Trial Day 29 – March 7th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s 2013 replay continues with the jurors questions for Jodi and the defense follow up…

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Trial Day 29 – March 7th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Jodi Arias (jurors questions)

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Part 2/3:

Jodi Arias (defense follow up)

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Part 3/3:

Jodi Arias (defense follow up continues)

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    • SJ, I am getting convinced that a conspiracy for first comment is in action! Spill! Who’s telling you about new threads up??? WHO???

    • Ah – he actually gave us a while to beat him to it this morning Vicky. I was here and watching the video for awhile before there were any posts.

  1. I wonder just how many of these questions came from #17. So many seem to have her tone – like snarky tweets instead of honest questions.

    • #17 has the IQ of a napkin. She is the typical perfect example of an HLN viewer, glued in front of their TV screen, ‘buying’ everything that comes out of Disgrace’s mouth… I think I’m wasting my saliva (Greek expression) by even referring to her name; she’s 17 from now on to me.

      There are many stupid questions in the first clip alone. For example:

      ”Is there anyone else who knows about your memory issues?”
      What fu*king memory issues?? Someone was drinking the Juanderful Kool-aid, it seems! Other than the PTSD Jodi suffered after June 4th, she has NO memory issues. Isn’t it amazing how Martinez absurdities got to these people?

      ”Were you ever physical to Travis besides when you killed him?”
      Oh, don’t you just love those long lazy days when you wake up and think to yourself ” F*ck, I’m so bored. Maybe I’ll kill some time by struggling with a fat guy twice my size who practices boxing for a hobby and has frequent rage outbursts.” 🙄

      ” You mentioned the pain of sex is one of the reasons you brought KY into the relationship. What are the other reasons?”
      I’m still trying to understand what the hell was that juror thinking……

      (Journee this one is for you, gf!)
      ”You are stating you believe you stabbed Travis based on logic. How do you explain the blood on you hand and clothes and the BLOODY HAND PRINT?” See? Even the jurors got it all wrong regarding the hand print and we have Juan to thank!

      ”You say you waited 2 years to tell the truth because you were ashamed. Does that mean that you are no longer ashamed?”
      OMG! This is high-school bitching!This MUST be #17, wanna bet?

      ”How can you say you don’t have memory issues when you can’t remember you stabbed him so many times and slashed his throat?”
      OK, first of all? HLN wording! This is just plain mean and sarcastic. Just to make her feel uncomfortable. Not to mention, that juror had probably dozed off when Dr Samuels was on the stand. Ummm, does the word ”hippocampus” say anything to him/her? Nope, didn’t think so…

      AND THE OLD-TIME CLASSIC: ”After all the lies you have told, why should we believe you now?”
      Sure. Fine. Whatever.
      Fuck off, bitch! THAT’S WHY! Some people are just a waste of oxygen, jeez…

      • So many were so obviously ‘snarky tweets’ from mean girl #17.

        This time around, I decided to actually keep a tally of how many questions might reasonably (giving some the benefit of the doubt) be considered honest questions – questions not asked or answered in prior testimony – and how many were the confrontational sort of questions one might expect from opposing counsel.

        I came up with:

        108 ‘honest questions’ (and I was being generous with a few).
        106 snarks

        Anyone else remember the juror instruction to refrain from forming an opinion until all evidence has been presented and all witnesses have been heard?

        • I remember that admonition to not form an opinion until all the evidence was presented. Good work, Journee. Your tally is much appreciated.

          • There was one juror question that really jumped out to me as an echo of what was said on HLN the night before. It had to do with Juan’s question: “Were you crying while you were stabbing him?”

            Jodi’s answer was, “I don’t remember”, but on HLN later that evening, a different response was attributed to Jodi by one of the usual personalities. I think she said that Jodi answered, “No.” And one of the jurors asked a question that was along exactly the same lines the next morning, wondering why she’d said, “No.” Do you remember that juror’s question, Journee?

            • I recall that question from the juror – but I can’t tell you exactly how the question was worded. I think it was something like ‘When you were asked if you were crying when you stabbed Travis, you answered no. How do you know you weren’t crying if you don’t remember?” something like that, but I could be wrong…. I do remember the straight from HLN challenge, though. Jodi replied that she hadn’t said no, that she’d said she didn’t know.

              Jodi was crying when JM asked her that question, though – that’s what prompted him to ask it. So she wasn’t enunciating very well when she replied, kind of mumbling, and I guess someone of a mind to convict Jodi might have only heard the ‘know’.

              • Playing those interrogation tapes and the phone call material in court was SO prejudicial. Jodi’s defense in this trial had nothing to do with what she said then, and, incredibly, the jurors seemed to have no will to want to consider her sworn testimony as a serious explanation for what happened. They clung to BS Flores used against Jodi, such as the “hand (or palm) print” and his false assertion to her that TA’s “blood” was on it, “mixed” with hers, while they ignored the many accurate observations EF made about Jodi’s relationship with TA in order to gain her confidence.

                “…in order to gain her confidence”. Sound familiar?

                Jodi was and still is a scared, traumatized domestic violence victim, a terrified person hoping for an ally. Why didn’t the jurors notice that while Jodi was speaking with EF in detail about her relationship with TA – with her guard down – that she did not display any malice toward TA – even when EF gave her permission to tell him, in the most understanding manner imaginable, what went wrong?

                And that is where Juan’s simmering rage and sarcasm REALLY helped out the state’s so called-case. All of his out-sized behavior would not have “played” very well if he hadn’t had the backdrop of the miserable interrogation tapes and phone discussion to point to day after day. It wouldn’t have played well, because Jodi remained on the witness stand, as she had in interrogations, calm and even somewhat meek.

                No wonder excessive sarcasm is considered prosecutorial misconduct.

                “…why should we believe you now?”

                Does “sworn testimony in a court of law” – five years after the horrific event suggest anything to this person?

                As far as I’m concerned, when DV is suspected, (and I have good reasons for believing that EF did suspect it) interrogations should be handled VERY differently from how they were in this case. To bring in the DP prosecutor at the outset without first seeking the opinion of a doctor or DV specialist is something that happens in a country like Pakistan. This is in many crucial ways a civil rights case, but I hear Jodi compared to all sorts of murderers night after night on HLN, even to serial killers.

                Jodi had a right to defend herself. This was not murder.

            • Yes, Journee, that’s how I remember it. She first mumbled through her tears, “I don’t know”. Then she said, more clearly, (after Juan asked her again) “I don’t remember”.

        • Thank you for summing up todays thread for me! I do not think I have the stomach to listen to it tonight! I already know the jury had major problems with their judgment and now You all of documented it for me 🙂 (((((((((TEAM JODI))))))))))

      • Maria, it just goes to show that Jodi’s life was in the hands of imbeciles… pffff. If they couldn’t follow the trial and had to ask those kind of idiotic questions it makes me wonder what are the standards of choosing a jury? (rolling eyes the samantha way)

    • Wow ,he uses her name JODI ARIAS on his 1st page ,3rd quote down from top. So ,as to use her for his fame.
      YET, The Alexander family wants to let it go,. Make JAA shut up. ( not my words)
      Jodi is quite now, and of course was ,and is still remorseful. Regardless, of the many clergy that are visiting Jodi a few times a week, or more in one day. Jodi has God watching over her.
      Quite, yet Jaun Martinez for profit, probably not ill, took a little vacation. To fuel his evil tank up with alot 3 gas cans.
      Now, his page is up. He goes for Jodi ‘s passing grandpa. Classy guy really.

        • Not only during Nurmi’s questioning… She cried during Horn’s testimony
          ( FYI, haters: psychopaths do NOT do that!!), she was emotional during Dan’s and Leslie’s testimony as well (especially Leslie’s), not to mention how she cried her eyes eyes out during cross-examination by the frog.

          • She cried Alot, At one point when one of the nasty, tasteless pictures of TA was on the screen Jodi looked like she was going to puke!
            I saw remorseful body language and heard JAA say” she was sorry now,and probably for the rest of her life,if not longer.”
            Yet, all the Hughes people ( bc they don’t support TRAVIS)
            Say, Jodi was “cold , calculating, and not sorry in anyway other then for herself.”
            17 years of working with disabled people,I had to read their body language and conclude what they needed ,wanted ,if they were OK.
            I am telling you, JAA is very remorseful, and was fighting for her life in that court room.
            Would it had made any difference if there were NO pictures of TA ‘s body blown up, all around the room??
            HELL YES!!
            The jury was shellshocked, as was JA ,and everyone except Jaun. He used that as a tactical tool to get a conviction.

          • I didn’t watch a whole lot of the trial. I will eventually though. I do recall Jodi crying after seeing pictures of Travis.

            • Ryan, I began listening to this trial (on Sirius XM radio) toward the end of Jodi’s direct testimony under Nurmi – and after a short while, I could hear that something was off with NG’s commentary on HLN. Also, since I’ve read a bit about crime scene investigation from the standpoint of profiling, it was obvious to me that key evidence was being given short shrift. When I decided to follow it more closely via live feed at home, I came in on JM’s cross of Jodi. Over time I’ve had a chance to go back and view (or hear the audio here) of the parts of the trial I’d missed.

              Days 19 and 20 are extremely important in understanding Jodi’s preparations for the trip and the road trip itself, all the way to the last tryst and the tragic death of TA.

              What surprised me the most in my viewing of all of Jodi’s testimony was that the dynamics of her relationship with TA were even more strained than I had thought. She was hooked, pure and simple, by a person she admired and considered a mentor.

                • Ryan, “…evaluate the entire Jodi Arias case in one day”? There is no implication of that in my post.

                  Days 19 and 20 cover a lot of evidence in the trial and much of what the state’s case consisted of, whereas other trial days are filled with diary notations and details about how life was in Mesa. I was simply observing that if a person were short on time, and wanted the kind of information you have frequently asked about here, 19 and 20 would be very helpful.

                • I was not repeating anything you said whichtrial. All I was indicating is that there are many parts of Jodi’s case.

          • I wrote “cried a lot”. That was when she cried the most – she had to keep her emotions in check when getting grilled. I didn’t say “only”. See my post above about her being misinterpreted when crying under questioning by JM, please. Thank you.

            • This case cannot be understood without a substantial investment of time, and many just walk away. They assume that their confusion amounts to “a mountain of evidence” against Jodi. When people are confused they are vulnerable to suggestion – as Jodi was with TA; as the jury was when held in thrall by JM.

              Good to have another Jodi supporter!

  2. Bravo to Jeff for all of your hard work keeping the world a little safer. Everything you have accomplished is remarkable and I’m sure everyone here appreciates you. Thank you.

  3. hi everyone online there is a guest book for everyone on this site to sign for Jodis grandfather his name is Sonny Allen I think it would be great to show our support for the family and Jodi his wake is Friday and funeral Saturday this most be so hard for Jodi mother to have her daughter in jail and lose her father she most want to hold her daughter so much I feel so bad for parents and Jodi thank god the trial wont be in march not until summer I don’t think Jodi would be able to handle it or her family if Jodi cant go to the funeral I hope Jennifer goes to see her and she not locked alone in cell she needs some comfort ALEXANDERS would see killing Jodi would only hurt her family so much mother and father

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