Trial Day 11 – January 30th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Following on from yesterday’s Gus Searcy Show, today’s replay features Lisa Daidone, Desiree Freeman & Daniel Freeman.

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Trial Day 11 – January 30th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Lisa Daidone

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Part 2/3:

Lisa Daidone (autopsy picture stunt @ 9:45)

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Part 3/3:

Desiree Freeman (LDS friend)
Daniel Freeman (LDS friend)

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  1. SJ love, can I ask you a favor?
    What’s the hurry????? I’m still trying to catch up on Day 10! Remember how we talked about this at dinner last night? 😉

    ♥ ♥ ♥

    • The audacity! I am shocked at your overweeningness (thesaurus – LOL)…

      SJ! You’ve got some big time explaining to do! Dinner huh? With the other Greek Goddess?!!! How dare you! And you told me you were at a business meeting!

      I am not going to lose my calm… no I am not… keep calm Pan… grrrr… (grabbing Ming dynasty vase and smashing it on marble floor).

  2. Gosh Journee! You are really doing a great job! I suppose Pandora is out walking the cats again! If we listen real close maybe we can hear her come in with all of those stiletto heels clicking along! 🙂 or maybe a meow any second!

    • I was R.Love!!! And I had forgiven SJ’s ‘fling’ with Maria too! … There I was walking SJ’s 13 cats in their stileto shoes – stylin’ & profilin’ -, thinking that SJ was working too hard… meanwhile —->

      Did you hear the gossip?? He was out dining and wining sneaky Maria!

      ((((((Maria ♥ ))))))
      (((((SJ ♥ )))))
      ((((13 stileto shoed cats ♥ ))))))

      • Well I never have heard of such a sly fox ! We might have to set a trap for him! Wining and dining one Greek Goddess while the other Greek Goddess is staying at home and keeping the house in order!!!! What will happen to the cats?????? Who will walk them for ole sly SJ?? It is not easy staying at home and working while everyone else is having fun!!!! You might have to put your Big Girl Boots on and walk all over him!!!

        • Today on our news station they showed a cat who owned a motorized skateboard. Maybe instead of SJ spending his millions on artwork for his palace he could buy 13 motorized skateboards for his cats which would free you up so he could take you both out to dine at night!!!!!!! I’m sure it would look better to have a Greek Goddess on each arm! Hmmmmm

          Maybe Journee will be able to draw a picture of that for us too! 🙂

          13 cats in stiletto heels on motorized skateboards riding around the palace in Greece.

  3. Just watched Lisa’s video and I’m amazed JW can ever get anything done with Martinez jumping up and down objecting every time she asks a question!!!! Judge Pickles reminds me of a glorified stewardess. d And then SJ no warnings concerning sucking on lemons and about the eye rolling ??????? UGH!

    Lucky Lisa one of the ones who got away from Travis!

    • LOL! (((((Ray )))))))
      English with Greek alphabet, AWESOME!
      Translation: ”Maria and Pandora truly Greek goddesses both of you”

      Love you too ♥

      • I guess I got my keyboard back to normal I thought I really f***ed it up I couldn’t get it to go back to English, What a relief LOLLLLLLLLLLLL 🙂 amazing what you can do when you have too much time on your hands ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂


        Ray in H-burg Va.

    • Way to go Ray! I looked at the Greek alphabet the other day and threw my hands up in dismay! My brain does good to understand English! Our Greek Goddesses are Brilliant!

      • R.Love, it was almost a disaster, it took a good 15 minutes to figure out how to get English back. LOL

        Ray in H-burg Va.

        • I know what you mean!!!!! I’m soooo impressed with you!!!!! If I look at my computer the wrong way it falls apart . . .i would hate to see what would happen if i tried such a trick!!!!! WOW

  4. Clip 3,first seconds: Lisa certainly seems at ease with Droopy the Dog…ooops I meant with Detective Flores!

    • LOL I caught that too. Also I’ve noticed the Judges wayward looks at Martinez. . . geez 🙁

      BUT the drama in the audience is just a SHOW! ~~~~~~~~iiiiiiiiiii

  5. I’m really surprised Martinez didn’t pull out the ”do you have a memory problem ma’am?” card when Desiree Freeman could not remember some details of their trips. Maybe her robotic LDS brainwash attitude put him off, LOL!

  6. Oh and if there’s still someone out there claiming Martinez won this case based on anything else other than distortion of facts and appeal to emotions instead of compelling arguments and proof, all they gotta do is re-watch part 2/3! SJ was right to call it ”autopsy pic STUNT” It was nothing more than a cheap shot, a low blow against both the witness and the defendant imho…

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