I call upon His name. When I say “I am a Christian”, I’m not holier that thou, I’m just a simple sinner who received God’s Good Grace, somehow! I believe that Jodi ♥ is a divining rod that has in a miraculous way brought us together.
    Thank you SJ for allowing me to be part of Jodi’s Forever Family. ♥

    • R. Love,
      Your sentiments are very touching. Love and an open heart are what is most important in life, and as your post says, that can only be achieved by recognizing grace as the real power.
      And as your post also implies, all of this can only come about by knowing, ” but for the Grace of God go I.”
      I agree with you about Jodi being like a divining rod.
      It’s a curious phenomenon; Jodi Arias is actually a very spiritual person, but the ‘ holier than thou’ attitude which has corrupted so much of religion, has misled and persuaded adherents to identify themselves as ‘ good’ in opposition to ‘evil’_ which they contend Jodi to be the incarnation of.
      Yet I read countless comments that describe in the most fiendish, sadistic, diabolical ways, the manner in which they wish to see her suffer. And the detail into which some people go into as to how to bring that about is truly pathological.
      Yet in their hearts these same people honestly believe they are loving people who are on the side of right. Truly, for the most part their intentions are good; it is just that they are not conscious enough to realize their intentions are not good.
      The need to talk about religion in regard to this trial is inescapable because of the prosecutor’s and tabloid media’s positing of archetypes of good and evil.
      On an aside note, I want to mention how preposterous an idea the concept of excommunication is, and equally how absurd it is that man- made rules referring to man- made ‘sacraments’ claiming to be ‘the real thing’ (components of a relationship with God)__ instead of symbols and allusions pertaing to an actual, living reality__ that man- made rules can constrain, inhibit, and rule man’s nature.

      • …And equally preposterous, the belief that man- made rules could ever sever any being from their rootedness in God.
        Although blameless, in an ambiguous, subliminal way, Jodi Arias has come to symbolize the personification of feminine power which is experienced as a threat to the male- dominated religious establishment.
        The feminine power is felt to be a threat precisely because it is power.

        “It is not because angels are holier than men or devils that makes them angels, but because they do not expect holiness from one another, but from God only.”

        ___ William Blake

        “All things are made OF [God], not ‘by’ [God].”

        ___ Osho

    • Thank you R.Love and Amy for your beautiful posts.

      Amy, I agree with you – I have never understood or been able to wrap my head around the notion of ”excommunication” in organized religion. It requires an acceptance of man’s God-like omnipotence and wisdom which should be an oxymoron according to their beliefs. Only God can judge, only God can decide on a person’s fate right? (Heaven and Hell) Yet priests pass judgements and deem you worthy or not.

      Christianity has taken Jesus’ message of Love and turned it into a blood-soaked vengeful one.

    • Kiefer is saying the same.

      Damn. I hope Willmott takes the lead, even if only unofficially. I think Jodi will fare better if Nurmi does not speak.

    • I wonder what will happen with the different direction Jodi wanted to take, the witnesses she wants to call that she’s been protecting from JM.

    • I have mixed feelings. If it’s true (and apparently it is) I so dont wanna see Nurmi leading.
      The man is boring, uninterested and practically wants nothing to do with Jodi and her case.
      I hope Jen leads this time.

            • In computers, data is stored in certain ways so that it can be processed in a certain order. One way is called a queue, much like lining up at the movie theater, that is, first in-first out, or another way to put it is the first one in line is the first to get processed, then the next one in line, etc., in that order, But there is another way to store data and process it using a concept called “the stack”. This name comes from the way cafeteria trays are pushed down on a “stack” and the order they get used (processed) is, last in-first out, i.e., the last tray pushed on the stack is the first to be “popped” off the stack. After Marja Liisa pushed “Me three” onto the stack, you the pushed “me five” on the stack. You then proceeded to pop the stack by going backwards from the way it was ordered: “me four” (although that one was not actually on the stack), “me three” and then “me too”, back where we started. You “popped the stack”.

              • Except I didn’t – that’s just the way it showed up because of the way the threading works here.

                I responded to the posts in order – Maria who echoed my sentiments, so she was a “too” then to R. Love who became three, then you who became four, then Marja who became five. If you follow the threads up you can see who I was talking to. 😀

                • Yeah, it isn’t exact in this case but hopefully you get the idea. Even our brains use something like the stack. For instance, when music starts on a particular chord, say C chord, it feels incomplete if the music doesn’t come back and eventually end on that same chord. Or when we are talking on one subject and get pulled off onto another subject, we put the first subject on the stack to come back to later. Then if we get pulled off yet again to another subject, we push the second subject on the stack. Then sometimes, especially as we get older (and take it from one who knows), we often do what’s called “losing the pointer to the stack” meaning we lose where we left off and can’t find our way back through the sequence.

                  At any rate, enough of that, but thanks for asking…

              • (when you said ‘popping the stack’, what came to mind was the shuffling of cards, and I looked up at the bend of the thread which looked like the bend of cards before you ‘pop’ them up into an arc and let them fluff into a stack.)

          • I just responded to Maria (too), then R. Love (three), then you (four), then Marja (five) – but the way the threading works it came out upside down!

  20. Jodi Arias Updates @JodiAnnArias · 2h
    It’s official: Jodi is not representing herself anymore.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 20m
    Jodi Arias asks to have her lawyers back.

    I wonder what has happened….

  21. Michael Kiefer reported Jodi’s statement today as:

    “I hearby relinguish my pro per status and reassert my 6th amendment right to counsel. I am also requesting to make a brief record ex parte.”

    Short & sweet.

      • Justus,

        She’s soundly more like a lawyer than Martinez with his: “Judge, Jodi won’t give me the address of her mystery witness. She’s not playing fair. Make her give it to meeeeeeeeeee …whine… whine”

        • I remember back during trial, we would make fun of Kermit whenever he would turn to Pickles, lower his voice and say ”Would you advise the witness this is not how….?” or something along those lines. He did it many times and it looked utterly ridiculous. ”Maaaaaaa, tell her not to do that!”

    • “Ju-UUUdge!!! She is not co-operatiiiiiiiiing” (stomping foot, crossing arms over his chest, pouting) …. yup! 4th grader behavior!

  22. If any of y’all are on Twitter following Kiefer, would someone please tell him that Jodi was found guilty on May 8, 2013. He keeps on reporting it as April 2013.

  23. Well, geeze, once I switched the TV to HLN I just left it there because there’s nothing else on anyway. So now Dr. Drew is on and they’re talking about Ray Rice and domestic violence. About how women stay because first they’re in denial and then because they’re part of it – mutually responsible for it in some way – and because they LOVE HIM and he’s not always like that!

    So will there be anyone on Dr. Drew’s panel in October who recalls this conversation?

      • It’s in the news, here. Football player just got kicked out of the league because he was caught on tape bashing his then-girlfriend-now-wife in the face on an elevator.

        Of course, now the media’s trying to push the DV aspect aside in favor of the scandalous revelation that the NFL knew about the incident long before the tape hit the media, but did nothing about it until the news broke.

  24. Just found this :
    Pistorius Trial

    STORYLINEOngoing coverage of the Oscar Pistorius murder trial. The Paralympic runner stands accused of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on February 14, 2013.
    Oscar Pistorius: Judge Masipa Says ‘Blade Runner’ Can’t Be Convicted of Murder
    Watch Live: Pistorius Murder Trial Verdict
    PRETORIA, South Africa – A judge cleared Oscar Pistorius of murder on Thursday, but said there was “no doubt” the double-amputee acted unlawfully when he shot and killed his girlfriend.

    After ruling out that Pistorius’ actions were premeditated, Judge Thokozile Masipa also said the athlete could not be found guilty of the lesser charge of murder.
    “Clearly he did not subjectively foresee this as a possibility that he would kill the person behind the door, let alone the deceased as he thought she was in the bedroom,” Masipa told the court as Pistorius sobbed and shook in the dock.
    “That, however, is not the end of the matter,” Masipa added, saying before adjourning for lunch that she would now consider the idea of culpable homicide – similar to a manslaughter charge in the U.S.
    The “Blade Runner” is accused of murdering model Reeva Steenkamp at his home on Valentine’s Day last year.

    Before breaking for lunch and continuing with her verdict, Masipa said evidence of premeditated murder was circumstantial.
    “The state has not proved beyond reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of premeditated murder,” she told the packed courtroom. “There are not enough facts.”

    She, did, however, criticize Pistorius’ testimony during the marathon trial, describing him as “evasive” and “not candid with the court.” The athlete “failed to listen carefully to questions put to him giving the impression that he was more worried about the impact his answers might cause,” the judge told the court. When contradictions were pointed out to him “he often blamed his legal team,” she added.

    Masipa also dismissed defense claims that the athlete suffered temporary “insanity” and did not know the difference between right and wrong the night he shot his girlfriend, saying that “at the time of the alleged offences, the accused did not suffer from a mental disorder or mental defect” that would stop him from realizing his actions were wrong. Pistorius had been referred during the trial for psychiatric assessment to see if his mental state meant he lacked the criminal capacity.

    Earlier, the judge cast doubt on “most” of the trial’s witnesses, saying they “got their facts wrong” and suggesting that media coverage of the case might have tainted their memories. The court was “fortunate” it could rely on technological evidence, such as phone calls and messages, she added.

    Pistorius’ defense lawyers say he shot Steenkamp believing she was an intruder. The state argued he shot her intentionally.

    • I watched the verdict phase this morning via live stream on internet. I had also followed the whole trial. It was interesting to see how a trial this serious was taken with such severity and respect in the courtroom. Made me want to send the links to Sherry Stephens to watch and take notes on how it’s done.

  25. I was watching tv this morning and a report came on and the gist of it was that if Pistorius was found culpable (similar to manslaughter here) he would probably not spend any time in jail for it based on previous cases similar to this. This was on ESPN. That was my take on it. Apparently they get a suspended sentence or probation?? Did anybody else see this report and can clarify it?

    • Lonnie, the judge ruled today that she found him not guilty of premeditated murder or murder, but she still has to continue ruling tomorrow on culpable homicide or manslaughter. In Canada, a sentence for manslaughter would be about 15 years, but because of his physical limitations or other things that she could consider, she could give him no prison time according to ESPN. I don’t know if that helps explain it for you.

      • The key to this case is the timing of all the different telephone calls, the screams that neighbours heard and the two different sounds, the cricket bat against the door and the gunshots. The judge agreed with the defence, proven through the timing of the telephone calls, that the “woman screaming” neighbours heard was not Reeva, but Oscar, and what some of them believed to be the gun shots was the cricket bat.

        From the reaction on HLN, and the hater sites it is a very good thing that OP was not tried in the U.S. by one of it’s juries. In his own country, he was tried by the press and the mob as immediately guilty without waiting for or paying any attention to the facts of the matter. Judge Masipa is serving out justice as it pertains to the law of their country, not mob mentality.

      • I thought it very interesting that an acoustics expert was called in to address claims of neighbors that they heard screaming from over 100 yards; these various reports were conflicting.

        Jodi’s case should have seen more EXPERTS taking the stand. (There was no dearth of “experts” on HLN, alas!)

        • Yes, there were also reports about the noise of gunshots and the cricket bat breaking down the door that had to be sorted out. I admire the way that system places reason above emotions and seems able to stay the course.

      • Thank you very much Canada Carol. I was reading the newspaper and had the tv on in the background and then the wife called for our midmorning chat (argument) while she was on break at work. It was a little hard to catch all of the facts and keep it straight. It just seems kinda strange that Jodi’s case and his share some similarities and he walks and she is fighting for her life.

  26. Does anyone know how Arizona Courts and specifically Judge Sherry Stephens feels about scanning the social media sites of jurors before and during a trial? The “green light” was given in June, 2014 by the American Bar Association. Here is an article with a few of the issues surrounding this practice:

    P.S. I’m going to add some comments on the Vent page re: this article.

  27. Can someone please tell me who leaked the taped phone conversation between Jodi and Lisa? I keep being led to believe that Jodi released it. But how could that be? I’m sure she doesn’t have access to jail house recordings. Does anybody know?

    • I don’t actually know so I’m just guessing here, but I believe an unauthorized law enforcement person was supposed to have sent the NFL that Ray Rice video. So using the same line of thinking again would make it one of Sheriff Joe’s employees. Again, just a wild guess.

  28. Pistorius Guilty of ‘Culpable Homicide’

    After being acquitted of murder, the track star was convicted of a charge similar to manslaughter.

    • I agree with the verdicts that OP received. The judge didn’t take into consideration his disability in her judgement, but the presumption of innocence and proof beyond reasonable doubt. Since I believe that the evidence supported his version of this tragedy, for me there’s finally a just verdict.

      • I found it astonishing that he has been out on bond through out this trial! Blink Blink!!!! Wow. That sure wouldn’t have happened in Arizona would It !?!

        • R., Jodi’s bond was at $2 million… they knew that that kind of money was impossible to raise… They could have requested a smaller bond with house arrest but of course they don’t care about human rights! And so Jodi sat in jail for almost 5 yrs waiting for the circus trial to begin. I am not sure, so I ask: do these 5 yrs count as yrs served?

          • Although, if we’re to be realistic – Jodi had no legal residence in the state of Arizona, no family there, no job there, none of the “ties to the community” a judge wants to see when granting bail. With those considerations, and the seriousness of the charge, most any judge would have refused bail, period. I think Jodi’s judge just set the 2 mill to be mean.

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