Trial Day 6 – January 14th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s action replay from 2013 features Michael Melendez & Gloria Esteban.

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Trial Day 6 – January 14th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Michael Melendez (Mesa PD, PC/camera forensics)

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Part 2/3:

Michael Melendez (Mesa PD, PC/camera forensics)

SMALL PENIS WARNING: The section of this recording (from 1hr 33 mins thru 1hr 38 mins) includes the graphic “bedroom pics” broadcast via the live trial feed during the recess. You have been warned…

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Part 3/3:

Esteban Flores (the Jodi interviews)

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  1. REPOSTING from previous thread:

    I would like to take a moment to clarify something with NON supporters:

    Stop wasting your time writing comments that will never get approved. Although you think you are amusing, truth is we have seen and read it all. Your comments don’t differ from the ones that have been banned in the past. Nothing you write can shock us.

    It’s beyond me why you think coming to our site and spewing your vitriol is going to change anything? Do you think we are not aware of the hate out there? We are not interested in your hatred. This site is for Jodi Arias supporters ONLY. There are plenty of other sites that you can visit and be among your own: knuckle-dragging haters!

    I have ZERO tolerance for people who think they are smart enough to come to our site and mock Jodi, her family and her supporters. Haters will be banned and will be receiving our complimentary gift: the blank page of ADIOS AMIGO!

    Even if you manage to get through by posting fake supportive comments, the moment you post something shabby and loathsome about Jodi, her family and her supporters, it will be a matter of minutes until it is taken down and you are banned. Your excitement will last just for a split second. Then what? Back to your boring, miserable life.I suggest you get a hobby: knitting socks isn’t that bad.


    • Amen Rasna! Thank you for all your hard work, you SJ, and ALEXIS are the apple of my eye! Love all 3 of you so much ♥ ♥ &hearts (the 3 hearts, one for each one of you 🙂 )

      Also, I appreciate how you kindly call them ”non-supporters” but I’d rather stick to my old term motherf*cking POS HATERS! Coz that’s all they deserve to be called:they’re sad individuals who like to harass and abuse people just like their Saint Travis used to do. I guess it takes one to know one, right?

  2. My video for Jodi was put on youtube last night. I mentioned you Simon. Here it is and more will come in the future.

    I still have to figure out why I can’t comment. Perhaps I need to figure out what my old password is. I tried to post this video after June 3rd when I created the original one, but I couldn’t figure out how to splice youtube videos. I was told that splicing may be illegal so I just left links during the video. Laters for now everyone.

  3. Darnit, you can’t access the youtube video from the link I left. However, if you go to youtube and type in “Juan Martinez Eposed!” then you will find my video. I would appreciate it if yall Jodi supporters would take the time to do that.


    Ashley Reed Thompson – Found dead on March 3, 2010 (Had called in anonymous tip re: husband, Dustin Thompson, in Travis Alexander’s death. Reported Dustin acting strange after Travis’s death. Had a restraining order on Dustin three months before her “supposed” suicide!

    Joshua Freeman (Daniel & Desiree Freeman’s brother) – commits suicide on the same day Jodi was arrested (July 15, 2008). In an article it stated that of Dan, Desiree, & Joshua Freeman, Joshua was the closest to Jodi???

    Dr. Robert Lyon – Performed the autopsy on Ashley Reed Thompson and on Officer Drenth (also a “supposed” suicide). Dr. Robert Lyon shared the same apartment building with Dr. Horn who conducted Travis’s autopsy!

    ???????????????????????? Something doesn’t look right!!!!!!!!!!

  5. (from Amy 2): Since I am not on facebook, I thought someone here might find it advantageous to post a comment regarding a significant mistake made in their article today. The author wrongly said that Travis’ friends found him the day following his death. We all know he wasn’ t found until five days later. This fact, plus his friends supposedly concerned about him earlier, yet notcontacting him. Plus the factthat Travis’ dog and belongings such as wallet( I believe) were in plain site for the roomates to see– plus whatever relevant facts could be stated– could be mentioned to support Jodi.
    Also, I don’t know who is aware that an anti- Arias person had and has been contacting the jail in order to obtain a list of the names of whomever has visited Arias. Clearly, such tactics seem to serve the ultimate purpose of intimidating Arias supporters. I believe Sandra Webber of Inconvenient Truths has reported on this.
    Also Richard Speight(s?), I think under the site headed HerrSpeights, informs people that he has put up a current video on YouTube which gives additional proof as to whythe gun shot came first. His argument is that the blood could only have come out of the ears due to the fact that anatomically, no pathway exists for blood to travel from a lung injuryvia the ears. He also says that Martinez falsely tried to make it seem that there was anick to the lungs when in fact not only is there no evidence of that, but it wasn’ t even examined in the autopsy.
    Also, if my memory is correct, I believe that on Sandra Webber’ s Inconvenient Truths website, that she has pictures of court documents showing that Cassandra Collins was arrested for felony stalking nine times. I think this is correct, but it is worth checking into for absolute accuracy.
    Also, I see very recently reported on one of the Arizona papers( think the one Michael Kiefer publishes on) that an investigativeboard where complaints against anyone suspected of prosecutorial conduct, can write to this board and specifically describe their complaint.
    Forgive me if this is info all of you already know.
    I admire everyone’ s courage on this site. I believe that many more Jodi Arias supporters exist than anyone might suppose, but the fear of cyber bullying and retribution intimidates and discourages them, and prevents them from commenting on news sites, etc.

  6. Question: May I assume that on March 27th they will begin the process of picking the jury? I don’t know whether they allow the public or media in during that part of the process. It was never the case during the juries I’ve sat on but then those were never high profile cases that anyone was particularly interesting in. Does anyone know for sure?

    • March 17 – that’s the only date we’ve got, with no specifics. I’m assuming that will be when jury selection starts, but you know what they say about that word ‘assume’ lol.

      • It was stated March 17th the jury selection would begin. Of course, the jury will have to be made up of people who can’t hear, can’t see, doesn’t own a TV or radio, doesn’t own a computer or cell phone or can’t read so not sure how they jury will be picked but I’m sure in Maricopa County, AZ they will do their best to find a jury who has never heard of the Jodi Arias Trial or the Late Great Travis Alexander! LOL

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