Trial Day 47 – April 15th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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With Alyce LaViolette’s jurors questions over with, today’s 2013 replay continues with testimony from Grace Wong (Field Producer / HLN-Turner), Bryan Neumeister (audio/video forensic examiner)… followed by arguments regarding  evidence submission and yet another Motion for Mistrial discussion relating to the ever-present prosecutorial misconduct.

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Afternoon session.

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Trial Day 47 – April 15th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Grace Wong (Field Producer / HLN-Turner)
Bryan Neumeister (audio/video forensic examiner)
Bryan Neumeister – cross/redirect

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Part 2/3:

Arguments r.e. evidence submission
Motion for Mistrial – prosecutorial misconduct discussion

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Part 3/3:

Instructions to jury r.e. eye photograph – trial day ends

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  1. Happy Monday and Good Morning TEAM JODI!

    I was watching yesterday’s clips and fell asleep- needless to say I had a restless night filled with nightmares. This case has definitely taken a toll on many of us, at least those of us who truly care and demand real Justice for our Jodi.

    • Morning Maria!

      Congrats on your first comment too! Regarding the trial, this is typically what happens when “getting a result” & “scoring points” takes precedent over actually seeing justice being done. We’re seeing the same now in the Oscar Pistorius trial.

      Team Jodi

      • Καλημέρα SJ!!!!
        ((((((( Σ’αγαπώώώώώώ ♥ ♥ ))))))

        I know I’m not as good at hat-tricks as Pandora, but hey…I may be off to work right now but when I’m back, I want my gift! 😉

        • You want a gift without hat trick??? What is this? Special treatment you’re asking for??? LMAO!!!! You have to gain your gift! LOL!!!!

          But beware! SJ’s gifts are really extreme! Skydiving lessons, scuba diving lessons, bungee jumping, hang gliding lessons, etc.

          You have been warned, girlfriend! 🙂

  2. Kermit had no questions for Grace Wong. HA! Of course he wouldn’t! But I loved how Nurmi referred to the whole incident as a ”show”. One of the few Go-Nurmi moments.

  3. OK, I gotta say this: re- watching the first few minutes of the 1/3 clip I genuinely felt not only for Jodi but for the Alexander family as well. They had to sit in the Jury box with Jodi so extremely close to them, Samantha is obviously distraught especially when Travis’ fave appears on the projector screen. I can’t imagine how they must have been feeling having their brother’s killer (whatever the circumstances) sitting right in front of them. ( WOW! Am I sick or something? Maybe I’m running a fever LOL!I am usually NOT emotional when it comes to them)

    (Moment’s gone) I’d better re-focus on Jodi, coz frankly SHE is the one I am here for and the person I support and care for. Poor girl, having to sit a couple of feet away from the Alexanders! Imagine the tension, the awkwardness, the negative energy abounding… 🙁

    It must have been a ”I-want-the Earth-to-open-up-and-swallow-me kind of moment ( Greek saying) for both sides.

    • Keep in mind, Maria – we didn’t see it but Travis’ family sat in close proximity to Jodi often: every time they met in judge’s chambers. I couldn’t see Samantha’s face in the few minutes I just watched, but she didn’t appear to be wiping her eyes or anything. IMO Tanisha and Stephen looked like they always do, like they have something stinky on their upper lips.

  4. LOL Journee! I have lost my sympathy for the Alexanders. Unfortunately, Their hatred has shown me their true colors. I still love you though Maria! And I will keep praying for all of them.

    • R. Love, same with me! I can’t feel compassion for people that believe that the DP will take their pain away… Causing the same pain to another family doesn’t make it right!

      When the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting happened and all those angels were lost, the families didn’t start a rival on the family of the shooter. On the contrary, what made me cry even more was Mr. Robbie Parker, the father of Emilie Parker, a six-year-old girl killed in the Connecticut school massacre. He demonstrated a remarkable display of compassion for the family of the gunman who shot his daughter dead.

      I also read an article following up on how the killer’s father is dealing with this. This is a small passage I think all of you might find interesting:

      ‘…strangers from across the world have sent thousands upon thousands of letters and other keepsakes: prayer shawls, Bibles, Teddy bears, homemade toys; stories with titles such as “My First Christmas in Heaven”; crosses, including one made by prison inmates. People sent candy, too, and when I visited Peter, last fall, he showed me a bag of year-old caramels. He had not wanted to throw away anything that people sent. ‘

      Peter (Lanza) has offered to meet with the victims’ families, and two have taken up his offer. “It’s gut-wrenching,” he said. “A victim’s family member told me that they forgave Adam after we spent three hours talking. I didn’t even know how to respond. A person that lost their son, their only son.”

      Now THIS is respect! No one seeked revenge. No one accused that paranoid killer’s family of anything! This is humanity!

      This should be an example for those who seek revenge, bully and hate, not only Jodi’s family and friends but all Jodi’s supports…

      ~Forgiveness is the greatest and highest action someone can do. Peace out.

      P.S. This is the link to the article I am refering to for anyone that is interested:

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