Trial Day 12 – January 31st, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s replay features Daniel Freeman & Lonnie Dworkin.

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Trial Day 12 – January 31st, 2013:

Part 1/2:

Daniel Freeman (LDS friend)

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Part 2/2:

Lonnie Dworkin (computer forensic examiner)

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  1. I am aware of all the loathing for Jodi, her family, her friends and her supporters. It’s beyond me why all those people can’t keep their believes under control. Most probably because they can’t control themselves.

    I think what is paramount importance is to ignore all comments from those people.

    If someone is personally being attacked on the internet, they should contact the provider of the site, blog or any other social media page and report those abusers.

    If someone is being attacked in a more personal way (by anonymous telephone calls, letters, etc) they should contact their local authorities and report this. Any telephone bullying or threats should also be reported to the telephone company. Remember, if possible, make recordings of any suspicious phone calls. Document any texts, e-mails, private messages on social networking pages and have them handy when reporting.

    Having ‘back and forth’ with those individuals only fuels their power to persist on being abusive.
    Our site is a safe place to comment and be among fellow Jodi supporters.

    Ignore the hatred and focus on the love and support. Sometimes it is hard and we are only human and have that much tolerance. Take a few breaths before making any reckless decisions. Don’t take the bait and reply to the haters.

    We are here for the long haul and there are not any juvenile threats and bullying that‘ll chase us away.

    ((((Jodi Ann Arias))))

    • Rasna, they can bully me all they want, the more time they spend on me the less time they have for Jodi or someone else. I’m a big boy I don’t intimidate easily.

      Ray in H-burg Va.

      • Same here 😉
        If anything, their stiff opposition will make us stronger, more determined to succeed. That’s human nature.

    • Hey Mary! How have you been, honey? ♥

      It happened to me too, I’m still commenting on Day 11!

      SJ baby, what’s the hurry???? Slow doooooooown! (lovingly scolding you 😉 )

      • Hey, Maria!!! I’m doing ok, trying to take one day at a time with everything! Thanks for asking, that means a lot to me, Maria!!!

        Glad I’m not the only one who messes up on posting on wrong day, Maria – LOL!!! 🙂 : ) 🙂

  2. Interesting that Martinez gets upset when Nurmie tries to pull “the showing of the picture trick” on this day. . .he can dish it out but can’t take it.

  3. Sorry it could have been JW but I thought it was Nurmi at the very end . . .anyway interesting that Martinez didn’t want Travis little picture displayed!!!!!1

  4. geebee2 asked about a possible photo of the pillows as they related to the tassels. I found this on Day 8 January 16, 2013, Part 2/2:

    Judge reading Juror Q: Why were the fibers found at the scene, sandals and pillows, not sent out to compare them?
    Flores: We didn’t feel it was necessary at that time.

    Really? He had asked Jodi about those tassels straight away when they first spoke on the phone, even before the interrogation. And now, according to the prosecution, the tassel fibers could have been from either the sandals or the pillow – it didn’t matter. The fibers point to there having been a knife at the scene to cut the rope, prior to any altercation. That activity would support a lack of premeditation. When seeing the formal interrogation video, it is very interesting to note the questions that were not asked of Jodi.

    • Thanks, and noted that there was a juror question.

      This was a part of the trial I didn’t watch, but I think it’s quite significant.

      I really think the defense should ask for the rope / pillow and sandals to be examined by an expert.

  5. It is amazing how the prosecution has fabricated and over looked and ignored evidence in so many different areas isn’t it? I would think everything in the whole house would have been investigated with a fine tooth comb. To late now since the house has been rebuilt. . .how convenient for the prosecution.

  6. Jodi tweet:


  7. Hey Journee or Anybody Else,,
    Why does Flores sit with Martinez at his table all the time? Is that the way most trial are? Having the Detective right beside the Prosecutor? Just wondering.

    • I think it’s weird that the state doesn’t have a second chair attorney – I don’t know if that’s an AZ thing or a Juan-ego thing, or maybe it’s just that no one wants to work with him.

  8. Kermit’s logic: staying silent and not commenting on something equals lying. Umm, no it doesn’t!
    When cross-examining D.Freeman Martinez said that since Jodi said nothing to Daniel (about her being the one who killed Travis) that’s a lie. Actually, it isn’t. At least not in my mind. She chose silence, that’s inertia,hiding maybe, not wanting to take responsibility of what she did, not wanting to get caught ok, but TECHNICALLY it is not ”a false STATEMENT with deliberate intent to deceive” which is the definition of the word ”lie”. Coz she made no ”statement”.

  9. I believe Jodi didn’t say anything because she was still in shock from the horrible tragedy.. .she couldn’t believe what had happened to her or Travis (plus she didn’t remember everything that happened). I believe it goes with PTSD. No, it wasn’t a lie Jodi told at all. Martinez is a JERK who is benefiting off of Jodi’s nightmare. Don’t forget he wrote a book too. YUCK!

  10. Would we think they would do anything else????? We don’t have to worry about the jury being swayed though because Judge Pickles say so. 🙁 Everybody who believes that stand up and do the Hokey Pokey!

    • I swear if this is anything like the last jury, ,Jodi is in trouble. SHE SHOULD not ,AGAIN NOT GET ON THE STAND.Juan will TEAR her up, again. JODI need a a factual, EVIDENCE defense. THE fibers, could have been from church garments, the robes,have ties,around the waist,of similar material. The FACT that they do not know,is on the prosecutors. They’re supposed to prove GUILT WITH OUT DOUBT. THIS JURY BETTER NOT BE RACIST MEN AND FOUR JEALOUS WOMEN. UGGG I CAN’T STAND IT!

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