Trial sidebar videos unsealed

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Check out the videos below (from AZ Central) covering some newly unsealed court videos relating to several sidebars during the trial…

Trial Sidebars Unsealed – Intro Video 1:

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Trial Sidebars Unsealed – Video 2:

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Trial Sidebars Unsealed – Video 3:

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Trial Sidebars Unsealed – Video 4:

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Trial Sidebars Unsealed – Video 5:

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  1. So Jodi poked a cat and slapped a dog…

    And hooray… Judge Stephens rules this is not torturing a pet.

    Would love to see Alyce’s actual notes to put this in context.

    We already have the Flores video where Jodi once got mad with her dog as a child and Flores says “that’s NOT an anger management problem Jodi”, IIRC.

    • Jodi showed a lot of feelings of guilt over the incident with the dog during that tape, and to even consider these minor acts as torture indicates a real sensitivity to the idea of harming animals. She had a real love for Napoleon and for JM to dig this deep into a person’s past makes me wonder what his problem was. Did he have so little confidence in his case built on perjury that he had to convict her of every act that someone might have accused her of since the day she was born? If the prosecutor was holding back in his cross with ALV, I would hate to see him wound up.

      • Does anybody understand what, exactly, Martinez is referring to when he talks about Jodi squeezing and poking a cat? Is this reliable information, something that was in ALV’s notes from her interviews with Jodi?

        If Jodi confessed to ALV that she had been rough with animals (as a child? as a teen?) then I agree with you, Carol, that this demonstrates guilt, empathy and moral sensitivity. Someone who didn’t care about animals wouldn’t bother to offer that information to a therapist. But, depending on how old she was at the time, it would also indicate that something just wasn’t right in that home (her father, to me, seems cold, harsh, unloving–in the Flores interview, he spoke of Jodi as if she were a stranger).

        For a child or a teen to act out toward animals, even in a short flash of anger/frustration, suggests to me that emotional needs are not being met in that kid’s home. Which is to say, unfortunately, that children taking out their frustrations on pets is probably not uncommon. The judge was right to not allow it in. Too open to spin and misrepresentation. Well, just look at how the media and public are running with it: her diagnosis comes first and then the “proof,” usually unverified, is forced to fit it afterwards. Backwards.

        • I think JM is talking about how sociopaths usually have animal torture in their childhood and so that is where he was going with that. I think most kids have hurt animals until they are old enough to understand that it isnt right and then they stop.

          The Judge should be punished for knowing that Jodi was on the stand for 18 days and knowing that her own testimony was hurting her and still allowing it. Jodi’s lawyers should have stepped in and told Jodi to answer only the questions that she was asked and not to volunteer information. You never know how someone else is going to react to volunteered information and they can take it out of context and spin it to the jury into something that its not. Judge Stephens said she let Jodi ramble on for 18 days so it wouldn’t be an apellent issue but now it’s obvious that Jodi had incompetent counsel and they should have protected her. Even when you tell the truth it can come out fishy if someone is trying hard to spin it. JM was really good at taking a little information out of context and with his voice tone and sarcasm could make it seem like it was a big deal or a lie.

  2. I really hope Jodi gets a good appeal attorney. She needs someone who fight to get her a new trial. Nothing about this case was fair. The judge allowed Martinez to batter witnesses and try to force them to answer him the way he wanted. It’s disgusting. I used to believe our justice system. This case has clearly shaken my faith.

    • Patti,

      I feel the same way. I thought the Judge was the biggest disappointment. She could have directed Jodi better and she also needed to shut up Martinez. What he was doing should have never been said. Both the Judge and Martinez have a lot of Karma coming their way to equal that trial off.

  3. What a marked and stark contrast between the fiasco in Arizona and the Zimmerman trial! In Florida the attorneys are asking questions pertaining facts and witness observations, not opinions, innuendos and speculations. is the legal system in Arizona fatally corrupt?

    • The Zimmerman judge has control over her courtroom where Pickles did not. I’d love to see the FL judge whip Martinez into shape. She would probably have put him in jail for his tirades and misconduct. Appeals judges will hopefully be able to see some of the video.

      • I’ve been watching the GZ trial and the Prosecutors are acting with decorum as they should. There is no grandstanding happening. Its unfortunate for Jodi she was stuck with a Prosecutor who was out to feed his own ego and a Judge who continued to cater to the Prosecution’s every tirade. She should have put a stop to it the second JM started to berate ALV. That entire cross was cause for appeal.

        • It’s sure a huge contrast, isn’t it? The court in that case is being run the way it is supposed to be run.

          • Hey tonysam In Session has a trial they are airing right now its the Baby Gabriel case and the trial was held in 2012 and in good old Maricopa County in the same Courthouse that Jodi was tried in. The case involves a woman who said she gave her 7 month old to some random couple in San Antonio TX and she was on trial for obstruciton, kidnapping etc. In this case there are two female Prosecutors and I’ve been watching here and there and they are acting with total professionalism.

            They aren’t flinging papers yelling at witnesses or doing anything to pander to the Jury. Its a far cry from JM’s over the top antics.

            • Yes, Swarkles. But, naturally, when Martinez yells at witnesses, he’s just being “assertive.” When Willmott objects to his histrionic behaviour, her assertiveness is a “shriek.”

              I suppose that if Willmott had thrown around evidence, pens and papers, we would’ve heard jokes about PMS or “hissy fits.”

            • Good point Swarkles, the way trial was held in the Jodi Arias case is NOT normal.

              If I had a nickel every time someone tried to tell me Juan’s behavior was normal, that he was just doing his job… I’d be f’n rich by now.

              • Did anyone watch the rerun of Fraser last night where Niles had to give expert testimony (he’s a psychiatrist) and he was so in love with the cameras that he over acted and put on this almost Shakespere acting job. It really reminded me of Juan Martinez. I will see if I can find the episode.

  4. Not a legal eagle,and all the info. we get is great, but will all this info. That goes public will it damage the appeal process and make it harder for Jodi if she were to appeal things later.

    • It already public. If anything, it will HELP the appeals process that the Court keeps releasing this kind of thing before she is sentenced.

      It is literally sinking the chance of finding an unbiased jury. Not that she didn’t already have a biased jury. Tara the fame whore has all but admitted she was for putting Jodi to death from the get go. I am positive Tara lied to get on the jury; and I am also positive there will be others who will lie to get on the next jury.

      • Renee ITA about jurors lying to get on that jury. I have no doubt in my mind that this Tara chick had Jodi convicted from the get-go. It will be impossible to enpanel another jury after all the media coverage which is completely slanted toward the Prosecution.

      • Renee,

        That is excellent information. Someone, needs to write a letter making that point about Tara. People like her are dangerous. Let her turn it around and think how it would be if she ended up in jail and ended up going to trial for something similar to Jodi. None of us know what is going to happen to us. We never think anything like Jodi’s situation will happen. But life pulls all types of surprises. Anything can happen to any one of us. You better pray that your jury is sincere, insightful, intelligent, and open to listening.

  5. Hi everyone!
    I saw the videos and it made me fume even more when Kermit tried to use the cat sqeezing and dog incident to make Jodi look like she had anger management issues! Oh pleeease, give me a break! I pushed a boy in kindergarden and he fell, do I have anger management issues?!!! LOL!
    To stoop so low just to make a bad impression of Jodi to the jury is plain evil! Didn’t Kermit have anything more solid (that actually had to do with the killing itself)? That only proves that there was not enough evidence that actually could be connected to Jodi and prove WITHOUT DOUBT that Jodi actually killed travis.
    I don’t know anymore. I am thinking that maybe Jodi was framed. If only Jodi could gain her memory back.. that might set her free because if it is finally true that there were others involved in the murder of travis and she remembers that day, then she might be free sooner that we think.
    Just positive hoping.

    • Pandora,

      Those of us who’ve suspected the others for awhile now – at least some of us I think – suspect that Jodi knows who the others are, and just might believe (as we suspect) that she and her family are safer if she stays in jail. Might even be why she’d consider a plea that throws away her appeals.

      I’m not saying it’s right, and it’s certainly not the way I want things to be – just saying it might be so.

      • Journee, if that’s the case, then why wouldn’t she ask for witness protection for her and her family? Start off somewhere new? Oh, if that is the case, with all due respect and out of love for Jodi, I would shake her silly until she came to her sences. But then again, we all know that she is unselfish and she would put herself thru hell for her family and friends safety.
        Seriously, I believe that someone put a curse on Jodi when she was born. She just can’t get a fuckin’ break in life.

        • Maybe she doesn’t think she and her family could *get* beyond the reach of the people who would do them harm.

          I dunno.

          Just speculation.

          But there’s a hint of it in the second day’s interrogation tapes, just before she starts to tell the intruder story — when she says it looks like she’s already in the system, and not going anywhere anytime soon and that’s probably for the best – better than her brother or anyone in her family getting hurt. When Flores challenges her that it’s not better, that she needs to tell if someone else is involved, she’s talking over him with her face in her hands saying “oh it is (better), yes it is, you don’t know, you just don’t know.”

          • Thanks Journee. I am going to go and watch the second day interrogation again because when I started watching them (and because I was way behind) trying to catch up and all the info was overwhelming I do not remember everything I saw.

          • Maybe I’ve been watching too many mafia movies and real life documentaries on the mob, but Jodi must not trust those that would claim they would protect her. She must know who is involved, and maybe she knows that they are more powerful in that particular geographic region than the rest of us realize. I don’t want to go back to the Mormons, but it should be considered that they are involved because of the manner in which Travis was killed, not to mention they are in Mormon country. The Catholic church has been steeped in scandal for centuries. Mormons are not immune to immorality and criminal activity just because they portray such a goody two shoes outward image. If I had to guess why they killed Travis, I would think it had something to do with PPL interwoven with their beliefs. I have to wonder if they are involved in some money laundering, tax evasion type stuff. Or my imagination could just be running wild, and Jodi really did defend herself successfully. Honestly, I think the second story requires a more vivid imagination. I think Jodi had to go with it for legal reasons though, and to protect her and her family. Oh yeah, and in that interrogation tape, she did mention the Sopranos as if she was trying to say that some type of organized crime might be involved.

        • Interesting. It sounds like something is going on. This thread has good points made. Jodi for sure knows that she didn’t bring a gun. So, for absolutely sure there was no premeditation. I never thought premeditation. The whole story always sounds bizarre because I can’t imagine Jodi physically moving Travis’s body. So many questions and so much Reasonable Doubt?
          Plus, his dead body is in the house for 5 days and no one knows? What about the sheets in washer? Did anyone do wash? Did they see blood? They saw his cell phone. He always had his cell phone with him. What about the dog? I have 2 dogs. When I go away, I set up for them to have a dog sitter or go to doggie camp so no one is bothered with them. The whole crazy thing doesn’t make sense. The prosecutor and judge set it up for Jodi to be found guilty. Even with the choice of jury.

    • Well that’s just it Pandora – since when is it healthy or reasonable that no person can be given any leeway in their behavior without being accused of having anger issues? HLN did a six month long campaign of hate against Jodi, but I’m supposed to believe Jodi is the one with anger issues? Hardly.

      For Juan Martinez to dredge up some isolated incident when Jodi was a minor child, is a really sick and disgusting thing to do. I’m sure EVERYONE has SOMETHING stupid or shameful from their childhood, and that includes Martinez himself (his behavior in the courtroom shows HE is the one with anger issues). But that’s why it’s called CHILDHOOD – people aren’t born with ethics or morals; they LEARN them as they grow up. So what if Jodi kicked a dog away, is she not allowed to learn from that mistake and be given some credit that she never did it again? Should it be held against her for the next thousand years? 🙄

      • MB, and to think that HLN doesn’t even know Jodi in person makes it more insane! They should be thanking her because they made tons money and ratings off her!
        As for Kermit? I have said it before: he must have been the stool pigeon at elementary school, narcing on all the other students and then after school getting beat up for it!!! LOL!!
        That is why he needs to bully others around now! It is his childhood hang-up (is that the right saying?)!

  6. 6/21/2013 MOT – Motion – Party (001) 6/25/2013

  7. Good afternoon everyone.


    FUCK YOU – every last one of you lowlife pieces of shit – that are nothing but garbage disposals for your hatred and ridicule of strangers whom you will NEVER have the benefit of knowing. You all think you’re so fucking smart. Well……KARMA IS A BITCH AND SHE DOESN’T FORGET ADDRESSES OR NAMES.

    How dare you! Just as your bullshit about our “anonymous” posters holds true – it applies to your asses too. When you least expect it….EXPECT IT.

    I’m so tired of the bullshit about SJ being a scammer and all of us being taken for money and bullshit. NOT ONE OF YOU assholes could shine SJ’s shoes. NOT ONE. SJ is a STAND UP MAN. Not like you pansy ass garbage bag bastards. You all are nothing but vile pieces of SKUNK SHIT.

    Facebook isn’t the only place you’ll all be found.

    To my family here at JAII….please excuse this post. I love you all.

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((kittens/cats AND I LOVE CARLY DENNIS – SHE WILL BE BACK ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    • I love you, J♥ (((((((((((((((((((♥))))))))))))))))))

      they are a sick ass crowd. we know who and where they are…the only difference is we are not doing anything about it.


      You are absolutely correct…………when they least expect it; expect it.

      • Renee….

        I will love you until the day I die and even after in any life we may have coming after this one. I pray that God blesses me more than once and allows me the privilege of being best friends with you in those lives too.

        (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ♥You are forever my hero♥))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

        • I feel the same♥ thank you also, for being my playmate on that other site 😉

          there are stupid people, and then there are really stupid people. at least the folks there are soooooooooooo welcoming to new comers 😉

    • Janeen,
      There is absolutely nothing to apologise for. Can you get a copy of those who reported you? I will research and see what I can find. Just to see who are the cowards that hide behind their masks. If they have the balls (which I highly doubt) let them come here with their real names and tell you that they reported you.
      Yes, standing up for SJ is what we all should do. He has made a home for all of us here on the internet and has never asked anyone to chip in for the costs (nothing is free baby). He looks out for all of us and is a kind gentleman that has a heart of gold.
      They are ALL PUSSYWINKLES!
      (((((I love my cyber sisters: Janeen, Renee’, Maria and their cats and I love Carly Dennis too!))))

      • Pandora, the people who reported her are really not worth any amount of time or thinking. They are just a bunch of psychotic middle aged women and men pretending to have these extreme lives. They think being into S&M makes them look awesome, but they are shooting Cavin’s websites credibility to hell and back (not that it had any).

        Cavin is a pussy who hides and lets posters talk about some of the most bizarre, fucked up shit. They look like complete, and utter nut bags. They no longer talk about ANYTHING but us. Just us, all the time. They follow us around like the little bitches of ours they are. Some weird ass dude who I think is TRYING to be as much like SJ as he can (and fails miserably) tries to run that page like he is important…

        Glen Handy, SMFH. They are so fucking dumb they post about stalking me to FB and I got every single one of their pages. Will I out them? Nope… I am not in 3rd grade, and this is not a reality show. Best bet, ignore, ignore,ignore so they know HOW irrelevent they really are.

    • Janeen,

      And everyone in this thread, I am so sorry to hear this. I did not start out on here in the beginning and never got involved with my own pages. I never went to the hater sites because I know I would have fought with them. I try to be nice to some people I see out there that are Jodi supporters but I then don’t understand why Jodi supporters bash Jodi supporters. Plus, just like the rest of us, I have my own serious problems.
      I have just noticed that SJ has given so many other sites free advertisement.. If I see that he has someone’s name over in the box, I will look up the site. But all these sites just don’t turn on SJ, they turn on every other Jodi site. Which is just not effective for Jodi.
      I would be annoyed with the site reporting issue since it isn’t true. How is there a way for you to report that back? You don’t have to tell me on here for confidentiality reasons. MB or JC may know what direction to take it in.
      One last thing. This whole stuff about money and the website. I don’t hear much. But in reality I would never think of this. I would never respond to this. For a few reasons. 1) We know Jodi is working with SJ for the Tee Shirts, etc. She brought the Tee Shirt out when she was making her saving her life statement. 2) I don’t think about the money. Besides what I read, want to donate, want to purchase, the money is none of my business. There is so much more to this site than money.

  8. I haven’t watched a minute of the trial that’s going on right now because after the Pickles and Kermi Show I am done unless it’s a new trial for Jodi. I couldn’t feel more loathing for two people if I tried unless it was for the one and only Nasty Nancy Disgrace. I am avoiding all reminders of that black abyss where these dark spirits reside. They need to be put on a spaceship, shot through the hemisphere and ejected out into the nearest wormhole. So has anyone seen Ann lately? I miss her. You out there Ann?

  9. I have been thinking so much of Jodi lately and thinking about how horrible she must feel living every day in that little tiny cell with no sun light or even the touch of another human being. That has to be torture for someone who obviously enjoyed a loving family and friends circle and I can imagine her always giving hugs and now she may never ever feel human touch again. It is just sickening and very sad.

    I’ve been thinking that if I lived in Maricopa County and a jury summons came through how hard it would be to sit in the court room that you knew Jodi had been in and have to say the words that I wouldn’t be a good jurer because I have already formed a opinion. It would be heartbreaking knowing that one of us could save her life and it would be so close to being in our hands and we’d have to walk away and let some Nancy Grace fanboy or Vinnie Politan fangirl put her to death. How would you feel? Would you lie? I think I would, I would have to go with what I believe God would want.

    • A legal eagle will have to help me with that cause my add kicked it and I can’t make sense of it. I am far tooooooooooooo easily distracted. It’s BS, I know that much. This entire “trial” if anyone in their right mind would or could call it that was unbelievable. OMG, that VERY day they should have set Jodi free.

      • On the face of it, it looks like a desperate effort to me… but what do I know?

        If I am reading it right it *seems* like what Nurmi’s doing is challenging the legality of even having an ‘aggravator’ phase because the judicial branch made it up without the approval of the legislature.

        But there’s so many other distracting nit-picks in there my eyes started bleeding and I gave up.

        • Somehow I made it to the end. Not that I really understand. It does seem to be in the wrong branch. At one time, the judge would make the decision because they understood what the definition was and everything was made on a consistent decision. Over time, the jury started making the decision on cruel, heinous acts. Judges started getting less consistent because they were not making the decision themselves. So you could get a serial killer who would abuse victims for weeks who would get life in prison. Then you would get someone like Jodi who supposedly had 68 seconds of doing a heinous crime in self defense. The two of those situations don’t equal themselves out. But this happens all the time. Which is why so many cases were referenced. Because there is such a huge deviation, besides that it just isn’t fair, Kermi is saying we needs the correct standards to make sure that our deviation is statistically within proper limits. Since the judicial branch is not educated anymore to make that decision (for some reason), it is supposed to be researched and made into a specific policy/rules for all jury members to follow.
          I hope I made sense.

  10. If Jodi hurt an animal when she was younger, that was wrong. I am an animal lover so this is a very sensitive subject to me. However, I also realize that we all have done some things in our past that we’re not proud of and it sounds to me like Jodi confessed to her sins and is remorseful.

  11. OMG I’m too tired to be this irritated! This just shows how spineless that fucking judge really was.

    Judge Pickles: “It says that she poked at the cat and slapped the dog, but I dont know that that rises to the level of torturing a pet which is what is listed on the….”
    Why is she so wishy washy??? Just tell the little fucking pig, “It says that she poked at the cat and slapped the dog, this does NOT rise to the level of torturing a pet” (Have some fucking balls judge)

    Then he says, “If she wants to talk about the big picture, then I’m going back to start talking about the defendent slashing tires and hiding under the Christmas tree”. (All bullshit told to him by friends of Travis and NO proof)
    He’s pretty cocky considering he’s talking about shit that was never reported or proved. Fucking tool.

    I worked a 12 hr day and I’m exhausted. I hope I’m not too pissed off to sleep.

    • COCKY,thank you!! Does he think he owns the courtroom??? Well,Pickles was his bitch so I guess,yeah…

      • Yes she truly was his bitch. Even when she was ruling against the prosecution and in favour of the defence she says things like “I think,” or “I don’t know” etc. Have some fucking balls you sour old washed up hag and firmly tell little fuckface toad exactly what your ruling is with no pathetic qualifiers.

  12. the ‘big picture” ummmmmmmmmmmm what proof was there that she slept under the tree or any of the other bs that was spouted by his “friends” who werent’ THEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE until they found out that they might could make a dollar

  13. The proof is in the pudding and by dammit “the prosecutor” as he likes to refer to himself, puke, she have ONLY been able to show PROOF of the real evidence. This is complete bullshit. Yes I’m mad, I’ll calm down and make sense later, right now I am PISSED.

    • Darlin’….


      My dear friend….how are you feeling? I see you are pissed….but how are you feeling?!?!?!? LOL

    • I love it when people dont make sense because they are angry! It goes to show that we have feelings and can tell right from wrong instead of being brainwashed HLN zombies.

    • Oh, just go back to your site. If you don’t like what we write here, DON’T READ US!!! Go and tell your goons that you were a success for staying here over 10 min. Yes, your life goal has come true! So just go now. We will start talking to you people when YOU STOP HARASSING US and ABUSING our personal info. Until then, you WILL be banned.
      So think about what the word abuse means and then come here to teach us.

        • So nice and sweet here but on the otherside you do harass us and you do abuse our personal info. Why don’t you write us your facebook account name or your real name? Then maybe we will talk. It’s only fair, since you know my fb account and real name. Right?

    • And still, I do not see your real name and fb info… Hmmm. If you are so sincere then why don’t you write them? I told you, I am not going to answer anything unless I see YOUR info just like mine is on your site.
      I can make conersation with you and discuss whatever you want to BUT it will only happen if you write your info. I told you, it’s not fair that you stay anonymous but it is ok for us to have our info splatered all over your site. You know, the admins are being very nice to you allowing you to stay this long. Why don’t you make an effort and give US your info and I am sure that we will be glad to conversate with you. I told you, til then you will not get an answer.

    • Listen doll, don’t have time for peek-a-boo games. I will be back after 6.00 in the afternoon (greece time – do the math). Come back then only if you give me your info. SO, until then, answer ME why YOU abuse our peronal info on your site? And don’t give me the “I wasn’t the one”.. I never read anyone saying that THAT wasn’t right! So, bye-bye now!

    • Brandi, the dog Jodi kicked was probably untrained and wild through no fault of his own, of course. She actually said she pushed him away with her leg because he was tearing apart the dirty diapers. I don’t think the dog ran away because he was “kicked.” He probably ran away because the gate was open, and he simply never came back or was picked up by someone. She did not kick her dog just for fun as some sickos do. Jodi very clearly expressed remorse over that, and changed her way of treating animals after that. As for squeezing the cat, I’m not familiar with this story. From personal experiences, I have hugged my cats maybe a little too tight from time to time. They would surely claw the crap outta me if I exerted more pressure than what they were comfortable with. When does hugging become squeezing? Also, have you ever seen a cat contort it’s body so as to squeeze through some tiny opening you never thought possible for her to get through? Cats are amazingly mysterious animals, and can be quite tough. I’m in no way condoning the mistreatment of animals, but claiming she abused animals based on these 2 incidences is a little extreme, don’t you think? Maybe she wasn’t the greatest animal caretaker, but I really don’t believe what she did constitutes as abuse. It’s like when a parent spanks their kid once out of frustration………do you call them a child abuser?
      Also, concerning Travis’ family………if I were in their place, I wouldn’t settle for a few pieces of VERY questionable evidence. It is NOT justice for Travis when you wrongly convict someone. FYI, I don’t buy the self defense story either, but for different reasons than you. There is so much evidence to suggest that she was framed, IMO. Geez, maybe if Mesa had some smart and honest cops and other official peoples……..then the Alexander family COULD try to move on. Can you explain why if the Hughes are so great that they don’t just GIVE the family money for travel? They are millionaires, you know, and Travis was supposed to be his BEST friend. Why do they instead set up donations that will be accepted by the family as they see fit? The legacy Travis was supposed to leave behind was helping the poor, and caring for the environment and animals. Why not just tell people to donate to those causes directly? And they dishonor their brother by using his name to accept money under false pretenses. To my understanding, the money was supposed to HONOR his legacy. Can you explain this, Brandi? Do they have a cut off number where they will stop using it for themselves and begin to give to such charities? Man, when my grandma died, we didn’t ask for money for ourselves, we asked people to HONOR her by donating to the animal shelter. That’s what really bugs me about them, they don’t seem to put as much effort into honoring their brother’s memory as they do trying to have Jodi Arias receive the DP. If they need money for undue hardship caused by attending the trial, WHY doesn’t their church help them out?!!! Isn’t that one of the reasons the Mormons require tithing?! And oh boy is that church ever wealthy.

      • To be clear, I’m not comparing my grandma’s death to Travis’ by any means. I was just trying to make a point about honoring a loved one’s LIFE. Any way you look at it, the Alexander’s are profiting from their brother’s death.

  14. You’re a self-righteous and ignorant. Kids do stupid mindless stuff all of the time. They shoplift, they party in their friends homes, they steal liquor, they smoke dope, they fight intensely with their parents, they fight in school, they skip school, they trade best friends like candy, and they lash out in unpredictable ways. There is not one adult who hasn’t done something in their childhood that they regret. The lobes of the brain develop over time….this is why reasonable adults should understand, tolerate, mentor, and help the youth of our world.

    Darryl Brewer testified that Jodi was a kind, gentle soul and a wonderful mother to his son….for years! This care-giving example trumps any anger issues she may have vented with a pet many many years ago.

    I am a dog-loving person – I have five dogs. But I do not forget what it was like to be a child, a teen, a young adult. i give people grace and allow them to evolve. Jodi evolved out of her issues, and was a lovely person. And then she became brainwashed by an emotional-wrecked, abusive man – a player of women.

    I will stand by a woman any day that squeezed a cat when she was young over a man whose evidence of verbal and emotional abuse is current, documented, and beyond cruel!

    That is my position. That is one reason why I stand by Jodi.

    • Suz, please don’t engage in a conversation with these people unless we see some info. They have done too much harm to many of our friends. You saw what they did to Hail Mary and Renee’ and let me not start about what they write about SJ, Maria, myself and of course Jodi. They can’t have it their way. Info first, then we talk.
      We are very civilized people but they are in our home now so if they want to talk, they give info! Then we talk!

      • Thanks Pandora. You are right. Yes, poor Hail Mary – that was insane.

        Anyway, I hope you are doing well. I have been traveling and working way too much these days. Again, thanks for the heads up 🙂

  15. What is with these fucktards coming over here and getting into a pissing match? I guess they are just lonely and have no quality of life. People like these pathetic Jodi haters thrive on confrontation.

    Can you imagine how fucked up their personal lives must be? We should actually be proud that we are able to be such a diversion for them. Otherwise they might be out there hurting their kids or spouses.

    Brandi, go back under the rock you crawled out from under.

  16. OK, am I going crazy or are some posts on here being edited after-the-fact?

    I’m not talking about the vanishing posts of trolls – I’m always glad to see that.

    I’m talking about innocuous passages being stricken from innocuous posts.

    I’ve noticed it twice now. Yesterday (I think) in a conversation between Wes and I about this right-click glitch, Wes described what he was and wasn’t able to do using different browsers. At first his post began with a short observation about “ie”, then later the internet explorer reference was gone.

    And just now I noticed that JM’s post above (June 26 @ 5:25pm) has had content trimmed from it as well.

  17. Hey guys and gals just wanted to pop in briefly to say that I am still TEAM JODI ALL THE WAY and that I saw the above videos and all I want to do is choke that little rat-faced motherfucker until he shits himself!!! Not aggressive? The little weasel threw things across the court room!!!!!! All I can say is if he thinks he’s not aggressive –but only being assertive—let me have fifteen minutes with him and I guarantee that he’ll know the difference once I’m through pulling his asshole up through his tonsils!!!!!! Well got to run for now…..unfortunately we—–my family and I—-have had four deaths in the family since last posted—the most recent being one of our great aunts this morning. As always GO TEAM JODI and I hope to be back soon! 🙂

  18. PS did I see a troll—BRANDI H—- invading our site? Yo BH—–as in butt -humper—get your ass back to the rest of the fucking idiots who think Turdis is/was somekind of saint…when all that motherfucker was/is a piece of 200-pound rotted shit!!!!

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