Trial Day 7 – January 15th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s action replay from 2013 features Joey Citizen (Verizon), Larry Gladysh (Mesa PD) & Gloria Esteban.

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Trial Day 7 – January 15th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Joey Citizen (Verizon employee)

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Part 2/3:

Larry Gladysh (Mesa PD)
Esteban Flores (the Jodi interviews continued)

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Part 3/3:

Esteban Flores (the Jodi interviews continued)

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    • Vicky! Congrads! Yes, I was away for most of the day yesterday and I missed out on commenting and getting ‘first’ comment in the process!

      (((((Vicky & first comment))))))

      P.S. SJ’s presents are the best EVER! You’ll get it when you least expect it!

  1. Hi! I am sure Pandora and Maria are on there way. Maybe they are at work.
    Big Congratulations for being first Vicky! SJ has wonderful presents for those who are first 🙂
    SJ, make sure you tell Vicky what she won!

    I just posted Ryan’s video over on my twitter page. Please retweet, reply as many times as possible. This is important information. The majority just assumed Martinez correct without even realizing there wasn’t a store. All info has to be made available. The American people have a right to be educated to the truth. Ryan has explained the truth!

  2. Hi everyone. Here’s another message that Jodi sent me for posting, about why the appeals fund is necessary. This time it’s her own words:

    “So long as I live and breathe, the money WILL be needed because appeals WILL be pursued.”

    [End of message, back to me:] I’m still surprised by how little discussion there’s yet been on this site about this crucial issue. Is anyone acting on Robert Knox’s suggestions: a fund-raising task force, plus cold-call letters to wealthy people selected for their possible interest (e.g., Barry Gibb, Dixie Chicks, anyone else you can think of)? Does anyone have other ideas? Remember, the money may be needed as soon as 4 or 5 months from now, so whatever is going to get done should be started soon.

    • That’s a good idea (about the task force). A wealthy volunteer might make a big difference.
      Somebody here (I can’t recall who) wrote a letter to former president Jimmy Carter. Maybe it’s worth pursuing, seeing as he’s an advocate against the DP. He may be able to help Jodi, I’m sure he can pull a few strings on her behalf.

      I’m glad to hear that Jodi is not giving up!

  3. I know this is stating the obvious, but sometimes it just needs to be said anyway.


    (I’ve been watching his cross of Jodi)

    • Was just watching Day 6. I tried to imagine how the jury would have perceived the unfolding of the beginning of the fight in light of the last two or three shower photos, including the one of the ceiling, if JM had allowed that the gunshot came first. If he had, the finders of fact would have had the inclination to view the actions that followed from Jodi’s perspective as well. Because, in terms of visual perception, one cannot avoid the stark reality that those particular photographs expressly reflect Jodi’s point of view. They were shown in chronological order and they carried a certain momentum that was implicitly hers. At some point JM must have realized that, as incriminating as the photos must have initially seemed to law enforcement, they could also be viewed as exculpatory in certain aspects.

      Since TA’s expression was intensely emotional facing straight into the camera, i.e. at Jodi, it is not difficult to imagine that he might have been very upset by the camera hitting the floor and that a fight broke out because of it. And since the ceiling shot suggests an accident, it is not an unimaginable leap that Jodi could also unfortunately have fumbled a gun as well.

      JM did not walk the jury through his scenario in chronological sequence because he needed to get away from Jodi’s narrative. The photo session itself, together with the camera fumble, provided too much reasonable doubt that an attack had been planned. He was going to have an uphill battle with circumstantial evidence if the fight in the bathroom were seen as intimate partner violence with a tragic outcome. So he found a way to avoid laying out the chain of events as they pertained to the initial use of a weapon by beginning the story, in a sense, at the END. In stating that the gunshot had come last he drew attention away from anything Jodi would recall and be able to testify to while he could simply state that she was lying. He claimed that the evidence was on his side, when in fact, the sworn testimony Jodi gave is more consistent with the blood evidence in the bathroom than his version is. Nonetheless, by re-tooling the state’s interpretation of the forensics, he interrupted the momentum that had accumulated on Jodi’s side.

      The bullet casing being found on top of dried blood is not sufficient evidence to prove that the shot came last. It could have been kicked there. It could have been lifted up as the blood dried around it by the substance’s own viscosity. It does not trump the written autopsy report and what Dr. Geffner said about it, nor what the state itself contended for four years. It does not carry more weight than blood spatter in the sink that had to be aspirated, and was characterized to have been coughed up even by Judge Duncan. (See Day Five when Nurmi asked for a mistrial or dismissal.)

      What was achieved by dropping the camera in the courtroom? JM placed in the jury’s collective mind a new image of the camera hitting the floor. He interrupted the flow of the shower imagery that, up to that point, had been uniquely Jodi’s, (and following her fumble, accidental). He now had the jury WITH HIM instead. JW gave several reasons for objecting to the camera being dropped, including her argument that JM was “testifying” when he did so. Jodi herself would testify that she actually fumbled the camera, bumping it with her hand before it hit the floor.

      But it didn’t really matter how long it took the camera to fall relative to the time between the last photo of TA and the photo of the ceiling – though that was what JM told the judge he was trying to show. He really had nothing to gain from such a demonstration of gravity. What did matter was that in utilizing the camera in that startling fashion, JM was able to forestall the tendency the jury would have had to stay with the momentum and sway of Jodi’s story. It was tantamount to turning off a switch in the juror’s minds.

      Above all, JM did not want to draw any sort of logical connection between the accidents of dropping of the camera (and those ensuing accidental photos), and the accidental gunfire that occurred less than a minute later. And since Melendez had testified that the button on the camera had been damaged, it could have been rather a simple matter for a person to notice the mechanical similarities between a malfunctioning button on a camera that results in unintended photography and the accidental discharge of a gun with a hair-trigger.

      • “What was achieved by dropping the camera in the courtroom? JM placed in the jury’s collective mind a new image of the camera hitting the floor [intentionally].”

        • whichtrial?
          I wondered if Martinez dropped the camera to prevent the defense team from having the camera re-examined (I’m assuming the defense did have the camera throughly examined by a specialist before the trial) in the future. He could claim that the camera was different now that it had been dropped twice and anything found after the second drop (Martinez’s drop) could not be used in court. I know on Twitter there has been some talk about the time stamps being altered although I haven’t seen any proof of that happening. I don’t know enough about cameras to even know if this is possible.

          • That thought crossed my mind too.
            He could have used a different,, similar in size, camera for that. Why did he use the original camera, other than to say later: “sorry, but the camera was broken by me, you can’t examine it any more, you have to rely on our (biased) analysis”.

        • Your analysis, insight, and summary are excellent. My first impression of Martinez’s intention, was that by stunning the jury by such unexpected behaviour that they likely, consciously or not, interpreted his action as something that should be forbidden in the court room, but at the same time, because the judge allowed it, reinforced the notion Martinez was trying to put across, and which reverberated on many levels, that the action of Jodi was ‘no big deal’ in the sense that it would not provoke rage and retaliation in Travis_ even implying that Travis would exhibit equanimity and calm.
          I’ m not certain, but your qualifying the demonstration of the way Martinez wanted the jury to suppose Arias dropped it, was a deliberate attempt to convey a certain malicious quality in Arias.
          I also had thoughts similar to the other posters here; I thought he had an aim of in a sense destroying the evidence so it could not be admitted into possible future conclusions.
          I still can’t believe that the judge would allow him to behave that way. Her failure to reprimand him and impose consequences, likely created the effect in the jurors’ minds of lending an over all credibility to the rest of what he was saying and doing.
          Martinez’s cunning, duplicitous, and disingenuous behaviour was reprehensible. I can not understand why it was not deemed prosecutorial misconduct.
          As you explained, Martinez most likely understood how and in what ways the evidence could have been seen as exculpatory for Jodi, and instead of his aim being to discover the truth, it was more important for him to win at all costs, even with the effect of possibly condeming an innocent woman to death.
          That being said, I think the judge deserves the most blame for the ways in which she allowed the trial to be conducted.

          • Yes, Amy, I completely agree that he wanted it to seem that dropping the camera was no big deal, that it wouldn’t provoke anyone’s rage, because it hadn’t really damaged the camera, (beyond the button which apparently still worked) right? Good point.

            Jennifer was absolutely correct in saying that JM was testifying. He would later say that Jodi ditched the camera in the middle of the photo session and began attacking TA with a knife. So it served his purposes to demonstrate a cavalier camera drop in laying the groundwork for that preposterous claim. There was no blood found on the shower walls, but he didn’t care that this might seem extremely dodgy, so rabid he is in his pursuit of a death sentence for Jodi.

            It also scared the jury. They knew they were in an out of control situation. I also agree with you, Amy, that the judge was at grievous fault for her meek and mild-mannered response to this misconduct.

            As I said in another post, the burden for maintaining decency and justice in the courts should not fall entirely on juries, as it obviously does in this case. Citizens should demand that judges preside, not follow along sheepishly in hopes that the jury will eventually see their way past improper behavior by prosecutors and by the judges themselves in rendering – God help us all – a fair and impartial (<–choking on the word) verdict.

            As far as I'm concerned, Stevens should retire immediately. The proverbial limo is waiting at the curb, door open, engine running.

            Amy, I have really appreciated your many insightful and well-constructed posts. Thank you for posting here again.

      • Whichtrial?, good call! Great post!

        Whichtrial?, Coldcase53, Alexey, Amy I totally agree with you all!

        I am sure that that fucass martinez purposely dropped the camera. Firstly, it’s totally indescribably unprofessional for him to be touching evidence with bare hands while the case is still being tried moreover destroying it! FFS!

    • Even worse, he’s a freaking scum bucket, the bottom of the barrel, the scum of the Earth !
      I’ve seen some pretty nasty assholes, but martinez can give them all a run for their money! I don’t even want to capitalize his last name.

      • We don’t really know how far the camera was from the ground when he dropped it, because it occurred off-camera, but he said it was just a few feet and no one disputed that. I think it is probably pretty sturdy because Melendez said it was still working when he found it. But that’s just the sort of thing JM does. His tactics seem to have an obvious motive, but think again.

        Melendez could not find any items saved to the internal memory of the camera. If JM believed that, then damaging the camera would not help him since the deleted items were retrieved from the memory stick, not the camera itself.

        I’ve argued here for weeks that he wanted the gunshot last for reasons that I’ve not seen other people recognize here, and I’ve read every comment on this site, including those at the tabs at the top of page, since last February. According to Michael Kiefer, JM had initially argued that the gunshot first was a reason for applying the death penalty. But then, as we all know, JM used similar arguments for the death penalty in having the gunshot last.

        Taking JM at face value is a mistake and we should all know that by now.

        JM has done nothing in the case that did not have the purpose of making Jodi look like a liar. So if she says she dropped the camera accidentally, he finds a reason to drop it intentionally, just to put that image in everyone’s mind. If she says Travis invited her over, he comes up with a Felony Murder charge, to allege that she was never invited in the first place. If she says the gun went off accidentally, he says that’s impossible, and he makes the case for that WITHOUT ACTUALLY MAKING THE ARGUMENT IN COURT. All he had to do to take that argument off the table was to say that the gunshot was last.

        I could say more about that, but I’ve already gone into the ways the state eviscerated Jodi’s claim of self-defense through the gunshot last scenario in other posts. This case is ALL about intention. That’s all it ever was. It is about how the jury perceived Jodi’s INTENTIONS, not her behavior, because JM knew that he could not prove a thing about her behavior though the burden was on him to do just that. He could only try to make her look like a liar; that was his raison d’etre, from start to finish. He intentionally dropped the camera to subvert any accurate perception the jury might have had that it was an accident. Accident, coincidence, unintentional – these are notions associated with a lack of premeditation. He wasn’t going to give her an INCH of that, not one single millimeter, because to do so would have been to give her the benefit of the doubt.

        He contradicted Jodi EVERY single time about every single thing. Dropping the camera was another opportunity that he apparently could not pass up to imply that she was not telling the truth. But this time, his mouth was not moving, and he wasn’t filing any documents. All he did was open his hand, like a magician.

    • Journee,

      I too get those urges:

      juan martinez: scumbag/ piece of shit
      sherry pickles: imbecile
      gloria flores: a good-for-nothing layabout
      samantha, tanisha, steve: nominees for best actors in a drama (for the Golden Raspberry Awards)

      So many more that I can name… to be continued…

      Ahhhhh, that does feel good!

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