Trial Day 50 – April 18th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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LATEST UPDATE: Jodi’s next sealed status hearing set for Friday, April 11.
Retrial date set for September 8th.

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Today’s 2013 replay rolls into Day 50 with Janeen DeMarte’s cross, state redirect, jurors questions and the usual state/defense follow-ups.

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Trial Day 50 – April 18th, 2013:

Part 1/5:

Janeen DeMarte – cross examination continues

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Part 2/5:

Janeen DeMarte – cross examination continues

[hdplay id=192 width=500 height=300]

Part 3/5:

Janeen DeMarte – cross examination continues

[hdplay id=193 width=500 height=300]

Part 4/5:

Janeen DeMarte – cross examination concludes + state redirect

[hdplay id=194 width=500 height=300]

Part 5/5:

Janeen DeMarte – jurors questions + state/defense follow-up

[hdplay id=195 width=500 height=300]

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    • Hey there! Truthfully, I was on my veranda cleaning up and putting out the veranda furniture. Not to be a spaz to all that are still dealing with cold weather but the past few days here in Greece, it’s been wonderful spring weather!

      Congrads R. Love on first comment!!! 🙂

      • Thanks Pandora! I am sad to think of our Jodi seating in her little cell all alone. I hope she can feel our love and know we are praying for her everyday until she receives the freedom that she deserves.
        Arizona and HLN have sure ruined some valuable lives, haven’t they. I pray for the day that the Arizona Justice System is held accountable for their abuse of innocent people in their circus like court systems. Hopefully HLN will also pay for their inaccurate and misleading accounts of this and any other trial they attempt to cover. People should not be presumed guilty just because HLN and Martinez tells them to. It is a sad day to see so many people misled . . .when will they wake up???
        Love to Jodi! Be STRONG Jodi we are here for you.

        • Amen!.R LOVE! Happy Spring Pandora! We got up to 50 degrees,but drops down to teens at night. Blahh, it’s snow and mud here in CT! Come.on Spring!! =)

  1. Dear Jodi! hi im clyde from up in alberta canada! i just want to let you know we care for you up here, and we are with you in these trying times you have to endure..i suport your not being guilty, and my prayers are with [you] and im thinking about your saftey and well mater what happens, stay with you all the way! ps; i love your art work, its awsome cheers clyde

  2. And HLN is still up to their old tricks. I’ve not even paused on HLN for nearly a year but just wanted to see what basic shenanigans they’re currently up to. They are apparently now trying the Pistoria murder case in the Court of Public Opinion but they paused a moment to analyze Jodi’s current trial date situation. I can’t remember any of the multiple one-side remarks and innuendoes because my blood pressure was quickly rising (probably due to some degree of PTSD from having endured those people for so long last year.) They then ran a montage of Juan and what they apparently consider “his finest moments”, scolding Jodi’s witnesses for daring to not play by his rules. They then broke for a commercial for nausea medication, which I thought quite considerate and apropos.

    • Justus, I don’t know how you handled watching that joke of a channel… Even if it was for a few minutes! They are all obnoxious.

  3. 1. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 2 hrs
    Waiting for Jodi Arias hearing to begin. Meanwhile, two-thirds of Jodi’s defense team is in secret hearing with presiding criminal judge.

    2. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 2 hrs
    Just like old times: Juan Martinez and Kirk Nurmi at Sherrie Stephens’ bench with the white noise machine blazing. No sign of Jodi yet.

    3. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 2 hrs
    CNN has filed a new motion to allow TV cameras back into the Jodi Arias trial. Judge Stephens is hearing other cases right now.

    4. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 2 hrs
    Jodi just arrived. The attorneys are at the bench with the noise machine. And so far the hearing is not sealed.

    5. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 2 hrs
    Stephens says the new Jodi Arias trial date may be early September

    6. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 2 hrs
    Judge Stephens wants to start jury selection September 8 for Jodi Arias’ sentencing retrial.

    7. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 2 hrs
    There will be another Arias hearing on Friday, April 11, to discuss other matters, and it will be sealed.

    8. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 2 hrs
    There is also a motion to drop the intent to seek death penalty for Arias, but it is part of a bigger motion before presiding Judge Welty.

  4. I cannot for the life of me understand WHY THE FUCK this is taking so long!!
    September the 8th????????? What the hell?
    Which means that by the time the retrial phase finishes, it will be approximately 1,5 year after her conviction. Help me out legal eagles- isn’t this some sort of rights violation for Jodi? How on Earth are they gonna claim to find an untainted jury pool when the retrial starts 16 months after the verdict? Can’t Jodi use this in her appeals?
    Is anybody else really PISSED OFF right on? Coz I sure am!

    • Maria, you are not alone on feeling frustrated! This is ridiculous! I watched the clip you posted in another comment and it seems that everyone shares this feeling!

      Actually, this morning I chatted with a good friend about this and we figured out that by the year 2525 the trial will be finished. SMFH!

    • The reason for the latest postponement is that Juan Martinez has another death penalty case scheduled for May 12.

      In that case, a 40 year old man is charged with killing a cop over 7 years ago. That case is 16 months older than Jodi’s.

      Maricopa County has a lot of death penalty cases which results in a backlog of long delays.

    • In a hearing last month, Judge Joseph Welty ruled that the other case would go first because it is the older one.

      Prosecutor’s office said they wouldn’t assign a different prosecutor so one or the other had to get pushed back.

  5. Trial Diva Sharee™ ‏@TrialDivasS 2 hrs
    CNN wants live camera coverage to be reconsidered for #JodiARias retrial

    • Maria,

      CNN wants live coverage for the money, number one and also so they can televise the circuses outside the court building with all the haters of Jodi running around like maniacs making complete fools of themselves with Jane Valez Mitchell running after every Tom, Dick, and Harry who will talk to her and also film the big death parties and stupid, mock juries like before!!!

      Of course, so they can rant and rave like maniacs and continue their “witch burning at the stake” theatrics and make complete idiots of themselves as they chant all their evil words about Jodi and laugh, along with the newscasters and think that they are really something to be seen on the news at the expense of an innocent person’s life at stake!!!

      How sad and how evil the world has become and the saddest part is that they don’t even think they are doing anything wrong!!! They don’t see how idiotic they look and act! Crying and carrying on like it’s the closest person in the world to them who was killed, when they never met or never knew anything about Travis or Jodi before the trial!

      May God help us all and especially Jodi!!!

      (((((FREE JODI))))) (((((JODI))))) (((((TEAM JODI)))))

  6. Hiya everyone! 🙂

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Whoever goes out to celebrate, have an awesome time, be safe and don’t drive if you drink!

    I would like to take a moment and send my love and positive energy to our Jodi. This delay must be so frustrating to her. I just want her to know that she has to be strong and not allow this madness ‘break her’. We are here and are not going anywhere.

    (((((((((Jodi)))))))) ♥

  7. It is difficult to understand how someone can be in prison since 2008 and almost for the past year be in a cell by herself and this considered to be justice. It is because she was finally sentenced for murder one that they feel there is no hurry to deal with the death penalty retrial. Her mental health must be deteriorating after all this time. There seems to be no end to this trial even when the second death penalty phase is completed. I do hope the trial is not televised as HLN will bring the circus to town again. I would rather see Michael Kiefer reporting via twitter than have the HLN 3 ring circus. Jodi never had a criminal record prior to this matter. It must be hell for her and her family to go through this with no end in sight. My heart is heavy for them. As far as the death penalty goes, there is so much wrong with that concept. Innocent people are killed by the state, innocent people do many years in prison before they are exonerated, some very close to execution, some die in agony from the procedure, and its only purpose is vengeance. I am glad it was banned in Canada years ago.

    • Judy, Jodi is in a solitary cell because she’s been convicted of a capital crime – that’s protocol in AZ, solitary cell for the first three years for capital offenders. If they are serving a life sentence, after three years they will start earning ‘privileges’ towards joining the general population. If they have been sentenced to death, they will remain in a solitary cell until they die – or their conviction is overturned.

    • There are people who talk to Jodi on a daily basis. Her ”mental health” is fine, not deteriorating at all. I’m not saying that solitary coonfinement is easy, on the contrary. But our girl is a strong courageous woman, she’s not giving up!

    • I have the impression that a solitary cell is not the same as ‘in the hole’ – who knows with Sheriff Joe, though.

  8. as far as I am concern, Jodi Arias should be released, men or let me say dogs and players think it is ok to to mess with a womens heart,and play with her feeling and treat her like a piece of meat,the only person that should judge her is GOD, and he already forgave her

    • The new jury must read this article before they make their decision.
      Nobody should be subjected to such inhumane treatment.

  9. Interesting but very troubling Maria, very few rich people end up in those cells. But they are full of people who don’t have big bucks and are ethnic minorities. Justice….one has to question what that means. I hope Jodi is able to keep herself busy writing letters and doing whatever she has to do so that she doesn’t succumb to hopelessness. Arizona is such a lovely state to visit but it is definitely ruthless when it comes to how it treats any one who runs a foul of the law. Having watched the trial throughout my hope is that she is granted a new trial eventually. There are so many things wrong about that trial and even in Arizona they must raise some eyebrows. I always remember the ME on the stand and how Jennifer W. took him to task for discrepancies in his report and testimony. And how the police officer Flores had stated the gun shot came first and then had to say that he miss spoke and the gun shot came last. And how the prosecutor treated defense witnesses – shouting, badgering, bullying . Surely there are grounds for a new trial. But when, and how long before they get there????

  10. …..Start date of the re-trial, is on The Virgin Mary’s Birthday. …??Divine Intervention??…
    …..Please google search: Sept 8 Jodi Arias,,, …Then google just Sept 8. ,,,

    …..When you google search: Sept 8 Jodi Arias, you should get a lot of info about the date: Sept 8, 2014, for the start of the re-trial, jury selection. What is the significance of: Sept 8?? ..Google it.
    …..I have written online on this & other sites that I prayed/asked for St Joan of Arc to be the Guardian Angel of Jodi Ann Arias because Saint Joan & Jodi Ann Arias both suffered from the bulldog prosecutors in 1431 & also in 2013 (& continuing). Perhaps Sept8 is a (((sign from Heaven))) that Saint Joan is watching over Mademoiselle Jodi & suggesting to the judge: “how about Sept8”??
    …..Just ((what)) put into the head of the still-presiding judge to select Sept8, ((an Angel)?? Will she now want to change that date once she realizes that Sept8, is the celebrated Nativity (Birthday) of The Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of Jesus Christ?? Did St Joan of Arc “snooker” the judge to Sept8, for all the world to observe more persecution of this innocent young lady, Jodi??
    …..You can also go direct to and do a search there for: Sept 8. You will find out a lot about Sept 8 and the names of Mary’s parents, Joachim & Anna, who were childless until an Angel appeared to Anna (Grandmother of Jesus Christ) & told Anna she would conceive, …these parents later both became Saints. …And, some 20 years later, an Angel appeared to Mary about the coming of the Savior, Jesus Christ. …
    …..((What news Anchors will announce to the public that Sept 8, is such a symbolic time for the “START of TRUTHFULNESS” in our Criminal Justice System)) …and for exposing unfair (perhaps illegal) bulldog prosecution tactics ….and the judges who are snookered by those prosecutors???
    …..I say that Jodi Ann Arias is/was totally innocent in 2008/2013, just as St Joan of Arc was innocent in 1431, but burned to death anyway to the “pleasures of the prosecutor” & the Criminal Justice of that time. …Mademoiselle Jodi Ann (Anna) Arias has the same name, (Anna?), as does the Grandmother of Jesus Christ. …
    …..((What will the news Anchors say about the significance of Sept 8))?? …Coincidence?? …Well, so is the arithmetic coincidence nonsense that the bulldog prosecutor used to snooker (trick), the jury about many things. …Remember the stupid gas cans capacity coincidences?? …
    …..Will the American & International news agencies tell the Pope in Rome that the Nativity (Birthday, Sept 8) of The Virgin Mary has been the selected date, in order to re-start the persecution trial of Mademoiselle Jodi Ann Arias in Arizona, USA??? …
    …..I say that St Joan of Arc is the Guardian Angel of Mademoiselle Jodi & that St Joan is showing this Heavenly Sign to draw worldwide attention to the snookery in the American Justice System that favors prosecutors. …And, for the entire world to observe this persecution of this innocent young lady, Jodi.!!! …..I beg His Excellency Pope Francis to recognize St Joan of Arc as the symbolic Guardian Angel of Mademoiselle Jodi Ann Arias of the USA. …. And, that the entire trial of Jodi Ann Arias be vacated before the next Traditional Nativity (Birthday) of The Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of Jesus Christ, ….. ….. …..I pray. ……

    • I too, will join you in this prayer! I also believe in Divine intervention so your post is extremely interesting and these things may come to pass! We should all pray for our Jodi and her freedom.
      We will never give up.

      • I will continue to add her in my prayers……..
        Madeline….I keep writing to JAA as well. ^^ what a great post. Hope there’s an angel looking over JAA. She needs a divine intervention!


      • Thank you (( R.Love )) for saying that my post/comment is extremely interesting. I am fairly new at posting comments on this site. So this is a short comment to see if it is OK to identify myself as facebook username (( William Lopez )) & of course I am (( WLOPEZ4JAA )) on this site but I am also on other sites in support of the innocence of Jodi through (( )). I am just trying to see if I am allowed to post that disqus link to my other numerous comments. I don’t see any other person doing that so this is a test to see if I am allowed to do that. …here goes…click

    • My 15th Great Grandfather Goeffrei (Chevalier) Chastain served in the French Army during the 100 years war with England. Served with St. Joan of Arc at the battle of Patai where he was killed in action 29 October 1429 Rest In Peace Grand Daddy.

      Ray Chastain In Harrisonburg Virginia.

      • Thanks to those who believe in Divine Intervention. ..Special thanks to ((Ray Chastain)) for your comment & input about your ancestor grandfather by the same last name (Chastain) & thank you for his service in the 100 Year War under St Joan of Arc, many battles, defending France against invading English armies & who was killed in, at or around the time of the Battle of Patai , (also spelled Patay). … … Great info on (( http://www.maidof )) … Also, check out my prayer to St Joan of Arc title: }}My Dearest Saint Joan of Arc}} This is my Prayer{{ a small part of it is: …I pray that all who cursed for the death or imprisonment of Jodi Ann Arias (even those who assumed it was their obligation to curse her) be rejected from the GATES OF HEAVEN by St Peter, & St Joan of Arc, with her 8,000 loyal spiritual French soldiers. …. ((this is only a small part of the entire prayer)) …Your ancestor grandfather is one of those 8,000 loyal spiritual French soldiers. …bienvenue

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