Trial Day 48 – April 16th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s 2013 replay continues with the direct & cross of Kermit’s star rebuttal witness – Janeen DeMarte.

Click the links to read my original posts & comments submitted from Trial Day 48: Morning session.
Afternoon session.

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Trial Day 48 – April 16th, 2013:

Part 1/4:

Defense rests
Janeen DeMarte – Clinical Psychologist (state rebuttal witness)

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Part 2/4:

Janeen DeMarte – direct testimony continues

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Part 3/4:

Janeen DeMarte – direct testimony continues

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Part 4/4:

Janeen DeMarte – direct testimony continues/concludes
Janeen DeMarte – cross examination (starts 33:40)

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  1. Hmmm…I’m torn. Do I want to watch Dr DeMartian’s testimony once more and risk losing grey matter and burning half my brain cells or should I just take a rainscheck? Now, that’s a toughie!

      • Thanks! I didn’t get to comment about something I saw here yesterday. So Kermit was watching Dr. Karp on the stand at the DeVault trial? That’s odd.

    • Well, now I understand your reluctance to watch the Dr. Martian’s testimony, Maria. Ugh! Sounds like her background had much more to do with children than what she is asked to testify on in this trial. She seems pretty sure of herself doesn’t she and proud to be there in the Martinez spotlight. It bothers me when someone like her comes across as being the know it all of something. Also, could it be possible that Kermit might be showing a little too much interest in her. Wish I hadn’t watched it. Oh my.

      • You mean you hadn’t watched it before, on the live feed?
        Oh boy! Then I should have warned you NOT to WASTE your precious time watching it…. Shit,I blame myself…. I could have wrapped it up for you in one sentence: ”Miss Conceit sucking up to Martinez” Yep, that sums it up pretty well.

        • I’m afraid he has the Hots for her. I can just hear him now. . . ” How’s about you coming over to my Lily pad for drinky poos . . .reeebut!

          • Wouldn’t it be a hoot if they were caught out together talking over things. Click click picture taken. Come one HLN where are you when there is a real story? She seemed to really know the things he would ask and how he would ask them. Correct. Correct. Correct.

      • This looks like a young woman ,that grew up very privileged. Just sayin…IMO..
        Demarte appears to have never had a personal problem in her perfect life.ukkk!
        She made me sick, the world is not black and white.
        The truth is not simply YES OR NO.
        I couldn’t stand her constantly ,” well if you show me ,I would be happy to answer.”
        Then her flipping with her big fingernails ,flip ,flip ,flip, through the files of Jodi’s life. It was all data to her. NOT an actual person with feelings in front of her.
        I feel bad for the man ,or woman that ends up with the expert of being, an anal retentive, cold as ice , know it all.
        Uggg ,she was SO rehearsed! She was probably looking for a spot on a soap or reality TV show.
        Cold fish..
        Umm ,yes “THAT’S WHAT MY NOTES SAY.”
        Yes, calling Jodi a whore ,and a three whole wonder was just ” INAPPROPRIATE USE OF WORDS”
        Well ” I would say, you are being inappropriate.
        What she was REALLY saying is that NOBODY would ever say anything like that to ME….BC MY SHIT DOESN’T EVEN STINK! LOL
        I’m perfectly perfect.
        Going to paint …..ugh ! Yay!!

  2. If you go to the following link (or go to and search on ‘devault’) you can see Keifer’s article about what’s going on in that courtroom:

    And I found his last line very interesting: “Basta [the prosecutor] will then seat rebuttal witnesses, including a psychologist that Martinez used in the Arias trial.” So apparently (so-called Dr.) Janine De Smartee Pants is becoming Maricopa County’s go-to psychologist when they want to kill someone, particularly a woman. What better endorsement than to have another woman do the back-stabbing.

      • I see. You said she testified during the second round rebuttal. (I must have zoned out that day.) Can you remember what she said? Maybe just that she agreed with DeMarte’s absolutely brilliant diagnoses?

        • Hey Justus – it was the very last day of testimony. In fact, I think she was the very last witness.

          If I remember correctly, she just mostly just endorsed the way DeMarte administers and uses the tests (which Geffner had indicated was improper) – there may have been a bit more, but not much. Just dueling experts BS.

  3. I doubt that Martinez or the jurors ever bothered to read such articles analyzing data. SMH…

    ” Researchers analyzed data from more than 93,600 women in 24 countries who survived sexual or physical violence, often called gender-based violence. Only 7 percent of the survivors reported the incidents to legal, medical or social support services, and only 37 percent informed family, friends or neighbors.”

    • Maria, thanks for the article.

      And yet kermit was shocked that Jodi didn’t have anything written down in her journals (about travis’s abuse). SMH! She was scared and ashamed of admitting that the man she loved abused her and treated her with such disrespect. Writing it down would mean she would have to take action because it would be ‘out in the open’ and all Jodi was trying to do is to focus on the good things (as few as they were) between travis and herself. She actually tried to dismiss his abuse from her mind. That’s the kind of golden hearted person Jodi is.

      Justice for Jodi, ffs!

      (((((((Jodi)))))) ♥

      • 99percent of the time …NOBODY else believes you.
        Look at TA. His personal life was hidden really well.
        He also, had enough people that would defend him,if he was ever accused of anything.
        They do still. I wouldn’t have reported him. I would look like an asshole.
        Madeline non Mormon, sex having, coffee drinking, and I say poop, and I say fart. =))
        —not creditable—- LOL REALLY ,

  4. Maria,

    Check out Day 47 Reviewed + The Enema of the State [2013 RE-POST], your fourth comment. Just didn’t quite understand it. Sorry if I seem stupid or something!!! 🙂


      • Maria,

        Actually, who cares who runs the site. Maybe it’s better this person is anonymous. Can you imagine the harassment he/she would get from the haters. So even if anyone knows, it’s best they don’t say anything on this page. Maybe in the VENT page… or maybe not! 😉

        (((((((anonymous Jodi supporters))))))

        • I totally agree Pan. It’s not our business revealing any info that is kept in anonymity. The essence is that it’s a Jodi support page.

          • This is the only safe place to support Jodi.
            If its not broken, don’t try to fix it.
            God bless th he people, and admins that run this page! They do such a great job providing a neutral space for JODI supporters.
            A place free of the nasty ,hate charged hater trolls.
            Thank you ALL.
            I’M GRATEFUL.
            I could just come to this site, and not write anything. Yet ,leave with updates on JA, and know how to donate and write to her ,and help her cause…which is FREEDOM & JUSTICE!

  5. Hey everyone! Happy Thursday!

    I’ve been sick with a cold since yesterday. Fever, sneezing… the works! I was out gardening the day before yesterday and I think I got a cold. I hate being sick!

    But no cold in the world will keep me from supporting Jodi and sending her my positive energy!

    ((((((((((Jodi))))))))) ♥

  6. Quick question please? Being that the shot coming second was not in line with the original police report, autopsy report, and physical evidence, then could prosecutor Juan Martinez have legally informed the jury that it is at least not impossible for Detective Esteban Flores and Dr. Kevin Horn to have pulled off a hoax prior to Jodi’s trial? Perhaps he would have to simply refuse to be involved with the case otherwise? I would be very appreciative of your help. Laters for now everyone.

    • He got Flores to say on the stand that he was WRONG all of the times he’d said before that the gunshot was first, that he is NOT a doctor and had misunderstood Dr. Horn. Horn did not give actual testimony about the order of the injuries, AT ALL, prior to taking the stand in the trial. The autopsy report was the only legal representation of his findings prior to that, and that doesn’t say anything about order of injury.

      • Well, by saying that the gunshot may have disabled Travis temporarily, then we are left to assume that the gunshot came first. Also, the police report said that this gunshot wouldn’t have been fatal. What makes you think that Juan told Flores to claim that the original police report was incorrect and that he misunderstood Dr. Kevin Horn, Journee? I certainly consider that, but it is also possible that Detective Esteban Flores and Dr. Kevin Horn put this hoax together while Juan played along I suppose. However, I also keep in mind that Juan and Esteban sat right next to each other for quite a while during the trial. Perhaps they were pretty familiar with each other prior too.

        • “What makes you think that Juan told Flores to claim that the original police report was incorrect and that he misunderstood Dr. Kevin Horn, Journee?”

          Because Martinez practically pulled the words out of Flores’ mouth on the witness stand. A couple of times, even.

          Yes, in Flores’ report, he says per his conversation with Horn, that the gunshot would probably have temporarily disabled the victim. But that’s Flores’ report. Still Flores’ interpretation of what he was told. The actual autopsy report says nothing of the kind. It SUPPORTS what Flores said (dura mater intact so bullet could not have gone through the brain) but again, the autopsy only specifically describes injuries and says nothing about order of injuries.

          Same goes for Flores’ testimony at the Cronis hearing… and BTW, Jodi’s attorney at the time (pre-Nurmi) fought tooth and nail saying Flores was NOT qualified to speak for the Medical Examiner on the stand, but the judge (I think it was a different judge too, probably Duncan) let Flores testify to Horn’s findings. And he said what he’d said in his own report, gunshot probably first, possibly temporarily incapacitating. Still no sworn testimony from Horn on the subject at all. Not until the trial.

          I don’t see why Flores and Horn would have any motive to perpetrate a hoax. Martinez, OTOH, had every motive in the world to force Flores to change his story and fall in his sword, tell the jury it was HIS MISTAKE. Martinez could not allow the jury to believe the gunshot could have been first and might have only temporarily disabled Travis, because if they believed that, they could maybe believe Jodi’s version of events.

          • I need to watch that part of the trial thoroughly. What about Dr. Horn’s typo error? Didn’t he take back saying that Travis’s brain dura matter was intact Journee?

            • At the end of the second line of the last paragraph in my post above ^^ there is a typo. Do you see it? It says “fall in his sword.” Obviously, I meant to say “fall ON his sword.”

              What do you suppose Horn meant to say when he wrote “The dura mater and faix cerebri are intact.” ? Where is the typo? Did he mean to say the dura mater and faix cerebri are NOT intact? That doesn’t make sense. Every injury to Travis’ body is precisely described in the report with location and measurements. If the dura mater and faix cerebri were damaged, Horn would have described the damages.

              Okay, so maybe we need a little context to help us see the typo, determine what Horn actually MEANT to say. The sentence immediately before the ‘typo’ sentence says “The 1525-gram brain is covered by thin, clear, delicate leptomeninges.” Hmm… no help there. No mention of any damage to the delicate leptomeninges.

              Lets try the sentence after the typo: “There is good preservation of cerebral symmetry with diffuse green grey softening of the parenchyma due to decomposition.” Okay, wait… would there still be cerebral symmetry if a bullet tore through the right frontal lobe? That doesn’t seem right. ‘Cerebral symmetry’ doesn’t suggest any sort of typo in the preceding sentence, I don’t think. Do you?

              Lets try one more sentence: “Multiple serial sections of autolyzed brain do not reveal the presence of grossly apparent trauma, foreign bodies, or previously existing natural disease.”

              I am not seeing anything in the entire paragraph that contradicts the phrase about the dura mater, nothing at all to suggest the phrase was supposed to read differently than it did. The paragraph consistently describes an uninjured brain.

              Four and a half years had passed between the date of Alexander’s autopsy and the trial – nearly five years until the day Horn was confronted with the ‘dura mater’ statement. Horn had probably performed nearly 3,000 autopsies in the years elapsed. He has no specific memory of Travis’ autopsy. He said so. He only has his report –

              And a prosecutor leading him through a ‘spin’ of that report that support’s the state’s case.

              • Awesome, post..I.just want to add that Martinez used a lot of ” hypothetical situation scenarios.” Which confused me at times, and the jury. I know Jodi had to clarify, one of the jury questions.
                I don’t know how that’s allowed??

              • Exactly!!! AMEN Journee and thanks for this post!
                Honestly, I believe there should be NO reason for debate any more, not only among JA supporters but also among TA supporters as well, regarding this supposed ”typo”. We’ve been through the whole ”let’s argue” thing last year when Horn had the AUDACITY to call it a typo. As Journee stated, medical examiners don’t use negative sentences to refer to injuries. Horn’s failed attempt to make us believe he meant to write ”Dura matter is NOT intact” is beyond CRAP!
                In other words, had there been trauma (as Horn claimed on the stand) I think he would be more likely to have written ”Dura matter penetrated” or ”Dura matter breached” and then he would go on to describe the injury.

                He’s a disgrace to the medical profession and I hope he’s not disgusted with himself for being Martinez’ puppet.

                • As Journee had pointed out, Dr. Horn would have described the injuries in detail if Travis’s brain dura matter and flax ceribre were damaged.

              • I do consider that there is a good chance that Prosecutor Juan Martinez was the main instigator of the shot coming second plot. You say that he was practically walking Detective Esteban Flores and Doctor Kevin Horn through their testimony. However, I would imagine that Flores and Horn both knew what the game plan was prior to testifying of course. Upon speculation though, it would be easier to assume that Juan had the smallest role and simply played along because we can’t PROVE otherwise. Heck, we can’t prove that Flores and Horn were the main instigators either, but they were the ones who handed over the information to Juan. Perhaps Detective Flores is a Detective like Armando Saldate from the Debbie Jean Milke case. I do strongly consider what you say Journee and thanks for the thorough explanation. Big help you are!

                • It’s the prosecutor’s case, Ryan. The prosecutor is the one who makes the decision to bring charges, the prosecutor who decides what level of conviction to seek (M1, M2, etc.). And it is the prosecutor who maps out how the state’s case will be presented.

                  Martinez could not allow the jury to believe the gunshot came first, because that’s what JODI said happened. A gunshot that did not disable Travis but just made him mad set the scene for the life-or-death struggle that ensued – and Martinez’ M1 conviction goes down the toilet.

                  Skip ahead a few days, Ryan. Go look at day 54, part 6/6. Watch Horn’s reaction to the juror question about the dura mater. The man is genuinely confused. He’s been following a talented (if rude and obnoxious) litigator down a trail to weave a story, create a new (false) memory in his head about Travis’ injuries. Looking at his OWN WORDS and seeing how they contradict his newly formed memory confounds him. He’s not a conspirator, he’s just a stupid schmuck.

                  And don’t even get me started on Flores. If you look at interviews done with Flores before the trial, or even the interrogation tapes with Jodi, you see a completely different man than the Flores who took the stand. Pre-trial, Flores was a charming, engaging and confident man. On the stand he was a whipped puppy who wanted nothing more than for people to stop yelling at him so he could go hide under the couch.

                • I might add, Ryan, that during the first few years when Flores was saying the gunshot came first, the order of the wounds didn’t matter. Jodi was asserting that Travis was killed by two masked intruders.

                  It wasn’t until Jodi changed her plea to self defense, and explained what she remembered, that it became important to discredit her story.

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