Trial Day 23 – February 26th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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The 2013 trial replay continues today with Kermit’s cross…

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Trial Day 23 – February 26th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Jodi Arias (cross examination continues)

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Part 2/3:

Jodi Arias (cross examination continues)

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Part 3/3:

Evening recess called

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  1. F*ck!
    Am I first! WOW! I’ts been so long…and after coming back from my trip?!?!?!

    Hello cyber family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    🙂 😉 🙂 😉

      • I’m not a fan of Martinez, but if he is on medical leave I sincerely hope that it’s nothing serious. Maybe that’s a flaw of mine, but I don’t wish anything bad on anyone including Juan Martinez or anyone else including those who hate me and could care less whether or not I lived or died.

        That being said, I think the odds are increasing that Jodi will not get the death penalty. Thoughts?

        • Hi Jeff,

          I agree. Humorous speculation is fine with regards to Kermit. I tried it in yesterday’s post even though nobody noticed, lol – but wishing ill on anyone is never good. Period. There are enough people playing that card already, without us reducing ourselves to their very low level.

          As for the DP. In my view, and long before the trial even started, it’s never even been an option, nor has it ever been on the table per se. The chance of a DP verdict is as likely as winning the lottery 6 weeks in a row. We’re still looking at a very basic self-defense case here, with an interim skewed verdict attached to it… and where self-preservation was the jurors main objective.

          So yes, we just need to have a line drawn under this never-ending fiasco. Then we can plough on with the appeals process and ultimately get Justice for Jodi. It’s gonna happen.

          Team Jodi

          • Sorry SJ posted on wrong day! ((((((SJ)))))) I always appreciate your humor! It didn’t go unnoticed it was just overshadowed by the weather! 🙁 Thanks for all you do every day for all of us and JODI!!!!

          • SJ, are you fishing for compliments?! 🙂 You know your sense of humor is awesome!!!! ♥

            Σ’αγαπώ & το χιούμορ σου! ♥

          • Eh – I don’t wish him to be seriously ill. (Though, IME, it happens to everyone sooner or later.)

            I just want him off the case. Preferably disbarred and out of the courtroom for good.

          • SJ,

            “…talking BS about their cottage” – now even Juanderer could laugh at that! So funny!! Adorable, actually.

            (((cute little cottages)))

          • SJ,

            I totally agree with you that when all is said and done that justice will prevail for Jodi and that she won’t get the death penalty, much to the chagrin of her detractors who are foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog for her to.

        • Ohhhh..Sigh JOHN BONJOVI :)) mmmmuuuaaahh #sexyforeva.

          I loved when the court said ,another.prosecutor could step in ,if necessary.
          I mean your sick ,you are sick, and JM is sick ! (On medical Leave)
          Show must go on.
          Without their shining star Jaun Martinez, The judge doesn’t know wtf to do !LOL
          The case load has to go forward, they can’t wait forever for JM to return from a medical leave.
          In CT can be out on FMLA for 16 weeks.
          However, I believe that another prosecutor would have to “keep the ball rolling.”

          Let the court of AZ keep piling up the appeal folders !
          While JAA waits,.in purgatory. Jodi has also stated she is and has gone ” radio silent. Good, let them wonder what is going on ??? ..LOL!!
          The Alexander’s statements claim This is defense is stalling, meant to change their minds.
          So, maybe this is a divine intervention.
          The defense needs to use this time, not wasted.
          The defense is getting ready for the final battle.
          I hope they are gaining strength, confidence and limitless potential.
          ((((( JODI)))) I hope you are prepared for whatever that means for you.
          God Bless Us All.
          MAD…AKA Madeline C.T.


          • Mad…you had me lmao. I don’t understand why this has to be delayed any longer. Like they didn’t know this other trial was coming up months ago.
            Has anyone thought how long it will take to seat a new jury? Now that is something I would like to see. I’m willing to bet it’s going to take weeks. I also personally feel they already know that they will end up with a hung jury.
            That is why they would throw this trial to the way side to start a new one.

            How could judge S schedule a new date when no one knows how long the other trial will last. Why does JM have to do that trial in the first place?

            Just simple question……from a simple person….

            • I think JM’s always been assigned to Hulsey, just as he’s always been assigned to Arias. And the Hulsey date didn’t come up until a month or so ago. When Judge Kreamer tried to set the date for Hulsey in May, JM protested that Arias was scheduled for March and expected to last 8 weeks. He wanted Kreamer to push Hulsey back to July, to give him a couple months prep time between the two trials. And Kreamer said no way, Hulsey would take precedence over Arias, the case has been waiting longer.

              (interesting footnote – Kreamer was the judge that was assigned to handle the settlement conference back in the fall)

      • I missed all of you, too!
        Paaaaaaan, I love you gf! ♥ ♥

        Just so we’re clear (coz I do hate misunderstandings and giving the wrong impression): I do not wish ill on anyone, not even Martinez. What I was trying to get across is that even though I am a very compassionate person (I even cry for people I don’t even know when I find out something bad has happened to them), this particular piece of news made me feel nothing. I wasn’t happy of course but nor was I sad.

    • Maria!!! Welcome back! Ohhhhh how I have missed you! I have been busting SJ’s chops about that!!! 🙂

      This is the first time I am actually happy that you made ‘first comment’ (evil grin) !!!

      Love you! ♥

      (((((Maria’s first comment)))))

    • (((((MARIA))))) Glad to have you back, Congrats on first…..I’ve just about given up on being first :-/
      Maybe Juan is taking time off to get his head removed from his ass. LOL 🙂

      (((((MY CYBER FAMILY))))) ♥

      λοωε μυ Γρεεκ δαθγητερ ♥

      Ray in H-burg Va.

  2. Hi,Team Jodi!!!

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I didn’t abandon ship! We had to leave to go to our son and daughter-in-laws for an unexpected family problem! We will be working here for an indefinite amount of time so I don’t know for sure when we will get back! Wow, this has been an adventure but nothing we can’t handle! This is the first chance I was able to get on computer and post so I wanted to let you all know that I will be gone for a while but I am still supporting Jodi 100% in my thoughts and prayers and I will be back and I will try to post when and if I get a chance!

    Love to you all and hope to be back soon!!!

    (((((JODI))) (((((TEAM JODI)))))

  3. Has this court document been discussed here? I noticed it posted on an “unfriendly” site. They seemed to think that Jodi’s handbag was placed in an evidence room/locker but the contents were never examined. They’re excited about it and think it could contain evidence damaging to Jodi. First, I ever heard of it and you may have talked about it here and I never noticed. If the address below doesn’t work, it’s a court doc dated February 4.'gov/docs/Cricopa'iminal/022014/m6160798.pdf

  4. Here’s my problem with Juan Martinez: I understand you’re the prosecutor and you’ve got to grill the defendant and her witnesses, but for goodness sake, would it be asking too much to show some RESPECT towards them? This guy treated Jodi Arias and Alyce LaViolette with such disrespect. Although it’s kind of ironic to see the pint-sized guy talking down to people, but that’s another thing.

    The media, especially HLN, fawned all over Martinez and proclaimed him to be a “rock star” which in 2014 doesn’t mean much because even rock stars aren’t what they used to be. And the way he was posing for pictures with his fans I thought was very self-serving and inappropriate. I guess he’s entitled to do it, but I think there’s a reason why you don’t see most prosecutors posing like Juan did.

    I think Juan loves being in front of a camera and after this trial is over with I’d suggest he go into reality TV with the Travis Alexander entourage and do a show called “Schmuck Dynasty”. 😉

    All things considered, I think that Alyce and Jodi kicked ass in how they handled “Poca Polla”.

    • Mr. Martinez disrespect extended beyond his treatment of the defendant and the defense witnesses (and the defense team, for that matter.)

      He disrespected his own witnesses and he disrespected the court and the rules of decorum within that court. He never once asked permission to approach a witness, never asked permission to approach the bench – never even call Stephens ‘your honor.’

      He acted like HE was in charge of that room and NO ONE was allowed to say anything he did not approve of.

      • You are absolutely right Journee. Everyone can see Judge Stephens when she looks to him to be guided on what next. He needs a good dose of his own medicine. SMH

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