Trial Day 56 – May 3rd, 2013 [REPLAY]

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UPDATE: A Capital Case Management Conference is scheduled
for this Friday (5/16) @ 10am – 
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Today’s 2013 replay covers Day 56, including Kirk Nurmi with the Closing Arguments for the defense… Kermit’s closing ramblings… plus Judge Pickles’ instructions to the jury prior to their deliberations.

Click the links to read my original posts & comments submitted during & after Trial Day 56:
Initial daily post. Afternoon sessionAfter trial comments.

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Trial Day 56 – May 3rd, 2013:

Part 1/4:

Kirk Nurmi – Defense Closing Arguments

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Part 2/4:

Kirk Nurmi – Defense Closing Arguments

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Part 3/4:

Kirk Nurmi – Defense Closing Arguments conclude

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Part 4/4:

State closing + summary of jury instructions prior to deliberations

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  1. Good morning everyone!

    Have a wonderful day and remember: We are TEAM JODI and we are here for the long haul!

    (((((Jodi))))) ♥

    • Good Morning (((((SIS))))) Wow Congrats on first…..Again. YES we are here for the long haul, I will be here until Jodi is released or I take my last breath, which ever happens first.

      (((((JODI))))) ♥ ♥

      Ray in H-burg Va.

      • Oh my dear brother, you will absolutely be around when Jodi is released! At the ‘Victorious’ party we’ll have to honor her, you’ll be on the V.I.P. list! 😉

        ((((Ray)))) ♥

    • According to a more general article written by Kiefer last week, they’re having oral arguments on whether or not cameras will be allowed in the courtroom for the penalty phase.

      I know Stephens already said they would not be, but the media is not going away quietly. As I understand it, they are the ones pressing this issue. Defense will obviously be arguing against the media. I am guessing that Martinez will take the media’s side, just because….

    • Oh, and they’re also going to argue about whether or not Martinez will be allowed to mention the contretemps between Arpaio and De La Rosa at the retrial. What an ASS! What does THAT have to do with whether or not Jodi should get the death penalty?

      • Don’t you know that martinez is going to try and pull any trick he can find out of his hat because truth is that I believe (and hope) that this time around the jury will be carefully chosen and so he won’t have them being updated by HLN, TMZ and any other source of venomous witch hunters.

        So any sort of BS is fine by martinez. He plays dirty and he’s not about to start fair play now.

      • The court minutes linked don’t really say what the hearing is about, just that the matters they were supposed to discuss that day were being postponed til this coming hearing.

          • Here’s the Kiefer article I mentioned.


            Next to the last paragraph says:

            ***Arias will be back in court May 16 so that Martinez and defense attorneys Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott can argue whether video cameras should be allowed in the retrial and whether a Sheriff’s investigation of Arias’ mitigation specialist, Maria De La Rosa, can be allowed into evidence. De La Rosa was accused of “smuggling” one of Arias’ drawings out of jail among legal papers and was temporarily banned from visiting Arias at the Estrella jail in south Phoenix.***

            Kiefer is the one reporter who, IMO, really stayed on top of this case – and the ONLY one I know of that didn’t fall for TMZ’s big scoop last month. So I put a lot of faith in what he says. I remember he was tweeting during that last hearing (the one that didn’t actually happen) and that he was standing outside the courtroom while lawyers for CNN were trying to get the presiding trial judge to FORCE Stephens to allow them (the lawyers, not the media) into the courtroom. Afterwards the clerk told Kiefer that the *media* *could* have come in.

            • I agree with you Journee. Kiefer is a professional. I too check out his tweets on a daily basis. Thanks for the link.

              Btw, how’s Lucy and her new friend getting along?

            • Kiefer is one of the very few reporters I respect because he tried to be as objective as possible in all this.

  2. Re-watching Nurmi make his closing arguments (and although I have expressed my beliefs that he didn’t do such a great job overall) I’ve got to admit that he did a decent job in proving that there was no way that killing travis was premeditated.

    As Nurmi stated, if kermit’s theories about premeditated murder were correct and beyond any doubt then how was this ‘COVERT MISSION’ so sloppily carried out? All through the trial kermit tried to persuade the jury and everyone else that Jodi was this manipulative genius… manipulative? NO! Genius & whip-smart? YES! So how is it possible for such a brilliant woman – that is also a perfectionist – to royally fuck up her so called ‘COVERT MISSION’ of killing travis? It isn’t! Premeditation theory debunked.
    Let’s keep in mind that kermit had said that Jodi never reported or wrote in her journal about travis’s abuse (verbal and physical) thus it never happened thus it’s a lie. Now, when Jodi told everyone about travis’s pedophile preferences kermit jumped and said: “there’s no evidence to support that” and although there was evidence: that phone conversation and phone sex ending up with travis saying “you sounded like a 12 yrs old girl having her first orgasm”, kermit justifies it by saying it was in the heat of the moment… wtf??? That is fucked up and sick and only a pedo would say something like that.

    So kermit can’t have his (cheese)cake and eat it too: on one hand he dismisses domestic violence because there was no evidence but on the other hand he also tries to dismiss pedophilia although there was evidence? Nonexistence abuse theory debunked. Pedophilia proved!
    Jodi was a stalker. GMAFB! travis used that as an alibi to justify himself if Jodi was seen at his house weird hours. If Jodi was this so called stalker, why didn’t he report her to the authorities and get a restraining order against her? Why did he continue to communicate with her? Why did he continue having sex with her? … Stalker theory debunked.
    This case was manslaughter. Self-defense. How the jury reached the verdict of 1st degree premeditated murder is beyond me.

    P.S. I managed to avoid seeing the ‘sister act’ by fw whenever there was a sidebar but unfortunately at the end of the 4th video that pig looking sister (you know the eye roller one) tried to putter her lips and squeeze emotion and tears out when noticing that the cameras were on her. Just before that she was easy breezy very busy with fixing her hair… pffff. Theatrics from an untalented, spiteful and revengeful girl. (rolling eyes the samantha way 😉 ).

    • GREAT post, Pandora! Couldn’t have been said better!!!

      Yes, that was SO aggravating to look at the ‘sister’ act over and over!!! I just could hardly stand it!!! Like you said, Pandora, it would start as soon as the cameras were noticed! I still can’t believe they got away with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder what they’ll do for penalty phase with NO cameras!!! They’re probably beside themselves!!! 🙂

    • You know what? I can’t even look at them any more. Whenever I watch a video of the trial and their ugly, conceited, bittered faces pop up I look the other way. Their theatrics and lemon-sucking techniques are disgusting!!!! And they have THE most negative energy (for those who know about energies 😉 )

    • Pandora, Remember the Spiderman underwear? That sure was a weird gift for someone’s girlfriend. ~~~~~iiiiiiis Just thought it fit under the “Pedo” description.

      • R, It seems that any weird shit travis did was justified from the travibans saying ‘Boys will be boys”. pfff. If Jodi wearing a child’s spiderman undie turned him on and people don’t see how disturbing that is, then IDK what to say.

    • Hello to everyone! Let me start by saying that I did not follow the original case, and I do not have any preconceived notions of either guilt or innocence. I started looking up this case because of the attention brought by the new sentencing trial, and I typed Jodi is innocent, and Jodi is guilty into the search engine. This is appeared to be the most in depth and direct page supporting innocence so here I am.
      The first thing I did was look at the marks on the deceased body. After working in Emergency Medicine for almost 30 years, my initial thought was that something happened that caused Jodi to absolutely lose her mind in the heat of the moment. There is a major difference in wounds caused by ‘snapping’ in the moment and premeditated, planned attacks (imho) and the severity and randomness of the wounds do suggest to me that this was done in the extreme fiery heat of the moment.

      I am going to go back to the first page that this site has and read chronologically, but was curious about one thing I read on this first page here. There is mention of proof that Travis is a pedophile. Is there proof beyond the remark about the “`12 year old girl orgasm”? Were there photos ever found on his computer or at his home/work/office? Were there ever any reports from young boys who had been around him at Bible study or the children of friends who made the claim that the acted inappropriately? For me, this is a huge stopping point. If he truly WAS a pedophile, then he got exactly what he deserved and I do not need to look any further. I was the victim of molestation for many years as a child and do not tolerate bastards in any way, shape, or form.

      Thank you in advance for the answers to the many questions that I know I will end up having 🙂 .

      • There has been discussion that the harddrive was tampered with that would have stored any pictures. Jodi’s testimony is considered direct evidence. There is no documentation of any accusations but reporting sex abuse isn’t exactly common and there is an abundance of research to support that. She never accused him of sexually abusing anyone anyway.

      • As far as we know, there are no reports that Travis ever acted on these urges he was said to have.

        There were several hand-written letters, from Travis to Jodi, in which he talks about these feelings. Those letters were not allowed into evidence. You’ll find some of the pertinent court documents concerning those letters in the Court Docs link above. There was also oblique reference to the letters in one of the evidentiary hearings with Hughes. You’ll find it somewhere in the trial video links…. the date was sometime in February I think. Hughes, of course, insists the letters were forged, and people who insist on Jodi’s guilt will say that’s why they weren’t allowed into evidence – but the court documents say otherwise, as you will see.

      • Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer me! I know that it is a pain in the rearend to have to go back to the beginning and explain basic things to people like me who are new, but there are literally mountains of evidence here to go back and try to read thru. It can get overwhelming!

        I do understand that most of the time, molestation is not reported, or it takes until the victim is older if we do come forward. Most of the time tho, when someone does come forward, there will be at least one or two people who will also say “yes! they tried that/did that to me/my friend/mysibling” or maybe someone will say “that’s why I never let him be around my kids because I was afraid it would happen to them”. My grandmum’s excuse for exposing me to the extended family member was “well it happened to me too when I was your age and I turned out fine. Its just what men do”. Sorry I am getting off topic here and I have decided that I am going to go ahead and look up everything that you have been kind enough to reply to me about first. And the spiderman underwear is weird. I thought that was just one of those madeup media things when I first heard about it. Unless he was just obsessed with spidey the way some people are obsessed with Star Trek or Star Wars, I cannot think of even a flimsy reason for buying your gorgeous girlfriend a pair of boy’s pants. I am completely jealous of her body so why would any guy CHOOSE to give something to detract from it?!

        Anyway TY again! I am going to get started reading now! Have a safe and happy Memorial Day everyone!

        • Glad your here and taking time to catch up! There is a ton of stuff to read so sit back and check it out. We love other peoples opinions. 🙂

        • Mary,
          thank you for sharing your story with us. I am really sorry for what happened to you; from your words I understand that you are now in the healing process and the only think I can say is that I admire you for for that and for the courage to speak up against child molestation.

          As for Jodi, her sweorn testimony was never that TA molested a child. She said that 1) on Valentine’s Day (among other gifts) she also received a pair of boy’s Spiderman underwear 2)that she caught him masturbating to a picture of a young boy and of course and thus ”took the liberty” of sending him leaflets so that he could seek professional help 3) there is Travis’ own voice saying how he finds it hot the fact that she sounded like ”a 12-year-old having her first orgasm” which in and of itself is at least weird and definitely disturbing. Jodi NEVER claimed that she knew if Travis had ever acted on these urges. Never.

          Now, a lot of people out there say that Jodi’s testimony is fictitious. My opinion for people like you who are new to this case isto not take anything for granted but to read all the information available by both ”camps”, make an informed decision and then if you still feel like it to come abck to us. Jodi could surely ”use” another supporter 🙂 🙂

            • Yes, I do remember that. How could I forget?One of the most disgusting comments coming straight out of the mouth of Saint Travis himself. I don’t think it has anything to do with the pedophilia claims Mary was asking about that’s why I didn’t mention it, though.

              • I agree, nothing do with pedophilia… But I did think remember it when thinking about the pedophilia claims. Probably because adult rape is also about control etc. The comment was disgusting as you said ^^^^^^^^

  3. My note to Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery.

    As a resident and taxpayer in Maricopa County I am writing to urge you to stop the death sentence portion of the trial of Jodi Arias. I watched and read much about the original trial and am not convinced she is guilty of even first degree murder let alone deserving of a death sentence. I could easily refute all elements of premeditation not the least being the prosecutor’s fairy tale about gas cans. The fact that Ms. Arias put gas in the cans in Utah, after the fact, corroborates her story. If she only got them to get through AZ without getting gas, why fill them in Utah?

    I also believe that the behavior of the prosecutor was unprofessional and shakes my belief in fair trials.

    Finally the expense of this case is already excessive. You accept pleas from other killers, often arguably at least as violent. This was a crime of passion.

    Thank you for your consideration of this important matter.

    • Hey there Jeff! Good to see you back here!

      Thanks for writing the note to Bill Montgomery. I hope you get a reply . It would be interesting to see what he’d say!

      • HeyJeff! I wrote to Mr. Montgomery several months ago and still haven’t got an answer, so I wouldn’t hold my breath, but I really do hope you get an answer……just sayin.

        Ray in H-burg Va.

        • Maybe he’ll respond because I live in his county, but I kind of doubt it. If there were a lot of similar notes to him he might stop it. Otherwise I think he thinks its good publicity for him. What a nice way to play with someones life. Even if she were guilty of Murder 1, which I don’t believe, what does killing her accomplish other than spending a lot of the public’s money.

          • The thing is – unless he knows something we don’t know (as in, some higher up judges have already been paid off) I doubt there’s a legal professional in this country who doesn’t see a HUGE likelihood that this conviction will be overturned. So you’d THINK he’d be at least looking at the tax dollars being wasted on a case that’s bound to be retried.

    • I, too want to say a big thank you to Jeff! I hope that it will make a difference. Great Job!! I wish more people in Maricopa County would do the same and also prove to the world that all of Arizona is not crooked. 🙂 Thumbs up!!

    • Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      SO nice to see you’re BACK!!!!

      Thank you for that spot-on note to Montgomery. I hope he replies. If more residents spoke up, he would at least consider it.

    • EXACTLY! The want to be there to scrutinize, to criticize every beat of an eyelash (or whatever the expression is), to CRUCIFY her once more. They make me sick.

  4. What are Montgomery’s motives for continuing this? Because of the family with their history of law breaking? I wonder what is going on.

    • He’s a politician and the public is screaming for Jodi’s blood – that’s probably ample motive for him *now*.

      I just wonder how it ever got so far that the rest of the world even knows Jodi’s name.

          • This has all become HUGE because of the big cover-up and lack of investigations of the case (which was “oh SO” botched). I believe we have HLN to thank for this modern day witch trial. The only problem is there is no witch here. HLN should be fined and banned from the air ways permanently. SMH

          • No. Back then it was just Martinez’ ego. He knew that if this case went into trial it would be blown out of proportion. Having ”smelled” the potential of fame he too played a significant role.

  5. Jodi Arias Updates ‏@JodiAnnArias 16 hrs
    The latest as of 5 minutes ago is that Jodi still plans on going forward with the defamation lawsuit. Haven’t found an attorney yet though.

    • Jodi Arias Updates ‏@JodiAnnArias 16 hrs
      If you have an actual, real recommendation, let me know.

    • Well jeez. Let’s go over the list of everyone who has defamed Jodi.
      Flores, Martinez, The Mormon church, Horn, Pickles, Sky and Chris Hughes, HLN, Nasty Disgrace, and all those other bloodsuckers on HLN. Why even her own lawyer said he doesn’t like her nine days out of ten! EVERYTHING was stacked against this poor young girl from the very start. If it wasn’t for a bunch of publicity seeking politicians in Arizona she’d be walking free right now! Like I said Jodi is going to be a very rich young woman when she gets out. She’s going to sue the pants off of all these people and she’s going to clean them out!


    Article briefly mentioning our site, even providing the link. The rest of it is, of course, pro-Pro 🙄

    ” Supporters of the convicted murderer have set up a website called Jodi Arias Is . On this site, you can listen to excerpts from previous murder trial and get updates on the case. You can even donate to help with Arias’ legal expenses through this site. ”

    • I saw that this morning. I laughed because it seems as if they are shocked about our support site for Jodi! As if JAII has recently been around! Hellooooo? We’ve been here even before any of those reporters had heard about Jodi and her case!

  7. OK, guys I AM LIVID right now!!!!

    I was on FB, killing time, checking the different pages and bam!

    There’s this page called ” The State vs Glenn Taylor and Dave Hall: Goblin Topplers, failed Boy Scouts” which was created shortly after Dave Hall messed up royally destroying that rock formation.
    I checked the Private Messages of the page and there was a screenshot a supporter posted from Dave Hall’s personal FB account.

    I’m gonna type here for those of you who don’t have FB accounts:

    May 2d
    Dave Hall
    I’m looking for another conceal carry pistol. .380 is too small and .40 or .45 is too bulky so I’m only looking at 9mm for this one. Please tell me what makes and models you would recommend and why. The skinnier the better so single stack is preferred. Single action semi auto a must. Laser sights a bonus but not mandatory. IF YOU ARE CONFIDENT THAT YOU COULD HIT JODI ARIAS WITH IT AT 50′ WITH 1 SHOT IT GOES TO THE TOP OF MY LIST. Don’t just drop a name because someone you know has one. Please only recommend guns you have personally shot hundreds of rounds through and yet small eniugh to keep on you without being noticed. ”

    WTF is that?????? I wish Dave Shithead would keep his mouth SHUT because this could easily be taken as a DEATH THREAT. But apparently he’s too moron to realize. Isn’t it enough for him that he’s already been in trouble once with the Law?

    Needless to say that the screenshot has been sent to the ”right hands” to deal with it!

    Here’s the link to the FB page (check the small box on the right, Recent Posts by others)

    • Hey there girlfriend! This is actually shocking but not…

      Did anyone really think that this dave hall SOB was a saint (just like his friend)? IMO, dave hall is a very dangerous person. He seems to think that he can play with shit and not get any on him! It wasn’t enough that he showed the world that he is a thug and doesn’t respect nature and her beauty after destroying the rock formation in Goblin Valley, he now wants to prove what??? That he wants to kill Jodi? Does he not understand that ‘open threats’ especially the ones involving lives are a criminal offense?? And posting on fb too?? Man! Either he is the biggest idiot ever or he is totally unstable! I would bet on both!

      I am glad to hear that this has been forwarded to the ‘right hands’ and I am sure that soon enough we will be hearing about this on the news.

      A message to dave hall (I’m sure he gets informed about what we write here): GROW UP! Become a useful person in this world instead of the nothing you are! Do something selfless, if you know what selflessness means. Sheesh! Stop obsessing over Jodi, ffs!

      ~Peace out!

      • This has got to go viral. Whether it’s Dave talking out of his ass or not, the world has to see the SHIThead he is.

        • I agree, Maria, it has to go viral!!!!!!! You know, I was just watching on TV about a young Mother posting weird comments on FB and the next thing – she stabbed her young son to DEATH!!!!!’!!!

          You never know about people when they post weird comments like that! They could be crying out for help in all seriousness!!!!

      • My Mother used to say ” Those people who protest the loudest are usually the guiltiest!” I can’t wait for his next tumble!! . . .Roll on down that hill big boy! LOL

      • That’s just so typical. He makes a death threat against a defenseless woman and no one even reacts? What a typical bully he is!

      • Also on that (destruction of the rock formation), which IMO, is almost the (equivalent to pushing over Stonehenge prehistoric monuments) there are some negative comments, criticizing his fascination for guns, that have been posted on under the heading: (Dave Hall Destroying Nature, May Face Charges Again) …Oct 19, 2013… about 15 comments.

    • He knows guns bottom line. He does not need internet advice about what piece to buy. He was baiting people with this post. He’s a tool.

        • I think he posted that to anger people. Ive been raised around gun people and they know guns. He’s hunted enough, shot enough to know the difference between COMMON handguns. Utah has gun shops everywhere and he doesnt need to announce that on social media. Attentionwhore. Dave HAll is FOS. He also wanted to make sure people knew he get’s to keep his guns since the public can’t stand him! He’s useless and will undoubtably mess up again!

          • You got that right Alexis! Attentionwhore. What he seems not to understand is that he’s shaming his family- again. His arrogance and idiocy have gotten the best of him. And yes, I agree, it’s only a matter of time until we see his smug face plastered on the news again for yet another fuck up.

            TEAM JODI

    • Hello Everyone, Betsy here.
      How was everybody’s Mothers Day? We hope you y’all had a good day, mine was wonderful except for a little knocking heads with our youngest, she can be pretty stubborn if she wants to get her way. The very best part of my day was when our girls got together and brought over a portrait painting of all of them together on a HUGE canvas, its bout 4 feet high and 5 feet wide! Johnny put it up right away over the fireplace, its solo beautiful I can’t believe they did that for me! I must have stared at it all day. It would have been a PERFECT day if my youngest didn’t insist on having her way, again.
      When we were moving the other family pictures around so Johnny could hang the big one I showed my girls where I plan on hanging our sailboat painting from Jodi and she got all uppity about it being on “our wall”, well I told her politely that it is NOT YOUR WALL, its Johnny and MY WALL, in OUR HOME! Well she got into another of her huffs and started pouting like she does to get her way, finally I had to tell her to mind her parents and get over it or go home till she gets her head on straight! Sometimes I think we spoiled her too much, but she finally stopped acting up and gave us all hugs 🙂
      Then the girls REALLY surprised me with a Mothers Day mini vacation to DisneyWorld!! Oh my Lord how we had fun! I just wish Johnny could have went and gone but he couldn’t get 3 days off of work , we just can’t afford that right now but he said that he’s seen plenty of big mice in his time anyway lol. He’s such a sweetheart, there’s nothing better than a good man to share your life with , right?
      Well my Jodi extended family that’s about all right now, I’m sorry if I went on and on about me but I wanted to share everything with you all, I wish I could send our Jodi some of the pictures and postcards I took there but I’m not sure Jodi would even get them with that monster Sheriff Joe watching over her 24 hours everyday. (((((Big hugs to Jodi and our Mothers here)))))
      Have a Blessed day 🙂 Betsy

      • Enjoyed hearing about you Mother’s Day! Daughters can be stubborn sometimes but it sounds like your doing a great job being a loving Mother. It’s a hard, difficult and usually thankless job and heaven only knows no one gets a “How To Be a Good Mother” Manual when they leave the hospital with their newborns. . . anyone remember Dr. Spock! LOL I remember I wanted to stay in the hospital an extra couple of days back then and my husband asked the Dr” when can she go home?” . . right a way, he said! I could have slapped them both!!! I was scared to death but I was blessed with a wonderful Mother who helped me. Not everyone is so lucky. I pray for Jodi’s Mother to have the strength to carry on through out this nightmare. I can only imagine what she must be feeling. May God Bless Her!
        I just finished writing to Jodi on my little plain postcards. Boring Plain Postcards but Jodi loves to get mail and we all need to keep the mail heading her way. Jodi does get the mail we send her. Let’s all send all of our Love to her when ever we can. She needs to know we are supporting and loving her no matter what happens. I will mail mine tomorrow. Love To You All! (((((((((JODI))))))))))

      • What a wonderful gift that you received on Mothers Day! I’m sure you feel like the rest of us that Jodi is a part of your family too! So I think it’s just wonderful you’ll hang her artwork next to your family photos! As for myself I can’t wait to hang some of Jodi’s art on my wall but I keep having unexpected expenses pop up that prevent me from buying it. I did buy a Survivor shirt though and I get TONS of people who stop me on the street and tells that they support Jodi. I truly feel that most of the public supports Jodi. I think that most people now realize that Jodi got railroaded and want to see justice for her.

        • That is AWESOME, Corrine! That is wonderful to know that there are more and more people who see the truth and support Jodi!!!


          (((((JUSTICE FOR JODI)))))

          (((((FREE JODI)))))

          • It’s no secret that people supporting Jodi are the minority BUT that doesn’t make us weak! On the contrary, our voices are heard louder than all the haters out there!

            We have passion in our quest for justice for Jodi. We search for the truth in depth and we analyze every single thing about this case. We do not sit around gullible to the media trash talk. We are not sheeple believing every crap hypothesis coming out of grace’s, valez’s or any other ‘yellow tabloid’ person’s mouth, that have the audacity to calls themselves a journalist. [To be a successful and respected journalist you have to be impartial and unbiased with the story you are covering. If taken sides, you only become one of those untrustworthy ‘yellow’ journalists that are eager to win the popularity contest with the crowds.]

            So, in conclusion, although we (supporters) are not as many as we should be, it is very satisfying to know that people out there are coming out of their trance and are starting to seek for the truth and have stopped believing everything they are served.

            Two quotes:
            “I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.
            Martin Luther King, Jr.”

            “The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, BUT the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.
            John F. Kennedy”

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