Trial Day 4 – January 9th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Here’s the video from Day 4 of the trial, featuring Ryan Burns, Maureen Smith, Kevin Biggs, Heather Conner & Gloria Esteban.

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Trial Day 4 – January 9th, 2013:

Ryan Burns (Jodi’s alleged love interest)
Maureen Smith (latent print examiner)
Kevin Biggs (latent print examiner)
Heather Conner (crime scene/latent print examiner)
Esteban Flores (lead case agent)

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  1. I’ll be the first then :)))

    Gloria Esteban? Hehe, that has a feminine ring to it.
    BTW, I’ve noticed that Martinez had a nasty habit of mispronouncing Jodi’s last name. I’ve heard him pronounce it correctly, but sometimes something possesses him and he mispronounces it. What a douche!

    • Congrats Alexey! 🙂

      And good catch!!!! I’ve seen people commenting on that on Facebook, too.Kermit did it on purpose, I believe! He did mispronounce her last name though he of all people should know how to pronounce it. 😉

      • Cynthia, isn’t it a bit sarcastic that Martinez uses his hispanic pronunciation only when it comes to saying Jodi’s last name and even then, not always?

      • I think he midpronounces her last name to show his disrespect because he’s the biggest douche in the universe. Especially after Jodi went over the prononciation of her last name with Nurmi when he asked her about it.
        I’m sure he knows how to properly pronounce it, but he wants to get on Jodi’s nerves, to yank her chain. What a pathetic knuckehead, resorts to such cheap tricks. It’s a third grade insult, not something you’d expect of an aging prosecutor.

        • Yeah, Kermit, ought to be thankful that I wasn’t on the stand because I am a pretty sensitive person and, I tell the truth, and if he would have talked to me in that “crab ass” voice and just TRIED to intimidate ME, I would have either cried or told him off and set him straight right there on the stand in front of him and everyone in the court room. I wouldn’t have cared what they would have said or done to me but I would have made a scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After re-watching these videos I’ve realized exactly how Kermit operates!!! He tries to talk real mean all the time cuz he thinks that will make people afraid and nervous or something!!! He dioesn’t always have to talk mean (KN & JW are nice to everyone!)! I really admire our Jodi for how calm and poised she was on the stand (especially having gone through all she did!) with big, bad (not) Kermit! Jodi is an amazing woman!!!

    • Yes!tHe PUT a Spanish rrrrr on Jodi ‘s last name, to pass her off ,I think,bc TA made fun of the name remember!? HOW Low Juan GOES! JERK!
      HELLO EVERYONE 🙂 —– Madeline, C.T. still here xx

  2. Ryan Loser Famewhore Byrns…

    Isn’t it amazing how Jodi’s ridiculed for not taking notice of the upside down plates but no one asks Ryan how come he didn’t pay attention to them if it was so freaking obvious? And mind you, it was the rear licence plate, anyone could have overlooked it. It’s not like you constantly check on them!

    • Yep, Maria your right. Ryan has what I would say is a horrible case of selective memory.

      Uh oh uh oh uh . .oh (ringing of hands). . . (roll the eyes and smile for Martinez) . .uh oh hmm . .uh.

      I believe he took lessons of “what to say” from Chris Hughes! I’m sorry Jodi even gave him the time of day. . .UGH!

      • Yes R.Love! I agree! These are the kind of guys that once noticed by a beautiful and intelligent woman they think they are studs! (uh oh uh uhmmm —> rolling eyes! LOL)

      • Ryan couldn’t even remember if he helped her change the license plate or not?????? I suppose Hughes didn’t go over that question with him! LOL He sure could remember where his hands where didn’t he! What a Joker~~~~~~~~iiiiiiiiiiiiii!

        • hands were (SP) sorry!

          We just had a deep freeze here (2 degrees); didn’t even think to blame it on Jodi!!??? Of course, it would have been more bearable if I thought Jodi had sent it my way :)!

        • Exactly!!!! He remembers they were only a few yards away when the car got stopped by the police, he remembers them joking about the upside down plate YET he can’t say if he helped her change it back or not 🙄
          And you know what? Jodi was behind him, he says he was looking from his mirror but did he notice there was NO front licence plate? HELL NO! 🙄

          • Maria, it seems that almost all prosecusion witnesses remember certain things depending on what’s in favor of the prosecusion. I’m sure that if they were cornered by the judge when asked if they were being honest they’d all get slammered with perjury! The meaning of JUSTICE in this case is overrated, ffs.

            • I have been saying that ,all TA’s Mormon friends,(and let’s not forget the Mormon lead DETECTIVE….)
              They were ALL SO SCRIPTED! Even the 911 call, I wanted to hear that cleaned up, and hear what was really going on ,in the background!

        • I think Martinez coached Ryan. He must have interviewed him prior to his appearance in court and gone over his testimony, what questions he would ask and what he’d expect him to say in response.
          I’m not sure it’s illegal through, it amounts to suborning perjury in my book.
          Then again, Martinez is no stranger to playing dirty, what with him changing his story on the eve of the trial, and getting Horn and Florez to recant their previous testimonies.

    • But Maria, it’s ALWAYS Jodi’s fault! I am guessing that the extreme bad weather is also Jodi’s fault… for shame!

      ((((Maria)))) ♥

  3. Rewatching Day #4 of the trial I now see clearly what a POS and definately a windbag kermit is.

    How irrelevant and a waste of time the whole reference to the cheesecake was… (rolling eyes).

    I LOL when martinez asked ryan burns if Jodi was strong and he answered “Ya, very strong” -wtf? What a fucking whiney bitch ryan was on the stand: It was as if I was actually hearing him say “Waaaaah, waaaah….. Jodi was so zuper strong she almost hurt my pee-pee” – SMFH! Grow a pair, ryan and stop being such a pussywinkle!

    It is noted that Jodi had never badmouthed travis to anyone. On the contrary, travis went around talking about her in the worst possible way. That speaks volumes…

    travis had a general reputation as a ‘player’, a flirt, a lady’s man….

    As for the clothing that were ‘probably’ bleached (from the look of them and not from doing tests on them… – again rolling eyes), I personally would like to state that if bleach is poured in a load of clothing, either the clothes are on the top of the load or on the bottom, they will all have bleach stains on them. Why were some not bleached? Especially some t-shirts. How are we so sure that the bleach was poured then? How can we be 100% sure that those bleach looking clothes weren’t bleached at a prior time? Questions that nurmi should have asked then.

    I know that many haters will say that we overlooked the fact that Jodi read texts from travis’s cell phone. Big fucking whoopy-do… We have all done it at least once in our lives. Be honest, who wouldn’t do it if they had indications that the guy/gal they were seeing was cheating on them? Even in a ‘casual sex’ non relationship when someone feels that they are ‘taken for a ride’ they want to know the truth. We all want to know if we are being lead on or ‘played’.

    kermit: that useless excuse! Already from day #4 he was all over the place. Just in one question he is asking the witness (I think it was Heather Conner) about the tie-dye, the fingerprint and the camera strap! Go figure… no train of thoughts…

    Lastly… at the end of day #4, we can see the Bobbsey twins NOT making NO facial expressions… ffs! (Rolling eyes the samantha way and sucking cheeks the tanny way!) GMAFB!

    ((((Jodi)))) ♥

    • LOL As Edgar always says Martinez does a superb job dancing around in his TuTu putting the jury into a trance so he can pull his evil lies over on them. The jury didn’t stand a chance with him. . .he probably laced their water bottle with Martinez-ade! “Drink up my dears and after your water I have a nice shiny red apple for you” . . .evil grin. . .blinking he’s beady eyes! Oh dear me.

      • Haha, a new brand of koolaid – Martinezaid
        My question to the jury would be “Have you been drinking the Martinez-aid all this time?” 😀

    • And where did all those pairs of Sox come from? Was TA ,just doing a load of socks with a few other things? IDK ,it was weired.
      Remind you, Zach said he did laundry on the 7th , / a SAT. Then Zach said ,he did laundry on the 4th?? So Zach was all over the place about that. But even then, HOW DID DET. FLORES, NOTICE BLOOD ON WASHER ,WHEN FIRST ARRIVED ON SCENE, BF A SEARCH WARRANT…LOL !DETECTIVE Do you have super powers? DOES ANYONE BELIEVE Jaun saw the small DARK brown tiny marks on the washer that same night ,all those people were there and just discovered the body?
      Another , “data point” as MS. DEMARTASS ,likes to label them.
      In the DET. Report, Before leaving, I noticed what appeared to be BLOOD on the washer.
      Yep , sure u did.
      DATA POINT #2, There was along hair found in BLOOD on the hallway wall. SO it was collected. If Jodi had her hair in braids, there was obviously a struggle,if there is hair stuck on the wall. HOW would anyone’s hair get on to a wall in,BLOOD?? THERE WAS A STRUGGLE! /// that’s my opinion. Meant her head was up against the wall??? Or was pulled out of her head and stuck there??
      Everything ,in this case ….makes me go HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…….
      Madeline ,C.T.

      • We all are in a state of bewilderment that there are so many unanswered questions! What happened to the state of az justice system????? How is Martinez able to fabricate such unbelievable facts?????? What is wrong with Judge Pickles???? Is she blinded by Martinez and his hocus pocus schemes???? We all are saying HHHMMMMMMMMM!

  4. They’re ALL (Prosecution) “JACKED-UP” on “Martinez-ade”, every one of them!!!!

    “Martinez-ade”: Taking instruction from Martinez on what to say or not say when on the stand in the Jodi Arias trial!!!

    Who do they think they’re fooling??????? Not TEAM JODI, that’s for sure!!!!!!!

    Because, we are TEAM JODI…and WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS. MAKE NO MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (((((JODI))))) 🙂 🙂 🙂

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