Trial Day 35 – March 21st, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s 2013 replay continues with Dr Richard Samuels’ juror questions, plus the defense & Kermit’s follow ups…

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Trial Day 35 – March 21st, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Dr Richard Samuels – jurors questions

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Part 2/3:

Dr Richard Samuels – jurors questions continues + defense follow up

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Part 3/3:

Dr Richard Samuels – defense follow up + state follow up

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  1. (reposting from yesterday)

    In case anyone is interested in joining FB groups, I’d suggest you join this one:

    The admins made it an Open group on purpose 😉

  2. First 4 minutes of the trial with good juror questions and then BAM!
    ” How can we be certain that your assessement of miss Arias i not based on the lies that she has admittedly made over the years?”
    Now, tell me this is NOT one of #17’s moronic questions! It reeks of junior high-school sarcasm and lack of understanding testimony and evidence.That woman was so full of blinded hatred! Too bad she was bullied so much back at school that it affected her view of life and and amde her build a wall of hatred towards all beautiful women.
    You know, I’ve met so many highly-educated, articulate, open-minded, charismatic people supporting Jodi that sometimes it’s just hard to face the fact that some of the people sitting in that jury box were intellectually mediocre….

    • ”Do you consider yourself an impartial third party in this case?”

      ”Do you always develop such a fond relationship with the inviduals you evaluate?”

      ” Do you think that it was appropriate to purchase a gift for Jodi while evaluating her or you feel you stepped over an ethical boundary?”

      Someone was drinking the Juan-aid…

    • I know, right?!!! It pisses me off that those people were responsible for deciding on Jodi’s life. Stupidity is very dangerous!

      • Anyone in Jodi’s position would have been profoundly grateful for a smidgen of understanding after all of the lies she told BECAUSE she was so isolated, fearful and ashamed after TA’s death. The isolation began with that love; a relationship not understood by others because of its being shrouded in mystery. Even Daryl couldn’t grasp what was going on at the outset, and he was her ex-boyfriend. Jodi’s isolation expanded exponentially after TA’s death – that is the painful and very obvious truth. In a sense, the impulse to be secretive and obscure facts did not die with TA. It continued to be expressed through JA’s fears about her future and in wanting to protect TA’s memory.

        Anyone would have been grateful for a book or two to read while incarcerated and SEPARATED from society and human UNDERSTANDING.

        It doesn’t require much insight to realize that Jodi’s explanation for what happened has been consistent on the witness stand and that, unlike her initial words to EF, it is sworn court testimony. I agree with you Maria, that many are probably displaying toward Jodi the same insensitive behavior that they were exposed to by their parents, folks who were probably the type that would abusively harp on any of their children’s errors, OVER AND OVER, as if to browbeat is an effective way to impart knowledge, and nourish the human brain.

        Abusive browbeating creates emotional distress that is an impediment to learning (and in some, an outright barrier) in either children or adults. Many individuals have been reared with shame-based parenting. Therefore many feel that it is normal for a child to have to learn to adapt to the world through a fog of emotional turmoil.

        But when confronted with conflict and stress, individuals inculcated in this school of thought find themselves lacking diplomatic skills. They likely do not understand that their frame of reference is narrow and afflicted. All they know to do is to spread negativity that they have internalized most of their lives, releasing it into the world each time they are seriously challenged and find themselves off-balance. They can come to be known as “difficult people” as they spend more time in any given confrontation reiterating their own position and belittling the feelings of others than in trying to grasp the opposing point(s) of view. They may search for more “opposition” in conflicts than others would find, not recognizing support when it is there, not grasping agreement or acquiescence when it is put forth. But, no wonder: As they came of age, obstinacy was shown to them to be equivalent to mental toughness, and that is the real shame.

  3. I just watched day 18 of trial everything at the hearing J.W and K.N. said about J.M IS right if Jodi gets death it will be because of J.M. lied in court if Jodi gets death it will be better for Jodi in 25 years Jodi will walk off of death roll and get a new trial and go free just like DEBA MIKI got off of death roll the family wont have J.M to lie for them but they can thank J.M. for Jodi going free J.M.JUST SAID WHAT EVER HE WANTED IN THE courtroom during the trial he made K.H. LIE about the gunshot we don’t want to see Jodi be on death roll she will suffer but she wont be put to death she will get a new trial and go free it will take 25 years it will happen If she gets lwop she may never get a new trial it would be a life sentence I hate to say this death may be the only way she gets a new trial

    • Hi there Shannon!

      We shouldn’t even be talking about DP in Jodi’s case. That is why this trial has been named ‘Witch trial’ or ‘Circus trial’. Jodi killed travis in SELF DEFENSE: the offending party (travis alexander) posed an imminent threat to the life or well-being of another (Jodi Arias). In most cases where “self-defense” is substantiated through the legal system, reduced charges (i.e. felony reduced to misdemeanor), reduced prison sentences, or acquittal are the common rulings. Not in Jodi’s case. You know why??? Because kermit was out for a win and not to serve justice!

      Jodi’s action is justifiable homicide. She tried to run and when she couldn’t get away she fought back to save herself.

      DEBRA MILKE is another victim of the ‘system’. Again in her case, the prosecutor was after a ‘win’ and not for justice. Prosecutorial misconduct. Let’s not even get into the sellout POS pig detective that lied and ruined a person’s life. Those (more than two decades) years that Debra lost, she will never get back….

      DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR???? Any frog come to mind!!!?:

      Prosecutorial misconduct is conduct which violates court rules or ethical standards of law practice. Examples, among others, may include:

      -Courtroom misconduct (making improper remarks or improperly introducing evidence designed to prejudice the jury: violating rules regarding selection of the jury; or making improper closing arguments);
      -Hiding, destroying or tampering with evidence, case files or court records;
      -Failing to disclose evidence that might tend to exonerate the defendant
      -Threatening, badgering or tampering with witnesses;
      -Presenting false or misleading evidence;
      -Selective or vindictive prosecution
      -Denial of a speedy trial rights
      -Use of unreliable and untruthful witnesses and snitches

      Just sayin’…..

  4. Hiya everyone!

    Oh how I’ve missed being here daily! I am still without a computer and am using someone else’s, so it makes it hard for me to be here as much as I want… 🙁

    Ok, down to business, so to speak. Re-watching the videos, I’ve got a couple of things to say.

    1.PREMEDITATED: Firstly, how the hell can people still believe that garbage. I have said in the past, women likely to have planned a murder would almost NEVER (under 2% – researched) use weapons that would make a mess. If Jodi premeditated the murder of ta she would have done it in a clean way. Why not poison him? Why use a gun AND a knife? Why make a bloody mess (no puns intended) if she had premeditated??? It doesn’t sum up! So, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL GODS!, would everyone just SHUT THE F*CK UP with that premeditated BS! In SELF DEFENSE and fighting for your life, you don’t have the precious time to think of how to stop someone from killing you! You fight back with whatever is in hands’ reach! Anything that will stop the abuser! And that is exactly what Jodi did! She fought for her life, was quicker and was the one that won the battle for life. Period!

    2. THE BOOK: GMAFB!!!! (rolling eyes, the samantha way..). it is so fucking unreal how kermit has nothing else to say besides the gift of a book… He whips out a photocopy of Webster’s dictionary about the meaning of ‘compassion’. What the hell??? Dr. Samuels explained that he often gives books to people he examines. He does it to help them understand what they are going through and how to help themselves. That is a gesture of humanity. Not of ‘special treatment’…

    3. DR. SAMUELS: Kudos for ripping kermit a couple!!! kermit got up and was from the get-go aggressive! I loved the part “No. my memory has no problem. Does yours?” LMFAO! That grounded kermit a bit. He thought he was going to intimidate Dr. Samuels as he did so many other witnesses… Dr. Samuels explained at many times perfectly fine about PTSD. How and when it happens and what effects it has on the ability of memory and behaviors of the one suffering from PTSD.

    4. PTSD: As Dr. Samuels stated, PTSD differs among people that suffer from it. The tests made are for the disorder and not for the cause of it. The cause and solving of PTSD is treated from psychologists. Dr. Samuels was evaluating Jodi not psychoanalyzing her… kermit was questioning Dr. Samuels abilities as a doctor. The audacity of that half human-half frog! Trying to mock a 35 years of experience doctor! CAN kermit PLEASE show us his diploma in psychology? He seems to ‘know it all’…

    5. END OF DAY: I laughed so fucking hard when pickles asked the jury if anyone was watching tv, listening to the radio, on internet or influenced by another about Jodi’s case… NO HANDS. *sigh*… what a crock of shyt! BS! Define IRONY: a group of people calling Jodi a liar while lying out of their noses about not having any media knowledge about the case… pffffff.

    ~PEACE OUT! ♥


    • You go, gf!!!! Σ’αγαπώώώώώ!!!

      Regarding premeditation: I am currently ”getting acquainted” with Darlie Routier’s case. Watching, reading and researching I feel the same sense of someone choking me, you know the feeling of having your air supply cut and you want to scream oh so badly but you can’t! Scream because of the injustice, the lies, the exaggerations, the twists and turns of events and the character assassination done to these 2 women. It feels hopeless to fight with a system that is SO CORRUPTED and serves other darker purposes.
      Yet, I am comforted by the thought that just like Darlie’s suppporter’s never left her side, never stopped screaming at the top of their lungs that she is innocent we too will do the same for as long as it takes. I just pray it won’t take us that long. But you know what? Even if it does, we will NOT give up on hope and we will certainly NOT give up on our Jodi.

    • “I See No Hands” – another possible book title.

      PREMEDITATION: You said it, Pandora. Premeditated murder does not look like that. Only a “witch” would “plan” to take someone’s life in that chaotic manner (in other words, nobody). Jodi had to be portrayed as being far from the “human” spectrum for premeditation to be accepted by that jury.

      It is outrageous that Jodi’s sexual behaviors with TA were used to dehumanize her, when it is incredibly obvious that she was only trying to please him. He had such enormous emotional control over her that she sounded like a gushing teenager in her phone call with him. She did not sound WHATSOEVER like a confident “femme fatale”. On the contrary: She obviously would have listened to him read the phone book!

  5. That constant drumbeat from Martinez of “liar, liar, pants on fire” delivered to idiots the message “Don’t believe a word she says, even if she’s under oath, and even if her story makes infinitely more sense than ours. In other words, do not give her any benefit of the doubt.” How can anyone get a fair trial when that’s the cornerstone of the prosecution’s case?

    • JM had four months to sway the jury with his posturing. By constantly adopting an argumentative tone and displaying physical demonstrations of impatience, he implied that he knew something that the jury did not with respect to Jodi’s motives, because her undeniably calm and reasoned responses to his lines of questioning should not logically have elicited from him that degree of unrestrained exasperation. This “disconnect” must be why one juror said he felt that JM “was hiding something” and so couldn’t vote for the death penalty.

  6. What is so hard for me to watch during these clips is Jodi’s reactions. I keep thinking what a fucking hell it must be for her to be going through this shit every single day. I can almost hear the pro-Travis people screaming right now “WHAT ABOUT WHAT TRAVIS’S FAMILY IS GOING THROUGH RIGHT NOW?” Yes, I know. But let’s not forget that they’re not the only family that’s been affected by this trial. I say to them, what about what Jodi’s family is going through right now?

    Can you imagine having a family member who has been convicted of first-degree murder who could be facing a life sentence in prison and is INNOCENT? Moreover, can you imagine having a family member who has had to take the kind of shit from people that Jodi Arias has had to take in the past year? I keep reading about how she’s the most hated woman in America and I don’t know if that’s true, but I do know that it’s wrong. There are women in this country who have done far worse than Jodi Arias except they haven’t received the news coverage and media and public scorning that Jodi has gotten.

    There are times when I watch this trial again that I believe the defense could have done a better job, but in hindsight, even the most skilled defense team probably didn’t stand a chance in hell against this judge, prosecutor and jury. I hate to use the terminology, but basically Jodi Arias got fucked again-and not in a good way. Once again, she is abused and treated like some whore which infuriates the hell out of me.

    • That gets me so mad too. She was only sleeping with TA // but she was painted as loose. I thought the fact that JM, said JA faked the orgasm on the sex tape was a joke.
      Really,he used that to say JA was a liar.
      Really how many women haven’t faked an orgasmic response, when it’s a sex tape ?? LMAO!!!
      To be convicted on this kind of crap, is moronic.

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