Trial Day 46 – April 12th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s 2013 replay rolls on with the continuation of Alyce LaViolette’s jurors questions, together with the defense & Kermit’s follow ups.

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Afternoon session.

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Trial Day 46 – April 12th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Alyce LaViolette – jurors questions continued + defense follow up

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Part 2/3:

Alyce LaViolette – defense/state follow up 

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Part 3/3:

Alyce LaViolette – state follow up (+ instructions for next week)

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      • Grace has been sued several times. HLN always settles – that’s just the cost of being in the muckraking business.

            • Do you know what exactly happened as far as Skakel’s role was in this murder, if he had one at all Journee? I read that there was a “peeping” incident. Did Skakel happen to witness the murder? And did he say anything to police about this if so?

              • All I know about the case, Ryan, is that it went unsolved for decades until Mark Fuhrman decided to try to save his reputation by solving a famous cold case.

                • I agree that it’s interesting. I’ve seen a few tv shows about it, read a few articles. It just seems to me that without DNA (and there was none, that’s the basis for the suit against Grace because she was broadcasting that there was) I don’t know how they’d find reliable evidence, especially after all this time.

                  With a powerful political family in the mix, there’s too much potential motivation – then and now and from opposite perspectives, even – to sweep facts under the rug, to give misleading accounts of what happened, etc. There would be people (civilian and law enforcement) with an interest in protecting the Kennedys, and there’d also people with an interest in taking a Kennedy down – even if it was only a cousin.

                  IMO, Fuhrman was one of the latter. He wouldn’t have sold any books, after all, if he’d pointed the finger at some average joe. That’s not to say that I think Michael Skakel is ‘innocent’ – I just don’t think he can be proven guilty with reliable evidence and therefore should not be incarcerated for the crime.

                • I was reading that there was a person by the name of Renee I believe, (could be wrong or improper spelling) that first said that she wasn’t sure if Michael had left in a car and then Renee said that he didn’t leave in a car prior to the murders.

                • That’s what I meant – I seem to recall a few changing stories, not necessarily just about the events of the night but about behavior/personalities/relationships/incidents leading up to that night. Big murky puddle of he said/she said.

    • After Jodi joined the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon church) she participated in services and other church activities, I believe one of them is called ”Family Home Evening” or something to that effect… I don’t remember if there was specific mention during trial of precisely how many days a week she attended church.
      Maybe someone can here provide you with more details.

  1. Alyce gave a very reasoned and insightful witnessing into Jodi’s innocence. Also, as I mentioned sometime previously, Jodi’s expressions and nearly hypnotic attentiveness to, and total oneness , really, with Alyce, was extremely telling..

    • Jodi seemed magnetized by Alyce because Alyce’s words spoke directly into her heart. It must have been very liberating for Jodi to finally find someone (an expert no less) she could trust, someone with whom to share her story, someone who believed in her and was able to put into words and make sense of the nightmare Jodi went through in Travis’ hands…
      Oftentimes, abused women don’t even know or realize they are/were being abused. I know it because a close family member went through the same shit and when talking about it, usually she would merely state the facts without truly realizing or analyzing the extent of the abuse she suffered.

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