Travis Alexander – Pedo fantasies of a classless loser [COMMENT RE-POST]

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Here’s a re-posted comment from Kyle – Jan 10th 2013:

Agree with you. A guy who gets off on a 28 year old he claims is stalking him sounding like a 12 year old when she has an orgasm over the phone, the way he fantasized about tying her up to a tree and you know, the shirt he bought her, the way he looked down on her, and his attitude.

Look at his old myspace page… his interests were money, women, and power. His favorite books were: Think and Grow Rich, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Slight Edge, Richest Man in Babylon, You were Born Rich, The Greatest Salesman in the World, Atlas Shrugged. Fav movie? The Secret, hahahaha. And girls are saying how deep his thoughts were. I didn’t see any Joyce, Orwell, Asimov, Dick, Hemingway, Orwell, Ballad, Steinbeck, Swift, or even any Chaucer. Not the deepest guy… he didn’t read Finnegan’s Wake or A Modest Proposal(I’m guessing.)

He’s all about power and image. So people who claim she’s shallow, well, she’s more vulnerable and easily manipulated. Why? I’m sure she was an insecure narcissist to an extent, and girls like that are the easiest to control BY ACCIDENT even. Look how fast she converted to Mormonism for him. His job is also a scam and his religion is a cult… so if he had excelled so quickly without college, well, it’s easy if you’ll rip off old people who don’t know any better.

Did he deserve to die? I don’t care. The way he lied to his friends about her, and then wanted to still bang her while calling her stuff like 3 hole wonder and crap… the world won’t miss him unless you’re one of his pathetic friends who’s just a lackey. And he was a racist. People are so fast to demonize the killer, well, as a guy… I can make a pretty good educated guess on why she went Predator on him. That means there was a lot of crap that she had gone through (moving there, changing religions, not being white enough, etc…) So I hope she gets off. You can tell he wasn’t born with money or class or else he would not have been how he was. Class is something you’re born with, and the way he talked to her is indicative of a guy lacking.”


    • I agree with u Suzy… there is NO WAY in h*** that that timid Jodi could “drag” him around the house….as big and heavy as he was

    • I dont know what happened that very day but all i know is that the history of the mormon church is evidence that mormon men can have it all and treat women like servants and sex objecs.

      Jospeh Smith and Brigham Young had up to 33 or 50 wives and Joseph Smith used to threat women with eternal damnation to get the women he wanted.

      In the mormon church, they make pledges to give all the church asks from them whether this be time, money, ressources of all kinds. The mormon church enslaves their members and women are taught from the begining that they must obey and serve the priesthoods and men … men are considered “helpmeet”.

      I converted to mormonism when i was much younger .. but never was active. Latetly i wanted to go back to a church so i went back to the mormon church but was not happy with the sexism and the blind obedience and the only true church rants they preach all the time …… plus it is true that they manipulate people. For example, i helped some mormons while they were here and though they gave me some money to thank me, which was very nice and was not expected, they shun me when they returned to America and never replied any of the messages i sent them to wish them a happy New Year or a merry Christmas.

      From what i have read from ex mormons on the net, the shuning of doubters or “apostates” is very common.

      I fell in love with a mormon guy when i was a teen. He invited me to a trip to America when i was in my 20. He was married at the time, and i suspect that he had been married before and maybe was married or had affairs with other mormon women in all too mormon fashion (read the history of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young and you will see how women are treated by the mormon men in Joseph Smith’s time. It is appalling….. The men took wife after wife. Their previous wives did not even know they were dating other women or were thinking of marrying yet another wife)…

      I left the guy ….. though i really loved him …

      Today, knowing more about the mormon church… i would take all the distance i can for them … because the mormons dont tell the truth about their church, about the way they view women. Even the way they view heaven is a big teller on what women are too them. Sex slaves and baby breeders.

      And it is true that men have all rights and they consider women who are free as sluts ….. the cup cakes that noone would want because they have been licked to many times (that is what they teach in some of their lessos – visit ex mormon websites and you will get the picture).

      I visited that man again later on (i did not know about the mormon church teachings at the time) and every time i saw him he was telling that he was not sure he was going to stay with the woman he was currently with, that she was jealous … very similar to the Jody Arias’s case.

      You should also be aware of the blood atonement doctrine of the church whereby Joseph Smith/Brigham Young said that some of the sins that human beings commit can only be atoned for by the spilling of their own blood.

      They also make death covenants in temple (it i all on ex mormon websites – the truth from real mormons who truly lived the mormon religion).

      Everything that happens in the polygamist communities of the West attest to the way women are treated and how they are men’s property, sex slaves and servants.

      And if Alexander Travis was the nice boy and gentleman his lawyer says he was, how come he was seeing other women and treating her worse than a whore ….

      Jody Arias does not look one bit like one …..

      Finally, in mormon territory, women are stronly required to be subservient, silent and obety to the “wise” or “not so wise” counsel of their husband …… and stay at home ;;;; at the total mercy of men …. All laws are made for men and by men…. Men want to keep the power and the authority, so preventing women from working is one way to do it …. and they never deleted the parts in their bibles allowing men to practiced polygamy …

      Plus for unbiased judgment and considering the bad mormon history which privileges women over men, i would require that no men be part of the legal team in this case.

      Mormonism is like islam. Men can dispose of women as they wish, even to the point of killing them …

      Men have all rights and privileges and women are there to treat them as gods and make babies and be discarded at will by men.

      So think twice before you put this person to death.

      And if you do, just bear in mind that we, by now know, how men treat women in mormon territory ..and we won t date them or marry them …. and for all the women that have been abused, cheated upon, even killed by men in human history in the name of religions or otherwise, and whether Jody or someone else did it, it is only fair that for oncea man pays for all the crimes that men have done to women in the name of reliions or their natural violence and lust that remained and still remain unpunished.

      SO no death row for Jody

    • Erin I was going through the “classes” to become a mormon yrs ago (abt 1993) and u r sooo correct. look at how fast they win some ppl over!!! also look up polygamy they came from the Mormons… they r Mormons… what got me from going all the way with Mormons is NO caffeine >>> i aint giving up my coffee for NO ONE

  1. Well spoken and accurate i don’t see what’s so wonderful about a manipulative manwhore we chastise women for his behavior why is it celebrated when he behaves this way? Clearly theres a discrepancy between. His beliefs and his lifestyle

    • I’ve been watching Jodi’s testimony and really tired of the TV commentators slamming Jodi. So I searched for a Jodi support page online. This poor girl really believed Travis loved her. Everyone has a breaking point though. It’s obvious TA used her & abused her sexually, emotionally, and to some degree physically. She obviously thought he was someone special when he was a looser creep not worthy of her company.

  2. Glad I found this page, because on Travis Alexander’s “Being Better” Blog, Travis supporters are suggesting that Jodi supporters should be “brutally murdered”. Wow, the hypocrisy runs deep and wide.

    So far, I like what most of the comments here say. They add some sensibility to a situation that has been skewed by religion.

    Like I said on Travis’ blog, I wish I had known Jodi and been there for her back then, because I would have taken her by the shoulders, given her a good shake, looked her in the eye and said, “Honey…he’s just not worth it!”

    If you read the ever-growing comments on his blog, a lot of Travis supporters are using profane language similar to the way Travis communicated with Jodi. It’s amazing how some of them can type such vulgarity, and then turn off the computer and go to church (Sacrament, Relief Society) and pray as if they had a clean conscience.

    • Hi Beckie, I really do not think it would have mattered if you had shaken her or not, Travis was under her skin. I went and read the comments you were talking about and all I can say is wow. Most of us here are trying to figure things out by watching the trial ourselves and sharing thoughts. Many abused people have difficulty getting away from their abusers, be they physical , mental or emotional, The fact that the authorities have found over 80 thousand text messages and emails between these two people speaks volumes no matter what the nay sayers have to say.
      I will say one thing, if Travis truly thought that Jodi was a stalker, then he should have gone to the police. If he thought she slashed his tires not once but twice, he should have reported that also. In the line of business he was in, it could have been any disgruntled unhappy with the service person that slashed his tires. As far as the evidence goes, they have not mentioned anyone seeing her doing it so far.
      The haters are bullies that do not want people thinking for themselves or disagreeing with them. They would rather swear and try to make someone feel bad, than have a decent discussion.

      • And you’re right, Debbie…his “business” was one of those MLM scams that could have angered a number of people who felt that they were taken for a ride.

    • Aren’t Travis’s supporters charming? My goodness. No one here has suggested that they be “brutally murdered”, nor would we.

      • You know what I don’t get Kira? A lot of these so called friends of Travis’s all worked for the same company he did… he signed them all up… why? So that he could make more money of course. In MLM companies, that is the way it works… the more people you sign up that sign up others, the more money you make, you make commission off your own sales and a lot more commission off their sales than they do. They don’t seem to realize he was getting rich off their backs. Sure he would motivate them and talk to them and sympathize with them, they were making him money.
        Ryan Burns said in the trial day 4 that Jodi would help Travis get leads or sign people up…. (he won the trip to Cancun with her help) but all Travis told Mimi was that he won the trip… he didn’t say that he won it because of all the people that were working under him or under them or under those people even.
        The question I have is, did Travis have any really true friends? or were they all business associates?

        • Wow, didn’t have knowledge of MLM companies. Good information Debbie. And great question, did he truly have any real friends? Sounds like his whole young adult life was a total facade. And everyone points fingers at Jodi for her lies. Guess the real question might be, what in Travis’ life was real? Maybe Jodi didn’t even know the real Travis.

          • basically he got a few ppl to work under him and those ppl got pple under them who got ppl under them and so on… he sat on his a** and got rich off others… including Jodi 🙁 Jodi signed ppl up under TA… instead of her 🙁

        • Yes, I found it VERY interesting when Ryan testified that Jodi had given Travis a few leads so that he’d qualify for the high-level membership. Mr. Successful? Not so much, maybe….

        • Did Travis have any true friends? Have you ever wondered why with all those people living in his house (paying him rent), none of them knew a darned thing about the others when they were questioned. All those “Mormon Virgins” (both male and female) just sequestered themselves behind closed doors with their opposite sex “other.” and never showed any interest in their Mormon “brothers” & “sisters.

          I can think of a whole lot of folks who would have MOTIVE to snuff Travis Alexander. That would be the twelve sets of parents, aunts, uncles, real brothers and sisters, grandparents, etc. whose whose virgin girls were being sullied and ruined by Travis Alexander. That’s a very LONG list of SUSPECTS!

          May God help us all.

      • Kira, how is it we know of Jodi coming in through the doggy door, or the french maid outfit or how she would come to his bed when he was asleep?
        The reason we know is because Travis told his friends, who told the media.
        Now I am of the feeling that what happens between two adults is fine if they both want it, however I don’t think it is good form to tell others about it, especially if in the same breath he blames her for what happened.
        Travis manipulated Jodi’s image to his friends.
        Travis was an arrogant man. You can see it in the way he smiles. He doesn’t smile open happy smiles that reach all the way to his eyes.
        He was happy to pose for Jodi all the time. This shows narcissism.
        Can you explain why he could call jodi derogatory terms such as whore yet he was a participant in those same actions so really he could be called the same thing. Yet the friends of Travis think he is blameless.
        We thought that Jodi was a stalker. Travis told his friends this and his friends told the media. I thought so prior to the trial. However, I find 82000 emails put paid to this claim of her stalking him. I wish the media would ask those same friends their take on the volume of emails between Jodi and Travis.
        He toyed with her like a cat plays with a mouse.
        Not impressed.
        Now as for the murder, does all the above deserve murder? NO!
        I think you need to look at the wounds. Firstly the will to live is very strong. NO ONE will allow someone to stab them in the back 10-12 times and not try to retaliate. Try to turn around and defend himself. Yet Travis only had two cuts on his hands. How is it the cuts on his back are all in a localized area? It is as if the person attacking is limited in some way. Many of the cuts which are 1″ long are at the same angle. If Travis were on top of Jodi then the her reach around the back to stab him would be limited.
        The photos were of Travis in the shower between 5.22 and 5.30. At 5.31 there is an image of the ceiling. At 5.32 there is an image of someone lifting Travis by the shoulders, while his neck is streaming blood. It was all over in less than 2 minutes. It was very sudden.
        He was taken to the bathroom to clean up. The blood splatter in the sink is from him coughing blood because of the cut to his neck.
        I think Jodi freaked and went into clean up concealment mode.
        Please don’t insult my intelligence by telling me she had the camera and the knife in her hands and threatened him. Jackie Chan might be able to do it…but that is all choreographed anyway.

    • “In-Session” Correspondents only gave Jodi Arias “One (1) good Day” for the Defense Team, this past week. Literally shocked me that Vinnie gave the “Defense” a Good Day, also. This wired up Prosecutor (Martinez) slamming his own witnesses, and acting so arrogant, on a circumstantial case with circumstantial evidence, gets on my nerves, and is probably alienating the Jury as well. As for Detective Flores, I don’t think he knows what he did during his Investigation, and Prosecutor Martinez knows it. I expect that next week, and weeks to come, we’ll see more oversights and Perjury from Flores. I’m picking up the feeling that Ryan Burns gave Jodi the cash money that Jodi was depositing during that long drive. Perhaps Ryan Burns was with Jodi when she went to the Car Rental? Did Flores even try to find out who the guy was, that she was seen with at the Car Rental Agency? No. I’m not even 100% convinced at this point in the Trial, that Jodi Arias did the killing, or acted alone… The Prosecution I am anticipating going to continue to play that Clip from “Inside Edition” where Jodi says “No Jury Will Convict Me, Because I did Not Do It”, up and until the last words the Jury will hear at the end of this Trial. Martinez is playing on the Jury, because he has no “Factual Evidence”! I have yet to see any evidence of “Premeditation”. Vinnie of In-Session is starting to sound like Nancy Grace with his Day #05 ‘already Guilty Verdict”. I still contend that Detective Flores used illegal “Interrogation” techniques in obtaining them telephonic statements prior to Jodi’s arrest, in order to gain Q.&A. to build a case against Jodi, without affording Jodi of her “Maranda Rights”. Flores knew full well that “anything she said would and could be used against her”, as they are now doing in Week #01 of her Trial. I do not understand why the Judge allowed these telephonic statements in as evidence to be used and twisted against Jodi at Trial, but I’m starting not to like this Judge very much. Another thing about Ryan Burns, is he knows full well that his introduction to Jodi was made in the “Good Old Boys” manner by Travis’s friends, that he may have a easy chance to get into Jodi’s pants. Finally, the Prosecution can not use the “Felony Murder Rule”, to say that Jodi “Murdered Travis during the Commission of a Burglary”. Travis welcomed and invited Jodi into his home at the time of the killing, for the purpose of having sex with her! I certainly hope that Jodi’s Defense Team has some more “Curve Balls” to throw at that dumb Prosecutor, as this Trial progresses…! I’m still not sure nor do I feel confident in her Defense Team, at this point in the Trial, but I may be wrong, as we will find out in weeks to come in this Trial. Jodi Areas is on Trial for her Life, and even if she were Guilty, she deserves the best Defense available by law. Are her attorney’s Public Defenders? Charles in Louisiana (01/13/2013)

      • Charles, in my recollection it seems like one of the Hughes “fellows” was designated to set up Jodi to visit Ryan Burns in Utah – that exact weekend (to console her for giving up Travis?) At the time, it struck me – what if they are trying to position her in Salt Lake so she would not get in the way of their Mormon “mission” blood ritual – meanwhile-back at the house… When Travis wouldn’t have known about their intervention, he contacted Jodi on the road and “guilted” her into coming up to Mesa beforehand. Chris and Sky would not have known she was on her way to Travis’ house. I’m thinking – two “intruders” – YIPES! what is Jodi doing here? !!! She is supposed to be with Ryan Burns in Utah! What do we do now? Do we need to kill her, or will threatening her be enough? Now it looks like they think they need to kill her!!! It really does!

    • Becki,

      Thanks for Travis’ blog reference. There’s some conflicting and crazy stuff there.

      Not to mention if he’s all about public imagine, how could he risk “the mormon’s” reading this stuff and seeing he’s not “leading the way” like on his book cover.

      On another note, when and to what degree do we allow their personal blogs to influence us?

      I can only think of how the haters used a photo of Amanda Knox wildly laughing behind a sub machine gun, and of course, Raffaele Sollecito all dressed up in white bandages holding a meat cleaver.

      Oh, and something they had in writing, expressing her true desires, her true colors: Amanda Knox’s rape fantasies.

    • Beckie said:

      if you read the ever-growing comments on his blog, a lot of Travis supporters are using profane language similar to the way Travis communicated with Jodi. It’s amazing how some of them can type such vulgarity, and then turn off the computer and go to church (Sacrament, Relief Society) and pray as if they had a clean conscience.

      I have also though the exact thing, hypocrites or just birds of a feather, they are all the same mob getting ready to stone Jodi. Makes me sick.

      • Well I’ve got news for those who go to church regularly and back TA as innocent and good.
        God’s Word states that not everyone that says “Lord, Lord” belongs to God and that they will not be going to heaven. It also warns us to be merciful so that we may obtain mercy from God if we should find ourselves in a predicament such as Jodi’s. The Word of God commands to seek truth, being villigant in doing that, and persue it. ” Beloved, believe not every spirit” ..for every spirit is not of God. Dig deeper and stop letting the pundits shape your opinions and thoughts. You are supposed to seek God’s wisdom and ask Him to reveal the truth and see a thing through his eyes. “In all thy getting get understanding”. Seek to truly understand what may have motivated Travis’ and Jodi’s actions..your own day may be around the corner and you will want us to do the same for you.

        To call for Jodi’s blood and wish evil for evil is NOT a Godly attribute and the Lord says the world shall know us by our fruits, and furhter expounds that a corrupt tree cannot bring for good fruit, neither can a good tree bringforth good fruit. In the bible is a list of those GOOD fruits…”But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.” “Christians and so-called holy people”-You are showing your TRUE fruits by making such cruel and evil statements! How do you expect non-beleivers to respect you let alone God? Below is how God’s word says you are supposed to react to this situation:

        “And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.
        If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.
        Let us not be desirous of vain glory, provoking one another, envying one another.
        Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.
        Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. ”

        As far as TA is concerned, well, there was warning to us all regarding that type of behavior too:

        “For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself.
        But let every man prove his own work, and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another.
        For every man shall bear his own burden. ¶ Let him that is taught in the word communicate unto him that teacheth in all good things.
        Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

        Sorry to all of you who have been hurt, bashed and turned away by those professing to know God but are really none of his and do not know Him. Sorry for all of the greedy, lying, back-stabbing and money loving preachers and teachers out there professing to know how to walk upright before you and yet having no conviction of the Holy Spirit. They live double lives fillled with filth and corruption because their true god is “self”. Gods word calls them “wolves in sheeps clothing” , “Clouds without water” and warns us all against following them stating “from such turn away”. I wish Jodi had the power to turn away before she got into this sad situation.

        Those of us who do, know how to let Him rule over us and in our lives,( though at times we do fall also, but ultimately get back up, repent sincerely and let Him resume control) know that we are not to call for anyone’s blood or condemn anyone to hell…EVEN GOD said he did not create any soul for hell. If we make hell our final destination, it is because we chose to go there by acting like the devil and being evil of heart and nature.
        God knew we would stuggle with human emotions and weakness so he made a provision for that…His name is Jesus. Jesus came as an example of how to live abundantly in this life by demonstrating how we are to go about behaving toward one another in love and forgivness was his theme as well. Accepting Jesus, or “beleiving on Him”, means first accepting that he forgives ALL sins (even the ugliest ones-not just some), and most importantly, that this is the reason why He came.
        Second, we are to take on the character attributes of Christ and those attributes are Holy and godly and can only be obtained by letting him fill you with his Spirit and letting that Holy Spirit guide your life so that you can be divinely influenced to love, forgive, understand and do what is right and good.
        Sounds crazy? Well just think of it this way, when your spirit, human spirit, is wickedly ifluenced by another person or “human spirit” that is not kind or gentle and always wants the worse to happen to anyone who they feel deserves evil things to happen to them; you are being “filled” with that persons mean and/or unforgiving spirit and can be influenced to carry out the word s and deeds associated with someone of that spirit.

  3. Very interesting indeed about his work. I can’t stand those work schemes. They’re based on artful manipulations.

    I know of a Mormon man whose membership was revoked and who was completely shunned by the church when they discovered his infidelity. What do you think Travis would have thought would happen if he was found out?

    He appears to have lied about most, if not all, areas of his life and frankly, it takes quite a bit of arrogance to do so because he believed he could fool everyone.

    • Tupperware works much the same way I believe and I think Avon does as well but don’t quote me on that. They are multilevel marketing companies too.

        • Debbie, I believe you’re correct, like Mary Kay, Herbalife and Amway.

          CJ, interesting because a few months back, I was wondering why I found so many of these marketing agencies based in Utah. On one occasion, an advertisement for life insurance played on Christian radio and my aunt gave me the number. I called…it was a Utah based company and out of curiosity, I asked the broker if he was “LDS”, and he said he was.

          I used to have this perception of Mormons that they tried a bit harder to be good than the rest of us. I no longer think this. I have some Mormon friends who can be just as insensitive, cruel and malicious as anyone, except on Sundays.

          The life insurance I looked, that was advertised on Christian radio, wasn’t so straight forward. It was an investment plan. You gave them your money to buy life insurance, and they gambled it on the Stock Market. Of course, you don’t know which stocks and bonds they invest your money in, so you have no way of knowing its performance. Then you rely on them to tell you if there’s a pay off in which case you can borrow against your life insurance for retirement.. I have no idea if it would have truly been effective for the little person trying to get some security in life, but I realized that it was quite lucrative for those at the top, and honestly, I was dismayed that it was a company comprised of mostly, if not solely, Mormons.

          Just sayin’. They’re as fallible, including greedy, as anyone can be.

    • I was a Mormon for 15 years, all that time a single Mormon male. Let me ASSURE YOU that Travis’ behavior, good Mormon, bishop’s counselor by day, then boffing the brains out of Jodi Arias, in pig tails, acting like a 12 year old girl, at night….does NOT shock me in the least!!! I was roommates with several active single Mormon males who essentially did the same thing. I knew other single Mormon males who did the same thing. Mormon culture is a culture of HYPOCRISY. Sure, you have the 10 per cent who actually “try” to be good, but, for the 90 per cent of Mormons, forget it!!!! Travis was a typical single Mormon male who had looks/charisma/financially success. Women, including Mormon women, offered him sex, SEX, SEEEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxx all the time, and he took it. Most MOrmons separate their lives into “Public Life” and “Private Life” and never the twain shall meet. What is done in PRIVATE is OK…because the Mormon God is just another stupid Mormon bishop who can’t see in the dark and is as stupid as shit. A God easily FOOLED. Travis thought he could FOOL GOD, but God FOOLED him!!!!

      • Speaking of sex, duh…..I surely hope the defense had access to TA’s computer. I would bet a million he had tons of porn on there.

        • I thought about that, too, whether he had porn on his computer. I’m sure they know, but of course the prosecutor would not raise that as a relevant issue.

          I am very curious about the extent to which he emotionally abused her. And in the back of my mind, I am suspicious of the Mormon impact on this case. He kept her a secret. If anyone knew what went on between them and it was abusive, they would cover it up to protect the Mormon image. Heck, his one friend photoshopped a Time magazine cover with his picture and the rods “Travis the Great.” Puh-lease!

          I think the real Travis was a shallow hypocrite with deep “mama issues” and was an abuser in private with Jodi. Why was this “catch” of a guy not taken by an “appropriate” Mormon girl? He was 30 years old, and he was out of time to find a wife according to Mormon values. But none of the “nice” (as in virginal believers) wanted him. Is it because they saw his character flaws (not abuse per se, after all he was Mr. Mormon with these women) and issues with women? I would not trust any of his prior Mormon girlfriends to tell the truth if they had incriminating info about him. They would be afraid to tarnish another Mormon’s image, especially a man’s.

          I think Travis lied to everyone. I think he was actively involved with Jodi, constantly in contact, manipulating her because even though he didn’t want her (for marriage), he didn’t want her to move on and be with another man. I think he lied about most of the stalking stuff and talked trash about her.

          I think he did persuade her to go to Mesa that night because he wanted some and he also wanted to thwart her planned visit with Ryan. And I think something happened in the office that started a huge blowup between them.

          She may have raged out and decided to kill him, but if so, I think it was a crime of passion due to extreme repressed anger and humiliation. She even covers for him in police interviews, making him out to be a nice guy and not wanting to hurt his rep. But she doesn’t seem to get the connotation that everything she said about their interaction portrayed her as his whore. I do think she dissociated after the crime.

          Anyway, I could write volumes, but bottom line, I question what impact the closed-circling Mormons, from friends, to law enforcement, to influential community leaders, etc., have had on this case. Jodi stands alone, period, as her “secret” relationship with him prevented anyone else from knowing pertinent information. It has even occurred to me that Travis may have lined up “another party” to participate in sex with them that day, and maybe that person committed violence and jodi is protecting Travis’ public image by not divulging.

          I will have to see what the defense presents before I decide whether I think she pre-planned a vicious slaughter. My gut tells me something is very wrong with the prosecution’s case. I wonder what kind of secrets there may yet be.

          • None of the nice virginal Mormon girls wanted him? I can assure you, they ALL wanted him, and he wanted a nice virginal Mormon girl to marry, but NOT YET. Let me explain. Mormon men like him believe they will become Gods in the eternities, but to do that they must marry in a Mormon Temple, and their “eternal companion” must be caste, pure, holy. Jodi was just a Fun Girl…a girl to have “fun” with until his “EC” (eternal companion) came along. Travis was very popular with all the single Mormon women, the sluts and the virgins alike. He had not married yet because he was having TOO MUCH FUN with the sluts. Mormon men like him intend to marry, and be faithful to one woman, their wife. To get married young, meant to him, no SLUTS. But, he wanted sluts. As a single Mormon adult male from the ages of 18 to 34, let me assure you, Travis could have married a nice virginal Mormon girl anytime, any day of the week, and he wanted that, but NOT YET. He wanted a decade to have fun with sluts like Jodi first, and then he’d marry a good Mormon woman, and remain faithful to her (at least until she got pregnant or got fat). That’s how Mormon men like Travis think.

          • Hi there Darrick. You remind me so much of my Granny! She’s also fond of calling sexually active girls “sluts.” Over and over. It’s really cute, the way she spits the word out of her mouth. I bet you’d really get along well with her!

        • actually he may not have… if u remember what Dwarkin read from his report on TA’s puter he used a proxy that doesnt leave ne evidence.. free web read the terms of use

      • Darrick Everson,

        No kidding, this is not about God whatsoever. Mormon faith is just a cult and full of hypocrisy. Do as I say and not as I do mentality. A book of Mormon???? What happen to the Holy Bible, Word of God, the most read book today, second, The Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren. This is why I don’t follow any set religion, scarey and hypocritical. I believe in God, the Son & Holy Ghost. No mention of any faith in the bible other than pentecostal. Remember these religions are organized and made from Man not God. There is only one book, The Bible and it has never been destroyed and it never will be until the end of time. But your stock in the bible and not on man made religions and that way you will be clear on what God truly expects of his children. I hate that they call themselves Christians when they think they are above all other christians with there members only club with their own rules, classical man trying to play God and be God. Be careful we all will stand before God one day and believe whatever you like, but Jesus is the only way, so says the bible and without Him, you are toast. Amen.

  4. Hmmm. A lot of informative information concerning Travis’ job. And I totally agree with Becki, it does take a lot of arrogance. Sounds like he pretty much thought everyone was dumber than himself. Maybe he just wanted easy money, considering his childhood, but does money change who you are inside? At some point the truth begins to show itself and I hope for Jodi’s sake her defense can bring it to light very soon.

  5. It’s just typical how the media portrays Travis as some Fortune 500 CEO when in reality, he was a salesman in a pyramid scheme.

    • Jodi’s mom and sister are in the courtroom, and I think her sister had a support page set up. I haven’t read anything about any other family members.

    • from Angela Arias’ own mouth: She and they dont want the media to twist the truth to fit them… they dont need that at all. Angela was at the trial Tues. both She and their Brother as well as their mom and dad were heartbroken (lookin at their faces) :'( I sure hope Jodi beats this set back. But even if she does she wont have a life bc of the media just like Casey Anthony 🙁

  6. Thank you, Kira! I hope more folks surface on her behalf during the sentencing phase. It is difficult not to notice how alone she appears despite being surrounded by her attorneys. Regardless of her age and the alleged deeds, I see a very frightened little girl still seeking validation, acceptance and, most of all, acknowledgment. I imagine she reconciled a long time ago that negative attention, though likely not her ideal preference, nevertheless garners attention.

    JMO 🙂

    • eLOLaKa: “despite being surrounded by her attorneys” This is the most heartbreaking part of Jodi’s story. Fetch a box of crying tissues, and then search online for the TWELVE-page HAND-WRITTEN letter that Jodi wrote to the court, begging them to take Nurmi off of her case. JSS absolutely refused to do so. Jodi states that Nurmi has instructed his secretary to HANG UP on Jodi when she calls, and NOT to take any messages from her. He will NOT return her calls. He goes from 5 months to more in between his making any contact or plans with her at all. This is actually UNCONSTITUTIONAL. It totally violates her civil rights to have an adequate and competent defence. This breaks my heart. I have to do a lot of praying not to harbor hate in my heart for that man. Plus a host of other ways that he has let Jodi down and betrayed her.

      I wonder if among the community here on this forum can think of some way to stop this cruelty, and restore our laws as they are intended to function.

  7. I have mixed feelings. I think in some ways Travis may have been coming to the realization toward the end that he was the one that needed to change. I read a post that someone copied of his where he is saying ” too many people, myself included, spend a lot of time trying to find the right one when we should be trying to be the right one.” His friends also allude to him changing his life or trying to. I don’t know what all went on with them but I just can’t imagine slaughtering a guy like an animal. I’ve known guys that can separate what they do with what they say they believe and even those that as one poster said ” separated their day and night life.” and I do want to punch them in the face, but stab them repeatedly? As much as I sympathize with being lead on and mistreated, I cant get those brutal images out of my head. He may have been a jerk to her but he never wanted or tried to steal her life away. Again, mixed feelings. His friends were pretty calm when calling 911. Its not like they were distraught like I would have expected if he was as loved as they claim. But that made me more sad. His death was brutal and humiliating and his friends were calm and collected as if talking about a dog hit by a car. Its all very sad to me.

    • Exactly they I think should have been on the witness stand they found him not mimi she was the one that made the call but one of his buddies found him

    • Nikki wrote:

      “I’ve known guys that can separate what they do with what they say they believe and even those that as one poster said ” separated their day and night life.”

      Darrick comments: That is MOST Mormons, male and female. Most Mormons are that way, they separate their Public Life (good, honest, virginal, virtuous) and their Private Life (sex-filled), and they don’t see any contradiction. About 10 per cent of Mormons strive to be chaste 24 hours a day, but even some of those fail. But, 90 per cent, I can ASSURE you, are Hypocrites. Perhaps that is true of all religions people. I don’t know, but of the Mormons, it is true. As far as Travis “changing his life”, he does what most Mormon men do when they’re ready to “settle down” with a good woman, clean himself up.

    • Did Travis indent to “repent” of his hypocritical behavior????

      Yes, of course. All Mormon men like him have fun with SLUTS until they believe it is time to get married. Travis was interested in Marie “MiMi” Hall, whom he no doubt believed was a virtuous virginal Mormon woman (i.e. a “good” Mormon girl), and I’m SURE he intended NOT to have sex of any kind with her until they were married. But, the fact that he had sex with Jodi in the early morning of the DAY he was taking Hall to Cancun, shows he was still a HYPOCRITE; a good Mormon Elder on Sunday morning, but banging the BEE-JEE-ZUS out of Jodi, and perhaps other SLUTS, on Saturday night.

      It is Travis who referred to Jodi, and other like her, as “SLUTS”. Personally, I don’t have a problem with sluts. I DO have a problem with Hypocrites like Jodi and Travis, who pretend to be good Mormons, but lead double-lives.

      • So agree, though Jodi doesn’t seem to really have a strong religious bent. She seemed to go with the flow. Her Mormon conversion lacks sincerity to me. Travis otoh is just a hypocrite, plain and simple. And he was a jerk.

        • Anyone read this part of his MySpace about “whores”? I think the jurors should see this side of Travis.

          People I’d Like to Meet:

          HMMM well Jesus for starters. People who like to give high 5’s incessantly. I’d also like to meet Osama Bin Laden in all out no holds barr, winner take all cage fight. Christopher Walken would be fun to eat Lunch with. Really most people, well except for whores. They are a dime a dozen these days especially on myspace. So if your employment involves a webcam, I don’t see it going anywhere. Outside of that I’m good to go.

          • HMMMMM, I wonder which of the two he has since met? Jesus or Osama Bin Laden? Somehow I don’t think they will be in the same place.

      • “It is Travis who referred to Jodi, and others like her, as ‘SLUTS’. Personally, I don’t have a problem with sluts.”

        No, Darrick, you’re the one referring to Jodi as a slut. And always in block letters. Not just in the comment above, but in almost every comment of yours that I’ve seen. Come on, you’re not just quoting Travis and others when you do this, but gleefully and indulgently doing it yourself.


    • Brandi i soo agree with you and might i add something??? the roommates didnt smell the death in the house??? i find that IMPOSSIBLE to swallow… i have been around dead bodies when i volunteered at a morgue during a study program and that smell is worse then a dead mouse!!! it over powers ur nostrils and u cant smell ne thing else for several hours after it is something i would investigate where the smell is coming from which is why i believe that Mimi and a roommate (aka the one who found the body) r the true ones who killed him!!!!

    • The room mates were home every day for at least part of each day between the time TA was killed and the time they found the body. In fact his one roommate came home about half an hour after it happened on June 4th. Another was there between 3-4 that afternoon.It is all in Det. Flores investigation report.

  9. It is sad that Jodie was unable to disengage from this narcissist. I just started watching the trial the past week or so and am listening to her testimony. It is clear she made bad decisions when it can to men and TA was the worst of the bunch because of his religious cult beliefs and his narcissism. She helps him win the trip to can un but he won’t acknowledge her help? Much less take her on the trip but it is ok to have sex with her and thn toss h aside? I wish she could have stopped short of killing him but she was clearly angry and she was out of control. Sad that she didn’t have someone she could turn to that would have helped her deal with this before it became too late.

  10. I agree with one of the posters about a potential racial angle to this case. This could be a case of white privilegism, feeling entitled to disempowered minority women, reminiscent of slavery days. Notice the first sexual encounter, sneaking into her bedroom while she was essentially captive at his friends’ home. Murder, of course, can never be condoned, but women’s sexuality can be a delicate and fragile thing and with sufficient reckless behavior on the part of the deceased, virtually anything can happen. If Jodi is acquitted, and I’m praying for just such an outcome, let this case be a cautionary tale for similarly-minded males who feel they can toy with minority women’s emotions with no adverse consequences. While I DO NOT condone murder, I can’t shake the feeling he brought this on himself.

    • If you look at Travis’ myspace…if it is still up…you will see a comment he made regarding women from mexico.

      It is up, here is what he put on a photo (I wonder if she is going to testify) : “This little filly is the only valid argument to not put up a big freakin wall at the Mexico border.”

      • BeeCee,

        I had never really looked that close, but you are right. Also one about the girl probably wanting him. Geesh………..

    • He’s a smug creep. Note the goofy face he makes in every photo of himself with a female. I don’t think he was very attractive at all, or mature. He seems like an immature frat boy. Calling himself “T-Dogg”? Please.

    • Great point, I hadn’t noticed the possible racial angle, but it makes sense.

      My best friend in HS (female) was (still is) Mormon so I spent a LOT of time around them. When I read your comment I felt ill to my stomach because I don’t recall seeing any minority LDS members, even at stake conferences.

      In fact, my she (my BF in HS) was white and used a non-Mormon ethnic minority as an emotional/non-vaginal sexual outlet after she got divorced later. Was “done” with him when she was ready to move onto another potential marriage partner. He never stood a chance. Poor guy got his heart broken and ended up trying to commit suicide when she cut off contact with him.


  11. Now we have the missing link, the smoking gun in reverse – i.e., NAKED (literally) SEXUAL EXPLOITATION performed under cover of RELIGION. Sex and Religion – an explosive combination.
    Within hours of formally initiating her into the Mormon religion via a solemn Baptismal Ceremony and without even waiting to change their respective Baptismal garments, he does her in the rear. In the understandably PROFOUND MENTAL and EMOTIONAL CONFUSION that would follow such a PROFOUND BETRAYAL of her and the religion that she had just come to accept, something must’ve SNAPPED in her mind such that she became extremely emotionally apprehensive of him. This is not to justify her actual response, which was horrific by any standard, but merely to offer a plausible explanation which should be taken into account in arriving at a reasonable verdict.

    • @Dave that is so correct,Remember Jodi didn’t know anything about the Mormon way of life and Travis as a member who of course led her to believe all the crap he was feeding her constantly.It was like he was just grooming her for his own sexual perverted pleasure.He knew he had no interested in her beyond that.He hid constant encounter with Jodi from his friends and every one who knew him,so at the end every one seem to believe Travis since no one knew what dirt he was.I think the name T Dog was a fitting name he gave himself.I believe everything that Jodi is saying.I think one of the biggest low down and dirty move any one can make is to use religion or the i love you to deceive any one.I honestly think Jodi believe every thing he was saying and even if he wasn’t battering or leave bruises on her doesn’t mean he wasn’t doing so emotionally and it seems to me she pretty much was listening and believing and doing any thing Travis wanted her to do.I listen to all of the things she said on the stand and i believe her.all because she lied about the whole event when she was questioned by the detective doesn’t mean she is lying now.Who can say all their life they never told a lie..Travis deceived God,Jodi, the church and all of his friends.Travis knew what he was doing and that is why he did all those things to Jodi,first he tried to kiss her when she was with that other guy and she back away because she was in a relationship and what did Travis do,he started telling her he wish she didn’t have a bf,then after that he started working on her emotionally to break the tie between her and her former boyfriend by telling her how well she would do if she change this and that, and what do you know she broke up with her bf and there Travis was with his religion talk and what she shouldn’t be doing,well with other but with him it is okay.All Travis was is the devil advocate and he got Jodi down the wrong path and Jodi believe in him truly.So Jodi lied to the Detective and so every one think she is lying now,but what about Travis lying self? none of his friends seem to think he didn’t do anything wrong.if he had not lied and lived a lie this wouldn’t happen.instead they are blaming Jodi for he sexual perverted behavior.I wonder who was the Motivational speaker? He said he is a motivational speaker this i doubt but for sure he was more of a motivational liar and deceiver.

  12. Just finished perusing both Travis’ and Jodi’s MySpace pages. Travis is a typical Mormon, aside from the fact that he is NOT very well-educated, which is very unusual in the Mormon religion. Travis cannot spell the simplest of words, and even types “Whitehouse” instead of “The White House”. Mormon men are encouraged to go to college and get an education, while Mormon women are not. The men graduate college, use their degrees, and Mormon contacts, to get high-paying jobs. They put a great deal of their earnings back into the church. The wives start having children ASAP.
    Jodi was too smart to be a Stepford, er, Mormon wife. As far as intelligence and charm, she is heads and shoulders above Travis. Such a waste, this smug creep. We all know guys like him, and probably even dated a few. But were lucky enough to realize it and get out. How this jerk developed such a hold over her, I’ll never know.

    I’m sick of Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew, and their ilk talking about how “easy” Jodi was with Travis, re: the oral sex. She was a grown woman and she had oral sex with a guy. Big deal. I’m certain that a few of those female attorneys on Nancy’s panel have had their fair share of casual sexual encounters.

    • What gets me about all the TV attorneys and their group is if Jodi had not killed Travis but was just seeking counseling they would all be in her court taking up for her claiming Travis abused her. Usually these are the people that are defending battered and abused women, be it emotional, physical or mental abuse. They are all hypocrits and I am losing respect for all of them because of their comments on this case.

  13. Jodi went to Travis house with a knife and gun. Look at all of her past relationships; none of them ended very well. If she felt usued by Travis ;she had the right to just walk away. It is not like she had not walked away from her prvious relationships. She had nothing to hold her to Travis. In this day and age where almost every one has premarital sex and experience; woman can not use that excuse. She was in her late twenties on so was he.
    They were acting like teenagers photographing their private parts and acting so immature. Also, Jodi has lied so much that how can we belive her?

    They were both broken,he from addicted parents and neglect. She was probably lonely and did not fit in,she said she never felt close to anyone in high school. A relationship takes much more than just sex. It is so sad that two people with so much potential ended up in nothing. We all need to take responsibilty for our actions; stop playing the racial card, the poor little me card,the religous card and whatever cards. Non of us have the right to abuse or use anyone. I hope we all learn something from this.

    • Why would Jodi, take a knife, to her own, orchestrated, gunfight ? She, didn’t ; that was Travis’s knife, which he used to cut the rope into short pieces, for what; to tie himself up…??? Edgrrr…

  14. Travis’ myspace is … here is a comment that i thought was interesting… Chad Perkins
    Twas two nights before Christmas, and all through the greater Phoenix area, Travis was cruising for underage boys to make his Christmas more cozy. Have fun, just don’t violate the terms of your probation!
    6 years ago

    Chad Perkins is a friend of him and knew he was on PO for that crap… i am in the process of getting that record from the maricopa co courthouse bc it is no longer accessible from an online search bc i dont have the correct tools like the gov has 🙁

    • There’s also an interesting comment posted 20+ comments prior to that, from Ashley Reed:

      Ashley Reed:
      “rear naked choke hold”..? i thought mormons didn’t practice beastiality

      Sounds familiar somehow.

        • Hi BeeCee,
          It’s still there (for now). You have to click the “show more” link at the bottom of the page. There are 171 comments in total in that page.

          • SJ.
            OH SJ, Please tell me there is some way to get those two Myspace post about TA cruising for boys and choke hold into evidence. We should send them to the folks covering the trial in arizona, OMG….
            SJ, did you see on his myspace he listed Travis Alexander as one of HIS own heros? It is there. Ack!!
            My only only concern is, the gun. Why did she bring it? I want her to be free.
            peace y’all

      • Hope you have it saved SJ, someone is deleting comments now. I guess his family know he is a liar and they are cleaning it up now! I hope someone gets the probation info.

  15. The standard for killing someone in self-defense, as Jodi is asserting she did, is twofold:

    1. She must have thought her life was in immediate and serious danger at the time of the killing; and

    2. The amount of deadly force she used to defend herself must be proportionate to the threat she perceived herself to be under.

    If Travis Alexander was a monster who was attacking her, then yes, she should have killed him to defend herself.

    If Travis Alexander was just a scumbag frat boy who didn’t respect women, didn’t take her seriously as a girlfriend and used her only for sex and wouldn’t admit to his friends that he was dating her, and called her names and belittled her, then she should have broken up with him and moved on with her life.

    I’m not saying he was one thing or the other; I wasn’t there that night and only two people really know what happened. But reading this original post alarms me, in that it seems to be asserting that it’s okay to kill someone because they’re a bad person… and since that is an entirely subjective evaluation, it’s a little scary to start a policy of making it okay to kill someone just for being a jerk.

    Jodi Arias may very well be a battered woman. If she is, that’s tragic and awful. Unfortunately, that’s still not always a defense for killing someone. She still needs to prove certain circumstances, as listed above. If she truly was killing him in self-defense, I hope she is able to do that.

  16. This should be called exactly what it was, a crime of passion and in Arizona that is manslaughter. A wife that kills her husband when she finds out he is cheating on her is manslaughter, I believe premeditation or not. The prosecution is charging the wrong charge and the defense is most likely claiming the wrong defense. We will have to hear what happened that day to make that call.

    • The panel on In session is so bias i wonder where is the not guilty until proven guilty comes in.Every day they seem to find some thing to discredit Jodi in testimony but when it comes to Travis they seem to find things to justify his perverted behavior.When we are not in another persons shoe we tend to see all the solution or what we would do etc,and when we do get into that same situation we probably would keep going back to our tormentor.Travis was a big bully and he knew Jodi loved him while he wasn’t into any thing other than having secret sexual encounter with her.She tried to break away and he came up with some thing to drew her right back.She tried to date others and he pretty much forbade her to do so because if she date others he wouldn’t be able to sleep with her.I believe Jodi about him jacking off on a kiddie picture and we heard his comment in that sex tape where he said Jodi sound like twelve years old having an orgasm.If he has never been with a child or what ever how the hell would he know what that sound like.only pervert make sexual reference to a child.Travis is to be blame for what happened to him,he act openly like Jodi was the stalker and always wanting to be around him while in secret he is treating her like his personal sex toy.Now because of that all his friends or saying all these things because they are going along with what Travis told them.Travis was a sexual deviant and God doesn’t like ugly,he was acting like he was a committed follower of the Mormon Faith while he was living another life.I wish Jodi had stayed away from him and understand that he would never marry her and she meant nothing to him.Since he was hiding his secret life from the Mormons,what Jodi should have done is send all of those sexual pictures and sexual texts to the elders of the Church and i am sure that would have sink his boat,one they would kick him out of the church and that would have hurt him more.I firmly believe that might have been the subject on that day and he lash out at Jodi and Jodi stood up to him,My biggest fear in this Trial is the gun,how did the gun came into play.
      I do not know much about that church, are they the same as the Latter day Saints?.if so i am not surprise about Travis making reference to a child in his sex play,is it the same church where they marry teenage girls to grown men?. Travis was a bastard.what kind of mentor was he to Jodi he should be teaching the proper things instead he was all about sex.I know there are other women he must have treated the same way,only difference is that they are hiding it and not want to speak up because they are all wolf in sheep clothing and if the Church get a rift of it they will be kick out.I know for one if i was a part of the Jury i would stick to a not guilty plea.I think this should be call a crime of passion.I hope she will not be sent to death row.Frankly Travis got what was coming to him he is very much at fault for every thing.And i so dislike Nancy Grace and the way she keep trashing Jodi nightly on her show.I wonder when she was a prosecutor how many people she might send to jail because of her personal belief,she already declare Jodi guilty without even listening to the closing argument or the verdict

  17. Hi all,

    I have enjoyed reading your comments here. I have visited some of the facebook pages where all I read was vulgar expressions of hate for Jodi Arias. Some of the posters here have put some thought into the replies and that is refreshing. Hate is the enemy of reason.

    I am a retired social worker and have dealt with women who have been abused in every way possible to every degree known. I am convinced Jodi’s claims are valid in regard to sexual and psychological abuse. The physical abuse should have been documented by photographs or doctor’s visits and I do so wish she had followed through. It would have placed a huge dent in the state’s case against her. “If only” and it is too late for that now.

    As I watched person after person testify that Jodi was quiet and somewhat shy in her interactions with others, I realized she internalized all those negative comments Mr. Alexander made to her. She never confronted him about the way he made her FEEL. And that feeling was that he did not give a flip about her except for secret sexual rendezvous. It gets so complicated (and difficult for men to relate) when the woman enjoys the sexual activity in these type circumstances. Women unknowingly link the sexual act to emotion. The brain translation is more or less, “He loves me” and women reconcile the confusion somehow.

    Jodi’s personality was not one to be loud and displeasing apparently. I likened her to a vessel that held all it could and finally exploded in a hurtful rage. She let it all go and now is in a fight for her own life in the court. I think it is a disgrace how other women have jumped on the wagon of name calling. For whatever the reason, behaving as a Christian and being a Mormon seem to be in conflict.

    When I was much younger, it always bothered me that women in our cases valued themselves so little until I gained knowledge and opened up my mind enough to understand that some women do not FEEL they deserve any better. The reasons for that are too many to list, but Jodi’s behavior is pretty much textbook. (Although, most women do not kill )

    In my opinion, SHE deserved much better than what she settled for from Mr. Alexander. He was so full of himself, but he wasn’t invincible. And he was not SPECIAL, he was just a guy who wanted what he wanted when he wanted it. Jodi Arias didn’t matter at all to him.

    Just my opinion.

  18. Transcripts of the audio prove Travis had serious demons. Alexander: “The way you moan, baby, it sounds like — it sounds like you are this 12-year-old girl having her first orgasm. It`s so hot.”…that excerpt is sick and disturbing, to say the least. The fact Travis associates Jodi’s moans with a 12 yr old having her first orgasm is disturbing enough; the fact he thinks it’s “hot” puts him on a higher echelon of perversion. Evil

  19. All I can say is that if anyone was obsessed and had rage problems, it was Travis. The texts and emails (many sent in the middle of the night) are clear proof of that… he was a powder keg and a control freak, which makes perfect sense in light of his childhood. Kids who are subjected to severe neglect and abuse more often than not evolve into adults with serious psychological problems. Travis sounds like a raging narcissist, and Jodi was the target and depository for his rage. He probably spent most of his childhood feeling powerless… Jodi was the perfect partner whom he could overpower, control, abuse, and generally use in order to garner a sense of importance. Frankly the guy sounds like a complete ass. So vain, so full of himself, so egotistical, and SO phony.

    I am not saying that what Jodi did was right, but can any of us really understand what it feels like to accumulate that much shame and humiliation? At some point something needs to give. I am tired of all the smug pundits saying that there is no evidence of physical abuse. Psychological abuse is every bit as damaging as punches and bruises, probably worse. I see Travis as someone like the leader of a cult, and she was his number one disciple. And he certainly wanted it that way. Do we blame the followers of Jim Jones for killing themselves with cyanide? Jim Jones didn’t punch or kick all the members of his cult, but he persuaded almost every single one to murder themselves and their own children through sustained, systematic psychological persuasion. They worshipped the man, enthusiastically, much like Jodi seemed to worship Travis at times. Mind control and brainwashing are powerful tools. If anyone would know, it would be Travis–who likely got lots of practice as a Mormon and a pyramid sales guy and motivational speaker.

    Sorry Travis. It’s not right what happened to the guy. But his holier than thou Mormon persona was phony at best, evil at worst. It’s called KARMA.

  20. Karma will get you and that what got Travis,i am not sorry for him in the least,a lot of people are like that both female and male they treat others with disrespect behind close door and in public they have a different kind of personality and then when some one speak badly of them every one comes to their defense because they never show their true color in public.When his friends told him he can’t come around if Jodi is with him,what did Travis do, he openly belittle Jodi but in secret he was doing all these bad things.Frankly Travis got what was coming to him and this should be a lesson to others who like to use people as their foot stool,play with their emotion and think it is okay.
    We can clearly see that Jodi did care for him and of course i don’t know what her life was like when she met Travis and possible all of that make her feel like here is a guy who cares for her,not knowing that he was just after one thing.Very quickly he get her into the Mormon cult and spin his web and have her thinking all of these things.She gave up her life with that other guy all because Travis was the devil showing her how life would be for her if she does this or that,when all along his motive wasn’t pure.He is a dirty dog and his own lies came back to haunt him and that is why he is where he is now..Most likely in hell where he belong.I guess if he was reading the real bible and not what that Joseph Smith guy who they worship as a prophet he would have realize that the Bible said “Be sure your sins will find you out” “What you do in darkness will surely comes to light”. My biggest regret is that he isn’t alive to face all this shame i wonder what those Mormons would say or think of him..Perhaps if Travis was not hiding behind the Mormon cult and living this kind of life style as in the way he treats women some one else would have do him in already..I am only sorry that Jodi who i firmly believe got caught up into Travis lies and couldn’t seem to stay the hell away from him.Travis was an over grown bully and now he is in shut eye town and he wont be able to do that to another living person ever.I wonder if by some chance he had live and he had to face all his nude and disgusting pictures and that sex tape how would he defend it..then his friends and all the deacons in the church would know that he was the devil advocate and he wasn’t a true follower of the Mormon cult and their teaching.I swear if i could zap Nancy Grace to hell i would do so with out blinking my eye,she makes me so sick.I wonder if her daughter ever get into a situation like this and it was the same as Jodi would she agree and defend her daughter or take up for the person who treat her daughter like dirt..I am sticking with Jodi regardless of the out come…

  21. Read “The God Makers,” for more truths than, you’ll want to handle…. and, you’ll get a perspective, that’s beibg concealed… Anderson / Alexander exacling parallels, for, Quasireligious, eternal soul saving, heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, murder / suicide. Subpoena the bishop, and, watch him lie out of the socalled, “secret,” blood atonement, doctrine, and, covenant… covering, Travis’s church ritual, killing… Refer back to, previous, explanations, in these sites… Edgrrr…

  22. The first I heard of Jodi Arias during the Conrad Murray trial, where he was held responsible for the death of Michael Jackson on HLN News. Vinnie was talking about an upcoming trial of Jodi Arias charged for the death of Travis Alexander. He said she was facing the death penalty. Then he played a clip of her singing “O’ Holy Night. I listened and she has such a beautiful voice. He said she WON this contest and something about her winning a dinner and she shared it with her cell mates. That left quite an impression. Then it was announced there was a delay in the trial and I never followed her case until a friend told me there was this Mormon girl etc and I should check this trial out. My son is a Mormon convert who was sucked into the Mormon club at age 18 and married at age 19. I could go on an on about how his life is directed by orders. His relationship with me was totally broken. What I am saying is I can relate to this club(cult) and I’m not part of it. I believe in Jodi. She has touched my heart and I cannot believe that she could murder anyone out of the blue. She must have really snapped on that day and totally blacked out all what transpired when she killed in self defense. Now she is being cross examined by a type A prosecutor and I am so proud she is holding her own against Juan Martinez’s bullying and all his questions talking almost as fast as an auctioneer to trap Jodi. Jodi, be strong and just know that I believe in you and I speculate that others do to but are afraid to admit it. We at TEAM JODI truly love and support you. May your angels hover and protect you…please call upon them and they will surround you in the highest of love.

  23. This case is simply amazing. I have so many thoughts on it. I am so glad that I am not on the jury. There really is only one person that knows what REALLY happened behind closed doors and it’s JODI! To make one additional comment – I cannot stand JUAN MARTINEZ. He is definitely one person that I would never sit down and have a beer with. What a jerk.

  24. I am not going to address the guilt or innocent issue. I just want to comment on the degadation of basic values in our country.Anyone who has watched the trial has to wonder about “presumed innocent until proven guilty”. All I have seen from the media and networks has been a “one sided” hammering of the case. These are the same people who feed the general knee jerk, unattentive masses what they want you to hear. Of course this explains why our country is in this political disarray and why we have become the laughing stock of much of the world. Once the media decides how they want us to think, they just pour it on. If Jodi was a media “darling” the case would have been down played and covered up.This could be anyone of us on trial.

  25. I believe Jodi snapped and blacked out when she killed Travis (sick jerk) . I was raped at 17 by my husband’s father before leaving to a wrestling tournament one Friday afternoon. My husband at that time was in a wrestling tournament and I was going to walk a couple of blocks to catch a ride one one of the wrestler’s mother. I can remember what I was wearing and exactly what happened when he threw me on the ground had me pinned holding both of my forearms and trying to kiss me as I turned my face from left to right. What happened after that I can’t remember for the life of me. I just remember arriving into the parking lot of the high school the tournament was being held at and informing my husband what had occurred earlier. Of coarse my own husband didn’t believe me and said I was exaggerating. I didn’t have a family to turn to so I stayed in this toxic and sick environment.

    When a traumatic experience happens to someone they do blackout and I wish I could testify to that. I experience an event and live with it until this day. This happened to me in 1979 and I still can’t remember that gap of my black out, so Mr. Prosecutor, Nancy Grace, Jane Velez, Dr. Drew, and all the other bias Media need to shut up. If you have never experience a traumatic situation personally then keep your mouth shut because you don’t know. Furthermore, Nancy Grace experience where her one time ex fiancé got murdered is not the same! The individual has to experience this traumatic experience to have a black out.

    I feel the defendants lawyer needs to object more when the prosecutor keeps badgering her or basically put -ting words in her mouth about the actual killing. If she doesn’t remember she doesn’t remember and the judge needs to do her job and not side with the prosecutor.

    I know it isn’t right to kill anyone, but when someone is calling you names in which he did to her over the phone to her face, to his friends, and to his Mormon groupies and attacks her then I do believe she fought for her life. Think of this why wouldn’t he hurt her physically he was already mentally tormenting her and he had no emotionally true sincere feelings for Jodi. He was a prejudice jerk just like the court system here in Arizona! If anyone remembers one day this week Jodi was not provided lunch at the Sheriff’s holding cell if anyone remembers the Sheriff in Phoenix is a prejudice jerk and I wouldn’t doubt if he is a member of the KKK and well as the Gov. Brewer.

    I believe Jodi cannot and will not get a fair trail here in this prejudice state of Arizona! First of all she s Hispanic and he’s a white man! Talk about lie after lie Travis and his buddies did that for a living, lazy to work for a living and stating they are so pure and innocent I believe not!

  26. I am glad there is a site like this as I do believe there are always more than one version of events. And the mass media looks like a lynch mob right now so I am sure Jodi needs friends and supporters.
    And I think everyone should be presumed innocent until proven guilty-something Nancy Grace and other self-serving demogogues do not seem to understand.
    I find it odd that a body can sit in a house for nearly a week in sunny Arizona in the month of June and room mates sense nothing. I find it odd one small woman can do that much damage and then drag a wet body up and down the hallway-all by herself. I find it odd there is no mention of the contents of TA’s computer-maybe it was mentioned in court and the mass media decided to stay away that day (because it might tarnish the image of a supposed “good Christian man”) Or maybe it was discussed at length unbeknowst to me.
    I did notice when I googled TA’s company that the history on wikipedia for that company is primarilty run-ins with the law!
    And I cannot seem to find info on TA’s weight and height-he looks kind of short but he looks heavy too.
    I cannot but think that more than one person killed this man-unless it was one person who delivered the fatal blows after TA ran around the bedroom bleeding profusely and then slumped into the shower by himself.
    Anyway, the corporate media coverage looks very unfair. I hope the trial system itself is not stacked like this against Jodi.

  27. So glad I found this site. I don’t watch TV much and when I flipped to a channel with Nancy Grace et al, I was appalled at the hate and venom that was projected to the extent that it made me stop to listen to what was going on.

    Low and behold it was the trial coverage of Jodi. Well, at the time, they were flashing photos of both Jodi and Travis and MY first thought, before even knowing the details of what was going on, was that, wow, that guy looks creepy. I was assuming that HE was the perp and NOT Jodi until I listened more closely and learned about the entire scenerioi!!

    He (Travis) projects pure creepiness visually and as I learned more and more of the ‘facts’ (albeit from the skewed coverage of pro Travis, the MORE I believed TRAVIS was the creep and ultimate potential instigator of what ultimately happened, which is so unfortunate).

    Glad to see there are supporters here for Jodi… though far fewer than support for Travis overall out there in the media and online, unfortunately.

    Jodi is NOT a narsistic sociopath in my opinion, yet many that are supporting TRAVIS, believe SHE is. Most likely, THEY and Travis are, not Jodi! Such unfair coverage. Unprofessional, evil IMHO.

    G-d, I pray for those that are throwing stones and not opening their eyes and souls to the truth… Jodi is not used to projecting a ‘false’ image that would sway the general public toward her support because she appears to be a shy, subtle, easily manipulated person that goes with the flow and obviously was over powered and influenced into a deep emotional relationship with Travis and finally snapped under pressure and fear for her life. He IS, afterall, a self proclaimed motivational speaker, etc. He obviously new how to manipulate and Jodi was an easy target.

    She is beautiful IMO and for him to belittle her in her appearance, for example, is another indication of his manipulation. She could have done so much better. I believe she must suffer at least from a very low self esteem to have fallen so deeply for such a sociopathic manipulator, Travis.

    Even the footage filmed by Travis’s “friends” portraying Travis retelling some story about being held up illustrate his need for being the center of attention. Nancy Grace, and the other so-called “experts” were saying that Travis’s friend’s body language were showing an angst against Jodi… if you see the video coverage, actually, THEY looked BORED with Travis and were showing body language more proabably toward HIM and his ridiculoous (sp) story versus against Jodi’s sleepy nature while he was telling his “story”. The so-called friends of his were looking as sleepy as Jodi!!! How crazy . Another thing is, how is an internest, “Dr. Drew” a supposed medical expert qualified to judge behavior of Jody. He should be in a medical office tending to physical needs of patients and NOT judging people’s mental well being. What a scam. Some people, such as him and the other so-called overly paid “experts” will apparently do anything for money and media coverage and the more they succeed in both, the more they will do, I suppose. Very despicable.

    I hope Jodi prevails and also gets support and help so that she is not victimized again in the future; it is, overall a tragedy for all concerned… each and every one.
    So sad.

  28. I support Jodi Arias. She does not deserve the death penalty. She will spend many years in jail. There she will find her calling helping and supporting other women and become a Martyr to those in need of guidance. Travis Alexander was a misogynist who hated women manifested by his abandonment of his drug addicted mother. He called women whores even using the term on his MySpace homepage without shame . Jodi Arias is guilty of killing a man who used psychological warfare and messed with her head so cruelly that she slit his throat because she saw no way out of his web of deception and betrayal weaved in with the fear of God.

  29. I have been so glued on this trial and have so many conflicting feelings and opinions on it. I don’t think anyone should die the way travis did, but on the other hand, I can totally see that he seemed like an arrogant obnoxious ass. yeah I feel sorry for him that hes dead, but the harsh reality is, if he were alive today he would not be a person I woiuld admire, respect, or be attracted to. I cannot understand why she threw her life away on this guy. the thing that really irriates me is how they try to analyze her actions on dr. drew and nancy…like that stupid video of him being held up and they are like ‘oh she seem so uncaring and bored’….if I had my guess, the attention whore he seemed to be, she probably heard that story a hundred times already, was bored of it, not to mention tired. I can stand his smug grins in all his photos like he thinks he is some sort of god bc an attractive woman is in a ;photo with him. seriously? the guy was average looking IF that…im sick of the media portraying him as some type of angel.

  30. I lived in Salt Lake City for a few years, and it was obvious that the Mormons there were complete hypocritical douches. They would stab you in the back in a second, lie, and blow you off.
    Honestly, they all seemed to have mental problems.

    Travis Alexander was a complete dick and I can totally understand why Jodi had to defend herself.

  31. MORmONISM is a cult that needs to be elliminated. They are deeply in involved with politics putting them in violation of laws that give them tax-exempt status. They need to lose this and move to Siberia.

  32. Dear Jodi,
    You are not alone and never will be if you keep Jesus’ promises in your heart.
    There are many people who have taken the time to deeply think of your WHOLE
    story….All of it, and are understanding of you.
    Hang in there, girl….. you have been chosen to battle a huge adversary, but
    you will never be alone!
    Take very good care of yourself now. You are worth it.

  33. I am against murder HOWEVER that Travis had the face of a jerk and a wiseguy.
    Look at:
    1) The ‘eyebrows up’ photo as if he was some big shot CEO ( jerk!)
    2) The photo where he is sitting and has his hands up and folded – I think that long mango face jerk seemed to think he was Prince Harry! (you know classy, handsome, elegant, well bred, came from old money, Eton and Oxford educated and charismatic as an angel).

  34. Women say that Travis HAD deep thoughts. What such women are referring to is the size of Travis manhood which the women that he swooned thought of him as being a deep thinker because of how large he was. Such women think that because a man is large means that they musts have deep and great thoughts. Not true really as the size of a man’s hood is irrelevant due to the simple fact that Travis would have only used such greatness a few moments of everyday. How does a few moments everyday make a man great? Such short moments are not great because such thoughts do not last longer than an hour at most. If Travis Alexander was so great then he would have realized that his manhood was only a tool to create life. A tool that unlike the brain is not used every second of the day. If Travis had actually been great like the books he had around him which were merely nothing more than fancy lures to draw less educated women to him that perceived him as being great then Travis would have known that great men do not engage in sexual dialogue with a woman calling her a skank, a three holed wonder as well thinking of Jodi as a 12 year old little girl having her first orgasm the Travis not only thought was sexually arousing but in fact made the comment that he liked jerking off to the notion of raping Jodi sometimes upto three times a day. Here is the kicker though. Travis said that the wanted to kill himself. Why? Because he knew Jodi had recorded the conversation pertaining to Jodi’s moaning sounding like a 12 year old little girl. A conversation that Travis knew would destroy his career if It ever got out. What I think happened is this. Jodi wanted Travis to get help with his pedophilia that is why she kept after him. She knew that if she didn’t make him get him help that he might actually commit an act of pedophilia with a young girl that would come back on her because Jodi knew and had recorded the conversation involving the 12 year old little girl comment. Travis on the other hand could not even allow himself to get help professionally because then everyone around Travis would have found out about his sexual fantasies that would have ruined him. Travis said that he wanted to commit suicide. According to religious belief if a person commits suicide for any reason that they are sent to hell. This is the reason why Travis could not kill himself because he didn’t want to go to hell. But if Travis was killed then according to belief any and all sins are cleansed prior to entering heaven. Travis therefore continued to demean Jodi by abusing her like he did both sexually and emotionally so that Jodi would lose her grip and kill him after he had abused her so much that Jodi could no longer take the abuse. In this case I you have been watching the case Travis has been painted to be this perfect little angle even though his pedophilic conversation says otherwise while Jodi has been painted this horrific demon. Basically Travis incited Jodi to kill him so that his sins of being a pedophile would be washed away after his death while the demon that was chasing him because of his sexual fantasies would instead go after Jodi Arias during her trial while Travis silently slipped into heaven after his death………..Not so fast Travis. Marines guard that gate.

  35. I’ll tell you what swung me to Jodi’s side. The part in the phone recording where Jodi says “What are we going to do with ourselves…we are a couple of horny toads.” She is clearly trying to tell him “Hey, can you STOP being a sex-obsessed perv who makes pedophilic comments about me and can we have a REAL relationship?!” It’s obvious she wanted to have a legit realtionship with the man and was trying, she probably convinced herself that he was who he portrayed. I am a man and it disgusts me the way he used Jodi as a sexual outlet. I absolutely can’t stand his smug demeanor. T-dogg…pfffft, what a bunch of bullshit.

    Travis had an abusive childhood and although he was a motivational speaker (jesus, is there a profession more attractive to hypocritical sociopaths than motivational speaker for a MLM schemes?) he had NOT conquered his demons the way he loved to portray. He was not at all what he seemed and Travis used women, especially Jodi, as an outlet for his anger.

    Travis Alexander was a smug, womanizing sociopath. Although death shouldn’t be the punishment for that, he sure as hell is not in the least bit the angel he is made out to be.

    What really gets me worked up about this is that I believe Jodi is a person with integrity and a good heart, and she got pushed too far by Travis, who was an intelligent but highly emotionally abusive man who hated women. I mean, the pages and pages of horribly cruel insults that he messaged her – it’s disgusting. It gives me a lot of insight into people that buy into the hypocritical charade put on by Travis.

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