Trial Day 13 – February 4th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s replay features Lonnie Dworkin, Bryan Neumeister and the first day of Jodi’s testimony.

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Trial Day 13 – February 4th, 2013:

Part 1/6:

Lonnie Dworkin (computer forensic examiner)
Bryan Neumeister (audio/video forensic examiner)
Jodi Arias (testimony starts @ 40:00)

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Part 2/6 – Jodi’s testimony continues:

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Part 3/6 – Jodi’s testimony continues:

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Part 4/6 – Jodi’s testimony continues:

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Part 5/6 – Jodi’s testimony continues:

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Part 6/6 – Jodi’s testimony continues:

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  1. BTW, SJ, thank you soooo much for that awesome dinner! You know how to make a girl feel unique! 😉 Don’t forget you promised ice-cream tomorrow!

    ps : Thank you for hiring a substitute catwalker for the catwalker! 🙂


      • LOL! Vicky, I have the weirdest sleeping hours EVER! I will either ‘sleep with the chickens’ as my friends Maria and Sonja tell me (meaning that I sleep very early) or I go to sleep really really late: 2-3 am… It depends on how sleepy and tired I am!

  2. Hello Jodi Supporters!
    I rarely ever comment but ALWAYS read and keep up with the trial as well as her issues. I have sent her funds to the jail to help out with her needs that she can purchase from the commissary. I just wish there was more, much more I could do. Perhaps someone will step-up with an awesome plan where all of us could take part in some way. Let’s all keep her and her family in our prayers!

    • Hi ckim! I must admit I don’t remember ever seeing you here before so…welcome! I’m your Greek friend, in case you don’t know me.
      It was so thoughtful of you to send money on Jodi’s books but hey since you asked, of course there’s so much more you can do to help her out: you can send money to her Appellate Fund, the retrial phase is soon to start; once this is over Jodi will be heading to Appeals, so she’s going to need all the help she can get. To find further info, click on the link provided by SJ at the top right corner of this page.

    • ckim42, welcome to our company! I too don’t recall seeing you around her before but every Jodi supporter is welcomed here!

      • Hi ckim42 🙂

        Jodi loves to get postcards too. Valentines Day is coming up so everyone need to send a Valentine Jodi’s way! Plain Postcard, Black or Blue Ink and no stamp(i know picky picky picky) but it might help brighten her days! 🙂

        Of course do not forget the donations to the Appellate Fund!

  3. I did my best to wake SJ up today so I could be first but I’m thankful your back in good standing with him! I’m sure the cats will survive without you for one day 🙂

  4. I’ll NEVER EVER forget Day 13. Every true Jodi supporter must remember the conflicting, heart-racing feeling when Jodi stood up! O…M…G! I don’t know if the ‘legal eagles’ supporters had predicted this, but to some of us seeing her getting up and walking to that witness stand was totally unexpected. I remember it was after the lunch break, so I guess most of us thought it would be just another day and all of a sudden they call Jodi as a defense witness. I think at that moment our keyboards were on fire,I was typing like a maniac LOLOLOL! Any old posters can verify I was shocked hahahaha! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    After the original shock, I couldn’t help feeling PROUD of my girl. She walked up there with such DIGNITY (a word unknown to the Alexander family) and POISE that I knew in my heart she would testify to the TRUTH no matter what the consequences would be. And to this day, I am still PROUD of Jodi. She was so courageous, so brave I admire her. I think deep down she knew some might not believe, she definitely knew she would be attacked and vilified by Martinez yet she chose to testify against all odds.

    (((((((( JODI ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ )))))))))))

    • Maria, as you know, unfortunately I watched the trial later on – when I found out about Jodi’s case.

      Yes, I was so proud of Jodi! Although, I am sure that she was terrified at that moment, she was noble, modest and respectful.

      And yes! You are soooooo right: travis’s friends and family should take lessons on manners and behaviour…

      ((((((Jodi ♥ ♥ ♥ )))))

    • Good! Let those kind of people understand that cyber bullying and harrassment is a crime and sooner or later they will all be held accountable for their actions!

    • GeeBee2,

      This is great news! Finally! It’s about time those abusers and bullies ‘pay’ for their actions. They can’t go around harassing people just because they don’t agree with them and get away with it!

      I hope this is just the beginning to a long long list of all those haters that seem to think that bullying and abusing is ok! Especially when they go as far as impersonating another person… my friend Maria knows way too well how that feels (a mf hater was using her name at a hater’s site as his/her own). This also happened to other Jodi supporters too. AND IT IS ALL DOCUMENTED.

      It must be made clear that I respect all humans. If their opinions and believes are opposite of mine, we just agree to disagree. It is those individuals that attack Jodi, her family & friends and her supporters that I can’t stand. That is where my respect for them stops.

      Just because a person supports a cause or another human being and others do not agree, that doesn’t give them the right to bully and harass. That is emotional harm/abuse – just because we can’t see the harm/abuse doesn’t mean it’s not done.

      Nor does it give them the right to snoop into personal lives and plaster information on the internet. They might think that it is funny or even ‘smart’ but they obviously never thought of how many evil and sick people are out there that could end up doing physical harm to Jodi supporters.

      I personally have heard of a ‘hater’ that has been abused by an ex and tries to hide his identity to protect his family and friends as well as himself. I respect that and even if I knew his personal information I would NEVER publicize that. That is inhuman!

      So haters, remember: every time you think you’re being ‘clever’ by posting info about any person, you might be helping some sicko do harm to this person. Think of how many disturbed people you wouldn’t want knowing your personal info… just sayin’!

      ~Peace out peeps.

      ((((((((Jodi))))))) ♥

      • Yay!!!! AWESOME post! I am a 38 year old ,mother of 3 BOYS , NEVER AFRAID TO SPEAK MY MIND. Until this case. This is the only site I feel safe! However “on other sites, ” I get this feeling that the haters know who I am. A younger version of myself,I would be on ever site ,Blasting a bunch of ASsEs! LOL Really! _____As a mother , I try not to stir the bee’s too much. They believe in their B.S.. I believe in Jodi. I don’t HATE anyone who has a opposition to my ideas.
        I do not like Jodi LOCKED UP! That I HATE. I have been using my free time to read. I have been reading other case stories( real documentaries ) This has educated me on how police work , used to be, how it is now, and the bullshit in between .
        NOW, I learned that hair and Palm prints NOT (finger prints) are subjective evidence! This entire case was all about subjective EVIDENCE. They had NO true motive. No proof of things ,dumped onto JODIE, ( tire slashing.) The doggie door stories. All that is , is subjective nonsensical , unsubstantiated RUMORS FROM A CULT RELIGION WITH SECRETS! ( give me an AMEN)
        ….That wasn’t the greatest gift. The best gift was when my mom came over ,and said” MINDY, I was home and a Jodi Arias , well she said Arias ,movie was on and I saw her stabbing him. I say the way they made her look so AWEFUL! She then looked at me ,and said ,I REMEMBER ALL THE FACTS YOU TOLD ME. I thought this poor beautiful smart woman.
        I MADE A BELIEVER!!!! It was the best BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!!!! OMG!! Amen !! So cheers to this group ,and to Ms. JODI!! ____PEOPLE CAN SEE!!! They just need to be guided to the path of the truth.
        I wanted to add, that after reading some great novels, I realized that most policemen , had ” gut feeling s” /// and maybe a few leads , but they never made the arrest ,until they felt IT WAS A STRONG ENOUGH CASE. Subjective ,evidence that can be ,put to the test ,and doubted usually doesn’t get you convicted of murder 1,felony,and premeditated! JODI needs more forensic and scientific professionals to testify. FORGET, the sex,the texts, it made her look bad. I didn’t know if her lawyer s were for her or, a against her. ?? _______ AMEN.
        The media ,put out this lifetime movie ,while Jodi was on trial, portraying her as a manipulator. Portrayed her as a stalker. Portrayed her as a loose woman , that loved pornography and anal sex. Portrayed TA ,as a bible loving ,clean cut small victim.( actor was tiny ) —NOW , you have the HUGHES making cash , the T.V. networks making cash, and all in the name of the victims……Take a step back ,like my mom did …. you might SEE A LIGHT OF TRUTH, TO START YOU DOWN THE PATH …… OF JUSTICE. FOR BOTH FAMILIES! ( AMEN) (((( JODI))) And mom thank you for believing, that made , my birthday!!!!

    • Great news! I found out earlier today that someone has been creating fake profiles on Catholic Match for people named “Jodi” and “Donavan” who both sent me emotigrams. Real fucking clever. As if I wouldn’t notice that. I’m sure that the admins at CM took notice as did I.

      These cyber bullies and haters think they’re so much smarter than they really are, but they are blinded by hate and fear which is why they continue to underestimate us and, trust me, it’s going to backfire on them BIG TIME much like it did for Mr. St. John.

  5. Maria, I recall that day as if it were yesterday. No matter what anyone (haters) say she was and still is a courageous young woman.

    I have been away for a while but my thoughts and prayers are with Jodi. The day will come that the whole truth will come out.

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