Trial Day 25 – February 28th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s 2013 replay continues with the final day of Kermit’s attempted cross…

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Trial Day 25 – February 28th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Jodi Arias (cross examination continues)

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Part 2/3:

Jodi Arias (cross examination continues)

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Part 3/3:

Jodi Arias (cross examination finishes)

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  1. Well I just had to do it. Nobody on here so I decided to be first. I have followed Jodi’s trial from the very beginning and have posted on here since the beginning. Less since there has been less action but nevertheless I read the posts every day. Greece is one of my favorite countries, have been to Crete a number of times. Re Jodi’s case: I do hope that the judge does preclude Jodi’s letter seeking to dismiss Kirk N. from the case. It is just too much of a change at this particular point for Jodi to lose her lawyers. They will change anyway on appeal.
    At the risk of sounding crazy I believe there is a bigger force at work here too. It is interesting that there are problems of illness in the states attorney, issues of setting a date for sentencing, Jodi’s attorneys having issues with her letter as it effects their ability to continue as counsel. The longer this thing goes the more issues arise. It is interesting.

    • Hey Judy F. !!!
      Long time, no see gf! Glad you decided to start posting again- Jodi needs as many supporters speaking out for her as possible!
      Oh and congrats on first comment! 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Judy! Congrads on first comment!

      Oh Crete is a beautiful island. I too have been there many times! The Cretans are very traditional people and very welcoming! They treat all people with ‘raki’ (their local drink) and it is known to be an insult for them if someone refuses their treat!

      Refering to Jodi’s trial: Yes! Everything about this trial – especially when it’s in favor of Jodi – has been an issue. I have not said it enough times: this poor girl can’t get a fucking break, ffs! Excuse my ‘french’! 😉

  2. Good morning/afternoon cyber family!
    I hope you all had a great time yesterday on St Valentine’s Day! I for one went out and had so much to drink, I’ve been in bed practically all day today with a terrible hangover and a blistering headache. I swear I’ll never EVER drink again! Yikes….

    I found this, regarding to the 2 motions filed recently:

    • I hope you saw my comments.,under that article Maria =)
      I’m always trying to support Jodi. There does seem to be factual information about this state AS. The facts are that this state’s political parties and ” friends ” are all criminals ! LOL Really !!
      The more I look into the state department of corrections and “friends” – It’s a HOT mess there in AZ.
      Crime is insanely high! 2008 was the year of the serial killers… Interesting.
      A journalist is in prison after coming close to exposing the state’s secrets.( He is still there , he went in young ) He’s a greying ,slim sad looking soul. So sad. Basically, they run the state like a communist country. They make false arrests especially targeting the Mexican / Latino community.
      Arrest anyone that gets in the way of their agenda.
      Once a prisoner, you are guilty before your TRIAL. See they work the water wheel of justice together.
      Flores, finds the source of water.
      Juan sends down the buckets.
      Horn patches any holes ,and cleans the well.
      Together they push the wheel and the wheel keeps turning.
      Now, who owns the wheel ,or makes them push so hard in perfect harmony.???.
      Shit always falls downward.
      This case, has bigger meaning in the state. They are proudly showing the USA there prision system.
      They forget to tell you about the high death rates, in Joe’s playground.
      —Ms. Powell left outside in an outside container/ hut, on prision grounds was out there 4 hours.
      At the time of her death her body temperature was 108* Nobody was put on trial for her death.

      (((((TEAM JODI))))
      ((((Don’t give up))))

      Peace, Madeline USA

      • Don’t forget if you’re a multi-millionaire, you can kill three people in a sweat lodge and buy yourself a twenty month sentence. There is no hope for AZ. There IS hope for Jodi. Our prayers and support will set Jodi free soon.

      • Horrible Mad! I haven’t heard that one but it doesn’t surprise me. I hope everyone stays away from the state of AZ! You may go there and never come out . . . they have their own personal hell on earth!

        • -sad bc I always wanted to move there…. get away from CT winters.
          No , I will stay here until I pick a new warm place.
          Eeeehhuummmm! LOL Really
          XXOOOXXOOO Jodi !!

      • Mad, if I am remembering correctly, I think the Powell death actually occurred at a prison – I guess Perryville? – not at Joe’s jail.

        But everything else you said, ditto – bunch o’ crooks in charge there.

        Which makes me really worried for Jodi’s fate.

        • Yes ,Journee that is correct. I thought Joe runs both. (/oops) — horrible! Nobody was arrested for Powell’s death. They disciplined staff, maybe someone got fired?? Maybe.
          Ugggggg!!!! If that was here,in CT that story would be all over the news and lawsuits would be flying like vultures,on mice.
          Someone would be put to justice her death! RIP Ms. Powell I will pray for her tonight. I will also pray for JODI and all the other woman and men in the prisions in AZ.
          Reform or just tortured??? Hmmmm
          Hence , get Jodi out of there!! (AZ)

      • Mad, kudos girl! Awesomely said!

        BTW! Stay as far AWAY as possible from shitzona… what I have learned from reading about all sorts of cases in that state? If someone farts the wrong way they might be facing the death penalty! (rolling my eyes….)!!!

        ((((farting in shitzona))))) LMFAO!

  3. LOL Journee! Welcome to my world 🙂

    ANYHOW: We will stand steadfast to fight for Jodi . . . no matter what bridge comes before us!!!!

  4. Tonya Fererro (who used to be here a lot) posted on FB tonight that Jodi’s grandfather died this morning. According to Tonya, Jodi will not be informed until tomorrow morning. Very sad. I don’t know how close they were but grandfathers are often very special.

  5. Happy Sunday everyone!

    The ONLY great thing about the cross examination was when kermit finally shut the fuck up!

    ((((((Jodi ♥ ))))))

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