Trial Day 17 – February 12th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s 2013 trial replay continues with the 5th day of Jodi’s testimony.

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Trial Day 17 – February 12th, 2013:

Part 1/2:

Jodi Arias (testimony continues – includes sex tape recording)

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Part 2/2:

Jodi Arias (testimony concludes for the day)

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    • AAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Missed it by this much again…….!
      Congrats on first!! (((((SIS)))))
      Ηαωε α γρεατ δαυ λοωε υοθ σισ

      Ray in H-burg Va.

  1. FWIW I HATE that sex tape and the fact that it got played in its entirety during the trial. I personally would have only played excerpts of it. I didn’t think it was necessary for anyone in the courtroom especially both families to hear the entire thing. It just became gratuitous and I personally didn’t think it was appropriate, but that’s just me.

    • The sex tape had no relevancy except to give Jodi cruel and unusual punishment. She was visibly suffering hearing the recording. What impressed me most about the tape was how wonderful a laugh Jodi has and how very witty Travis was.

      • Seems to me there had to be some practical explanation for how there came to be a rope involved in their activities. It also should have been helpful to the defense to show Jodi’s obsequiousness on the tape. Her voice had a poignant ring of vulnerable compliance.

        KN or JW explaining how a rope, and then a knife (to cut it to length) came to be in the bedroom/bathroom area would have seemed unbelievable without knowing what JA and TA were fantasizing about together. They DID have tassel remnants on the floor, but JM muddied the waters by suggesting that the tassels could have come from EITHER the sandals or a pillow. This is JM’s stock-in-trade: Dilute everything the defense alleges by insisting that all of their common-sense logic is wobbly, given that there is more than one explanation for every piece of the defense’s puzzle. Actually, that is a total projection. JM presents multiple scenarios, not the defense.

        Note that given the distractions that JM threw up with respect to the gun, (even referring to it as “the murder weapon”*, and then saying that the final wound was from the gun after TA was dead) and the same confusion being floated as to the source of the knife (Flores maintaining that they never did find the knife while the state presented photographs of a knife block collection), the notion of a knife already in the room becoming a defensive weapon of opportunity was all but lost. Martinez used the “knife first” scenario to support his Felony Murder Charge [see Trial Day Nine, end of day Rule 20 arguments].

        *see also Rule 20 discussion, Day None. It is astounding that the judge accepts the state’s tattered, circular arguments wholesale.

        • Oops, Day Nine. But it might as well have been Day None, since there was no earthly reason the Judge should have bought the “knife first ” scenario, especially after she had previously read aloud to the attorneys Judge Duncan’s words about aspirated blood spatter in the sink having been evidence of the gunshot coming first – at the end of Day Eight of the trial.

          On Day Nine, or “Day None” JM ignores the blood evidence in the sink and the tassels on the floor while making an argument to support the Felony Murder charge during the Rule 20 discussion.

          Rule 20 discussion: Therein lies the state’s case for circumstantial evidence “proving” premeditation, their “reading” of the crime scene itself, and their “justification” for the Felony Murder Charge. If you are new to the case, you’re not missing anything; that is all they had.

          • Correction: Day Five of the trial the judge read from Judge Duncan’s ruling of August 18, 2009 Re: The Aggravating Factor, in Part 2/2 of the Mistrial/Dismissal Request by defense counsel January 10, 2013.

  2. Speaking of mental illness (see, it would seem we have a lot of truly mentally ill folks among the die-hard haters. Look at that woman who made that repulsive ‘Hodi Ho’ YouTube video. Think of the amount of time and effort it took to do that! Has she nothing better to do in her life? What kind of a mind harbors so much hate against someone whom they’ve never met, who has never done anything to them and who plays no part in their everyday life, that they spend their time, energy and God-given talents thinking up and executing a vile and vicious attack. These kind of people are the truly sick ones.

    • Yes, Jeff this was another sad story like Jodi’s. Mary grew up in Knoxville about 2 to 3 miles from where I live. I have friends whose kids grew up with her and everything I ever heard about her was she was a smart, thoughtful and kind person. She just got involved with the wrong man. She had small children and took them and ran away after the murder. If I remember right they found her and the children in another state some time after the murder. Seems many of this religious men have some dark secret problems doesn’t it. The husband”s parents took care of the children during the trial and she had a really hard time getting them back but I believe she has. I was so thankful for the sentence that she received; it was more in line with the crime.

  3. Hi Guys, long time no see. Trust me I have not been far and have been here in spirit if not in person. Had a busy time trying to get through Christmas, with two staff sick and one passed away,everyone was working overtime and we still are. Makes it hard to get time to do everything else! Please, always know that even if I am not a daily presence here, I will never waver in my support for Jodi, nor will I ever be far away. Hugs to you all for holding down the fort.



  5. Exactly Mary, why would people lie about a murder of a friend????? I’ve always thought they knew more than anyone else, and I still do. They are very devious people IMO!!!

    You also can tell they are the type to let someone innocent take the fall for them.

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