Trial Day 5 – January 10th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Day 5 of the trial includes testimony from Nathan Mendes, Lisa Perry, Gloria Esteban & Jodi Legg.

This day also includes the first of many Motions for Mistrial and Dismissal Requests from Kirk Nurmi. These are in direct relation to the ever-changing sequence of events stated by Gloria Esteban, coupled with his award winning inability to remember what Kermit had told him to say regarding his conversations (or lack thereof) with Kevin “Typo” Horn… and compounded further by his earlier false testimony at the pre-trial hearing – [more info here].

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Trial Day 5 – January 10th, 2013:

Nathan Mendes (fmr. detective with Siskiyou CSO)
Lisa Perry (forensic scientist, biology/DNA unit)
Esteban Flores (lead case agent)
Jodi Legg (forensic scientist, biology/DNA unit)

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Mistrial/Dismissal Request – Part 1/2:

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Mistrial/Dismissal Request – Part 2/2:

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  1. On THE VIEW today they are supposed to discuss Jodi Arias Deadly Sins! Wonder what that could be about????? Knowing Travis and ever having anything to do with him?

  2. Well,they made her sound awful! Whoopie seemed a little doubtful but they were not helping her at all! They did admit Travis had a double life but said it was pretty normal considering he was only human. 🙁 No mention of Jodi being a human who deserves a fair trial and how the prosecution invented all kinds of lies about Jodi! The people being interviewed were a bald loud mouth know it all guy and a redheaded bimbo ( they made it seem like they knew Travis and Jodi personally) who wrote a book so guess they were there to promote only themselves. Maybe someone should write to the The View and ask for Jodi’s side to be discussed! Ha I’m dreaming a nightmare!

          • You don’t need to watch it, Maria – I’m sure its just more of the same, and more to fatten the file for the appellate courts.

            Just think of how many people Jodi gets to sue when she’s finally exonerated.

            • The blonde who is on the View (can’t think of her name) said OMG Jodi tweeted her and it scared her she didn’t know what to do! Good grief. Then they explained it was someone else who does the tweeting for Jodi. They make her sound like she has secret powers and potions so she could do everyone in if she wanted to. I guess that goes along with the witch trial mindset though. I just don’t get why they keep exploiting her except they are money hungry. So sad.!

            • I watched most of the trial and tried to keep an open mind.I will say that I do believe they(the jurors got it right) but I did not see the whole trial.

              I am glad some people are standing up for her but it will be a tough road.

              Good luck———-Brent

    • R. Love,

      It’s awful that some of these TV personalities seem “a little doubtful” but just can’t bring themselves to come out and say they don’t feel that Jodi is guilty of premeditation. The person usually just fizzles out without making their opinion heard because they get talked over or argued out of business by the host. The lynch mob mentality of TV shows and movies that focus on this trial has had a seriously chilling effect on free speech. It’s really a dangerous road to go down, but that’s where we find ourselves now. I honestly believe that some of these media personalities are afraid to speak their minds, though that’s what they have ostensibly been hired to do. That must be what Hannah Arendt meant by “the banality of evil”. The “go along to get along” behavior we are seeing in these TV discussion groups is flatly insipid.

      So now we’ve arrived at a time and place where Jodi awaits sentencing while this mob mentality persists. Many people despise Juan’s tactics but feel that Jodi is guilty nonetheless. And how many people are actually even aware of how they came up with their negative viewpoints about Jodi? They haven’t followed how the news of the trial was disseminated through controlled pipelines. Most crucially, Flora and Fauna made sure that their case was too convoluted to be understood without a substantial investment of time. The jury was blindsided by the gunshot first or last issue within the first week. When Nurmi asked for a mistrial or dismissal on this fifth day, it was the absolute right thing to do. He knew it would be downhill from there.

  3. I just watched “The View”. I found myself having a difficult time breathing. I’m not sure I saw any doubt in Whoopie as the only challenge she’d seem to make to the conversation was basically that they shouldn’t be saying unkind things about Travis. Those interviewers just swallowed everything they were being fed by these self-proclaimed experts. It was horrifying. Maybe there’s some way for us to get the truth to them. They seem to be relatively reasonable people who maybe just don’t know any of the facts about the case but they think they’ve just found out all about it.

    • Great! Just great! How many more shows will take advantage of Jodi just when the retrial phase is about to start??? HOW ON EARTH does ANYONE out there (hater or supporter) still believe there is a slim chance they will find impartial jurors?
      I guess I’ll get a stroke if I watch this so I’d better take a raincheck….

    • I was a devoted View – er for the entire run of the show. I think it’s the only show on TV (except Mad Men) that I NEVER missed. Until the day last spring when they were discussing the Arias trial, cackling and laughing about how many times over did she have to kill him in order to defend herself. I turned the show off mid-segment and have never watched again. Won’t make an exception for this, either, even though I did go get the link for Maria.

      • Good for you, Journee. I watched The View a long time ago, but at some point got tired of the spoon-fed simple-mindedness. They should be cognizant of the reality that the trial is not over. They should be more circumspect about broadcasting biased viewpoints when a death penalty is dangling over Jodi’s head.

        And the show’s title implies that “the viewpoints” will reflect a woman’s perspective. No, in this case, sadly, they do not. Their schadenfreude in light of a possible death penalty is appalling. They could point out Jodi’s lack of a criminal record or the fact that she was still good friends with two of her (three) ex-boyfriends when she met TA but do they? Those are FACTS. That other B.S. about a “stripper vibe” and “stalking” and “sleeping under a Christmas tree” – c’mon!) is malicious prejudice. They aren’t suspicious that out of the blue, Jodi gets into this horrifying situation. How could they not wonder about that? THAT should have been, and still could be a topic, if they weren’t so irretrievably caught in a trance.

  4. When Mendes quotes what Colombo said, that she had blonde hair on June 2d, I just want to scream!

    That a$$hole Colombo was the reason why this whole ”she premeditated it because she had her hair dyed” rumor started! There was NO evidence whatsoever other than this guy’s apparently distorted by the media POV. And Kermit sure played his smokes and mirrors game later on during trial, trying to imply she had her hair dyed back to brown in that salon in Salinas (I think it was in Salinas, right?)

    Geez…let’s see: 3 hair color changes in less than a month. IF that were the case, Jodi would have arrived at Travis’ house bold, FFS! Ask any hairdresser… 🙄

    • I wish we had a recording of the day the Yreka police officer – the one who took a report on the burglary and the grandparents’ – testified. Would be nice to know if anyone EVER made a point of the fact that his report indicates Jodi had brown hair and brown eyes on May 28, 2008.

      • All this stuff about hair color: I don’t remember the prosecution proving anything. They’ were somehow able to throw a lot of stuff in the pot and stir it without writing down the recipe. And they knew that HLN would be serving it up later that night…

        • Hair color NOT the only thing Kermit did NOT prove.

          Did he prove she stalked him?
          Did he prove she was a crazy jealous person?
          Did he prove
          Did he prove anything regarding the gas cans?
          Did he prove Jodi stole her grandparents’ gun?
          Did he prove she came with a knife and that the knife involved in the fight was not one from TA’s kitchen?
          Did he prove the sequence of the wounds?
          N-O, NO!!!!!!

          We could go on and on…That’s how Martinez won this case: NOT proving, just blurring the truth, just mixing facts with fiction.

          Remember Billy Flynn’s ”Razzle Dazzle them” musical number from ”Chicago”? THAT’S HOW Martinez won!

          What a disgrace to the American Justice system… What a disgrace to the term ”Beyond Reasonable Doubt”. I’m sure the generations to come will study this case as an example to avoid.

          • At one point when I was still trying to reason with the unreasonable I stated that in Arizona (and 22 other states) the burden is on the a State to prove it was not self-defense, not on the defendant to prove it was. And this is the response I got: “The State DID prove that is wasn’t self-defense because there was no evidence that it was.” A perfect example of the numbskull logic that has run rampant through this case.

          • Other ingredients for “Mesa Stew”:

            Did he prove Jodi was not invited to TA’s house?
            Did he prove that she planned all along to go to Mesa and that it wasn’t a last minute decision?
            Did he prove that TA did not have a gun in his closet?
            Did he prove the source of the tassel remnants?
            Did he prove that she tampered with the license plates?
            Did he prove that she slashed anyone’s tires?
            Did he prove that she sent the “shameless whore” email?
            Did he prove that she knew about TA’s relationship with Lisa A. while it was going on?
            Did he prove that she ever harassed or stalked any of her previous boyfriends?
            Did he prove that she knew he was taking Mimi to Cancun, or that she knew anyone else was going with him?
            Did he prove that the gunshot was totally incapacitating?
            Did he prove that the gunshot was not accidental?
            Did he prove that there was not a pause in the fight?

            No, never did prove any of that, but he was able to generate a lot of prejudicial discussion on the air by folks who mistook his machinations for truth.

            Haven’t seen “Chicago” but I’m sure that some day there will be a “Mesa”.

            • In light of what was said today here about the just aired ID network movie on Jodi and TA:

              Did the prosecutor ever prove that Jodi wanted to marry TA?

              No, he did not.

              Jodi’s diary entries state that she did not want to marry him because she felt uneasy about him.

              Did the prosecutor ever prove any MOTIVE for Jodi to plan out a killing of TA?

              No, he was not able to prove any malicious intent.

              Was the prosecutor ever able to prove that TA wanted nothing more to do with Jodi?

              No. TA was planning to visit Jodi in Northern California after the Cancun trip. This communication between them was documented.

              • You are so right but how do we know who is responsible for covering all of these MAJOR details up.? Is it the ME’s office or the Prosecutor’s Office or the whole State of AZ!? For some reason the MAJOR facts have been overlooked from the very beginning! WHY? Who is benefiting from Travis’ death? That’s where I would start digging. It is a horrible mess of lies for sure.

          • (((((Maria))))) wonderfully said!

            kermit’s circus acts were what got them dazzled! ffs!

            It’s so fucking scary that these kind of ‘authorities of the law’ are free to do their song and dance anyway they please -not even close to what justice means- and get away with it too….

            • I would also say that what JM subjected the jury to was psychological abuse. Even excessive sarcasm is considered prosecutor misconduct, but he went way beyond that, as we all know. I’m certain that his foul behavior had a chilling effect on the jurors’ capacity to freely deliberate both the conviction and the sentence. We, as citizens, cannot realistically place the entire burden on jurors alone to keep the state’s cases within the bounds of decency. Our judges should be proactive for their citizens with respect to misconduct, and not, as this one did, expect that the jurors would somehow be able to transcend all the theatrics and obscene behavior that she allowed in her courtroom. The judge demonstrated a “let them eat cake” imperiousness that suggested the jury should be able to separate the wheat from the chaff no matter what. No, the jury should not be expected to perform their duties properly NO MATTER WHAT happens in the courtroom.

  5. 2:07:00 Martinez starts asking about the shoe print.
    He insists on the direction of that shoe impression and then takes out the ”dragging the body” photo suggesting that since TA ‘s bare foot couldn’t have made the mark and Jodi appears to be wearing a sock, the shoe print was done after ”blood was shed” and ”after they were wearing shoes” while Jodi was walking all over the now bloody place, ready to flee.

    OK, good: I got it! Problem solved! It was Jodi’s foot, no intruders! (we can put that to rest) Thank you, Juan!I feel juanderful!

    Now, can Mr Kermit please help me understand (coz I sure can’t for the life of me comprehend) HOW she managed to walk out of there, with blood under her shoe(s) leaving just ONE freaking bloody shoe print?????
    Did she FLY out of there?????

    • Maria you forgot she flew out on her broom!!!! Good Grief. You guys are right on the money with all your posts. Wasn’t it a boot print anyway????? Wasn’t it bigger than Jodi’s foot also????

      I’m starting to believe we can’t watch anything on TV anymore or we will have to see Jodi be crucified over and over again.

      It makes me sad because she doesn’t deserve all of this hate. . .Thanks to HLN, CNN, ABC and on and on the list goes. Bless her heart. (((((((JODI)))))))

      Even though the Haters keep Hating I will continue to be a Prayer Warrior for our JODI! THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL!!!! 🙂

    • Jodi Legg, a forensic investigator works closely with the Mesa P.D. did testify on Day Five of the trial that the blood on the floor was dry when she examined the scene. (Noting this for anyone who might be speculating that the shoe print was made by an investigator.) She also said there was no evidence (to her trained eye) that there was any blood on the walls of the shower, or that there had been an attempt to clean those surfaces of any blood. Using luminol or some other chemical means to try to discover blood on the shower walls was not indicated, so it was not done, according to her.

    • Maria, R.Love is so right! We have already solved the shoe print mystery:

      Jodi is a witch, she flew in with her broom, made one footprint and jumped on her super duper turbo broomstick flying away… Problem solved. The sheeples believing anything against Jodi most likely think that this is a very solid possibility… -again: rolling eyes… you know which way…

      (((((((((super duper turbo broomstick)))))))))


    GOD BLESS Jodi Ann Arias


    Ray in H-burg Va.

      • Thank you. I never will stop. And the more I get their goat on the other side, the better I feel. The crazier they get, I know how we’re winning even more. 🙂

  7. One thing that bothered my about The View was they called us all Followers of Jodi which IMO made us sound like a cult! I am not a Follower of Jodi but I am a Believer in Jodi’s innocence. My feelings for Jodi come from deep in my heart where I was taught to treat everyone with the same respect that I would like in return. I consider Jodi another Human Being who has been abused first by Travis Alexander and second by the AZ Justice System and I will continue to believe in her innocence and respect her for the kind and loving person she has proved to be. Through out all of this turmoil she has been steadfast, brave and never caved to the Haters, who wouldn’t respect her for that???? I think of her as my baby sister, my daughter, a friend and part of my Forever Family. No one should have to endure that pain and suffering she has gone through. As for the Alexanders and the “Friends” they are soothing their grief with the money they are profiting from this horrible tragedy. My sympathy has grown dim for them because of the hatred that has spewed from them. Peace will not come to them as long as they follow the path of destruction they are on. IMO. (((((((((JODI))))))))

    • Just another example of media bias against Jodi as I discussed in my latest blog post. I actually had a response from someone named “Jodi’s Meat Curtains” who made a derogatory slur against Maria from Greece here and also inferred that he/she is an active poster here at JAII. Whoever this person is, I don’t care who you are. You’re a waste of human life as far as I’m concerned and I routinely kick your ass in this debate because all you can do is attack me and Jodi personally with all sorts of derogatory names and make up stuff which you have ZERO evidence to demonstrate.

      • A derogatory slur about me, huh? Oh, do tell! I have a huge list of slurs about me (my favourite ones were the variations of my last name) and all I have to say to those who stoop so low is: KISS MY GREEK ASS!
        YES, there was a time I used to feel awful about those remarks. YES, there was a time their name calling would get to me. After they started attacking MY COUNTRY, I realized they were the lowest of the low. Why attack a country with a History as rich as Greek History just to say/prove how much you hate ME? There was one particular poster who made ,e LOL so hard- he had the nerve to claim us Greeks have left the Parthenon without any restoration/preservation and that’s why it is in ruins, LLMAO LMAOOOOOO! THAT’S the level of stupidity and ignorance we’re dealing with so go figure!

        Sooooo…he/she is a poster here???? Maybe Mr/ Mrs Shit-Pants should strap on a pair and stop being a wuss! Why hide? We share NO secrets here, what’s the point of being undercover on a PUBLIC blog for crying out loud??? Just to throw it in our faces? Can’t they see how CHILDISH and IMMATURE this is?

        • I think that I know who this person is. I already set a trap for them without them realizing it and I’ll be notifying SJ.

          • Hey Jeff,
            I just sent an email to ABC about the View program and how they should be more interested in the injustices of the trial than smearing Jodi’s name. They should not be promoting any of the Haters books and Movies when clearly this should have been a Mistrial from the beginning. We should flood them with our disgust. Have you sent any of your wonderful blog to them? Maybe you should!

        • ((((((Μαρία)))))) σε λατρεύω!

          Maria, you know their IQ level…. IQ ραδικιού! LMFAO (it’s a greek slang saying about people that have peabrains).

          Us ‘Greeks’ have laughed so fucking hard at some of the haters remarks it gave us 6-packs! 😉

          It’s quite entertaining when we are called ‘The Greeks’! I love it! I take it as a compliment! Greece is an awesome country to visit and more awesome to live in! The beauty of Greece is breathtaking! Whoever has had the opertunity to visit Greece knows. 🙂

          So, saying that, yes! it doesn’t surprise me that the haters will say any idiotic thing that comes to mind about us ‘Greeks’ and ‘foreigners’ in general. It’s rascism, IMO! We are not self centered only looking at what happens in our country. We foreigners care about what happens worldwide…

          ((((Grease))))) ♥

    • Wasn’t Whoopi Goldberg the one who made the comment a few years ago about rape being “just rape”? That panel is comprised of mostly far-left women who are consistently not right about anything. And now Jenny McCarthy is on that show? They should have gotten her cousin who appears on ‘Mike and Molly”. She’s funnier.

      • Actually, no, that is not what she said. She was referring specifically to the Polanski situation as not being “rape rape” – there was the involvement of the girl’s mother.

        • Yes, sorry, she said that it wasn’t “rape rape”. That’s another discussion for another day, though. One of many reasons why I don’t watch “The View”.

          • Yelp, your right The View is not one of my favorite spots but just happened to be on and I caught a glimpse of what they would talk about so I watched~~~~iiiiiii. Usually, they all talk at one time (which makes me nervous) and that drives me nuts! I never cared much about any of the ones on there – – -I would much rather watch Ellen who is always helping others and laughing and having fun!!!!

            It is just a sad state of affairs when one can be declared guilty on HLN (before the jury does) and the whole world takes it for the Gospel of Justice!

            The AZ legal system is corrupt and needs to be cleaned up!! FAST! They’ve been advertising to come and visit the wonderful state of AZ. . . I say stay away from the state of AZ or you might end up in their prison system! Apparently, they love to imprison innocent people. 🙁

  8. I just read somewhere that if the defendant had been male he would be on death row already. The irony is, if the defendant had been male, nobody would have so easily believed he devised such an idiotic premeditated plan.

    • Not necessarily true. Most states now are getting away from the death penalty. The one thing that I think is true is that when male teachers are accused of molesting students, they are punished far more severely than female teachers.

  9. The most scary part of the retrial is that those new jurors will already have to believe she’s guilty (they’re not going to let anyone on during the penalty phase who thinks she’s innocent) so what does that tells us already about their thinking processes? Oh, that’s right. They’re going to find people who have never heard of Jodi Arias, then convince them one more time that she’s guilty. What if one of those jurors isn’t convinced she’s guilty? Are they forced to vote one way or the other to punish someone they believe is innocent? It’s really fucked up.

  10. Isn’t it true that if she gets the death penalty the State is obliged to pay for her first appeal? Otherwise, she has to pay for her own? If so, what in the world is Maricopa County thinking? They are so hungry to kill her that they are willing to spend a whole ton of money so that the State of Arizona will be obligated to spend a whole ton more money. These people are sick! Sick with hate!!!

    • If she gets the death penalty, she gets a direct appeal, meaning she can she automatically appeal her case and yes the state has to pay for that. Go figure, right? The media went crazy over the millions of dollars spent for this trial without mentioning though that it was the Prosecution (and the victim’s family) who wouldn’t back down and take the deal offered to them. Martinez pushed and pushed for the death penalty, HE is the one costing the AZ taxpayers millions of dollars! As for the haters wanting to see Jodi fry,praying for her death and asking her blood well…then they’ll have to pay for her appeal costs too!

      Before realizing how wrong things can go when you get stuck with a public defender (such as Nurmi) there was a side of me that thought that maybe it would be better for Jodi to receive the DP, money-wise! Only money-wise!! She cannot afford expensive appeals lawyers but towards the end of the trial and after witnessing the poor job Nurmi did (not Jennifer, Jennifer did the best she could IMHO) I of course changed my mind I am now terrified of what’s to happen IF the new jurors give her the DP.

  11. Hi, TEAM JODI!!!

    I really didn’t want to watch the program about Jodi, “Jodi Arias: Killer Sex Kitten” on the ID channel last night but I wanted to see for myself if they would really blame Jodi for everything in Jodi & Travis’s relationship which eventually led to Travis’s murder, as one of their highlight clips stated something like leading a saint into sin, and SURE ENOUGH, the WHOLE story portrayed Jodi as a woman who used her beauty and sex to get men and who was obsessed with getting Travis to marry her and willing to stop at nothing if she couldn’t have him, just as I thought it would be??????? It was just awful, you guys!!!!!!!!! Oh, and guess who commented throughout the story, of course, nobody but Chris and Sky Hughes AND Dave Hall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Near the end, Chris Hughes said Jodi was pure evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The truth was just twisted and tossed, just like all the other movies and documentaries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was just awful, everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chris & Sky Hughes and Dave Hall were all like, “oh, yeah, Jodi was so scary, blah, blah, blah (lies, lies, & more lies!!!), like and just would not stay away from Travis??????????????? The host was one of those from HLN!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t remember his name! You can go to: and read the synopsis.

    I wait for the day when all these liars go down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. You can also click on a video which has Darren Kavinoky and Pat LaLama (if you can stomach it!!!) discuss what might go on at Jodi’s retrial this month and at one point Darren Kavinoky laughs and says, “let’s get this PARTY??? started! So, that’s how he looks at it, as a party???????????

    All I can keep saying is that I wait for the day all the liars go down!!!!!!!! Who will be laughing then???

    He who laughs LAST laughs BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    (((((JODI))))) (((((TEAM JODI)))))

    Jodi is innocent and the TRUTH WILL PREVAIL!!! Good things come to those who wait!!!!!!!!!!

    Love to all TEAM JODI!!!

    • ”Party” ????? You have GOT to be kidding me!
      Although, to be honest, it’s quite expected. Yes, that’s exactly how they look at it: a party where people gossip, laugh and talk nonsense just for the sake of having fun! The Prosecutor and the media created the lynch mob mentality; Jodi was objectified and now there’s no way any of them can feel empathy or sympathize with her. She’s just that: an object.
      Except that she has taken epic proportions in their minds, she’s like one of those cursed objects whose bad reputation usually precedes them because people are too damn superstitious to look at them in a more rational way.

  13. Another interesting comment by Chris Hughes in the ID episode about Jodi last night was that Chris Hughes said he tried to get a hold of Travis on Wednesday (June 4, 2008) because Travis was supposed to be involved in a conference call and he couldn’t get a hold of Travis!!! Chris Hughes said he told Sky Hughes that something was wrong!!! Did Chris Hughes go to Travis’s house to find out what was wrong????????? NOT that I know of!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, Chris Hughes feels something is wrong with his “BEST” friend and he doesn’t go over to Travis’s house to see what is wrong or even call any of the “SO CALLED” friends to see if they have heard from Travis??????????? Why didn’t Chris Hughes call the police to go check on his “BEST” friend??????????

    When my power went out one time and my girlfriend couldn’t get a hold of me, she immediately DROVE over to my house to see if I was alright!!! Now that’s a friend!!!!!!!!!

    WOW, “Oh, what tangled webs we weave when we practice to deceive”!!!!!!! Deceit, deception, lies, cover ups!!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly stand this you all!!!!!!!!!!

    • OK, so he got worried when he couldn’t get a hold of him. That has happened to many of us:we call someone repeatedly, they don’t pick up but we do not immediately go to the police because we do not want to overreact. We think”well maybe he’s busy. He’ll see the missed calls and call back” right??Now explain this to me:
      Why wasn’t he SICK WORRIED when Travis did NOT attend the conference call????? Or when he didn’t hear back from his friend the next day?And the next? And the next?
      Gimme a fucking break, Chris! You’ve woven a WEB OF LIES and now you seem to have gotten entangled and lost in your own web!


    by Miss Pajama Girl @Miss Pajama Girl

    “I have created a team of experts and have individuals with sub-areas to examine all area’s of the murder of Travis Alexander.
    The total and complete exoneration through solid fact based evidence proving that Jodi Arias had no involvement in the kidnapping, torture, and murder of Travis Alexander.
    Through the investigation, examination of ALLFACTS, persons and leads. The murder of Travis Alexander shall be solved.

    Bringing to Justice the real Murderers of Travis Alexander.”

    (((((JODI IS INNOCENT))))) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Yes, this is exciting and wonderful news!!!!! Hopefully the tide is turning! There is no doubt in my mind that the guilty people will pay for their crimes!! If Travis was laundering Chris Hughes and PPL’s money then no wonder Hughes and his wife were squealing Jodi’s name like a pigs!!!! The truth will come out and we all will be watching with much anticipation! Jodi deserves justice and it is time she is freed!

      It will be interesting to see what the Hughes have to brag and boast about soon won’t it. I also hope the Alexanders aren’t spending all of the blood money they are making some people will probably want it returned!

      The two people who the View interviewed on The View are the ones who put the movie together on ID . I don’t know their names and don’t want to know . . .they do not serve any recognition for the fiction!
      They were real pieces of *%#^ !!

    • Miss Pajama Girl…..
      I can’t help but feeling torn. If she has done the things she says she’s doing for Jodi’s exoneration, if she believes so much in her innocence, if she is (apparently) spending so much money and time on this case, how come she hasn’t contacted the family??? If she is doing this pro bono, how come she hasn’t communicated with Jodi’s lawyers so that they can help each other? For the time being, I’m not buying it. To echo my all-time favorite TV series, The X-FILE: ”I want to believe” but it just sounds too good to be true.
      Let’s not get too excited, let’s just wait and see.

  15. Saraphon @Violet_Hyatt tweeted today: 1 very good reason 2 kill Travis Alexander He was laundering $ 4 PPL What do U think Hughes?

    another tweet by Saraphon @Violet_Hyatt:: A little tidbit of info on Travis Alexander was under investigation by FBI 4 money laundering of Co. PPL $


  16. What is so frustrating for me is how none of the women on “The View” showed any empathy towards Jodi Arias. Fair enough, just because someone says that they were abused doesn’t mean we should automatically believe them. However, we also shouldn’t not believe them because they said they were abused either.

    I know that some people are saying how the only reason why I and some other people care so much about Jodi Arias is because she’s so attractive and if she wasn’t then we wouldn’t bother to care. This is not true. However, I do believe that if Travis Alexander wasn’t an attractive guy that many of the women who supported him throughout the trial wouldn’t have bothered to care either. They developed crushes on this guy and it actually made some of these bored housewives get up off their fat fannies to do something like show up outside of a courtroom with posters of him like he was a rock star. And that’s another thing. I can’t stand it whenever I hear the term “rock star” as in “Juan Martinez is getting the ‘rock star’ treatment.” Not even rock stars get rock star treatment anymore!

    The way so many women fell for Travis reminds me of the Menendez Brothers and how they were acquitted because many women on the jury said they just couldn’t believe that these two handsome men could have killed their parents. These people should put all prejudice and bias aside and leave their hormones at the door before they enter the courtroom.

    • Yup! I agree.
      I do believe that Travis’ handsomeness has made many (female) supporters become more passionate and quite obsessed with this case. The same happened with Jodi’s supporters too, however! There are many guys out there who like her because she is so beautiful and may have looked at what she did in a more favorable light.

      • travis attractive? Where? I don’t see it. Seriously, I don’t see it.

        Sakis Rouvas: attractive!
        Johnny Depp: attractive!
        Shemar Moore: attractive!
        James Franco: attractive!

        travis alexander: huhhh??? Not attractive!

        • I know! Yikes!
          But most female haters seem to find him attractive (PUKE, PUKE, PUKE!!!)
          And, of course, at some point Jodi seemed to find him handsome too. What was she thinking….????

          • It’s not just the attractiveness of a man or a woman, that draws people to them although it is their looks that makes you first take notice of them. It’s the way they carry themselves. Their personality, charisma, sense of humor, confidence, etc.
            I find Jodi much more attractive as a brunette than as a blond. I find her very intelligent and well spoken too. The fact that she is a fine artist and photographer attracts me to her too.
            I would presume that Travis drew people to him mostly with his personality. Women apparently loved the guy and he was quite the womanizer and women allowed themselves to be sucked into the Travis vortex.
            Travis got what he deserved.

  17. Team Jodi, let’s not forget tomorrow Jodi will be at court for Oral Arguments at 9.30am.
    Let’s send her some positive energy through our thoughts and prayers.

    • Thanks for reminding us Maria!! Yes let’s all think positive!

      As for MPG We really don’t know that she hasn’t contacted Jodi’s family and friends but we will be guarded on our excitement until everything is a fact unlike the Haters!!! But, it all makes COMPLETE sense to me. I’m praying MPG is able to do all she has stated! We will throw our own party then! *<:)

  18. I watched Deadly Sins on Discovery ID last night. It was the first time I saw a show about Jodi that while still making her the villian and host Darren Kavinoky trying hard to make Jodi sound even worse but failing IMO, didn’t make Travis out to be a saint. It was a situation where if you didn’t know anything about this case you’d say Travis is a womanizing, lying, two faced, asshole which we already know. Way too much Sky and Chris Hughes for my taste in this program. Also interviews with Shanna Hogan who authored the book Picture Perfect: The Jodi Arias Story. Ryan Burns. Zach Billings. It’s the first program I’ve seen where I wasn’t completely pissed off with the way Jodi was portrayed and Travis wasn’t made out to be the do no wrong saint.

    • I have a purple one that Jodi’s Aunt Sue sent me. And when I get back to work I plan on a few white ones.

      Ray in H-burg Va.

  19. ((((SJ)))) – too funny!

    Your guess is my guess! It wouldn’t surprise me AT ALL if the penalty phase was actually set for 2015! (rolling eyes)

    Does anyone know if this delay has anything to do with the governor elections in shitzona? I don’t know when they are. But it does make me wonder if this has anything to do with the trial’s constant setbacks. Jodi’s name (thus her case) has been mentioned in many articles that had to do with politics in shitzona.

    Just thinking out loud….

  20. Hi all. I was just wondering if there has been any consideration for Jodi to go under hypnosis so that she would be able to recall the forgotten memories of that day; or has anyone been in contact with a legit psychic about this case? I know not everyone are believers in these two methods and they would not hold up in court, but I have always been curious. Btw, I am a Jodi supporter and I never felt the opposing side made a viable case. Their story just never added up to me. Anyway, my curiosity get me so I thought I would ask.

    • There was a crack pot psychic who had some videos out on this but he was an idiot. Seems like he wrote a book like all the rest of the vultures. Not sure if they even thought of hypnosis or not. They would still say she was lying . . .they can’t see the truth when it is right in front of their noses. Jodi is innocent and should be out of jail NOW! She is only guilty of protecting herself from Travis the Abuser. . that is not a crime. So sad.

    • Kiki, Dr. Samuels explained that in a circumstance of acute trauma or shock, it is often the case that the brain has no formation of the memories associated with those moments at all. A trauma victim will not recall the event because the proper neurological chemical reactions did not take place during the period of acute stress, so nothing was stored on the “hard drive” of the brain for a period of time, depending on how long the acute stress level is at its height.

      Sometimes a person can regain memories that are lost, but they would have been memories that had actually been initially formed, and had not been lost until a period of weeks or days after the event. Some childhood memories could fall into this category.

      You can find Dr. Samuels’ testimony by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page for “Trial Video”. You will see which trial days fall under a particular heading by viewing the drop down under each heading. Or just click on the heading itself, and it will give you a list of the trial days under that heading together with a mention of each of the witnesses for a specific trial day.

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