Trial Day 3 – January 8th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Here’s the video from Day 3 of the trial, featuring Heather Connor, Kermit, Kevin “Typo” Horn and forensic firearms examiner Elizabeth Northcutt.

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Trial Day 3 – January 8th, 2013:

Heather Conner (crime scene/latent print examiner)
Dr Kevin Horn (Medical Examiner)
Elizabeth Northcutt (forensic firearms examiner)

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  1. Since I’m first, I better post something too, so here’s a little poem I wrote!

    what can I say?
    That I wish you and JODI
    a beautiful day!!!

    (((((JODI))))) (((((SJ))))) (((((ADMIN))))) (((((TEAM JODI)))))


      • I know! And I thought that was not possible! LOL!

        To be honest, it is always easier for Maria and myself to have first comment because the time SJ puts up the new threads is only 2 hours difference from Greece’s time, so when you guys are usually sleeping we get first dips on the first comments…

        • Hey, Pandora, Maria and R. Love – THANKS!!!! I didn’t think I would ever be first -LOL! I’ve been on the night shift so I happened to be on site when SJ put up today’s info!!! It even shocked me because I was posting something on yesterdays and when I got done posting I wondered, huh, and noticed todays was up already and I thought, oh good, I’ll see what’s posted and lo and behold there were no posts yet – LOL!!! 🙂

          • I will have to say to you Mary, you were really lucky!

            ((((((( Pandora and Maria are the Queens of #1!!)))))

            They have a wonderful competition going on for sure!

            But every now and then maybe you and I can sneak up on their pedestal and they won’t mind!

            🙂 ((((Mary))))

  2. Did anyone see Dr. Drew last night? interview with supposed cell mate of Jodi Arias.

    This woman is capitalizing on her brief period of being cell mate….if that is true at all. Seemed to me like everything she said Jodi told her in jail was actually from testimony at the trial.

    Jodi made threats to Juan Martinez???

    • Funny that all the “misdemeanor charges” against this woman were “expunged from her record”. (claims to have told all this to police.)

    • FYI, Casandra Collins is NOT a nurse as reported by Drew Pinhead; she is a nursing assistant with an expired license. You can see this on Arizona Board of Nursing or AZ BON. She was jailed for aggravated stalking and harrassment but deemed not competent for trial. No fact-checking on “Dr.” Drew, who is a media whore and shill for drug companies.

      • “Dr.” Drew trusts anyone who says they are a medical professional. However, even if he knew she was a fraud he would still put her on the show to be “analyzed” by his panel of dimwits and appease his audience.

        She said she had six charges “expunged” from her record……making it pretty obvious Juan Martinez used her in trial and offered this to her. “Doctor” Drew is a bigger fraud than even this woman. Geez….he is still even claiming that marijuana is “addictive and dangerous”.

    • Cassandra is still out there taking advantage of Jodi and the few days they spent together. She’s cashing in on a tragedy, something hardly unexpected since people closer to Travis himself did the same thing for months and months and are still doing so- no need for me to mention any names,you all know who they are 😉
      Needless to say that Cassandra chick is as crazy as they come! The woman is a nutjob, rumor has it she was foundm entally incompetent to stand trial; I don’t know if this is true or not but hey I wouldn’t be surprised if it were! BTW, she’s also on a Twitter crusade against Jodi. She’s saying the stupidest and at the same time cruelest things. What people are doing for fame…. No wonder they call them ”fame WHORES”

      Oh, when thinking about her does anyone else still laughs with her ”Cabbage Patch Kids” hardo?????
      😀 😀 😀 😀

    • What Drew Pinhead does is called slander, he invites insane people to smear Jodi’s good name.
      Look at his guest’s rap sheet:

      She was found incompetent to stand trial and they cut her loose, instead of locking her up in a loony bin! And then they complain about high crime rates – stop complaining, you have a nut on the loose that WILL harrass people again and again, now with impunity.

  3. Kevin ”Typo” Horn.
    lmaoooo!!! I LOVE IT!

    If there’s God, I pray Horn goes down in both legal and medical history as the most useless sell-out to the Prosecutor poor excuse for a doctor EVER.
    As we say in Greece ”He’s not even worth my saliva” so…no comments on that slime.

  4. I guess doc DP couldn’t find a stripper who’d ever shared a cell with Jodi willing to talk about the fabled “stripper vibe” on HLN’s nightly parade of moral and intellectual bankruptcy, so he went with another word that starts with “s” – “stalker”, and found someone eager to jump on a float with him.

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