Trial Day 14 – February 5th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s replay continues with the 2nd day of Jodi’s testimony.

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Trial Day 14 – February 5th, 2013:

Part 1/4:

Jodi Arias (testimony continues)

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Part 2/4:

Jodi Arias (testimony continues)

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Part 3/4:

Jodi Arias (testimony continues)

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Part 4/4:

Jodi Arias (testimony concludes for the day)

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  1. Good morning, Journee, R. Love and cindy jewell!!! How are you all today?

    Good morning to Jodi and all TEAM JODI!!!

    Is anyone else having trouble with MSN and Facebook today? I can’t seem to get either one of them up and running!

    Well, hope it is a good day for everyone today!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    LOVE YOU, JODI!!! Hang in their! Your day of justice is coming!!!

    • Just think you guys, the old folks got here before our young Greek Goddesses. I suppose Pan is walking the cats again 🙁 and Maria is gone out to eat with SJ 🙂

      • Nope! Just life getting in the way, I may be MIA for the days to come too. But always reading everyone’s comments.

        Plus: haven’t you heard??????? SJ AND I BROKE UP!

        • NO no I ‘m in shock!!!!!! SMH Can’t be the truth!!!!! You don’t have to help Pandora walk the cats now do you????? What next??????

  2. I notice the latest court document on January 22, 2014 states:


    The Court is advised there is a hearing scheduled before the presiding criminal judge on an unrelated matter and a portion of the transcript of the hearing conducted on January 13, 2014 is needed for the hearing. At the Court’s request, the court reporter has transcribed the portion of the hearing which is needed by the presiding criminal judge. Good cause appearing.

    It’s listed under the State of Arizona vs Jodi Ann Arias and lists all the usual suspects: JM, SS, JW & KN. It states the hearing is…on an UNRELATED MATTER but it strikes me as odd …. anyone have any idea what this was about?

    • Maybe they are considering a new and better recipe for a different flavor of Martinez-ade LOL . ( The old one is pretty sour) No, I’m sure I can’t think of a reason for the hearing but maybe Journee can.

    • I would speculate that it might have something to do with media, the Judge on Milke’s case is trying to wrangle that media beast too.

      But it might also have something to do with Martinez’ potential scheduling conflict.

      The only thing I know about the Jan 13 hearing is that was the day they announced the retrial date – nothing in court minutes about anything else discussed that day. So maybe it is about Martinez.

  3. Tonight on public television (PBS): Independent Lens: The State of Arizona – This “cinema verite” documentary reveals different reactions to Arizona’s controversial “Papers Please” law of 2002, which puts in force the strictest immigration policies in the history of the U.S.

    While it’s not about Jodi, I’m going to watch it for the atmosphere/political climate and attitude toward people of Latino descent that Jodi’s trial is taking place in. While race doesn’t seem to play a big part in her trial, I suspect some of the hatred towards Jodi is based on the fact that she is Latina. Of course, Joe Arpaio, America’s Most Expensive Sheriff will probably be front & center in this doc. We might get some insight into the people who keep voting this guy back in office and might be sitting on her next jury.

    • I saw that was going to be on too coldcase53. . .i thought it might be interesting. The things I hear about AZ just amaze me with what they get by with!!

  4. It’s been a while since I first saw that but today I happened to ”stumble” on it once more. Of course I got the same feeling, you know the one you get when you want to PUKE so badly but somehow you manage to keep it down LOL!

    Who was Travis to talk? He did NOTHING to become a better version of himself,NOTHING,ZIP,NADA! All he cared about was money, if THAT makes you a better person I really pity the American people who fell for his charm and are now Jodi haters, I guess they are not as bright as they think they are. Other than pursuing a career in a pyramid scheme/scam company, he did nothing more to improve himself. He cared about expensive cars, expensive clothes and a FACADE that he so neatly and obsessively tried to maintain. Appearances do matter, but when you become obsessive compulsive with ONLY that then you are an empty vessel.

    ” To that end, every sale of this book provides funds to the Travis Victor Alexander Charity for the Survivors of Violent Crime, an organization established to assist survivors and their families with the costs of attending trial away from home. ”

    Sorry, what???
    Wasn’t there ANOTHER fund to help them with their gas expenses???? As if that wasn’t enough, here they are setting yet ANOTHER charity? Oh boy, they sure seem to enjoy the fact that they are now under the limelight due to their brother’s death, how sick is that?
    And since I’m not American I’m gonna go ahead and ask you guys: WHAT IS THE IRS (or whatever it’s called) DOING????

    • Hmmm, that is a good question Maria.

      Of course, it is only now that the Alexander family has to tally up their take for purposes of reporting to the IRS. “Tax season” for calendar year 2013 officially starts this weekend (everyone who is supposed to send earned income statements to taxpayers has until the end of January to do so). Filing deadline is April 15, but I guess the Alexander’s need to get theirs done early, since they’ll be back in AZ by March 17. Maybe they’re hoping for some book sales to pay their tax bill.

    • Hi Maria,

      The “reviews” seem to indicate that no one actually read the book. They just went to to praise Travis and trash Jodi. Their hatred runs pretty deep but I still don’t believe it’s actually about Jodi. She’s just a target that’s allows them to spew their feelings of self-hatred, feelings of failure, feelings of powerlessness, feelings of inadequacy, etc.

  5. Just been reported on Twitter that Jodi’s hearing tomorrow has been vacated and rescheduled for February 19 @ 9:30am MST.

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