Day 47 reviewed + The Enema of the State

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Here’s a brief overview of yesterday’s events. The full trial day video can be viewed by clicking here.

First up – Grace Wong seemed thrilled to be thrust into the trial, but really served no real purpose aside backing up what Jinkasaurus had said a few weeks ago. She came, she saw, she chirped – and she left smiling.

Bryan Neumeister (the audio/video guy) was next up, and he ultimately produced an enlargement of the infamous “TA eye” picture, to verify that Jodi was taking that particular photograph. For a moment there, I thought he was preparing to unveil a picture with a bunch of people stood behind Jodi wearing foil hats, waving light sabers & sporting strange looking undergarments. Thankfully he didn’t.

Kirk Nurmi 4-15 evidentiary hearing 1

Martinez attempted (and failed once again) to knock the credentials of the expert in his cross — even though Bryan also works for Martinez’ own office — and he finished off by saying all he could see was a Mexican chihuahua and a solar eclipse, then compared it all to a cancer test. Go figure.

As Kirk Nurmi said about Martinez’ “bluster” and the evidence submission – “He’s afraid of the bite in the dog.”

The motion for mistrial also included direct reference (& audio playback) to Martinez’ verbal harassment & intimidation of Dr Richard Samuels, where he basically tried to bully & coerce him into not using any reference articles, pictures or slides during his testimony. He apparently pulled the same stunt with Alyce LaViolette in chambers last week.

Kirk Nurmi 4-15 evidentiary hearing 3

The eventful morning session finished off with the prosecutorial misconduct segment, and Martinez complaining over Jodi tweeting about his respective lack of height…. and his claim that the defense were “showboating” in an attempt to “add pennies” to their bill. He forgets that in addition to the defense working on a very limited budget, the State has unlimited funds & resources at their disposal and yet they are still NO NEARER to proving their bullshit M1-burglary case against Jodi. Maybe he forget that strange but true fact.

Kirk Nurmi summed it all up nicely by advising Judge Pickles that this wasn’t “2nd Grade” or “a find the shell game”, in fact it was “a court of law”… and that the defense has no intention of stooping to the very low levels the prosecutor was intent on continually stooping to.

Needless to say, the 84th request for a mistrial was promptly denied – but it’s still on record of course.

The 3 minute Afternoon Session:

After the lunch break, the jurors were advised that as per the TA eye picture on the big screen, both parties had agreed that Jodi was not holding a knife or gun in her hand when the photograph was taken on June 4th 2008. After just arriving, the jury were then promptly sent home for the day.

So ladies, gentlemen – and everyone else that’s here… I give you Juan Martinez… self-appointed Enema Of The State. Right? Yes or no?


Team Jodi

Jodi Arias & Jennifer Willmott 4-15


      • All I know is.. Juan wont go lightly .. he will have something else up his sleeve in regards to the reflection in TA”s eye… you can bet on that.. I also wish just once the judge would reprimand him in some fashion for his tactics and his intimidating manner with the defense experts. Granted there might not be enuff to actually call a mistrial..(omg who can go thru this all again.. ?) but.. at least to hear her say.. Mr. Martinez.. you have got to be more respectful of the people who come here to tesitify, as per their expertise. they deserve you respect, and a demeanor they are entitled to. .And I would add… or we will find a situation one day… where no one will ever agree to testify in any case where you are the prosecuting attorney…

        • Keep Tweeting Jodi! JM is going keep going. His closing arguments will probably last for days. Maybe the jury will get so sick of it, they will just say, “Go home Jodi”. Your art is amazing!

        • I doubt he can because both sides reached a stipulation there was no knife or gun in that picture.

          Ol’ Juan could make up a scenario that right after she took that picture, she grabbed the knife.

          It’s still a load of b.s.

  1. I thought I was going to make first for sure! Oh well, second!

    Just learned that one of the seriously injured in Boston yesterday is a 12 yr old boy from our town here in SF Bay Area. He has had surgery to remove shrapnel from his hip and is at Boston Children’s Hospital. He will probably need more surgery but eventually will be O.K. thank goodness.

    His name is Aaron Hern and is a student at Martinez Jr High School, where I went to school many years ago .His father is the football coach at our High School. Aaron was waiting street side for his mother to cross the finish line so he could take her picture.

    Fortunately none of the other family members were injured. The family was accompanied on the trip to Boston by another family from Martinez who plan to stay with the family until Aaron can be brought home. Hopefully in 8 to 10 days.

    Please keep the Hern family in your prayers, along with others who were injured or died. We are a small community here so I am sure the family will have plenty of home town support.

    Thanks for letting me share. I hope those of you here, who had family members at the race, are safe and uninjured.

  2. Didn’t the prosecutor tell the court yesterday that his fan meeting was an isolated occurence.

    I had the impression these love-ins had happened on more than one occasion.

    Not from personal experience, that was just my impression.

        • Can he be called as a witness in the matter of him parading around like a rock star? Yes and no. If there was a hearing, he could, especially if it’s a hearing after the trial or a bar hearing on his conduct. At that point, if it had come to that, he would have his own representation. For now, he’s an officer of the court so expected to speak the truth about his conduct before the judge.

          But that’s a side show that is not part of the state v. Jodi trial, so if you’re asking if he could be called as a witness in the trial and that this become part of the case, no, he couldn’t, as it’s not relevant to the case against Jodi (other than as to his conduct, if that makes sense). There are very limited and rare situations where a prosecutor can be called as a witness in a case he’s trying which usually have to do with the prosecutor witnessing investigation of certain events pertinent to the case, but it generally isn’t allowed.

        • No. Under normal circumstances no party can call the opposing counsel as a witness. There are certain exceptional circumstances under which it can happen, but they have to clear all kinds of hurdles to do that. Also the counsel being called then has to be removed as counsel for the rest of the trial.

          It is probably the rarest of rares.

  3. Okay I have a question. SJ perhaps you could find this out. Were any of Travis so called friends ever in the army or any of the US forces? Did any of them ever serve in another country? The reason I am asking is , it struck me funny about the neck slice thing.It does not make any sense that Jodi did that.

    • Debbie,

      I don’t know about his friends, but I do believe this brother Steven is affiliated with the military. That is why the banner was flown by one of his friends in TA honor because he has connections to the military.

      • Thank you for the response FUJuan, the reason the thought came into my mind is because I do believe that army personel in particular would be trained in hand to hand combat and may include the use of knives. They would also be well versed on how to slit someone’s throat quickly.

        • But what do you think would explain the other knife slashes that were not deep? I have often wondered myself about the neck wound. I just can’t fathom a woman doing that.

  4. Juan Who Thinks He’s The Terminator

    Juan: “Listen. Understand. That Terminator is out there. It can’t be reasoned with, it can’t be bargained with. It doesn’t feel pity of remorse or fear and it absolutely will not stop. Ever. Until you are dead. ”

    Zachary Billings: [the Terminator arrives naked and encounters some punks] Nice night for a walk, eh?
    Juan: Nice night for a walk.
    Zacgary Billings: Wash day tomorrow! Nothing clean, right?
    Juan: Nothing clean. Right.
    Juan: Hey, I think this guy’s a couple cans short of a six-pack.

  5. I know we worry about the jury, but I have just been thinking about how stupid the prosecution case is.

    They have no motive, the gas cans came to nothing, we know she didn’t have a gun or knife with her shortly before the bathroom ceiling picture ( how the heck does the prosecution explain that? ).

    It’s not remotely plausible let alone proveable. I used to worry Martinez had something sneaky for closing arguments, but he has nothing. He just shouts at the witnesse, tries to confuse them and makes trivial points ( Dr Samuels made a mistake copying something into a report, Alyce made a mistake on the shot in the closet… ). It’s nothing.

    The only thing they have if the gun theft, and they had that all along, and it’s pretty weak.
    No casue for complacency, but how the heck does the prosecution prove anything here?

    • “we know she didn’t have a gun or knife with her shortly before the bathroom ceiling picture”

      Playing devil’s advocate here …If we’re the jury, do we know that she didn’t have them with her? She was dressed. Couldn’t she have had them in her pocket? Couldn’t she have had her purse in the bathroom and had them in there? All that was stipulated to was that she wasn’t pointing one of them or holding at the time she took that photo. But does that really change much?

      • On the whole though, there isn’t now, and never has been, a good case for premeditation. They don’t have to prove motive, but it helps the jury understand. I think they have given a potential motive the jury could bite on if they want (jealousy) but it’s very weak and would take a leap given the phone sex tape discussion of Cancun.

        What they have is a strong case for a crime of passion which is manslaughter. The throat slash gives them that. At least, that’s my opinion.

        • And I should qualify the above by saying that’s “if” the jury doesn’t buy self defense at all. Or, even if they do buy an argument occurred and she was defending herself in the early part of it, but can’t get beyond the throat slash.

        • One more thing, sorry. Usually when a woman is jealous, she attacks the other woman, not the guy. Or the other woman AND the guy. So, even that potential motive has major flaws.

        • AA,

          I agree. That throat slash has been the sticking point from the very onset, and has always stood in my way of ever seeing a pure acquittal, unless the jury finds that JM just flat out didn’t disprove self defense.

          I think at least one juror is thinking along those lines as well, but I think that juror is actually even more forgiving of that throat slash than we are (as in you and me). I base this on the juror question that asked ALV whether or not it was possible for someone in Jodi’s situation to stop, and I think her answer to that was very good, when she said that even trained police officers sometimes can’t stop. So that juror was thinking, maybe once in that situation, it may be impossible for her to stop and so he/she was even willing to overlook the throat slash.

          I can’t remember, but I wonder if anyone asked Samuels the same question, or something similar.

          • I don’t remember Samuels addressing anything along that line. I think his testimony was confined to the PTSD/amnesia issues.

            • Totally agree joujoubaby…. Most of the Dr. testimony was on his test, PTSD, and amneisa issues with the brain and memory.

          • Is anyone familiar with the woman in Texas who stabbed her husband 200 times? A Lifetime movie about it was on a couple of weeks ago named “Blue Eyed Butcher”. He was abusing her….and there was proof of it……and she stabbed him so many times because she was absolutely paranoid that he was still alive and would attack her. She then dragged his body outside and buried him in shallow grave and sat next to the grave all night because she was afraid he would get up and come after her. This is a true story.

            the upshot is that she was diagnosed with PTSD but the doc couldn’t testify because she told him the husband was asleep when she attacked him…after abusing her that night. They found her guilty, but then it was overturned on appeal and I think she was sentenced to five years with psychiatric care.

            I think something like this went on the day Jodi stabbed Travis……she kept stabbing because she was terrified he could still attack her if she didn’t make sure he was dead.

            • From Wikipedia:

              In 2005, the Fourteenth Court of Appeals of Texas in Houston upheld Susan Wright’s conviction.[9]
              With a re-appeal in 2008, a new witness, Misty McMichael, the wife of former NFL Super Bowl champion Steve McMichael and ex-fiancee of Jeff Wright, came forward to tell her story of how she endured abuse and violence during her four-year relationship with Jeff Wright.[10]
              In 2009, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals granted Wright a new sentencing hearing, after determining that Wright’s “counsel rendered ineffective assistance during the punishment phase of trial” in 2004. On November 20, 2010, Wright was re-sentenced to 20 years in prison, five years less than her original sentence.[9] Barring another appeal, Wright will be eligible for parole on February 28, 2014, when she will be 38 years old.[2]

      • It’s all coulds, maybes and possiblys. That just don’t seem to fit together in a sensible way.
        She has this long photo session with Alexander with a gun / knife (whichever) in her pocket??
        I really think it’s impossible to fit everything together compatible with the evidence and plausible, let alone prove something.

        • After the pic, how will the pros ever overcome reasonable doubt? I wonder if he got a call from his boss ordering him to stipulate.

          • They kept saying on HLN last night that the pic was meaningless because she could have grabbed the knife after she took the picture. However, I vaguely recall in this long trial that Juan Martinez claimed she stabbed him during the picture taking. Or was that claim just made by friends of Travis on HLN? (I missed the first few weeks of the trial).

            This is why I am baffled that Martinez stipulated that she wasn’t holding a knife or gun in the picture.

            Secondly, they keep claiming on HLN that it couldn’t possibly have been done in 62 seconds. Well if it couldn’t be done in 62 seconds, then how could ANYONE have done it in that time frame, which is what JM is claiming? This is never explained, of course.

            • I personally don’t believe it happened in that short of a time. The picture that supposedly shows Travis on the floor is so unclear that it NEVER should have been admitted as evidence.

              He could very well have been alive in that picture.

              • Have not seen all of the trial here. Does anyone know whether or not the bruising to Travis’ shins was ever explained by the M.E.?

                If he was wet from the shower he might have slipped and fallen down at some point – or – this just occurred to me – could Jodi have kicked him in the shins to try to distance him from her after he grabbed the knife? Did that make him lose his balance? Did he then drop the knife, or, already wounded by a bullet, fall down?

                He may not have been on top of her when the slash wounds were made to his back. He might have had her in a bear hug because at some point she had recovered the knife. She might have started kicking him then, while inflicting the slash wounds in an attempt to only wound him so she could get away.

                She could have broken away, fleeing again into the hallway, after only inflicting the slash wounds to his back. But since he was faster, he could have caught up with her. It is obvious that the fight took place in two locations. Baez stated this in his analysis. The jury could come to the same conclusion on their own.

                62 seconds (that is a long time when people are fighting for their lives and moving very quickly) – if that is the timeline, suggests that the knife was in the bathroom. Travis could have used it to cut off the tape of the body bug before he got into the shower.

                TA had substantial motive for mis-characterizing Jodi in Mesa. He was two-timing her. (An old-school word for a womanizer is “masher”. It used to be implicit in the American language that womanizing behavior was actually abusive, but that goes back to the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.)

                I don’t even think the HLN crowd totally believes premeditation anymore, but since HLN is not a formal news outlet, the talking heads are probably mandated to pursue the “guilty as charged” avenue for ratings. That’s what I suspect, anyway. And I don’t think that the talking heads actually have time to watch most of the trial themselves, so they run with whatever their “not much up top” minions give them. Last night it was a chorus of: “the evidence is overwhelming” from Dr. Drew and JVM, but I don’t think either one of them could vote “guilty” if they were on the jury. And begin to sense here that Juan does not believe his case holds up at this stage. There is some back pedaling going on. Juan will have to cover his rear and he began taking a step in that direction with his shrugging “could be a dog” in the reflection position.

                The only evidence of premeditation that JM has is actually exculpatory evidence if you want to grant Jodi full personhood. If you want to think of her as 3/5ths of a person you might believe she staged a burglary, rented a car that many people saw, borrowed gas cans instead of buying them on the sly, purchased gas east of (intended Utah route) Interstate 15, and tampered with her license plates – all in an evil attempt to fly under the radar.

                One dunce (a woman and I don’t know her name) said on HLN last night that the defense was attempting “to humanize” Jodi – to make the jury believe she is “human instead of a monster”. Wonder who wrote that line for her? It was hate speech.

                But if you see that Jodi is just a slightly unusual woman who was misunderstood by her parents and who put her energy into finding the right man instead of applying it towards a formal education, well, you have Jodi Arias, accused of, but not guilty of pre-meditated murder.

        • I don’t think so……she could have grabbed the knife after she took that picture and the obviously many jurors who seem to believe JM’s baloney, will shrug it off as such.

          • It only takes on juror…………. to believe this story with the eye photo. Some of the questions these jurors have asked, doesn’t come across as they are to intelligent, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt since we don’t even know if the ones asking the questions will even be selected.

            Jurors are always full of suprises…. Lots of prayers these next few weeks. I think they will come back quick with a verdict.

    • Thats about the only evidence I am concerned about is that dang gun stolen from her grandparents just 2 days after their last bunch of texts etc. same caliber etc.. I dont believe there was premeditation at all, but that damn gun..

  6. I’m struggling with the stipulation this morning a bit. Was it better that the jury heard what was stipulated to? Or, that they heard it from the proposed expert?

    That proposed expert seems to be heavily involved in police/prosecution work, making cases for them left, right and center. As such, I’m not sure why JM was trying so hard not to allow him to be qualified as an expert. That makes me suspicious of him actually.

    After all that BS yesterday, the jury got there at 1:30, sat around and did nothing for about 2 hours, then got called in for a whole minute to be told about the stipulation. Did that make sense to the jury? Will it make sense later during deliberations?

    Then again, if they’d seen the proposed expert’s outline during his testimony, they might have considered him full of it and/or seen something else entirely. And who knows what JM would have done to him on cross.

    Several people have commented here that that photo and the one after it, where Travis is sitting in the shower look like a continuation of the same photo. The jury might make that jump too when they’re deliberating. Or, couldn’t they also decide he was standing in the face photo, but Jodi then threatened him (pulled a knife/gun) and so, he sat down/crouched down to avoid her? There’s no stipulation as to the photo where he’s sitting in the shower, after all.

    Can anyone share their thoughts on this with me? I guess I don’t trust JM one little bit. So, after sleeping on this, I’m suspecting an ulterior motive.

    • AA,

      I think the reason he stipulated so easily, other than his office telling him not to kill their own expert has to do with the timing.

      He’s going to claim that there is a minute an 10 seconds between the face and sitting pictures and 44 seconds between the sitting picture and the ceiling shot. And 1 minute and 2 seconds between the ceiling shot and the one with Jodi’s foot. So if there is enough time, as per the defenses argument, between the ceiling picture and the one with the foot (1 minute and 2 seconds) to wreak all that havoc then surely 44 seconds is enough time to get a knife. That is why I think they need to really get a forensic pathologist and a crime scene analyst on the stand.

      There has to be some evidence presented in a proactive manner to back up Jodi’s story. I know every one’s going to yell at me that defense is doesn’t have to prove anything. That JM has to disprove it. But the defense has to rebut whatever argument he’s going to make, and since they don’t know what that is they need to give the jury an alternative reasoning.

      But then what do I know.

      I think JW and KN started this thing just trying to save her life, but I think they can do a lot better.

      Heck, I’d just put Kevin Horn on the stand and grill the living bejeezus out of him.

      • I hadn’t actually watched the Casey Anthony trial, but I went back and read about it last night. What Baez did in that case was systematically destroy the State’s expert testimony, including the physical forensics, the computer forensics, etc.

        That is something the defense in this case can do very easily, and they should. I think they can tear Kevin Horn to shreds. I think they can use the blood spatter testimony to their advantage. I think they need to rip apart Flores’ report with all the recanted and changed testimony.

        This will do three things:

        1. It will show that the blood spatter testimony actually supports Jodi’s story and negates JM’s.
        2. It will show that Kevin Horn twisted his analysis to fit the facts as JM wanted them to be, and in fact the true medical evidence supports Jodi’s story especially when linked with the blood spatter patterns.
        3. Ripping Flores’ shows that once the State settled on a theory, they did not even bother to investigate properly to see if there was exculpatory evidence that would in fact support Jodi’s story, including interviews with TA’s friends to determine his actual character and to test the validity of what his friends told the police initially.

        I don’t think you can rely on a jury to just say the prosecution did not prove their case, unless you can actively show them why not. Remember most juries, and particularly death qualified juries, tend to give the prosecution the benefit of the doubt. The theory being that these are the good guys and they wouldn’t prosecute unless the person had actually done it. And it doesn’t matter how many cases of past overturned convictions they are faced with. And this is Maricopa county, the one that has repeatedly re-elected that great paragon of law enforcement Joe Arapaio.

        • I agree that a forensic expert could greatly benefit the defense. Baez was all over forensics in Casey’s trial and that really helped his case.

        • You wrote:
          “The theory being that these are the good guys and they wouldn’t prosecute unless the person had actually done it. ”

          This is the problem in a nutshell in this country: ONCE ACCUSED (by the “good guys”, sic) you MUST BE GUILTY. At least in the court of public opinion. Let’s hope this jury gets it right….as they did in the Casey Anthony trial…..and many others. I do have faith in juries.

          Also, they say the defense doesn’t have to prove anything. That is not true at all….they have to prove the prosecution is wrong.

      • AL and AA,

        I agree….. You can never trust JUAN as he comes out swinging in left field. Then twist and turns his entire turn into a a rap song.

        I think he allowed it with stipulation because he didn’t want the jury going to Bryan’s office for fear what they might really see. As he said on the stand ” there is more to the photo but wouldnt be admissable …. hmmm ? Makes you wonder what he knows.

        As Baez stated a while back, just stick to the evidence and facts….

    • I think it’s better that they just heard the stipulation. We heard Kermit going on and on about seeing a dog yesterday…imagine what he would have done with that image in front of the jury. He’d have done his best to convince the jury that they weren’t seeing anything.

  7. Oh, this is a “nice” article, it pretty much says all the prosecution have is that Jodi lied.

    Yes, she did lie, through shame as to what happened. I think a lot of people have trouble understanding that. It’s not evidence she did anything wrong, it’s admitted as part of her narrative. And it was Travis Alexander that drove her self-esteem down so low she couldn’t contemplate telling what had happened for so long.

  8. I swear that judge has a hard on for JM
    Its pretty sad and disgusting
    I still have faith all their antics will backfire in their

      • This was her first death penalty case and I think she is entirely too inexperienced to be the assigned judge in this trial. She seems to allow a lot of testimony from both sides to get in because it is a death penalty case. I think she just doesn’t know what she is doing.

        I also think she won’t sequester the jury because she is being pressured by the administrative judge not to increase the cost of this trial. It is all about money!

        • I don’t think it’s about money, shit they are already knee deep with a another million if they would of sequestered the jury. One they didn’t want the jury to hurry in making a verdict by sequerstering them, second they haven’t sequestered jurors in AZ for over 20 years. It’s just the way the roll in AZ…… Not by brightest bulbs in the bunch.

          Personal I think this trial could of been over with in a month or two at most if they would of had a JUDGE with some balls, and experience, and sequestered the jury. This is one of their biggest mistakes in this trial letting them be exposed to the public, tv, Web, friends, family etc…

          Hopefully this will be here last DP case… She needs to retire along with JUAN.

  9. Okay so far the prosecution has proven the following beyond a reasonable doubt:

    On may 28, 2008 Jodi’s grandparents home was broken into and robbed. A 25 cal gun was stolen, along with DVD player and change that was about $30.
    1. On June 4, 2008 Jodi killed Travis after photographing him in the bathroom.
    2. On her trip she stopped to get gas cans from Daryl Brewer.
    3. She filled up the gas cans in CA.
    4. She stopped using her cell phone at some point between her trip to California to Arizona. That was probably around 3-4 June since she got to Alexander’s home at around 4 AM on the 4 of June 2008.
    5. Pictures that Travis Alexander took place Jodi at the scene on June 4, 2008. Based on the pictures it’s safe to infer they had sex. She had pigtails in one pic that according to her testimony Travis like to see her wear.
    6. At some point Jodi starts taking pictures of Travis with his new camera and he poses a lot.
    7. Based on the crime scene there was a struggle, Travis was shot, and photos that were accidentally taken STILL don’t really show if Travis was dead AT that point. You can see he was down on the ground but we don’t know what really happened after this point. I don’t believe it’s safe to infer he was dead. We don’t know that.
    8. Somehow after the struggle and killing she drags him to the shower.
    9. She grabs the gun, knife, and rope is probably full of blood and leaves his house. The camera is placed in the washing machine.
    10. The unknown facts still present as presented by the prosecution: WHY did Jodi plan to kill Travis? IMO this hasn’t been established by the prosecution. There has been lots of stuff said about Jodi. She’s a liar, she wrote a “manifesto,” she’s manipulative but has there been a clearly stated or proven reason she would kill Travis? This hasn’t been proven or really talked about. He’s alluded to stalking and jealousy but there hasn’t been clear evidence of it. It’s been a lot of hearsay and even when Travis alluded to it inhospitable IMs with Reagan he LOLed with her about it. How do you stalk someone and then your prey laughs and jokes about it? Jodi may not be the most likeable woman but that doesn’t make her a murderer. There’s a big leap to make she murdered Travis in cold blood when Martinez hasn’t presented a motive, a connection that she did indeed steal the gun from her grandparents home, and all the other mumbo jumbo isn’t even related to planning this out. I’m referring to the hair color, the rental car, the gas cans and her plan to visit Ryan. It’s more apparent she was trying to move on with her life rather than be Travis. She moved away, started to seek Mormon men online, talked to Ryan Burns about dating, and made plans to see him.

    The other problem with the prosecution’s theory is the order of the wounds. Which came first the gun shot or the knife wounds? The detective previously assessed that the gun shot came first and then the stab wounds. Logically speaking this is what makes the most sense. And now that the photo she took of him in the bathroom shows she only had a camera in her hand? It just goes to blunder the prosecutions theory. Why would she stab him first when she’s a small woman? He could take her down instantly ESPECIALLY with an adrenaline rush fight or flight mode. He would have tackled her and taken her down! And he could do it he’s a man. This very fact defeats common sense. If she shot him first in the face while he was down why did he spit blood in the sink? It’s more logical to assume that the fight Jodi described took place she shot him OUtSIDE the shower he spits blood out, she is afraid for her life and then runs away to the bedroom he comes after at some point she gets the knife the fight continues where the hall meets the bedroom she stabs him multiple times because he doesn’t let her go. How is this scenario premeditated? Lets remove the self defense theory and just look at the crime scene. It’s messy and it’s illogical. It’s emotional. Does that scream premeditation and first degree murder? Not to mention the gun still wasn’t explained in this scenario by the prosecution. There are holes big holes in this hypothesis. I see a big picture with a bunch of wholes that haven’t been proven. Lets see what he brings in for his rebuttal.

    • I pretty much agree with everything you said. But there’s one thing you may not realize. They don’t have to prove motive at all. Juries tend to like motives, but there’s no burden on the prosecution to prove one.

  10. I keep seeing and hearing how much the defense case is costing the taxpayer.. Has there ever been a release of the cost of the prosecutions case? Taxpayers in my state also pay for that.. Is it different in Arizona? Plus our current head prosecutor makes a salary of 169,000 a year.
    Missed all of yesterdays sessions but will catch what I can today.
    PS–got a response back from HLN telling me how they read and consider every email.. did at least give me one laugh for the day….

  11. Another docket posted
    4/16/2013 NOT – Notice – Party (001) 4/16/2013

    Is this by the defense or prosecution? They’re assuming there will be a sentencing phase?

    • Not necessarily, but there are rules about when they can notice witnesses and so, they are complying (regardless of which side filed).

  12. I’m leaving in about an hour to get a colonoscopy. As they put me to sleep I’ll be seeing a tiny Chihuahua named Juan staring up my arse while a puppet judge denies the defense claim of Juan the Chihuahua misrepresenting himself as a doctor as he claims to be an expert ass dog.

  13. Top of the morning, folks!

    Are we all ready for another day of judicial fuckery? For midgets screaming, and pickles bobbing, and siblings fake tears?


    Anyone think Kermit will begin rebuttal today? The defense has done an excellent job thus far, I just wish they would bring in a blood spatter expert…but then again, I am certain they probably would have difficulties finding anyone who would subject themselves to the massive wave of witness intimidation.


    Thanks, Al, for the morning jam. You’re gonna turn me into a Deadhead eventually…….

  14. I realized most of us have been posting similar analysis on the prosecution. I think Almost Abused did make a good point about the jury not necessarily debunking the prosecutions theory because “they’re the good guys” and wouldn’t prosecute someone who didn’t do it. It would’ve been great if the defense did bring in a forensic expert to testify about the scene and question the states theory of the events. They probably couldn’t afford another expert and are hoping the jury is convinced Travis did indeed abuse Jodi explaining her state of mind and the reasons Travis lied and called her a stalker, etc. they really need to emphasize in closing argument that Jodi lied about what happened so she wouldn’t face what happened because she was in denial. She lied but that doesn’t make her a killer. It makes her a frightened human being that had been abused for 2 years by a manipulant sexual deviant. She lied for self preservation. The evidence presented by the prosecution confirms she killed him as she confessed but doesn’t prove she murdered him in premeditation. There is no motive, and the prosecution based their case on lies and illogical assumptions that have been explained.

    • To be honest with you FLNANG, even though anything can and does happen with a jury I have ZERO faith in this bunch. I believe they are all lying about not hearing or seeing stories about this trial and the Prosecutor with his fan club.
      They have to prove they are fair and impartial which I do not believe they are.

      • If she’s convicted of murder one, then you will KNOW they have been watching television.

        EVERYTHING points to a lesser conviction or outright acquittal.

      • Yeah I hope they followed “their admonition” but it’s hard to believe because the case is everywhere especially as part of the local news. I want to believe they’ve not heard anything but truth is probably they have and at the very least seen pieces of what’s in the media.

        • I have been on a few criminal jury cases before and if someone has been watching coverage of the trial, going against court orders, you would be surprised how quickly another juror might speak up and bring this to the attention of the courts.

  15. I am wondering if Jodi told Travis or his friends or he told his friends about the stolen gun from her grandparents.

    That could also provide reasonable doubt. If she told someone about the gun, why would she then ” use” it? Also I am wondering if it is normal for the prosecution to keep adding witnesses to their list , aren’t they supposed to present the case they have before trial starts?

    • It’s not unusual at all. They have a rebuttal case to put on and that’s dependent on what the defense puts on in their case. So, they can’t know which witnesses they will need for the rebuttal case until during and after the defense case.

  16. So, what time does this show get rolling?

    The clowns are packed into the car, the elephants have had their daily motivational electric shock, the fat lady has eaten breakfast, brunch and lunch…. Lets get this circus started!

  17. A Hilarious tweet from the Taliban:

    Tweeps @travisalexander followers is almost at 5000. Just show support, show #jodiarias 25000 followers who matters. Simple gesture.


    • Its actually 28,355 followers. I know It doesn’t mean they support her, but I sure LOVE the way it pisses the Travis Taliban Cult off!! LOL!

  18. Morning Peeps! Wow, I had a very indepth and slightly heated discussion with my wife last night. We are both lawyer shoulda beens. I work for a large company and I handle Small Claims Court cases. Well she took the side of the prosecutor and me of course the defense, or as she put it a “disgusting defense lawyer!” Still LMAO!!! Her biggest hang-up is the amount of stab wounds and the “fog.” Even after explaining that Travis was 200 pounds plus of rage body slamming her and then rushing her linebacker style, she still doesn’t get it about fear and fight or flight. And I don’t think a lot of other people get it either, ie the haters. I told her the the enhanced picture from yesterday pretty much sums up that Jodi is telling the truth but No… she wasn’t having it. My question to her (and Judge Pickles and the Pros) was how can forensic evidence placed right in front of your face not be considered? A persons life is at stake here and ALL facts should be considered! Period!

    I am interested to know if anyone else here has a spouse that is on the prosecution side and if you have had similar discussions.

    • Howdy, Dynamo.

      My hubby at first believed Jodi premeditated this. He HATES Kermit with a passion, but fully believed Jodi was guilty.

      On his own, after doing a little research, he now fully believes this is a giant Mormon coverup, and that Jodi is a patsy.

      I personally go back and forth between believing it was completely self defense, and it being exactly what the hubby thinks.

      one thing I know is there is WAY WAY WAY more to this than we know, or will ever know.

      • I’m learning towards your Hubbys pov…

        The throat slitting has me. I don’t believe Jodi could have done this alone at all.

      • I definitely think that Chris and Sky Hughes have damning information and that some type of cover-up from them is there. I also don’t understand the whole Mormon connection. It seems obvious that the Mormon community would take the position they have in a much publicized murder trial. From what I have learned from following this case is Mormonism seems to be more of a cult than a religion.

    • I love your wifes agrgument, as it is what MOSt everyone says.

      This is what “they forget” The defense didnt even have to explain what they alrady have explained. Jodi could have kep quiet for the entire trial. Instead they filled in the blanks for almost ALL of the events of that day. the only place they really left open to assumption is the multiple stab wounds and the “fog” which is all basically the same part of the events.

      Jodi cant say why so many stab wounds happened, because she cant remember. Even if she COULD remember, she didnt have to testify to her “side of the story”. The law says the prosecutor has to fill in the story, then PROVE IT HAPPENED. Period. no debate. Proof of that “foggy period” and what happened is the standard the state has.

      They have a theory..the theory is… “she is a bad person and murdered him with grat malice”. there proof? that she cant explain what happened. well, that sounds good, but SHE DOESNT HAVE TO! its not her task to explain away the crime, its the states task to prove it.

      I cant prove i wasnt in Boston yesterday, that doesnt prove i planned the bombings there. Thats just silly.

      Heres one Possible explanation: Watch the movie “the patriot”. At one point mel gibsons character goes after an enemy, durring a battle. when he catches this last guy standing, he hits him in the back with an axe, then he proceeds to “rage” kill him. he has just been in a huge fight for his life and the life of his children. He cant stop. he keeps hiting him over and over and over.
      This doesnt make it right…but it does show a great anaolgy of how someone can “snap” and just keep thrashing, stabbing, going…

      I would imagine this, if anything, actually shows the idea of a “heat of the fight” type killing rather than a cold calculated pre-meditated murder. In fact i think it makes it not just “possible” but very probable, that this type of event is what happened. Does she remember it? Fuck, who cares. maybe she is lying about that too. She isnt charged with lying. I dont use her words to decide the facts, i use the evidence.

      • Excellent points! I love your analogy of the “Patriot.” You nailed it! And the HUGE point that you make that everyone forgets:

        You always have great posts Sirlips!

        • she didnt have to testify to her “side of the story”. The law says the prosecutor has to fill in the story, then PROVE IT HAPPENED. Period. no debate. Proof of that “foggy period” and what happened is the standard the state has.

          For some reason it didn’t post, so I’ll try again.

  19. I have to rant.

    To be honest, I can’t wait for this trial to be over regardless of the verdict. We all know this whole thing has been a total travesty from the very beginning. Either the judge is scared of JM or something else is going on within the powers that be, because there is no way that anyone who has been watching this trial, can say that this judge has been even remotely fair with her decisions.

    It almost seems like something else is going on here and I will dare to say that it has something to do with the power held by the Mormon Church or LDS or whatever the hell they call themselves in that community.

    Seriously! The stupid shenanigans and theatrics that the judge has allowed for JM to display is truly disgraceful and shameful. He’s been abusive and that can’t be denied. He’s been disrespectful, and that can’t be denied. He’s been a sneaky rat with the evidence and that can’t be denied. The judge has not once put him in his place. The way he conducts himself in her presence, not ever bothering to ask her if he can approach the witnesses, is a sign of disrespect. Seriously, wtf!?

    The jury is tainted. I believe that. *If* they have seen any of HLN’s coverage they will…
    a. be persuaded by their coverage that Jodi deserves to die and make their decision accordingly.
    b. be disgusted with their bullshit and decide that Jodi deserves a chance. (hopefully)
    c. be afraid of the repercussions of letting Jodi live and vote for death because they’re scared.

    No matter what happens, my sincere thanks to HLN and the judge for taking a shit on the Constitution!

    • Sil,

      I too, cannot wait for this fuckery to end. It is killing my soul and my general belief in the good in the world. It is a mockery, a travesty, and at the very least, it is a GIANT SHIT ON THE CONSTITUTION, you got that right!

      I am all in. I am invested. If Jodi has to endure this endless fucking bullshit and games with her life, then I will endure it as well.

      After this trial, I am never going to watch another. well, that is not true, I guess, being as in a couple weeks I will be graduating college with my paralegal degree. This case has made me rethink my educational goals and ambitions.

      Rant on, my friend. Rant on.

      and Rage on. :shocked: this is all so fucking pathetic.

      • You know, I am so disgusted with this trial that I can’t bear to watch it anymore. I just go online and come here to read posts by all of you and that’s how I stay informed. It hurts my heart to see Jodi looking so frail. 🙁

        JM, stresses me out. I can’t bear to watch him and Flores are like the dynamic duo of evil.

        It pisses me off no end to read the comments by haters everywhere I go to read about the trial. They’re like fucking cockroaches at a salad bar.

  20. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Nurmi and Willmott just arrived. Nurmi has on dark gray and salmon tie and Willmott with light gray and teal. #JodiArias

    WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    3 unsentenced inmates stand in front of Judge Stephens as she continues to hear cases before the #JodiArias trial begins.

    • Always a treat to see how Nurmi and Wilmott are dressed 🙂 Thanks for the heads up Renee. Lately, I haven’t been paying too much attention to the trial. I do enjoy the comments. Try to stay positive, everything is going to be alright. Jodi will be fine. Thank God for good attorneys.

  21. Jodi said she took the pictures so it should be her in the reflection. From the blow up the expert said that the image looks better on his equipment, but if you still can’t see a clear image I don’t know why this would be needed. Jodi said she didn’t have a knife or gun when she was taking the pictures. I can’t tell anything from looking at the pic. Too bad the expert can’t bring in his equipment to show what he can see in it.

    • You don’t need the expert witness anymore. The fact is it was stipulated–agreed to–that Jodi Arias took the picture and she did not have a gun or a knife.

      You don’t need Juan Martinez up there twisting the facts and confusing the jury by having the expert on the stand.

      This issue is open and shut.

  22. Does anyone think that the 300 lb. guard that always is with Jodi might prejudice the jury? It makes her seem like a dangerous animal that may attack at any minute. Plus, is it really true that she has to wear some kind of electrical belt so they can shock her into submission if necessary?

    Also, does anyone know where Jodi eats during lunch break?I don’t imagine she’s allowed to sit with Nurmi and Willmott. Does she have to sit in a room with the guard when she eats her “half-lunch?”


  23. No matter how smart or how qualified this Psychologist may be the fact is that she still was in school when this murder happened. You would think that JM would have found someone with more experience considering the seriousness of this case. Not knocking her credentials or her as a person but just her years of experience. She has only been licensed since June 2010. Wow,.

  24. Recently, someone posted a letter sent to the prosecution on his theory of the photo evidence. The author of the letter stated in his opinion the first stab wound happened prior to the photo of T sitting in the shower (exhibit 160). I agree with previous posting here that JM is going to argue the first stab wound happened sometime in the 70 secs before exhibit 160 (T in sitting in the shower). The problem for the prosecution here is it implies Jodi has the camera in her hand during the stabbing before the ceiling photo. I guess it will depend if the jury believe Jodi testimony that the picture of T in the shower was a introverted photo accidently taken while looking down at the camera, deleting photos.

  25. This woman is supposed to be comparable to dr. Samuels.? Please. Is this one who had her computer with all the files stolen?

  26. I am trying very hard to be objective over here but her Valley Girl manner of speaking is turning me off. I am trying to be fair and listen to what she is saying but I find myself being annoyed. Am I becoming one of “them” and judging before I listen?

    • I feel the same way, actually I find her cocky, thinking she is better then most people. You could put 10 people with the same education as her in the same room, each one is going to have something different to say about the person they have evaluated, one of them just has to be right. I have found with dealing with five shrinks, my conclusion is simple, my family doctor was way more spot on and helpful then any of the shrinks put together. I see her falling apart when Martinez is done with her.

  27. Ok so if 40 hours is too long to interview someone and YOU were the supervisor of the person who was doing that interview then obviously YOU weren’t doing YOUR job were you? And how is it that two people from the same office were sent to interview the same person? Isn’t that a conflict of interest? Am I missing something?

    • She is one of those that is right, dammit, and will go down fighting to prove it. At least I can see that by her demeanor.

  28. This is my first comment here, I’ve been reading your site this whole weekend. I’ll just be honest and state I was afraid to check this site out, I’ve supported Ms. Jodi Arias since first learning of the case, and I had preconceived misconceptions that you would all be, well, zealots who just made things look worse for her. Thank the Goddesses I was so very wrong! You all have created such a wonderful site here! It’s full of facts, evidence, but beyond that even in the matter of your approach. You don’t need to lie when the truth is on your (and Jodi’s!) side. You don’t need to resort to slander or attempts to destroy someone’s credit with propaganda and rumors like they do because they (you know, the prosecution, HLN and those insufferable Travhole trash) have nothing and will eventually expose themselves as they already have countless times and ways. Thank you for what you do. Also, sorry to post a link but I’m unsure of how to share a picture through a comment, and while it may be somewhat lowering my own level but I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way…

    Have a great day, and much Love and Energy to Team Jodi and to Miss Arias

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