Trial Day 18 – February 13th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s replay features the forever-evasive Sky Hughes, together with another motion for mistrial from Kirk Nurmi… followed by the continuation of the 6th day of Jodi’s testimony.

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Trial Day 18 – February 13th, 2013:

The Evidentiary Hearing / Sky Hughes (to 14:00)

From 22:00, Kirk Nurmi calls for a mistrial based on numerous counts of prosecutorial misconduct & court order violations by the state.

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Part 1/4:

Jodi Arias (testimony continues)

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Part 2/4:

Jodi Arias (testimony continues)

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Part 3/4:

Jodi Arias (testimony continues)

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Part 4/4:

Jodi Arias (testimony concludes for the day)

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  1. No Prosecutorial Misconduct????? It is so apparent to all of us that Judge Pickles looks to Martinez for every ruling she makes. Did anyone else see her look straight at him with blinking eyes??????
    ( Martinez even blinked at the same time!!!!) Blink Blink . . . Judge didn’t hear her say she watched the trial and then called Phillip at the Prosecutor’s Office. I did.

    And as for Sky Hughes, she can’t remember to answer from what Chris tells her to say or Martinez. Her problem is she has to many people telling her what to say. Why not the TRUTH! It is obvious that Travis would not have asked Sky Hughes to make the Tshirt for Jodi! Remember he didn’t want them to know he was still in a relationship with Jodi. They recommended him to not date her anymore. I wish they had asked her how many times she had been alone with Travis. . .”yes I loved Travis”. I believe she was one of Travis’s numerous conquests. UGH!

    Sky has Martinez’s office on speed dial IMO!!!

    The Hughes are the type of “Friends” who would stab someone in the back!!! IMO 🙂 With friends like them who needs enemies?

    • OMG! R. Love! I so agree with everything you wrote! FFS!!!!

      Did you get the part (right at the start) that she said ‘Yes, I want Jodi convicted’…. a true seeker for justice would have said something like: ” IF Jodi Arias IS proven guilty, then yes…”. skye was out for Jodi’s blood from the beginning and maybe even before that…

      Was skye jealous of Jodi being travis’s girlfriend?… I absolutely think so! skye was jealous of Jodi in general, IMO, because Jodi is a brilliant, talented, fucking gorgeous woman! Everything skye isn’t…

      “Sky has Martinez’s office on speed dial IMO!!!” – too funny! Yes, she probably did!

      How do you call those type of friends that hughes are???… weekend-friends… they only hung around people that had something to offer them… pffff.

      • Pandora, she could have said ” Yes, I want Jodi convicted so no one will know what we have done!” As I see things Sky would do anything to prove Jodi is guilty but the more she opened her mouth the more I see Jodi as innocent.

        One of the worst things about the whole trial is watching the drama in the audience. Little Miss Law Enforcer knows better but has it stopped her? No, because they know Martinez will protect them and that Judge Pickles is a sleep from drinking her Martinez-ade. I noticed Detective Flores having a couple of sips himself. It is UNBELIEVABLE! Funny they didn’t roll their eyes and smirk when Travis’s voice was filling the courtroom with his disgusting fantasies.

    • First of all, I would just like to state for the record that I NEVER wanted Travis Alexander to die. I know that Jodi didn’t either. But when someone is in fear of their life to the point that they grab a gun or knife to defend themselves, that’s not murder. That’s self-defense.

      No doubt the critics of Jodi will point out how she “butchered” and “slaughtered” him like a pig in a slaughterhouse. Honestly, would it have made a difference had she stabbed him one time? The pictures that were presented of Travis post-mortem were no doubt graphic and disturbing to say the least. I won’t dispute that. However, they don’t in any way shape or form prove or validate the prosecution’s claim that Jodi Arias pre-meditated Travis’s murder. Because it is very easy for an outside to speculate on what they might have done had they been in Jodi Arias’s shoes. I’ve been guilty myself in the past for speculating on what someone SHOULD HAVE or COULD HAVE done especially in the area of domestic abuse. What I had to learn as I got older is that you can’t judge someone else’s experience from your own because it is an inaccurate frame of reference. Unless you’ve been in her shoes, you couldn’t possibly know what went through her mind that fateful day in June 2008.

      Each and every American is entitled to a fair trial. Jodi Arias did not receive one. From Day 1 the stacks were against her inside and outside of the courtroom as Juan Martinez was given free reign to dominate the courtroom much like the late Johnnie Cochran was able to do for the defense in the OJ Simpson case. Judge Ito let Cochran get away with his courtroom antics the same way that Judge Stephens did with Juan Martinez. Not sequestering the jury only added to the circus atmosphere outside of the courtroom with several kooks holding up posters and placards of Travis Alexander as if he was the latest pop sensation while they made derogatory comments about Jodi Arias and these people were held up as heroes by the HLN staff. At the same time, HLN was all to happy to give Travis Alexander’s “friends” a chance to bash Jodi Arias on a nightly basis while propping Travis up as a paragon of moral virtue. If you ask me, I think they saw him as a Mormon Fonzie and Dave Hall, Chris Hughes, etc. were like the Richie, Potzi and Ralphs of the gang. Sit on it, buckos.

      All kidding aside, I don’t like the way that Travis treated Jodi at all. He used her time and again and while he was complimenting her to her face, he was stabbing her in the back (no pun intended) in discussions with his friends and family. He painted this picture of her being this “stalker” and insane, crazy woman that he said was the worst thing that ever happened to him. Now, I ask you all a serious question, especially you men: if there was some psychotic woman stalking you that you wanted out of your life, even if the sex was off the charts, wouldn’t you get as far away from her as possible? Wouldn’t you have gotten a restraining order or called the police on her? Not Travis. He kept coming back to her and using her for sex.

      I believe that Jodi did what a lot of women would have tried to do with Travis or men like him and that is to try and tame the wild beast or to change the bad boy. I’m sure that many of the women who developed crushes on Travis thought the same way when they saw him. At least, quite a few of them have indicated such through various commentary both on the Internet and television. Travis Alexander wasn’t your quintessential bad boy, however. He was able to successfully market and package himself as a devout Mormon and fun-loving guy, but behind closed doors he was quite a different and IMHO far more dangerous person.

      Some of Travis’s supporters will acknowledge that he was emotionally abusive to Jodi, but never was physically abusive towards her. I still believe that he was physically abusive towards her, but even if he wasn’t, that still doesn’t get him off the hook for emotional or psychological abuse towards Jodi Arias. Where was it written that the only kind of abuse is physical? Ask any person who has ever been bullied through emotional and verbal abuse in their childhood about why abuse doesn’t always have to be physical. These weren’t mistakes that Travis Alexander made. These were wrongs. A mistake is when you go to the grocery store and then drive home when you realize you forgot to pick up something off your list. A wrong is when you go to the grocery store with your baby inside of the car as you go shop for 15 minutes. When you know that something is wrong and that it could potentially hurt or harm someone and yet you do it any way, shame on you.

      Also, it should be noted that it was Chris and Sky Hughes who said of Travis: “He doesn’t call her during the day, he waits until after 1am (giving her what is left of him at the end of every day). He jokingly calls her a skank. He tells her to go out with other guys, but makes her feel guilty when she does. Thus keeping control, without having to give any commitment. He kisses her in the dark, when no one is around, and messed around with her, but won’t commit to her…she loves him more than anything, and will do anything for him.”

      Then there was this: “She was being treated horribly, you weren’t beating her physically, but you were emotionally. Travis, with love, you are a heart predator. You take great joy in making women fall for the T-dogg. You laugh about what you can get away with. It would scare me to death if my little sister liked you, in fact I wouldn’t allow it.” Now, those are HER words, not mine.

      Finally, this quote: “Jodi has given you everything, all control, and you give her 3am calls and make-out fests. I tell her this, and it is what she has been feeling. She asked why? I told her that she is filling the physical spot that Deanna doesn’t. But Deanna fulfills everything else for you. That is not to say you don’t enjoy talking to Jodi. But with Deanna fulfilling all but physical needs, and with Jodi fulfilling the physical, you feel fulfilled.” To which Travis replied “You (Chris and Sky Hughes) have caused irreparable damage to mine and Jodi’s relationship. She is paranoid that this evil person you have depicted will someday surface. No matter what I say or do she will always have in the back of her mind this person that lurks in the shadows.”


      • The Hughes are as guilty of playing with Jodi’s heart as Travis. They are the worst of the worst in the friends category. They were experienced in life lessons were our Jodi was not. They took advantage of Jodi’s good nature and inexperience and also Travis’s. They are user and abusers. IMHO May Karma come their way.

        My prayers are still going out for Jodi everyday!!!!!

    • It really bothers me that the HUGHES went through ALL of TA’s EMAILS. Sky went on Dr. Drew’s panel, there on HLN, and Sky was smiling ear to ear, so badly…The camera stopped zoning in on her.
      Sky went on to basically say…..TRAVIS was in our bedroom for over an hour ,and they were talking to TA about Jodi ,to leave her ,blah blah…and meanwhile Jodi was downstairs!
      —-The Hughes commented on Jodi knocking at the door,and having a disturbing look on her face.

      ” If your going to be two faced ,at least make one side pretty ” Marilyn Monroe.

      Always here…Madeline,CT.

      • Typo..zooming in…he jaw was moving, as SKY tried to stop smiling…like someone on cocaine…
        She is a wacko! Same with her creapy husband..ukkkk

  2. I started watching it this morning and just about lost my breakfast. Every time I see her I want to just slap that smirk off from her faces. I also think it’s a given that she and Travis had a thing going on.

    I have always felt that Sky and Chris are up to their eyeballs in this and Jodie is the scape goat.

    • Me too! I can’t wait until their house of lies comes tumbling down around the ears!!!! They are guilty of something and I believe it’s BIG!

      Snow Blowers UGH!!!! Come on Spring 🙂

  3. On many occasions during this day samantha is rolling her eyes and shaking her head ironically… a few of the hundred times she does that all thru the trial… why the hell didn’t pickles kick her ass out that courtroom?

    Rewatching day #18 of the trial once again I see how desperate Jodi was to please every single thing travis asked of her. travis knew how eager Jodi was to please him and he kept taking advantage of her good will. What does that say about travis? A good person? I think not. He was a sociopath and a narcissist looking out for himself and not thinking or caring about others… pfff.

  4. Hi All!

    I have been MIA in a major way, but always checking in late at night on my way off to bed:) I finished with school and started a new job. BLASTEDWORK!! Keeping my off the net!! Anyway I hope all is well.
    I just HAD to comment today seeing todays “trial flashback” included Sky’s “testimony”. I don’t know which day I was more PISSED!! This day leaning away from the TV for fear that Sky’s teeth were gonna take a bite outta me or Tot Docs day. Both two jealous, obvious liars with the “faces”. OH THE FACES!! So arrogant, sarcastic, just outright disgusting. Who could possibly watch these clowns and believe them for one second?
    By FAR Sky one of the most outrageous. Right on the list with Tot Doc, that Kevin guy, and Gloria. This trial was a joke. Lets just get thru this sentencing phase so Jodi can move on to appeals. I almost feel like this is being drug out so the momentum for her appeals and the support she has will fizzle out. At this point who really gives a rats ass what she is sentenced to it is only temporary until this thing goes before a REAL court.
    Later Peeps, glad to see the support is still here. I know a lot of people who once posted regularly, don’t as often, but speaking for myself I’m just laying low and waiting. My support will NOT waiver:)

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