Trial Day 34 – March 20th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s 2013 replay continues with Dr Richard Samuels’ redirect.

Click the links to read my original posts from Trial Day 34: Morning session. Afternoon session.

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Trial Day 34 – March 20th, 2013:

Part 1/2:

Dr Richard Samuels – redirect continues

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Part 2/2:

Dr Richard Samuels – redirect continues

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  1. So I have to be working a night shift in order to be first? Or maybe I’m not first…sigh. Anyway guys, just checking in again. I miss you all and thanks again for holding down the fort. I am still with you all in spirit, just not getting the time to be here giving my two cents worth. Take care and keep the faith.

  2. Here’s more on the Marisa DeVault (pronounced day-vwa) trial currently going on in Maricopa County. This is a story posted Jan 22 at

    PHOENIX (AP) –
    Five years ago, an Arizona woman was arrested on allegations that she fatally wounded her husband by bludgeoning him over the head with a hammer as he lay asleep in bed.

    Marissa Suzanne Devault claims the killing of Dale Harrell was an act of self-defense and told investigators that her husband had physically and sexually abused her in the past.

    But authorities say Devault has given conflicting accounts of her husband’s death and that witnesses who Devault claimed had witnessed some of the past abuse didn’t back up her claims.

    Jury selection began Wednesday in Devault’s first-degree murder trial. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. Lawyers are expected to make opening statements during the first week of February.

    The trial is expected to last until at least April.

    • I see a Facebook page has already started up called “Justice4DaleHarrell”. Of course everybody on there has already decided she’s a “whack job” and she’s guilty. And they’ve now also heard unsubstantiated claims from one of their cronies that Marisa is very manipulative. So, of course, everything they hear from now on from her defense will be considered ‘manipulative’. Many have admitted they haven’t heard much about this case but that doesn’t stop them from adamantly claiming she’s obviously guilty unless she can prove herself innocent. They already know she’s guilty so they don’t need to hear the whole story (or even want to her side of the story) before making up their minds.

      • Sad. . it used to be everyone is innocent until proven guilty but now it the opposite. Now if everyone has you marked as a guilty person it is almost impossible to overcome. . IMO. 🙁
        It appears that in Arizona they are the worst for this. Don’t bother to ask questions and investigate anything . . . just take the rumors and run with them.

    • I know nothing of this case but there do seem to be many similarities between hers and Jodi’s case. What strikes me as odd is that she chose to kill him while he was sleeping which is not however uncommon in cases of Domestic Violence: the victim is so afraid of the abuser that they either fight back or while the abuer is asleep.
      Devault’s case reminded me of a similar one in Chile that I had posted about a long time ago. It is the case of Karina Sepulveda from Chile who shot her abusive husband while he was sleeping and got EXONERATED because of the long abuse she had suffered during their married life. Bear in mind that Karina had told NO ONE about the abuse other than her husband’s parents, who would of course tell her to let it go, ”it shall pass”…
      Here’s the link for anyone speaking Spanish or willing to use Google Translator 🙂

      • hi maria 🙂
        i haven’t read the account yet, but thought i’d add to your post. by explaining to others, how easy we both know it is to use the google translator, and how good the translations are

        especially with widespread languages, such as spanish, english, etc
        i can’t speak for the greek translations ?

        for those interested

        these are the normal steps when i translate

        i use firefox, which is my main browser

        first open

        next copy the url of the website to be translated

        next paste the link into the box on the left side of the translator, which is the source language, which in this case is spanish

        above that source box, there are several language choices, which for me, includes from left to right, english, spanish and french, plus the last one to the right, “detect language”

        until anyone gains considerable familiarity with the translator let it choose “detect language”

        now when you pasted the link in the left side source box, another link almost immediately appeared in the right hand box

        now there is just one more simple step

        all you have to do is to click on the small blue rectangle above the right side box, “translate” and the translation will proceed

        it will only take a few seconds

        i use a number of firefox security add-ons, which require a couple of extra minor steps

        also, perhaps of interest to some you can hear the spoken languages

        you can hear the spoken spanish, or english, or greek

        for example, copy and paste just a few paragraghs of the spanish into the google translator, left box, and hear the audio of the spoken spanish, and english

        or greek if you so choose

        simply click on the right drop down box, and select greek

        it will immediately translate the spanish into greek, and if you so wish, click on the small speaker/audio icon in the lower right of each box and hear the spanish and greek spoken

        all translations are not perfect, but the google translator is the best, and improving rapidly

        it translates about 75 languages currently

        to get more precise and colloquial translations you will need to dig deeper

        ps for maria, an aside, i follow alexis tsipras, from greece, who is fighting the austerity imposed by the ruling class on others, during this long, deep global economic depression; alexis tsipras is lauded at

        thank you maria

        • And thank you for explaining Google Translator to our posters. Fortunately I speak Spanish fluently but I use it often with languages I don’t speak such as Russian, the Greek translation is rarely effective but the English one yes.
          I’d suggest everyone to read the article on Karina, btw…

          (As for Alexis Tsipras,he is a young politician who can be quite a contradictory figure sometimes, people have mixed feelings about him that is…)


    the arizonan legislature in its enthusiast march for religious intolerance, and bigotry, across the entire state, and truly representing the popular reactionary mindset has passed a bill for that well known
    bigot governor jan brewer to sign

    you remember jan brewer, the one who instructed the jury in jodi’s case to go for guilt, so even the dimmest among them would not be troubled by such minor matters as the rule of law, and other such time wasting considerations

    now the bill that is currently before this epitome of integrity, joking, is described in suitably orwellian language of doublespeak as a bill relating to the free exercise of religion


    tomas de torquemada the first grand inquisitor of the spanish inquisition to restore christianity among the population in the late 15th century would be proud

    that aside the outline of the bill is described in wikipedia at Arizona SB 1062

    the three page amendment [ although just two cover the changes ] ready for brewer is downloadable from the link at the foot of the page at “external links”

    External links

    Text of the Senate Bill 1062

    if anyone needed another reason to flee arizona, or stay away, read the amendment

    it seems that the bill is superficially designed to keep faggots and other such recognized undesireables out of the state, but it looks to be much wider in scope

    “Critics say that the bill would allow any business to discriminate against any group of people for any religious reason.”

    clearly mormons won’t be forced to interact with that disgusting religious group called christians

    atheists, muslims, and other such scum be warned

    the catholics, through their hierarchy of bigots, ever ready to revert to their former intolerance, and bigotry, presumably without the approval of the more enlightened pope francis, support the bill:

    Arizona Center for Policy and Catholic Council support SB 1062 amid protests

    • Been waiting for this topic to surface, it’s more of the same for Arizona. If this gets signed, (it won’t) Arizona is in for the blowback that never ends.

      Free Jodi!

      • i saw somewhere that she has till saturday to deal with the bill

        not sure of her choices ?
        sign it, veto it, or do nothing and it will become law ?

        anyone could call her office i suppose and give their opinon; obviously she has her finger in the wind, because this should be a no brainer for anyone other than the standard unprincipled, opportunistic, self serving political unit

        to become a governor in arizona speaks volumes

        her phone numbers are at

        the page does not display/align well, but looks like the following are correct

        Phoenix: (602) 542-4331
        Tucson: (520) 628-6580


    For those of you that are on Facebook, please feel free to join this new group. It is an open group btw…
    Here’s the description of the group:

    ” To call into question the supporters of Travis who have only proved to be violent and hostile beyond civilized manners. To show exactly what kind of people follow this man, the most vile and twisted remarks revealed to the public. These are not people who have a shred of decency. They stalk and attack those that lovingly support ms Arias. We do not rant or wish anything bad towards Travis or his family. This is to show them for what they truly are deranged and savage. People with only one purpose in mind, HATE,DEATH THREATS,ATTACKS,STALKING,SICK AND BIZARRE BEHAVIOR, PEOPLE I WOULD NOT WANT AS A NEIGHBOR. THESE ARE THOSE WHO SUPPORT DEATH AND ARE LOCK STEP WITH THE TABLOID MEDIA. NO MINDS OF THIER OWN, THE MEDIA WILL GLADLY PROVIDE THEM WITH ONE. As supporters of ms Arias we have been labeled as crazy or a following? A cult? Excuse me? You are a cult of vile hatred and an evil mindset. We show love support and closure as well as positive reinforcement, while the flip side rants and raves with lunatic fringe hatred. A grandstand of pure evil hatred on their’s our time now.. Let’s show the public who they are and what they stand for.what their agenda is and what they stand for. PURE HATRED AND UNPROVOKED ATTACKS WILL NO LONGER BE TOLERATED. WE WILL REVEAL YOU ALL FOR WHAT YOU ARE.

  5. Story today entiled “California ‘lifers’ leaving prison at record pace.”

    The average time people convicted of first degree murder spend in prison in CA is 27 years, nearly double the time served 2 decades ago. But, due to new federal government polices, hundreds of first degree murderers are being released every year. Of 3000 murderers released in California since 1990, NONE have comitted another murder.

    This has got to be good news for Jodi who would be an excellent candidate to be released early. And, yes, I realize she’s not in California (and could be sentenced to the DP although I doubt it) but I think there is a trend (e.g., New York looking to change use of solitary confinement) to improving lives of people convicted of serious crime. BTW, could Jodi ever be transferred to CA (to be near family) if she gets life sentence?

    Anyway, here’s the story (if it doesn’t work, use title in Google):

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