Trial Day 49 – April 17th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Happy Friday peeps! Today’s 2013 replay rolls on with the continuation of Janeen DeMarte’s cross.

Click the links to read my original posts & comments submitted from Trial Day 49: Morning session.
Afternoon session.

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Trial Day 49 – April 17th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Janeen DeMarte – cross examination continues

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Part 2/3:

Janeen DeMarte – cross examination continues

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Part 3/3:

Evening Recess called – no afternoon session

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  1. Martinez objecting because Jennifer did not let Miss Conceit finish her sentence. Oh, the hypocricy!!

  2. Her mouth is so dry coz she’s afraid of being caught in a lie!
    Heyyy, that rhymes too (besides being the absolute truth). That’s why she was gulping down so much water.


        • Thanks ,R LOVE. I am living in my multifamily property. Been here 7 yrs. I rent the front 3bedroom out ,and live in the back. 3bedrooms,also.
          Well ,I bought another multifamily 3houses down the hill! (LOL) not getting far! Haha
          But the plan is, We took walls down from the New house. We are making a 3bedroom and a 1bedroom side. Into ONE BIG HOME FOR OUR FAMILY.
          SO ,I am going from 1,500 square feet to 3000. Square feet. Lots of work to be done. My new house has 2 front doors! LOL !
          So, long story is ,I have to get out of this side to rent it out.
          I NEVER KNEW I had so much stuff !! LOL !I I had my own store for a yr,and that stuff made its way in here too. Ahhh HELP!!
          Busy girl! But still writing Jodi and will continue to donate to commissary.
          My mom was here yesterday. I have said bfn she did 2 yrs in prison for car accident she caused, driving drunk. I took my 2 sister’s every week to visit. My mom said it’s important for Jodi to have commissary money. A lot of the women in prison get nothing,from anyone. They were very nice to my mom BC SHE SHARED. They called her “”mom a”” bc she would make them scarfs and hair scrunches. U know, she let others watch her TV. So, my mom thinks that I am doing a good deed. I try to keep Jodi’s commissary money up. So, she can help others,and make friends easier.
          It really does help on the inside.
          Madeline =)

          • Good luck on your projects! I pray for you to be blessed with big doses of energy! Thanks for the thought about sending money to her commissary money, good idea.

    • It’s not water Maria it is Martinez-ade! Remember? “Drink away my little friend” Martinez croaks at her Reebutt Reebutt.

  3. Journee, I just printed out two of your terrific replies to Ryan from last thread, in case I ever need to consult them.

    Your first, on the “typo,” is gorgeous but omits one point I heard from one of my colleagues: the falx cerebri is nowhere near the alleged bullet track, so to say it was “not” intact couldn’t be what Horn intended. Since you seem to know a lot about pathology, please tell me if you disagree with this point. If it’s wrong, I want to take it out of my summary of trial and verdict defects.

    • Hi Chris –

      I can’t say whether it’s ‘wrong’ or not, as the alleged bullet path is a bit vague. The report says the bullet “re-entered the facial skeleton near the midline”, doesn’t say right of the midline or left of the midline. If left of the midline then I guess it could *presumably* (oh lord, am I talking in Martinez’ hypotheticals, lol?) at least passed very near the faix cerebri, because the faix cerebri divides the brain at midline, separating the two hemispheres.

      But the two were lumped together in one sentence, “faix cerebri and dura mater” – whatever he meant to say, he meant to say the same was true of both of them.

      (LOL, I do not want to type that f___ c______ word anymore. My computer insists I must mean faux cerebra and I have to argue with it every damn time!)

  4. I know this isn’t about Miss Arias, however it does show that this judge is not biased and would not in any way allow the state to run his court room. Also can you believe Slim ball Martinez sat in on this trial! Not only did some of the public see the wrong, this judge did also!!! Miss Arias will receive justice!!!!!

    Judge Roland Steinle has been strident in not allowing the DeVault murder trial to descend into the squalid chaos of last year’s Jodi Arias trial. Arias and DeVault are jailhouse friends.
    Steinle said before the trial that he would not tolerate the theatrics that took place during the Arias trial. He has repeatedly chastised the lawyers on both sides when they crossed the lines he set.
    On Tuesday, it was Basta’s turn to be scolded, first when he brought up that Karp had also evaluated Arias, though Karp decided not to testify in Arias’ upcoming retrial.
    Arias prosecutor Juan Martinez, who just returned from medical leave, spent much of Tuesday afternoon watching Karp’s testimony from the courtroom gallery.
    Steinle also erupted when Basta asked Karp if DeVault had made a conscious decision to commit her crime — which essentially would be extracting a diagnosis of premeditated murder from the psychologist.
    The trial will go on hiatus until March25, when DeVault’s 18-year-old daughter will take the stand.
    Basta will then seat rebuttal witnesses, including a psychologist that Martinez used in the Arias trial.

    • Hy there Karrie? Can you just tell me if it was Prosecutor Eric Basta who hired the computer forensic analyst? And do you know the name of this computer forensic analyst? I would appreciate it if you could help me out on this one? Enjoy the rest of the weekend Karrie!

      • Hi Ryan,

        I don’t recall seeing the computer analyst on the stand. I do know in the beginning the state had computer forensic analyst check Flores computer and there was child/adult pornography found. Flores received immunity, in exchange for his testimony against Marissa.

        • I appreciate you answering me Karrie. “The State” I would think that your referring to Prosecutor Eric Basta then. There was also an journal found on Allen’s computer supposedly and that is why I was asking. Hope you enjoyed your weekend! I don’t recall seeing you post on this site before. Hope ya visit again.

          • Hi Ryan,

            Yes I’ve been on the site. I’m always in the background. I believe in Miss Arias, and believe her trial was completely unfair. I believe if she was given a fair trial, she would have walked!

            As for the Marissa Devault trial, yes a journal was found on the computer, it was a history of the money Allen had loaned to Marissa. He was keeping a record of all transactions. This case is very cut and dry. The judge tolerates no kangaroo court! Everything is to the point. If something is not relevant both attorneys are instructed to move forward. If they try to bring something through the back door like JM did in the Arias trial, they are informed a retrial will be granted. All side bars are opened to the public, the judge does not hide anything. No Kangaroo Court,(figure of speech)! If only Miss Arias received the same!

            • Hi, Karrie!

              I totally agree with your post that I so wish Jodi could have had a different judge than pickles such as in the Marissa Devault trial!!! I have wished that from day one of Jodi’s trial!!! I also watched the George Zimmerman trial and that judge didn’t tolerate any nonsense either! Even if Kermit was still the prosecutor, if there had been a different judge, the outcome of Jodi’s trial would have been a WHOLE lot different than it was, for sure!!!

            • Last thing I’ll ask of ya Karrie. Was there anything on Allen’s computer of which indicated he was an accomplish to murder supposedly? Or is the only evidence of Allen being an accomplice to murder, his own claim?

              • Good Afternoon Ryan,

                Allen wrote the letter for Stanley Cook, he proofread it, had copy on his computer! He also had all the info regarding Marissa’s insurance claims. He explained to Marissa through emails (which was on his computer) what the rules were to have her husbands life insurance paid out! With all this information on his computer the state felt it was necessary to give him immunity for accessory to murder in exchange for his testimony against Marissa. I never once heard Allen say he was going to kill Dale! Her x boyfriend on the other hand made many claims that Marissa wanted Dale done away with.

                • I kept hearing something about a journal found on Allen’s computer of which stated that he lent Marissa 7 or $8’000 to hire a hit man to kill Dale Harrell. I recall Prosecutor Michelle Arino saying that Allen had spoke to Marissa about how Dale’s insurance would pay out. However, it seemed as if she was talking about this happening AFTER Dale was injured. From the crime scene, it sure as heck does not seem as if life insurance was the motive. Dale was still half-way coherent at the time he was found by police. Was able to make out a sentence and was trying to move, but the police told him not to. The life insurance policy couldn’t even have paid out because it was too early to collect. Marissa had missed a payment on the new life insurance policy. Are you saying that Travis claimed that Marissa said more to him than having Dale poisoned to death with Tylenol for insurance money Karrie? I appreciate the information that you are providing me with.

              • Late Night Ryan,

                Flores said Devault wanted to either hire someone to kill Harrell at a casino or she was going to kill Harrell herself in a casino hotel room and would explain to police that her husband tried to rape her after a night of drinking.

                The insurance claims could not be paid out until Dale was injured, killed etc (they were life insurance policies).

                Marissa has claimed that she caught Dale abusing her daughter Dale than sexually /physically abused Marissa, she says she then snapped, that’s why she attacked him with the hammer.

                Marissa called 911 twice, she definitely did not attack him to the point of killing him, she was in no state to talk when help arrived, sounds like she was in shock. She has changed her story a couple of times. Listening to the evidence I do believe Dale was abusive!

                Flores stated he feared Marissa at one time, what’s interesting is the fear lifted after she was arrested. Even more interesting is he said he feared her yet bailed her out of jail, got her a lawyer and resumed their intimate relationship.

                Travis said he threatened Dale a few times, the last time Marissa came to him he refused to help her. Travis never felt Marissa wanted Dale killed!

                All along Flores knew Marissa was interested mainly to help her out financially, the dating site they met on is hooking up with “sugar daddies”.

                Hope this help you Ryan!

                • Oh and Ryan,

                  When investigators began to dig deep into whom Allen Flores was, they stumbled across child pornography on his computer. They also found a journal on the computer stating he gave Marissa $7000 to hire a hit man.
                  Flores made a deal to testify against Marissa in exchange for not being charged for the child porn.

                • Huge help Karrie! I didn’t know some of the stuff you said. However, I believe it was too early to collect life insurance money because the policy didn’t become effective until a certain amount of time after purchasing. That was my impression anyways. Can you tell me what happened in the other confrontations between Travis and Dale other than the handshake incident? And do you know how long after the search warrant it was before the investigators found all of the contraband on Allen’s computer? Not all of the clips are on you tube so this is a great help to me. Laters for now Karrie!

                • Hello Ryan,

                  Allen Flores claims that by December 2008, he started to get suspicious of DeVault and began to document her statements in case he was harmed, including a statement that DeVault hurriedly sent in an insurance premium on Harrell and told Flores about a plan to have her husband killed. Flores has also stated that on January 13, 2009, the day before the hammer attack, DeVault told Flores that Harrell had attacked her and as a result had been struck with a tire iron and killed, only to later learn that Harrell was still alive and the couple had gone out for the evening. This story matches closely the story DeVault initially told police the following day after the fatal hammer attack.
                  Police seized Flores’s computer after Harrell died. However, in addition to finding relevant evidence to prosecute DeVault investigators also found images of child pornography.
                  Apparently because it needs Flores’s testimony to prove its case against DeVault, the State gave Flores limited immunity related to his possession of child pornography in exchange for his testimony. Possession of child porn is a felony that could land him in prison for up to 21 years, or more depending upon the age of the children depicted in the images. The limited immunity means that the State cannot use his statements during DeVault’s trial in the event the State decides to prosecute him.

                • Hello Ryan,(hope this helps)

                  Travis Tatro claims she tried to end her husband’s life at least one other time before. “Although you’d never seen her act violent she had talked to you about trying to kill her husband over the same insurance money… She had told me once she was trying to poison him with Tylenol to wreck his stomach or something,” he said.

                • You help me so much everytime you reply to me Karrie! Thank you for that. I know I have said this before, but if you could just answer one last question for me please? Do you know any details about the phone calls made between Stan and Marissa while she was in jail? Have a great day Karrie! Spring is coming soon.

  5. Question.. In the trusted websites link is [XXX], it has been sold to an individual. Is this true? and please say that facebook page has nothing to do with this website and if it was trusted before and not now please let me know. Some people are throwing SJ’s name around but i would like some clarification on the facebook page as I try to stay in Jodi supporter groups only. Which is a task hard in itself.

  6. MC Superior Court ‏@courtpio 14 Μar
    The status conference in the State v. #JodiArias is set for Monday, March 17 at 9:30 am.

      • Maybe the other two attorneys for the state can sort out this statement made by J.M. on Day Nine of the trial, January 17, 2013 (Part 2/2):

        “And it is the state’s position that she stabbed him first. And it’s based on what the Medical Examiner, uh, told us – Kevin Horn, as to what would happen if the shot would have been first; we would not have had that crime scene. And so, once she begins stabbing him, it’s not a situation where she stopped.”

        Very interesting choice of words by J.M.

        On the side of the “knife first” scenario is the prejudice continually indulged in by the state’s prosecutor:

        1. That the fight was more likely premeditated by virtue of the weapon initially used
        2 That the knife first scenario severely diminishes proper consideration of a fumbling (camera & photograph), accidental (gunfire) scenario that many indicators suggest would have enraged T.A. as it inflicted an unintentional, yet not incapacitating wound (see M.E. report) that, once assessed by T.A., ignited the fight to the death
        3. Takes attention away from the aspirated blood evidence in the sink and on the mirror that illustrate a pause occurred in the fight (a stumbling block for the state as it increases their burden of proof) – while denying the possibility of such a pause provides needed traction for J.M.’s “she was unwelcome in the house” weighted Felony Murder Charge, a charge complicated by a) the fact that the gun was never found, b) the fact that Jodi was never charged with her grandfather’s gun burglary, which occurred in another state, and c) the reasoning that Jodi would have no motive to steal a gun from T.A. and only kill him in furtherance of that gun burglary
        4. Suggesting that when the knifing commenced, “it’s not a situation where she stopped” J.M. will argue the [heinous] aggravator for the death penalty
        5. Implying that further examination of whether the gunshot (that was fired after death) was incapacitating or not incapacitating is in the realm of moot
        6. Diverts focus from the entry wound of the bullet and its pathway, (which match Jodi’s version of events) neither of which is consistent with T.A.’s last position in the shower
        7. Diverts attention from the absence of any blood on the walls of the shower, the part of the house where the prosecutor alleges the first knife wound was inflicted
        8. Allows the prosecutor to assert that “she killed him three times” in further arguing for a death sentence for Jodi
        9. An eleventh hour change in the sequencing of events of the fight just days before jury selection rendered ineffective assistance of counsel on behalf of the defendant practically a foregone conclusion

        The advantages that fall to the state’s side of the scale in its change to a “gunshot last” scenario after having maintained for four years that the shot had come first are too monumental not to conclude that a “typo” is a wholly inadequate explanation for why the sequencing of the wounds was altered.

  7. Good morning cyber family! 🙂
    Before running off to work I want to remind you that Jodi has a hearing this morning at 9.30 AZ time.
    Here’s a link:

    With Martinez’ shenanigans I really doubt a date will be set today, but let’s keep our fingers crossed because all these delays have certainly exhausted our girl.
    See you all later!

    (((((((( TEAM JODI )))))))))

  8. Every time you reply, you help me Karrie! Thank you for that. I know I have said this before, but if you could just answer one last question please? Do you know any details about the phone calls between Stan and Marissa while she was in jail? Have a great day Karrie. Spring is coming soon!

    • Hello Ryan,

      All about Stan!! State has tested their case., Did not mention phone calls, Defence may, will keep you posted, just check here!

      Stanley Cook (Uncle Stan)

      Marissa DeVault’s second lover in this twisted tale is Stanley Cook. Stanley was living with Marissa and Dale as a roommate in their home. Stanley who suffered brain damage in a motorcycle accident seemed to be easily manipulated by Marissa. On the day of the killing, Stanley told detectives he was the one that hit Dale in the head with the hammer after witnessing Dale hurting Marissa. After forensic’s didn’t match his story, Stanley then offered what really went down the day of the crime. Stanley told the detectives he offered to take the fall for the killing so Marissa’s kids wouldn’t lose both parents. In a murky twist to the story, Stanley was suspected to be involved in Marissa DeVault’s suspicious beating after her husbands death. Police reports say their plan at first was to inflict a spinal cord injury on DeVault so she could collect insurance, but they couldn’t bring themselves to through with it and that’s when they decided Cook would beat her. “Stanley was very matter-of-fact about the ordeal and admitted the situation was beyond comprehension,” police wrote. A few hours after Harrell passed away DeVault took pain pills and Cook beat her face with his fist and smashed her ankle with a sledgehammer. He then took her to a field nearby and dropped her in the mud before driving off. No charges have been filed against Cook in the beating.

      • Thank you once again Karrie! I am wondering if Stanley Cook was a lover of Marissa’s or if this is just speculation. Perhaps I will do some research. I suppose there is a good chance that Stan was Marissa’s lover being that they lived together.

        • Hello Ryan!

          Marissa had a second lover, Stanley Cook. Stanley was living with Marissa and Dale as a roommate in their home. He had previously suffered brain damage in a motorcycle accident and seemed to be easily manipulated by Marissa.
          Stanley told detectives he was the one that hit Dale in the head with the hammer after witnessing Dale hurting Marissa. After forensic’s didn’t match, his story changed. He said that he offered to take the fall for the killing so Marissa’s kids wouldn’t lose both parents.

          Closing statements are to be heard tomorrow!!!! After that jury will be in deliberation!

          • Karrie, hi. I’d like to remind you that this is a Jodi Arias support site. Although we do make references about other cases, we mainly associate our comments with Jodi and her case/ trial.

            I’m certain that there are other sites refering to the case you are discussing. Please be free to comment there about that case.

            RASNA – TEAM JODI

            Remember: WE ARE TEAM JODI – AND WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS in our quest for JUSTICE FOR JODI!

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