Travis Alexander’s Pedophile Letter to Jodi Arias – (Part 1)

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Check out the letter below, written by Travis Alexander and sent to Jodi.

A transcription of the text has also been included:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .travis alexander - pedophile letter to jodi arias

Letter Transcript:



Please give me a chance to explain what you saw. I know it looks bad and honestly it is. Your probably the only person on the planet who has the capacity to understand and the compassion to even try.  This goes back years.  I have desires I can’t explain. What is worse is I’ve acted on those desires.

I have hurt children because of urges I can’t control.  I can’t help it. I know it’s pure evil but I can’t stop. I’ve prayed about it repeatedly, I’ve gotten a blessing, but nothing helps. I have gone to my bishop but I cannot tell him directly about it for obvious reasons. I had “toys” in the attic which is I never let you up there to clean.

Even after I said I was done I didn’t get rid of them right away because I thought what if? What if I might need them again? I finally donated them. Enough is enough. I want to stop and at times I think I can. Other times it feels like I’ll never be able to. I can only imagine that it’s like a drug problem.

I worry about getting married. I worry that my wife won’t suffice. I worry about having kids. What if I have to adopt? If they are not my seed will it be too easy? I’m scared to be alone with a boy.  I get unwanted thoughts and I don’t want to act on them. It’s true, kids can get annoying but the truth is I’m scared to be alone with them.

I worry about going to the Hughes in the future because Ryell is getting close to that age. It would be so easy.

I know you think this is sick. I am sick. I’ve had sex with boys and I don’t know if they’ll ever get past what I’ve done. The truth is I fucking hate myself! I want to kill myself! I want to blow my fucking head off! Sometimes I can’t stand being alive. I’m sorry you had to see what you saw.

Honestly you’ve helped me on several occasions without even knowing it. You’ve been an outlet frustrations via the fantasy enactments. It’s one of the reasons I like anal sex so much. It’s the reason for the boys underwear. Don’t get me wrong I’m not gay. I’m not a fag. I’ve just had this inside me. And when I’m getting it from girls I desire boys less. I know this is evil. But this is not who I am nor who I am becoming.

Jodi I don’t want to be labeled a pedophile or a child molester. Do you understand what I am saying? Please just call me. I need to know that I can trust you. I know I can trust you. I’ll tell you everything. Just call me. You have never judged me before. Please do not judge me now. Just call me when your done reading this.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Prepare for it.

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  1. I find TA’s direct reference to Chris Hughes’ son (Ryell) interesting to say the least.

    “I worry about going to the Hughes in the future because Ryell is getting close to that age. It would be so easy.”


    Never question it.

    Never doubt it.

    Prepare for it.

    Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

    • Indeed, SJ, and yet, very very sad, at the same time, right? And maybe, just maybe, it helps explain some of the utterances of Mr. & Mrs. Hughes. That is their child and who wouldn’t want to protect their child in any and every way they could? And perhaps, it explains some of what seems like their unreasonable anger, at times, and their desire to condemn Jodi and yet, present their friend, Travis, as a latter day saint. It has made me think; lose sleep. I hope we all think long and hard about this. Such a complex case. So much anger. So very much sadness.

      • StillOutThere: You are the perfect person to address a pressing question that I have about generally being involved with someone who is involved with illegal activity. Let me be quite pedestrian about this. Ultimately the answer could apply to Jodi’s theoretical situation, but I find myself being backed into a situation for which I think I could be held accountable.

        A person has persuaded me to hire him to do yard clean-up. He asked to be paid in cash. I expected the period of service to be over within two months, so I didn’t give it much thought at first. Then he asked to bring his daughter with him, have her do weeding, and pay her also. With this “pile on” I started to view this situation seriously as a legal issue.

        I also began to wonder whether Jodi would have been under the same “creep-up” scenario.

        So with the gardener and his daughter, I was paying someone who was not a contractor. Legally, this must be breaking the law. He was bringing his child to work, which I began to think must probably clash with some child labor law I didn’t even know about.

        That brought me to Jodi’s situation. She had been TA’s girlfriend. This in itself surely broke no law that I’m aware of. However, at some specific ‘point’ in time, Jodi became aware that TA was engaging in active pedopheliac behaviors. Did that moment in time put Jodi, herself in conflict with the law? ie Would the law demand that she not support and protect someone who was engaging in illegal behavior. And even further, would she then be considered a “Mandatory reporter” by the law? Something that would legally force her to “betray TA?”
        Thank you if you, or someone, is able to answer.

        If the latter would be the case, I can see how Jodi would have found herself to be put in a very untennable position caused solely by TA’s actions, and caused ONLY by virtue of the fact that she had witnessed them?

        • Dude, you had them pulling weeds and cutting grass. Unless you have them doing straight up landscaping work (digging, rerouting water lines for a sprinkler system etc) I wouldn’t worry about it. You know how many minors mow AND rake leafs for money? If you see someone breaking the law it s not your duty to inform on them, unless you are partaking in said of fences there is no reason why Jodi would be held accountable unless it was something that was being done at her home/computer etc….knowing about crimes is not enough to land you in jsil, unless of course you live in Nazi Germany..

        • “However, at some specific ‘point’ in time, Jodi became aware that TA was engaging in active pedopheliac behaviors. Did that moment in time put Jodi, herself in conflict with the law? ie Would the law demand that she not support and protect someone who was engaging in illegal behavior. And even further, would she then be considered a “Mandatory reporter” by the law? Something that would legally force her to “betray” TA?”

          As I see it, Jodi was never “aware” that Travis was currently engaging in sexual contact with children. While he might have been viewing children’s pictures, there’s no evidence he was actually having sexual contact with children (i.e. any illegal contact). Therefore, the rest of your questions are moot to me.

          If Travis had told Jodi that he was currently having sex with children as opposed to relating past incidents (like in the letter), then she might have been obligated to be a “mandatory reporter” (i.e. inform police).

    • Good morning, friends: I have just been plowing through 2013 archives from about Nov 13, 2013 through Nov 24, 2013.

      I was trying to relocate a posted “mitigating offering” posted by someone who had known Jodi through four years of high school together.

      AIthough I haven’t found that yet, It’s a standing JAII Joke that I habitually find myself in “2013.” I highly recommend that y’all take the trip. That year stands out as unique in its content and subtlety that would keep us from understanding what it was telling us until some two years later.

      Now that we know what we didn’t know back then, there are many “a-ha” moments of clearer insight.
      New light is shed on questions that have gone unanswered. My favorite enigma has been that SINGLE bootprint, created by a creature that walks on TWO legs. But I digress.

      Travis started his trip with Jodi by challenging her to read the book of Mormon. This morning I am CHALLENGING our supporters to read the entire content of JAII archives within the time frame defined in my first statement above. Yup, it’s long, but speaking for myself, I found it spell-binding. It is also disturbing. I’m doing some shaking at the moment.

      I hope you have a safe and enlightening trip, should you choose to pick up the challenge.

      • Dwight, roughly, the timeline is that the email exchanges between TA and the Hughes happened in Jan 2007. That started their problem with Jodi. According to the Hughes in their many TV and blog radio interviews, they had decided that in (Apr ? 2007) they did not want to have anything to do with Jodi and they didn’t want TA to either. TA was having too much fun travelling and spending money with Jodi and not slaving for PPL. They did not even see her after that point in time. TA missed his journal in March 2008 at the time that he was going to that convention in OK.

    • I’m comprising a book on scientific facts, legal discrepancies, hormonal and chemical reasoning, and sexual expertise, and my background in the LDS religion including but not limited to a husband who was mentaligiously warped and abused me because of his own confusion, guilt, and shame. In regards to what happened to Jodi, my heart bleeds. Quite literally speaking that he poisoned her with her own love for him AND I;M GOING TO PROVE IT!!!!…. In my studies thus far, I’ve identified with endorphins being released in “THE EUPHORIA OF LOVE” and what it does chemically to a woman in combination with hormones that are being mistreated. How easily she can be manipulated and used and the literal insanity it causes, along with many other things. This isn’t even the tip of the ice burg. But you should get my drift.

      I have a lot to say am working really hard on her case to scientifically prove her standing on this matter. I believe my studies and efforts WILL truly help her. My honest efforts are to do this from a professional demeanor and do my best not to offend anyone (TA’s family) because I WISH PEOPLE WERE MORE SYMPATHETIC TOWARDS HER FAMILY and that people treated the person next to them better in general.

      However, I have a business that would be adversely affected by publically backing her up at this time. My passionate feelings for what she endured and the consequences for everyone are not enough to make me abandon my family and my life. The controversy is not something my new and thriving business could withstand right now. However, the intent is that my business position will be an advantage in helping her in the next couple years. My hopes are that you can understand my position at this time and recognize that by making wise choices, I’ll be in a better position and standing in the community TO HELP HER! If you would consider me as an silent partner in Justice For Jodi I’d love to hear from you and could deliver some of my findings. We should speak or Skype.


  2. THANK YOU SJ!!! Now that everyone one has stopped gagging…. Now why was it again JM didn’t want this let into evidence again?? Oh ya they said it was a copy….. Humm but I guess the DT handwriting expert 80% sure it was TA’s handwriting just wasn’t good enough. Now what was it that the new homeowners found up in the attic years latter and gave to the Alexander’s. You know the same attic that DT. F said was checked and nothing was found??

    Now if you just stop and think about it what would you do if you were a parent!!!
    So now back to that two intruder story hummm.

    • Obfuscation is alive and healthy.

      Eight years and two months ago this letter was written.

      When I was a teacher, I had a solumn duty as a mandatory reporter. I could have lost my licence for ignoring this mandate, should I have noticed any signs of child abuse.

      Sure looks like our miles high stacks of rules and regulations are not the solution to our problems.

      Well, there are always society’s two perinnial favorite solutions:

      1. Throw money at it.
      2. Change its name and redefine it.

      I just typed in a search that I do every couple of months, and it is still quite vital as #1 at the top of the returned list: Chris Hughes + child sex abuse

      Try it yourself. The old codger principal did not get shipped off to prison like Jodi did.
      Lift carpet; apply broom. Mormon country takes care of their own, thank you very much.

      Don’t forget to read your Mormon history lessons. Make it your business to find out what their ultimate goal is. Just make sure you don’t get in their way.

      In the past eight years that TA has been wrestling all by himself with his poor twisted ruined heart and sense of self, the Mormon self-disclosure is becoming more and more pronounced.

      Vote now, and vote often: Is this what we want for our country?
      Errr, or rather for their country? uh humm

  3. Jodi Arias should be set free with time served. Period. Arizona Justice System has made a joke of their court of law IMO. This is S I C K and it is definitely not Jodi’s handwriting. She couldn’t print that bad with her hands tied behind her. Shameful. Jodi did not L I E about Travis Alexander. One sick and disturbed man. No wonder the Hughes have been frantically trying to cover this all up. Their behavior is very telling. Explains MOOCHO GRANDE !!!!!

      • Hi Cindy! ♥
        It interesting that people have believed the ridiculous story that Travis was a noble Golden Boy full of charm and charisma when obviously he was anything but that. He was far from being the perfect person they presented. Of course, his family the Alexanders and the Hughes, have been campaigning to kill Jodi Arias, the one who held the truth, for their own protection and to cover up the facts of who Travis obviously was. Both have profited enormously from his death haven’t they. So sad that they took it open themselves to be the judges in the case. They are definitely not qualified for that job. Jodi Arias has paid her debt for her part (if any) in all of this. This has been a really bad distasteful joke. S A D! Puts new meaning into people will be sitting pretty, doesn’t it?

          • This exactly right. This is nothing that should be swept under the rug with this! How disturbing for those young children to have their parents singing the praises of some one who took advantage of them in such a selfish and sick way. How confusing for them. I pray that those young lives will be able to survive and rise above their abuse. They have parents who want to ignore the facts and lie. Lying for the Lord! Uuuuugggggghhhhhh!

        • It all makes sense why the Mormon mob went after Jodi with a vengeance and why she lied to the police. They were all protecting Travis, even in death.

          • Will it be corrected? That is what I want to know. Jodi Arias has never deserved what has been done to her by all of this tragedy. BM was wrong, the Darkest Day in Maricopa County is when they started this circus. One more proud moment for BM and his Prosecuting Team. SMH

            • I keep hammering on the Mormon aspect of this case. It explains everything about it. The media refuse to seriously look at this apart from the “law of chastity” part. There is a whole lot more to the Mormon aspect to this case including the complete and total insanity of the mob that was hellbent on killing Jodi.

              Because the LDS is cultlike, and some even regard it as an outright cult, everything is about the group and how they look to the outside. It’s also about how they need to protect one of their own members, in this case somebody who, rightly or wrongly, had some kind of standing in the church.

          • IMHO The people involved were finished with poor Travis. It was never about Travis. Talk about being thrown under the bus. Their first concern HAD TO BE to protect the church. Period. That corporation is powerful and world wide. Estimated income in an older documnentary was $4 million dollars per day.
            The corporation enforces that the cult members do whatever it takes to circle the wagons. You follow orders from the higher echelons, or else.

            Seriously this whole thing that Jodi stirred up is beyond imagining in size, scope, and impact. Jodi’s part in making the sacrifice she has made, she has had the charisma to keep OUR country riveted on this case so we could begin so see how serious the trouble is that we, as a nation, have allowed ourselves to sink into_like a muddy quagmire. Read posts on the “Ex-Mormons” Website. and/or Recovery from Mormonism (RFM)

            If you’ve watched it already, watch it again: Video online: “The Mexican Morman Wars.” Mit Romney’s polygamous clan flourishes south of the border to the east of the Phoenix area.

            I wonder how Sky would take to wearing those Long home made Stepford dresses. John McCain jokes that “they” have estimated Romney has four to nine wives, and around one hundred fifty children. They show the happy family pictures, with the happy child-man Dad among them all. I cringe when he walks. It looks like he is wearing a diaper.

            They also show the drug cartel traffic routes that cris-cross south of the border and into the U.S.. Might be handy to know if you’re planning a vacation. It’s a well-paced documentary, quite lively and fantastic. You’ll get to see Mitt Romney and his daddy, George, too.

        • They all did it to cover it up. Jodi also did it by telling the silly intruder story to the police. They simply could not admit one of their friends or church members was a pedophile or had tendencies in that direction. Hence the absurd obsessive, jealous stalker cover story they peddled to the media and to the DA.

          • I truly believe it was a silly story, Cindy, done to placate the detectives and console ‘the family’.
            Putting ‘the family’ in quotes is to say in clear words that they were not family, that they didn’t really know him, and were not really interested in him as a person, not until he was murdered.
            Then THEY were in the spotlight! All eyes were on THEM!
            The trouble with that spotlight is that it eventually shines on the TRUTH!

        • Does anybody know why Dr. Geffner’s results on TA’s philandering chart have never been put on the internet? That would be the best evidence that he is a “pretend angel,” not a real one. Geffner tracked him “sexting” with twelve women at once at one point, and created a chart of the results.

  4. Call me crazy but…. for me the pieces of a puzzle are starting to come together. Let’s see that letter was written 2007 how many time was TA around the cashes boys after that?? Hummm the changing of their departure story to Cancun. The “Need” to get into TA’s gmail account. Just saying….

    Now if he even touched one of my kids I would cut off his testicles and shove them in his mouth, and shove his penis up his ass!!

    • The Hughes involvement in this from the first has been extremely telling. They were not best friends as the media let them pretend for the cameras. BUT they sure have taken a giant lemon and turned it into lemonade haven’t they. They never miss a beat when it gets down to the bottom line. All about the $$$.
      I feel for the young men that were abused by TA sick behavior and my heartbreaks for Jodi who has been used and abused once again. The Mormon / LDS Church should publicly apologize for their part in this cover up IMO. Let their church appointed attorneys do some explaining.

        • I am here. Good morning Cindy.

          Good morning all.

          Anybody besides me wondering what SJ has up his sleeve? This is (Part 1) SJ?

          • Journee Good morning!!! Hummm. You know I was to focused on what was coming out of his mouth…..and the fact that he has a now job, Typo Elf!!! LOL

            You made a good point Journee…. Part 2??

      • Not at all a silly story, Cindy. It is entirely possible, and it only takes reasonable doubt to get the get-out-jail-card. I can’t say more in open forum.

        People in Yreka call Casa Ramos: Margaritaville! JODI DID NOT LIE!

        A friend of Jodi’s wrote her a mitagation support letter. Since my end will not copy/paste, it takes a while for me to perform the only work-around I know how to do. But I want to post that letter soon. It is very endearing : -) The individual went through four years of HS with Jodi.

        • Seabird, I don’t think it’s on your end. I’ve been around for awhile now and I can’t figure out to do the pasting on this site.

          So how did you get a hold of that letter??

          • Cindy, Ha, I get teased, but I was hanging around in 2013. Ruminating on old posts:-)

            That really ticked me off when I found actual testimony from the locals about “Margaritaville.” That is one of the issues that was “lied out of the picture” by the State, because Juan Martinez’ hit men were instructed to ignore a lot of the evidence from the Northern California investigation trip. Margaritaville is just one very concrete example.

            Several people chimed in how it’s very common in small towns and resorts that the locals tend to nick-name their restaurants. (As if folks don’t just know that already.) That was such a HOLE highlighting the biased mindset of the crooked investigators who were sent up there. They were away from their home base, and really took advantage to be fast and loose, protected from close scrutiny by distance.

          • Cindy, think it is buried somewhere in 2013. I’ve been searching, but keep getting sidetracked. So far, I have not re-found it.

            I was quite happy to find the Margaritaville thing validating that Jodi was not lying. The detectives that were sent to No. Calif. are the ones who lied. That information was out there, right on the streets. They just chose to hide the information. Brady violation !!

        • Oh please please please post that when you can. I have found sometimes, if you type it in Notepad or Word, then copy into here quickly, it will work.

  5. Having to read that was one of the most difficult things because I literally felt like throwing up.

    This is sick. SICK AND WRONG. Travis was SUCH a disgusting POS. Instead of spending money on whatever, he should have seeked professional help. Wow, I’m speechless.

    • ((((Maria & Vicky)))). I know how you feel. I read it last night so my gag reflex is over!!!

      If anyone has fought look at the part where he talks about the toys in the attic. I don’t think he’s talking about sex toys because you just don’t donate sex toys to your church. Now remember the new owners saying they found things in the attic and gave them to the family???? How many years after that letter was written…..

  6. CC53, This, to me, is a wonderful post. You have tied it all together. The detectives ‘helped write the confession’!
    IMHO: Everyone needs to read it; ColdCase53: the time was at March 25, 6:32 pm.

    Planting ideas in Jodi’s head was being done more and more throughout the interrogation.

    It is probably easy to see that Detective Flores and the California detective were getting antsy because it was taking so long to get anything ‘incriminating’ from Jodi.
    In one of the last videos he jumps when she mentions them looking at the rental car; she suggests that there ‘should be’ blood somewhere on the car, and mentions several places ‘it should be’.
    But, of course, there was None, Not a Drop, Not a Hint of blood in the rental car.

    • Carol Handy, I am so glad you are probing this interrogation situation.
      While I was reading some of the Flores interrogation transcripts, I could feel my mind giving way.
      My emotions were really being played by anger when Flores started the phase where he kept telling Jodi in that low, slow hypnotic voice, how everything was up to her how people would perceive her. How the family needed to know more than just what happened to feel at peace. They needed to know the “why”_ and Flores just kept harping away at that and then_ he started playing the character assassination card. He kept telling her how she had done this horrible thing, and the family NEEDED to know to be able to (I don’t know able to do what,) but Jodi needed to think about how she was being SELFISH. How it was up to her what kind of person people were going to think she is. If she keeps being selfish, and not telling them what they need to know to feel better, people will see her, Jodi, as a cold blood, unfeeling monster. I began feeling like I was actually loosing my sense of self. It was really horrible, and very scary. And that was only about 10 or 15 minutes of exposure.

      • I can only read a few pages at a time. As I get further and further along it is so OBVIOUS that they led her to where they wanted her.
        She was a grieving friend.
        She knew his faults.
        She said for hours, days, she wasn’t there.
        The lies start coming…they have proof?,,,and she tries to explain she use to be there…
        They discount everything she says
        They ‘have so much evidence’ enough ‘to convict’…
        Right to the end where the prosecutor needs to find the evidence that fits…which he can’t, so he lies, manipulate, falsifies, contaminates…everything…then he hides, deceives, destroys evidence…
        It is a case that should be brought to the attention of the Supreme Court because it is an example of how all our rights can be compromised!!

  7. I can’t remember where, but I do remember having seen Travis’ hadnwriting; what had struck me was the use of capital letters which is the case here as well. Does anyone have a link where we can see Travis’ journals so we can compare?

    • Are you on Beth Karas’s member site? There are several of his journals there. I did a quick comparison and while I’m no handwriting expert, I’d say this looks exactly like his writing.

        They should be available to everyone, they should be made public, not just for paid members of her group.

        • I’m sure they will, Carol. It seems everything that goes on her site then gets posted elsewhere. I only joined her site for one month … just to see the so-called manifesto, actually. I had always wondered about that during the trial.

          Has anyone else read it yet? I’d love to hear someone’s comments.

      • Can you copy and paste a link here so we can see these journal writings….I can’t find them and I am not a member of her site….

      • I am not a member of Beth Caras’ site, no. But I swear I had seen some of Travis’ hadnwriting…..somewhere. UGH, I wish I could remember. The reason I am sure I had previously seen his handwriting is because you can tell many things from how a person writes adn as a teacher it fascinates me, looking at people’s writings. So, the first thing I remember when reading his journals (?) was how he always mispelled “your VS you’re” and how he would always use capital letters.

    • Exactly…I would like to see some of his authenticated handwriting from his journals now that we have this to compare it to….Anyone know where to find those samples??

  8. This is really a sad day. The children that it involved are approaching adulthood. If the experts are correct, these children now adults have developed or will be developing their own set of ‘issues’.
    How very sad that this happens. Cycles keep going around and around and around.
    I wish it wasn’t true. I wish it had never happened. I wish it would stop. I wish….

    • Carol, I understand how you are feeling. My nephew was raped as a very young child 3 years old. It was a horrible time in all of our lives. My nephew is now 38 and even after years of counseling as a child he still is messed up. No he isn’t a sexual predator….
      He has gone to the other end of the spectrum. He will not have any physical contact with his own nephews. He walks around with the guilt of what happened.
      There are young men out there who I pray have gotten help…..

      • It is the children who end up suffering in turmoil while the parents try to pretend nothing happened. It happens all the time, no one speaks about it. It is definitely a serious issue that needs to be addressed with all of our society. This is no laughing or joking matter. People murder over things like this.

      • Cindy, how awful for your nephew and your family. Time doesn’t heal all wounds. Victims don’t always ‘get over’ what was done to them. I pray your nephew finds peace in his life, it wasn’t his fault.

        • Yes Carol, time doesn’t heal all wounds and it is hard to forget things that happen. Cindy, I pray for your nephew to get the help he deserves because it was not his fault. My nephew didn’t get help and we lost him. One horrible struggle that left everyone devastated. It changes everything.

        • Oh Carol we all have told him this for 30 years. He does have 3 beautiful daughters.

          A few years ago Oprah did a special and this. It was very heart breaking but educational.

              • He does need help. I think what he needs to understand it has never been his fault, he was innocent. People carry such a huge amount of guilt with this happening to them. He has to forgive the person that hurt him and then realize that he is in no way at fault. He is a victim and a survivor. Sometimes I feel the therapy route makes it all too confusing when it is a simple thing. He was innocent. I’m guessing he is trying to hide his memories with the alcohol and food. My prayers are with him. It can leave a family in complete destruction.

  9. People have gone to great length to protect the name of Travis Alexander. Jodi was the very one who wanted his history to be kept a secret but with the Alexander and Hughes vengeance overtaking them they are the very ones who have brought this to the surface. Strange. Their scheme would have worked if they had only accepted Jodi’s plea. What kind of people would protect a sick perverted abuser’s name instead of seeking help for their children. The children are the ones who will suffer for the rest of their lives. Just like Travis Alexander did. What a vicious destructive cycle these parents have become a part of and also the Arizona Justice System. We can not condone this type of behavior when children’s lives are at stake. The church had to have been aware of this. . .so why have a Bishop lie under oath?

  10. SJ,

    Thank you for posting that letter from TA to Jodi concerning his pedophilia problem! That was a very, very sad letter to read! What an awful, awful problem to have and I can fully understand why he wanted to kill himself!!! How horrible the whole thing is SJ!!! So many people’s lives affected adversely, especially our dear Jodi’s!!! I just don’t have words to say how I feel after reading that letter!!! All I can think of saying is that it is so, so sad!!! The thing that I am really angry about is the people who suspected this or even knew about it in TA’s circle and portrayed him like they did and talked all kinds of evil about Jodi!!! That really angers me and they should ALL be VERY ashamed of themselves and REPENT to God for lying and apologize to Jodi!!!!!!! Their is NO lying for The Lord!!! The devil is a liar and the father of all lies!!! A person is either for God or against Him, it’s that simple!!! You cannot serve two masters!!! It is NOW time to free Jodi Ann Arias!!! Enough is enough!!! Find the REAL murderers of Travis Alexander!!!

      • Yes, yes Marja Liisa. The real killers are free to do more harm.
        These young Mormon people seem to have no adult leadership. Yet that adult guidance and limit setting is what I had always thought Mormons were known best for.

        If you read their literature, you find when they get their special garments, they are expected to wear them 100% of the time. Yet there was TA out there doing all kinds of vulgar movements, no visible indication of Mormon garments on his bare legs, arms, or neck. In one video TA had swept Jodi off her feet, like a caveman, and was doing a gross version of Miley Sirus at Jodi’s face with his tongue. The room was packed with impressionable Mormon girls who were shrieking and giggling. Plus, I think this whole “motivational speech event ” thing was about selling ppl. I found it wholly inappropriate for young Mormons. The message had to be extremely confusing for these young people. I mean, is the Church serious about its standards or not? You cannot send mixed messages like that to young people and expect to get good results.

        What in the world were parents thinking. Allowing their virgin daughters to be “whoring around” (there, I’ve said it) with two-faced priesthood holders over at TA’s; unsupervised. It would seem they were spending the night together. We KNOW TA and Jodi were. And what’s with all the emphasis on Mixed Martial Arts, a totally savage style of fighting.

        Well, I’ve heard that Mormons are training to take over the United States, and re-establish the purity of the evil teachings of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. ie Blood atonement, plural marriage, and God’s late revelation in the 1980’s, to Ron and Dan Lafferty. It’s called the “Elimination Revelation.” That just might be the buzz-saw that TA ultimately ran into. Look it up. Better yet – buy the book: “Under the Banner of Heaven.”

    • he certainly threatened to shoot himself often enough.

      Realistically, though, the angle of the gunshot wound isn’t consistent with self inflicted.

  11. Here is the verse from the Bible that I was talking about in my above post!

    “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” John 8:44 KJV

    • I thought the new home owner said it was articles.? Not sure but I remember her saying she felt like Travis’s spirit was looking after her young son!!!!! At the time I screamed!!!! Horrible! Blind People!

      • But did she ever say what?? That leads me to the fact that no one looked in the attic PIOF. We all know TA stored things up there. I’m going to say Christmas decorations?? Just because of the angel he gave to Jodi.

        • It was in a news clip where a reporter was interviewing the new owner. That is all I remember. I never saw it printed.

          • I know that I read it somewhere. . .I’m still looking for it.
            I was wrong about it being in the news clip but here is the one that interviews the new owner.

            PS Wonder why the faucets were removed? Seems a strange thing to me, was there evidence on them? ?

            • Ta Daa I knew I read it somewhere. . .half way down this article.

              To family, home where Arias killed not a crime scene

              USA Today
              Apr 30, 2013 – New homeowners say site of now famous, grisly slaying too good to pass up. … family purchased Travis Alexander’s home where he was murdered in 2009 …. his home for about $250,000 in 2004 and that the current owners paid … giving her the option of taking her kids elsewhere until things settle down.
              Missing: attic

              • : New Owner of Travis Alexander’s House find things in attic

                To family, home where Arias killed not a crime scene


                USA Today

                Apr 30, 2013 – New homeowners say site of now famous, grisly slaying too good to pass up. … A family purchased Travis Alexander’s home where he was murdered in 2009 … Jodi Arias killed her former boyfriend, the home’s previous owner, … “I Googled the address, and the first thing that came up was that (June 2009) …

                • Nearly everything was refurbished or replaced after the slaying. Anything of Alexander’s that was left behind was handed over to his relatives, with whom the new owners have maintained a friendly relationship.

                  I need typo elf! It does not say attic. But I did read that somewhere.

                • I was surprised to hear the new home owner say that she didn’t know about the history of the house when she bought it. I’m no real estate person but isn’t the disclosure of that type of information required when selling a house? (If for no other reason than to warn them they will probably have a bunch of look-i-loos driving by and possibly knocking on their door.)

                • Justus, I have realtor friends and we had this discussion a while back about a different house. They told me that no, such disclosure is not required in most states. However, many of them *would* disclose it, out of courtesy to their clients. But one said she could actually get in trouble with her licensing board if she *did* disclose it.

    • I never saw where that information was published by anyone.

      The attic reference bothers me for a different reason. It strikes me as a false note. Very odd to me that he ‘wouldn’t let her up there to clean’. Really? My mother had housekeepers all of her life – the subject of one of them cleaning the attic never even came up.

      • Well it depends on what the attic looked like.
        If it was finished off as it could be used for more living space?? But I know what you are saying. TA was a neat freak….sometimes it’s difficult because we don’t know every conversation they had.

        • Now that I’m thinking of it, Cindy – maybe there’s a context for the attic comment. Didn’t the whole episode unfold because she’d been over there helping him put stuff in his attic – handing boxes up to him, I guess? And he gave her that angel (so maybe he was finally stowing Christmas decorations?) and she forgot and left it behind. Went back to get it and that’s when she caught him in the act.

          So maybe there’d been conversation that very day, Travis commenting that he really needed to do some organizing up there, her reminding she’d offered, etc. Remember at one point the summer before, the day she’s accused of ‘peeping’, when she came by because she needed to get something from HER stuff that was stowed in HIS attic – and she didn’t go in because she saw Travis and Lisa through the sliding glass door.

          So I guess I find it conceivable, after all, that there’d been conversations about her not going into the attic.

          • Journee I don’t think it was Lisa..ummm the girl had her top off and bra… But yes Jodi had to get her SS card. But I thought he stuff was in the garage? He know she was coming over to it.

            Now for the attic you had that right. OK I can hear TA. saying it was a mess up there and I can hear Jodi say she would clean it up for him…..oh no no no no he wasn’t having that!!!! I’m sure he had more then just toys up there. Pic.

            • Maybe not Lisa but time frame is right, and bra unhooked doesn’t mean top was off. It seemed Lisa was often troubled by their going too far. Maybe she was fastening the bra because she didn’t want it to be unhooked… good little Mormon girl doesn’t necessarily have realistic expectations when she’s dating a 30 year old man.

              Anyway – pretty sure Jodi testified that Travis was storing some stuff for her in his attic. And if that were so, there might have been more than one occasion when he was careful not to let her go up there.

              By the day he wrote THIS letter, tho, he said the ‘toys’ were gone, that he’d donated them. Which leads me to think they were actually toys, kids toys, because where does one go to donate sex toys?

          • In TA’s Pedo letter to Jodi, he addresses to her the fact that he never would let her go up in the attic to clean because of the box of toys “lures” he had stashed up there.

            Those buyers sounded sort of dumb to me, so they may not have thought anything about toys in the attic. Kids outgrow their fancies, but younger kids are coming along, so a family would delay the depletion of the family toy collection. When I first heard there were toys, I never made the “connection.”

  12. An example of how Detective Flores contaminated Jodi’s “confession” and led her through the interrogation by providing her, as Flores himself said, “with a lot of details on this case that haven’t been released to the public and not even to Travis’s family, and those details are known only by us and the person who did it.” You don’t have to read all the examples. They are taken from Interrogations Videos transcripts #2 & #3 (so there could have been many more examples) given.

    “Suspect Interrogation: Communication Strategies and Key Personality Constructs- Jessica Heuback
    Another challenge interrogators face is their struggle to avoid contaminating the confessions. A confession is contaminated when questions are asked that use specific crime scene data and results. For example, crime scene photos that were not made public may be shown to the suspect. In these cases, a confession can no longer be considered valid because the suspect may have become more ―educated‖ on the crime through the interrogation and simply repeats knowledge learned. As a result, it could appear that the suspect offered a confession when their interests were motivated by a desire to end the interrogation. The imperative must be to preserve the evidence. The article states: ―Investigators must receive answers to open-ended questions without any type of judgment, reaction, or interruption. By allowing suspects to tell their stories without interruption, investigators fulfill the basic purpose of an interview to obtain information.‖ In order words, it is critical that the interrogator allow the suspect to provide the information, not lead them, and not reveal any unnecessary information about the crime.”

    Video 2

    DF: here and here… it would still leave 18 somewhat hours or something else. This is what people are focusing on. This trip that you took. She left. She took Thursday. Wednesday. This was when Travis was killed.

    DF: You were at Travis’s house. You guys had a sexual encounter, which there’s pictures,

    DF: Remember I told you about the camera. That camera was damaged. Someone put it in the washing machine. Ran it through a wash cycle with some clothes of Travis’s, but the card is intact. Remember I told you that card was destroyed? I didn’t want to tell you the truth, because I wanted to make sure those photos were accurate and we can pull deleted photos. I don’t care if you delete ‘em six months ago, we can pull every photo that was on there… pull the little pixels together, get the time stamps, and we can verify those time stamps, and I have pictures of you in Travis’s bedroom with Travis, pictures of him, and it’s obvious you guys are having sex, taking photos of each other, and they’re dated and time stamped on the day he died.

    Video 3

    DF: Mmm Hmm. I know you took pictures of him in the shower, just before he died.

    DF: Mmm Hmm…and the camera actually took a couple of photos by accident during the time he was being killed.

    DF: We have your blood at the scene…your hair with blood at the scene…your left palm print at the scene, in blood. What’s going on there?

    DF: We have DNA matching that hair to you,

    DF: Jodi! You can continue to do this, okay? The records show that you reported a gun stolen… a 25 auto. This happens to be the same caliber as the weapon used to kill him.

    DF: Mmm hmm, yeah, along with multiple stab wounds. Jodi… if you want I could show you some pictures of him. Do you want to see pictures of him?

    DF: You were, because that’s when the blood was left on… the bloody palm print was left on his wall. I don’t know what to tell you. If you were in my shoes and I had this evidence against… against you, what would you say?

    DF: I know you tried to wash him off, tried to get some of the blood off…tried to clean him up a little bit, but you’re even denying the pictures of you being there. There are pictures of you laying on the bed in pigtails.

    DF: The motive is there, jealousy issue…

    DF: Do you have a pair of sweatpants that’s got stripes around the back side with zippers?

    DF: Because I believe you were wearing a pair like that when this happened. Remember I told you about the camera? It was taking pictures by accident.

    DF: The camera was upside down. Flash, another time, camera flashed — looks like it was on the ground. May be it was kicked, look at the pictures, and it’s obviously a female, and one of them was wearing those pants.

    DF: I wanted to know which pictures to show you. What about that one? (DT shows Jodi the photo of Travis sitting in the shower looking at her)

    JA: Is he naked? In the shower?
    DF: Yeah. Yep. Yes, he is.

    DF: These didn’t come out very good because they’re copies. That’s your photos. That’s you! I wanted to cover you up because …

    DF: You can look at the rest of them if you want. There’s a few of them. There’s a few more. I’ll try not to show you…because I don’t want to put you out there like that

    DF: That’s your foot, Jodi. These are your pants. Now it’s off color because they had to enhance it and the color had to change just a little bit. That’s Travis…

    DF: Well this is another one that’s just a copy, but it’s you…same day…all time stamped. First picture… see… the date… 6-4-08 5:22 p.m. The photo of you started, you know, on Travis’s bed about 1:30-1:45 something like that.

    DF: See those spots here? They look a different color because we used a chemical to enhance this. That right there is blood. That’s a mixture of yours and his, and that’s your palm print…of your left palm.

    Video 4

    • From the article you referenced, CC53: A couple of excerpts that are relevant.

      A confession is contaminated when questions are asked that use specific crime scene data and results.

      As a result, it could appear that the suspect offered a confession when their interests were motivated by a desire to end the interrogation.

  13. That whole bizarre gang over there on the state page is busy soothing and comforting themselves, assuring each other that Jodi forged the letter. Some didn’t even have to read it to know that it’s a forgery because they apparently have that kind of special aptitude. And, according to the admin, Tanisha didn’t like that the admin referred to the “forgery” as “alleged”. Bit of a Freudian slip?

    All one has to do is read the date to know it isn’t a forgery. If it were, that would have been the correct year, a forger with a purpose would have made sure it was. But someone writing a letter in January 2008 could easily accidentally write it as January 2007. Of course those knuckleheads will say that (a) Jodi is just that stupid – that’s their answer to anything that they can’t otherwise explain, or (b) Jodi forged the letter in January 2008 – making the error herself – in anticipation of killing Travis and then accusing him of pedophilia.

    It’s amazing how people are so capable of lying to and deluding themselves in any effort to save their egos. Talk about your pathologies!

    • Justus, sweetie, I don’t know how you even manage to read those people’s comments. I can’t even look at one of their comments without feeling ill. From what I’ve read, even the rest of the Travis supporters out there think the folks on that page are over the top.

    • Oh- and didn’t you love their unanimous response to the gmail chat as proof that she was a whore, because she admitted she was seeing other guys while she continued her sexual relationship with Travis? Never mind their adamant defense of Travis’ sexual texts and liaisons with a dozen different women in the same time frame. He was SINGLE, after all, they weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend so there was nothing wrong with what he was doing.


      • Right Journee! I just wonder where and in what century these people live? Sometimes, it feels like it’s the 1900s with their views on male v. female sexuality. A woman is NOT allowed to have sexual desires, according to them. A woman should be chaste and virginal and only have intercourse inside the institute of marriage for the express purpose of procreating. Men, on the other hand, can have as much sex as they want, as long as it’s with whores.

        From everything I’ve seen/heard, Jodi had sex with 4 men by the time she was 27 years old and she was in committed relationships with all of them. And that makes her a whore and a slut? She made out with perhaps a few other guys at times when she was single. Sheesh, Mary on Downton Abbey is as much of a whore and a slut in her fictional portrayal of a character in the early 1900s!

        Meanwhile, Travis sent out sexual texts to several women on the same damn night and begged some to come have sex with him But, that’s perfectly acceptable, of course. He was a man. Men are allowed to be horn-dogs, after all.

        Do these people watch TV and see how people jump into bed with one another on every TV show? Do they let their kids watch TV? Or, do they all live in some Mormon village in Utah?

        I think that’s the one thing from all of this that irks me the most: these double standards and the setback to women’s rights.

        Well, I have ZERO shame to admit this: I had many more sexual partners by the time I was 27 than Jodi. I have sexual desires and fantasies. I enjoy sex. Damn it, I even have orgasms. OMG! I currently live with my fiance and we’re not yet married. I’m almost 50 years of age and we STILL have an awesome sex life. If all of the above wasn’t true, I wouldn’t feel like a normal woman in the year 2015!

        • Hey quit Man when are you to going to get married…You sinners… 🙄

          You forgot about how many boys TA had sex with…

          You guys remember the whole school thing with CH.blabla.. Now don’t you think that there may be a chance that TA might have known him through his good buddy???

    • Hey Justus, you should have read the post last night. 🙄 Even good old Sky was on like she has been the past week..funny she never post just replys.

      Yup, yup they have all a kinds of storires about Jodi being a hooker, or call girl..on and on. Oh the one man who said men don’t make loops on their L’s. LOL. But the very best is ” out of respect for the Alexander family we’ve taken the post down”. No, no problems with Oh I bet there wasn’t with that one. 🙄
      It was like sending us candy….lol.

      • Men don’t make loops in their L’s. Now that’s a good one. Yeah, that’s proof positive that it’s a forgery because there isn’t a man in the world who makes loops on their L’s. Brilliant! It reminds me of that so-called lie Juror 4 heard from Jodi. Boy, if you’re looking to confirm your bias it sure isn’t hard to find something.

      • Wait, so the family objected to the letter being up even though they are adamant that it’s a forgery? Um, then, why? Doesn’t it just give them something else to mock about Jodi?

        I guess they’d better take down every link to the defense case parts of the first and second trial too then.

        Oh yeah, and I forgot. I also used to tend bar and wait tables. Proof positive that I’m a hooker, right?

        • The family knows full well it isn’t a forgery. They must certainly recognize T’s handwriting (even the loops on his L’s), although they most likely are telling themselves that Jodi is so crafty that she was able to easily replicate his handwriting. Geez Louise! (The only word that keeps coming to mind is delusional.)

          • Delusional? The only thing that comes to my mind. . .money. They are milking the gravy train of sympathy. Reminds me of a band of gypsies but at the least the gypsies would own their own crap!

            • I know. I read one comment that said how beautiful the Alexanders are, “both inside and out”. I sat there dumbfounded, blinking my eyes. They’re talking about people who insisted on dragging their brother’s name through the mud, all in the name of loving him. What kind of bizarre love is that??? They knew all the evidence that was going to come out, long before it came out in the courtroom. They knew what would be revealed (and certainly suspected that Travis was no angel) but all for the sake of getting this woman killed they allowed that to happen. That is almost the definition of vengeance. And once they drummed up enough sympathy, if it also meant making money off this tragedy then who gives a friggin’ damn about Travis’ good name and reputation.

            • Seabird
              WHY did you have to mention that nose? Lets not even mention the mouth, lips and teeth. That photo is imprinted in my brain.
              GFM for this. Did anyone see the movie “Freeway” with Reese Witherspoon?
              There is a scene in the courtroom where her attacker is beat all to hell and his face is all jacked up. You cannot help but laugh at his condition. His face was frozen with this look, I cannot describe it accurately. For lack of a better word, his face was hysterical!
              Well, that’s all I have to say about that.

  14. Thanks, R & Carol Handy,
    I posted it again because it “disappeared” yesterday and I didn’t see it this morning. Plus, I added the part that Flores told Jodi he was going to share info with her that just the police and the killer knew. What???

    • Has BB ever said anything about false confessions being a possible Appellate issue?
      It would seem like it should be. There is no doubt in my mind that she was ‘coerced’ into ‘dreaming up’ a story to console ‘the family’.

      I wish the defense attorney’s read these pages; maybe they would see what we see!!

      • This is not likely in this case….most times when a “false confession” becomes an issue what happens is that the defendant will rescind his/her confession and withdraw it as “false” and this becomes part of the record….Jodi has never done this…so this would not be an appellate issue…the defendant has to claim that their confession was coerced and was false…..And really when you listen to the taped interrogation Jodi never “confesses” to killing TA….. she denies being there…then moves to the intruder story….we simply don’t have all the facts in this case bc the state has chosen to hide/destroy/tamper with exculpatory evidence…believe me there are literally a multitude of appellate issues in this case…unfortunately it takes time….it is a DEBRA MILKE 2.0…..

        • Jodi may be very fortunate that her interrogation was video taped. Also those that wanted to prove her guilty themselves, may have done more good than harm by transcribing the interrogation videos.

          IF it is apparent to ‘on-lookers’ like myself, ColdCase53, and others that Jodi ‘told a story’ for the benefit of ‘the family’ as it was suggested by the detectives she do, it will be or should be apparent to those that are going to be looking at her case for appealable issues.

          At least, let me say, those looking at her case for appealable issues should at LEAST read the transcripts and listen to the interrogation tapes. I’m not worried at all if they just do that. They will see for themselves what and how it happened.

      • Carol, wouldn’t it be the appropriate action for the church to step forward, and pick up the responsibility for finding these victims and making sure that they have an opportunity and the setting to receive counselling and guidance to work through their issues? Is this just going to be dropped?

        Now that we know about it, it seems like something needs to be done about it.
        The letter was written eight years ago. Obviously that specific source of abuse has ceased.
        But for how long was the abuse perpetuated.? The letter was dated Jan 21, 2007. The abuse might have begun way before that. TA died in 2008. Would TA have been abusing boys during the time frame when he and Jodi were a couple?

        Law enforcement at least went through the motions of investigation when CH’s Solder Hollow charter school was under the cloud of child sex abuse.

  15. When do you suppose the Travis supporters believe Jodi forged the letter? Before she killed him, in anticipation of claiming self-defense which she didn’t claim for another two years? Or maybe after the killing but before she was incarcerated, again in anticipating the self-defense claim several years down the row? Or maybe while she was incarcerated, having a full knowledge of T’s handwriting style in her head, and then had it smuggled out of jail? Has anyone heard any theories along these lines?

      • I remember them claiming at one point during the first trial that Martinez told someone “off the record” that there were pages found in her jail cell where she practiced forging Travis’s handwriting. And he wanted to bring that up during the trial, but the judge did not allow him to.

        His idea of pillow talk, I suppose?

        • Oh yeah, and don’t forget … she had a contraband blue pen hidden in her cell in a shampoo bottle. Obviously, that’s what she used to write the forged letters.

          Yes folks, you have now officially entered The Travesite Zone.

          • Then she handed to her mom after she finished it..all while the guards were watching. Ya sure..

            Jodi had that letter hidden somewhere or a copy of it because the cops would have found it when they search report grandparents house. Or maybe she had things stored at her parents house.

            I’m not buying into “Matt” wrote it…

            Now we go to Sandy or was it her sister trying to sell it to that rag….now if that possibly could be true I’m sure it would have happened after it wasn’t let into evidence. Hell I would have done the same thing. But who believes anything the Enquirer has to say. They wanted to cash in also.

            Yup there are so many stories floating around it’s almost hilarious…..

    • I’m assuming no one has put forth a theory regarding when she would have supposedly forged it (mainly because all the theories are so damn ridiculous) so they just satisfy themselves by yelling “forgery” and don’t have to think much past that.

    • If we had video of Travis abusing Jodi and attacking her then clearly showing her killing him in self-defense, these nimrods would somehow claim that the film was doctored or edited.

  16. What gets me is why many Mormons think they have to go to a “bishop” who is an untrained person to deal with what are serious psychological problems.

    I once knew somebody, a Mormon, who committed suicide because he had gone to a bishop about all of the stresses he was feeling instead of seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist . Of course the bishop was of no use whatsoever. One of his sisters left the LDS over it.

      • I know. It sounds like just by being male you are qualified to be a bishop, for a little while anyway, until the job is passed on to someone else. Seems like the job rotates among the males so it’s pretty much pot luck what you’re going to get when you go to confess your innermost secrets.

    • OMG Tonysam, that is just terrible. I’m so sorry.

      At least priests and ministers usually get *some* training in counseling — not that I actually believe going to them is always appropriate either — but from what I’ve read about these LDS bishops, they’re not even full-time. They carry on whatever busy career they have and sort of do this bishop thing on the side.

      And let’s face it, LDS is a pretty stressful religion for a single person. You can’t have sex — not even with yourself because, you can’t even masturbate — and you can’t even watch any movie that’s R-rated. Oh and you can’t drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, heck, you can’t even have caffeine, and you’re supposed to go around being happy recruiting others and desperately trying to find a mate. And you can’t complain about your problems other than to some bishop dude who is an uber-successful businessman who might have 5 minutes for you — you’re not even allowed to go to a therapist unless the bishop says so. You have to respect authority, and damn, if you’re a woman, you are never allowed to challenge a man — he’s a superior being.

      Um no, that just never appealed to me. No wonder there’s more depression and suicide in Utah than anywhere else.

      • LMAO….ya I sure wouldn’t make a good little Mormon wife. No one would tell me I couldn’t have my coffee or a drink when I wanted it. There would be hell to pay!!! I’m sure I would tell a Bishop to go F… himself.
        Ya I can see myself under some mans rule…lol. Now wonder they marry “girls”. They go from daddy’s rules to a husbands.

        WOW that made me think of Lisa. How Travis was ridiculing her for wanting to be a teacher. Yup smart girl to get ride of him.

        • Some Mormon dude who wants to marry Cindy: “Woman, put down thy wine! You are sinning”

          Cindy: “Ah, go WHINE to your bishop.Get outta my effing way while I pour another glass.”

            • Love you too, sweetie!

              Ex parte means that only one party is presenting before the judge. (Example, restraining orders for domestic violence are issued ex parte, initially. Then there’s a formal hearing at a later point.) A supplemental is something filed supplementing the initial motion, such as a supplemental brief. Motions are sometimes fairly short and to the point. If more information is needed, there’s a brief. A motion is something you ask the court for. It can be filed either verbally, if you’re in court, or in a written motion. So this would most likely be a supplemental written brief filed in support of a motion to change counsel … and it was filed ex parte because one party (while entitled to be served with the motion and present) wasn’t really involved in the decision. That makes sense because someone wishing to change counsel is simply asking the judge for permission to do so — it doesn’t really involve the other party to the lawsuit unless it could cause a delay in proceedings while the new counsel gets up to speed on the case.

      • Hold on. I think there is something wrong with this picture.

        Seems like the main activity over at TA’s condo was all these young Mormons hanging out in pairs behind closed doors. They wouldn’t get away with that if they were in the Duggar family. I thought Sky was running a pretty sleezy operation, too. Pretending Jodi and TA weren’t sleeping together in that private room she gave them.
        When roommates were interviewed by Flores, they said they didn’t hang out socializing together, they
        didn’t eat together, they didn’t keep tabs of one another.
        It is very confusing for young people to get such crazy mixed messages.

        • I just loved this sentence!!!! behind closed doors: ” I thought Sky was running a pretty sleazy operation, too.” 😆 I needed that laugh.

  17. Thanks SJ for showing …THE LETTER…seems his family is just a wee bit UPSET…..DUH…they wanted all to know everything @ JODI but not t-dog….Well each day that goes by We see more of JODI S light and his darkness and we should not hate him but pity him. That young man has a lot to answer for…..and that folks was said by….GET THIS a LDS…BISHOP.Remember of all the people in his …interesting? life who did he trust more…..JODI…SHE knew him good and bad and tried to help him overcome his darkways and GOD knows he had a few? of them. The more info the better . JODI owns HER truth and t-dog and THAT eamily is going to have to own theirs…..they just had to have a trial…opps…SHOWTRIAL.

  18. The Alexanders continue to delude themselves by thinking the State Page and Chatty Cathy published that letter for any other reason but to get people talking and get page hits. Chatty Cathy had the forethought THIS time to put “alleged” forgery, because she knows the letter was NEVER proven to be a forgery. Then, she takes the letter down saying, “out of respect for the Alexanders”. Really? How about respect for the truth? And CASH Hughes on another twitter crusade: he’s told yet another story about the alleged “handwriting expert”. He tweets he “spoke with handwriting expert”. Previously, he said he had “hired” his own handwriting expert. I’ve repeatedly asked him to share the expert’s “report”, but alas, nada…. Hughes is more concerned with tweeting with the haters and getting a few laughs than wondering if he knows any of the children Travis may have hurt. Priorities….

    • Heck! Who need Flores!
      There was ALWAYS Chris Hughes with the answers to EVERYTHING!!

      For someone who supposedly cares about each and every person (except Jodi), he certainly is forsaking his own family and their welfare. He should stay away for awhile but he won’t…he has to be there to watch the truth unravel!!

      • Their main agenda has been much bigger than a book of fiction. I’m praying for the day they have egg all over their faces.

  19. Here is how the attic “package” got passed.

    I had to patch this together from a string of serial posts on one of the moonbeam sites by this authentic moonbeamer and Alexander worshipper. So you all owe me one.


    “Last week on one of our many may have been Thursday, the day I put my brother in the hospital then joined the group after for some decompressing, I was invited in on a little “field trip” this weekend.

    I don’t usually share my private conversations with Travis’ family as I don’t think this is appropriate but on this one I asked permission as this ended up just being such a miraculous story involving all of YOU as well so here goes…

    One of T’s sister’s had an idea that she thought she might know where Jodi had thrown the gun. So it was decided we would go out looking for it this weekend.
    One of the regular courtwatchers organized we would meet at her house…all she had to say to me was “mimosas will be involved” and I did this:

    SO….we had a plan, a metal detector and a time frame for today.

    Cut back to story 1.
    I look on my doorstep this morning and lo and behold there is the package!

    It is in a med sized box, like the size you’d get a large blanket delivered in. I think, wow, what timing! I’m going to actually SEE a member of the family today! I can give it right to them!

    So I had about an hour before taking off for the caper, so i sat down and opened this box.

    I don’t think I can adequately describe how precious this box was/is. the way everything was individually wrapped, layers of tissue between each thing, personalized handwritten cards, letters, thoughtfulness. I was just astounded at the care and kindness and artistry and nurturing that went in to this gift. I was wishing the family was opening it all just as i was. Then I realized, they can! I can take this box to them just like it is. I took some things out that were for people other than them (including ME) and then repacked everything carefully so they could have the same experience I did.

    It was filled with gorgeous ties for the men, each labeled with their name (including Martinez and Flores..I still have those) and these beautiful Vera Bradley cosmetic bags in all sizes for the ladies with a story of their meaning. A deep blue for Travis and elephants all over them so “we never forget” him. So thoughtful.

    So I drive way out to East Mesa to my pal’s gorgeous house and sis is there w/ her sig other and we sit around having a little convo waiting for others and I bring in this big box. I tell her the basics, that it came from the [….] forum, that one person sent it anonymously, that it contains gifts and described the cosmetic bags which is basically the only thing I’ve seen as one was for yours truly.

    I tell her the dark blue is for Travis and the elephant is for…………….her eyes burst open wide, she gasps and whips her head around to her hubby and her jaw drops.

    We’re like WHAT?

    She goes on to reach down and grab something hooked to her belt loop and show me which is in this next photo at the bottom

    She has hooked this little elephant with Travis button photo attached to it to her belt loop today to bring along today for good luck.

    Travis has been coming to her for years in the form of elephants.

    I say to her “well that’s a box of elephants over there”.

    Our goosebumps now have goosebumps, including her husband.

    She goes on to tell us story after miraculous story of how elephants have showed up in her life. We’re all just in awe.

    Two more members of our posse show up and she tells the entire round of stories again. I could have heard these same stories 15 more times, they were so beautiful and right up my alley of things that I live for.

    So we of course are talking about Travis, I never knew she’d never seen his home which is where our search is to begin.

    Personally I had a feeling it was a longshot we’d ever find something. But I knew this was a significant part of HER journey. I share with her that in 1988 when my sister was killed, well early 1989 when I returned to AZ, I used to go, alone, out to the desert where she was killed. First thinking I’d find her missing shoe or something. Then I took a cross out there and realized it was the last place she drew a breath and maybe her spirit was alive there. I spent many saturdays in that place, alone, telling very few people as I thought people would find it macabre. It was my sanctuary. I shared this with her.

    We also realized these similarties between Travis and Cindy:

    – both just turned 30 and had a hard time with it and were struggling still being single and unmarried at that age, which set them up for vulnerability with a sociopath

    – both oldest children

    – both raised by a grandmother

    – both living in Mesa at the time of their death, my sister may have been killed at home we don’t know but her body was found just east of Mesa in the desert

    – both killed in nearly identical ways, with the exception no gun used on Cindy

    So we head out to Travis house first.

    I say to the other gals who are wondering where we should go search etc. that we should 100% trust this sister. If she has a feeling , we follow it up no matter if it makes sense or not. This is HER sojourn and she needs this so we just go in support.

    So we head out with a metal detector and a couple of cars and land first in Travis neighborhood. Of course we don’t want to disturb the families there and one of the other gals had been there before out of curiosity and had an experience sitting under a tree in a little park across the street from his house. On a windless day the leaves started swirling around that tree with her sitting underneath it. She wanted to show it to her.

    So we park see his big beautiful lovely home with a Welcome sign in front and sort of just stand there.

    A woman drives in to the driveway of the house next door and my BAD ASS friend who kind of organized this says to the sister “let’s go talk to her” so they do. I stay back but then see Travis’ front door open and a teen boy walk out with a dog and he walks right over to them.

    Gasp! He approaches THEM. Of course she didn’t want in any way to disturb the family living there.

    So now they are all talking and the rest of us walk over.

    They seem relieved to talk to her. She’s smiling talking to them. It’s all very friendly. She tells them what we are doing. The neighbor (asian woman with a heavy accent) has a lot to share about police being there etc and suggests we look by Travis’ church. The best part of that is she identified which church he went to nearby.

    So after that bit of visiting, we decide to head out to the area the sister has been seeing in her mind for some time.

    It’s at the end of a dead end road and we all get out.

    We just start exploring.

    There are bees, shovels, not enough water, a metal detector, my hot Uggs and HEAT involved but we search and search. We basically just follow her. I feel like we are primarily there to be her support team as she needs this odyssey.

    We’re out there for maybe an hour, I find a homemade water bong made from a pen and a costco water bottle (ha!) and we find some shoe soles, a backpack, a man’s shirt other miscellaneous things.

    Another 3 friends join us then this dark blue van pulls up………………oh, after 2 mormon missionaries on bikes ride up asking if they can help

    And guess who is in that blue van?

    The MOTHER who now lives in Travis’ house.

    shivers…tears…remembering this.

    She gets out and I’m telling you this was a moment that needed to happen on both ends.

    Hugs, tears, good vibes.

    She tells T’s sister about how she’s felt she’s had “visitations” of Travis looking over her boys…how she once saw a shadow move up her stairs and in to each of their rooms and how her dog stood at attention when it happened.

    Here, I’m passing the kleenex now.
    She left and came back with another shovel and more stories. She found something of Travis in the attic, something personal she will pass to them. She invites the entire family to meet for dinner.

    I’m telling you this was GOD’s WORK right there happening in front of my eyes. More tears….

    So after we were all hot and tired and kind of finished, there were still some areas to look at but it was time to leave…so we went back to T’s house to return the shovel and she came out and this woman is SOLID.

    She KNOWS she lives in a house of love and laughter and family…she KNOWS she is living the legacy Travis would want for that house. She has no connection whatsoever to Jodi Arias. She is as earthy and grounded as they come. I love this woman. She is giving this sister MEDICINE.

    I’m exhausted and still have to gather some things to take to my brother and they all return to the house we gathered in. I have to leave right away but sister gives me a huge hug, her wanting me to pass along her extreme gratitude to the [….] community and the person who sent the gifts and her permission for me to share this story.

    I come home and PASS OUT on my bed for an hour and a half.
    I hope you enjoyed this story of connection and faith and magical stepping stones as much as I enjoyed living it.

    BB and I decided that if anyone would like to contribute toward her generous gifts for the family that you make a donation to the fund. I do know they need the financial assistance, things are getting hard now. And they greatly appreciate it.”

    [ Patcher together person’s commentary… I feel I need to puke ]

    Owners of the house…what you gave to the Alexanders should haunt you.

    • And if he’s “visiting” you homeowner, he’s looking over your boys alright…from the waist down. No wonder the dog stood at attention.

      I have to make myself a milkshake to wash the bile out of my mouth.

      • I really hope someone wouldn’t take those types of urges with them to whatever is the afterlife.

        I’m sorry to say though, but the person who wrote this really sounds like she’s in some sort of strange place of hero worship for Travis and his family. I honestly do feel sorry for his family and always have — although I know many of you here don’t agree with me on that sentiment. But for a complete stranger to get this involved and emotional is kinda off. She did talk in there about losing her own sister to murder, so perhaps it’s a way for her to work through that. Therapy might be a better option though.

        So, there was never really any admission by the new owners as to what exactly they gave the family that they found. I could have sworn I read toys somewhere at some point.

        • I wouldn’t doubt that he had his collection of photos up there. He had them someplace and he didn’t expect Jodi to be standing in the doorway of his bedroom while he was looking at them when she did the surprise return.

          Very coincidentally, he had just been up in the attic that day.

          • Good point Jade. Still funny how no one found those pictures.. unless he got rid of them after saw him. He had his laptop after all. I really feel that he was in turmoil within himself. Perhaps he did try to stop and that’s why he kept putting scrubbers on his computer. He really was a sick person.

            I truely think Jodi wanted to help him. It’s beginning to turn into one of the saddest reality into Jodi’s life. I don’t know what happened that day or why a fight brook out..
            I don’t even know if Jodi did this… I just pray that the truth comes out and Jodi walks free. It should had been self defense…….

    • Disturbing! Thank you Jade. This certainly displays the type of people that have been pulled into this crazy weird addiction of believing Travis Alexander was a Saint. Another scammer at work. Interesting to what great lengths the sister of Travis has gone to put Jodi to death for something that was not her fault. I find nothing moving by that than me wanting to throw up. One sick group of NitWits! Talk about conspiracy theories. . .I believe we are in the middle of uncovering one HUGE One!!!!
      I did read it somewhere else too.

    • WTF IS THIS ?? Delete this crap TA supporter LIE FEST $ begging BS story

      I was waiting for the Homeowner to give the alexnders a box of lil boy pics,or a pink elephant.

      Whats the deal?

  20. Travis Alexander: as a motivational speaker nobody could touch him. As a human being, nobody should have wanted to touch him.

    • Disturbing! Thank you Jade. This certainly displays the type of people that have been pulled into this crazy weird addiction of believing Travis Alexander was a Saint. Another scammer at work. Interesting to what great lengths the sister of Travis has gone to put Jodi to death for something that was not her fault. I find nothing moving by that than me wanting to throw up. One sick group of NitWits! Talk about conspiracy theories. . .I believe we are in the middle of uncovering one HUGE One!!!!
      I did read it somewhere else too.

  21. Wow, that letter is crazy…did the defense hire a handwriting expert but the judge ruled against it being allowed as evidence in the trial? I wonder if Jodi had made threats of showing that letter to the bishop or the police or the Hughes or…that could be what Travis was so upset about and was going off on her in some of their text exchanges… Jodi had the power to bring Travis’s entire big fat fake life tumbling down if she had shown that letter to anyone…if that isn’t a motive for murder I don’t know what is.. Travis would have killed Jodi that day in the bathroom if she hadn’t of defended herself…

    Someone made a comment that maybe Travis shot himself, he sure did talk of shooting himself a lot…I hadn’t really considered that scenario before but it’s entirely possible…that was the reason given by the Freeman family for their son (Dan Freemans brother) committing suicide. They said he was having inappropriate feelings & thoughts about children and he was afraid that he could one day act on those feelings and he couldn’t live with the thought of himself hurting an innocent child like that. I can’t remember where I read that, it was a credible source, I want to say it was either Dan Freeman or his sister’s (Desirae I think is the sister’s name) blog…

    Travis was probably too selfish to ever do something like that Im sure but it is an interesting theory I hadn’t ever considered before anyway…it would be more likely than that ridiculous load of crap Martinez came up with though. There are several different scenarios that it could possibly be, one thing I am sure of though is that it didn’t happen the way Juan Martinez says it did. His theory makes no sense yet so many bought it hook line and sinker…

    IF (& that’s a big IF) Jodi was the only one involved in TA’s death that day, it was done in self- defense 100% and there was NO premeditation. It still boggles my mind that so few people are able to see that when it’s so obvious to me. I think once the case is appealed Jodi will walk free, there is no way they’re going to let Martinez get away with all the lying and withholding of evidence that he’s engaged in throughout

    • Starr_lala,
      From “KatieCooLady’s” site:
      05-26-2013, 02:00 PM
      Yes he tried to sell those pedophile letters to me as legit as well…right in the courtroom. It’s like the defense team knew they were just “selling” things that were questionable or just flat out fabricated to try and defend her but Kiefer was so rabid it’s like he was actually believing it to be true. Shaking my head.

      It’s my personal opinion only that it’s driven by a deep hatred for Juan Martinez from everything he said. I also think being a DP opponent plays a role. I don’t know the details and don’t think i’d share if I did but I can tell you what it feels like: something personal.

      Did you know that Josh Freeman (Desiree and Dan’s brother wrote a suicide letter to his family? If I read the blog that they had set up and understand correctly Josh had written a letter a few days earlier admitting to his family his pedophile urges. I believe he committed suicide as to not act on these urges. I am wondering if Jodi somehow was able to see this letter and maybe copy it.

      • This, ahem, Lady is the same moonbeamer that wrote the long harangue about the gun search mission in my post above and describing the rendezvous with the homeowner who did the midnight handover to the Alexanders of whatever was in the attic.

        She’s so glued onto every Alexander, she’ll probably leave them everything in her will. Reading her pious adoration for Travis gives me the heebeejeebies.

        • Wow, Justus, good work. You chose great pieces to compare. Okay, the only difference I see is that the letter handwriting is a little slanted and his journals are straight, but my ex did that.

          Hmm I used to know a handwriting analyst. I wonder if I still have his email/number. I’d love to get his quicky opinion.

          • StillOutThere,

            I’m very interested in Graphology, so I found an expert. I recall saying that my writing would look a bit different sometimes. I think it’s a mood thing because if I’m feeling great, my writing will get more flowing and loopy.
            He told me this doesn’t matter, you can try as many times as you like to disguise your writing (most peoples’ writing differs slightly from one day to the next), and you will leave tell-tale signs–there are many, you won’t notice it but a Graphologist will.

            • Well you can’t erase ink very easily. I saw that in Jodi’s journals also. Man he must have gotten bad grades in penmanship!! I can’t spell but my handwriting was always good!!! LOL.

              • I guess what strikes me is the efforts he went to in order to strike something out. Most people just draw a quick line through it. Or, they use White Out. He actually scribbled over it very deliberately, but left it there. I have horrible handwriting so I empathize with anyone else who does. But it makes me wonder why he wrote so much by hand instead of typing. Then again, he wasn’t a great typist either.

                • I think it was Journee who said if he sent it through email it could be kepted/saved. I think she also pointed out that he most likely made he give it back. Now I wonder if he handed it to her or mailed it??

                  You know he took a real chance writing this.
                  But it really does show he trusted her. I’m sure there is so much that Jodi hasn’t said.
                  WOW he must have been worried when she started dating. Look at how he trashed her to other girls.

    • I agree with you, Justus. I looked at both of these for almost an hour and there is no doubt in my mind that it’s Travis’s handwriting. Now, here’s how I expect the media and the Travis supporters to respond: #1 “So what if it’s his handwriting? That doesn’t excuse Jodi from murdering him.” OR #2 “There’s no way that is Travis’s handwriting. It’s obviously a forgery.”

      So either way they’ll find an excuse to dismiss the letter and the contents within it because it makes their guy look bad and they’ll attempt to distract from it by attacking Jodi and her supporters yet again.

      There are handwriting software programs that are out there that can verify whether or not one’s handwriting matches another. It would be interesting to see what they say about this.

    • I took particular notice of the letter “I” and letter “L”

      In his writing there is a curly-q on the top of “i” and a bottom extension to the right on the letter “L” But there is not 100% consistency that they are the same every time. Notice the “i’ letters.

      In the so-called forgery, there is also indication of some of that same mixed style.

      At first, I thought it did not match as I was looking for the same patterns. But looking closer, the same dotted “i’s are there and so is the leg on the “L.” It is sporadic.

      This is strong indication that it actually appears consistent with the way he wrote. At the time he was writing this letter, his mind wouldn’t have been on perfection in writing letters the same exact way either.

      I bet this same pattern will show up in larger samples of his handwriting too.

    • It’s a no brainer, you don’t have to be an expert it is in his hand. I doubt any expert would say otherwise unless they graduated from the “Dr. Death Institute of Handwriting Analogy”.

    • Thanks for posting a link to the handwriting, Justus….I see a lot of similarities between the samples of handwriting…does anyone know why the original letters were not given to the defense instead of these copies which were rejected by the court?

      • That is a Very Good Question, BB, and one I have asked myself, why the original letter wasn’t given to the Defence.. something tells me the frog got to it first……

    • Great work, Justus. They certainly look similar. At a quick glance I notice the e’s look almost like c’s in both and the y’s have along “tail” almost touching the line below in both .

  22. I don’t understand. Where was this letter physically when Jodi was arrested, and how come the original no longer exists? This would have corroborated Jodi’s story.

      • I don’t know about that…..didn’t those letters come to the defense and they introduced them? So my question is where are the originals?? I wouldn’t think that JM would have those bc as I recall they came through the DT….is this right??

  23. doses this mean JEN and K.N. are of the case after sentencing I will miss JEN AND JODI together after sentencing watching them talk and smile was nice to watch I wish JEN AND K.N. the very best I hope they can get back to their lives and people will stop the hate this has got to be hard for JEN to leave Jodi after 3 years I hope and pray Jodi will be ok in prison

    • Yes, Shannon. They are not appellate attorneys, and honestly, that is an entirely different kettle of fish. So, they would be off the case anyway, whether they wanted to be or nor. Appeals are based on correcting “mistakes” during the trial, for the most part, or bringing in new evidence. They are about writing really good briefs, and much less so, about oral arguments — which are very different than a trial anyway. They are about presenting case law (previous decided cased) and applying them to the case at hand. To put it into simpler terms, it’s more like having the guy at DSW who sells you a pair of shoes at a discount price, then come along and sell you a mortgage for the house you wish to buy. While it’s possible someone could be skilled in both arenas, do you really want the guy who thinks the pair of shoes suits your feet giving you advice on the type of mortgage you should take out on your first house? Or, do you want a seasoned, experienced mortgage broker who does this solely for a living?

      To understand appeals better, google appellate briefs and read a few. They may not make much sense to you at first. They may be full of case law that seems very foreign to you. But you may come across some very well-written briefs that will help you grasp what appeals are all about. Just like real-life court dramas are nothing like those “Perry Mason” moments (or anything else on TV that you might watch), you will notice the difference.


  24. Well I am nearly done with day 15 on the retrial penalty phase at the Crime Time Vids…does anyone know if they are going to be posting on youtube the rest of this retrial?? Why are not more of the folks who could afford to buy these videos not posting them somewhere online to share with others?

  25. Where was I in March? : )
    I remember that lady that bought the house talking about it and she sure did know what happened.
    Why does she say she loves ta, jm and df???
    I thought at the time I remebered her saying something about the 3, but I think that I read it.
    She was talking about how they had taken everything out and put in new.

    I think it was too soon to sell because there would have been more evidence.
    They needed to leave it untouched until fingerprinted and the works.
    I thought I remembered her saying people were welcome to see it.

    She knew, her husband knew.
    She said she was a little nervous about it, but that her husband wasn’t and said it was a good deal.
    This has been one thing that really concerned me and maybe it shouldn’t, but it has,
    Anyway I must have been here somewhere.
    I know I was having a hard time keeping up at one time, but I’m glad I found it.
    I’m so slow. : )

    • Oh Aly, your not slow. There just is way, way to much to digest. What’s true what are lies. We all have little snippets here and there in our brain. We might have a Aha moments that brings it back.

      • Cindy,
        That’s the truth.
        I was just trying to describe this case to a friend. It’s impossible!! : )
        For all of the reasons you just descried.
        What’s crazy is this is one thing that I was wondering about so many times and the different stories
        coming out about the house.
        The owners I remember did know about the history.
        I know one thing I wouldn’t want it, would you?
        I wouldn’t take it for free.

        2009, all new everything.
        All evidence gone.
        Wonder how they got the smell out.

    • Right dwight! Marie went over around 8:30, to my recollection, and the 919 was a good bit later around 10. Some thing doesn’t pass the smell test. They were all very calm pointing fingers at Jodi, weren’t they? Too calm. They had talked to someone to be so much in unison.
      Now, I have no idea where the access to the attic was… maybe out side the bedrooms, maybe somewhere else. That area should have been investigated, especially when the detective said the body had been there 1 – 2 days. No telling what was up there in the attic!! Guesses, just guesses, dwight

  26. Gee, dwight, were any fingerprints identified during the trial as belonging to anyone at all? The State should have identified as many fingerprints at the scene as possible, explaining them away if necessary, even those of the roommates!!
    Trouble was, or so it seems to me, there were no fingerprints belonging to Jodi!!! And some they couldn’t explain. OH!!
    And, WHY didn’t Flores demand a search warrant as soon as he knew there was a murder to investigate?
    A search warrant was necessary to collect evidence; and yes, they should have checked the ATTIC!!
    And WHY didn’t he call the prosecutors office immediately as protocol demands; did he want to make sure he got Martinez? He did call Martinez the next morning.
    And if the they were sure JA was the primary suspect, as it appears by their investigation, then WHY didn’t they IMMEDIATELY impound the rental car at the very LEAST?
    To this sad supporter, it appears they needed time to do a really good job of framing JA

    • Carol,
      How long were they in the house before calling 911.
      They knocked on Zach’s door IN the house because Zach asked
      DID you check his bedroom.

      How many were actually there?
      The 911 operator told them to get out of the house, BUT how long were they in the
      house before calling 911?

      I think in one of the pictures it shows where the attic is.

      • I believe Marie (Mimi) came over found the door locked at about 8:00; she went home to get someone to get garage keypad code came back shortly after that. So there were a couple of hours before the ‘crowd’ called 911. There was time for them to look around. It would be logical that they would look to see if someone were still there.
        Still too many unanswered questions.

        • But Zach said have you checked his bedroom door and then went to the
          garage to get a key.
          So wouldn’t that mean they were already in the house.

          I imagine she went home to get the keypad, opened the door and they all went in
          and then knocked on his (Zach’s ) bedroom door and he asked them did you check his bedroom.

          I don’t believe there were any fingerprints taken and they made it sound like Jodi robbed her grandparents house.

          Again no fingerprints except on one thing and they didn’t know whos it was.
          Why would Jodi take a TV, stereo and one other electronic thing from her grandparents.
          All that I ever heard was a gun and they sure didn’t try to find out who robbed that house.
          Makes no sense!

          • I wonder why TA would put all this down in writing, begging Jodi not to disclose his awful secret. He seems to be seeking her reassurance, yet by giving her a basic confession, the implication is he really trusts her not to disclose what she saw. Wouldn’t sending a letter which is a veritable confession be riskier than not doing so?

  27. Wow…Why wasn’t this letter presented at trial? Was it proven that it was indeed Travis’ handwriting? Do they think that Jodi wrote it to back up her story? I am confused. I watched the entire trial and i used to post here all the time. I know it has been a while, but I still wonder about Jodi and care about her well being. That movie “Dirty Little Secret” was on a couple of nights ago and I watched it again! It got me thinking and wanting to come by the sight to say hello to everyone and see what the latest is. I am glad to see there is still interest in Jodi. Love to all, Jesse

  28. I could be misreading the letter but it seems to me he was referring to childrens toys, not sex toys. He says he donated them later. Cant imagine anyone donating sex toys. So if in fact they were childrens toys was he using them to lure children into his home?

  29. Stacy if I remember correctly the children’s toys were to have for the kids to play with in his bedroom. Seemed really unusual to me for a young man his age to be that interested in entertaining the young in his bedroom. Maybe the Mr. Hughes could answer that particular question better for all of us. There is definitely more to the story that we haven’t heard.

    • Could be both, actual toys AND sex toys.
      Anyway, this is disturbing and coming very late into this whole case (Dec 2018) I really wonder why a more or less positive 80 % handwriting check was not sufficient enough to get this admitted as evidence/exhibit. That’s just crazy and criminal to pretend it doesn’t even exist at all and even moreso hide it from the jurors.
      It makes sense to me to some degree. But why does it say 2007? Didn’t Jodi walk in on him a year later that date? Was Travis even on the 21. of the month mentally not able to switch to the new year and it’s basically just a mistake of him?

      This letter or other infos regarding that same topic could be very well the corpus delicti around the self-centered rage outburst from Travis on 05-26-08 after Jodi might have implied she would make that public or show it to whomever if that lil fucker continues to do nothing about and hide it for very selfish reasons with disregard for everyone except himself as a usual behaviour pattern of this sick dude, basically regarding everything. I have no doubt that he was self-righteous enough to attacl Jodi for finding issue with HIS, well, let’s call it a “problems”. Sicko.
      On the other hand why did Travis say other people might spit her in the face as well? That would only be true if they are all child molesters at LDS which well could be given what a totally sick religion/hypocritical profit cult LDS is with the most absurd beliefs you can come up with…. “Catholic Church and LDS – fucking kids like forevever already” ™, now that would be a nice ad slogan.
      BTW, Bill Maher has some nice lines about this epitome of a joke that is LDS. Unbelievablke that there so many outstanding gullible people out there to support that cult, and of course I include Jodi here as well if I like her or not – I always tell it like it is, even to friends.

      It does not make any sense to me why Jodi would go there to fuck with him on June 4th or since then anyway even when she was still in Az though, or go there at all for whatever reason. Very strange case, you never get a timeline of events where everything makes sense, Kermit’s version being the least likely though.

      • 2007 was Travis’s slip. As for why the letter didn’t come in as evidence, as I recall Jodi originally wanted it in, but then the defense kept it out so as to avoid the prosecution threat of the 3×5 card found in Jodi’s cell that looked as though she’d been practicing T’s handwriting. (She had not; someone else sent it to her as a joke.) There is an account of this episode in Nurmi’s book, if I’m not mistaken. Someone correct me if my memory is wrong.

        • Not sure Alan. I have pretty much, well, let’s say almost a memory like “Sheldon Cooper” :-), and to confirm my memory from the trial/testimony I just made a quick net search and this came up:

          “”I walked in and Travis was on the bed masturbating and I got really embarrassed,” Arias told jurors, answering questions by her lawyer. “He started grabbing at something on the bed and I realized they were papers … one fell face up near my feet and it was a photograph — a picture of a little boy.”

          Arias said the incident happened at Alexander’s Mesa, Ariz., home in January 2008. The child in the photo, Arias testified, was a boy of 5 or 6 dressed in underwear. ”

          I think 2007 would make no sense anyway since this was the beginning of their so-called relationship, the “official” part.

          I just remembered something from 2006 (wow, looong ago): I should have stayed longer in Vegas in 2006 after the WSOP was over to possibly keep Jodi from meeting Travis.

          Regarding the other side story you’ve added with the card and all.
          Wow, I really think I know a lot about this case meanwhile but I wonder what other dirty behind the curtain games I don’t know of yet.

          I couldn’t bother myself yet reading Nurmi’s book or even Martinez’ one, for sure I wouldn’t support either of these two even with only a cent. But I think I’ve read somewhere that Nurmi’s book is availabable even for free. Still, he would steal my valuable time. 🙂
          Such a backstabbing asshole, only one example, he repeatedly filed motions during the trial because it was not fair, but when he went on his “Advertsing his profiteer book and and claim to never had anything to do with Jodi” Tour he suddenly says on TV and elsewhere, “Well, she got a fair trial so what?” Disgusting this guy, not as much as Martinez, but almost.

  30. Caution, this is a “little” novel-like post I managed to write during brunch. 🙂

    The more I think about this topic, independent of this letter being genuine or not (again, does anybody know why it says 2007 – probably only because Travis didn’t even realize it’s a new year after f… 21 days lol or Jodi making a mistake allegedly faking it?), I come to the conclusion what a totally sick fuck you need to be if you even make the slightest thought connection orgasm12 year old.
    Even for a split of a second and even more if you repeat it and in addition mention the same 12 year old in at least one more remark of that kind (“corking the pot…” – what does that even exactly mean, of course I have an idea but I’ve never heard this before). Add the boy’s underwear and whatnot to complete the picture.

    I mean I have thought about orgasms in the past and I think I might even had one or two myself (lol), and maybe dealt with 12 year olds too, but I would never ever connect these two things in my freaking mind. How sick do you need to be to do that? Or when you even go further and think about how it would sound “if”. So disgusting sick and disturbed this guy. The only theoretical normal thing about this freak would be the braids/school dress uniform fantasy (in case it refers to an at least 16/17 year old but I highly doubt it did for him), everything else is just disgusting and sick.

    You guys would laugh your asses off rofl’ing if I would post the totally absurd, intellectually outstanding dishonest, pitiful desperate and ridiculous excuse I got for all this from someone from the TA team in a discussion with him. I won’t post it here since it is WAY too ridiculous/absurd and because he is a very nice guy otherwise but these people are just not even remotely rational and objective for a penny or at least remotely intellectual honest, regarding TA they for sure aren’t, but instead just driven by bias and not one rational or honest thought (in case they are LDS it is highly doubtful they are even able to have only one rational thought anyway – and I quote Bill Maher here: “This religion is so ridiculous Tom Cruise wouldn’t join it, and Glenn Beck did.” (looool, so true)) – just to defend their jackass at all costs, even by paying with the embarrassment that comes with “showing off” their own inability to have at least one honest and rational thought to their discussion partner. That’s pitiful.

    I can’t even discuss with such people in a serious manner since it causes pain in my brain even thinking about how illogical people are able to, let’s call it “think”, and the great lengths of their dishonesty. It’s like talking to an empty can with no intellectual feedback whatsoever.
    Again, all these great and absurd lengths to defend their jackass who played the nice guy in public just for his very own benefit (for his pathetic scam business Prepaid Legal/Legal Shield, his any intelligence insulting bad joke of a nutjob church LDS and for other private reasons like hitting on ugly, boring and unimposing girls which applies to all of them except Jodi who was sadly gullible enough to fall for this fraud and possibly f’d up her whole life for this sad excuse for a human being. At least for the last 11 years she did already, hopefully not for the time being.

    I mean you can’t be an asshole 24/7 even if you really are one if you want to use and play all the people around you for your own purpose and benefit (that’s psychology 101), and that’s what he did and was his solely goal, use people who are too stupid (and even more stupid than he was) to even realize it (I mean even his self-proclaimed best friends actually knew shit about him although they ignore that very fact) – and that’s actually something you “learn” (the only thing you learn there to be more precise) in these pathetic MLM scam businesses with no value to society whatsoever, meaning being not real but 100 % fake 24/7 and use “techniques” to communicate with people (basically being as pitiful artificial as a used car salesman lol) – again, this guy was a fraud from head to feat. So VERY obvious on various levels that I wonder how anybody can come up with the impudence to deny that until today even if they fell for it while he was around. They call Jodi a narcissist, and she might be one to some degree given the absurd amount of selfies lol, but TA had an even bigger sign with “narcissist” on it floating above him in signal red – for several reasons! And in addition to that he even had a likewise sick amount of selfies on his devices according to Kermit during the evidence meeting with Jodi’s former lawyers at Mesa Police.
    That he was an outstanding hypocritical bigot just adds to it for me because imho hypocrites are disgusting already, as well as bigots are, but hypocritical bigots are the very epitome of the worst mankind has to offer.

    T”Chihuahua”Dogg’s supporters go great lengths to “prove” something by making the most absurd connections (like what Jodi’s parents said about her in their interrogation tapes when she was a teenager while they were not the finest, objective or most educated parents themselves at all). I mean I have great parents but even I was a pain in the ass as a teenager at times, like anybody else as well I guess, and what has that to do with anything anyway?
    Being a pain in the ass as a teenager killing someone 13 years later – they can make this and other absurd connections where there is none BUT they are intellectually too dishonest to admit and acknowledge the very obvious and directly connected, like that you are a totally sick fuck if you connect orgasms with a 12 year old even only for a split second and even more repeatedly. This disgusts me, the intellectual dishonesty on the TA team or even the inability to think at all. There is some serious lack of intelligence and honesty right there.

    I mean there are disturbed people on both sides of this whole case, like the “lover boys” on Jodi’s side for instance but the majority of uneducated, evolutionary underdeveloped, bloodthirsty, hateful, irrational and dishonest neanderthalers are on the TA team. There’s no doubt about it. And that also includes even wishing/looking for or supporting the death penalty at all. What kind of low level primate do you need to be to do that, even more in cases like this where however you look at it with at least traces of brain cells and honesty, and even IF Jodi did it on purpose (which is highly doubtful), TA had his very big share in it given this absolutely sick and disturbed so-called relationship on both ends. I’d might have some understanding for this neanderthaler wish for death penalty in cases where people go out to kill for fun (like let’s say Ted Bundy (also a “nice guy” to everyone around him btw – basically mother-in-law’s darling!), that Golden State killer who was actually caught recently after decades, etc.) but it is still wrong in a civilized and evolutionary developed society. And for sure in cases like this one.

    If the letter is genuine, and I don’t claim it is since I’m not driven by obvious bias, lack of any rational thought and intellectual dishonesty like the irrational fools on the TA team, but it is at least possible it is genuine although not 100 % proven, in this case there even comes more to it:

    Let’s say for a moment it is genuine, the letter would further prove that he actually did something in addition to “just” having these totally sick thoughts that are 100 % proven and were undoubtful there in his sick and self-righteous mind although the irrational and dishonest TA fools manage to ignore it. “I don’t want to be labeled as a pedophile or child molester” – what does such a sentence tell other than how, again, totally full of himself he was?! – Because he was one in case the letter is genuine and it was not just a “label” at all, but simply the very truth – but at least he “prayed about it and got a blessing” whatever that means to low-level IQ people lol. Wow, what a hypocritical and degenerated nutter (again, in case the letter is genuine). And so very concerned that he was a fag, well, he probably was one but again, not honest enough to himself to admit it. Full of himself – a pattern that is visible 24/7 on that disturbed guy. I even heard/read somewhere that he spoke almost all the time in 3erd person about himself. Is that true? – it wouldn’t surprise me at all and would totally fit to the throughout “full of himself”-pattern that is so visible and obvious to anyone who opens the fucking eyes and is honest. Martinez and him might share a room in hell when the time arrives. Travis is waiting meanwhile (no, I don’t believe in such nonsense. Just to paint a picture for the bigots).

    And the letter would prove that he did fucking nothing about it. Yeah, “he “prayed about it” to his imaginary “friend” (and got that “blessing” lol – Oh, I hate hypocritical bigots, did I mention this? :-)) according to the letter which equals doing nothing at all – what a fucking idiot and moron – just like this degenerated bony old short-haired bitch I think from the first jury who said she “prayed that she has made the right decision by voting for death” in a TV interview with 2 other DP jurors – people who are obviously intellectually unfit to live in this world or serve in a jury for that matter, both Travis and this bony bitch, and are disgusting to the core human beings in addition. Again, hypocritical bigots, the worst kind of all humans. Intellectual dishonesty and ignorance like for the most part on the TA team just adds to it.

    Again, in the worst of possible scenarios that can at least remotely be proven (still with reasonable doubt though imho), the very maximum Jodi “deserved” would be second degree murder, probably rather manslaughter, but what happened here in this case long before I even learned about it since I’m usually not at all interested in sensationalism/etc., in an environment of degenerated, uneducated, hateful and evolutionary failure mob mentality people on the streets/social media/etc. (including TAs family themselves with their wish for DP at all costs despite the presented undeniable evidence about their “oh so fine” brother) and on media (Nancy “FatFace” Disgrace (*irrrk*, this woman is so disgusting inside and outside it almost makes me vomit), as well as Dr. “No Clue” Drew and the MJ lookalike and plastic surgery victim JVM, that stone-cold bitch from “Legally speaking” and other any integrity lacking profiteers, in addition with a corrupt and biased judge and prosecutor (wouldn’t it be the duty for a prosecutor in a real system of justice to search for the actual truth however it might look like as opposed to what the “mini penis but big breast man” did?) with no moral standards and integrity/decency whatsoever, is just not right and a great injustice.

    That’s why I’m so invested and passionate about this case. I hate degenerated life unworthy mob trash to win their on lack of education and decency based “case”, human trash that equals the assholes that went to the colosseum in old rome to see blood and splatter. And I hate an apparently fine human being like Jodi (until she met that disturbed and selfish guy) locked up for at least way too long just because she met the wrong person and fell for his from head to feet fraud.

    If you ask me, and that is a theory of me regarding everything I see, regarding this totally sick and dishonest relationship, not worth to spend a friggin’ minute in it if you are right in your mind, was set to end in disaster from the very beginning, either way that is. Not necessarily in death but not unlikely – definitely in violence though, that means TA could have been on trial instead of Jodi as well. And if I think this up until the end and it was inevitable anyway, I have no doubt in my mind that the right/better person survived it.

    I’d like to add, in case the letter is true/genuine, I’d LOVE for the underdeveloped DP wishing and outstanding self-righteous TA family and all the other pitiful deniers, even too dishonest to admit the already obvious, that there was at least something very sick in this guy’s mind, independent from the letter, that one or more of these boys he might have abused comes forward in the future. I’d celebrate that.

    See ya around guys

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