Trial Day 42 – April 8th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s 2013 replay rolls on with Alyce LaViolette’s cross.

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Afternoon session.

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Trial Day 42 – April 8th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Alyce LaViolette – cross examination continues

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Part 2/3:

Alyce LaViolette – cross examination continues

[hdplay id=162 width=500 height=300]

Part 3/3:

Alyce LaViolette – cross examination continues

[hdplay id=163 width=500 height=300]

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  1. I guess I can’t really do anything but LAUGH when Martinez claims that Travis was” extremely fearful of Jodi” in May 2008 (Kermit uses Travis’ own written words to back up that claim). I admire ALV, she was able to not lose her temper or call BS.

    Travis? Fearful? Yeah right… That’s why he was making plans to visit Jodi in California in June and that’s why he guilted her while she was on the way to Utah so as to make her visit him in Mesa, can we say booty call? Sure! Maybe poor innocent virgin Travis felt like spending some time with ” one of the prettiest girls on the planet” (again his own words,sounds fearful?????)
    UGH! He was a pathological liar, a manipulative individual who would pass himself off as an innocent person being stalked by the crazy bitch while he would spend half the day having a hard-on thinking of Jodi. (sorry for the vulgar language, but the hypocricy is making me furious)

    • My dear friend Maria, he must have been making poopie in his panties every time Jodi was around… (rolling eyes, you know like who…).

      ‘Manipulative’: that is the perfect word for him (I don’t even feel like calling him by his name today..).

      Two-faced pervert. And peeps reading, don’t go getting your panties in a bundle: Yes, a perv! What else can we call a 30 yrs old guy that fantasizes sodomizing 12 years old girls tied to a tree, ffs?

    • I love how Alyce made it very clear TA’s actions were not of a man scared.
      You don’t visit your stalker. You don’t have sex with your stalker.
      JM was reaching really reaching… As far as where all the other texts and emails went ?? That’s what I wanna see.
      What else was said in this email with this girl.?

  2. It’s true, he was lying to JODI about Deanna !??? What a joke. He was one of those people that liked to manipulate others to think he was more desirable.
    He would always have a stalker ,or some other girl, just to make himself look “wanted” LOL A guy just did this to me ! Hahaha-! Classic…..

    • I don’t think he did it to make himself look more desirable.It was more of a ”have the cake and eat it too” kind of strategy.He had to have the conflicting, secret parts of his life compartmentalized. One girl could not be aware of the other or if she happened to find out, there would be a great fictitious story by Mr Alexander to disperse doubts.
      So, Deanna knew nothing about Jodi being his sexual partner (Jodi was not even introduced to Deanna) and Jodi was told that Deanna was an obsessed ex girlfriend refusing to accept that Travis was not hers any more and it would be best to just stay clear of her. Same with that other girl (I forget her name) with whom Travis was communicating via e-mails in May 2008: for fear of the 2 running into each other or someone mentioning Jodi’s name in front of his new ”conquest”, he made up the story of a stalker who would not accept they were over.. Genius, right?
      SMH! 🙄

      • It’s a genius tactic a lot of guys and gals do: they two-time or sometimes three-time and to keep their ‘asses covered’ they badmouth one to the other calling them stalkers, crazy, pathetic… etc! travis thought he was getting away with murder or so he thought so…. (pun intended)!

    • If I am not mistaken Mad, wasn’t Travis saying similiar things about Deanna to Jodi and vice versa? I think I recall hearing about this before.

      • Yeah, Ryan I thought TA made Deanna look desperate for him. So, Jodi was used to Travis” dealing” with Deanna’s calls. He didn’t want them to run into another. When Deanna went over ,and JA was making cookies Deanna was freaked out. Jodi was doing her thing ,and Deanna ran into TA ‘s room. I am sure TA made Jodi look crazy to Deanna, and vise versa to JODI about Deanna.
        Which to some women,that makes him look like he’s got something good , that makes the girls coming around. IMO… but Maria and Pandora are right ,he was sneaky about all the women he was playing with.

  3. I gotta say though that my favorite part of Day 42 is when Martinez asks ALV if (before giving her LA presentation) she talked to the 7 Dwarves and/or Snow White.
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    Poor Kermit, he kept throwing all the shit he could come up with to see what would stick.

    • Maria shame on you for making fun of the frog! It was a good question, IMO! How WAS kermit to know if Alyce had actually talked/interviewed the dwarfs? A good prosecutor always has to ask these important and very solid questions!!! Pfff…

      ((((((Maria))))) ♥

      • LMAOOOOO! You’re right, φιλενάδα μου! How dare I make fun of the Frog of all Frogs??

        (And duuuh, it’s ”dwarfs” not dwarves- I’m embarrased to admit I made that Junior A level mistake LOL! )

  4. SJ,

    Please, please, please… make a thread tomorrow with the FOX video’s that you have on top of today’s thread (“FOX rips martinez a new one”).

    I took the liberty to copy/paste a few comments Jodi supporters made back then when the Snow White fiasco was going on. They are fantastic! Take a look folks:

    “What a no-good prick.” — tonysam

    “She has had many years dealing with assholes like him.” — BeeCee

    “Mr. Martinez I’m not sure what you’re saying! Well neither does anyone else!” – Tina J

    “Snow White now? Man, this fucker is reaching.” — Kira

    “Yep. What next, the big, bad wolf and the 3 little pigs?” — Frannie

    “Oh my goodness, Frog on crack!” — Ann

    “Why the hell is the judge letting this go on? What the fuck????!!!!!!!!! What the fuck does any of this have to do with this case? This is insane. Martinez is an ugly, vile little man. And this judge is an idiot.” — Michael L

    “Does anyone else smell that? Its the smell of “JackShit” and its everywhere that the little troll has paced. Watch where you step.” — Shan72

    “I’m wondering if I’ll ever sleep tonight–far too much excitement for one day!!” — Heather1

    “Guys I finally got the Snowwhite and the dwarfs thing. BOMBSHELL. JM is one of the dwarfs – Dopey” — Al

    (((((My favorites are by Ann and Shan72)))) —-> “Frog on crack”!!!!! LMFAO!!!!! I love it! ♥

    • Oh, the good old days….
      Martinez definitely qualifies for the role of Grumpy! If Grumpy was also vile, malicious, wicked, spiteful, sinister and evil.

      • I always liked Grumpy until now! JM has definitely ruined memories from my childhood. He is a vile evil man!!! Wonder how his recovery is going????? And from what?????? I’m hoping he had a Heart Transplant! (((((Maria)))))

  5. Hello all Jodi supporters! Could anyone please inform me about the Marissa Devault case. I can’t seem to have anyone answer my questions anywhere. Day 3 and part 3 of Tawndilly post on youtube. It has to do with the last half of the video. It seems to be about the deal with Allen Flores supposedly taking notes on his computer and one of which claiming that he lended Marissa $8,000 to hire a hit man to kill Dale. It at least sounded like Allen was saying that he wrote this down on his computer just incase something bad happened to him, “incase of his fear.” At one point Allen claims that he was scared of Marissa potentially killing him to pay off her debt, yet he maintained his relationship with her and bailed her out of jail. Anyways, is that what this whole deal was about? I also recall Eric Basta asking Allen if he ever helped Marissa kill Dale throughouyt their relationship and he said no. Eric claimed that there was a computer forensic Analyist who said that these statements made on Allen’s computer were time stamped so that this could define exactly when Allen first put this on his computer. There was also talk about editing and the confession letter by Stanley. I would be very appreciative if at least one of yall could help me with this. Take care you guys and I will talk to ya later.

    • What I have noticed,is the media is dissatisfied bc they aren’t posting pics of his dead body. The only pics they are showing are of blood splatter.
      I am here for JODI , and they are continually comparing Arias and Devall.
      Listen, there is only ONE Jodi. I am proud to support her.
      Sorry ,I’m not a court / crime watcher. I only support Jodi.
      I do see the difference between the judge’s. This judge in Devall case, seems to be in control.
      Anyways,more to add to insult.

      • Hey there Mad. Thanks for the comment. It really seems as if Marissa is worth the time to look into too. I suggest you look into this case more.

        • @Ryan I took a look last night, miss spelled her name in a post earlier today. I loved this defense lawyer that was making comments actually on HLN with the recovered alcoholic Jane. He was stating that they would have to fight the entire AZ justice department! Bc they are all involved in making a person who is innocent guilty. Due to lies ,false evidence, and childporn rings = /
          Yes ,he said that! I have to get his name.
          I don’t know if they will ever put him in front of a camera again LOL
          ..She seems to have a lot of documentation of abuse. Pics, her hubby was in anger management classes. They had a very complex unhealthy marriage. So, that’s what I know so far. I also was shocked that the policemen ran to go get camera while this guy was bleeding from his head. #priorities? He said fireman just arrived, so ?
          I believe that the media is hating on her, comparing her to JODI. Down to glasses. Ughhh . They also said she was laughing too much.
          I am a inappropriate laugher. I don’t get why anyone else can’t be that way as well.
          That’s what I know so far.

    • Hello. They are not streaming the #MarissaDeVault case for the last few days. 3/4-3/6/14. The state rested today after playing taped phone calls from Marissa to me Cook. Her daughter will testify next week. The trial will start back up on Monday. I’ve been reading about it if you want to ask me anything. Take care! Sandy

      • Sandy! That would be a big help to me if you could give me a overview in general, the more information, the better? I hope that is not to much to ask? Such a surprise to see this, wasn’t expecting it. I want to create a team on face book and a youtube video for Marissa. I missed Stanley Cook’s testimony and I can’t find it on youtube. I hope you are going to enjoy the weekend Sandy B. Talk later.

    • OMG Maria! 🙂 That’s wonderful news!!!!!! Thanks for sharing! Maybe our prayers are starting to be answered. Inch by inch, step by step, foot by foot we will keep marching on! (((((((JODI))))))

      • Great news! A friend on my Facebook, had Joe and his prisoners on my feed….showing how strict he was. How his jails had no coffee, chaingangs for men and women in pink shirts including underwear. You know talking how great he is..
        I WENT OFF! Like I had Tourette syndrome. I added how many people he let die.
        My hair dresser,that put up post ,apologized and said she didn’t know anything about that.
        I said, not many do. Made me sick !! Puke ,dry heave ,puke!

        • Journey, or SJ ….morbid question…. DID SOMEONE CLOSE TA’s eyes?
          Or is that generally the case when a deceased person is found?
          I was just thinking about all those old wives tales. Putting pennies on the eyes of deceased. Chinese people wrap up body in a cloth to keep the spirit from rising. (Not sure on details/facts ) There are things we currently do.
          Take deceased bodies head first ?.or.feet.first? So ,spirit doesn’t look back.
          Just ,curious who closed TA’s eyes? Or was he found with them opened?? If anyone knows….please answer. Ty

          • Well, here’s my morbid answer for you:

            I was with my mother when she died. Her eyes weren’t wide open, but they weren’t closed either…. it was like she’d been gazing at the foot of the bed. I tried and tried to close her eyes in the hour or so it took for the hospice nurse to arrive, and I couldn’t get them to close.

            So my guess would be that Travis closed his eyes before he died.

          • Yes his eyes were partially open. Because of decoposition there was slight bloating of face & his eyes were swollen. How this helps. Sandy

            • I was with my aunt when she passed away. She stared off and went in prayer. Hospice RN closed her eyes. I was curious about TA. Just curious about the 5 days.
              The funeral home also turned my aunt around,bfn taking her out of the room. Something about feet first. So ,the deceased can’t open eyes and see mortuary staff. (Old wives tales)
              Ty for info.

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