Trial Day 9 – January 17th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s 2013 replay of merriment features Gloria Esteban, Jeff Strohm (Sprint), Leslie Udy (friend of Jodi & PPL distributor), the State resting their case (they actually had one to rest?) – and another Defense v State debate relating to the release of charges & Rule 20.

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Trial Day 9 – January 17th, 2013:

Part 1/2: (Viewer discretion is advised for the first 32 seconds)

Esteban Flores
Jeff Strohm (Sprint employee)

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Part 2/2:

Leslie Udy (friend of Jodi & PPL distributor)
State rests their case
Discussion w/attorneys –  request for release of charges & Rule 20

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  1. Recently I read a comment that if Jodi were male she would already be on death row. First off, that’s crap but I do know such an ill-conceived perception is out there. The reality is as follows: In 1981, a Maricopa County man named Steven Steinberg stabbed his wife 26 times and then told police that intruders had killed her during a burglary gone awry. (Sound familiar?) But the evidence implicated Steinberg and police arrested him on a murder charge. At trial, his attorney called witnesses to testify that Steinberg may have been sleepwalking or in a short-lived “dissociative” mental state when he stabbed his wife. (Sound familiar?) The attorney further alleged that Steinberg’s wife had driven him mad with nagging and spending too much money. A jury found Steinberg not guilty on the grounds that he was temporarily insane when he’d killed her and because he was deemed sane at the time of his acquittal, Steinberg walked out of court a free man.

    So apparently in 1981 it was understandable for a man to stab a woman to death if she was deemed a nag but some 30+ years later a provenly abusive man can still be considered a saint and the woman who protected her life during a “dissociative” mental state could possibly face death row.

    So it would appear that misogyny is very much alive and well, at least in the collective subconscious minds of Maricopa County, but I suspect they are only the tip of the iceberg.

    • I read that comment, too. ..
      Thanks for the info Justus! I will certainly look into the Steinberg case.
      I’ve always said that Jodi’s case reeks of double standards and misogyny.

      • Another part of the double standard that aggravates me beyond words is that if this were a male defendant, people would not be so willing to accept that preposterous premeditation plan. They would be saying “no man in his right mind would come up with such an idiotic plan” but they are not only willing to believe a woman would, they are anxious to believe it. What about ‘benefit of the doubt’ for all of us?

        • If it were a male defendant his sexuality would NOT be an issue. On the contrary, he would be seen as ”the stud”. Jodi was crucified about that: she was called a slut, a whore, a sex witch who lured the naive innocent mormon boy into her sexual fantasy world leading him into sin, away from his pious life. SMH…
          Yesterday, when re-watching Leslie Udy’s testimony I was foaming at the mouth with Kermit. He confronted Udy, showing Jodi’s nude pics (how insulting,sexist and degrading) and asked her if she knew ”that” aspect of her life! I mean, FFS! Who asks such a question??? And for crying out loud, if someone doesn’t confide their sexcapades with their friends does it mean they are NOT close to their friends??? Or that they hide a dark side? I really don’t get it. I enjoyed it soooo much when Nurmi got up and asked Leslie if she knew that aspect Travis’ life 😉
          I was like ”Bwahahaha, in ya face Kermit!”

          • Went back to watch Leslie Uddy and I see what you mean! How awful for Jodi to see a friend go through such ridiculous questions. Martinez enjoys every aspect of this trial, he has made a mockery of the judicial system IMO. You can tell he is getting his jollies every time he gets to pull a picture out to shock someone> He is a jerk and disgusting with his below the belt tricks. Shame on him. . . hope Karma whirls around and bites him in the butt!

          • Went back to watch Leslie Udy and I see what you mean! How awful for Jodi to see a friend go through such ridiculous questions. Martinez enjoys every aspect of this trial, he has made a mockery of the judicial system IMO. You can tell he is getting his jollies every time he gets to pull a picture out to shock someone> He is a jerk and disgusting with his below the belt tricks. Shame on him. . . hope Karma whirls around and bites him in the butt!

    • Justus, fantastic post!

      It’s a shame that domestic violence and self defense is not acknowledged in Jodi’s case. I guess in shitzona it’s always the woman’s fault. SMH.

      And we wonder why so many women don’t say anything and take the abuse. Perfect example in this case: nobody believes them. Especially if the abuser is a ‘sweetheart’ when in company of others but behind closed doors shows his true colors and becomes a sadistic, mean and abusive – both mentally and physically.

      • The insanity persists. I read one of the more recent comments on this article in which the commenter said that the Steven Steinberg case is very reminiscent of the Jodi Arias case but in Jodi’s case the jury got it right. WTF???

        • I feel such dismay when I hear that “got it right” quip. Got what right? Too many people say that of this case and then follow with, “She did it.”, proving that throughout a four-month trial, they never understood the concept of premeditation. One of the jurors actually said, “She did it.” on the air with Anderson Cooper, as if that was what she had been asked to determine.

          Jurors should have to complete a course that includes a basic test and be certified before serving on any case that potentially involves a lengthy sentence, even if it’s only an eight hour class. And it should be taught in a classroom (not distance learning) and include group discussion or a mock trial that is moderated by the teacher. (I am totally against the death penalty so I didn’t include that.)

          I know adults who have gone to decent schools and have good thinking skills but surprisingly limited vocabularies. Unfortunately many adults will hide this sort of weakness by refraining from posing “loaded” questions that might reveal it. It is very common. How can we expect people who demur in contentious discussions or situations to be able to be an advocate for a defendant in a serious case? We need balanced juries, not just a few strong voices that will overpower the shy ones when the heat is on.

          • All along, I figured the only way Jodi would be convicted was if they got a jury that wasn’t too bright. And that’s exactly what happened. The few that did speak out after the trial pretty much proved that. Even the jury foreman said something to the effect of that he believed that Travis was an abuser but he didn’t deserve to die for it. And I’ve heard that same line of thinking countless times from the hater camp. They just don’t get it. That Jodi didn’t kill him because he was an abuser, Jodi killed him while defending herself. Two completely different concepts. But if their jury foreman couldn’t even see that, what chance did Jodi have?

            • No, they definitely weren’t bright. At least some of them. You could ”sense” it by their questions. Some were good and to the point but some were ignorant and stupid, proving they hadn’t understood the evidence. There were even some malevolent questions (remember the ”What Is Your Understanding Of The Word ‘Skank?” question OMG! )
              And then of course we have Tara who was on a whole other level of her own,just plain MEAN!
              Not to mention that some of them convicted her both of premeditated AND felony murder either because they didn’t understand the jury instructions or because they fell for Kermit’s BS.

  2. There is One who sees EVERYTHING, lest “they” (we all know who EVERY “they” is) forget!!!! There is One HIGHER than not only “they” & the AZ court system but HIGHER than ANY government in the entire world period!!!!!!!!!!! His name is God!!! “They” may think “they” can get away with the largest cover up in history but they are DECEIVED!!!!!!!!!!!

    “for He views the ends of the earth and SEES EVERYTHING under the heavens.” Job 28:24 and


    • I LOVE your enthusiasm Mary!!

      You know what? I’ve been here since day 1, I’ve seen supporters come and go, I’ve heard people saying that they would never leave Jodi and that this cause was important to them, I’ve heard them promising to never abandon this ship till the day Jodi is free….
      Where are they now?
      There are posters I miss dearly, there are people with whom I used to interact daily and became good friends with, people who made me believe we both believed in Jodi’s innocence and we would stand together, united as one to fight for that poor girl. AND YET, they’ve drifted away, they’ve forgotten about our Jodi as if she was the latest fashion trend and they’ve lost interest so quickly and may I say so immaturely quickly (I know it doesn’t make sense in English but in my mind it does, LOL)

      Anyways, I guess what I’m trying to say is that this case has taught me so much more than I thought it would. I hope and PRAY that the people who have not abandoned Jodi by now, NEVER will because if we’ve stayed by her side (or ”in her corner” as she likes to write in her letters 🙂 ) till this day it means we TRULY believe in her, we TRULY care about her.

      Hang in there, my lovely fellow supporters! We’ve got a LOOOOONG way to go. Jodi needs EACH AND EVERY ONE of us, she can’t afford to lose any supporters.

        • Yes, we are in for the long haul!!! I think I started posting about April last year and I never go a day without thinking of Jodi and her nightmare! If I remember right when Martinez stated that Jodi was the most hated woman in America and Nurmi ( said what he did, how dare he!) that is when I decided they would never be able to say they speak for me! What Horrible people they were to even think that but then to say it for the world to hear!!! I’m sorry they breath the same air I do!!!!!!! She needs us all in her corner and I will do whatever I can to help her plight in this world! I think of her as part of my family here on Earth and I know she is a part of my Forever Family!!!! I am proud of her Bravery for standing her ground with Travis Alexander and now with the AZ Justice system! WE LOVE YOU JODI!!!!!!! 🙂

      • Maria, I’m sad too to realize how many old JAII posters have “drifted away.” (But when I mentioned this fact in another forum a while back, two people jumped on me for doing so. That’s one reason I post only sparingly here and elsewhere — you can get attacked even for telling the truth.)

        • Chris, folks are very frustrated, and it’s understandable that they are. In turn, it is irritating to see supporters take things somewhat personally and in so doing, react negatively to other supporters. That used to happen quite often here, when there were “troll alerts” almost daily. As one poster more recently said, “Once this is about me, I have no business being here”.

          What you say here is very important. There is a fine line to walk in posting on any site because there are conversations going on “locally” yet some posters want to simply post public comments and not address anyone in particular. Those people always feel a bit surprised and hurt that they get jumped on because their aim is to speak out. They don’t see the sense in getting caught up in a debate with another. basically like-minded individual.

          So, what you say, for example, about fund raising is fundamentally important but it is a sensitive subject because individuals tend to be private about that with good reason. I would guess that a lot of the people who used to comment frequently are reading here for the time being.

      • The misogyny that this case has generated has been truly astounding. Jodi’s position would have been seen much more clearly if the state had not diabolically sought at every opportunity to muddy the waters beyond belief.

        Dozens upon dozens of articulate individuals turned up during the trial to write here about their own experiences with intimate partner violence, right? They said that they believed Jodi. They were acknowledging that there is a spectrum. But even among those supporters of Jodi, not a single one wrote to sympathetically describe what it was like to deal with their partner in a combative situation after an unintentional gunshot wound had been inflicted.

        In other words, it is difficult for anyone to really imagine the position that Jodi was in during that fight. Jodi needs aggressive representation to cut through the fog of the media onslaught against her; her situation recalls the peril experienced by many domestic violence survivors, yet remains confoundingly unique.

        And there is always a spectrum in life, isn’t there? – whether it has to do with emotional distress, forms of intelligence, types of injuries, ill-health, feelings of love, colors of the “rainbow”, racial or ethnic heritage, religiosity, moral strength, sex drive, work ethics, gender identification, you name it, lines are only fairly drawn when the human factor is included.

        The people who posted here about such things in support of Jodi because of the unfortunate tragedy of TA’s death taught me a great deal also.

        Jodi has given sworn testimony that she never meant to harm TA. She testified that the gun went off accidentally when she feared for her safety, and in a split second, estimated that she would not be able to make it out the bedroom door. It is a credible claim when the angle and path of that gunshot, as described in the autopsy report, is carefully considered together with Jodi’s explanation of the way in which it occurred. It did not happen in the shower. She did not, as the prosecution alleges, attack him when he was most vulnerable – neither while he was sleeping nor during his photo session in the shower.

  3. Jodi’s defense team filed a Motion to Dismiss: CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT motion today. A screenshot was posted on Twitter by Trial Diva Jen (a hater, I think). I didn’t see anything posted on the Clerk of the Superior Court Minute Entries.

    I’m guessing this may be related to the Ohio execution a couple of days ago when an untested drug cocktail took half an hour to kill a man (apparently he was gasping for breath and had a 10-minute seizure before he died).

    There is going to be a discussion about this execution on CNN @ 7:10 pm with Sunny Hostin & Paul Callan.

      • What does this motion mean, in layman’s terms? What is the defense team trying to achieve by filing that motion?

        • If they get the death penalty off the table, then they don’t need another trial.

          Like coldcase said, this execution in Ohio has rejuvenated dialogue about the death penalty – momentarily anyway. The dialogue won’t last, I’m sure, so this is probably just Nurmi seizing the moment.

          But the situation that caused the problem with the execution in Ohio is ongoing – US prisons can no longer get one drug commonly used in the lethal injection cocktail (Pentobarbitol, I think) due to conscientious objections by the manufacturers in Europe. They’re having to experiment with new drugs or combinations of drugs, and the only way to experiment is on the condemned. This last experiment failed miserably – even though the man did die, it was only after about 20 minutes of convulsions and gasping – cruel and unusual punishment. Which is true of even the experimentation, and they need to at least put a moratorium on executions until everyone can get up to speed with a tried and true method.

          Ideally, they should do away with DP altogether, but it’s a state by state choice and AZ, I am sure, would be among the last to give it up. Meanwhile, though, I think it’s worthwhile to hope that the Supreme Court might step in to outlaw ‘experimentation’ with lethal injection – forcing the states to come up with other alternatives or just drop the DP. And maybe motions like Nurmi’s today might push the SCOTUS along towards that…. SCOTUS has to be presented with a case before they could make such a ruling.

  4. I’ll never forget Jodi’s sad face and eyes the entire time Leslie was on the stand 🙁
    Imagine seeing one of your closest friends after so many years. But this time, you’re being accused of murder and she is a witness for the State…. Pay close attention to Jodi, it was as if she wanted to take in everything Leslie did or said.

  5. JESUS, SJ! Couldn’t you be a bit more specific???
    I watched the video on Youtube yeswterday ( I actually listened to it, I didnt wanna look at Flores’ dumbass face and Strohm guy was plain boring) so I come here today, read the ”viewer discretion advised” comment and think to myself ”were there any autopsy photos on that day? No. Oh what the hell…let’s re-watch it, maybe I missed something on YT”

    And I have to ENDURE 34 seconds of Tanisha’s disfigured face? Don’t you understand what torture it is to have to look at Mrs I Suck Sour Lemons face????

    PUKE, PUKE,PUKE!!!!!!!! (too bad there’s no Puke emoticon here, I love it on FB)

    (On a more serious note: I love you, man! Σ’αγαπώ! Υou have a GREAT sense of humor!
    your Greek Cheerleader No2 😉 )

    • Maria,

      “Mrs I Suck Sour Lemons face”???? Hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, girl you got me laughing on that one!!!!!!!!! Too funny, Maria!!! You SURE got it right though!!! That should not have been allowed in the court room or Samantha’s rolling eyes!!! I needed that laugh since my baby sister’s husband had a massive heart attack and passed away yesterday!!! He was the nicest guy you would ever want to meet!!! My nieces are only 12 and 17! l feel SO helpless as my sister lives way across the country from me and they’re having blizzards! I am from a big family of six sisters and one brother so at least some who live closer to her are on there way up to be with my sister and nieces!

      • Mary, my deepest condolences. Try and be strong for your sister and nieces.
        My prayers are with you and your sweet family. ♥ ♥ ♥

        • Thank you, Maria & R. Love, for your kind words of support!

          Yes, I am trying my hardest to be strong for my sister and I think it is meant to be that I can’t get up there for the funeral on Tuesday because, honestly, Maria & R. Love, I really don’t think I could take It seeing her and my nieces in so much sorrow!!! I have been crying every day since it happened and when I just picture the funeral in my mind, I lose it all over again! I’m so thankful that my oldest sister and my brother, who aren’t as emotional as me, will be there for and with my sister and nieces! My brother-in-law was only 47!!! May he RIP!!!

          (((((Maria))))) (((((R. Love))))) (((((Jodi))))) (((((Team Jodi)))))

          “Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:” Philippians 1:6

          Yes, He has begun a good work in all of us TEAM JODI and WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS in our quest for JUSTICE FOR JODI!!!

          Love to everyone at TEAM JODI!!! THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Maria!

      Yes… I’ll try and be more specific next time :mrgreen:

      Σ’αγαπώ, Σ’αγαπώ, Σ’αγαπώ!

      Team Jodi

      • Hi SJ, Just a minor administrative note: Did you know that our postings are no longer on Jodi time but on Pacific Standard Time (California). During daylight savings time (summer) California and Arizona are the same time but the rest of the year Arizona is one hour ahead, i.e., it’s currently approximately 11:27 am in Jodi’s world. (Not a big thing, just thought I’d mention it…)

    • Ahem.. ahem…

      Maria – SJ, is there something going on that I should know about??? (hands on hips, tapping foot)

      Ya, don’t play innocent with me! Lot’s of σ’αγαπώ flying around… and after all I’ve done for you SJ??? Walking your cats everyday!!! I should have guessed that I was only the ‘cat walker’ to you!

      Maria! I am going to put itching powder in your cheerleader panties for revenge! Be afraid – very afraid! (evil grin)

      Hugs to both of you,
      your Greek Cheerleader No1 😉

      ((((the cat walker)))))
      ((((cheerleader panties)))))

  6. Jodi Arias ‏@JodiAnnArias 15 Jan
    @PROdealorg The world can’t come to an end today because it is already tomorrow in some other part of the world”
    –Lucy of “Peanuts.”

    Weird thing is she took down the tweet about the wristbands…

  7. Hello there everyone. I know that Jay Singer comments here sometimes. Hey Jay, I was hoping you could fill me in on how Jodi fit the gas into her car, IF she was to have made all 3 purchases of gas at the Tessoro gas station? I can’t remember how you said Jodi was able to pump the gas in the car. I’m also going to try to find it myself later if I don’t here from ya. Laters for now Jay.

    • I don’t know much regarding the order and amount of gas can fill-ups but I sure don’t understand why people can’t see the inconsistency regarding using the gas cans to hide her route and then filling them up in Salt Lake City. What was the purpose of filling them up there if not for the exact purpose that she claimed she brought them?

      • And why borrow them from someone who maybe didn’t know what each destination would be (she wasn’t sure herself at that point) but who did know the general direction you would be headed – SOUTH – (to Pasadena, at least) when alternatively, you could quietly buy ALL of them with cash from a couple of different stores along the way? She certainly had enough cash to do that. There’s just nothing underhanded about how she purchased the gas. She returned the kerosene can to a store that’s not open anymore, apparently.

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