Trial Day 38 – March 28th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s 2013 replay continues with Jean Casarez (lawyer & HLN pundit) and the Evidentiary Hearing (click for more details) — then Alyce LaViolette’s testimony.

Click the links to read my original posts & comments submitted from Trial Day 38:
Morning sessionAfternoon session.

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Trial Day 38 – March 28th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Jean Casarez (lawyer & HLN pundit) – Evidentiary Hearing (click for more details)

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Part 2/3:

Alyce LaViolette – testimony continues

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Part 3/3:

Alyce LaViolette – testimony continues

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      • Hey SJ! I’m back babe! 🙂

        “Once again you appear to be on top” LOL! You betcha I do! 😉

        ((((((((((SJ)))))))))) ♥

    • Pandora #1 again!!!!! Congrats on your first place and getting you computer back to working!!!!
      I missed you and your colorful posts!!!!!!! 🙂 (((((((((PANDORA)))))))))

  1. Re-posting from previous thread:

    Pandora says:
    March 1, 2014 at 7:30 am

    Hello everyone!!!!

    Hope everyone’s doing ok! I finally got a new hard drive and am back to business! (beware: first comment competition is on again folks!) LMAO!!!

    Ok, all I’ve got to say about Alyce is that she is phenomenal! She is a brilliant psychotherapist. She definitely was a great witness for Jodi’s trial. Although, kermit tried to dehumanize and demonize her, she kept her head up high and stood to her believes! Kudos and respect to Ms Alyce LaViolette.

    Domestic Violence is a scourge that doesn’t leave visible scars. Most abused people (women AND men) rarely admit to domestic violence out of shame and/or fear. Alyce has help hundreds and hundreds of abused people. She is an expert and specialist on this sad matter. To see her reputation stomped on and dragged through the mud makes me furious!

    Since Alyce testified at Jodi’s trial, there have been comments on blogs, Twitter, and Facebook denigrating Alyce for her looks, weight, age, and speculated sexuality. As the comments increase, they extend to calls for her physical harm or even death. Entire Facebook accounts have been created for the sole purpose of publicly disparaging her and ending her career. She has been followed, photographed. Twitter users have urged people to express their “disgust” at her, and posted her phone number, leading to a barrage of harassing and threatening calls. Petitions are circulating demanding that “Alyce LaViolette should no longer be given the opportunity to speak at abuse seminars based on her testimony in The State vs. Jodi Arias Murder trial.”

    Humans are capable of incredibly cruel and inhumane treatment of each other. All those who jumped the opportunity to attack Alyce in such a vile and disgraceful way should take a second look in the mirror before attacking others. When Alyce’s remarkable and over three decades practice is questioned by haters, they should remember this and ask themselves what THEIR achievements are:

    Alyce has received numerous awards for her work, including the Humanitarian Award from Peace Over Violence, the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Statewide California Coalition on Battered Women, the Ending Violence Award from Rainbow Shelter Services, Champion of Hope Award from Women’s Shelter of Long Beach, the Alumni Award from California State University at Long Beach, proclamations from Los Angeles County and the State of California. Alyce recently received a proclamation and was honored by the City of Long Beach for her work in the field of domestic violence.

    Put the pitchforks away, FFS!

    ~Peace out.

    (((((ALYCE LAVIOLETTE)))))
    ((((JODI ARIAS))))

    • Re-posting from previous thread:

      Hi Pandora!

      I agree entirely. Alyce was a stellar expert witness. Kermit could have crossed her for another 11 days and he still wouldn’t have made any headway, despite his Snow White-riddled antics & related douchebaggery.

      All he had to counter Alyce was Janeen DeMarte and her stripper pole. And by all accounts, that didn’t really work too well, especially as she kept forgetting what Kermit had told her to say.

      And in reply to an earlier comment in this page, yes, TA is classed (and always will be) as a serial abuser, however hard anyone tries to deny it. He also fantasized about tying a 12 year old girl to a tree and fucking her in the ass if I recall rightly. Is there a suitable word for that too?

      Team Jodi

      • It’s only fair to re-post my reply to SJ’s re-posted reply! 🙂

        Pandora says:
        March 1, 2014 at 8:18 am


        kermit’s Snow White antics were quite amusing. It was his best solid proof that Snow White was a floozy woman! She sang like a siren and hypnotized those poor misguided dwarfs… (rolling eyes the …. Pandora way!). Snow White was asking for it all along! LMFAO!

        Some day (hoping soonly), more women will quit being afraid of their religion/cult and they will come forward and tell us their story about how Travis used and abused them too.

        I am sure he used the same technique with all his victims: Scottish Shower (hot and cold). Promising, deceiving, brainwashing…

        How sick can a person be when he wants to hear his lover sound like a 12 yr old girl while sodomizing her? FFS! If THAT isn’t pedophile alert, then I don’t know what is…. 12yrs old? Really? How low is low?

  2. 2/19/2014 SDO – Order to Seal Documents – Party (001) 2/28/2014

    • Dr. Cheryl L. Karp, Vice-Chairperson for the State of Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners: she had evaluated Jodi and I think Jodi had talked to her about MORE than just 4 incidents of abuse.

      Can someone simplify the above ^^^ for me, please?
      Is there any chance Dr Karp will be called to testify?

      • It *sounds* like Karp herself has written a brief to support a defense motion to keep something *she* said – or included in early reports – from being used by Martinez against Jodi…. and defense has filed a motion to seal the brief (which, if granted, means we’ll never really know what any of that means, lol.)

        • I’m no lawyer, but it sounds to me that there is concern about using her reports with respect to a particular issue if doing so carries the potential to open the door to a rebuttal that they know would stink to high heaven.

          • I recall that Martinez quoted her reports a few times – sometimes as a way of impeaching defense witnesses.

            But from what we know of Martinez, it would not surprise me AT ALL if he was mis-quoting or mis-representing her… to Jodi’s detriment, no doubt.

            At any rate, I find it VERY interesting that she has written a brief to SUPPORT a defense motion.

              • not sure on the timeline with Dr Karp, but as Maria said, there were indications in testimony that Karp actually heard MORE about Travis’ abuse than LaViolette testified to.

                • Yes, De Marte said that she had only heard of 4 incidents while Jodi had talked about more incidents to Dr Karp.
                  I pray something positive comes out of this motion… Fingers crossed!

  3. Hmm… I’ve also read that Maria De la Rosa (Jodi’s mitigation specialist) may be replaced by Sue Stodola. Why I wonder? (if it is not a rumor)

    • I hope that Maria De La Rosa is not replaced, she has been a very good friend to Jodi since she has been locked up.

      (((((MARIA DE LA ROSA))))) ♥
      (((((MARIA RIGADOPOULOU))))) ♥
      μυ Γρεεκ δαθγητερ ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂

      Ray in H-burg Va.

  4. One of the things that truly astonishes me is that if someone were to write a murder novel in which the perpetrator came up with Jodi’s supposed premeditated plan, the writer would be laughed right out of the publisher’s office; nobody would possibly believe someone would intentionally come up with such a ridiculous plan. But people seem to have no trouble believing Jodi would (probably because it confirms what they want to believe). The incredible backward thinking in the case tells us we have a large group of people alive today who have their thinking abilities firmly planted in the 17th Century.

    • It is indeed worrisome to know that the people who believe Jodi is guilty of premeditated murder are not concerned that they cannot tell you exactly what was proven in this case.

      They never insist that the prosecutor conclusively proved anything to them, but they should know better. Their convictions about Jodi are based on feelings about the injuries (of which they only know the number, not the extent – and again, aren’t troubled by the M.E.’s vagaries as to whether the gunshot was incapacitating) and their impressions of Jodi’s personality and character, garnered by wading through HLN’s gossip-driven “commentary”.

      Many people who eat up crime-driven episodic TV shows are convinced that Jodi planned to kill TA, even though they possess plenty of knowledge of evidence investigation gained from comfortably soaking up “police procedurals” night after night at home. Astonishingly, a great many folks are not circumspect about flagrant displays of prejudice against Jodi, even when they should understand that the state’s case is very weak. Why? What if it were them, or one of their relatives? Would they care then whether an M.E.’s report was cavalierly “flushed” on the witness stand?

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