Trial Day 45 – April 11th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s 2013 replay rolls on with the continuation of Alyce LaViolette’s cross, and the start of the jurors questions.

Click the links to read my original posts & comments submitted from Trial Day 45: Morning session.
Afternoon session.

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Justice for TA? – It’s in the bag – (April 11th 2013)

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Trial Day 45 – April 11th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Alyce LaViolette – redirect continues

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Part 2/3:

Alyce LaViolette – jurors questions

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Part 3/3:

Alyce LaViolette – jurors questions continued

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  1. 3/3 firsts????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hat trick!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya ba da ba doooooooooooooo!!!!!

    SJ, my gift please!!!!! 🙂

    • BTW, not to be rude or something but can it not be lessons to skydiving again???? I’m still feeling sick from the last time! 😉

      (((((((SJ & skydiving gifts)))))))) ♥

        • Hi R. Love!

          I’m guessing that Mad went and posted in the original video date. These videos are re-posts. Maybe SJ or the admins can tell us what’s up! Any which way… I did my 3 times in a row ‘firsts’!!!! Yay for me!

          • You are right! You deserve it! 🙂 Enjoy your gift!!!!!

            I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the clip with the Judge in Anthony Trial! Boy, can you imagine if he was over the Jodi Arias trial. I bet he could clean that court room up pretty fast! Eyes would be rolling right out the doors!!!!!! LOL

            • R LOVE, I had insomnia,so I did try ! LOL!! I had no clue where to post! Darn it !!
              Yay! PANDORA =)) I took a look at some other trials last night. The Devault trial.
              Which, HLN was completely comparing to JODI. I already wrote to the governor in AZ about HLN ,and JAA. Fb banned me for a month. NO NEW FRIENDS FOR ME!! (Fb parents grounded me.)
              Once again, HLN is up to nooo good. This woman is on trial in courtroom. Where trials belong, not out in the streets of public opinion.
              Just wanted to let all those who have been a and still support Jodi….We are coming out in the utube comments. YAY!!! Someone wrote ,those JAA supporters are everywhere, and they will find out who you are. !!! LOL awesome!!! It wasn’t in a threatening manner.
              Just stated as fact. I noticed the haters,are being treated as liars ,and bullies.
              Take off their masks and the Dave Hall’s came out. LOL! They even tried to label Dave as one of JAA friends. They are so embarrassed of this dumb dwarf. =)-
              I was up all night ,so I listened to the 9-11 call a few times.
              There were 5 people in the house. Mimi Hall, was on phone. Then you could hear another girl in the background loudly talking ,about police.
              I would love to hear that tape cleaned up. I want to know what they were really saying and doing. ????? Zach told 9-11 operator, he last saw TA ,Thursday or Friday. So?
              The 9-11 operator could hear other people , and asked how many people were there.
              Just 5 ! So, she directed them to get out of house till police came.
              How do we know what they could have done with evidence? Besides living there for 5 days.
              TEAM ((((( JODI)))))
              Rock on ! =)

              • Hi MAD!
                I am a member here. So I am a friend. What is going on with U Tube? I haven’t had a chance to keep up with everything. What is going on with the retrial? Is there a u tube channel we can go to for info?

                • Ty Marianne, My fb will not allow me to make or send out friend requests. I believe that FB does this when you sign petitions and ask others to do the same.
                  I was, watching u tube video’s on a few things last night. ( Insomnia)
                  Retrial ..looks like summer,.Juan is out on medical leave??
                  There is a new trial they are completely comparing to Jodi. It’s the Mellissa Duvall case. She hit he abusive husband in the head with a hammer. I hope I spelled the last name correctly.
                  Thanks again Marianne =))
                  TEAM JODI I <3

              • Wonder why they didn’t get shoe or boot prints from all of the friends and roommates?

                Maybe give them all smelling salts to see if their noses were in working order!?!?

                Maybe a few of them needed lie detector tests. . .asap!?!?!? The Hughes need one for sure~!

                Why they thought Jodi premeditated this is beyond crazy. If she had wanted to kill him she would have done it way before then and been much more clever with it, I’m sure!!!!! There would not have been a clue anywhere!

                • I wanna know why they didn’t bother to develop profiles from all those DNA swabs offered up by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

                  Did you notice, when Jodi Legg testified, she said she was only asked to develop TWO profiles: Travis’ and Jodi’s.

                  Premeditated? The simple reality is that a woman would not PLAN to kill a man nearly twice her size with a KNIFE!

                • Yep Journee, but you forget that Martinez says Jodi stole her grandfather’s gun (even though it was a different caliber and no one proved she had stolen it) LOL! Jodi would have come up with a better way to get rid of him that a knife or a gun!!! She could have gotten better ideas from a good episode of Law and Order! Jodi had no intentions of killing Travis and he would still be alive today if he hadn’t lost his temper and tried to kill her first! Jodi fought for her life and hopefully she will get it back.
                  SJ’s Justice for Travis. . .It’s in the bag! says it all. It may be a little cold but it is to the point. Travis was an abuser and anyone who dares to treat others like he did had better watch out because it might come right back to bite them!

                  I laughed out loud to hear Martinez asking Alyce “but what about those gas cans” and the look on Alyce’s face . . .like Man you are nuts aren’t you! He created Mountains out of Mole hills!

                • Ah, but Martinez insists that she attacked him with the knife FIRST!

                  (missed me? I haven’t been gone!)

                • The caliber matched, it was a 0,25mm. However, grandapa’s gun had hollow point bullets whereas Travis was shot with a round-point one.

                • Thanks Maria, I knew that but said it wrong!!!!!! Anyhow I don’t think it was Grandpa’s gun that shot Travis! I believe it was his own, the one he bought on his Birthday! Correct me if I’m wrong on that, please!

                • I saw duct tape, and never heard a word about that. Or, the boot print. Can someone explain what the Palm print was ? (Again?) I can’t find it, from a previous post. I think by Journee. ?

                • The ‘palm print’ – which was not a ‘palm’ but the outer edge of a left hand – was basically a meaningless artifact. It wasn’t in blood so it is proof of nothing about Travis’ death.

                • R. Love, I totally agree with all your pointers!

                  Journee, all the ‘evidence’ that the specialists brought in (the so called palm print, gas cans, thread, the cutlery they gathered from travis’s house – which were not relevant to the case) and all the crap kermit tried to make into importance: gas cans, snow white, strawberry frapuccino, upside down license plate, etc. show nothing that can be tied to the murder… they were only brought up to make an impression… he had nothing to prove that the murder was premeditated beyond a reasonable doubt. How the jury ‘bought’ all this crap is beyond me…

          • Lucky lucky lucky !! Hahaha!! LOL
            Gooo PANDORA! I was lost on the page! I was going over some old things about the trial as well. I wrote below.
            No painting for me today ,taking easy — no sleep + painting = mess! —-
            …Pandora can u make tired eyes ?? LOL OMG!!

  2. Thoughts for the Day: Martinez should just stand up by Judge Pickles to save time with all of his Objections!

    Poor Alyce having to look out at the Glaring, eye rolling and smirks.. . .

    I love Alyce! She is a very BRAVE and STRONG woman!!!

    • R LOVE, I agree! Alyce is the best. I noticed her anxiety in the last days. It’s not usually protocol to have an expert in a case be on the stand as long as Alyce. I could see it was stressful for her. However, she knows her stuff – for sure.
      I watched her go over the 16 page rant from TA to JA on May 28 th.
      I think the point was to show the jury how TA ,could take a person’s heart and stomp on it. (With his words)
      However, I think this could have been lost. All that did was allow JM to say “see how she pushed him?”
      Devalued the point, that this was very abusive.
      Smoking mirrors again. I saw it all as abuse. HLN was using the same verbage about JA. Evil, cold, liar,alienated her. The media, did the same thing as TA, and JM all did to JODI. So sickening.

      • After watching Martinez go after Alyce . . .IMHO I believe if Jesus Christ was to walk into the courtroom and gaze towards Martinez he would actually OBJECT!

        Travis Alexander had major issues and they were disturbing to say the least. I’m so sorry Jodi ever got mixed up with the likes of him! I beginning to believe Martinez is a lot like Travis.

    • Alyce wasa hero on that stand! She went in there to give her professional opinion and got bullied, abused and mocked by martinez.

      Plus the little POS’s had the audacity to roll eyes and smirk! I’d love to hear about tani’s, sammy’s, stevie’s, skye’s (horseface), chris’s, davie’s life achivements. Please! (rolling eyes the sammy and tani way!).

      Oh ya! I almost forgot! Of course davie did (NOT) do sth great: he ruined an ancient rock formation singing acapella ‘wiggle it’! (rolling eyes…) pfffffffffffff………………

      I’m not gonna even get started on the rest of that clan…

  3. If I had to summarize this all up in one sentence it would be: “Jodi Arias was railroaded by a misogynistic society.” I found it very symbolic (as I’m sure many did) that one of the first books she mentioned in her tweets was “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Misogynists don’t know they’re misogynists. And that’s what we’re up against.

    • And we now know that misogyny is a cancerous tumor within our justice system (at least in Maricopa County…but I suspect they are just the most blatant.) If it has also metastasized into the appellate courts, we may indeed be in this for a very long haul.

      • Known misogynists:

        Number 1: Juan Martinez

        But let’s not forget:

        *** Judge Stephens who allowed a courtroom run wild so that “that bitch gets what she deserves!”

        *** The whole HLN crowd (although some may just feel forced to sell their souls to the Devil in exchange for a steady paycheck but I have little to no respect for them as well.)

        *** That Morman bunch. Not to knock a whole religion but we know where their attitudes about women are rooted – here to serve men so that the men can get into heaven. Those attitudes don’t just go away by passing a law. They linger in the subconscious to be surreptitiously passed down from one generation to the next.

        *** Then there is Travis who saw women’s purpose to feed his ego, with little, if any, regard for them as people with feelings and emotions.

        *** Also I suspect Nurmi, whom I think didn’t liked Jodi speaking up for herself with him. (How dare she challenge his authority!) And, of course, we know that his legal practice outside of the public defender’s office is normally defending accused batterers. How can he not have a preconceived opinion about women who “claim” to have been abused?

        *** And many more…

        It’s very historically ironic because, today, if this had been a black man accused of killing a white man and he had been railroaded the way Jodi was, it would be obvious to most everyone and the world would be up in arms. At least black men have had that awareness raised but we now need the same awareness for the plight of women – of all colors.

        • Justus,
          Excellent and sad point. It makes me think on many levels. What makes your theory work is that ultimately Jodi stands by herself, as a female. She is an easy target. I was always astounded that her parents gave the police much information. I don’t believe they understood the depth of their damage. Either not being Americans or maybe they are just basic. But if the police accused my daughter of murder I would say, ‘not my daughter’. Then I would talk to my daughter and get an attorney.
          So Jodi was open to what ever type of hatred existed. She was in a geographical area that had strong religious and political bonds. Jodi is a sitting duck. Why? So none of those people have to look inward. They can just Judge others.
          It happens all over. Maybe not to such a degree, but a woman really has to push. If a female ever feels something is wrong i would consider misogyny. It is a problem solving issue.

          • Thank you Justus and Marianne for summing it all up so well!

            I am bothered that Jodi’s parents did offer the info or opinions about their daughter to the police but figured they just didn’t know any better. I’m positive they have their regrets on that matter.
            If I have learned anything from all of this, it is to stay out of the Arizona, stay away from Abusers of all kinds, keep my mouth shut whether it be me, family or friends! And, unfortunately always ask for an attorney right a way. One more, never ever give up on Freedom for Jodi!!!!!!!!

              • Isn’t it true that the Alexander family is planning to sue the Arias family for selling “Survivor” T-Shirts??

                • That impression after sentencing. The Alexander family lawyer came outside on to court stairs. Stating that the Alexander’s were going to take JAA to civil court.
                  So,.maybe people are assuming that anything JAA makes as far as profits.( From artwork ,t-shirts,wristbands or.whatever.) Will any profit from any source be at risk from a civil suite?

                • The survivor t-shirts were for charity.

                  The appellate fund itself, I’m sure, is a sheltered trust. And fund raising efforts for that fund are undertaken by Jodi’s family and friends, and none of those people are liable, in any way, to the Alexander family.

                  Sometimes victim’s families (the Brown and Goldman families come to mind) pursue civil action against the presumed killer when a criminal action fails. It really makes no sense to pursue a civil action against someone convicted for the crime and serving a life sentence, because someone serving a life sentence can’t make any money.

  4. =) Ty Journee for excellent clarification. So, what was the point of the Alexander’s lawyer making those statements. LOL ! “Wasted Air.”

      • Nope….. I’ve been trying to post under other people’s posts for the past 15 minutes, it won’t let me. Grrr…. Too late to try again. I’ll talk to you all tomorrow, I hope my computer won’t act all weird again LOL!

  5. You are right. Alyce was indeed exhausted for two reasons. First of all, she was on that stand for 11 days (if I’m not mistaken) mainly due to the fact that Martinez lingered on the stupidest things. He was trying to confuse the jury, diverting their attention from the real facts, using his smoke and mirrors BS antics, so as a result this disgrace of cross-examination took much much longer than it normally would.
    But most importantly, if Alyce seemed anxious is because of the fact that she was rushed to the Emergency Room because she suffered a major panic attack because of the relentless bullying and death threats she received from die-hard, obsessed, crazy haters. Death threats against her life AND her family. I mean, seriously: how sick can a person be to do such a thing to a complete stranger who did nothing more than to state her expert opinion in a trial??? Can you imagine what a toll it must have taken on her, to be so viciously attacked, to have your reputation tarnished and your life’s work ridiculed and mocked? She is a strong woman, that’s for sure but there’s a limit to how much a person can take.

    Just watch this post-trial interview of hers (if you haven’t already) to realize the extent and the intensity of the hatred against her. No wonder she was psychologically and emotionally drained. It really makes your hair stand up, it’s been over a year and I still can’t fathom why people are so hateful towards an expert who just did her job and simply stood up for a woman she thought was abused.

    • Hmm…Got it! It won’t let me post links. Admins?????
      Anyways, if you wanna watch ALV’s interview just search ” Hate mail, death threats for Arias defense expert” on YouTube.

      • I watched this and my blood pressure sky-rocket once more the minute Jane “Vile-est” Mitchell opened her big mouth. Again with the “pathological liar” diagnosis. Why have none of those idiots explained to her the definition of “pathological liar”? (Maybe because they are all idiots and maybe because it hits too close to home in describing her own pathologies?)

        • And why doesn’t someone correct her when, for the umpteenth time, she says that Alyce based her opinions entirely on Jodi’s say-so? Someone in that group must realize that’s not true, but are they all just too afraid to go against the tide (aka tsunami)? How do these people even sleep at night? Is there no conscience in any of them, a conscience that maybe nags at them as they stare into the darkness at two in the morning?

          • And don’t even get me started on the jury! I can only hope some of them are reading our site and listening to our thoughts, but I expect that quiet terror of even remotely realizing they just may have gotten it wrong will keep them reading only hater sites so that they can receive constant re-affirmation and avoid any of those nasty doubts.

            • I’ve given up, honestly… Those jurors were probably ALL stupid or short-sighted. They couldn’t get past the autopsy photos, Martinez’ ”flamboyance”, HLN and the blood-thirsty crowd asking for Jodi’s head on a platter..

              IF they read here,(which I’m sure they don’t) I’d tell them to think of that poor guy, one of the jurors in Darlie Routier’s case, who voted for the Death Penalty only to realize a few years later that he was terribly wrong. For what it’s worth, he asked for Darlie’s forgiveness. Personally, I’d rather he didn’t have anything to ask forgiveness for…

              (and correct me if I’m wrong but actually I think there was more than one juror who realized they got it all wrong in Darlie’s case)

    • Did you see the talk she gave a few months ago, when she shared how she ultimately handled those threats?

      When they identified the callers – SHE CALLED THEM BACK! And dealt with them pretty much as she would her clients: compassionate understanding. Asking them to explain why they were so angry at her, etc.

      • Yes Journee, I did see that talk. Apart from it being a very informative talk, I remember two things: what a great sense of humor I noticed Alyce has and what you just said, that she called haters back- I remember that man who Alyce said was totally shocked to hear on the other end of the line ”Hi this ALV” LOLOL, he must have shitted his pants coz that’s what bullies do: cussing, threatening,character assassinating behind their computer screen when in real life they’re pussy ass cowards!!

    • Maria, excellently put! As I said previously: ALYCE IS A HERO for keeping her calm and not spitting in the midget’s face (to put it nicely cause I would have done much more)!!!!

      As for the harassment and threats she got? What can I say? Those fuckards will get their chance to meet karma! What goes around comes around. They should be ashamed of theirselves! I can picture them: discusting POS with no life feeling good about themselves by bullying people! I’m sure that most of them get bullied from others in real life and have the urge to do it to strangers – behind a computer screen, where they’re safe – so they can feel superior… SMH, too!

  6. Hi everyone! I wrote a new blog today documenting prosecutor Juan Martinez’s misconduct in this trial and previous ones. Just click on my name here and it will take you straight to the link. Kudos to Michael Kiefer of the “Arizona Republic” whose article I referenced many times on my blog and who did extensive work on this case!

  7. Just watched the entire day (45) and parts of others. I admit I have been avoiding watching any of trial over again. It made me so mad the first time.
    Jury ? For MS. ALV : ” Don’t you believe TA verbal 12 yr old girl comment during a sex tape ,Is fundamentally different from masturbating to a picture of a boy??”
    ( This was the intelligence of the jury. )
    ALV answer to jury ? : I think it was different. Just a very unusual comment to make ,from a 30 yr old male about a 12 yr. Old girl.

    Enuf said …..

    • I hope Sandy writes a book. They can go after any money jodi makes in jail. Once/if they win a wrongful death suit. But her mom can’t be sued. Jodi was an adult. I read where the IRS was getting involved in money jodi has collected & received for her beautiful art. Speaking of that it’s a shame we can’t find a way to get her real paper. She draws on the cardboard of used legal pads. Maybe in prison she can get the art supples she needs.

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