Trial Day 19 – February 19th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s 2013 replay continues with day 7 of Jodi’s testimony.

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Trial Day 19 – February 19th, 2013:

Part 1/3: Jodi Arias (testimony continues)

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Part 2/3: Jodi Arias (testimony continues)

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Part 3/3: Jodi Arias (testimony concludes for the day)

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  1. Ok, OK I give up. I can’t watch any more of this. My BP goes up everything I hear that voices……I still do not understand how in Gods name Jodi was convicted of 1st degree.

  2. HI everyone.

    I have a couple of new posts up at “Free Jodi” facebook group, I thought I would post a copy of them here. Sometimes I continue to make new edits.

    Step 6: Weak arguments

    I am not going to go through ALL of Juan’s vague arguments. But here are a couple of them:

    The car hire

    Jodi asked for her car to be changed from a Red one to a White one, and she told the car hire person she wasn’t going far. Here is Juan’s closing argument:

    “Then she rents this car, and then takes the white car. And the white car does have some floor mats in it, and she takes this white car and says I’m only going to drive around here. Again she lies, makes that up. It’s like a field of lies that has sprouted around her as she sat on that witness stand. It’s every time she spat something out, another lie, another weed would grow around her.”

    Juan does have a way with words! But I’m afraid this is really not evidence at all, it’s just taking a microscope to things and making something out of it.

    And Juan’s argument is improper : certainly Jodi lied to the car hire person about how far she was going, but that’s a very different thing to lying on the witness stand!

    When I hire a car, I couldn’t care less about the colour. But people are not all the same. Why she said she was going on a short trip – well I guess she was worried there would be some problems or extra charges if she said she was going a long way.

    But whatever the reason, Jodi’s trip was not in the least bit secret, numerous people knew about it, there were numerous financial and mobile phone records of it, etc. So you really cannot make a case that Jodi’s trip was secret by cherry picking evidence. Well, obviously Juan did – but it’s not VALID proof beyond a reasonable doubt of murder!

    Jodi lied in the sex tape

    Then we have this, also from Juan’s closing argument:

    “And I would only have to point out as far as the May 10th, 2008 conversation in terms of showing that she has no problems lying on the telephone where she says well yeah, I was faking it and you know what she said she was faking, even though you heard her squealing like a cat. No, no, no that’s just me faking it and you know why? Because I need two hands, that’s why she was faking it. Okay, if you can lie on May 10th of 2008 on the telephone to Mr. Alexander, what makes us think that you can’t lie about what you and he talked about on June 3rd, 2008?”

    I cannot take this seriously, I mean honestly. Again, lying about something in your private life is entirely different to lying on oath when giving testimony that if proven false is likely to mean you could be executed.

    There is more along these lines, Jodi changing her hair colour, all sorts of things, but it doesn’t add up to anything.

    It’s simply picking every day events, some of which we don’t usually hear about, putting them under the microscope and claiming PROOF of premeditated murder.

    There are many arguments to counter these suspicions, and the prosecution case, when viewed as a whole, simply does not make sense, when you step back.

    The gun theft
    A .25 handgun was stolen from Jodi’s home about 7 days before Travis was killed. Ammunition for the gun was also stolen. The bullet recovered from Travis’ left cheek was a .25, however it did not match the stolen ammunition. Again, this is a weak proof – gun thefts are common, and the mismatch of the ammunition suggests this gun was not the one that shot Travis.

    • Regarding the gun and the theft thereof, research indicates that within the small town of Yreka (approximately 7500 households in 2008) there was, on average, one burglary per week. But the State of Arizona (and the state of many hateful minds) wants to claim that the theft at grandpa’s house one week prior is just too unlikely to be just a coincidence?

      • I totally agree with everything in the post above. JAUN is a master making a mountain out of molehill!
        I think someone was stealing more then just a gun. Demates computer was stolen a day before her TESTIMONY!
        See, to have a trial,with purchased perjury, you have to go all the way”. They set the deck of cards up, and knock them down”-Nurmi-

        Snowed in from CT

  3. Michael Kiefer reported today on Twitter that Juan Martinez was supposed to question AZ death row inmate Wendy Andriano but he “pulled out (of the hearing) for unspecified medical procedures.”

      • R. Love,

        Yes, almost any kind of personality would be better than the one he’s using. I thought it might be for an “ego reduction” but he wouldn’t go for that unless it was just getting too big for such an itty, bitty little body.

        Are you going to send him a “get well” card?

  4. Justus Forusall,

    I think that EVERYONE has told a lie or two or three or more in their life at some time or other and if they say they haven’t that is the BIGGEST lie of all!!! However, there’s a difference between telling a lie now and then and being labeled “a liar”!!! I would say a PATHOLOGICAL liar could be labeled “a liar” because the definition of a PATHOLOGICAL liar is a person who tells lies FREUENTLY with NO RATIONAL MOTIVE for doing so. Jodi had rational motive for telling three different versions of what happened on June 4, 2008 – SHE WAS SCARED, and who wouldn’t be going through what she did on June 4, 2008!!!

    Now, Kermit had NO RATIONAL MOTIVE for his lying in court because telling lies about someone (Jodi) to ultimately trying to get a death sentence for that person when a death sentence is not warranted is not a RATIONAL MOTIVE!!! Therefore, WHO is the “liar”??? PATHOLOGICAL liar, I might add!!!

    Jodi is NOT a liar just because she was scared!!! Jodi was defending her very life and should never even have gotten convicted, period!!! The WHOLE thing was a very tragic accident for both Travis AND Jodi!!!

    (((((JUSTICE FOR JODI))))) (((((FREE JODI))))) (((((JODI)))))

    Jodi, we love you and believe you!!!

    • I totally agree, Mary. Those people out there who have no understanding of why Jodi would lie under such harrowing circumstances, with such potentially dire consequences, seem to have no sense of empathy for others; they seem unable to put themselves in her shoes. (That, by the way, is a major piece in identifying a sociopath.) They seem to be enjoying feeling so superior to Jodi even though they themselves have told lies in many situations baring much less drastic consequences. Such incredible hypocrisy they don’t see in themselves.

      • And what’s really annoying is that those lies are the whole foundation of the State’s case: “She lied so don’t even listen to her side of the story (even though she has sworn to tell the truth and even if her story makes infinitely more sense than ours.)” Martinez pounded on that through the whole ordeal because he had nothing else. And the jury, HLN and the public just ate it up. I wonder if Martinez has done that to every defendant who first denied involvement. Who can get a fair trial that way? Unless you immediately confess you automatically can’t be believe on the stand? Why even have a trial?

        • Oh, but those LIES WILL and again I say WILL catch up with them, ALL of THEM!!!!! It’s coming sooner, much sooner than people think!!!

          They might think they have this trial wrapped up. so to speak, but their jaws will be dropping!!!

          No matter how many people just ate it up and fell for Kermit, HLN’s, and anyone else’s BS, lies, and hating and trashing on Jodi, DOESN’T matter because what matters is the FINAL outcome and it AIN’T OVER UNTIL THE FAT LADY SINGS and she sure HASN’T sung yet!!! SO………., I hope everyone is holding on to their MANTIES and THEIR PANTIES tightly!!!

          (((((HOLD ON EVERYONE and especially our sweet JODI!!!)))))

          because It AIN’T OVER TIL IT’S OVER!!! We will NEVER give up!!!

          (((((TEAM JODI))))) (((((JODI)))))

      • Exactly! They can’t understand why Jodi would have been scared?? What is wrong with them? I don’t understand,how people can be so cold. Me ex is a pathological liar, he believes his own lies. That is not JAA!!
        The FACT that she would Not go along with Martinez’s crazy questions, shows she was TRYING TO TELL THE TRUTH, YET ,HE DIDN’T WANT IT.
        Yes or no !! Yes or no!! OMG !! I was like…let her talk!!!! OMG !

  5. Look out Folks our Mary is on a Roll!!!! Standing up and applauding!!!! Yaaaaaahoooooo Mary!

    It must be from the Chocolate 🙂

    • R. Love,

      Hehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You made me laugh so hard just now, OMG!!!! Yes, definitely from the chocolate!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, R. Love, my stomach is hurting from laughing so hard…..stop!!!!! LOL!!! 🙂

  6. …I agree with you, ((geebee2)), about Jodi & ((The Car Hire)). I believe the prosecutor SNOOKERED (tricked) the jury to believe that Jodi lied about everything. I feel that she did NOT LIE about the BASIC FACTS in court & she had very good reasoning to NOT WANT to rent a RED car. She had an instinctive reason (a gut feeling) for not wanting a RED CAR. …Let’s hope the Appeals Court will ask the question: ((what would a reasonable, new Mormon woman do)) if she knew that Warren Jeffs, the one time Mormon leader, was captured by the authorities in a RED CAR, …A RED CADILLAC ESCALADE, in Nevada in 2006, just around the time & place Jodi met Travis for the first time, in Nevada?? …Of course she knew that, …it was in all the papers & television all over the United States, & pictures of the RED CAR. ……Certainly she must have realized & read about Mormon beliefs, that RED things like cars or clothing is mostly used by only ((Mormon leaders)). …Ever see any “sister wives” wearing red?? ..Of course not !!! …….
    ……For a newly Baptized woman into Mormonism, if she was seen driving a RED CAR, that would be excessively FLAMBOYANT (that means FLAMING). …It would be an insult to the other Mormons that she hoped would accept her. …
    ……She originally intended to ((just meet with Ryan Burns to attend Mormon functions)) but she was persuaded to go visit Travis, first. …I believe Ryan Burns WAS NOT her ((prospective boyfriend)) but he was to be her ((BRICKWALL of separation)) from Travis, because surely Travis would not physically confront or intimidate Ryan Burns. …Ryan has the widest shoulders I have ever seen (on TV) except for professional football players. …She knew that Travis would never attempt to ((body slam)) Ryan Burns. ……I believe she thought she could tell Travis that Mr Burns was her “new-friend” & let that work on his mind. …Perhaps she did tell that to Travis, perhaps she told that to him (in the shower). …Perhaps (HE SNAPPED), & frightened the hell out of her ((with that incredible look on his face, that incredible look-of-hatred of her)), as she snapped that picture. …She fumbled & dropped the camera & things escalated by him, I do believe. …And the rest happened as she said, self defense. …I believe that Jodi Ann Arias is absolutely totally innocent of premeditation & acted in total pro-active self defense. …
    ……She DID NOT refuse a RED CAR to hide her visibility for the trip. …But even if she did want to hide her trip, it would have been to hide pat of it from her Mother. …Her Mother helped her move back to California, surely she did not want to hurt her Mother by letting Mom know she had to go back to see Travis. …He did have control over her, he sold her his OLD CAR, which she accidentally ruined in the towing accident. …She probably owed him money for the whole car & I believe he made her feel guilt if she did not divert her trip & see him before she went to see Ryan Burns. …She was obligated to Travis to go see him !!! …
    ……The way I see it is that even if she was hiding her trip, it was to hide part of it from her Mom, just like Casey Anthony hid everything from “her” Mother. …Jodi is absolutely totally innocent of premeditation & innocent by justifiable self defense. …In my opinion.

      • …Thanks for the compliment, (((Mary Williams))), I have not commented much on this site but I am on the same user name on two other Jodi friendly sites, commenting on how the jury was snookered by the prosecution. …But, this snookery can only happen in our court system if there is a BOBBLE HEAD JUDGE, in my humble opinion. …. Obviously, the ((4JAA)) part of my username means that I am totally ((FOR Jodi Ann Arias)) !!! … I am the one who has asked that St Joan of Arc to be Jodi’s Guardian Angel, because Saint Joan knows what a prosecutor can do to totally innocent people. …
        ……….(((WLOPEZ4JAA)))…… Name: …Bill…

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