Travis Alexander: Mr Perfect? Not really…

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All his finger-pointing Muppet friends still think the sun shines out of his ass (and let’s face facts, they’ve probably seen it enough times to know).

But in the cold light of day, TA is best described as follows:

Motivational speaker, body builder, ex-wrestler, offspring of meth addicts, pedophile, all-round philandering Mormon pervert – and a bad tempered bastard to boot.

Yeah. Read that last bit again if you missed it.



  1. You forgot misogynist and racist.

    In one of his Myspace profile pictures he was standing next to a young and pretty Latina and the caption said something like “This little filly is the only reason there shouldn’t be a wall between here and Mexico.”

    • I don’t get the impression that he was a very nice or very good person. He didn’t deserve to die in the manner that he did, but his friends/family need to stop pushing the “he was an innocent virgin until big bad slut Jodi came along” angle. It’s ludicrous. He wasn’t a saint. No one is.

        • Kira,

          Oh that’s incredible. I have to remember that one.

          My favorite one (unrelated to the discussion at hand) is:

          Conservatism, is the worship of dead revolutions.

    • Yep. He was an abusive jerk and trust me, relationships like that do mess with one’s mind enough to require therapy or help in order not to repeat the patterns when leaving one relationship to the next. He may not have “deserved to die” as everyone says, but he isn’t any less of a putz because he’s dead.

      • Ok, so I have to say this:

        I didn’t/don’t know either party personally. Unless you did/do, try to avoid a bad case of Confirmation Bias based on “intuition.” It takes a bit of mental discipline and perhaps some cynicism about our justice system. Always keep in mind what the mission is for both sides: to win.

        Here’s the deal ( & prepare for some reality-based cynicism here): it does not matter what’s true or just, it only matters what gets into evidence & what those 12 jurors believe as a result & then decide.

        This jury is dominated by older males. Anyone want to theorize on what they think of the “relationship?”

        • Actually, I read there is one young male on the jury too. I would theorize the older men would relate to the stalker persona, they may have sons who have been in relationships they would consider stalkerish. Men would also be more quick to disregard the abuse as excuse defense and focus more on pics and evidence ( like you said) while leaving emotion out of it.

          Nevertheless, all it takes is one man, to have an understanding of abuse ( my husband would due to my past) or a daughter who had been in a convoluted relationship to sway them more toward the defense theory that Jodi was defending herself.

          What do you think the female jurors will think Jason?

          • i am very sympathetic to those who are abused. It could be my sister or daughter. Abuse does things to people. I always stick up for Casey and I stick up for Jodi too. You should never be hit or mistreated by the one you love. Jodi loved Travis.

          • I’d love to know the demographics of the jury &, especially the women since there are so few on the jury. If they (the females) had a history of abuse in their lives (& admitted it on vior dire), I think they would’ve been struck from the pool. If they are elderly, I think all the sex stuff will turn them off to both parties, but especially JA. Many older folks come from the “boys will be boys” generation.

          • CJ, you stereotype men in your post. The pics ARE emotional. Contrary to what our patriarchal western culture has indoctrinated, men are just as emo as women & women as logical as men.

      • I’ve met guys like that..they arnt happy unless they can “tear a woman down” and make them feel like a pos . they are pretty much asking for a female to go off on them.and “abe” is a jerkoff…lol..he needs to shut up.

    • He struck me as a pervert from way back his family says he was a good man they did not know his dark side . Before he was stabbed he made her have anal sex that is not a normal sex act. If you ask me he got what he deserved . She should not get the death penalty. I wish I was on jury she would have had a hung jury

  2. If these character defects ( or others) warrant killing someone over, most humans are in deep trouble. I’m not saying the guy wasn’t a dirtbag, but modern juries don’t fall for this strategy as often as they used to. It could backfire.

    • I think what makes his behavior more abusive is the fact that he was acting like he was a devout Mormon while engaging in behavior that a lot of men wouldn’t consider Mormon or not.

      • Yes. He was absolutely a hypocrite and likely told Jodi that she wasn’t good enough for his Mormon lifestyle, but she was just fine for a little side action.

        • Yep. I think the whole “double-life” aspect is the red flag that he was very abusive to her and that the DV expert will expound on that. For Fsakes, he baptized her which hardly makes him similar to most men as far as his behavior with her went.

          As far as the prosecutor, I think he failed to deliver on one aspect of opening. He characterized Travis as a very upstanding man caught up with some fatal attraction. One would think after opening, that Travis hadn’t talked to Jodi but on a very superficial, ‘please leave me alone’ kind of way for quite some time before the murder. Yet we hear evidence of him calling her a slut, whore, stalker to his friends, while having sex with her by phone and in person up until the day of the murder. The prosecutor would have been better served to present Travis as a man who was unfailingly human and admitting that Travis was in a tumultuous relationship upfront.

        • I’m just going to throw something in here: I think it is funny how often him being “Mormon” has been thrown in here. Just because he was LDS doesn’t make him the “perfect” human, or a devil for making mistakes. I am a proud member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints myself, (also known as “Mormons”), but that doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes. We are all human after all. Also, he may have baptised her, i’m not clear on that, but someone would have also have had to confirm her, And, she would have had to have been interviewed by the bishop of her ward before being baptised, where said bishop would ask her questions in order to ensure she was making the right decision for her, and not doing it for the wrong reasons. reasons such, as doing it just for Travis.

          • Nick, I can confirm that Travis baptized Jodi because I’ve seen it reported on multiple news shows accompanied by a group baptism photo of the event where everyone was wearing white robes with Travis and Jodi front and center. I’ve never heard anything mentioned about a confirmation being performed. Travis and Jodi stopped dating seriously after 5 months though, with the relationship morphing into a friends with benefits situation beyond that, so apparently they parted ways spiritually too once Travis determined that Jodi wasn’t the woman he wanted to spend his life with.

          • So if she were confirmed, and the bishop is divinely inspired by God – according to the tenants of your faith – then Jodi joining the church was a good faith attempt to be a devout Mormon right?

          • why is travis sister telling the media that he was such a wonderful person and an inspiration and she now wants to be a better person?
            I know we are all flawed but honestly the Alexander family are trying to paint things black and white and we know that is not the truth. The more I find out about Travis I actually like him less.

  3. Yes they did. Crude forgeries at that, apparently. That’s why they were excluded from being entered into evidence.

    • Do authorities know who wrote them? The logical (?) assumption is Jodi I know based on her allegations against Travis, but I’m curious whether a specific author has been positively identified.

      • I thought the same. Even though the prosecution technically won this by preventing their admission into evidence, had they been introduced and then found to be forgeries, it would have been hard not to think that Jodi did it to create an artificial monster to bolster her self-defense claim credibility.

      • Sorry to but in,

        The chatter is that Jodi had cellmate who brought the letters out of the jail when she left. But to me, that sounds like a very convenient excuse ie. blaming it on another inmate.

      • Even if “proven” forged, the letters could still be a risk to the DA. Some jurors may think they were legit since most experts under x-exam won’t say that they are 100% sure. Even if they said they were 99% sure, that leaves a possibility, however slim, for the defense to use. Given that the D is using a character assassination strategy, it could be used to bolster their case.

    • Jason,

      Didn’t she pass a polygraph about the letters? Or a polygraph about something? And didn’t she try and have it entered but the court refused as polygraphs aren’t admissible?

  4. I, too, am sick of them painting TA as a devout Mormon who could do no wrong. The man was having premarital sex, which is second in seriousness only to murder in the LDS church. I would say the reason why TA kept what he and JA were doing a secret from his friends is because he might have been excommunicated or defellowshipped out of the church.

    Further, he portrayed a person who was so “Godly” and upstanding, while he was leading a double life. It certainly shoots his credibility and the ability to make a living as a motivational speaker if he is seen as anything other than a “boy scout” and someone who triumphed over the evil done to him as a child.

    And, I have no doubt that he was abusive to JA on an emotional level. It’s clear to me by reading his MySpace posts and comments on her pictures that he was jealous and possessive.

    I dated a guy like him. He was cheating on me and then tried to make it look like I was “crazy” for thinking that he was. It really messes with your head. While I do not condone what JA did, I can certainly understand it.

    • Really? You understand 28 stab wounds, throat slashing, and a gunshot to the face? Your relationship you mentioned must have been profoundly abusive, not simply messing w/ your head. I’m sorry that happened to you, but plz don’t kill anyone over it.

      Also, I think his friends (especially the males) knew the sexual nature of the relationship. Boys talk.

      • of course boys talk and Travis did talk that is why the media knew about so much of the relationship between travis and Jodi. But from the initial 911 call the friends were saying she was a stalker. The reason was because Travis had told them this. I read a few stories before the trial and I did think she was a stalker. Then when I heard there were 82000 emails i realised he had manipulated her image to his friends. She had to be the “tarred and feathered” one so he could remain pure.

    • Again, I believe there is a positive correlation between hypocrisy and “devout” or overt religious affiliation and behavior regardless of religion.

    • Thanks for sharing Nicole. I think many of us have experienced some of what Jodi endured. Crazy making is part of the cycle just like you described.

  5. I for one would like to know how the camera took a pic of JA dragging TA body. Did someone set the self-timer? Did someone drop it so that it landed on the “button” which allows a pic to be taken. I am just really interested in knowing. I just find it odd about the “pic”. And does the pic really exist?

    • yes it does exist. maybe there is an auto setting on the camera. everything is press button now so maybe when it was dropped it accidentally hit the auto button.

  6. Honestly I got kicked off another site for expressing my opinions because
    everyone is trained to hate Jodi and think because they watch CSI that they
    are psychologists capable of diagnosing mental illness.

    My honest opinion is that Jodi had her head played with. I don’t think
    there was physical abuse but mental and sexual
    abuse can be just as psychologically damaging.
    Self defense this was not but lashing out from that
    pain and manipulation is likely. The gun being ” stolen”
    is the only thing I see at all pointing to premeditation.
    I honestly do not think she dropped the camera but maybe
    he told her how much of a whore she was or something
    else that put everything on her. He may not
    have deserved death but I think people wanna believe
    he was way better and she was way worse than they truly were

    • I think that afternoon they were role playing. She had her hair in a style like a young girl. I think there might be some basis to the letters even though they were found to be fraudulent. The letters claim he was a pedophile. I think the game that day was kidnapping a young teen girl at knife/gunpoint.

      • Responding to Bill’s comment about the role playing … If that is what they were role playing .. It’s possible Travis was potentially practicing to be a psychopath. Ironic twist.

    • I got kicked off death space by just trying to present both sides and analyse things critically……they’re like zombies over there.

      • Yeah, I thought that they’d be more open-minded when I started reading over there, but no. They’re just like Websleuths and JusticeQuest – amateur CSI-types who are incapable of critical thinking. They throw emoticons around, use the word “sociopath” like it’s going out of style, and drool over prosecutors. Hang out here!

  7. Here is what I think…I think the guy was a player…he was trying to portray this perfect mormonesque non existent world where in front of his friends and family he was one person and when he was with a girl he was someone else. Basically he was living a double life…he had a girlfriend for almost half a year that his friends didnt know his family didnt know and it seemed to me he was hiding his relationship to a certain extent…she goes out of her way to try and make him happy…becomes a blonde tries to look white, then gets baptized to please him…then they have some issues they BOTH cheat, and it seems its o.k. for him to do it but, the fact that she did it means he can call her all kinds of absurd names…in texts to others its very clear she is saying he was cheating on her and so she did too, then he kept calling her for a booty call. If she is a “stalker” why does he keep sleeping with her? I think he led her on like a player does and when she called him out on it he got mad an argument happened and she snapped. He kept wanting to sleep with her and made her feel like they still had a chance when in fact his only intention was to be a typical serial cheater…he was now sleeping with his ex girlfriend while he supposedly has a new one…Im sorry it’s too funny for words. While he didn’t deserve to die for being a typical pervert….it may have mentally and emotionally damaged her. You can only mess with the mind of any person so much before something bad happens.

  8. I think that the slitting of the throat from ear to ear, the gunshot to the forehead and the 27 stab wounds was Jodi’s way of making sure that this piece of shit didn’t do what he has to done to her to anyone else. Kudo’s to her for “defending” all women that may have come across his path!

    • I’m pretty sure she’d have been thinking of saving herself in those frantic moments….before thinking about saving all the other women he might abuse in the future.

  9. Hello to everyone….after watching the Casey Anthony Trial, I learned so much about the justic or unjust system. Evidence held back by prosecutors did not make me a true believer in our JUSTICE SYSTEM: in fact I began to mistrust proscutors and defense attorneys to no end. We are all human at the end of the day…some people are liars no matter what position they hold…and yes, law enforcement can lie on their legal documents and not think twice about it. Jodi has many secrets in her life that i’m sure we will never know about, but…Travis did also. We will never know all of his secrets. I wish he had not suffered the horrible death that he did, but….it is possible to drive people crazy. And, physical abuse is a sure fire shot at someone’s already shaky mental state. I feel that Jodi suffered so much, perhaps from other men who abused her also, and unfortunatly it was Travis that she chose to get her revenge on. Just thinking. I just don’t see how she could physically drag a large males body up and down a hall like Nancy Grace is claiming in her death dream. She is the reason that I decided that Casey Anthony was innocent. Thanks Nancy Grace that you can sit up on your high chair and laugh at the DEATH PENALTY…while family members are suffering. She does it all the time. Shame, Shame, Shame on you Nancy Grace.

  10. What a sad damn shame, a beautiful girl wasted her life on this Man. By looking at her pictures on her My Space she had a lot of friends and family. So much to just turn her back and walk a way for. Why didn’t she? I just don’t get it. No one is worth this.

  11. Jodi is my sister. I just want to say that she is the most amazing person I have ever had in my life! she is the only person I could ever trust with all of my secrets. I just want to let all of you know that she has a lot of people who love her. I hear a lot of people saying that her family wont go public to defend her. it is not because we dont support her! it is because those news stations like to twist your words around and manipulate what you say into what you they think you mean. I would also like to put out there that Travis’s family or his friends who ever they are are horrible people!!!! I have gotten threatened repeatedly by his followers!! they even went to the length of calling my 2 year old daughter a cunt. they who ever they are threatened her life!! So I want to know how they are honoring Travis’s memory by threatening an innocent little girl?? I love my sister and that is all I have to say.

    • Angela,

      I believe you. Not all of the public is buying this stupid premeditated murder theory either. I have zero respect for these “friends” of Travis. I think they exploited this case for themselves. I believe they threatened you and called your daughter a name. They have no respect for women – that’s obvious.

      You are a good sister and family member and anyone who says otherwise, or that you SHOULDN’T stand by you sister needs their head examined.

      Jodi also has my support and the support of others.

    • Hi Angela,

      Thanks for posting. I’m so sorry for what you and your family are going through – you do NOT deserve to be harrassed by those horrible people. Rest assured that there are people out there who are paying attention to the facts of Jodi’s case rather than blindly swallowing all of the media garbage about premeditated murder.

      Best to you and your family; you have our support.

    • Angela, best wishes to you, your family, and Jodi.

      Please let Jodi know that not everyone believes the media hype and she does have people in the general public who support her also.

  12. I have followed this case closely since 2008 and now that the details are coming out, I think that Mr. Alexander was a scumbag and had no respect for the opposite sex. He viewed women as objects that could be used for his amusement. I have no doubt that if he had succeeded in finding someone he considered “wife material” and had actually married her, he would have never been faithful. In Jodi Arias, I see someone crying out for someone to love her and unfortunately, she equated sex with love which is very typical of someone who endured abuse as a child. Travis Alexander preyed on her and took advantage of someone who was very fragile and vunerable. The fact that a human being lost his life in a very violent way is sad and tragic however, he was obviously into playing manipulative mind games and human beings can only be pushed so far until something snaps. As for his friends and family saying that he was “stalked”…PLEASE…you don’t keep calling your stalker…that is ridiculous! Oh, and one last thing….calling an innocent two year the c-word is outrageous and there is a very special place in Hell reserved for someone like that. My thoughts go out to Ms. Arias and her family.. Stay strong and have faith!!

  13. What woman hasnt been treated like crap by some idiot in her lifetime? Guys like this are unfortunatly all too common these days.

  14. To elaborate on the “stalker comment” – who asks their stalker to clean their house twice a week
    and who borrows money from their stalker, money she can ill afford to part with?

    Jodie Arias was not a shalker

  15. The slash tire incident along with the warning email about whoredom might not have been Jodi, they very well could have been done by the boyfriend of one of the girls Travis was “dating” at the time.

  16. one less misogynist in the world… no great loss

    The guy obviously targeted her for her submissive and willing-to-please persona. He converts her to Mormonism, apparently as a ruse for anal sex… (Mormons are great at compartmentalizing).. he wants her to help him forget little boys .. apparently as another ruse for anal sex. It’s all about his fantasies and his B.S. isn’t it?

    In his wildest fantasy, I doubt he ever dreamed she had this kind of a backbone and would one day kill him. Let this be a lesson to other perverts out there… mess with anyone’s mind, and anything can happen.

    I believe Jodi.. all she’s got left is the truth and she’s telling it all,
    “ooor Travis” — I think NOT.
    You got what you begged for!

    • His myspace account says he likes money, power and women. What kind of a mormon is that anyway? He hid as a mormon so people believed his bull crap about his multi level marketing pyramid job so he could made cash, He was no motivational speaker, he was scamming people in pyramids. Thats all, he was successful at bullshitting people, thats all.

  17. TA sounds like a real dirt bag. No one deserves to die but Jodi certainly doesn’t deserve to be in jail for defending herself. Sounds like she had had enough of the abuse. From the evidence and what I’ve seen and heard in court so far it seems to me that TA was physically, emotionally and psychologically abusive to Jodi over a very long time. She had classic battered women’s syndrome. I bet he lured her in on that last day for the last time. Pulled his nice guy BS then started in with the abuse and attacked her. She had enough and defended herself. I bet she temporarily went insane. I hope Jodi can get through this trial, be acquitted and move on with her life and hopefully find some peace.

  18. Travis was a pig and eventually pigs go to slaughter.
    Here is an idea….Don’t act like a swine and you won’t end up like one.

  19. I think he died a horrible death and that’s very sad. But I’m not a Jodi Arias hater. I feel some kind of empathy for her, whether it’s justified or not I don’t know. I just can’t join Nancy Grace’s and Dr. Drew’s band wagon to crucify/stone her. It bothers me that those “media” types make their wealth off of these kind of cases. If love and peace ruled the world they would starve to death. But, getting back to Jodi and Travis, they’re both messed up people. She was wrong to use violence and lie. He kind of set his own table and should have been more careful in how he treated people (her, women in general). Well, to stop pussyfooting around it I’ll just come and and put it like this, I don’t like the guy. I don’t think she premeditated the 27 or so stabbings. She had a lot building up inside of her and she “went off” imo. A life sentence is the most she deserves, not the death penalty. It wasn’t like he was a baby or child that she merclessly murdered. He was a grown man playing chicken with someone else’s psyche.

  20. Hi there. I have been watching the trial from youtube. (I recently heard of all this due to the fact that I live in Greece and this story hadn’t reached here til recently). I would like to express my opinion:
    Although, no one deserves to die and I do not aplause what Jodi did to TA, I think for this woman to reach the point to do this, it must have been years of abuse (mostly mental abuse which does not leave scars we can see but those scars in the soul remain for ever). I think she snapped and believe her that when she realized what she had done it was too late to undo…
    Unfortunately, a woman with zero self esteem was facinated by this talker, that had her to his beg and call. I look at Jodi and wonder what makes a person with such beauty, intellegence and talent to not be able to have any self esteem… She too was a victim and of course – as I said previously – it doesn’t justify her actions. She should have walked away and seeked for help thru a therapist (god knows she sped hundreds on phone calls and trips to see him and so what…).
    I pray now that she does not get the death penalty because I believe that even in jail she will be able to make somthing of herself learning to use her talent to teach art to other inmates and maybe study in jail so some day she will be able to help other women with zero respect for themselves become strong and respectful of theirselves.
    Please send me an e-mail or an address (if there is any) and maybe I can send a letter to Jodi. It is scary believing you are alone against all the world. Jodi should know that there are people that judge her actions but support her for being human.
    Jodi hang in there.
    Sorry for my mistakes but my english vocabulary and spelling is not all that great!

  21. Of all the pictures I saw of T. Alexander he is never really smiling. I grew up in a Mormon family….you wouldn’t believe what goes on. I have no doubt that TA did bad things to Jodi. He is definitely a total dirt bag. She may not be innocent, but that guy is a f’n freak….just look at the photos of him and look in his eyes. Good that neither of them is roaming free….but the death penalty? He drove her to what she did with his abuse. Agree with the person above that if he thought her “wife” material, he would never have treated her the way he did. He was a misogynist, no doubt….have know a LOT of men like him. Total low-life scumbag.

  22. First- no one deserves to be murdered. That said, I think Travis was a loud mouth, living a double life. Showing his pious side to friends & family and treating women like dirt. Just the fact he lied to women about his virginity is strange. I think Jodi was abused emotionally and sexually. How much can anyone take?
    He was no saint.

  23. I keep hearing about he didn’t think Jodi was marriage material, but a pyramid sales man with meth addict parents isn’t the greatest catch either. I only heard from one of his ex girlfriends, and she said he asked her to marry him, but she didn’t want to.

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