Trial Day 28 – March 6th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s 2013 replay continues with the jurors questions for Jodi…

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Trial Day 28 – March 6th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Jodi Arias (jurors questions)

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Part 2/3:

Jodi Arias (jurors questions continue)

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Part 3/3:

Jodi Arias (jurors questions – concludes for the day)

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  1. Do you think it’s possible that Stephens and Martinez are putting Jodi on the back burner now because it’s no skin off their nose if she just sits in limbo for as long as they can get away with. And it keeps her from beginning her appeals. Maybe they know they can no way get a death sentence free of appellate issues (they are lawyers – they must themselves see all the appellate issues in the first trial) so maybe they’re considering ultimately dropping death but in the meantime this way they can continue to beat up on Jodi emotionally (after all, isn’t that witches/femme fatales deserve?)

    • This delay isn’t on Martinez or Stephens. Martinez actually tried to cite a conflict for the Hulsey case, wanting Kreamer to push it back so he’d have time to finish Arias and prep for Hulsey. But Kreamer wasn’t havin’ it – sent the matter to Criminal Court Judge Welty who said Hulsey’s been waiting longer and Arias is already convicted.

      I’m guessing it’ll probably be July or August at this point (considering Hulsey is in mid-May and considering the ‘buffer time’ Martinez was trying to get when he cited the conflict to begin with).

        • I am still hoping too, Justus…

          And not-so-secretly hoping that whatever Martinez’ current health crisis is, it might force him to retire. I want him out of the courtroom. He’s done enough damage, destroyed way too many lives.

          • Crossing my fingers Journee! Maybe he can get a not so stressful job as the doorman at the courthouse… the guy will still be in the building but far away from destroying people’s lives…

  2. Hiya peeps!

    I just got this message in from Pandora:

    “Hi guys! My laptop is at the computer hospital in ICU… Don’t have any info if it’s gonna make it BUT I will be back soon enough!
    Thinking about Jodi and all of you.

    Team Jodi

      • Wanted to add, as far as the jury’s questions. I think they had their minds made up already. They got rid of the members that didn’t accept the group’s theories.
        I read in a novel, that the prosecution has always been able to ease drop on the jury….
        I don’t know if they still do,but they have in other trials. In historical cases.
        It was obvious that the people of the jury were listening to the media,and perhaps scared.
        Why a hospice nurse was on the jury ,is morbid already.
        My aunt passed away and two hospice RN’s were dosing my aunt up with morphine. It was her time according to them,and her oxygen levels.
        So, I stayed till her last fight, trying to sit up, and another dose was given. My aunt finally relaxed and these hospice RN ‘s calm as pickles, started to pray.
        I held her hand and she slipped away. It’s no wonder the Hospice RN ,could say “Sorry” to TA’s family.
        Not being able to give JAA that needle !
        That jury member has been big in the media ,she is as cold as a fish. Jodi is a first-time offender. She is not a serial killer. Although,if you listen to this woman your not sure who she is speaking about.
        Sick ! A hospice RN is called in ,at the very end of a person’s life. They aid in the family in the process y death. I would wonder what this does to the soul of a person??
        Madeline /// Jodi is so poised ” I prayed for the jury..” so sad =(
        ((((((positive thoughts for you <3 Jodi sent with Love)))))))

        • Mad,

          I agree about some of the jurors being “cold.” There was a TV news report shortly after the trial ended where 3 jury members were interviewed together. All three of them had voted for the death penalty for Jodi. They looked normal and didn’t make an excuse or apology for voting for the death penalty. I wouldn’t say they were proud of their vote but just matter-of-fact. Just another day at the office. Chilling.

    • LOL I believe Pandora’s computer and my computer are in ICU together at the same hospital !!!! Good Grief! Maybe we can visit in the waiting room. 🙁

      Save your money SJ we will share our flowers! 🙂

      Love to ALL! 🙂

  3. SJ, tell Pandora that I’m praying that her lap top pulls through. I had a PC desk top that passed on a few years back, it had some bizarre virus I had to put it down, end its suffering. 🙂

    (((((PANDORA))))) ♥
    (((((PANS COMPUTER))))) ♥

    Ray in H-burg Va.

  4. Michael Kiefer wrote an article today called “Pinal County prosecutor agrees to suspension over murder case inproprieties.” It’s about a laywer who gets a 90-day suspension but the interesting part of the article involves the case of Darrin Goldin.

    Goldin received an 11 year prison sentence for a SECOND murder in which he hired a hitman to kill a rival drug dealer. The killings were 10 years apart. The judge said the light sentence for the second murder was due in part to “the apparent misconduct allegedly engaged in by the prior prosecutor in this matter.”

    That’s 2 pre-meditated murders!

    It gives me hope for Jodi since I think there was a lot of misconduct in her trial.

    • Coldcase, Jodi’s trial has been and still is a witchtrial. Paranoia in all it’s grace. I too truely hope that justice does peak under her blindfold and stop this madness.

  5. This trial never fails at stirring up emotions from both sides. If I could step away from being a Jodi Arias supporter for one moment and be a neutral, unbiased observer, I’d like to ask one question to those who support Travis Alexander: “Why do you want Jodi Arias to die?” I understand the concept of “an eye for an eye” and that they equate justice for Travis with Jodi suffering the same fate as he did: death.

    However, in his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said “You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I say to you, do not resist an evildoer. If anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.” The implication here seems to be that the philosophy for “an eye for an eye” encourages excessive vengeance instead of being an attempt to limit it.

    Moreover, in recent decades, the death penalty has not been shown to be a deterrent towards crime. This is probably why an increasing number of states support life imprisonment over capital punishment. And, in the grand scheme of things, executing Jodi Arias might provide some relief to the Alexander family, but it will never bring closure to them. Not only that, but if anything, most of what it would provide would be jubilation for those who hate Jodi and don’t just want her to die, but to die a slow, painful death.

    Now, we can all have a debate on capital punishment, but that’s for another day and another time. My point is that regardless of which side you’re on, to kill someone in a cruel and inhumane way in which they suffer is cruel and unusual punishment and makes you no better than Jodi Arias. In fact, it makes you even worse. But there are people, and you know who they are, who would treat Jodi’s execution with the celebratory mood of some kind of festivity like New Year’s Eve or Independence Day. It is impossible for me to know just how I would react if, God forbid, I was in Travis Alexander’s family’s shoes. But I would like to think that my family and I would conduct ourselves in a way that would find such behavior on the part of our supporters as beyond tasteless. It’s one thing to say that you think Jodi Arias is guilty of murder and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law within the guidelines of our criminal justice system. It’s another to say how you can’t wait to watch her die a slow, painful death.

    Thankfully, I don’t believe that Jodi will get the death penalty. In the meantime, for as much time that was spent in the media on how Travis’s family was doing, I never heard anyone asking the same about Jodi’s family.

      • Let’s see,what sentence the Craiglist killers get.
        Killed over 22 people together. A young married couple. Last names , ( Barbour) -wife is 19 , hubby 22.
        Can’t wait for the sentence, just to prove my own point!!

    • I think there’s hypocrisy in many religious followers who behave in ways that might be interpreted as not consistent with the rules of their religion. In other words, the TA supporters simply believe JA was responsible for the brutal murder of JA and they want her to “pay” for that crime regardless whether or not those beliefs conflict with heir religious “beliefs”…

      • Mark, unfortunately most people do not follow what they are preached. It’s not enough to be in their places of worship for a couple of hours, repeatively pray and speak words of grace, love and wisdom and once they’re out the door spew hatred and venom… Isn’t that ironic and blasphemy to their religion?

        I am agnostic and believe that we should always love and never seek revenge. Filling our hearts and souls with hatred will only make us miserable and always unhappy.

  6. There are good reasons why defense attorneys usually do not want a defendant to take the stand and this is one very good example. She got pommelled with those jury questions and her testimony made the jury not believe she was telling the truth. Her answers could actually be interpreted in one of two ways. Either you believe everything she said and she was this ultra-ideological Mormon girl who was swayed by Travis Alexander to do all these sexual things or you believe she was lying. The jury clearly thought she was lying and was asking a lot of those questions to further reinforce that fact for them.

    • By the time the jurors got to ask their questions, it was obvious they didn’t believe her and some of them even hated her! (remember Tara??)
      Linguistics is a powerful science, you can understand what people are thinking by the way they form their sentences. Most of the questions were worded in a way that revealed they were against her. I began losing hope after jurors’ questions were over….

      • Let’s not forget that the jury was very influenced by all the media and definately by HLN. I will never believe that they didn’t watch tv or weren’t on social networks… As long as a jury is not sequestered in such serious trials, there will never be objective justice served.

  7. if anyone on here write to Jodi please tell jodi sorry about her grandfather he knew how much she loved him he is with her always he will watch over her really hope she got to go to the funeral to be with her family if she cant go I hope they let her see her family and hug them she needs that so much tell Jodi not to go to dark place her grandfather wants her to keep on fighting

    • Shannon,
      Jodi CAN’T go to her grandfather’s funeral- she’s convicted. Nor can she hug her family, visits are done through glass. She hasn’t hugged anyone for 6 years…

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