Trial Day 36 – March 25th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s 2013 replay continues with Dr Richard Samuels’ state & defense follow ups, additional jurors questions and the start of Alyce LaViolette’s 11 days worth of testimony.

Click the links to read my original posts from Trial Day 36: Morning session.

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Trial Day 36 – March 25th, 2013:

Part 1/4:

Dr Richard Samuels – state follow up continues

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Part 2/4:

Dr Richard Samuels – state follow up continues

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Part 3/4:

Dr Richard Samuels – state follow up continues + defense follow ups

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Part 4/4:

Dr Richard Samuels – additional jurors questions + defense/state follow ups
Alyce LaViolette testifies

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    • Good morning, cyber family and team Jodi Congrats Maria on “first”. 🙂 ♥

      λοωε υοθ σο μθψη! ♥

      Ray in H-burg Va.

          • Awww… so thoughtful of you whichtrial ♥ And here are some fancy Greek letters:
            γ λ ω ψ φ π τ δ ς θ η ξ ζ μ ν

            🙂 🙂

            • Hey there Maria. Those are some cool looking letters. They look like symbols, some of them. I recall you speaking about the Marissa Devault case previously and I am currently looking into it. Can you or anyone fill me in opn some details of this case. What all evidence is there regarding Marissa hiring a hitman. Do you or anyone else know what has been testified to or what will be testified to concerning Allen Flores, Stanley Cook, Travis Tatro, and Marissa’s daughters and family? Have the medical recors that Marissa claims to have cocerning abuse been found? What have the experts testified to? Anything? I would be very appreciative of your help and team Jodi has helped me so much in the past. Thank you.

              • Hi everyone. I’ve done some reading on Marissa DeVault. What the prosecution says: that MD started to have an affair w Flores 2yrs prior to attack. She told him her step-dad was dead & left her large inheritance but was tied up in litigation. (Her step-dad wasn’t dead) she started borrowing $ from him & Flores kept a ledger of the transactions & made her sign promissory notes. The last one she signed was for $362K plus interest due 12/31/09. In 12/08 Flores started writing down things he says Marissa told him. He says Marissa took out an insurance policy on her husband. In 1/2009 she told Flores she was going to have her husband killed at a casino & make it look like a robbery. Then on 1/8/09 she told Flores her husband attacked her & she killed him w a tire iron. On 1/13/09 went to visit her & found out husband was a live & they were out for the evening. (This is all based on what Flores claims) on 1/14/09 Marissa beat her husband in head w hammer but he didn’t die. On 2/9/09 her husband died.
                On 2/20/09 Mr Cook went to police & confessed. He said on 2/10/09 he & Marissa planned an attack on her so she could collect on insurance but it had to be paralyzing spinal injury. He wouldn’t do that. So they planned attack where he beat her in face & took sledgehammer smashing her ankle, then left her on side of the road. She claimed a stranger attacked her…. That’s what I’ve read

                • Thanks a lot for your help sandy B.! I have been looking into the Marissa Devault case lately too. I now know that Flores claimed that Marissa requested and borrowed money for a hit man. However, this wasn’t written in his compute from what you say. Allen Flores said that Marissa attempted to get a guy who bounced where she worked as a stripper named Travis Tatro. however, you can assume that Allen was well familiar with who Marissa was acquainted with being that these Allen and Marissa had a relationship for about a couple of years I believe. However, Travis claims that Marissa told him that she had already killed Dale from poisoning him. Travis also claimed that Marissa asked if he would kill her husband afterwards. I get the impression that Travis only knew Marissa by her nickname “Breeze” and not her real name because the prosecutor Irina said this I believe. If Marissa never gave Travis her first name, then there is definitely reasonable doubt that she told him the personal information of killing her husband and hiring Travis as a hit man too. Allen Flores is testifying against Marissa in order to save his own rear end form serious prison time for having child pornography on his computer. He can still be arrested for that, but he probably has the impression that if he really testifies hard against Marissa, then the law will let him go. there are some things to consider here too. It sounds as if Dale was halfway coherent when police found him. The police said that Dale was trying to talk to them as well as move. He at least acknowledged the Police’s presence. Dale also was making progress with his health in the hospital for a period of time too. Another thing is that brutal killings tend to stem from personal reasons. Not just in order to achieve something such as money. Anyways, glad you started commenting Sandy. If you find out any more information, please share it with me.

                • Perhaps I misread what you said Sandy. However, what your saying is that Flores is claiming to have written down that Marissa took out an insurance policy on her husband, was going to have Dale killed at a casino and make it look like a robbery, and told Allen that she had killed Dale with a tire iron after he attacked her? Your saying that Allen wrote down all 3 of these things that he claims Marissa told him? I suppose there could be more notes of what Marissa said to, but those are the ones that are important to the case or perhaps those are the only notes. I am curious to know exactly when Allen turned these notes over to police. It seems as if Marissa is honest when she says that she attacked Dale AFTER he assaulted her, when he was vulnerable. She could have easily said that she attacked him while he was attacking her, as part of a counter attack. I would appreciate it if you could answer my question above, what all was written down by Allen. I first had the impression that Allen only wrote down that Marissa had taken out an insurance policy on Dale.

  1. About to watch some of Dr. Richard Samuel’s testimony. SJ always does an excellent job as host of this Team Jodi site.

  2. Jodi sent twenty iris flowers as well as a eight-teen page letter to the Alexander family. She also attended Travis’s Memorial. I do agree with Dr. Samueals that this was an attempt on Jodi’s part to return to normalacy. To do things that she would regularly do if she hadn’t been present at the crime scene. I also consider that Jodi calling Travis’s phone and leaving messages could be part of denial. I have never been under those specific circumstances so I can not say anything for sure. Jodi did also have the incentive to carry on with life so that she wouldn’t appear to be suspicious.

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