Trial Day 41 – April 4th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s 2013 replay rolls on with Alyce LaViolette’s testimony, and includes the pivotal part of the trial… the infamous “Snow White & the 7 dwarfs” themed cross. Classic Kermit.

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Afternoon session. Final Session.

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Trial Day 41 – April 4th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Alyce LaViolette – testimony continues

[hdplay id=152 width=500 height=300]

Part 2/3:

Alyce LaViolette – testimony concludes
Alyce LaViolette – cross examination starts (w/Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs)

[hdplay id=153 width=500 height=300]

Part 3/3:

Alyce LaViolette – cross examination continues

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    • Hey SJ! Happy Snow White Day backatcha!!!!! 🙂

      The song rocks!!! Yay!!! Peeps, my ‘hat trick’ first comments gift was shown in the videoclip! Try guessing what it was! 😉

      ((((((((((SJ))))))))) ♥
      (((((((((Wild Ones)))))))))))

      P.S. SJ: Σε λατρεύω! Φιλάκια πολλά! ♥

  1. Good morning to all. I haven’t bailed I’m just reading and taking a trip down memory lane. I have to admit that little man (jm) makes me crazy…….Every time I hear his voices I want to reach out and punch him. (I cleaned it up a bit) LOL

    I want to go on record , I stand on that same belief that I had a year ago. Jodie did not kill Travis. She was not alone in that house.

      • And I concur on Kermit’s so very ANNOYING voice/manners/attitude. I feel like punching him in his ugly face every time I have to listen to or watch him pacing or jumping up and down, too! GRRR….

  2. Hello TEAM JODI ! I just got back from Boston.(weekend getaway)
    Wanted to check in.
    I’m still around. I’m going to write again to JODI today. I hope she is doing ok. Does anybody know how she is??
    Well, sending my love.

    ((((Team Jodi)))
    I am BUILDING up to my next post! ” evil laugh” hehehe!! Bet you all can’t wait. =)
    Have a great day everyone.

  3. Is this the shack talk , about Ms. Snow’s living conditions? LOL Really what a joke.
    Someone needed to tell him, wrong story. Juan should have been on the yellow brick road.
    Needed a trip to THE OZ, for a heart.
    STILL, using Ms. White left some room for debates..
    Ok Snow ,had an awesome dad. He died so step mom and her evil ,jealous stepsisters were adorned with all of her daddy’s money. Stepmomma made sure her girls ,looked great to attract the attention of the rich and powerful. Meanwhile ,Snow had to be the maid, hidden in the house, a big dirty secret.
    Snow didn’t know why her step mom hated her. She was Ted to be apart of the family. She was however not good enough. Reality ,she was too pretty and too talented. She had to be put away,locked up in the basement. So far , I could make a few symbolic connections…..How about you?
    They really should have interviewed M’s Snow and her stepmother. Would have been nice for the defense to cross exam all those involved. Oh yes !! and the 7 dwarfs too.
    I mean this is a life or death case.
    Sadly this is the truth.

  4. I’m still here in the background…and still in aweeee mode!!!! Since watching this trial, I’ve watched the Amanda Hayes case and at this moment watching Marissa Devaults trial. As we all are aware Miss Jodi Arias did not in any way receive a fair trial. There was absolutely no control in the court room. If Miss Arias had either judge in the cases I mentioned above, the outcome would have been completely different! Miss Arias’es trial so far is the only trial I’ve ever felt “like what the hell just happened”!!! If you get a chance look in on both trials. If only Miss Arias was given a fair one!!!

    I still believe in Miss Arias…. Great to see she is still receiving the love and support needed!

  5. PART 1/3 of my thoughts about the vids:

    Best of quotes (prior to the Snow White shenanigan):

    ALYCE: “Mr. Martinez, are you angry at me?”
    KERMIT: “Mam, Is that relevant to you? Is that important to you?” – He charges up… and continues: “Does that make any difference to your evaluation? Whether the prosecution is angry? YES or NO?”
    (He is so wound up that he goes into hissy fit mode…)
    ALYCE: “It makes a difference to me the way I am spoken to and I would like for you to speak to me the way I am speaking to you”
    ALYCE: “Do you want the truth Mr. Martinez or do you want a yes or no?”
    KERMIT: “Mam, I’m asking you questions. You seem to be having trouble answering my questions”
    “Do you wanna spar with me” he continues…

    And if THIS isn’t badgering the witness, then I don’t know what is…

    The constant interruptions while Alyce was trying to answer that fucass’s questions, the abusive tone of the frog, the ironic attacking from him… I am a hero for re-watching!

    And Pickles: “overruled, overruled, overruled”…. (rolling eyes the Samantha way – she does it better than anyone else!)

    P.S. Martinez looked up ‘Clinical Interview’ (probably in Webster’s dictionary… he seems to be fond of that dictionary) and he dares ask a professional expert what ‘clinical interview’ means… ffs! How much of a doofus is that frog? Really?

    • Anything to put the jury’s focus on total BS instead of allowing reflection on what ALV said at the end of her direct testimony: That she saw no jealousy in Jodi’s texts, emails or diary entries with respect TA, in spite of Jodi’s awareness that he was serious about pursuing a relationship with Mimi.

      The fairytale foolishness followed on the heels of the above testimony, testimony that supported very REASONABLE DOUBT about an alleged jealousy motive.

    • When ALV said that it felt sooooo good! One of the BEST moment of this trial-Kermit finding his match LOLOL!
      And to see him getting furious was even better, oh how I wish I was inside his head that very moment. I’m sure (being the abusive bully that he is) that he had to control himself, he must have really wanted to slap ALV. He must have been thinking: ”How dare she? A woman, talking back at ME, the Master of the Universe? The frog of all frogs?” HAHAHAHA!
      Thank you Alyce!

  6. PART 2/3:


    Objection, irrelevance, speculation… fairytale! ….. OVERRULED! OVERRULED! OVERRULED!

    This was the most interesting part of the trial for pickles! Listening to Snow White stories! She wasn’t gonna let a good fairytale go to waste! I wish they would have found Snow White and called her as a witness. This is so fucking unreal! Who in their right mind spends over half an hour cross-examining a witness referring to fairytales???? GMAFB!!!!

    That MF Kermit, ruined it for me! I will never be able to hear the fairytale ‘Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs’ and feel that carefree feeling I always had… I am suing!

    • Can I sue, too??? I’ll never be able to watch Snow White again, use the word ”Right?” at the end of a sentence, look innocently at a cream pie without thinking of that pic of Martinez holding one or use the phrase ”memory problems” in any sentence… 🙁

      Btw, ” Objection irrelevance, speculation, FAIRYTALE” LOL AND OMG! Poor Jennifer could probably NOT believe her ears when she was desperately trying to make Pickles realize that this was just getting out of hand but the old hag would not listen! One of my favorite moments, goes to show how much of a circus trial it was… 🙄 (yes, yes, the Samantha way)

    • I honestly was like ” AM I IN A TWILIGHT ZONE?” Is this really happening? LOL ?? Where ,what Where is the judge? NEVER IN MY LIFE ! LOL Really, major malarkey ! ( bullshit) :)=

  7. PART 3/3:

    As long as we’re talking about fairytales, who wants to ‘chip in’ and hire kermit on behalf of Cinderella? We’ll sue those evil twins for all they’ve got.

    And while we’re at it lets go on and help Little Red Riding Hood (sue the wolf), Hansel & Gretel (sue all candy companies), Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, The Three Little Pigs, The Ugly Ducking… I’m sure I’m forgetting some.

    kermit would be the best defence attorney for all the above! He seems to know a lot about his fairytales…

    • Sleeping Beauty (sue spindles)
      Rapunzel ( sue all enchantresses with gardens full of rampions)
      The 3 Little Pigs (sue all straw companies NOT brick companies though)
      The Ugly Duckling ( sue all bullies out there. Uh oh…. 😉 )

  8. Maybe they could serve Popcorn and Peanuts at the next part of the trial and we all will feel like we’ve been to the movies!

    Cindy Jewell, I’m with you, that little man drives me crazy. . .that voice!!!!!! Geeeeeez!

  9. I don’t know why, with history spilling over with “officials” who turned out to be tyrants, crooks, dictators and charlatans, that so many people seem to think it’s impossible that they might actually encounter such.

  10. 38.12!

    I LOVE Jennifer!!!! Just look at her, she’s about to give up, I bet she was thinking ”That man can’t be THAT stupid, now can he?”

  11. Did anyone notice that Martinez (at the very end of the 3rd video) said to Nurmi the Judge wants to talk with you??? Judge seemed surprised . . . blinkblink…. then said “Oh yes let us go back. . . .” Martinez even tells her when to have meetings with everyone!!! He is so full of his self it is unreal!

  12. Hello Pandora and Maria,

    Soooo happy to see you both going strong!!!! Your support shines! We as citizens in the public know that Miss Jodi Arias was wronged in a huge way. And we all know justice will be served!!!! As always all the best to Miss Jodi Arias! Xoxo

    Stay strong all!!!

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