Trial Day 8 – January 16th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s trial replay from 2013 features Mike Galliatti (police office), Raphael Colombo (rental car franchisee), Gloria Esteban and a mistrial discussion related to the text messages and the attempted cover up by the State.

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Trial Day 8 – January 16th, 2013:

Part 1/2:

Mike Galliatti (police office)
Raphael Colombo (rental car franchisee)
Esteban Flores

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Part 2/2:

Esteban Flores
Mistrial discussion w/attorneys – starts @ 32:30

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    • I guess I’m going to have to set my alarm clock and start getting up really early! LOL Congrats whichtrial? on first 🙂

      Ray in H-burg Va.

    • Awwwww – shucks!!!! (stomping foot on floor) I didn’t make it for ‘first comment’ again! Twice in a row! I am losing my touch! *sigh* (shaking head in disappointment).

      Mariaaaaaaaaaa! I guess ‘first comment conspiracy’ has been dismissed.

      SJ!!!!! (hands on hips, tapping foot, expecting explanation)… Why didn’t you wake me up from my nappingz? See what happened now???!!!! I missed first comment again! (rolling eyes – blaming everything on SJ).

      Whichtrial?, Congrads on your first comment! You won fair and square!

      (((((Whichtrial? & first comment)))))

      • Hey Pandora!

        I was downstairs doing all the cooking (as usual)… then I got sidetracked by one of the servants… then I had some phone calls to make… then I had to video chat on Skype with someone… then I had to do all the shopping (as usual)… and take the cats for a walk… and by the time I got back the 1st comment had already been made in today’s post, so it was kinda pointless waking you up from your nappingz after that. So I left you for another 6 hours.

        I rest my case :mrgreen:

        Team Jodi

        • Oh so it’s my fault now?? For shame SJ! (looking at you in a shockful manner).

          I offered to walk the cats (!!!! raising voice) but you said ‘”no, it’s ok”… (fluttering eyelashes, looking away).

          This is not the last you will hear of it! (looking at you with piercing eyes, pursing lips, flipping hair in the air and making a dramatical exit).

          (((((SJ σε λατρεύω))))) ♥

  1. First Video
    Question: Why on earth would Jodi want to draw attention by mounting her license plate upside down? It doesn’t make any sense!

    While talking about the rental car, at around 0.20,35, martinez leads the witness Raphael Colombo about the red car. Why didn’t nurmi object? So, whoopee fucking do-do… Jodi didn’t want a red car. I am sure a lot of people don’t like red cars…

    Second Video
    flores: FAMEWHORE, FAMEWHORE, FAMEWHORE! What the hell was he doing going on a TV show before the trial had started??? It’s all about the money honey! I wonder how much he pocketed for his interview on that show…

    martinez tried to make flores look like the specialist of techniques in interrogation, ffs! GMAFB! The guy only had 40-50 hours tutorial/ seminar… he wasn’t a wiz in interrogation. He wasn’t even close to being a good interrogator. SMH.

    Lastly, Kermit: Prosecutorial misconduct – withholding evidence (text messages) = it oozes mistrial.

  2. Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA but life got in the way, ugh I hate that! 🙂

    Fisrt things first: Congrats whichtrial for commenting first. Despite of what’s been said, I don’t care if I’m first commentor or not LOL ; on the contrary I’m all for fair play/emulation! 😀 😀 😀 (Pandora, that was for you) LOL!

    I’m rewatching the trial on Youtube, I’m not even half way into Trial Day 8 and already FUMING!

    Galliatti mentions that although he’d been working as a patrol officer for 13 years the day he stopped Jodi’s car stands out because it was the FIRST time he had EVER seen an upside rear license plate. Way to go Jodi! You really screwed up,carefully planning and premeditating this! Don’t you think haters give her too much credit??? (sarcasm of course) 🙄
    We’ve been over this numerous times: IF Jodi didn’t wanna be detected then WHY on Earth turn the car plates upside down??? It’s like asking for trouble. And it’s one of Kermit’s thinnest arguments!

    Then, here comes the rental guy…. Oh, poor fucktard! He walks like a dumbass, dresses like a dumbass and talks like one too. I think Colombo must be the only witness Martinez didn’t yell at! He was so freaking nervous (Martinez must have told him by then that he had messed up with the hair color) that not even Kermit dared to raise his voice for fear his witness would shit his pants and forget the ”poem” Martinez told him to memorize!
    Again, we’ve pointed out that there is NO way Jodi arrived at that airport with blonde hair. It would mean that by June 4, she would have gone through 4 hair color changes in just a few months. NOT possible! What happened is pretty obvious. When detectives told Colombo he had in fact talked to a person named Jodi Arias who was now accused of murder and showed him Jodi’s picture on her driving license he ASSUMED she was blonde the day she picked up the car. When asked about the hair color later, he testified she was blonde. Maybe it never occured to him that she had already changed her hair color WEEKS before arriving at his stop. (remember May 15th photo with her and dog, Jewell??)

    What I never understood though, was the ”Kool-Aid” stains… their location in particular is quite puzzling to me. I can see how blood would have been found in the passenger’s seat (let’s say she leans towards it to grab something or rest her hand, I do that too when driving) but how did the blood end up in the middle back seat too? And if Jodi meticulously cleaned the car(even took out the carpets) why would she not clean the rest of the seats as well?

    Lat but not least (oh, how I wish Esteban Asshat Flores would disappear off the face of the Earth) let me comment on what Gloria says in the first minutes of the tapes played on that paricular day. He goes:
    ”There’s no reason somebody else would come and do this to him” (umm…yes there were! YOU were just TOO damn lazy to get up your butt and do some REAL research)
    so when Jodi asks him: ”Where is MY motive?” he simply relies on the GOSSIP and RUMOR he had been hearing for the past few days by TA’s two-faced friends!
    He says: ”Jealousy, anger, fear…fear of being alone, angry at him for not keeping you in his life”

    OMG! Life is not black and white you useless below average IQ POS !
    This is not what a real detective would do, a real detective would first go through ALL the evidence (how about the 8,000 e-mails and text messages they exchanged) before reaching any conclusions. Flores was not interested in finding out the whole truth, he just needed to get this over with so he replies:
    ”There are so many motives for you. TOO many.”
    YES, THERE WERE you idiot! How about self-defense? How about fighting for her life against the man whose words you were holding as evidence in your hands but refused to take into account???? It must have been hard for Flores to spend time trying to understand the deeper underlying dynamics of that relationship. Why dig deeper when he had a suspect and could go home that night, proud of himself?
    If only he knew…

    OK, enough with my ranting. Back to watching the rest of that trial day. See you all later! ♥

    • I always figured the ‘koolaid’ stains were strawberry frappuccino, and ended up where they were because of the way trash can get moved around a car during a road trip – like shuffling stuff around looking for her charger, etc. No one would describe bloodstains as looking like koolaid stains – there’s no kind of koolaid that dries dark brownish red.

      And Jodi testified that the car didn’t have floor mats when she got it.

      As to Flores, I’m certainly no fan. But truthfully, Maria, I don’t think he did anything different from what detectives do everyday – followed the most ‘likely’ lead to the quickest conclusion. Are you familiar with the term SNAFU? ‘situation normal, all fucked up’ – seems to be business as usual for police departments in average size towns working on resources that might be more limited than what we’d imagine in the age of CSI TV. Irked the hell out of me to listen to Flores telling Jodi that there was ‘no evidence’ of anyone else being there, knowing that Legg said she’d only developed TWO DNA profiles – even though all of TA’s friends came to Mesa PD to give DNA swabs. Pissed me off that they never followed up with Dustin. But, once they found those pictures, I don’t think it’s unreasonable that they stopped chasing other leads. Just very unfortunate.

  3. OH, OH! I almost forgot!

    Listen carefully how Flores is absolutely convinced of the sequence of the wounds in those tapes. He says: ”He was in the shower and you shot him in the head and THEN you had a knife.” And right after that, he says: ”Yes he was. He was alive for a while. And I knew that he’d been shot FIRST and he was still alive and possibly trying to get away and maybe even try to fight back”
    This makes my blood boil! Isn’t this what the Defense has been telling all throughout the trial?
    But see how easy it is for other people to LIE and not being accused of it? How convenient for Flores to cover his lies by claiming he misunderstood Horn or that all this was just interrogations techniques!

    Blood pressure up. Maybe I shouldn’t re-watch any of it? LOL!

    • It’s so confusing for a jury because he could have lied about whatever he wanted while using his interrogation techniques, or he could have been telling the truth about a few things and saying now that he was lying to her about virtually everything. But everything she said is now being used against her because she was Mirandized and said she understood her rights. Maybe she didn’t completely grasp the process of having a lawyer appointed and how that person would be paid. No doubt she was still in shock and stunned that TA was dead. She would have still been in the fog to a major degree, and wouldn’t have had the capacity to consider the impact of future events, such as trial costs.

      • “It’s so confusing for a jury because he could have lied about whatever he wanted while using his interrogation techniques”

        Like the lie of the ‘hand print in blood’.

        It never existed. Ever. That was a lie that Flores told Jodi and became a major part of the evidence that damned her in the minds of the many. A lie so pervasive that even Jodi’s supporters believed it, missed entirely the testimony that refuted the lie.

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