Trial Day 37 – March 26th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s 2013 replay rolls on with the continuation of Alyce LaViolette’s testimony…

Click the links to read my original posts & comments submitted from Trial Day 37: Morning session. Afternoon session.

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Trial Day 37 – March 26th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Alyce LaViolette – testimony continues

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Part 2/3:

Alyce LaViolette – testimony continues

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Part 3/3:

Alyce LaViolette – testimony continues

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  1. Hey cyber family! I haven’t had time to watch the clips yet but I will certainly do so, ALV testimony was an eye opener. She deserves all our admiration, that woman is a pioneer, a fighter against abuse and someone whose words and expertise the society should pay close attention to.
    Be back later, love you all ♥

    (((((( Jodi ))))))

      • I agree Journee. Alyce , IMO helped Jodi but I was bothered when I read at another site that Rob Roman believed that her testimony had hurt Jodi during the trial. I really didn’t get what he was saying because he has wrote articles with Amanda Chen and they have seemed supportive of
        Jodi. Have you read this? I believe Alyce was very brave and did help. ((((((Alyce)))))))

        • Rob and Amanda write in support of Jodi, but they also seem to have fallen into a few of the media traps – taken some of their ‘facts’ from social commentary rather than testimony.

          IMO, the only way Alyce’s testimony may have ‘hurt Jodi’ was the way it raised hackles: here was someone *besides*Jodi* calling Travis an abuser – and she didn’t KNOW Travis. That made people even madder than they’d been before Alyce testified.

          • ANYONE who calls Travis an abuser immediately becomes the next target for attacks by the anti-Jodi haters. If Jesus Christ came back and proclaimed Jodi’s innocence, those people would want to crucify Him again.

        • Hello! I’m a new supporter and so happy to see you’ve got the replay or trial so organized. I have a question about These emails everyone is discussing. Where they submitted into evidence? IMO I think the Hughes are lying but I can’t figure out why? When they clearly were warning Jodi away from TA. Does anyone have a link to emails? Thanks! Sandy
          How do I join site? Thanks again

          • SandyB welcome to our safe haven, where hatred doesn’t exist! Feel free to express your thoughts.

            Which e-mails are you talking about?

    • Yes, Alyce has been doing her work for many, many years so she knows what she’s talking about. She’s dedicated so much of her time and work over the years to selflessly help people, particularly women, and for that she should be applauded, not punished. If she had been a witness for the prosecution, the very same people who hate her now would love her. But because she testified so vehemently in support of Jodi, she’s had to take shit from people who’ve dedicated much of their time and work at attacking others, getting old, getting bored and getting fat.

  2. Jodi’s riveted attention and facial expressions during Alyce’s testimony gave anyone, if they were so attuned, a detailed glimpse into Travis’s abusive nature. She seemed to be re-living many of her trying days with him.

    • She seemed to be re-living many of her painful times with him throughout this trial which must have been the last thing she wanted to do again. Anyone that says that Travis didn’t abuse Jodi has got their head up their ass.

    • Ronald, sadly, I too saw the pain and fear in Jodi’s eyes. Unfortunately, mental and psychological abuse never is forgotten… people just learn to eventually live with it.

  3. Jodi should of testified last to pull Dr, S and Alyce’s testimony together. I wish she could get a new lawyer. Nurmi seems so disinterested in Jodi”s fate. at times it seem he wasn’t up to speed on discovery….

    • Hi and welcome SandyB! Glad to have you aboard. I, too have always felt that the Hughes are in this up to their necks. There are reasons that they were so involved in checking Travis’s computers, but only they know. They (and his friends?) were too quick to point the finger at Jodi and I do believe it was because they had much to cover up in this whole tragedy. I believe they have all of the answers to his fate and it isn’t just about Jodi. IMO they are the worst of the worst in the friends category.

      • I agree. Their interviews have gotten progressively worse. IMO they way their stories are vague & repetitive I think they are trying to make money off their “story” & friendship w Jodi. Something just isn’t making sense with them. Unless I’ve missed some of them, there are holes in their version of events. And if they knew so much why weren’t they called by the state? Does anyone know if those emails were put into evidence? The ones warning Jodi Travis was not over Dianna & his treatment of her? Thanks for welcoming me!

  4. Hello everyone!!!!

    Hope everyone’s doing ok! I finally got a new hard drive and am back to business! (beware: first comment competition is on again folks!) LMAO!!!

    Ok, all I’ve got to say about Alyce is that she is phenomenal! She is a brilliant psychotherapist. She definitely was a great witness for Jodi’s trial. Although, kermit tried to dehumanize and demonize her, she kept her head up high and stood to her believes! Kudos and respect to Ms Alyce LaViolette.

    Domestic Violence is a scourge that doesn’t leave visible scars. Most abused people (women AND men) rarely admit to domestic violence out of shame and/or fear. Alyce has help hundreds and hundreds of abused people. She is an expert and specialist on this sad matter. To see her reputation stomped on and dragged through the mud makes me furious!

    Since Alyce testified at Jodi’s trial, there have been comments on blogs, Twitter, and Facebook denigrating Alyce for her looks, weight, age, and speculated sexuality. As the comments increase, they extend to calls for her physical harm or even death. Entire Facebook accounts have been created for the sole purpose of publicly disparaging her and ending her career. She has been followed, photographed. Twitter users have urged people to express their “disgust” at her, and posted her phone number, leading to a barrage of harassing and threatening calls. Petitions are circulating demanding that “Alyce LaViolette should no longer be given the opportunity to speak at abuse seminars based on her testimony in The State vs. Jodi Arias Murder trial.”

    Humans are capable of incredibly cruel and inhumane treatment of each other. All those who jumped the opportunity to attack Alyce in such a vile and disgraceful way should take a second look in the mirror before attacking others. When Alyce’s remarkable and over three decades practice is questioned by haters, they should remember this and ask themselves what THEIR achievements are:

    Alyce has received numerous awards for her work, including the Humanitarian Award from Peace Over Violence, the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Statewide California Coalition on Battered Women, the Ending Violence Award from Rainbow Shelter Services, Champion of Hope Award from Women’s Shelter of Long Beach, the Alumni Award from California State University at Long Beach, proclamations from Los Angeles County and the State of California. Alyce recently received a proclamation and was honored by the City of Long Beach for her work in the field of domestic violence.

    Put the pitchforks away, FFS!

    ~Peace out.

    (((((ALYCE LAVIOLETTE)))))
    ((((JODI ARIAS))))

    • Hi Pandora!

      I agree entirely. Alyce was a stellar expert witness. Kermit could have crossed her for another 11 days and he still woudln’t have made any headway, despite his Snow White-riddled antics & related douchebaggery.

      All he had to counter Alyce was Janeen DeMarte and her stripper pole. And by all accounts, that didn’t really work too well, especially as she kept forgetting what Kermit had told her to say.

      And in reply to an earlier comment in this page, yes, TA is classed (and always will be) as a serial abuser, however hard anyone tries to deny it. He also fantasized about tying a 12 year old girl to a tree and fucking her in the ass if I recall rightly. Is there a suitable word for that too?

      Team Jodi

      • SJ,

        kermit’s Snow White antics were quite amusing. It was his best solid proof that Snow White was a floozy woman! She sang like a siren and hypnotized those poor misguided dwarfs… (rolling eyes the …. Pandora way!). Snow White was asking for it all along! LMFAO!

        Some day (hoping soonly), more women will quit being afraid of their religion/cult and they will come forward and tell us their story about how Travis used and abused them too.

        I am sure he used the same technique with all his victims: Scottish Shower (hot and cold). Promising, deceiving, brainwashing…

        How sick can a person be when he wants to hear his lover sound like a 12 yr old girl while sodomizing her? FFS! If THAT isn’t pedophile alert, then I don’t know what is…. 12yrs old? Really? How low is low?

      • Oh, I absolutely agree that Travis was an abuser…

        Was only trying to offer an explanation as to why anyone would say Alyce hurt Jodi’s case – Alyce REALLy pissed people off, the more-so because I think they all really liked her at first. You could have heard a pin drop in that courtroom when Alyce was describing how an abusive relationship develops. Even Flores looked like he was about to cry. Everyone could relate in their way. Then, after everyone warmed to her, she ‘betrayed’ TA’s supporters by calling Travis what he was. They’d liked her and she’d dared to say what none of them want to believe. Hence the unprecedented (and CRIMINAL imo) hate campaign against her.

    • ALV got a raw deal, so to speak. She was an expert asked to assess a victim. No one deserves to have their personal life & career tampered with because she was hired by the defense. I don’t understand the way ppl attacked her. People want justice but your mocking it by attacking the experts. Jodi has the right to a good defense & with this instant media now it’s not right or fair to attack anyone who has an opinion. Ms ALV does wonderful work & helps DV victims. She has dedicated her life to this cause… I don’t understand all the name calling & career smearing…..

  5. One of the things that truly astonishes me is that if someone were to write a murder novel in which the perpetrator came up with Jodi’s supposed premeditated plan, the writer would be laughed right out of the publisher’s office; nobody would possibly believe someone would intentionally come up with such a ridiculous plan. But people seem to have no trouble believing Jodi would (probably because it confirms what they want to believe). The incredible backward thinking in the case tells us we have a large group of people alive today who have their thinking abilities firmly planted in the 17th Century.

    • Apparently TA wasn’t an abuser at all, except as he gave Jodi a motive to premeditate his murder.

      And of course, he didn’t attack Jodi at all, but if he did, she defended herself too much.

      If the double-think isn’t nauseating enough, consider this exercise in non-think:

      In presenting its case against Jodi, the state sought to impeach – by proxy (ALV) – Snow White, a fictional character, as a witness.

      For starters, Snow White lived in a cute little cottage, NOT A SHACK, as was alleged by the clueless prosecutor.

      • JM missed the boat anyhow, by trying to destroy Snow White’s credibility. The story he should have been wrapped up in is “The Wizard of Oz”. The entire supporting cast was there.

        “Did I ASK you to tell me whether or not you think you’re still in Kansas? Did I ASK you to tell me what you said to the DOG? Yes or no?”

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