Trial Day 2 – January 3rd, 2013 [REPLAY]

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*** Court hearing scheduled for today — Click here for updates ***
Update: Oral arguments scheduled for January 13th

Here’s the video from Day 2 of the trial, featuring everyone’s favorite clueless “lead detective” Gloria Esteban, and crime scene examiner Heather Conner.

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Trial Day 2 – January 3rd, 2013:

Part 1/2:

Esteban Flores (lead case agent)

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Part 2/2:

Heather Conner (crime scene/latent print examiner)

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  1. Hey! I’m not calling on ‘first’… I just wanted to prove to Ms Maria R. that I can be first if I wanted to… always! 😉 LMAO!

    So, the ‘first comment’ is still up for grabs! Yay!!!!

    ((((first comments))))
    ((((SJ 😉 )))))

  2. Mr Flora and Fauna…The dirty police officer! That slimy hypocritical full of shit KISS-ASS!
    I hope he’s proud of himself for being Martinez’ BITCH!
    I hope he’s proud for changing his tune and perjuring himself ON the stand and showing how BIASED he was throughout the trial.
    I hope his daughter realizes how disgustingly ridiculous all her Youtube video uploading was also that she will realize one day that her dad was NOT the hero she thought he was but rather a sell-out who assisted in trying to kill a woman based not on evidence but lies!!!! Flores is a POOR, POOR excuse iof a man.
    You know what? I can hardly contain myself when re-watching those videos or looking at Flores’ face. I never thought I’d hate someone as passionately as I hate so many people involved in this case.Maybe I shouldn’t watch them LOL!

    • Maria I can’t watch I’d end up shooting my computer, besides my blood pressure can’t take it.

      Ray in H-burg Va.

      • LOL seems we all are having the same feelings! It is so sad to remember the injustices that were so obvious to the world.

    • Very interesting about Steve Flowers: In his initial questioning of Jodi, he could actually have been fishing for a domestic violence scenario, with Jodi as the survivor. In other words, I believe he initially saw the scene for what if was. He had to have been confused by the two weapons – since a planned attack would not have two. Also, the photographs were not available at that time.

    • Maria, I thought the SAME thing about Flores!!!!!!! I watched how he squirmed on the stand too, because he knew what he did and said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pay close attention to people’s face and eye movements all the time and watching him, you could just see ” I’M LYING” all over his face! It’s as clear as can be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I was watching him on the video, I would say out loud to him, “yeah, you better swallow big and blink your eyes cuz you know how you are lying”, and then I said, “you are in BIG TROUBLE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Guys, when rewatching the video I had the urge to punch the SOB in the face!

      Everytime I see flores, the image of armando saldate (Debra Milke case) comes to mind. flores is another corrupted figure in a shitzona case – just like saldate is. It doesn’t matter how deep the corruption is… It’s fucking astonishing how some pieces of shit make the American justice system seem so bad. They are the ones that be chased from all American citizens.

      In Jodi’s trial, we have more than 60% of the authority figures corrupted, biased and commiting perjury.

      Go figure! (rolling eyes…)

      • In one of the phone calls between Flores and Jodi heard in court, he asks her if she knows anything about TA having something that had “tassels”. He asks her about this persistently, asking the question several times and describing the tassel-like material as “tan ropish” fibers.

        In courtroom testimony later, he attributes the fibers to the comfort lining on TA’s sandals. (Looks like a piece of carpeting was added to his sandals – there is a photo.) But if he eventually decided that the sandals were the source of the tassel-like material that he had been so curious about, why had he not been able to make the connection to the sandals right away if they had been out where anyone could have seen them? And if there was any doubt, why were they not examined by a fiber expert? As EF later testified in court, they were not.

        It is notable that JW mentions the “soft” rope that is the type used with curtains in her opening statements, and JM did not object.

        [But of course, he objected to her stating that Jodi didn’t plan or premeditate TA’s killing. The judge said, “Approach”, and there was a sidebar. I don’t know how she ruled. How was he allowed to object that way to a defendant’s legal claim being presented in opening statements? JW never did use the term “self-defense” anywhere in her opening. After the sidebar, JW concluded her argument by saying that Jodi “defended herself”.]

        Back to the tassels – it has always bothered me that they weren’t expertly examined because using the knife to cut a rope in the bedroom or bathroom explains how the knife came to be in that part of the house.

        One of the biggest issues that would have impelled Jodi to waive the fifth must have been that their sexcapades needed to be explained in order to account for the knife being there for a purpose unrelated to a fight. Flores must have figured that the “tan ropish” fibers were on the floor as the result of something having been being cut, and that must be why he so persistently asked about them. He knew a knife was involved and was trying to account for its availability – was it simply a weapon of opportunity? – when he initially had Jodi on the phone. As I said before, I think EF saw the scene for what it was initially. Big problems ensued for his investigation when he began to believe all of TA’s cover stories about Jodi, as relayed by the individuals who bought the “doesn’t she know it’s over?” B.S.

        • I didn’t understand it that way – that Flores had decided the fibers came from those sandals. I remember there was a photo that did show a fiber from the sandals, and I think Martinez and Conner both agreed that’s what it looked like. But then there were other images that looked different from the sandals – more of that khaki-ish beige-gold-green color, and with some curve to them (where the sandal yarns were short and straight.) And it seemed like Martinez was trying to indicate that those fibers did match the fringe on the throw pillows.

          Justus was talking about the crazy theories Jodi’s haters come up with – I saw some insisting that the fibers WERE from one of the pillows, but Jodi had used the pillow as a ‘silencer’ when she shot Travis at close range, and that’s where there was no stippling around the bullet wound. Like someone could really shoot a gun through a pillow and the only ‘trace’ to be found afterwards was a couple of bits of fringe. ~~shaking head~~

          • Well, that’s another example of the shifting sands of the prosecution’s case, if indeed JM suggested that they came from a pillow, because I distinctly recall EF saying on the stand that they’d come from the sandals and I immediately thought, “heck, they look completely different in color and texture, where’d he get that?” It’s only now that I realize that EF had asked Jodi about the “tassels”, as he called them, as soon as he had a chance.

            No, you wouldn’t call those scraggly bits of fiber on the sandals “tassels”, and that’s probably why he couldn’t figure out where the “tan ropish” fibers had come from. But Jodi told EF that TA had some pillows with tassels so JM just took Jodi’s story and used it, I guess. If that was their explanation, I don’t recall hearing it during the trial or seeing a photo of a matching pillow.

            I vaguely recall some discussion (not sure where) about using a pillow for silencing but thought it ridiculous – another asinine proposition about how resourceful and sorceress-like Jodi is (and so difficult to pin down!). And where’s that pillow with the bullet hole? In some landfill now by the Hoover Dam? (“I’ll leave the camera but will be sure to take the pillow” – right!)

  3. And just to focus on our girl, PLEASE remember that today January the 3rd, Jodi has a hearing.
    I think it is scheduled for 2.30pm,

    Send positive thoughts, my fellow supporters! Or pray for Jodi.
    Maybe our doing so will make Judge Inept Stephens get up her ass and do something to move the retrial phase onwards.

    • Since she’s already “up her ass” I guess they’ll be trying to figure out something else. Like how to make Jodi seem guilty to another jury with the “just the facts” short version of the trial.

      I can’t even imagine a short version of what went on before. How is JM going to have time for “she planned it all this way, folks, but even if she didn’t, it really could have happened this other way, or, wait, give me a minute, I know I’ve got another possible, very very plausible version of premeditation up my sleeve. Heck, it’s here somewhere, gimme a sec, ah, oh, wait, I need a bathroom break. I think I may have left it in the mens’ room…”

  4. an article in the latest issue of the lancet, “Taking a narrative turn in psychiatry”,

    the first paragraph,

    A little over 30 years into its life journey, modern scientific psychiatry seems to be heading into a dark wood. Last year the US National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) withdrew its support for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM), which has often been called the “bible of psychiatry”. Pharmaceutical companies are to some extent pulling back from psychiatric research and drug development. Activists, journalists, and academics from various perspectives are criticising psychiatric research, diagnoses, and treatments. Psychiatry, it seems, has gone astray from the road it set out on during the late 20th century and now seems to be veering into Dante’s “arduous wilderness”.

    i have only skimmed the article

    • As the saying goes, “you have to go to hell before you get to heaven”.

      As far as I’m concerned, a lot of the psychiatric diagnoses need flushing and a roto-rooter job to boot. They should start over with a neuro-physiological approach. (I have no expertise in the field.)

      The DSM is not definitive and never will be as a directive for actual treatment because it is always a product of its particular time and the prejudices that emanate from each culture involved in its creation – even though it is a worldwide effort – and of what is scientifically known at the time. It is an aid to diagnosis but cannot really be used to diagnose, just as psychological testing often gives a “working hypothesis”, but not a definitive diagnosis.

      A doctor could focus on a single diagnosis while another could escape him or her. (It is my understanding that dual diagnoses are more prevalent nowadays.) Part of my opinion about this derives from having watched what went on in this case.

      For example, “The Floating Profile” was explained by Dr. Geffner in testimony as “really a disability profile or associated with chronic pain”. He said it went out of use in 2008, but for some years was a profile associated with Borderline Personality Disorder. It could possibly be associated with the “chronic” emotional pain of PTSD, couldn’t it? (Not that I am suggesting a question such as that could have been put to a doctor at trial.) But couldn’t it? And, isn’t that the reason that BPD can be easily confused with PTSD?

      The DSM is going to be seriously affected by new findings in brain chemistry and in the neurological field in general, and should be.


  5. Happy New Year! This case has come around a whole year. The only good thing is Jodi now knows she has supporters. Thank you SJ for putting up the tapes corresponding with the day last year. It helps to see everything so much on point. We all went on fact. That is why we found ourselves here. Speaking for myself and what I hear others saying. The story I was being told never made scientific sense. Sorry Martinez, but I am not Alice In Wonderland. Glad you got so many followers. But I will continue to shake my head, ask questions, and find the truth. Thank you family for also continuing to do this. Thank you Jodi for having such strength.
    I have been reading the comments and they ask and answer major points. Sending lots of love and hugs to this awesome family!

  6. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 3h
    Jodi Arias is in court at 2:30 MST. Will Judge Stephens let us in today?

  7. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 4m
    Once again, stranded in the hallway outside the Jodi Arias courtroom as the lawyers and the judge tell secrets. It’s getting old.

  8. I’m just getting around to watching (or re-watching, which is worthwhile because you pick up things you missed before).

    I just now caught the part where Jodi says (talking about T trying to buff up for Cancun) that he was taking ‘supplements’.


      • Well, there are other bulking supplements – the sort of stuff they sell at GNC. Sure would be interesting to know whether the police found any ‘supplements’ in Travis’ bathroom. But of course, no one has documented that.

        This is just the first time I heard Jodi’s words about supplements.

    • I always had a red flag go up about steroids with this case. Also, in general, his diet routine. People I have known that lose fat, build muscle quickly have uneven diets, multiple, type of supplements, and have not so easy personalities at the time. This is also from seeing patients medically. With the culmination of TA’s childhood Trauma, his adult problems, and then a strict body building region. It was Travis that was the timebomb.

      Just for example. Years ago, I was working with a nurse who was doing some body building regime. She was strict with what she was doing. We had to lift and carry a patient on each side. She had years of experience. But she could not feel the strength she was using was too much. She broke the patient’s arm.

      • Travis has been characterized as a ”timebomb” many times by many people.
        Personally, I believe that ( regardless of ”supplements” or ”stereoids”) he suffered from NPD, hence from what is known as Narcissistic Rage which manifested itself on many occassions. Too bad that Jodi was always on the receiving end of his tantrums…

  9. Another notable from Jodi’s first phone call with Flores –

    She talks about Travis’ former roomie, Thomas Brown. Funny that Travis evicted him for being a sexual predator – not a rapist or anything, Jodi said, just real aggressive with the ladies. IOW, Travis threw Thomas out for acting like Travis.

    Something I’ve meant to mention about Thomas – there was a woman I chatted with at HuffPo, one of the few that was keeping an open mind and listening to all the evidence. And she was following the story on multiple forums, so I can’t say for sure where she got this tidbit, but she quoted Thomas as having said that Travis was doing a protection ritual when Jodi arrived that morning of Jun 4. My thought was that he might have just been making a smart-ass comment, but her perception was that he was talking about something HE KNEW.

    • Journee:

      I was watching Trial Video – Day 11, where JW was questioning Lisa D. and JW asked Lisa who gave her the info that Travis was having sex with Jodi and Lisa said it was Thomas Brown, but she found out later it was false info (ya, right!)!!! That’s why Travis evicted Thomas Brown!!!!!!!!

    • What kind of protection ritual?

      Jodi said Travis was watching Youtube videos (Harder,Better,Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk) when she arrived- I’d rather believe her.
      Oh and btw: has any of you ever wondered how Travis ended up watching a vid with that title? I bet he typed those words to see if he could find porn on YT 🙄

      • What kind of protection ritual?

        I dunno, one of those super-secret Mormon things, I guess.

        The laptop confiscated by the police shows that the youtube videos were playing at that time, but of course I’ve never been 100% convinced that it was Travis’ laptop. Deanna couldn’t remember which Christmas she gifted him with a pricey item like a laptop?

        • I recall hearing about a ritual, but I remember it as a “purification” ritual. I also recall the time of it being the day Jodi was there. I don’t recall where I heard or read this.

  10. AHA, and another thing!

    Discussions a few months back about the camera memory card – Melendez said it was in the camera, Conner said it was in the washer, we all agreed on that. HOWEVAH! The one Heather found in the washer, though it *appears* to be black from what we can see on the video, Martinez himself describes it as BLUE.

    The memory card that Travis’ camera used was proprietary at that time, made and available only from SONY, and it was BLACK.

    • Can someone remind me where it was heard that the memory card found didn’t suit the camera. Different make, different card all together…. And yet, if that is the case, it was swept under the rug just like so many other odd shit that didn’t add up to kermits theories… ffs!

  11. I have time to listen to the tapes. This is an excellent idea by SJ! It is so much better than being caught up in the hype and BS. I am not as advanced as Journee. But I do have two things that are bothering me about the defense opening statement. First. Jennifer started out immediately admitting that Jodi killed Travis. At that point I felt the trial was over. The rest of the trial was a waste of money. Some people can’t think passed that statement, some/many people say “Jodi admitted to killing him so she is guilty.” This is repeated excessively on twitter by the haters.
    Second, Jennifer brought up that Jodi was Travis’s “Dirty little Secret”. Another point where the trial needed to end.
    The Defense labeled Jodi within the first 40 minutes of the trial. It would never matter what anyone would say after those two statements. Maybe wet behind the ears but Jodi’s defense did Jodi in!

    • marianne, since Jodi admitted she killed him what’s the point of her lawyers denying it during their opening statements? Jodi does not deny that she was there. She is not afraid to take responsibility for her crime. Not only did she admit it, she tried to make a deal. It was the Prosecutor and the family’s relentless pursuit of death that led them to a trial, overcharging her.

      As for the ‘dirty little secret’ comment, I think what Jennifer tried to do was to set the foundations for the jurors to understand the emotional and psychological abuse Jodi received, the fact that she was used and seen by Travis as an object, as ”meat”, as a sex tool and not as a human being with feelings.

        • As I described in a comment at the bottom of the Trial Day 1 Repost page, I believe JW took a wrong tack in attaching the “dirty little secret” appellation to Jodi from the get-go. So I agree with Marianne’s comment above that Jodi’s claim of self-defense was not taken seriously from then on.

          JW needed to confidently assert that this was a self-defense case before stating that Jodi killed Travis. She could have structured a compound sentence that way.

          She erred in describing Jodi from what was imagined to be Travis’s point of view. That is not what a defense attorney is supposed to do in a case of self defense, is it? That’s what the prosecution does.

          Was there a phone call, IM, text or email wherein TA actually said that to her or someone else? That she was his “dirty little secret”? And if so, why does it help Jodi to introduce her in that manner when her life is on the line? That description is too easily associated with the words “slut” and “skank”, and so forth and so on. Cringe-worthy. But mostly, it diminishes the relationship that she had with Travis. It was much more than that.

          It was a self defense case. Some have argued here that the case could have been won on the crime scene evidence alone. (I don’t agree with that since Jodi decided to waive the fifth and there were accidental photographs that needed to be explained.) So since the case was not going to be argued simply based on the forensics, the psychological and physical abuse issues became almost paramount. Nonetheless, there is another way to show how he abused their relationship and her feeling for him besides using debasing language from the outset to describe her. It’s reductionist; moreover, the shock value is gratuitous. The nasty language was going to surface as the trial progressed, so absent the “dirty little secret” hand-tipping, the verbal abuse that was exposed later would have had a greater impact if those insults to Jodi’s psyche were only to come from TA and no one else.

          JW should have portrayed Jodi as a creative young woman who was looking for a husband and wanted to start a family of her own after taking care of her last boyfriend’s son, but who was out of her depth, misled, and mistaken that Travis was the man for her. The raunchy evidence showing the road that Jodi went down in trying to please Travis could have elicited more sympathy for Jodi from the jury if JW had taken the high road and shown more restraint and good taste in her opening statements.

          Imagine Jodi acting as her own attorney. Suppose for a moment, that she stands before the jury and introduces herself by saying, “Hello. My name is Jodi Arias. I killed Travis Alexander. I was his dirty little secret. What I want you to understand, though, is that I did it in self-defense.”

          You see? It’s low. So it wouldn’t have worked, no matter how you order the sentences.

          • I see what you’re saying, WhichTrial, and I hadn’t thought about it that way before. JW put a negative spin on Jodi from the get-go because what the jury was probably hearing is “Jodi killed Travis and the reason she killed him was because he was treating like a dirty little secret.” Even for those who don’t automatically equate the word ‘kill’ to ‘murder’, they now envisioned some sort of revenge killing. And maybe they never got that out of their heads.

    • I see what you are saying, Marianne.

      JW showed the jury accidental photographs of the scene without having used the words “self-defense”. About a minute into the opening she still hasn’t said “self-defense”. She said that Jodi “was forced” to kill Travis, and that the “million dollar question” was what forced her to do it. By framing the case that way, she suggests that the evidence is not enough to support Jodi’s claims, as if she doesn’t know herself exactly why it happened. She was on the one hand clobbering the jury over the head, and on the other, mincing around.

      Check out Jodi writing non-stop during this opening. JW used the words “fear” and “panic” to explain why Jodi lied about what happened. At that point you can see Jodi’s eyes turn heavenward as she flips her hair back and resumes writing. It doesn’t look to me that she liked how she was being represented at that moment. She had wanted to protect TA and not get into the unchaste behavior. She couldn’t accept that she had done it.

      Those were reasons Jodi later testified to in explaining why she lied, but they probably seemed like add-ons to the jury because JW hadn’t brought them up when she could have. Jodi’s choice to lie was not only because she was consumed by her own emotions. Her lies were not entirely self-serving and it hurt Jodi that her counsel did not make that expressly clear from the outset. They should have known that the prosecution was going to build their case on the fact of Jodi having lied, and been more proactive with respect to that unfortunate weakness in Jodi’s position.

      • Whichtrial,

        I did not enter the story until March 2013. Everything was upside down. I picked up the defense wasn’t the best. But I didn’t think it was the worst. In any law case, your outcome depends on your attorneys, including the worst criminals. For Jodi to end up with M1 is now crystal clear to me. That opening statement was the worst statement that could have been said. To all that disagree, listen again. What was the first statement? Plus does it matter in the opening statement that Jodi was Travis’s “Dirty little secret”? In 30 minutes Jennifer made Jodi a murderer and a whore. I don’t say much. Everyone knows that. But when I say something please listen. Now. Martinez had fill opportunity all trial to play on this. With a defense who couldn’t even open properly , they let Jodi open to the wolves all trial. Look at what happened to the defense witnesses, experienced defence witnesses. No one wanted to speak for Jodi. Why? Bottom line, no one was there to protect Jodi’s side. She was a murderer from the first sentence of that trial. Why a witch hunt? Because the defense laid the ground work, then continued to do nothing. Jodi likes Jennifer because Jennifer is sweet and nice to Jodi. That doesn’t make Jennifer a good lawyer!
        That trial needed to start with domestic violence. Go 1 to 1 with Martinez. If Jodi needed to defend herself blah, blah, blah. Jennifer opened the door and welcomed the prosecution in.

    • Marianne, I agree with what you said. Jennifer Wilmott did not lay a strong foundation in her opening arguments. What actual choices did Jodi have? Nurmi and Wilmott. We all know how Jodi feels about Nurmi so she is left to trust Wilmott. This trial was one bad nightmare for Jodi. Substandard representation against Mr. Prosecutor Martinez equals a recipe for disaster.

    • You are so right on Marianne. What was Wilmott thinking? I don’t believe a defense attorney who specializes in 1st degree murder cases, appeals and Constitutional Law would have given a much different presentation. There is hope however, it will happen in the appeals process. We all must ban together in Facebook and Twitter. You can connect to me on twitter @LMlovesfacts and on Facebook: Lynn M Wood. I am in several pro Jodi groups. You can write to Jodi via snail mail or electronic mail. Details on The direct electronic email link to Jodi is: All messages are most likely being monitored.

      • Thank you LM. It is very sad that Jodi had such serious issues go so wrong. Staying positive is the best we can do until the correct experts get to fix such a debacle.

    • Right — why do you believe Jodi’s denial of premeditation, but not her courtroom testimony? I’m surprised at how many even of her strongest supporters think she perjured herself. Fwiw, I think she told the truth on the stand.

      • I agree Chris. I’m sure during the years leading up to the trial she was told many times (and she told herself many times) that if she was going to get up on that stand she needed to deviate not one iota from the truth because even the smallest lie would sink her. Look what that totally ridiculous accusation of her lying over the gas cans cost her. (Why, pray tell, would she lie about returning the gas can when she could just as well have said she lost it somewhere, a lie that would not have been traceable?)

        • Yup. Another case, which as I recall Nurmi stressed in closing, was her saying the gun was on the top shelf, when she could easily have said it was somewhere much closer to hand. She took a lot of heat on that as well — unnecessarily unless it was the truth.

          • Right, Chris. And why if she was lying about the whole incident would she then, at the most critical point in the story, claim she can’t remember? If she was lying, why not just continue with the so-called lie. If she could indeed remember the whole incident, she could have just as easily made up a whopper to go with the crime scene. I came up with a very reasonable explanation – he attacks her, chases her, she accidentally shoots him, she escapes, he goes to sink and becomes even more enraged, chases after her again, she finds the knife and goes nuts in fear for her life. I arrived at that one in five minutes and she had nearly five years. The only reasonable explanation for her saying that she can’t remember is that she can’t remember.

            • Another excellent point. Of course any story like that needs to explain why she didn’t go out the door while T was at the sink. But it’s not too hard to believe she was trying to help him after the gunshot, as several people have suggested. It would be in character.

              • And I don’t think we can apply logic to what one could/would/should do in such a violent and traumatic event. Can any of us say how we would react? Would it necessarily be logical? Those detractors who say they know what they would do are lying to themselves.

                • Yes, and they especially would not know what they would do or when “to stop” if they were dealing with a person who was accidentally shot in the head and totally freaking out and who was therefore not able “to stop” themselves. It’s instinct taking over on both sides. We are also hard-wired to go into shock after traumatic events, and shock very often involves memory loss.

                  I was wondering the other day if Jodi experienced symptoms of shock after she “came to” in the desert while driving. Did she then experience shivering cold in the car or out in the desert when she put her shoes on? Did she use the heater in the car for awhile? I don’t believe she was asked about her physical state during the driving, only what she was thinking.

              • In regard to Chris’ comment above about why she “didn’t go out the door”:

                Jodi testified in court that she didn’t even know that the shot had hit him when the gun went off. She probably saw the blood and connected it with TA’s head hitting something when he lunged at her and they landed on the floor. At some point, he obviously did get to a standing position at the sink. The blood evidence in and around the sink proves that. His mobility gave her reason to believe that the shot had not hit him.

                She remembers hearing the threat to her life after the shot. Perhaps she had just opened the closet at that point to get a towel, believing that the fight was over because he was going to need stitches. There was obviously a pause in the fight while TA was at the sink.

                In other words, why would she run out the door when, believing that he was bleeding from a fall, she could help him to get medical attention?

                During that pause, the fact that Jodi did NOT leave strongly suggests that she thought that the fight was over. But after the threat to her life, she couldn’t leave because the fight resumed, with TA now at a disadvantage but going after Jodi nonetheless. After standing at the mirror, he’d figured out that he had been hit, even if she still didn’t realize it.

                The shot was accidental. The pause during the fight and her not fleeing afterward suggests that it was. TA’s going to the mirror and looking at the wound, which involved turning his back on her, also suggests that he was not under attack at that moment and believed also that the fight was over. To create that much aspirated blood spatter, he had to have been at the sink for more than just a few seconds, trying to clear blood from his throat and sinuses.

                By claiming that the gunshot was last, the prosecution put forth the unsupported falsehood that the gunshot was intended by Jodi, when it was anything but. She only meant “to stop him” after his first attack upon her – the body slam to the bathroom floor. She would not have lunged at someone who had pointed a gun at her, she testified, and didn’t think that he would.

                Everything about the scene suggests unplanned, chaotic intimate partner domestic violence. After studying the scene, I believe that EF came to that conclusion; he is trained to see it. So JM knew that the only way out of a justifiable homicide was to make the gunshot last, and therefore intentional. It would take critical focus away from the actual, logical sequence of a series of tragic events.

                Jodi is now facing a possible death penalty for dropping a camera. After studying this case in detail, I would say this to anybody who is in a physically and/or mentally abusive relationship. You don’t know how it’s going to turn out. Leave at your earliest opportunity and without hesitation. Leave for good before it becomes impossible to do anything right, to say anything right, and to be perceived as having done anything right. Eventually your world could turn upside down, as it has for Jodi.

                • Correction: “Jodi is now facing a possible death penalty for dropping a camera” is incorrect.

                  Rather: Jodi is facing a possible death penalty because she dropped a camera.

                  [I’m afraid my point was probably lost out of sheer clumsiness. I apologize.]

                • whichtrial? said:

                  “In regard to Chris’ comment above about why she “didn’t go out the door”:

                  Jodi testified in court that she didn’t even know that the shot had hit him when the gun went off”

                  The point at which she might have fled – the only one we know about, the one she testified to – was *before* the gunshot, when she turned right and looped through the closet (getting the gun) instead of turning left to exit the bedroom. After the gun went off, and he landed on top of her again, saying “f—ing kill you bitch” – that’s the last thing she clearly remembers.

            • …”she could have just as easily made up a whopper to go with the crime scene” – EXACTLY, Justus. That was my own first impression of her sworn testimony that she did not recall anything after the threat to her life. She could have made up something to go with what she already knew about the scene, no question. I still feel the same way about that.

              • I agree too. She had spent 5 years alone, in a cell, trying to replay that day in her mind. She could have easily make up a lie which would help answer all questions in the jurors’ minds that she KNEW would be left unanswered if she said she didn’t remember.
                I’ve often thought that if she was this pathological liar, this master manipulator, this evil genious they portray her to be she could have studied the crime scene carefully and with the help of her attorneys build a story after the gunshot that would be much more detailed (for example maybe even having Travis chasing her with the knife and her somehow managing to grab it and defending herself, Jodi wouldn’t hesitate to throw mud at Travis, right HATERS? ugh!!!! )
                Yet, she chose to go with the truth and was ridiculed and crucified once more about that. The public and the media failed to answer why that wicked liar,who was according to them able to twist every single fact around, was NOT able to come up with an elaborate description of what took place after she accidentaly pulled the trigger.
                They said she did it ”because it served her purposes, because she didn’t want to be cornered by the Bulldog” but God knows by that time she had showed no fear when facing Martinez’ tantrums, she had not step back one iota from what she was testyfying not even when Kermit was trying to mess with her and confuse her with his bad use of the English language and his turning around everything Jodi was saying on the stand!
                So, why did she say she couldn’t remember?Because she was telling the truth, that’s why!!
                And Dr Geffner made it perfectly understood to us. As for the haters, I don’t think they have the IQ to process such difficult concepts as the ones used in Neuropsychology.

                • Well said, Maria. And here’s another one I thought of this morning. She didn’t remember anything about leaving, except that the car was packed sometime prior to the shower photography. She does not remember locking the bedroom and setting up the doggie fence. Her inability to give sworn testimony about whether or not she was the one to do those things is also not to her advantage, is it?

              • Journee, I was responding to this sentence that Chris wrote: “Of course any story like that needs to explain why she didn’t go out the door while T was at the sink”.

                As we know, Jodi testified that she went through the closet instead of out the door because she didn’t believe she had time to run around the door, which opened, apparently, into the room in the direction of the bathroom, so that she would have needed to run around it. Apparently TA could easily have reached out and slammed the door shut to block her exit if he had caught up with her. This had not worked for her in another past altercation, she testified, and she didn’t want him to catch her again.

                I was also trying to answer Chris’ question because she has no clear memory of what happened after she started to get up from the floor except that she heard the threat to her life. And this is a very important question that even those who believe that the gunshot came first would like to be able to answer. But the physical evidence does tell a story. That story is consistent with Jodi’s claim that the shot was accidental.

                The only way to refute that TA could still function after the gunshot, to remove all doubt that it was accidental and that it was totally unexpected and so shocked both of them enough to produce a pause in the fight, is to deny the timing of it and say that it was last.

                A pause in the fight is just that. It stopped for awhile while he was coughing at the sink. Jodi was only defending herself and that’s why she originally got the gun from the closet and tried to hold him off, without malicious intent. I don’t see this as a heat of passion situation, but I know that in previous comments you have leaned in the direction of both self-defense and heat of passion. I believe that it was self-defense all the way and that Jodi was repeatedly attacked that day.

                After the accidental shot that was precipitated by his lunge at her she could not stop him when he realized that he had been shot. It was very, very tragic because they both could have gotten into a car and driven to a hospital after the shot. But I don’t believe it was her choice not to do that. By the time the fight was over, Jodi was in shock and not able to come to terms with what had happened.

                • Sorry. I hadn’t followed the train of thought.

                  I’ve always thought the fact that Travis stopped at the sink to examine his wound was an indicator that

                  a) that first injury (gunshot) was an accident/surprise, and
                  b) he wouldn’t have stopped at the sink to do ANYTHING if he’d believed he was under attack at that moment – certainly would not have, as JM suggested, stood there and watched in the mirror as she stabbed him in the back.

                  When I say I can see it as self-defense turned heat of passion, I am thinking of Alyce’s words that when battered women finally fight back, sometimes they don’t know when to stop.

      • I agree with you Chris. I don’t think Jodi would have survived a knife fight unless Travis’s strength and agility were diminished first by that gunshot that I do believe was accidental. The evidence at the scene makes logical and physical sense in terms of Jodi’s testimony, but is not consistent with any of the prosecutor’s various scenarios.

      • I apologize for the error and have made this correction on my blog post. This is my mistake and indeed you are correct that Jodi testified that the accidental gun shot was first. I missed this important piece of information which won’t happen again and it has been notated on the original blog post.

        • I suggest you watch the entire trial again so that you have your facts straight and stop listening the sex tape over and over again that you seem to be so focused on for some odd reason.

          • TB, I don’t know who you are, but I apologize for my mistake and it is duly noted that it was. You piling on is not necessary. If you had taken the time to read my blog, you would know that I have been one of many people who has done due diligence on this trial. I’ll leave it at that.

            • I have taken the time to read your blog over and over again and you have obviously failed to get your facts of the trail straight and you still don’t have them straight. You are hurting Jodi more than helping her, that is why I am so upset with you.

            • I think the dismay is understandable, Jeff. Your mistake looks kinda like Horn’s typo.

              You told a whole story, described a whole scenario that contradicted anything Jodi has EVER said about what happened that day. Even when she told the intruder story, the gunshot was first.

              Gunshot last was Martinez’ made-up-at-the-last-minute story…. never suggested by anyone at all until just days before jury selection. How could someone who’s done ‘due diligence’ on the trial not know that?


    ” Through it all, Arpaio remained in office. Fans lined up to get autographed pink boxers. Candidates clamored for his endorsement.

    Unbelievable. Arpaio is a burden on the taxpayer, needlessly costing this county tens of millions of dollars. This is money that would be put to much better uses if he just stuck to what other Arizona sheriffs do: patrol their counties and enforce the law. It doesn’t sell books, but it keeps communities safe.”

    • I heard so much during the trial about how Jodi is a “media whore” clamoring for the spotlight. If anything, you could say that about Sheriff Joe and pretty much everyone on the prosecution’s team.

    • I’m currently watching a documentary on Nazi collaborators. I suspect all those folks that vote Arpaio into office would, in a different time and place, have also hailed Hitler as a great leader.

      • The tactics used by the extreme elements of the TA faction are not unlike what the Nazis practiced in Germany during the 1930s and 1940s.

  13. Jodi tweet:

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.–Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    • Wow, I just read this MLK quote a few days ago and was going to post it here! It is so similar to what SJ posted on Thanksgiving under the beautiful picture.

      • Justus, it’s not even evil of ignorance… it’s plain evil.

        How can anyone reply with such evil comments about such a beautiful quote written by a fantastic person that dedicated his life for the good sake of humanity?

        Those haters can take anything pure and turn it to shit, to suit their fucked up lives. IMO.

  14. Jodi Arias ‏@JodiAnnArias 3 Jan
    To raise funds for appellate costs, wristbands (or “Jodibands,” as many people are calling them) are being sold at

    Jodi Arias ‏@JodiAnnArias 3 Jan
    They read “ ” and “Free Jodi.” The proceeds go into the appellate fund.

  15. please don’t say that J.W. is to blame Jen had to tell the truth that Jodi killed travis she said Jodi had to save her life Jen cares about Jodi she got death threats she never showed it the courtroom we are all mad about the verdict hln is to blame they turned everything jen said around everynight every show they were saying Jodi says lie after lie juan bullyed the courtroom and jury dr Kevin lied to the jury about the gunshot jen did everything she could for Jodi Jen is a very caring lawyer right before the sentence verdict Jen looked really scared for Jodi and worried she did great in closing and juan bullyed the jury once again Jen needs our support now more then ever I belive she will save jodis life she dose not want to Jodi go death roll I bet Jen has brokedown when she at home over his case I only wish Jodi would have had jen in the for lawyer form the start everything would be diffent Jodi would have ever went to the media jen would have made sure Jodi didnt to talk at all

    • Shannon, your comment is heartfelt and makes a lot of sense to me. But I’m sure that even Jennifer looks back now and sees things she could have done differently. That’s what a professional person does. They are always trying to improve, and a conscientious person is usually harder on themselves than anyone else is. It just comes with the territory.

  16. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to everyone on here for my mistake as described above. I have gone on record several times on here and elsewhere proclaiming Jodi Arias’s innocence and that will NEVER change. Juan Martinez is a soulless bastard and I have no use for him. I removed the blog post mentioned above and will make restitution to this blog and those of you who support Jodi by putting in extra overtime work in research before posting any future posts on my blog.

    Again, I am very sorry and I hope that my sincerity comes across here. Thank you.

        • Enjoyed the little video of Travis and Dave Halls Gun! LOL JVM calling Dave Hall a very special guest UGH!!!! I believe Jodi’s story about Travis having a gun in his closet without a doubt. It just fits his character. And by the way, wasn’t there a friend who was teaching Travis how to shoot a pistol of some sort? I bet Journee will know!

    • Jeff, it’s fine. We all know that you have put a lot of time in supporting Jodi! We know you have her best interest in mind! Keep up the good work!

  17. Good morning, everyone. I would like to invite each and everyone of you to my newest blog post which is going to be the first of many this year in a series which documents why Jodi Arias is innocent. I also would like to say to each and everyone of you that I did a lot of homework last night and this morning and I documented it in this newest post which is titled “Why Jodi Arias Is Innocent Part 1” and deals specifically with the crime scene.

    Here is the URL:

    I hope that you all enjoy reading it and that it makes up for the previous post. Thank you!

    • Well done, Jeff. I wasn’t able to read it all in one sitting, only because Politan’s nonsensical thinking made me quite often need to walk away and cool down. (And to think I used to respect that man.) But it’s a great example of those type of biased thinking processes. I liked your responses and I’m inspired to do my own rendition and email it to Viinnie. (I know, it won’t do any good, but it is cathartic.)

    • One suggested addition to your gun argument, Jeff:

      Grandpa’s stolen gun had a fully loaded magazine of jacketed, hollow point bullets. The state presented no evidence, through their ballistics expert, that the bullet retrieved from Travis’ cheek was a hollow point. And the damage caused by a hollow point bullet would have been remarkable enough to be noted by the medical examiner, who found no discernible trauma to the brain. (Of course, *we* don’t think the bullet passed through the brain at all, but the state argues that it must have, so they should also be able to point out the damage a hollow point bullet did to Travis’ brain).

  18. I’m realizing that the biggest difference between Jodi’s supporters and the opposition is that we gave her the benefit of the doubt that she was telling the truth on the stand, no matter what had come before. That’s what our justice system demands in order to eliminate as much as possible the ‘confirmation bias’ that we all possess. If you’re going to be biased, please be biased in the affirmative. Our opposition decided she was a pathological liar before the trial even began or shortly thereafter as they had Martinez pounding it into them. I read where one of the jurors said Jodi couldn’t open her mouth without lying. I thought “What trial was she watching?” The only way you could come to that conclusion is if you’ve already decided she’s a liar and then you think you’ve naturally heard her lying. I heard a perfectly logical and consistent story from Jodi and then I compared it to the crime scene (something I had hoped the jury was going to do.) I then did the same thing with the State’s multiple convoluted stories and I had to twist my brain into a knot and set aside common sense in order to get even close to those stories.

  19. Does anyone know how many jurors we’ve heard from? I know about the jury foreman and Juror #6 (or was it 8?) – and, of course, little Ms. Alternate Juror #17.

    The reason I’m asking is I’m seriously wondering what went on during those deliberations. I can’t get my mind around the idea that Martinez swayed 12 unbiased people with his bullshit. And I know they weren’t unbiased because even if they themselves didn’t see anything coming out the court of public opinion, you can be sure their spouses or significant others were seeing it. Those people were witnessing the furor over the need to convict her. And it wouldn’t take much to know your life and livelihood may be in danger if the jury doesn’t comply. Does anyone with any common sense think those significant others were not mentioning something? And does anyone think when Judge Stephens asked them if anyone had talked to them, that any of them was going to raise their hand and say, “Yes, Judge. My stressed out wife can’t stop talking about it.”

    I think that was playing into it but I also suspect some of the less assertive jurors were “bullied” into it, not necessarily with threats but with group intimidation from the likes of those who have stepped forward into the limelight with great conviction. It may be those less sure folks that we’re not hearing from. And maybe one of them, at some point, will fold under the pressure of conscience.

    • There was a guy, Justus, that was making the media rounds with 6 and 17 – maybe he was 8. He wasn’t as vocal as the women, and didn’t turn into a groupie, but made a few appearances on HLN.

      There was another guy, though, one we never heard from directly. Tara 17 tweeted about him. Juror 9, the one known as ‘pony-tail guy’, had slightly balding white hair he wore in a pony-tail. Tara tweeted that she KNEW he wasn’t gonna go for the DP, that he’d talked about how he didn’t like the prosecutor and was angry because he felt that Martinez was hiding important truths. So I’m pretty sure juror 9 was one of the five who didn’t vote for felony murder, one of the four who didn’t vote for DP.

      • Just wondering, Journee, did Tara say when Juror 9 was talking about not liking Martinez? Of course I’m not taking the word of Little Ms. Fame Whore for anything but just when was she talking to (or even listening in on) ‘pony-tail-guy’? Was that during the trial? Or maybe after the conviction but before the penalty phase? Perhaps they hang out together now? Doubtful.

        • “Pony-tail guy”, BTW, was the juror that the press was chasing the day of the mistrial. The rest of the jurors had gotten on a shuttle to be taken to their cars, but 9 went rogue to get on a city bus/tram/something.

          • Yes, I remember him and something about him quietly leaving on a bus, seeming to just want to left alone. He could be a hero if he stepped forward with what he knows but I can understand his fear of the wrath that would most likely descend upon him.

    • Hun, exactly! And that’s why it’s so obvious that Jodi’s trial has been a witchtrial from the getgo! Even if there were jurors that didn’t agree with the others, they were too afraid to speak up and state their point of view.

      SMH. This kind of thing should have stayed in the medevil times and not in the 21st century.

      • It would seem that medieval ignorance and thinking processes still lives among us, cleverly disguised as modern day folks. After the ugly beating we’ve taken from the pitchforkers out there, you can only imagine what kind of screwed up logic the even halfway reasonable jurors had to deal with during deliberations. And, on top of that, knowing the public consequences of even trying to be Henry Fonda in Twelve Angry Men, maybe it was just in each one’s best interest to just go along. I feel for anyone who did fold like that because karma will start beating up on anyone with a conscience and likes to sleep at night. Hopefully that will ultimately drive them to step forward.

  20. I think it’s a terrific idea by SJ to repost the trial videos a year later. People are seeing new things in them and making many intelligent and insightful posts. It’s great to see commentary so reinvigorated on the site after a slow period.

    But while it’s good to review the past with new eyes, we must also not neglect what may be the most important issue affecting Jodi’s future: fundraising for her appeals. We can’t change the past, but we can change the future. Her message that I posted 12/27 explained why it is crucial that she be able to hire a private lawyer — to avoid another Nurmi or worse. For this she needs $250,000, and possibly (I guess) needs it as soon as several months from now.

    So far, her message has elicited hardly any sustained discussion here except for Robert Knox’s post on 1/2. That is unfortunate, since, from what I’ve been told, the fund is not even close to being on track to raise enough money any time soon. And armbands aren’t going to do the trick.

    I fear the following total disaster in a few months. Imagine this: the retrial is over. It’s time for appeals to start. But the fund is nowhere near $250,000. So it just turns into a nice little gift to a children’s charity and an animal shelter. It doesn’t help Jodi in any way. So, after constantly being told that she has hundreds of loyal and loving supporters, and in fact seeing many of them write to her to say so, she finds out that they’ve let her down completely on the one thing that was vital to her future and totally under their control. Remember: she’s been repeatedly hurt by many people she thought were her friends who turned on her, lied about her, and tried to profit from her case. How ‘s she going to feel if she has to rely on a state-paid lawyer because her supporters couldn’t get the fundraising job done? Obviously, the two things aren’t the same. But I still fear she’ll be badly disappointed.

    Please, can we start discussing this danger, and what to do about it, before it’s too late? (All of this is from me, not Jodi. I doubt she would ever say anything like it. But I do.)

    • I think the bracelets are a good idea, actually. People who can’t afford more might be embarrassed to just send $25 to the appellate fund, but there will be a LOT more people who can and will buy a $25 bracelet – or even several of them – than there are people who can send off $1000 just as easily.

      This might be a good time to kick around other fundraising ideas, but I don’t think it’s a great time, right NOW, for passing the hat. I know at least a half dozen people who’re trying to figure out how to hide the next credit card bill from their spouses. Everybody’s in the post Christmas pinch, and I don’t know about y’all, but I’m getting nag mail from my usual Christmas charities, because my charity budget went to Jodi this year.

      • Me too Journee! What happened to the T shirt sales, did it not raise anything? The bracelets would be a cheaper way to go to promote. I think most of us will donate all we can to Jodi. I can’t stand the thought of her being disappointed by us. 🙁

        • I also have supported our petitions because I feel it is important for the injustices that have happened to Jodi be heard. It has been made clear we can’t depend on the Media because they are only interested in what promotes their networks. . .lies!

          • R.Love, I have singed dozens of those petitions. I’m beginning to wonder: are they worth it????
            Money and effort wise…

              • I know many people will read and sign them and I suppose I just believe the more people who read our take on the trial the better. We do not have the means of HLN unfortunately. Anything IMO will help!

                • There are thousands of people who do not even have a clue that Jodi is innocent because of the Media (HLN). They believe everything they hear on TV and never take the time to think for themselves, unfortunately. It is sad.

    • chris,
      you are very sweet. I too worry about the whole appeals cost, because we know Jodi does not come from a wealthy family who could support her financially, plus the public opinion is totally against her so poor thing has to rely on us, and we unfortunately we are a minority 🙁
      Personally, I wish I could donate a large sum of money but I can’t. Greece is going to hell, I’ve lost my job so I am now working part-time for 500$ per month! However, I agree with Journee. The wristbands are a great idea, it gives those of us who cannot donate large sums the opporrtunity to kind of ”break it down”, since saving takes a lot of time. I was actually very happy to hear about it, because I’m saving to make a deposit to the Appellate Fund but I’m still not half way there (to the sum I want to reach) so I can keep on saving AND buy wristbands till the day I’m ready to make my contribution. 😉

      Also, let’s face it: we are a handful of people who are actively involved in supporting Jodi.( I know there’s tons of other people out there but believing she was wronged and being passionate about a cause and wanting to give out your money are 2 different thigns, sadly. )
      We should be CONSTANTLY reminded of the Appellate Fund and the NEED to donate. Posting and re-posting about it here as well as on Facebook or whatever other site/blog/or social media we participate in might be a good reminder of what we should all do.

      • Maria, I doubt anyone is expecting Jodi’s “Greek girls” to come up with a big chunk of the quarter-million! I think you’re an angel for even thinking of donating if you’re living on $500/month. However, the average American adult has a much bigger income, and they’re the people Robert Knox was saying can afford $1000 if they really want to. Also, as he said, wealthier Americans can easily spare $2000 to make up for low-income supporters who can barely give anything.

        I also like his idea of trying to interest a few rich people in donating. Two he didn’t mention are Barry Gibb (“Don’t just write a song about her, set her free”) and Geraldo Rivera. If people can get hold of Gibb’s mailing address, it might be worth writing some letters to him (or one jointly signed one).

        Btw, I didn’t say wristbands were a bad idea — only that they aren’t enough. Jodispage would have to sell 10,000 of them to raise $250,000, in fact more to offset cost of production. That seems very unlikely, so larger direct donations are a must.

    • There is hope and I know most do not agree with Miss Pajama Girl but she is working for the same cause we all are and that is to free Jodi. This was posted in her blog:

      New Forensic Experts For Appeal on Jodi Arias Case
      Posted on December 20, 2013 by Miss Pajama Girl ™®

      Currently I am working to put together a Forensic’s Team, which I shall be over seeing. With the express purpose of offering their professional services up to Jodi Arias “Pro-bono”. This shall be a team of specialists who will agree to testify in court, casting aside their anonymity.

      Miss Pajama Girl 2014 ©

  21. I’m convinced that Travis made it into the shower under his own steam, based on his position on the shower floor. Think about dragging a body in (most likely head and shoulders first) and where his head would most likely end up. His head should have been at the back left corner, not right, His position looks more like he walked (stumbled) in and then slid down the right side of the shower as he bled out.

    • One idiot out there told me that Jodi drug him into the shower, shot him in the head and then, since the entry wound was against the shower floor, she must have then turned him over. GMFB! It’s amazing the mental contortions these people have to put themselves through in order to convince themselves of the nonsensical.

    • And if he was already dead when he entered the shower, why is there so much blood underneath him? Do dead men bleed? Some might say that he could have still bled for a short time as the blood already in the body emptied out (I don’t know, I’m not a doctor) but even that scenario, time-wise, indicates he had to have died in the shower; by the time anyone either drags (or even carries) him into the shower you would think there would not be enough left to create that giant pool underneath him.

      Of course, I’m presuming that’s his blood and not decomposition. Does anyone know for sure?

      • I think that was decomp liquids, Justus. Whatever it was, it was still liquid enough to drip down the front of the shower when they removed the body – that blood drip wasn’t there before they took him out.

          • I don’t know if there was water there or not. But Justus, when a body decomposes, internal organs basically just liquify.

            I agree he wasn’t dragged into the shower – I’ve said that for months. I guess he could have been dragged TO it, but if he’d been dragged into it his backside and upper thighs would have been scraped on the metal rim of the door frame.

            It seems unlikely, tho, that he could have walked to the shower with his throat cut…. OR that cutting his throat in the shower would be an act of self defense, the space being too small for the hand-to-hand combat Speight described. JMO, of course.

            • I thought it was interesting that the first police officer (the one who went in with the Fire Dept.) on the scene said that when he saw Travis’s body in the shower his face was almost completely black but in the photographs his face wasn’t black at all. How is that possible?

  22. Miss Pajama Girl ™ ® ‏@MissPajamaGirl 26 Dec

    New Expert added 2 our team. Attorney Specialising in 1st Degree Murder Convictions, Death Penalty Appeals & Constitutional Law #JodiArias

    Tweeted by Miss Pajama Girl

    • LM this is a great thing! I believe MPG is dedicated to the freedom of Jodi. I’m praying she will have good luck with her endeavors for Jodi.

      • R. Love, Miss Pajama Girl’s tweet is definitely a GREAT thing!!! I believe her findings and what she says happened to Travis Alexander! Jodi is NOT lying about her confession that she killed Travis Alexander in self defense either! I don’t want to post on here why both are true since I realize other people, besides us TEAM JODI supporters read and post on here. If you want me to explain it to you, I give you permission to get my email address from SJ. Things are DEFINITELY LOOKING UP for Jodi’s FREEDOM!!! TEAM JODI!!! WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS!!!

        Love to Jodi and all TEAM JODI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Hey there Mary. Can you please inform me of the information in reference to Jodi defending herself as well as the Latter-Day Saints involvement? I would be very appreciative of that. I tried to find your private message Simon, but was unable to do so and ask for Mary’s email address. Almost got my youtube video ready to go. I have to wait until tomorrow when I can get some assistance from employees at the computer lab from school. This is a technical youtube video as I have to include clips from other youtube videos in it. Anyways, have a wonderful day Mary and Simon!


    Title 13 – Criminal Code

    13-404. Justification; self-defense

    A. Except as provided in subsection B of this section, a person is justified in threatening or using physical force against another when and to the extent a reasonable person would believe that physical
    force is immediately necessary to protect himself against the other’s use or attempted use of unlawful physical force.

    13-405. Justification; use of deadly physical force

    A. A person is justified in threatening or using deadly physical force against another:

    1. If such person would be justified in threatening or using physical force against the other under section 13-404, and

    2. When and to the degree a reasonable person would believe that deadly physical force is immediately necessary to protect himself against the other’s use or attempted use of unlawful deadly physical force.

    B. A person has no duty to retreat before threatening or using deadly physical force pursuant to this section if the person is in a place where the person may legally be and is not engaged in an unlawful

  24. Hi all!

    It’s Walter (should’ve been “William”) Blackstone here…that’s my “hat” on Jodi’s page. Anyway, I wanted to comment on a few things.


    You were pretty accurate recalling the info about Thomas Brown. EVERYONE should go to Blink on Crime’s blog as she really ripped into the prosecution’s case, as it progressed. She described “bus sized holes” and captured comments (on Facebook?) by Thomas Brown to someone else describing the protection ritual that Travis was performing that night and how surprised he (Travis) was that Jodi showed up…..this little tidbit has always bothered me a lot and I’d love to hear everyone’s input after reading. When you navigate Blink on Crime, go to the index on the left and click on Travis Alexander. All her posts on the subject will come up in order (most recent first). Don’t be swayed by her later posts that back the prosecution or her post that was actually addressed to the jury during deliberations. I was horrified by that post as I had really admired Blink for her professionalism but, I guess, she buckled under the pressure. Keep scrolling down and read all her posts…VERY illuminating.

    As to the Appellate fund….I LOVE that Miss Pajama Girl is actually soliciting pro bono help with the appeal…Other people with money who have been involved in fighting for justice in the past are Eddy Vedder of Pearl Jam, Natalie Maines, formerly of the Dixie Chicks and Johnny Depp. They were all involved and I dare say financially helpful in the release of the “Memphis Three.” I’m not sure how I feel about those three being released but it WAS successful.

    I think the fund might bring more in if we were all aware of where it stands now and what the goals are…possibly sent by private e-mail in order to avoid the backlash. I’d love to know how many potential supporters/donators are out there! If each person’s burden was not so huge it would be more motivating. I have purchased two tees, both available Prints (LOVE THEM) and donated $100 to the fund…I’m single and live basically paycheck to paycheck but will tighten the belt to do all I can.

    PS: Blink also goes into GREAT detail about the magically changing SD cards…

    • Thanks, WB, for pointing me to the source! I only had word of mouth (or, er um, post, lol) — sorta third hand or more hands really.

      Now that I’ve read what’s said there, I am not sure Brown is actually talking about that night/morning.

      First the author quotes Brown, in part, saying:

      “but the only thing that threw me about her showing up that late was that Travis was visibly surprised by her phone call saying she was outside. AND the crazy spiritual prompting to stay up for some sort of protection. I have never felt something like that before. Ever.”

      After that, Stoy goes on to explain:

      Thomas Brown, a former roommate of Travis Alexander in the home of his murder, was interviewed up to three times by Detective Flores whereby he told them that Jodi had open access to the home when he was around and the Arias he knew was completely shy and somewhat awkwardly withdrawn. He was having a hard time picturing her do this without help and he told cops that.

      He also told them something about Travis being shocked to get the call that Jodi Arias was standing outside the home the early morning hours of June 4, 2008 and that he had been up all night performing some sort of protection rite.

      Now, it could be that the author is privy to some other information not referenced here. But if, in that second paragraph, she is making reference to the quote from Brown above – well, I’m not reading that quote the way she’s interpreting it.

      For starters, that quote says nothing about any ‘protection rite’. It seems to ME like Brown might have been describing a time when he was present on a night when Travis got a late-night call from Jodi, was for some reason concerned, and ASKED BROWN to “stay up for some sort of protection.”

      Lisa and Jodi BOTH told Flores about Brown moving out in the middle of the night sometime in late January – both pointed to Brown when they were asked of anyone who might be on bad terms with Travis. It makes no sense to me that Brown would have been there to describe anything that happened in the hours just before dawn on June 4, 2008. Unless he was up to no good, himself – and if that’s the case you wouldn’t think he’d be sharing it so freely.

      • Hi, Journee! I was looking on line into “Protection Ritual” and I found that what comes up as pertaining to Mormons is that the endowment is a “rite” in which LDS church members believe they are endowed with divine protection, and the sacred undergarments which LDS church members wear are donned before their first endowment. I got this from: and it is a very interesting read if you want to look it up. As far as Thomas Brown/Travis’s best friend and former roommate, when Lisa D. testified she said that Thomas Brown told her that Travis was cheating on her and then I guess she told Travis and he said that was false info but soon after that Travis threw Thomas Brown out of his house – probably because Thomas snitched on him!

      • The thing is, Jodi didn’t testify to having called Travis from right outside his house that morning, and no one mentioned it from the phone records. She said she’d spoken to him between nine and ten on the night before, the 3rd, and said she was on her way and he said he’d wait up. When she got there she came in quietly (roommates) and watched him from the door of his office for a few moments before Napoleon announced her arrival with a bark.

        So I don’t think Brown is talking about “that night” – as in 4am on the morning of Travis’ death. And he sure didn’t say anything about a ‘protection rite’ in that quote.

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