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Check out this interesting post from another website.

Says it all really…

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“Kristen, I knew T Dogg long before your daughter or Mimi Hall ever did. He and I go way back. I will correct you on a number of things.

First off he was a victim of sexual assault as a young boy. Secondly, contrary to your belief Travis was devirginated by Deanna LONG before he met Jodi. Third, He was in fact struggling with porn since before his Mission.

One last thing, if Travis Bishop had known about his conduct, he would have been sent to the High Council for Excommunication. If he was “Repenting” he wouldn’t have been having sex with Jodi right before she killed him and he wouldn’t be on record as saying “I want to tie you to a tree and put it in your @$$.”

In short whatever you thought you knew about Travis is of course A LIE perpetuated by a group of clowns trying desperately to maintain a facade for a dead and dishonored A-Hole. The only liar in this whole mess is Travis. He disrespected himself, his faith, his girlfriends, and God.

As you know as a member of the Church, GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED. Travis was mocking him and paid for it. Travis was a fraud and it is time to face that stark reality! He is no hero and he is not worthy of the credit given him, in this life or the next. He died the mockers death at the hands of a woman he emotionally, physically, and sexually abused. He WAS NOT a Decent Man. A decent man would have grovelled on his knees for Jodi to forgive him and beg her marry him.

He was the scum of the earth and everything I despise in a “Jack Mormon”. Truth be known, Jodi saved Mimi Hall from loosing her virtue to the dirt bag. Jodi deserves a Medal of Honor instead of a trial.”

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  1. First……..

    I agree, Travis was a horny bastard who couldn’t get enough sex. He probably hassled Deanna for a long time before she finally put out, but I wonder if he lost his virginity to her or was there a long line of others before her. We will never know. I just know I have no use for these holier than thou, holy rollers who live their life one way and preach to the rest of us about the way we live ours. My ex-husbands family were all “Gospel Hall”followers which is a fundamentalist church that preaches hellfire and brimstone, but a bigger buncy of hypocrites you will never meet.

    All I know is that Travis destroyed Jodi’s life because whatever the verdict, even if found innocent, things are going to be very difficult for her for the rest of her life.

    • I would bet that Travis was “devirginated” long before Deanna. He’d have been in his mid-20s at that point, and I just don’t think he waited that long, despite the phony persona that he put forward. I still suspect that he visited prostitutes when he wanted his kinky urges fulfilled. That way, he could stay anonymous.

    • Need help here i have a few questions. While reading Flores report Zack states he did not work on that Wed. He also says he did laundry on the 4th at frist he thought he did laundry on the 7th but changed that to the 4th. So was he in and out of the house while all this was going on? And he did not see Jodis car? What time did Jodi leave there any one know? Thanks In Advance.

  2. SORRY sorry now that my excitement over being second has ended LOL I want to comment on the above post by saying OMG OMG OMG where is this person and can the defense call her. From all the classes I have taken and hands on exeperience working with troubled youth being sexually abused as a child is often a HUGE indicator in the male population for the victim turning into the victimiser. This would be a huge WIN for the defense. Is it to late for them to find this person?

    • The person signed the comment anon on that other site. They didn’t want to be known for obvious reasons. Their testimony would be considered major hearsay and ruled inadmissible. I notice with trials like this, for some reason, the people that knew the bad stuff, speak out AFTER the verdict.

      Casey had friend I vetted for my blog who came out and said everyone knew Casey had been molested in middle school. She used to cry on the bus on the way to school and her friends thought George was pervy. However, this friend did go to the cops as did others and were turned away during the investigation.

      I bet, some of these ppl have approached the cops to give a statement and were turned away. I don’t think people know to actually go straight to the defense team…

      • You know JC, it struck me that the person whoever it was that anonymously posted this on whatever site it was, sounds suspiciously like whoever sent Lisa that terrible email way back when. Do you think it is possible that someone had it in for TA? Or could it be that someone just posted this to get people going, having posted after DR was on the witness stand and admitted having sex with TA?

          • TruthSeeker 1111,

            You described me pretty well as it was I who wrote that. Due to the media onslaught of nonsense, people like myself that have something to say are unable to do so without fear of repercussions upon our livelihoods and families. Personally, I have a lot to say about “T Dogg”, “Travis”, “Travesty”, “Goofball” or whatever you want to call him. as he went by many names, especially in my home.

            I am around. I am watching, and I promise you and everyone else here, that IF Jodi gets convicted, I will have something to say at her Appeal Hearing.

            For me, I know that Jodi is suffering emotionally and contemplating her life. I have shed many tears watching her mother beg God to allow her to hold her daughter one more time. While I acknowledge Travis’ family in their desire for the same, I would advise you that they never paid any attention to him that i can ever recall over several years. Now they and the Hughes set themselves up for financial gain on the grave of a once good, but troubled young man.

            I for one, see a greater need to love and positive attention to be shown toward Jodi’s family.

            Jodi desperately needs to hold on to her Faith and to Hope. She is still a Daughter of her Heavenly Father who loves her.

            What she and her family have been called to suffer at the hands of Travis, the hands of an Ordained Minister of God, a holder of the Authority of the Holy Priesthood, is utterly despicable.

            Travis was warned many many times… “God Will Not Be Mocked.”

            My faith tells me that our Heavenly Father will set this matter right. If not now then soon enough.

            Jodi may have to step into the darkness one more time, before the light will shine on her again. Only a woman of truly divine nature can recover from this, and I wait and watch anxiously to see how Jodi comes through.

            Jodi, just hold on a little longer…

            • Sir, I just came across your post while going over some posts I’ve missed, (I had to take a “time out” from this trial-actually to defend another person who was being tried in certain media, which have had huge repercussions in his life, possibly, permanently. Although this young man and his family have just been given the go-ahead to file suit against a certain media figure; because this young man is not a US citizen, our Justice system has placed some obstacles in their way. I believe, however, the evidence of his complete innocence, plus the evidence of the death threats and shame brought to this family, are so damaging, that perhaps at least some people in this country will learn the consequences of “trial/conviction by media” is NOT what our Justice system is about).
              Anyways, I, and I’m sure many here who may have missed your post, will be anxiously awaiting your contributions to this travesty.
              God Bless

              • Thanks for pointing this out lainey, it got lost in all the posts and I never saw it on the side list.

              • Truthseeker1111,

                It goes without question that Jodi is in a considerable amount of trouble. I have taken a step back to look at the bigger picture as it does not make sense to table a Death Penalty over a First Offense Killing.

                Then I realized the sad truth. We have a crooked cop “Flores supporting another crooked cop “Samantha Alexander” and feeding a Sleazy Lawyer “Martinez”

                Jodi has admitted to killing the brother of a police officer. She might as well have killed a cop because they are going to support each other the same.

                The 9th Circuit court of Appeals will have a field day with this case, however Jodi will be suffering from the worst forms of torture emotionally and physically in waiting for them to address this issue. I do not envy her in any way.

                At this stage, I intend to testify at such a hearing. I do not however believe that coming forward at this point in time is wise.

                As for Sister Dadoni, I feel for her having to explain herself to her husband. I understand that she only engaged in what we refer to as “Heavy Petting” with Travis. This is unacceptable and she was teetering on the edge of disaster. She stopped the situation before it became worse. I would like to commend her for her ability to discern what type of man Travis really was and get away from him. That is telling of her character and how she was raised. Her parents have done well and they need to know that.

                I am deeply concerned for Jodi’s family and of course for Jodi herself. I understand that she has had very little contact from the Church membership yet still considers herself as one of ours. In due course, I will make it a point to visit her myself and minister to her as I am permitted to.

            • Danites,

              I am hoping that you’re still ready to speak up for Jodi. She needs all the help she can get.

              Thank you.

  3. What is really sad to me is that there are people out there who “knew” exactly what TA was all about and did and said nothing to help Jodi!

    They have .. and continue to perpetuate “The Lie” .. that is Travis Alexander!

    These “So Called” christians are willing to .. and actually ranting for .. a poor woman’s death .. a woman who did nothing but protect herself against .. again .. “The Lie That Was Travis Alexander”

    I’m glad this person who wrote the above is saying what they are … but i would have much rather heard them saying this .. from the witness stand!

    I am a Christian ….. and i can say this with an honest heart …

    Let TA’s sister get the 40,000 haters to fast & pray …

    Let me tell you, to me .. just the notion of hearing that makes me ill, those who are so evil as to try and destroy wonderful peoples careers .. calling for the deaths of innocent people … making a joke of this trial .. flooding the internet with their hate …. sickning!

    I think i can honestly say that those will be ….

    40,000 empty words!

    God Bless Jodi ..

    God Bless All Of You Wonderful People!!!!!!

    • Sojourn I agree with your post fully!!! What gets me is these people swear they follow Gods word but the ten commandments tell us Thou Shalt NOT Kill….and they are advocating the death of another. Also going against the words written in the BIBLE that say JUDGE NOT lest thee be JUDGED and TAS sourpuss sister is one that does NOT ant the WORLD judging her based on her past….indiscretions!! What gets meto the core is how EVEN AFTER hearing TAS own voice say he wanted to tie Jodi to a tree and put it in her %$$….they still claim he was a VIRGIN!!!! They pick and choose what they call LIES coming from Jodi…when she talks about how great he was TAs family and friends sit nodding their heads however when she speaks of the MONSTER he was behind closed doors THEY SAY OH SHES A LIAR!!!!
      I thank GOD every DAY for this site and the wonderful people who I talk to on here who also seethe truth in ALL of Jodis words on the STAND!!! As far as the stories she told when first arrested… one person who was facing (for the first time) being placed behind bars fr the rest of their life or worse yet DEATH who would not lie to the police…Jodi was not a seasoned CON who got arrested evry other week she was a good girl who was unlucky and fell for a BAD man who thought he had the RIGHT to put his hands on her in ANGER!!!

      • It’s baffling to me how “ANYONE” could even dare to ask people to “fast & pray” for someones death, to even think to pray & ask GOD for such a thing, how can they even consider themselves christians?

        TA’s death was a horrible thing, but these people clearly have the blinders on to who he was, the info trickling out, albeit slowly, should be enough for them to wake up!

        How can they ever hope to find Peace inside themselves when they cannot Forgive? There’s no room inside a heart for peace when it is so filled with hate.

        Well, on a bit of a lighter note .. i think on that day when they all decide to .. “fast & pray”, the only outcome for them … alot of even angrier people, with frowns on the faces and empty bellies!

        • You keep speaking about them as though they are Christians and they are not. They are Mormon’s. They acknowledge Christ as the son of God and the brother of Satan. I’m not a biblical scholar, by far, but I have read a little about the Mormon faith when trying to discern what exact position Travis held within his church and most of it reads better than any Sci-Fi novel or story told. If Travis was the devout Mormon he portrayed himself to be, he’s ruling some planet right now somewhere in the Celestial Kingdom. I was baptized a Mormon when I was 11. It was for all the wrong reasons, namely the super hot Elders that kept showing up to push their religion on me and who showed no signs of letting up until I finally caved in and allowed them to help me find God.

          I went through the whole rigamarole and then they asked if I was ready to be baptized. I agreed, what else did I have going on, I was a total reject with no friends who was bullied everyday. Two hot guys were paying attention to me. You do the math. I’ll tell you this, even though I did it for the wrong reasons, even though I paid 0 attention throughout my ‘lessons’ when they would visit, and even though I am Agnostic with Atheist tendencies even I cannot deny that being baptized left me with a lighter and freer feeling as though I had truly been cleansed on the inside.

          It was temporary, though, went away the next day and I felt a little bummed by this. But that bummed feeling left as quickly as the cleansed feeling and I cut ties with the Elders to go back to my pathetic existence. That said, if I was able to feel this way after being baptized when I honestly really couldn’t care less about religion and certainly didn’t truly believe in a word of it, I can only imagine how it must feel to someone who DOES believe. It must be a powerful and very moving experience that would stick longer in someone who appreciates it.

          My point is, I find it absolutely perplexing how some of the haters who are Mormon and who allegedly believe, have been baptized, and are solid in their faith, how in satan’s asshole are they able to justify the way they treat perfect strangers? I didn’t pay much attention, like I said, but I’d remember if the Book of Mormon (which, is said to only be an enhancement of the Bible’s teachings) had something in there about how it is condoned to treat people like shit. I’m fairly certain it doesn’t say it’s okay in the Bible either. I vaguely recall one of the big rules being Love Thy Neighbor (not his wife, though, as I believe that was another big rule). Yet, I have not seen any love from one of those people who wear their religion like a girl scout wears her badges.

        • Sojourn, I feel the same. These so called human beings are not what i call human beings, they’re far from human beings, it shocks me and it continues to shock me how such people exist; so called ‘Christian’ people, people who go to church, asking God to kill Jodi?; one poster said that God created courts, judges and wanted Jodi ”to get the chair”.. and they go to church?

          It just doesn’t compute, such people are vile, they’re inhumane, they couldn’t care less. I have never seen anything like this before, how they joke and laugh about it. Truly obscene.

        • Seems to me I remember the Bible saying something like: what was meant for evil will be turned into good. So that’s 40,000 more ppl’s prayers for Jodi. On another note, wow from the poster who posted the truth about TA. I get the feeling its’ a male that knew him very very well for a long time. And I wonder do Bishops or the LDS have detectives that would spy on ppl like TA? Surely, if they got wind of his deviant behavior would they want their young ladies polluted with TA, after all they are ALL ABOUT PRO-CREATING!

    • If this person did testify to this I’m sure we would hear about her “committing suicide” in the next few months.

    • We don’t know their reasons or if they had tried to speak out. I don’t think it’s good to pass judgement on people we don’t even know, just saying 😉

      Also, we want these people to come to us. Let’s not alienate them in case they read here.

    • Just wanted to mention that while I’m sure a lot of these “prayer warriors” are so called Christians, Mormons are NOT Christians. I’m sure everyone already knows that, but I thought I’d put it down on paper here.

      • Very true. Even though I am a Republican voter usually,it was hard for me to vote for Mitt Rodney because of his faith. I wasn’t that diappointed when he wasn’t elected . It’s hard to separate religion from politics . I continue to believe Jodi will be free soon. Very sad case. Should never have gone to trial. But in the end may have been better for Jodi.

    • SR,I also wholeheartedly agree with your post.I did admire what that person had to say but honestyly I dont see how this can help when it´s being done through the social media.If I knew so many important details,if I had proof that could help a defendant why not contact the defense team instead o siiting hidden behind my computer keyboard whre things are so much easier?I join you when you sy that hell yeah,I want these people on the witness stand!!But I guess they are too coward to offer for that! As to prayers,I can understands the family’s need to have a joined prayer although if someone asked me my opinion on TA ,it wouldt exactly be what they might want to hear! There’s an online prayer on May 2d for Jodi as well.A groop organized it,Jodi ‘s mum will join too as the final prayer person and Jodi herself will send her prayer through her mum.Please anyone willing to join,do so.

      • Hi Maria, I don’t think the person who wrote this is a coward AT ALL. I think it’s a very brave person who decided to post on a hater forum because he/she just couldn’t stand what he/she was reading about ‘saint Travis’ anymore. I sure hope this person used a proxy server to disguise his/her location and used a fake email address to register for that forum.

        As to that person coming forward, whether he/she did or not is beside the point. Travis was not on trial so he did not need character witnesses called on his behalf. Those types of witnesses are usually called during sentencing phases or during parole hearings anyway, not during trial. This person’s opinion of Travis (which I wholeheartedly agree with based on what I know) would not have been relevant to Jodi’s trial and would not have been allowed in as evidence under the rules. It is indeed hearsay, and nothing more. No judge would have allowed the defense to call someone like this to the stand to speak about their impression of Travis. Could you imagine the mess our legal system would become if everyone who had an opinion or impression was allowed to testify? Also, if our legal system allowed that, think about how many people who have appeared on HLN might have given their impression of Jodi?

        We honestly don’t know whether or not this person called the police or the defense lawyers. We don’t know how many people like this may have called any of the above and given their opinion of Travis based on what they knew of him. There may have been dozens or more. These people may also have contacted HLN and never been allowed on the air. That’s actually the sad part of all this. HLN has truly distorted the public’s opinion. In the few times I’ve watched, I’ve noticed just how frequently they cut off anyone who says anything favourable about Jodi or negative about Travis, or anyone who sides with the defense in any way. Lawyers who appear briefly and side with the defense are never seen on the network again. HLN has created a one-sided monster and then, fed the monster in every way possible.

        Let’s not think poorly of the person who posted this comment at all. Let’s be glad someone had the courage to post that on a hater website. It won’t help there. The person will not be believed and the haters will just assume it’s one of us. I wish that person would come here where he/she would be welcomed with open arms.

        • Yes,AA you’re right on that.I did write that I admire that person for sharing their opinion of TA but I guess I didnt take the ”Hearsay” objection into consideration when I wrote the above.Thanks for correcting me.

    • beautiful post sojourn, thank you for sharing!

      I am not a religious person, but I am appalled that people can pretend to be good Christians and believe in God while relishing in the potential death of another person.

      They are hypocrites, and if there is a God, I am sure s/he will be disgusted by their behavior like Jesus was disgusted with the Pharisees.

        • It all becomes a part of the public record. Anyone can go to the Maricopa county courthouse and view it now, or for a fee get it in printed form. Certain court proceedings are sealed till the end of the trial, when they will be unsealed. In certain cases the attorneys may ask for certain items to be sealed through the appeals process, and juror information can remain sealed for ever if the juror doesn’t want it released.

          But eventually most of it will be available for public view. The only times court records remain sealed is when matters of National security are involved, or occasionally in civil suits where there may be company proprietary information involved.

    • Thank you cindy, they are in my thoughts, they have my admiration for how they have worked tirelessly day in day out for Jodi. I just know they will win through.

  4. Weeks ago I said that HLN was no better than the National Enquirer. Well last night at work I was stuck watching HLN since I cannot access non work sites at work, and what do I see but Nancy DisGrace saying BOMBSHELL: The National Enquirer says Jodi was pregnant with TA’s child and that she miscarried. National Enquirer is also saying that Jodi is writing a tell all book. So what I suspected is true, HLN and the National Enquirer are in bed together….. shudder.

    NG excitedly telling this “info” like it’s real news from a reliable source, rather than a scummy, sensationalist rag.

    Nasty nasty stuff.

    • I read that rumour on FB two days ago and wrote it here.Probably BS.Had it been tru,it would probably have been brought up in court.

    • I heard the pregnancy rumor too. I wondered if it was true or not as it seemed like maybe as they were adventuresome enough sex-wise I wonder if they used protection.

      On the book — that came up in court that she was writing a book and signed a copy of it.

    • OMG AL!! A man with truly great musical taste!! I am a DeadHead (several generations too late though to be a practicing Dead Head)

      • Never too late to be a practicing Deadhead. Just take a few lines from a few songs and let them be your guide, and live life to the fullest.

        From Uncle John’s band ask “are you kind?” and heed “Like the morning sun you come, and like the wind you go. Ain’t no time to hate, barely time to wait.” And then Ripple tells you:

        “There is a road, no simple highway,
        Between the dawn and the dark of night,
        And if you go no one may follow,
        That path is for your steps alone. ”

        and Franklin’s tower lets us know

        “Whichever way your pleasure tends
        If you plant ice you’re gonna harvest the wind.”

        Now take those, weave them into your life and let the music carry you away. It’s just so easy, “listen to the river sing sweet songs to rock your soul”

        Peace and love are only flighty dreams if you let them be so.

  5. I sure have learnt a lot about the LDS in the past few months. It further strengthens in my mind the concept that religion and spirituality should be a deeply personal issue. It seems like whenever a social entity is structured around the construct of an organized religion you get nothing but trouble. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a relatively minor off shoot such as the LDS or a major religion. When the organized church gets hold of the day to day functioning of society and the people as a collective you run into issues. I think our forefathers were extremely wise in mandating a separation of church and state.

    You search the world over, all through history, and you will find that whenever the church (any church, any religion) gets to organizing the society you end up with dysfunction.

    • Yep AL. Can happen in any church. We left a Baptist church over politics and big mistakes. I find I enjoy church better when I don’t know anyone. LOL but I’m serious too.

    • I so agree, Al. I get very angry when people say this is a Christian country. Some of our founding fathers were Christian (others were deists, and some possibly slightly atheist-slanted), but they were also acutely aware of the persecution early settlers to the US had experienced in their countries of origin because they chose to follow a different denomination of Christianity than the one followed by those in power in that country. It was obviously considered a high priority of our founding fathers to make this a nation that welcomed everyone.

  6. I’m interested to see what dumbass Chris Hughes will be ” revealing” as he posted on his twitter page. Supposedly he says he will be revealing “the truth” very soon…..
    makes me wonder if he’s going to be saying the say thing as the above posts sez,, regarding the porn addiction. I’m sure he won’t have.any new to add, we already knew Travis was a perv, right??

      • agree….IF he was a real man, and true to his faith, he would tell the truth NOW, that Travis abused Jodi, that they lied, and the church is in on the cover up.
        There, its out now….lmao!!!

      • Only haters and 2 brain cell people will believe him.What an excellent example of a coward slimy man he is…NOW he wants to tell the truth?Why not when he testified?Oh please….!!

    • It doesn’t matter what he says now because the emails from the period that Travis and Jodi were an item are out there and part of the trial record.

      He will lie, lie, lie to save face.

      • I know he says that email AL read would “blow the defense out of the water” had we seen the whole email. Maybe it’s that?

        • It’s probably his spin, but Chris Hughes is a proven liar.

          He’s hoping those emails to Travis and Jodi never see the light of day.

        • not sure, but you could be right. just saw him say it on twitter, yesterday I believe. he’s just trying to stay relevant….

    • The truth? Like what…he and his friends spent the whole Cancun trip wondering who was going to inherit Travis’ PPL clients?

    • I have been reading here for sometime and decided to express my thoughts a little here. Hope that’s ok.
      If I recall Hughs has made some very vailed statements about TA. One was that TA always offered to babysit for the Hughs and for all of thier friends. I found that really odd. A 23 to 30 yr old man wanting to babysit?? All the time?? Also the Hughs stated the thought did cross their minds about this but they dismissed the thoughts quickly.
      Isn’t Hughs the one who made the statement about TA throwing the cell phone accross the room. That seem to suggest TA had a temper. To me that seemed like Hughs was trying to tell a little something about TA and his temper. JMO
      Finally Hugh’s e mail that Jody was another of TA victims and critizing TA about his treatment of Jody seems to suggest to me that the Hughs would like to say more but for some reason are hiding in the shadows. Just the fact Hughs even spoke to TA about Jody and TA victimizing her seems to say he was one of the only people who confronted TA that I have heard.
      I hope someone comes forward and stops this silly fairytale about TA being only a “good man and a light” JMO

  7. I just wish some of these people had been willing to testify on behalf of Jodi…I guess the reach of mormons is just too far.

    And I agree about Mimi. She seemed nice, but like Lisa D…I sensed that she was not being 100% forthcoming with regards to sexual contact.

    I think Deanna was the only one who was mostly honest in that she admitted they had sex. That is quite an admission on her part, I wonder if that is why she had “agnostic” on her FB at one point.

    • Hi BeeCee 🙂

      Say for a second travis and Lisa had been sexual and not told anyone. If she announced it on the stand, she would face losing her husband her church, everything. I actually get why she would never reveal something like that.

      ( I don’t think she slept with travis though based on her words about him being too pushy and concerned wth sex. I suspect she may have felt smothered in that regard.)

  8. I have a question… years ago I was a witness in a high Profile case that was featured on Dateline and I was not able to talk about,post about,or think out loud about the trial until the jury came back..Is that the case with this trial because I am amazed at all of the witnesses for the prostitution.

    • HA!

      I think prostitution is more appropriate than prosecution…

      It is amazing the witnesses who have clearly been watching the media.

    • If the judge has instructed witnesses not to speak about this case (and I believe she has), once she releases them from the subpoena, they are allowed to talk about it. She would release them from the subpoena if she is sure they would not be recalled to the stand.

    • They are. Of course the official church no longer allows polygamy, but fringe sects like the FLDS do, but they are sort of akin to the snake handlers.

  9. SJ Do you know if their are any photos avaliable of Jodi growing up? I am wanting to make a youtube video with music titled the Jodi the prosecution doesnt want you to know or something like that and list all the positive hings Jodi had done before TA and who she was before his abuse.

    • There are a few on her MySpace at

      You can also find some just by searching google images. There are a lot of very pretty ones there, but not super young. There is one where she is a toddler and some that are kind of young, but not the middle ones such as those shown on HLN. You may be able to capture off Nancy Grace videos if you can stomach them.

      • Well I would go to NGs site but after she angered me t the point I threw a cup at our new TV and Ruined it ……..I might do the same thing with my computer and then lose all my contact with all of the wonderful people on here. I thank the Lord everyday for this site!!! It helps so much to see that YES Virgina…..there are still intelligent people in the world!!
        I really wish more people could see throught the words of the postitution!!!

  10. Good morning, everyone!
    I am still in process of moving… packing up what is still left and about to run to menards and get some morw spackling shit for two decades worth of hanging heavy crap on the walls using screws in anchors…
    Have to be out by tuesday, still a lot of work but am seeing light at end of tunnel… hope i canbe done in time and will be able to watch the sur-rebuttal on May 1st. Haven’t been able to post or watch trial for a while, but have been lurking from time to time to keep tabs on our progress. So thankful for everyone who posts here but esp loved aa’s great summary, and glad to see tonya is back, and lots of new people with good things to add, loved sirlips shelf experiments conducted with son, jade and al both contributed some of their usual well thought out analyses. Damn i miss you all (!) Sj, renee, tony, tonysam, maria (!), moni, janeen, dorothy, geebee2, ceebee, mb, tb, annieep(!), cindyp, wes, joe yinzer, joujoubabes (jjb, l call you that because my guy calls me “babes” instead of “baby” and i just like it, he calls his daughter “daughts” (dawts) and she signs her notes that way, we just have this thing in our group with adding esses to nicknames as a form of affection, so i wanted to explain where that comes from) …. okay, i am going off on tangents from packing too long without proper human interaction, i MISS my JAII family, and just wanted to SAY so, here, know i have left out some names of others i miss, please forgive my addled hippocampus, cannot WAIT to be DONE witn tjis damn move, and cannot WAIT for Jodi’s trial to be done, but so afraid…. hopeful, too (!!!!)… but afraid and anxious as well. Know Jodi will be able to appeal if necessary, but so much more limbo-living for her in jail, again, hope she doesn’t have to deal with that and jury can get it right the first time. Sending out my energy (or prayers, if you wish) to Jodi and DT and all involved (Even to the haters, that they may dig down deep and somehow discover their own peace and truth and light inside themselves and stop emanating blame and death wishes and vengeance, please)… okay, gotta get that spackle crap and more empty bixes and pack and clean and pack and clean and pack and clean, yuk, miss you all. Many hugs!!!!

    • ((((((((((((((sable))))))))))))))) moving sucks! I hope the rest of it goes fast! Look forward to you coming back regularly!! xoxoxoxo ♥

    • We miss you too Sable! I hope the move goes very smoothly for you. Moving is SUCH a drag. My heart goes out to you. I hope the new place is a better one. Hugs!

    • Sable

      🙂 missed you to moved so many times its hard but take your time one room at a time and before you know it you will be finished then take a day off relax before you have to start again putting everything in its place in the new home have lots of coffie breaks 🙂

    • Sable, moving’s probably tops on my list of dislikes too
      i’ve read others comments for endurance on your move
      can’t improve on theirs
      and’ll use them on my next move

      as for the “haters” i have a wish, that they’re all individually charged with very serious offences, innocent or not i don’t care, and that their juries are selected from other haters

      that would be justice

      what goes round comes around

      or a variation on the golden rule, the old testament version, as you treat others so they will treat you, an eye for an eye

    • Hey Sable…lol I suppose I can say “good morning” NOW, as it is …morning again, and being …late as usual, I will say that I SO LOVED your message! Especially the “sending out my energy…………etc.” You are beautiful…. 🙂 XXOO
      Enjoy yourself (as best you can) in the move. My best positive energy to you 🙂

    • from what I understand she had a cut’s on her fingers and bruises on her body. If I’m remembering her testimony correctly.

    • cindy jewel 🙂

      she had wounds dan hall the gun toten ass said when she got to ryans and they met at the restarunt she had a long sleeve shirt on but I heard the oposite that it was short sleeve and some said something about wow travis been beating on you….. 🙄

    • oh, oh, oh.

      i just made an observation about the shell casing based on your photo geebee2..

      notice the “flow” of the blood pool.

      notice how it appears to have begun at the top and FLOWED AROUND THE SHELL CASING. Notice how it flowed in the mortar crack…or whatever that is called.


      • To me it appears as if the shell was there and the blood came after and beside it and then flowed under the shell.

          • I think the detective and cronies altered the scene to suit Them–they could do what they liked including tampering with the computer and talking to their witnesses telling them what to say, telling others what to do, its all a set up.

          • There are 2 photo’s of Travis in the bed at 1:44 pm and 1:47pm and the 1:47 photo if you look at it the dark area in front of Travis looks like a person ducking down others have said it is the bedding but on the 1:44 photo you see the bedding is laying flat on the bed I see a person in the room with Travis and someone is taking the photo but they say I’m nuts except two people that showed it to her daughter who side I see it. If this is a person then the intruder story is real but Im nuts anyway for have a photography back ground in the navy

            • Tonya do you have a link for where you look at the pix?

              My only source only has one of those photos and it is too dark to see much of anything.

                • Never hated you, Tonya – just hated to see you go and I am glad to see you back again. You have always been one of my favorite posters!

                • Are you talking about a discussion group on George’s FB page? I don’t have FB. I went looking on geebee’s wiki, but I don’t see it there.

                  heavy sigh – I will go to the hated HLN site to look – if I’m not back in half an hour, send a posse!

                • OK, I have downloaded and brightened both photos as best I can – now tell me which area you are talking about when you say ‘in front of Travis’.

                  I think Jodi did say that the camera, at one point, was on the nightstand and they were trying to set up a video or for the camera to take automatic photos at timed intervals – so there may not have been a person holding the camera.

          • did anyone here anyting about the bullet in the cheek I dont remember them saying anything about it. Just the shell on top of the blood.

    • nice work inspector geebee2! that must have taken a lot of time to do. would you mind doing a little investigative work for me on my nurmikins? (when you are off duty of course!) i just need the basics…is he single? his birthday would be good to know just to see if our star signs match up, (i’m an aquarius,) maybe his sock size. you know…. nothing too stalkerish, just obsessive fan crush stuff. (i don’t need his address or anything.) thanks inspector geebee2!

      • Hahaha Lara, I think he’s married. He wears a wedding ring.

        I looked up his background and didn’t find very much about him other than that, as a public defender, he was involved in some other high profile cases (not as high profile as this) and death penalty cases, as well. His full name is Laurence Kirk Nurmi, but he uses L. Kirk professionally, so I assume he was always called by his middle name. He’s 47 years old. He went to law school at the University of Wyoming, graduating in 2000. While in school, he was a student director of the University Public Defender Clinic, so presumably, this was the type of law he wanted to practice — even in law school. After law school and before passing the bar, he went straight into the Maricopa County’s Public Defender’s office as a law clerk. He was then admitted to the bar in 2001. He was apparently a paralegal at the Public Defender’s office before he went to law school.

        My fiance was wondering about his ethnicity the other night. He thinks he looks hispanic. I looked up the origins of the last name “Nurmi” and discovered it has Finnish origins. According to census records, 97% of persons with the last name “Nurmi” identify as white, not hispanic. Of course, that doesn’t mean that his mother isn’t hispanic.

        Anyway, that’s all I’ve got on him, no birth date, sorry!

    • Good Morning,

      Geebee, I am looking at the casing. Isn’t it strange that the casing is on top of the blood?

        • With the flood of water do you think the shower was left on? Maybe the shower was left on to keep the body from smelling. Maybe that answers the question of why he was dragged and stuffed in the shower. It appears there was a LOT of water on that floor. The bigger question would be who turned it off?

          • The flood is a big mystery.

            I think perhaps after Travis is dead, and in the shower, Jodi turned the shower on to wash his body…. There was also a mystery plastic cup in the shower ( see invesitation report ), and some wounds on his hands had been washed clean IIRC.

            They she goes downstairs, puts the sheets and camera in the washing machine, then comes back up and turns the water off. In the meantime there has been a flood, because Travis’ body is blocking the drain. Sounds pretty weird, but that’s the best I have got at the moment on that!

            • geebee, more to the point is how on earth would Jodi have manage to get Travis in the shower, it would have been impossible and besides, why?. He was a dead weight. No, Jodi would have been in shock, incapable of doing that, someone else must have done it.

  11. Drat. Just typed out long post telling you all how much i miss you and wishing best for jodi… but must have screwed up the email or sonething and it disappeared into lalalimbo land… havent the energy/time to do it all over again. Still packing/moving, need to be out by tuesday. Appreciate your posts enabling me to keep up, somrwhat with whats happening. Thanks. Hugs. Miss you guys. Praying for Jodi and DT.

    • Sable I am not sure where you re from or if I am thinking of someone else tha was on here…but do you need help of any kind? I am not rich by any means but I can send you some money if you need it for a place to live. I am thinking you and I spoke on here awhile back nd you didnt have a place to stay. Let me know ifyu need anything I am on here most mornings now.God Bless

  12. I’m sure that the option of “jury nullification” will not be given in the jury instructions before deliberation. A juror has the right and responsibility, if they feel the law has been unjustly applied to a defendant, to come back with “not guilty,” no matter what the judge, the prosecutor, or the evidence says.
    Jury nullification serves as an important safeguard against unjust laws, as well as against the unfair application of law. Case in fact is the overcharging of JA in the state seeking the death penalty.

    Not only is jury nullification a right as a juror, some would say it’s an obligation.

  13. I was just thinking back to the Casey Anthony trial and how few ss were at the courthouse the day the verdict was read. I know that the supporters of jodi on this site are from all over but I was wondering I live in Iowa and have friends that rent out a tour bus if anyone would want to take it to the trial after closing arguments. We would have to travel through a few states to get to Arizona and can pick people up during the way. I will post this a few times in the next couple of days but I really think it would show the prosecution that despite all the lies that they have said not ALL people dislike Jodi and feel she deserves to die. It would also show Jodi that their are many people out here that are on her side.

    • Jennifer, I was thinking about this the other day. It would be great if JAs supporters could be there.

      If people are interested, the “tour bus” can be parked at my house (I have acreage) and people could crash at my house. 🙂

    • Jennifer,
      You are amazing! I am from PA so I am way too far, but I would totally take you up on the offer if I was closer! That is so thoughtful and cool of you!

  14. Jennifer, you must be thinking of someone else, I have a place. It is just 3.5 hours away and i have two decades of accumulated packrat stuff to pack up and transport and it is annoying to do, and tiring, but I do have a roof over my head so should not complain! THANK YOU for your gracious offer, though!!!!! 😀

    • Your welcome sweety. I am prepairing to move in a month or so and totally despise packing and moving. I am also a pack rat and dread the time I am going to spend packing it ALL!!! I will be sending you energy and happy thoughts. I found last time I moved using the plastic tubs for stuff was so much easier then using boxes for it all also less was broken with them.

  15. The first time I heard the name of the company “Prepaid Legal” the words that immediately came to mind were scam and fraudulent. And who was one the exalted? None other than the con artist, liar, deceiver and deviant Travis Alexander. Such people prey on the weakest in society. It’s very easy to do so, especially after a Faustian deal is struck. When Mephistopheles demands payment for his end of the deal…well, unseemly, unforeseen and unimagineable events occur.

    • That is what I thought also!! TA was suppose to be this “BOY WONDER” and he was broke. What man at the age he was still has a house full of roommates that is something most men do in their early twenties and then they grow up and want a home of their own. Does anyone know how far in debt TA was? Looking at photos f h home he seemed like he was a materialistic person and the furniture looked rather expensive. I think he probably had alot of credit card debt.

      • Isn’t that how The Secret or Law of Attraction work? Live as though you are successful and success will come to you? Or some horseshit like that.

  16. ” … he would have been sent to the High Council for Excommunication.”

    High Council for Excommunications? GET OVER YOURSELVES. I cannot tell you how offensive I find these haughty assholes.

  17. The writer of the post is certainly Mormon, and male. Just as he knew T was a dirty dogg I’m sure others knew as well. Having their sexuality repressed would lead most of them to a hidden sex life, and that would require silence from thei
    brothers. The Mormon boys I knew secretly drank and partied but went on their Missions, then married a pure Mormon girl.

    I think there are tons of Mormon boys sexually abused too.

    damn curser is struck..

  18. Okay I’m going to quit asking questions..I’ll just wait for CH to tell us all what really happened. I’m sure he’ll hold a press conference..

    What a freaking a******

    • Yeah,guys I find it a good idea to stop speculating on what happened from 2006 till 2008 and especially on June 4th.Mr Hughes will clarify all that since we know how truthful and trustworthy a man he is.NOT!!!! HAHAHA,LMAO !!!!!!!!

  19. just a reminder…geebee2 and I are different people…it’s just unfortunate luck that geebee2 picked a user name so visually similar to mine..


  20. I was thinking about what Tanisha is doing by asking people to pray and fast for a “just verdict.”

    I can tell you all this. When I pray, I do NOT ask God for anything – I ask for HIS WILL!

    If you look at the Lord’s Prayer, that is EXACTLY what it says – THY WILL BE DONE.

    Not “my will,” HIS WILL. And, I accept what His will is – whether it works in my favor or not, as I know He has a plan for me.

    Also, if they were true in their faith, they would be forgiving Jodi.

    Also in the Lord’s Prayer – “And forgive us our trespasses,
    As we forgive them that trespass against us.”

    I keep trying to put myself in their shoes. How would I react if it were my brother or sister were killed.

    Frankly, I would probably have the same reaction as they do.

    HOWEVER, I am not running around touting my religion and how God should answer my prayers.

    In the end, God will do what He thinks is best.

    Frankly, IMHO, God has brought all of us together AND has shone a bright light on Domestic Violence through the testimony of Alyce LV.

    Further, we have all been able to come here and heal, tell our story without judgment from others, and received the support from total strangers that we may have not received from family and friends.

    IMHO, there was a reason that I happened upon this trial (I live in AZ and had never heard about it. I saw a post from a news station on my FB news feed). I first started on the “hater’s” FB page, and someone posted a link to here. I’ve been here ever since! 🙂

    God knew that I needed a place to come and tell my story. He knew that I needed to be with others who had experienced the same thing AND to heal from it.

    I thank God for bringing me here to be with all of you!

    • What a great post,! If I may say so
      I too say God’s will be done in my prayers. My choices are not nearly as good as his .
      I am saddened by the death wishes that surrond this and so many other cases. It sickens me to see and hear so many people wishing so adamantly for this girl’s life to be taken. These cases are trulely a look at our society today, IMO
      This case reminds me of the Roman Galdiators. They killed each other in the name of entertainment. The Christians were fed to the lions , also for the entertainment of the masses.. Seems so many people have gone so far backwards in thier mentality and thrist for death and blood, Do forgiveness and empathy have a place in our society today?
      What I see is nothing even close to anyone who can claim any type of belief in God or claim they are christians or even civilized human beings. JMO

  21. TA’s whole psycho-sexual makeup is what led to this debacle. The guy was living this sort of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde life. He seemed to have this public persona of being a virtuous Mormon and a private life that was driven by an overriding sexual urge. And all of this in the rather repressive Mormon culture. The same one that has given you such stalwarts of sexual behavior as the Provo push and Provo float (check them out through Google if you don’t know what they are).

    The whole dynamic between Jodi and TA was strange to say the least. I don’t really understand what this whole break-up before she moved to Mesa was all about. They continued to interact on a social and sexual level after that, with a periodicity that would meet or exceed a number of real boy friend girl friend relations. I think what it allowed TA to do was “claim” amongst the LDS circles that it was over. In the meantime he was out trying to find himself a suitable wife, all the while carrying on with Jodi on the side. In the meantime, in this close knit group, he was denigrating her to no end. I think the whole group knew this, and word soon got to these other women, which is why they didn’t go any further with him. I also believe that, to a certain extent they let him know that they knew, which in turn led to his heightening abuse of Jodi, since he blamed her for his failures.

    I’m no psychologist, but seeing his family history he probably had this mythical concept of a chaste wife and loving family and had created a persona for himself that he tried to portray to the public. But the real TA was a different person altogether. This is probably why he didn’t want to marry Deanna after she succumbed, and that probably happened with other women along the way. And those that wouldn’t succumb to him didn’t want to have anything further to do with him. The fact that Jodi gave in to his every whim, probably lowered her worth in his eyes, and made her a target for all the blame he wanted to cast on anything. But her willingness to go along with his sexual desires, and possibly her own voracious erotic appetite, is what kept the two together for as long as they did. But it is clear from her journal, and in fact her eventual move from Mesa to California that she knew she had to get away. But that didn’t stop TA from keeping in touch. inviting her back to Mesa and planning on going up to Yreka to meet with her. And all the while his verbal, written and psychological abuse seems to have gotten more toxic.

    The impact of all of this has to have been a big load on Jodi as well. For reasons beyond my capacity to understand, she took it all for a long time. Even when she moved to Yreka, she continued to communicate with TA. In the meantime the constant abuse, both physical and otherwise has got to have been devastating to her inner self. Also, I wonder if in such situations there isn’t a certain degree of blaming oneself that is a catalyst to further angst. It has to be.

    And I believe that when, on June 4th, he raped her because of that stupid CD and then did whatever he did in the bathroom, she truly believed that this was the end. As to the ferocity of her fight, some of it had to do with that deep seated fear, and possibly some of it came from a sudden release of all that repressed anguish. And when she says that her cover up was driven by shame, I believe it. JM claims it was just to hide the fact that she was involved in the killing, and while some of that may be true, in reality I think there was a huge amount of shame in this young lady for what she had allowed herself to be put through.

    And the sad thing is that this was just such a waste of two human lives.

    • Al You truly are a insightful man. for someone who has never experienced abuse and his life you truly do understand.

      I want to say something I hope that nobody take that the wrong way. I think for a young male child to be sexually abused is so much more life altering then we all know. my nephew was sexually abused at the age of 3 it has affected his whole entire life. I am NOT minimizing The fact That this happens in females also

      • I would think that molestation does significant damage to all children who have to go through it.

        I’m not surprised at all by this person posting that Travis was abused as a child – I bet his parents had a parade of derelicts coming in and out of the house.

    • Well said,Al.A few days ago someone here(sorry I don’t remember who,it could aswell be you)posted here a psychological complex called the Madonna-Whore complex first identified by Freud.TA clearly suffered from that!! I read some articles on it and was shuddering while reading.It describes TA to a T!

      • Travis absolutely had the Madonna/Whore complex. Even if he had found a virgin to marry, he’d have cheated on her repeatedly with women whom his church would have deemed “unworthy.”

    • Wow Al, remember a while back (actually, quite a while now, because it seems like we’ve all been BFFs here for a long time now) when you said you were still trying to understand domestic abuse? Well, you’ve hit on some truly insightful points here and I think you are really developing a deep understanding — not only of what it’s like to be an abused person, but also, what creates an abuser in the first place, and how the abuser reaps the benefits in his life.

      I honestly believe nothing happens by accident and that there is always a reason we find our way to different “interests” in life. Something about this case attracted you to it. Something about this case also attracted me. It’s less difficult to understand why I would be attracted as an abuse survivor. I’ve learned so much and worked through so much and been able to heal. As I said to a fellow survivor last week, one of the reasons I have spent so much time here and that I love the people here is that we’ve been able to openly discuss abuse. I’ve longed for a place where there is open discussion about abuse for a long time now. Other groups seem to attract people who are in crisis where everyone gathers around that person to help them, but then, are otherwise dead with no meaningful discussion. That may be part of what’s happening here. Jodi is in crisis and we’re gathering around in support.

      However, something else happened in this group. We’ve attracted people like yourself, a highly intelligent and insightful happily married father, who probably would not have had an occasion to delve into the psyche of an abuser or abuse victim under other circumstances. Not only that, but people like yourself who are here, have a desire to understand and relate to what happened. And, more importantly, you and the others like yourself here, have both responded to and understood the discussions of those of us who have been abused, and you’ve begun to “educate” (for lack of a better word) yourselves about this strange phenomena of domestic abuse that is occurring daily in our society and causing more deaths than any major disease. You haven’t rejected us with the typical comments we receive in normal society of “why did you stay?” For me personally, this has been very healing and I’ve truly enjoyed the experience. Thank you for being you, and for all the others here who have been so compassionate and genuinely interested.

      And most of all, I have to thank Jodi. While some say this case will set domestic violence back 20 years, I have to disagree. More people have begun to speak about domestic violence because of this case than ever before. Even if their discussion is negative, it’s still bringing about an awareness and even more so, an openness of discussion that didn’t exist previously. It’s taking domestic abuse out into the open, instead of it existing inside the walls of shame.

      I sincerely hope that your experience during this trial will result in you becoming involved in domestic abuse on some level. An intelligent insightful and eloquent man, with great understanding of legal issues, like yourself could become a tremendous advocate for victims. Someone like you could assist in persuading attorneys to become involved pro bono, for example. This is one sorely overlooked area in assisting domestic violence victims to become independent. While many states/counties provide victims with pro bono attorneys to obtain an order of protection, after that, victims are extremely hard pressed to find an attorney to represent them in divorce and/or custody/property matters, unless they possess financial resources to do so.

      For example, I had an attorney in the beginning, but my ex-husband quickly stole the business, my only source of income, after his arrest. After that, my resources dwindled quickly. I could no longer afford to pay an attorney, especially because his attorney was quite adept at wasting my attorney’s time with settlement negotiations that were withdrawn as soon as I accepted outrageous terms, and the filing of ridiculous pleadings that never went anywhere. I contacted hundreds of attorneys licensed to practice within the jurisdiction. None would step in to help without a significant retainer that I was not able to afford. Even though we could have required that he pay me support and also pay for my attorney, under Florida law, no attorney was going to engage in the wrangling involved therein without upfront money to cover his/her costs if we ultimately lost that battle. I was forced to represent myself long distance — an impossible task — since returning to FL to attend a hearing would have been a major risk to my life. Towards the end, as the judge repeatedly refused my right to attend hearings telephonically, and his attorney filed motion after motion requiring hearings demanding even my incarceration for failing to disclose my location in discover, I finally found an inexperienced attorney who took my case on for an amount I could afford to go into debt for, with the help of a friend who lent me the lion’s share. However, she was not equipped or experienced enough to deal with his unethical lawyer by any means, and he continued to file motion after motion and required hearing after hearing, which very quickly depleted the funds I had paid her.

      My story is not unique by any means. In fact, women with children who have to deal with multiple custody hearings are in an even worse position attempting to care for their children without financial support and endure hearing after hearing. One woman I know, for example, who was temporarily awarded the mansion in which she lived in with her ex, could not afford to pay utility bills, and ended up huddled in a den with a fan and a sofa along with her remaining minor child, a disabled son. Her ex, a plastic surgeon, had hidden all of his assets, and filed motion after motion to determine that their son was not being properly cared for by living with his mother. The mansion went into foreclosure, and she faces eviction shortly. She is a professional educated individual who chose to stay home to care for her children’s needs. Getting back into the work force has resulted in her ba

      A few very interesting parts of your post:

      The Jekyll and Hyde “syndrome”: Just about every abuse victim I’ve ever spoken to experienced this “syndrome” in his/her abuser. I frequently referred to my abuser, Ogre Jekyll and Ogre Hyde (substituting “Ogre,” my codename for him for his first name) and always wondered which character would come through the door on any given day. I could tell just by the way he opened the garage door and entered the house, and most especially, by the way he said “hello”. I actually regret that I didn’t google this years ago because I would have found information I was lacking to determine why this man I married could be a wonderful person at times, and a snarling demon at others.

      But, as you correctly identified, it goes even further. The abusive man is not only a Jekyll/Hyde persona in his house and with his victim; he is also living a Jekyll/Hyde persona in the outside world. The abuser shows everyone else his Jekyll side — a charming man, adored by many, perhaps a leader in his church and/or societal environment, a gentle soul who appears compassionate and caring. (An example from my life was my abusive husband who cleaned pools — a business I bought and created so he could have a job. His customers — mostly women — called me, on his suggestion “Call my wife, she knows about ….” and who said “I am sooooo jealous of you having ogre for a husband. He is such an amazing guy. He is like the girlfriend who is a guy and who tells you like it is.” But my husband often mocked these women when he talked about them and thought his conversations with them were a source of amusement. Yet, they thought of him as “saint ogre” and were envious of me. I didn’t dare tell them what he was really like and wondered how they would have felt if they knew he pushed me down the stairs the night before.)

      In his book “Why Does He Do That”, Lundy Bancroft (a man who ran a program for abusers for 15 years at the time he wrote his book in 2002) talks about the privileges that an abused man lives with, which are not available to other men and the most common reasons abusive men don’t want to change. I’m going to “highlight” (ugh) a few (couldn’t resist, sorry). An abused man lives a life of luxury where they exploit another person. Is it any wonder they are reluctant to change? It’s a charmed life, in a manner of speaking.

      Life, and especially if you have to relate to other people, involves a great degree of compromise. You want a 10% raise at your job; your boss says you did a great job, but here’s a 3% raise. Ultimately, perhaps you threaten to quit unless you get 5%. Your significant other/friend wants to have Sushi; you want Italian. Ultimately, you compromise to have Italian this week and Sushi next week. There are so many other compromises we make in life in order to maintain relationships with others. But, if you’re an abuser, in your most intimate relationship, you NEVER have to compromise. And if you do, you make the other person suffer for it. That ensures that you will NEVER have to compromise again. That gives you power and control — if you’re into that — and most abusive men are.

      Also, you have a person who you can take ALL your problems in life out on. We ALL have problems in life. If I didn’t have people in my life who would listen to me whine about a bad day at work, I would probably see no other alternative than to take my own life. That abusive man doesn’t have to feel that way. He can blame everything on his intimate partner. If SHE was better to him, he wouldn’t be so inadequate at his job. If she could understand his needs more, he wouldn’t have to show ANY anger at work. Ultimately, he doesn’t have to show anger elsewhere. He takes it all out on her and goes to work/etc. an anger-free person. After all, he has his built-in punching bag at home. Nothing can be so severe that he has to show it publicly. He can hold it in and take it out on her.

      Free labour: He doesn’t have to clean his house, etc. Abusive men don’t do their fair share of labour of any time. He wants to go on a trip. He tells her. She looks up all the arrangements and makes them after consulting with him. He has extended leisure. She does the work. He also gets to come and go as he pleases, while she has to do the work — whether that’s housework, planning a trip, or anything else.

      Center of attention: Her thoughts are filled with him. She lives her whole life to soothe him so he won’t explode or to walk delicately around him. She has no room left to ponder her own needs. Meanwhile, he can think about only himself, what he needs, what he wants to do.

      His goals: Because all her time is spent worrying about pleasing him, he doesn’t even have to worry about his own goals: she will do so. He can merely suggest them and she will do everything else.

      Public status/friends/relatives: Because he can get angry with her or take out all his disappointments on her, in public, he can act like a saint. He can soak up the smiles and appreciation in public, but if it disappoints him, when he gets home, he can take it all out on her. Unlike the rest of us who have to deal with our anger and disappointment, he has someone to take it all out on. He chooses friends who do the same and would support him.

      Double standards: He may impose standards on his woman that he would not obey himself. She is imperfect if she thinks another man is attractive. He is perfect even if he cheats. She deserved it. She didn’t live up to his expectations. One time when he needed her to be there, she was preoccupied with something else. How dare she?

      It’s a privileged life where he gets his own way almost all the time. He doesn’t have to deal with the sacrifices and compromises the rest of us do in order to relate to another person. There are numerous benefits to being an abuser. Abusers are specialists in distracting attention away from themselves and they don’t want anyone else to know about it (or admit it, even to themselves). Of course, they lose the genuine intimacy they might otherwise accomplish, but living their “charmed life” has so many other benefits that they may not feel the absence of that intimacy. He never has to show the public how he really feels because he has that built-in punching bag he can take it all out on. So, he can be adored by the public ALL the time. That’s in stark contrast with the rest of us who simply can not maintain that image, even if we want to, because we can’t keep all our emotions pent up all the time.

      Compound that with sexual desires — perhaps based on early sexual abuse, which especially occurs in men — and women who want to please a man at all costs — it equals disaster. In a virtuous Mormon man in public, it’s such a contrast.

      Eventually, as you pointed out (in regards to Jodi moving), all women will feel the pull the “get away”. Some of us, thoroughly embroiled and embedded in these relationships, often distanced from our families or friends, have no means to do so. Jodi, a woman of little means, felt she could move. But she didn’t know (as most of us don’t) that the number one rule of getting away is “no contact”. If you have ANY contact at all, these guys will find a way to pull you back into their web. Women with children deal with this almost daily as custody is always shared. Since I only speak from my own experience, if you were to look at it, you would have to wonder why my ex did what he did, if you think rationally. After my ex had all my pleadings stricken and I was barred from participating in my own divorce, he could have gone straight to a default hearing and availed himself of all the assets of the marriage. My attorney of about a month had withdrawn because I could not pay her further. He would have been granted the house, the 3 cars — including a Corvette — and the business. Chances were good that I would have walked away. That was all I ever wanted — my freedom — even if it meant leaving with nothing which I had already done. But my ex couldn’t leave it there. Why? Because he would have had NO ties with me since we had no kids. Instead, he went to a default hearing and cooked up a fraudulent scheme, omitting the business entirely, and alleging that I owed him $31,000 in mostly legal fees and his share of funds I took from my own account. It makes no sense to a rational person. A rational person would have said “I won. I got the house, the business, the cars which were worth FAR more and which she was entitled to her share of, but she didn’t want to disclose her address to avail of her entitlement. She got nothing. I’m done. Let me walk away ahead, big time. She can’t afford a lawyer. And I have proof that she makes just about enough to live on, nothing more.” Why would he want to spend even more in legal fees to go after me for $31,000 that he knew I couldn’t afford to pay? Because if he didn’t, he would have no tie to me anymore. I would be “gone” and he’d have NO recourse to find me. But with this judgment, he has a recourse to track me down for 10 years, extendable to 20 years, and to “play” with me any time he wants. Again, it’s nonsensical to a rational person, but this is the mindset of an abuser. Of course, it’s much easier to do when there are kids involved. But abusers will find a “tie” anyway. It’s hard for them to give up their punching bag. They invested a great deal of time in cultivating that person. They will, but don’t want to go through the effort of cultivating another. And until they have firmly established another, they won’t let go of the first. If there’s also sex involved, wow! That’s even more difficult to give up. Travis had to find another punching bag AND another willing submissive to his sexual fantasies.

      Another thing you brought up is the whole, often referred to as the “Madonna/Whore Complex”. To explore this, we have to look at the prevailing theory as to what creates an abusive man. It’s seen more commonly in men with abusive families of origin, but it’s not just as simple as “they were exposed to abuse, and that’s what they learned.” In fact, many men exposed to abuse grow up to abhor abuse. So, what’s the difference? And why do some men who were not abused in their family of origin become abusers?

      Well, here’s the prevailing theory regarding men (because we don’t really have one yet regarding abusive women, but it could be similar). A baby, an infant, of any species, cannot survive without another creature fulfilling a maternal role. The baby is not equipped to live and eat and survive on its own, regardless of gender. Al, you’ve had two babies, so you know the importance of the maternal role, more important than your own in the early months, right? A baby is wholly dependent on the nurturing care of another for weeks or months. So, we shall look at a male baby in a healthy environment with a nurturing mother. At some point in that baby’s development (let’s say 10-15 months), the baby begins to crawl or walk away from his mother. He begins to explore other things in his environment. Some things are scary. Baby wants to return to his mother for reassurance that everything is okay. He wants to explore, but he requires that reassurance from his mother to restore his equilibrium. If his mother is there for him, but also encourages his exploration and allows him to be separate, he has his first experience with a healthy intimate relationship. Sorry, I don’t mean to sound sick, but that is a child’s, especially a male child’s, first intimate relationship: with his mother. Parents, especially mothers as the natural caretakers of children, are like Gods to a child. Long before a child learns about religion or a God, and in fact, why some children relate to God, and why most religions think of the “God figure” as the “father”, children realize they are completely dependent on their parents, especially their mother-figures. By somewhere between 24-30 months, a male child has established his own unique identity and independence. I’m not saying the “man-to-be” is fully formed or that other experiences will not affect him, but he has become independent, to a degree, of his mother.

      So, what if, for a multitude of different causes, the mother was “imperfect” in her role during the critical 15-20 months of her child’s development? (In my abuser’s case — again, I can only speak from experience — his mother had another child within a year of his birth. That child developed cancer somewhere between 3-6 months and was sent home to die. She lived for 6-9 months thereafter. This was within his critical stage of becoming somewhat independent of his mother. I can only imagine what his mother was going through that time — between fighting for her second child’s life and/or grieving over the impending/ultimate loss her baby. But one thing I can imagine is that she was, at least somewhat, unavailable to my abuser during this critical stage. Was it her fault? No, but it happened anyway.)

      The child then feels abandoned by his mother. It doesn’t matter whether it was the mother’s fault (because she abused drugs — in Travis’s case) or not (in my ex’s case). The child doesn’t know the difference. He only knows that when he became anxious as he learned to explore, and looked for his mother, she was mostly unavailable to reassure him. This male child will relive this experience for the rest of his life in all his other relationships with women.

      But this is complicated for the male child, most especially when he reaches adolescence and begins to have sexual desires. On the one hand, he is seeking that which he didn’t have a child: absolute adoration and a woman to comfort his every need. He may well find that easily. On the other hand, he is sexually attracted to the woman and wants his sexual needs fulfilled. But that violates the perfect “madonna” image of his mother. He has two choices if the woman is willing to fulfill his sexual desires: he is either disgusted by her and repulsed, or he has to remove his emotional connection from the relationship with her so he can enjoy the sexual aspect of it. As a normal adolescent male, he wants to sleep with the woman, but he also wants to respect her. He wants sex but he also wants to control her sexuality. If he puts her in the madonna category, he restricts his own sexual nature towards her. If he puts her in the whore category, he CAN NOT trust her. Mixed messages are inevitable. He is forced to attempt to maintain the madonna image, while bedding his whore. When he fails, he desires to be wild and crazy with her, at the same time, can not commit to that woman.

      Can this man, coming from a childhood like that, ever have a healthy relationship — without help to understand his issues? I don’t believe so.

      If he becomes abusive with her (verbally, sexually or physically), he blames all his own inadequacies on her. But then, he reinforces his view of it being “her fault” and she becomes the source of blame for his behaviour. Ultimately, it’s the fault of all women that he is not who he should be. They are either refusing his natural sexual advances (perhaps Lisa/Mimi) or succumbing to him (Deanna/Jodi) but either way, he is not fulfilling who he thinks he is or should be. Compound this with the Mormon denial of sexual intimacy and the societal propensity towards marrying later in life. You are met with disaster. And then, look at our misogynous representations in movies/television of the woman who is “loose” combined with the Mormon philosophy. It’s bad enough on its own (the teenage girl who is giving in to her boyfriend in slasher movies who becomes the first victim), but combined with Mormonism and being excommunicated for not being virtuous, well, yikes!

      Let’s take this a stage further. What if that male child, who already has a predisposition already towards unhealthy relationships with women, has a father who shames him? That father may just say things like “you will never amount to much.” I don’t know much about Travis’s father. But it seems he turned around later in life. I’m not sure how much contact he had with his parents during his teenage years. But he had contact with his father, at least, in his twenties. And I’m not clear of his relationship with his grandparents, or even if a grandfather (male role model) was involved. It seems however, that his father, although “clean” at the time of his death, relapsed along the way. He may well have been shaming towards his son, even if they had limited contact. Travis, a man, entering his teens feeling angry (as evidenced in the first chapter of his book) but not quite understanding why, felt distant and had identity problems. His older grandparents may have mistaken his early obsession with girls as something a male teen does, even if the relationships were stormy and/or short-lived. Travis had many unresolved conflicts, it seems.

      Perhaps Chris Hughes was a replacement father-figure for him. He was certainly someone Travis looked up to. We also know that he and his wife “scolded” Travis about how he was treating Jodi and about him not marrying Deanna. We now know that both women had sex with Travis. Isn’t it likely then that Travis even more than before, saw them as whores? Perhaps he hadn’t identified that beforehand with Jodi, but he certainly did when his best friend/role model chided him for his conduct, meanwhile Jodi was a seemingly willing participant in his sexual fantasies. For more on this, I highly recommend reading Donald Dutton’s “The Batterer: A Psychological Profile” and Lundy Bancroft’s book, mentioned above.

      I realize that it’s incredibly difficult for anyone to understand the “pull” that an abusive man has on a woman and why we put up with them for as long as we do. Mostly, it’s because the “abuse” starts off so insidiously. I honestly wish they were abusive or even just insulting at the first or tenth date. Whether it’s their own identity issues or their narcissistic/sociopathic abilities to be incredibly charming, for some reason, they present the perfect mate, liking everything we like, emulating our feelings, and placing us on a pedestal. No relationship can ever compare to those first months with an abuser, because no one else could invest so much energy into a relationship. Thereafter, you always hope to see that “person” again and you always believe that inside this man, lies the man you first encountered. Abusers are brilliant at showing you that side of themselves periodically when necessary and giving you the “crumb” you need to keep on trying. Whether they blame you or not for the abusive moments, of course, there is some self-blame. Isn’t there always? When any relationship (work, friend, intimate partner) goes awry, I always question my role in it, don’t you?

      When the abuser rewards your introspection by returning (however briefly) to the loving person they first showed you, you begin to assume that it was, indeed, your fault. If only you could correct the deficits inside yourself, he just wouldn’t act that way again. Or, you assume he has another issue (think of Jodi noticing his pedophile propensities) and abusers are Academy-Award worthy in endearing sympathy.

      It’s soooo complex, but you’re totally embarking on an understanding of this societal problem and I admire you for how far you’ve come.

      As for June 4th, 2008, I’ve mentioned before the “double-anger” or “second-anger” issue. We realize that “first-anger” may happen. We learn ways to “calm him down”. For some, that’s sexual. For others, it’s crying and apologizing, or accepting punishment (which can also be sexual). But “double-anger” incidents are rare and we’re completely unprepared for them. We believe we’ve calmed them down. We are expecting a few moments of respite, kindness, caring. All the expectation of anger is over. When it happens again (most especially the first time you encounter one of these days — which may have been that day for Jodi), you are unprepared, devastated, and destroyed. Not only that, but your life is completely at risk. All your best manoeuvres to counter the anger have already been used with the first event. You’re spent emotionally. You need a period of respite. What do you do now? If you haven’t realized up to that point how much your life is in danger, you totally do then. It’s like nothing else you’ve ever experienced.

      • Dear AA – wonderful, brilliant post, and I had a quite a response for you, until my browser literally hate my homework.

        I’ll just have to stick to something short and sweet – THANK YOU for your insight, you brought up a lot of good points!!

    • I agree with your entire post – every word.
      Travis was a tool, a shyster salesman for a Ponzi-scheme company, a major sadist with severe sexual deviancy. No sexually inexperienced person goes straight to anal – please! Hearing Dr. Screw go on and on about what a great guy he was makes me want to vomit.

      What about TA says nice guy? He worked as a soulless, unethical salesman for a cult-like scam company, he was an elder in a church, while ignoring all of their teaching, he lived in stucco ghetto with other aspiring yuppies and he abused women. Can someone point out what exactly that crowd thinks is so extraordinary about this guy? I haven’t heard anything that recommends him as a decent human being – not one thing.

      I wonder what Jodi saw in him. She seems extremely bright and kind and giving and like she was earnest in her religious beliefs. How could she fall for this ass? I guess all of us women have a ta in our history (i know i do), at some point or another we have some crazy irresistible chemistry for some no good user. Usually, we break away before something terrible happens and I think Jodi would have broken away too if ta hadn’t relentless pursued contact with her after she moved, preying on her love for him and giving her the false hope that they might have a future after all.

      TAs of the world – don’t use women, and if you really feel like a hot girl you’ve been sleeping with is stalking you (not saying JA was) then you don’t keep fucking her and leading her on while rubbing her face in the fact that you’re dating. Don’t fuck with people’s feelings, don’t lie and abuse people because times the train comes off the rails and really bad things happen and when they do the “victim” is absolutely complicit in his own death.

  22. I spent alot of time reading yesterday and many excellent post. Especially for me as a person of a different faith, it opened my eyes. In reading i came across this article from Brink, as i am always looking for information that could be helpful to Jodi and the defense team. I do not agree with everything brink writes but I felt the Part about the CAMERA AND JODIS TESTIMONY, SHOULD BE DISCUSSED. i think it does indicate evidence tampering on prosecutions part and Jodi was telling truth about camera. I hope some of you will take time to read it. I don’t agree with the first and last of article but I do think CAMERA is pertinent. Maybe this could help defence in closing?? What do you think?

    • this part bothers me..who would want to see what Jodi had told tot doc..hummm..

      “After a battery of psychological tests were completed and scored, and approximately 12 hours of clinical interview with defendant Arias- Dr. DeMarte diagnosed Jodi Arias with Borderline Personality Disorder. Dr. DeMarte had the added luxury of having her home vandalized and her laptop stolen following the start of the trial. That information was not shared in open court.”

      Very interesting about Jodis testimony and the cops conflicting testimony re the camera(s) and interchangeable data cards.. seems like more evidence tampering, lying, and someone framing Jodi to me.

      • I am sure when Dr. demarte was talking to Jodi, she had to go into a protection, self preservation frame of mind. She knew demarte was the svengali for Martinez. I would not have gave her any information. Then demarte, (not a professional) had to act like a teenager with a piece of gossip and threw in her additional crap. No evidence ring and stuff happened.

    • Interesting link!

      The nudity pictures thought of as having been taken the day Travis Alexander died could be much older.

      However the idea that Travis was not even aware of Jodi in his house is weird. Why would he pose if he would be surprised that she is in his bathroom all of a sudden?

      • The pictures of Jodi nude on Travis’ bed had to have been taken on June 4. She had dark brown hair with no blond streaks in front in the pictures. From April to June she had dark brown hair except for the front strands which were blond.

      • Oh, he knew that Jodi was in the house. He invited her there. The haters still cling to the idea that she ambushed him in the middle of the night and tried to get St. Travis to have sex with her.

    • The whole thing with the camera has drove me bonkers from day 1. I’ve given up trying to figure why there are different versions of if the memory card was in the bottom of the washer & at other times it is in the camera. Is there 2 cards, 1 card, internal memory capability? This article raises same questions I have about the camera and the card/cards.

  23. This is sooooooo TRUE! And Mimi should be greatful!

    “Truth be known, Jodi saved Mimi Hall from loosing her virtue to the dirt bag. Jodi deserves a Medal of Honor instead of a trial.”

    Instead of being greatful she hates Jodi!

    • I got a different impression of Mimi. I don’t think that she was ultimately taken in by him, and that it was her rejection that, at least in part, contributed to Travis’s mounting aggression toward Jodi (although I’m no shrink either).

  24. Question: Do bon bons count as food when one is fasting? How about Sensa? If so, I’m thinking Tanisha might not get the full participation she is seeking.

  25. do you guys remember that threatening, anonymous email that was sent to one of travis ex girlfriends? i think it was mimi hall. the prosecution said it was from jodi. all religiousy and calling her down for laying down in travis bed, or some weird shit. it was worded in a similar way to this guys post. does anyone know where there is a copy of that email? in this post, he really seems to know what he’s talking about. but the religious stuff really reminds me of that anonymous email. someone who takes the mormon religion very seriously.

    • I don’t think it was Mimi because she honestly couldn’t have given two shits about Travis. She wasn’t interested. Mimi had him pegged early on, I think, and is only saying nice things about him now because he’s deceased.

      • Agree,Kira.Couldnt have been Mimi.She didnt care about him that much to even have bothered to write such a disturbing email.In fact,she had clearly told him she wasnt interested in him sexually,she just wanted them to be friends.This email is filled with hatred.Mimi just doesnt fit the profile.

        • they could have traced the origin of that email and found out exactly who sent it.
          why wasnt this done and the proof shown?
          that I dont get.

      • we dont know that she may have lied to police to keep her out of all this by saying she told him she just wanted to be his friend and to take someone else. but the trip with her was still on she call 911

        • chris and sky hughes new that something was wrong and did nothing but they did they called dan hall to check on him did he call mimi and ask her there is so many people and man the kkk came out in them the nite he was found…

  26. You can add or subtract from this list, but here’s what i have: maria, deanna, ashley reid thompson, shaytanna, brandi, lisa andrews, jodi, mimi hall, krishelle, denise, nicole, reghan,shughes (rumored) and latest linda ????? did not catch last name. opps that would be 14

  27. Here it is! i found a copy. maybe it’s not similar. i don’t know. i’m just not used to people who talk like that.
    “You are a shameful whore. Your Heavenly Father must be deeply ashamed of the whoredoms you’ve committed with that insidious man. If you let him stay in your bed one more time or even sleep under the same roof as him, you will be giving the appearance of evil. You are driving away the Holy Ghost, and you are wasting your time. You are also compromising your salvation and breaking your baptismal covenants. Of all the commandments to break, committing acts of whoredom is one of the most displeasing in the eyes of God. Think about your future husband, and how you disrespect not only yourself, but him, as well as the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Is that what you want for yourself? Your future, your salvation, and your posterity is resting on your choices and actions. You are a daughter of God, and you have been a shameful example. Be thou clean, sin no more. Heavenly Father loves you and wants you to make the right choices. I know you are strong enough to choose the right. Your Father in Heaven is pulling for you. Don’t ignore the promptings you receive, because they are vital to your spiritual well-being.”

        • It was sent to Lisa Andrews.

          I happen to think that Deanna sent that to Lisa. Here was a girl that TA wanted to marry after only a few months of dating. Deanna spent several years with TA and he couldn’t commit to her.

          I believe it is like Al said – Deanna wasn’t good enough to marry because of the sex. So it goes with Jodi, as well.

          • I think Deanna sent that letter.
            The part about “wasting your time” really stuck me that she sent it. since she “wasted 7 years of her life”.
            She also would have known all of the “punishments” in the Church since she had comitted them.
            I know this may sound odd but I think she was more concerned about Lisa going to Hell and wanted to keep her away from Travis because of what he would put her through.

    • This sounds like a Mormon “calling out” (Reprimand). Who has the authority or feels they have the higher morals to do this? Is the “calling out” only done by males or can older higher up female allowed to “call out” a lesser sexually weak female? Interesting…

  28. I want to know Who knew That Jodi was in Mesa? it doesn’t make sense that they would say that Jodi whas the one responsible I’m the 911 call when she was back in California. they were all too quick to say that it was Jodi. Someone knew. she was there.

    • Cindy, i just thought of another one Jodi mentioned on the stand. Shannon crabtree peterson.Yep, Yep, yeppers, I totally believe jodi was set up. Those roommates and girlfriends know something. Why would you have to call 5? people to go over to house and check on travis, something stinks. Mimi could have simply called 911 and had them go do a wellness check on travis.

    • Could it be that Travis had them believe she was so dangerously crazy and clingy that the first name to pop up in their minds sorta had to be hers?

      • Mimi Hall didn’t even know Jodi’s name the day they found Travis. She barely knew she even existed. All that Mimi told the police, and all she said on the stand, was stuff she learned from Travis’ roommates while standing outside Travis’ house waiting for the police to come.

        • Mimi Hall basically got on the stand and spouted out all the rumors she had heard about Jodi on that day, June 9th, while standing outside with Travis’ roommates waiting for the police to come. It was all rumor and I still can’t believe she was allowed to sit in a courtroom and say all that nonsense.

        • But I didnt specifically pointed out to Mimi.In the 911 call it’s actually Michelle who first mentions Jodi’s name and she can be heard asking someone who’s also there to remind her of Jodi’s name.

          • I didn’t know it was a Michelle who made the 911 call. Actually, it didn’t sound like Mimi. I wonder who Michelle is?

            But in Flores police report he wrote down all that Mimi said when he interviewed her that night. And she didn’t know anything about Jodi until that very night when she was standing outside Travis’ house waiting for the police to come. Flores says that in the report. Yet she was allowed to go on the witness stand and repeat all these rumors.

        • The only thing I can figure out is his roommates saw her there at Travis’s house the day he was killed.

          That is the only thing that makes sense.

          • yes and the girlfriends with the boyfriends now zac married his girlfriend that was at the house why because a wife can not testify against a husband. If zacs wife knows something mybe that is why he was never called

    • In yesterdays post, introspective ? and tonya ?? very good reads and gave me a better understanding of this whole situation. c hughes brother set up r burns with jodi, they all thought she was going to utah. Anyway excellent reads as i am of another faith and did not realize how big the mormom, lds circle is. I do think there is something to dustin thompson. Also after the article about Freeman, I don’t trust him either, he is certainly back peddeling and trying to cya. See, thats how i can get sucked it, I orginally thought he was a pretty decent guy, but that article screamed come and see what a prick freeman is.

  29. I’m going with Chris Hughes
    I’m saying Chris Hughes. He’s up to his eyeballs in this
    I Don’t think He’s protecting Travis s name He’s protecting his son. Those who screamed the loudest have the most to hide.

    I’m beginning to think That Travis siblings are just pons.

    • I agree with you. c hughes is certainly the pot stirrer, stir the pot, stir the pot, then the siblings stir the pot, all of this reaks of deceptive coverup and somebody or all are profitting. Hopeing Jodi will be out of this mess soon. prayers to jodi and all the family.

      • jodi is in great danger if she gets out of this trial alive they will not let her live just as they shut ashley thompson reed mouth jodi must have reconignes there voice when they were on the stand she could not see there face but they did talk to her and if the hughes wants to harm me come on this site knows me and if I do not post here they will know your ass is involved besides I dont go anyware im a home body love to cook and watch HLN to see what new shit Flores has released and check here and my facebook who ever kill travis not jodi your days are numbered someone will find the clues to put you there 🙄 love to do that roll the eyes at you and travis’s family wake up and smell the roses and find the truth but no you want revenge on jodi because she confessed to killing him to keep her and her family safe. Oh and by the way GOD when you pray and fast will be waiting for you when you die so say safe, healthy, keep up the good work with the hate and the profit your getting from your brotheres death 🙄 🙄 your eyes at the jury

    • lets not leave out dan hall the gun tootin ass hole he really is a scarry guy its a wonder jodi survied the trip to utah and what is up with gus the one that stood up to JM and took the 5th who was he protecting the Hughes someone told me they own the company ….. or is that another lie too.

  30. 💡 just came to me the Dr Samuels he said they had to convence jodi to change her version of the events about the intruders and he gave the test to her and she still answered with the intruder story just a thought hope she can discover who the intruders were but I know it was the Hughes and bull dog dan hall the gun tootin ass hole can forget the ashley reed and her nasty husban dustin thompson either there is just to many holes in this case and were is sherlock holms when you need him ….. you would think that some detective would come out of the wood works and solve it because ass anine Flores sure screwed it up big time or he was paid to do it …..remember that ryan said we all hear roomers that travis was killed but 1 or 2 and the gun was 23 calaber before flores new 💡 🙄

  31. florez has been playing ostrich the whole time with his head in the sand, lack of investigation to a contaminated crime, Jaun Martinez puppet, changed the story so many times. This has not been mentioned lately, but remember when K Nurmi, took this up to az higher court, and they said they would rule after trial on Florez changing story. So it is still hanging out there, i think. I think there is more going on behind the scenes than we are aware of. By law Jodi is assigned, 2 attorneys, mitigator, and a private detective, so i am hopeing.

    • Makes you wonder how many people sit in a jail due to Florez being useless or Martinez’ overcharging,doesnt it?

  32. hi everyone! I’ve only commented once on here. my name is Dina and I’m from Russia. I’ve been watching this trial closely March. i remember having a hard time deciding which one of them to support Travis or Jodi….i feel sorry for Jodi. she looks so thin and always sad. i hope this trial ends soon and God helps her somehow. I have a couple of questions still unanswered though….HOW could Jodi act as if nothing had happened right after she killed Travis? also WHY did she make up two different stories before finally admitting she was the one who did it? BTW she seems soooo sweet and CONVINCING when she’s smiling and telling the reporter the story about the two mysterious intruders…..sorry to bring it up again but even if she’s innocent, it is hard to believe her this time…i‘ll understand and won’t be offended if you delete my comment.

    • hi dina! i’m not convinced the intruder story wasn’t true. i am convinced that people do lie when they are terrified and that doesn’t mean they lie all the time. acting as if nothing happened? i kinda think it’s a disassociation thing. i have acted as if nothing had happened in terrible circumstances. disassociation ia a powerful coping tool. when you have the time, just scroll through the comments here. you will find a lot of amazing insight. i have found this site to be very helpful:)

    • Hi Dina Jodi lied because she was in denial of what happened. She was afraid to deal with accepting the fact she was the one that killed Travis. It’s understandable you don’t want to believe Jodi. Putting aside Jodi’s testimony and different version of events you can evaluate the evidence and see that Travis led a double life and Jodi Arias was part of this double life. He had a lot to lose if everyone found out his vices. He had more to lose than Jodi. I don’t know if she is telling the truth, but I do know something bad happened June 4, 2008. If Jodi premeditated this from Yreka, CA she did a horrible job leaving behind records of her purchases, photographs of herself and her palm print.

      • There is NO evidence Jodi “lied” on the stand.

        The “lying” to the police is a common occurrence, and hers was a direct result of extreme trauma.

        • I’m sorry but the documentary was shot some time later. I’m sure by then she had already come back to her senses and wasn’t going through disassociation any more. She had already realized she had killed a human being and was still hoping the police wouldn’t find the evidence indicating she WAS at the crime scene on june 4th? and then she tells the world in the same documentary that in fact there were two intruders that killed Travis….i don’t know what to think to be honest…I’m tired of the everbabbling NG, dr Drew, etc. it seems no one tries to consider both sides of the story…..all i know at this point is that we will never know what happened that day….

          • She shot the documentary in September or November of 2008. The police had evidence she was at the crime, but she didn’t want to admit to the crime so she lied that two intruders killed him. She was embarrassed to admit she killed him. Just set aside the lies and look at the evidence. She bought gas with her credit card tracing her moves, she left DNA and pictures behind. If you see Travis’s stab wounds on the back you can see they are clustered to the right of his back she’s left handed. He grabbed her after she shot him and she was defending herself from him. To add the wounds don’t penetrate his back. They are cuts. Also, the state wants people to believe she shot him last which goes beyond common sense because she’s not a big woman. How could she have stabbed him first and he not taken her down with a flight or fight adrenaline struggle? It’s more logical she shot him first and then struggled with him. She lied because she was in denial. People handle things differenly. She lied because she was afraid.

    • Hi Dina, she HAD to disassociate from it–can you imagine having to KILL someone? Having to DO IT to SAVE your LIFE? I think you have to imagine how it would feel–and to be frightened? I think Anyone would be SO SCARED that they would think of Having to carry on as normal–what else could she do–imagine it, being scared and frightened out of your mind?

      See, because we have never been in that situation, we HAVE to be ABLE to IMAGINE how it would feel, we Have to TRY to put ourselves into the FEELING PLACE of having killed someone, someone we loved. I know, its not easy but TRY.

      Imagine SHEER TERROR, and think how you might react. Her first thought, and Yours, would be that No One would BELIEVE you, your FEAR would be off the scale.

      You wouldn’t sleep or function at all. You would HAVE to dissassociate yourself–think of that burden and shame because you KNOW you are not the sort of person who would just kill.

      But you, me and anyone else would have reacted exactly the same.

      The only reason why some people have trouble getting this is because they cannot imagine it ever happening to them.. but until you have walked in Jodi’s shoes you can’t say, you really CAN’T–you just have to imagine.. and once you try you will see things clearer. Imagine SHEER TERROR..

      • If you didn’t, can you imagine going to pieces and TELLING someone you have just HAD to KILL your boyfriend? Having to explain, knowing they would be horrified? Having them think you were a cold blooded killer when you knew it wasn’t like that? Imagine No one believing you?

        Would YOU take that CHANCE and TRUST someone with THAT? Its either That or carry on as if nothing had happened.

        Jodi has gone through absolute hell. She HAS to walk free.

          • Thanks, Edward and maria! The thing about doubters, you can never tell whether they are being honest or not. They say they have watched the trial closely… and then ask THIS? It makes you want to scream!!

            Have a loverly weekend, we are having Summer at last in London, or is it Spring? The mind boggles! 🙂

    • You should see the comment from this guy, below the story.

      You can save your breath telling me about how guilty Jodi is, what a liar she is and what punishment she deserves. I know all that and that’s not the point. The point is that the witnesses have been abused by trickery on the part of that little wimp and made them look like pieces of trash, when nothing could be further from the truth. They would not still be in practice after all these years and have the credentials that they do if they were the charlatans he makes them out to be, swallowed hook, line and sinker by you and most everyone else. That business of a “gift” and an “apology” is way, way overblown and something Little Caesar capitalized on to make himself look like a crackerjack lawyer. Then there was the outrageous accusation “you have feelings for the defendant.” Of course the objection was sustained but still heard by the jury. Talk about lies! He knew damned well that wasn’t true!

      Neither professional was allowed to give complete and accurate answers to his screaming, trap questions. No doubt at all that Dr. Geffner will also be screamed at and not allowed to give any answer but what the theatrical, fame seeking prosecutor wants him to say. It’s sickening! I never disliked anyone so much in all my life. At times he almost makes me want to pull for him to lose this case, but that would be an even bigger miscarriage of justice.

      Looks like there are other people out there who think like we do.

      • Or another guy’s comments

        Unfortunately justice stops at the point a prosecutor is immune from defamation of character in the circumstances as the defense’s two expert witnesses.

        • praying for the jury to see jm for what he is. All kinds of scenerios are possible, IE, they hear in the work place what a prick he is, is related to someone he has set up and prosecuted, just don’t like him and his persona, had domestic violence, and he did not prosecute. I think the jury is reading him and not like a book, they are reading him from top to bottom, his words, his actions, his mannerisms, his hatefulness,his coverups, manipulating evidence, not allowing evidence in, and the list goes on. Love your post every day and most of all you music. Keep doin’ what you are doing, we are listening. ty

      • The same guy I believe actually thought this case was an “easy win.” Well, no it wasn’t, and that’s why JM is acting the way he is.

        He overcharged the case to begin with.

    • I love how the haters are even blaming his DUI arrest on Jodi, saying that “I bet she drove him to drink!” I personally don’t think that there’s any excuse for driving drunk in this day and age – it’s his own fault and I have a feeling that he was pro-pros anyway, so good riddance.

  33. Even though its important to see other people besides Travis’s “friends” (I always say this but it just doesn’t get old for me. Travis had friends that didn’t “miss” him for five days with friends like that who needs enemies.) speak about his past I really take info out there with a grain of salt. I hope that justice is served for Ms. Arias. I want the state to understand (although I doubt they will) you can’t bully people and that even though you may use emotional appeal the rational mind can see how this was not a premeditated act. BeeGee has worked on a lot of information about the crime scene and its common sense that a. Something went down on June 4, 2008 that wasn’t planned, b. Jodi fought Travis off based on his wounds,c. Travis had way more to lose if Jodi talked about things she knew about him then she had to lose at all. Travis lied about his life and I think a lot of women he dated were brain washed by him. He was good at it. Justice for Jodi Arias is what I hope for this week.v

    • And I’m basing my opinion of brain wash on Deanna’s testimony, her eulogy for Travis and Lisa’s blog posting about Travis death. Once again a grain of salt but his was information from these ladies writings so my opinion isn’t on hearsay and other postings. You can probably google their comments. I found Lisa’s most telling out of the two. Deanna didn’t want to say anything negative about him which is completely understandable. I think both these women were also treated badly by Travis although they won’t say it.

        • tonysam,

          This is all I could find:

          “Chris Stark, who describes herself on Twitter as a “Former BB Blogger & Casey Anthony Blogger” and “Paid Researcher,” People reported Sunday.”

          I don’t know how accurate this description. Sometimes, I think he/she/ it may be more than one person who may have inside contacts (NO PROOF THOUGH). “She” was the one who accused Dr. Phil of paying for the accommodation for the Arias family. Dr. Phil has denied this story. Not a friend of Jodi although she did post the photo of the Walmart receipt showing “5G KERO cans” and a picture a blue kerosene can.

          • chris stark is the person who said we were all canned responces or someone paid us to be here.
            sorry i live many states away, i think for my self and she can go pound sand in a ugly place.
            I came here, because of hate. no body knows me. i wanted to help jodi because i think she needs it.

          • She has attempted to insert herself in this case, as it appears she has in Real Housewife disputes, etc. She is attempting an alliance of some sort with Chis Hughes. She claims first hand knowledge that she either does not have, or has lifted from twitter or some other online source. I am reticent to say this, because it implies a certain endorsement of the comparison, but she is essentially a failed Katie Wick(s?). Plus her picture must be several years old because she is tens of pounds heavier now than it appears in her pic, which might be why Dr. Drew does not want her on. Oh, and she claims to be an expert in both Mormon and Catholic doctrines. It also appears that she is on a crusade to destroy Jodi through social media. Is that enough strikes for ya?

          • So basically, she’s just someone who comments on trials like the rest of us. Those are the fakest “credentials” that I’ve ever heard of…well, that and “Dr. Drew Juror.”

    • If this person wants to upoload a YT video he/she should have at least checked the facts,like the hair color!I swear to god,if I hear one more time that she was a blonde on June 2d…For crying out loud!!!

      • Yea the ONLY thing he got right was that the gas can was REALLY a BLUE kerosene can! So if the jury is seeing that,, I hope they question why Martinez cakled up a Walmart employee, waisting time and money looking for a retuned gas can when they shouldve been looking fir a BLUE KEROSENE CAN!!!

        And the defense better make this a point in the closing argument! I don’t see how they could miss that!

        • Not sure that part matters as there was no matching SKU returned, supposedly, at THAT WalMart, but there are many other stores she could have returned it to.

          • It does matter because Juan Martinez was pounding the “gas can” term right up until Ms Web took the stand and then he conveniently switched it to “five gallon cans.”

            They clearly did NOT search for kerosene cans, nor did they use the UPC# to find them. There’s huge room for human error as they were searching a hard copy paper print rather than on computer with a “find” option.

            • This man has treated the Jury with nothing but disrespect,as if they were iliterate stupid people who cant put two and two together..I’d be seriously offended if I sat on that jury chair.But since we cannot know what they’re thinking of him or how much they’ve seen through Martinez’s antics,it’s only wishful thinking on our part to believe they will figure many of his tricks out.

    • Kind of funny they want to claim gun was proof of premeditation, but then claim she did not shoot him 1st??? kind of blows that out of the water doesn’t it?

  34. and by the way i kept track of the things travis called Jodi….deplorable: Here you go, people need to be reminded of this and that is exactly what Dr Samuels and Alyce Laviolette was testifying to. (love both).
    Five year old can do a better job than you can.
    not sorry
    tears are only for self
    The list goes on, He makes me want to puke.
    Self rightous, demeaning bastard he is. just my opinion

      • yes i did and thank you for reminding you for reminding me, that video that was just posted plays right in to the case. Here’s what i left out.
        3 HOLE WONDER
        team jodi please don’t spank me for the caps! lol i can take it if you do. lol

        • I thought Travis said that Jodi considered Travis to be a dildo with a heartbeat? (NOT that he’s correct; far from it.)

          • I think it was Travis who called himself dildo with a heartbeat, the rest he did say to her.

            No doubt there was verbal abuse.

    • He was vile.We should not also forget the abominable sentences that were in that 16-pages ranting of his.Absolutely dusgusting.Can’t imagine how Jodi must have felt upon reading them when he sent them to her or how she felt when she had to hear them yet again being read in the courtroom and for the entire world.Poor Jodi…

    • And let’s remember these charming phrases:

      “You will feel as though you have been raped.”

      “I want to tie you up and rape you in the woods.”

      “There were nights that you were miserable and I raped you.”

  35. It boggles my mind how people are quick to point out Jodi lied. Okay… She lied to police. Do you know how many people lie to the police? They aren’t your friends! They have a job to do. Sometimes they use people to make examples out of them. They are human beings just like the rest of us and politicians. People lie for different reasons. If she had premeditated this it was a Horrible premeditated plan. She left her hair, blood, palm print, camera with her pictures in it. It was the worst premeditated murder ever. She lied for reasons only she knows. She said it was embarrassment and trauma. It could be possible. Is it reasonable? Yes. Especially because she was having sex with an alleged virgin that counted on his church status and church peers for his business and incom. His life was very interconnected. He didn’t really have anything outside of that life. If he lost his church status and friends he’d lose EVERYTHING! It’s that simple. Why did Travis lie? Because he had to make a living. Maybe if he’d had a different life he wouldn’t have been as big of a liar.

    Everyone lies about something especially if its embarrassing. That’s common sense folks. I know I’m preaching to the choir, but it just is beyond me why people keep throwing that one up in the air.

    • Most suspects do lie to the police when they fail to exercise the Miranda rights. The only reason it would even be important is why she did it.

      It doesn’t mean she lied in her testimony or that the killing wasn’t self-defense.

    • When I watched the whole police interrogation tapes, I heard Jodi ask about Travis’s family within the first 5 mins of the 1st tape. IMO she did suffer from acute distress and she really did suffer amnesia and really didn’t remember most of what happened. That is why she kept asking to see the pics. Flores and the female detective picked up on her concern for his family because on the 2nd day, they both were using this over and over to push for a confession. I believe it was for his family that she made up the story about the strangers. She may have recalled a little, but most of the terror was lost forever in her flooded hippocampus. A Mayo Clinic site I read links migraine headaches to this type of amnesia.

    • I find it utterly inconceivable that three quarters of America can’t put themselves in another person’s shoes. It isn’t that difficult. They are truly heartless.

  36. Here is another comment about TA from the same site, probably from the same anonymous person:

    This blogger royally pisses me off. Fact 1. You never spent one second with T dogg and you’re defending him like he’s the master of the universe. Fact 2. Under his own oaths and covenants in the LDS Church, he IS NOT entitled to act as you put it “like every other guy” Trav was a sexual deviant and a total fraud. He stands accused of sodomizing a girl just hours after he baptised her, and accused of sexually, physically, emotionally and spiritually abusing her. with and Audio recording to back that up! Fact 3. If calling a woman who loves you a three holed wonder, a slut, a pure whore, and living a life identical to Satan is not Abuse then you need to re-read the definition. Fact 4. T-dogg was a victim of sexual assault at a young age. Everyone who knows him knows this. Everyone who knows this and denies it is trying to protect one last shed of dignity for a man who does not deserve it anymore. Fact 5. It is not unlikely that Travis returned that favor of sodomy to Jodi and struggled with pedophilia as a result of his history. He was a screwed up person masking his problems with a false facade of respectability in the LDS Church. The only true liar in the relationship between Travis and Jodi is Travis and Travis alone.
    In short Blogger, You did not know the man, you do not know the woman and you are rattling off like you are an expert on a matter you know dogshit about, basing your opinions on biased information from the media alone, and you have the audacity to call that TRUTH. I for one am not impressed in the least. So piss off back to the hole you slithered out of.

    • Wow!!! I always had that feeling that TA was sexualy molested as a child. The way Jodi cried explaining why she forgave him after catching him masturbating to the child pic. That said it all to me. She knew he was and did say anything. Shes still holding things in. The family should know that if she wanted to really talk, she’d also add that to her testimony and she didn’t! !!!!

      Tonysam, where are you guys reading these comments, what website is it? I wonder what kind of responses this person is getting?

      • I won’t directly link to it, but you can look it up on Google. It’s called Just Da Truth, which of course it isn’t. The post is from April 16 and titled “Travis Alexander: Justice for an Innocent Man.”

        I found the post and the other one by simply googling some of SJ’s repost.

  37. if she was abused and hated whatever sexual activity they engaged in, why would she write in her journal that she couldn’t wait to live out one of his perverted fantasies (of her dressed up as Little Red riding hood or something like that)? why did she NOT ever mention she hated it and wanted to break free?? why did she record that phone call if she never planned to use it later??…so many questions . ..

    • Because Travis could read those journals.

      You know good and well what the answers to your questions are if you were watching the trial at all. She didn’t “tempt” him in that phone call–he knew he was being recorded and they had planned to record phone calls previously.

    • It’s true there are many questions left unanswered. It appears to me she did a lot of things to please him. I believe he had more to lose ending this relationship than Jodi. He lived a double life and he depended on his support system not only spiritually (Lds church) but also for his work because a lot of members were also involved with PPL. Jodi had lived a free life her whole life. She wasn’t tied down to anything. She also was trying to move on with her life. I agree there’s many questions left. I just don’t think the state proved 1st degree murder.

    • A gazillion women have done this throughout history – especially young women with low self-esteem. Jodi figured out very early on that the way to ta’s heart was through sex. He made that clear – that’s when he paid attention to her, complimented her and gave her affection. She thought she could gain his love by giving him what he wanted and probably hoped that once he loved her, she could work on normalizing the relationship.

      Sadly, like many women she was emotionally, physically, spiritually and sexually abused – over a two-year period of time.

      Of course she acted like she enjoyed his perversions (and I’m sure sometimes wasn’t acting), because had she acted differently, he would have dumped her in a hot minute.

    • I didn’t write that post but copied and pasted it–it was presumably the same person who wrote the post comments on another blog SJ put at the OP.

      It was somebody who knew Travis.

  38. Using geebee’s excellent Wiki, something jumped out at me. Isn’t it interesting the photo Martinez showed the jury of the casing… (freeze at 3:16:19 mark)

    Now look at the photo that they had which had bright illumination and perfect perspective of how the bullet was resting on the blood and WHERE. This had to be a police photographer photo in their possession

    The true visual of this cartridge cannot possibly be seen in what the jury was shown. Notice the bullet end has a larger circumference than the shaft and it is sitting right on the edge of the blood. This also cannot possibly be ascertained by what they were shown.

    That’s because Martinez didn’t WANT the jury to have this view of the bullet. It clearly is raised off the floor on the end because of the design of the casing. Which means the blood very easily could have flowed under it when it was in liquid state. In their exhibit, the pool of blood looks dark and very heavy. It looks like the casing is sitting in much more blood. It is clear that is not the case where the cartridge is resting by the brightly lit photo. The floor tile was also a design type of grooves and valleys–it was not uniformly smooth. This can be seen by the way the blood coagulated breaking apart and is obvious just by looking at any photo of the floor.

    These two things would make it very possible for the blood to seep under the casing. This was meant to be deliberately and purposely misleading.

    Notice the State firearms projectile examination expert also did not ONCE mention the words “hollow point.” neither. Nor did Martinez. There was no description of the “mushrooming” which a hollow point does on impact designed purposely to cause the most devastation when it hits its target even though she examined the bullet and gave detailed identifying characteristics of what she determined. She talked about striations of the bullet. She talked about the rifling pattern on the bullet. But never once mentioned the words hollow point. This is the most feared design of bullet by police with any handgun. In fact, police use them for that very reason.

    THERE’s your smoking gun… For the defense!!!

    It was not the Wyreka gun. If it was, Martinez would have been bellering those words “hollow point” at the top of his lungs. It would have all but directly proven connection to the stolen gun. Not being a hollow point, directly contradicts that it was the gun because it would have REQUIRED a new ammunition of ordinary .25 caliber cartridges to be loaded into it.

    That cartridge casing was moved and relocated by some external force after it was ejected and landed on the floor. This is what would to have happened in either scenario—Jodi’s or the prosecution’s. Where Jodi fired the gun, it would have ejected to towards the bathtub because the bullet ejects to the right. For Horn’s lunatic theory, it would not even be possible to fire the gun to fit the pattern of the bullet wound. She would have had to drill a hole in the back shower wall, go into the roommates room and shot him through the hole from two feet away minimum. So the external force in that case, would have been magic. Shooting him in the bathtub doesn’t even pass the laugh test.

    If it does Horn, and he was stabbed in the vena cava “first” while he was sitting in that cross legged pose, show me where the blood is on the floor that would have been pumping out of his heart every time it contracted and relaxed as he was getting up, fighting off Jodi and making his way ten feet to the sink.

    Show me the blood Horn…

    O-hhh, that was all washed away by the water when the floor was flooded huh? I see.

    But that same water couldn’t have washed the top of that bullet casing right? Which was IN THE DIRECTION of where the bullet casing was found. The box in the linen closet had a blood colored pattern wicking up three inches high from the bottom of the box that was absorbed from underneath it due to considerable volume of bloody water contacting it. So we know water was near that bullet cartridge.

    Take your pick Martinez. It was either kicked there, or the bullet was contacted and washed on the top by water which is shown virtually certain to have been there, and proven by the box in the closet.

    Either way, the shot was first……check and mate!!!!

    • OMG!!!! The grooves/valleys of the tiles you’re referring to totally make sense!!! See there’s blood in the groove?When it was liquid it could have easily flowed through the groove to the tile and thus ending under the casing!! After all blood is a liquid just like water,it can travel places,changing directions,it’s not a solid thing.Ignore me,just babbling right now,but that pic you posted totally makes things clearer to me.I was trying to explain to my sister the other day how the casing could have ended up on top of the blood spatter and she was looking at me as if she was seeing a crazy person,told me my ‘theory’ is far-fetched.Hehehe,tomorrow I’ll confront her with THAT!Yipee!
      omg,you ARE brilliant yes!

      • Not only that, it is a very SMALL amount of blood under where the casing is actually resting. They never showed the bullet casing in court to anybody. The only thing the jury heard was her testimony–the STATES witness. There was no photo of the BOTTOM of the casing. Nobody saw that or was able to see the actual casing with their eyes. This would have shown that the shaft of the casing may have been above the blood which ran under it and blood would not be evident on the casing. That’s why the very worst possible very dark photo they could show was what the jury saw.

        Also look at the grout line in the tile. Both sides in that grout line were diluted by something. There is no other way blood could look like that. If something hadn’t diluted it, it would just have gotten perceptibly less in density in the deep red color as it got farther away from the epicenter of the blood. But it would still be solid red like the rest of the puddle is. There was no force of gravity at issue here. In other words, like blood on a wall dripping down for example. Or if it was physically smeared by something like you see on the corner molding photo that Martinez claims was made by Travis’ foot scraping along the baseboard as she’s “dragging” him toward the shower. There is nothing like that here This is blood simply flowing along a groove. But it is noticeably faded along the end of its path on both sides and very visibly evident that it was diluted.

        This adds just that much more credence to water passing over that small blood puddle as well which would have cleaned the top of the casing. And that is FURTHER confirmed. Look at that “ring” around the blood and notice that there is a TOTAL lack of blood between the ring and the puddle all the way around. Blood doesn’t “shrink” and leave an opening like this with a halo.

        It was DELIBERATE deception and it was designed to have only the verbal description so the jury would be left with the image that the bullet was setting in the middle of a LARGE puddle of DRIED blood but pristine on the top, therefore the shot could only have been fired when the blood was there.

  39. Jodi was innocent, and she is innocent, i feel she was very naive and innocent. i think her parents did a fabulous job with her and all of the siblings. I think the parents and family are pillars of their community and have been for years. I think Jodi has a conscious and a very tender soul. She got sucked in by Travis and the KKK. Travis alexander brainwashed Jodi. She bent over backwards to please him. That is what a co dependent domestic violence victim does. She was so innocent, she did not know what domestic violence was, and i don’t think she knows what co-dependent is either, ( the fear you can’t make it by your self) she did not know what a battered woman was, she was trying to get him help, which he resisted. He knew the gig was up and she was moving on and she knew too much . She tried to come be nice, and close the relationship, that is when he decided to rape her. Regarding his protection rites, bullshit.
    The family of travis alexander has access to what really happened. They know it stinks, but they will get more money to play the victims. Had not seen travis in 4 years! get IT! 4 FRIGGIN’ years, had never been to his house. His family can spew hypoberle everywhere. Travis was the devil reincarnitated. So was his friends. Travis could have set up a HIT on Jodi. But it failed . Heres what my religion taught me. God will spew the hippocrites out of his mouth. It is harder for a rich man to get into heaven than going through the eye of a needle. Read the good book. Carma is comming straight at you, all of you lieing sob’s: chughes, shuges, chancy, deanna, freemans, d hall, meffords, andrews, d thompson, ZACK b, bells, m. hall, d. hall d.forrrest. mlowery,d.freeman, d. freeman. l. andrew’s diadoni,a dewey, M.bremmet, t. Searale, sc peterson, r. burns, t. sorenson, s.sorenson, brothers, d jones, b lavine, e. christopher, k brinton. See, you thought the public was not paying attention But we were, so is the JURY. Of course, this is in: imo, imop, imhp, i think, i thought, you scummy bastards get my message, We are watching you. Shame on you! Some of you need to get on your knees and pray for mercy. God’s will be done, Not your’s, Not our’s, But his will be done!

  40. well u can only hope jodi isn’t lying again then. otherwise there’s no proof the phone calls were ever planned and the journals could be read by Travis. I’m not trying to convince anyone that Jodi always lies. But even her parents (you guys must be tired of this being brought up again and again) admitted Jodi was bipolar or something. I just want to keep an open mind and not jump to conclusions. we can talk about gas cans and receipts and other shiz that proves this or that…but we‘ll never know WHAT is inside jodis head and WHAT she was thinking at the moment of killing and btw if she was defending herself, she would have received more wounds than just a few cuts on her hands….I’m sure Travis was NOT an angel…..

    • Dina, you clearly do NOT have an open mind, and you are totally jumping to conclusions.

      So, why don’t you jump again, and jump the fuck off a page that clearly supports Jodi, and crawl back under the rock from where you came.

    • so what, and what is exactly your point??? I will say one more time, some people on here have been here along time, because of the travesty of the justice system, the vile hatred, the hatred by HLN, vinnie politan, jvm, nasty ass nancy disgrace, THE LIARS HATERS NETWORK. JUST WHAT IS YOUR POINT? The point to put it in very clear language, is this, Jodi, saved her life from travis alexander who was trying to kill her. I did not post any where, i came here by my own freewill, because, i could not stand the hate. That is not justice! that will be enough said and it is certainly not appropiate!!

    • Look Dina sweety,I can only speak for myself but the truth is as days go by I’m finding it even less bearable to have to explain things that should be clear ,especially to people who should have made up their minds by now in order for them to surf the net to find sites like this! I’m a foreigner just like you,english is not my mother language and I can totally understand you being lost regarding some points/evidence/testimonies during this trial-language barrier I guess.

      Nevertheless,you dont sounds simply like a person ”lost in translation”.You sound like someone who’s ready to believe either this or that or whatever! WE are here for Jodi,we believe in her and have ‘sacrificed’ time,personal life commitments,work time etc to try and figure this whole thing out.How can you say you hope Jodi isnt lying?Again?Then clearly you dont believe her.If I were you and still felt confused ,I’d be respectufully lurking not commenting and upsetting everyone.

      • Holy crap Maria, I would have never guessed English was a second language. I just thought you were an American in Greece.

        You have this language down pat.

        Definitely a whole lot better than JM.

        • LOL LOL LOL Al,definitely not an american although I wish I were one.I’m a greek,living in Greece!Thank you for your kind words though.

    • Dina,

      Don’t mean to be snarky, but based on your statement

      “but we‘ll never know WHAT is inside jodis head and WHAT she was thinking at the moment of killing”

      by the laws of our country she is not guilty. The prosecution must prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that there was an intent to kill for any of the murder charges. He must also prove that there was no self defense and this too must be beyond a reasonable doubt.

      So if after watching the trial you made that statement, then by the laws of our country – she walks.

      And thank the good Lord for those laws. Because the Government should never be able to convict someone if the Government cannot prove “but we‘ll never know WHAT is inside jodis head and WHAT she was thinking at the moment of killing”.

    • Dina by your statement jodi is not guilty because the state hasn’t proven his case to you. It’s true we will never know. All we can do is base out opinions on the evidence. It’s great you want to keep an open mind. I don’t agree with your perspective but I admire your candidness and posts. You’re being honest about your feelings and perspective and you aren’t insulting anyone here.

      • Okay….Dina hasn’t brought her/his azz back to reply……so at this point y’all just need to F**K him/her! Clear he/she was posting to TRY and start CHYT!!!!!!!!

    • Imagine that you are in the 8th grade and your parents not only search your room but also turn you into the cops for growing pot in a tupper ware container on the roof. How would you feel, especially at that age. Little wonder that she had trust issues with them. The bipolar comment her mom made was referring to the last year or two, which was the time Jodi was with Travis suffering his abuse. Little wonder that she saw mood swings.

    • I am new to posting here. I would like to offer some information on this subject if possible.
      JA parents stated JA was acting Bipolar for the past year and a half. Her mom stated she would call all happy and then call back crying. She would not tell her mom what was wrong but would be sobbing on the phone. JA met TA in Oct 2006 IIRC. They dated for about 6 months when he decided she was not the type of woman he wanted to marry. But he did continue to use her to satisfy his sexual needs. The time JA and TA where a few months into their relationship is about the same time her parents say she was acting bi polar and needed help. JAs mother states she changed about a year and a half prior to the killing. JA was involved with TA for about a year and a half. Her “Bi Polar” behavior or depression and closed off communication correlates with the time that TA began escalating in being verbally and physiologically abusive.
      The physiological abuse a battered woman suffers changes her. The victim changes in ways JA parents described in the interview tapes. Prior to TA it has been stated JA was always happy and fun to be around. This is all typical of an abuse victim after they become embroiled in an abusive relationship. Her father describes JA acting “crazy for a year” Then he states it was a little longer than that. Perhaps since she moved to Palm desert.
      Really the interviews of her parents are very telling. They perfectly describe the sign and symptoms of JA being an abusive victim. But you do have to listen to the full interviews and not the NG versions or the media snipped clips.

    • Dina,
      I think you might be a ta supporter but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you’re just young and don’t know human nature very well.

      Jodi’s father is an abuser – this is an objective fact. Did you see the video of his interview with the police? That is not how a normal father would act upon hearing his daughter committed murder. This guy was emotionless aside from telling them how nuts he thought she was. A normal parent cries, feels guilty because their kid ended up in this predicament (like jodi’s mother acted).

      All people lie occasionally. Teenagers in abusive homes lie to survive and to try to avery more abuse.

      The phone call – there is nothing in that call that suggests baiting him into his pedophile comments. Nothing. Did she want to take it in a sexual direction – probably – because that’s the way she kept his attention. She made herself into his personified sexual fantasy.

  41. OK this is what I think happened someone gave the Hughes proof that travis molested there oldes son and they asked there son was this true and he said yes this would have been motive now they are mad and plan the revenge on travis they probable knew about the gun being stolen from the grandparents house because of the statements by dan hall and others that called jodi the Hughes brother introduses jodi to ryan and they envite her to be at his house on the 4th but jodi went to travis house instead and all hell broke loose the intruders had hoods on they were suprised that jodi was there they knew she was to be with ryan if chris and sky were the ones in the house or they had someone else do it. they shot travis and knock her out when she comes too she is confronted by them have to go back to her story of the intruders now they let her go she goes to ryans and he and dan hall meet her at a restraunt or meeting but before she is ready to leave she is asked to go 4 wheeling this is the chance to kill her but she say I have to work and does not then they fix her lic plate and the cop stops her rayan is in back of her when this happen then she gets home and mom says people are calling saying she is crazy and needs treatment. she is envited to go camping get a 9mm gun but does not go another attemp to kill her she tell her dad she has to leave needs to protect herself and her family now the 911 call travis is found 5 days later why my have been using drugs zac says he only had 45 mins of sleep the smell the flores report breakdown about the roommates the house is open door policy and the cover up is on the way for 5 days a mentions of computer broken someone shows up at the house with a lab top to point jodi out with a photo Dustin also arives also Dan hall was called by the hughes to ask about travis oh lets not forget chris call him and he returns the call back why??? and more and more and flores is told jodi did it why to cover up the real killers the hughes are on the cancun trip so they say they were already in cancun or were they only have to talk on the phone while everyone goes into the jodi did it then flores gets the ashley reed saying her husband knew or may have done it then changed her mind then the flores report and all the stuff we know now with the breakdown that something was a foot sherlock holmes was not in charge I can go on and on but this is what happens next she tells matt what happened to her at travis house and he was with her for 2 yrs then flores calls jodi then before he can call the second time she tells us that dan hall the gun tootin ass called her and spoke to her before flores called the second time flores knew about ashley reed what did he know about her jodi is in jail for a while with the story of the intruders untll something happened oh ashleys death and 4 months latter her story then Dr Samules trys to tell her to change her story she does but is cought by JM with well she filled out the paperwork with the intruder story. and Matt must have gotten a call from dan hall to shut him up he has wife and kids and he told jodi to leave him out of it and she did. you can find out what he said here but you have to go back to jan i think he changed because someone must have threaten matt or his family would be hurt jodi’s family was getting threats too her sister said someone said some really bad things to her daughter or that is what I read and to the self defence it was not from travis yes the abuse of the bull shit that came out in trial but the abuse she took from chris and sky hughes remember she told the jury that she said her sister was stupid because she was on drugs and in an abusive relationship and jodi was in the same with travis but he was killed for touching someones kid sexually and that is what killed him that is why she told the story of travis masterbating to little boy picture if he did not get it from the computer he got it from chris and sky hughes house he was always spending the nite with them and if he snuck in to see jodi and have sex with her he could have done the same to the hughes kid well that is what I think and the cards said and god showed me on easter sunday and I will hope that god will help her find a way to prove my theory on this someone will talk or something will point in that direction the trial has done everything to keep the hughes out of this and she is being railroaded to the DP has to happen to keep her from talking just hope no one kills her before that happens if you think im an on to something lets talk about it because the way this trail is now there is no way she can get a fair trial I know this is all out of wack but its the best way I can say it Im not good at writing but I bet jodi can do a better job when she gets the chance. so for the new people who come to watch or the ones that want answers this is the place to come there are a lot of things at the top to click on and watch and hear and see you just have to spend the time to do it. and if you have questions there are a lot of people here who can answer you. my only wish is that the time the jury has off they are not following the rules like the JM and flores and the killers and are reading this and all our comments and can give jodi a fair trial but if they are just watching HLN then there with all the other haters out there I love to roll the eyes just like the sisters of travis how are up to no good again $$$$ hungery and filling the internert with hate for jodi they will owe her an appology when the discover the truth and all the lies that flores has told and left out of this trial his day is comming too hang in there jodi if you read this we are waiting for justice to be served.

    Want to Comment?

  42. hay dina is your name deanna the girlfriend that took the stand and painted travis as a good boy to you nice lie we heard and we do not believe it. A snake sheds his skin but he is still a snake and anyone that would let a woman die for him is a snake too.

  43. maria, i don’t know what “trial language barrier“ you’re referring to but that’s not my point. I’m talking about the strange twists and turns in jodi‘s behavior. I’m NOT trying to belittle her OR Travis Alexander and I’m not defending him, either. I just don’t get why she had to stab him that many times, shoot him and slit his throat (whichever was first does not bother me)! I’m studying psychology and have always been interested in things like that so there’s NO need to be hostile. Gosh! all of this only means that Jodi does have serious mental issues whoever or whatever caused them!

    • You ”don’t get it” yet you’re studying Psychology?Then,sorry there’s nothing I can do to help you.

      • I agree…. for anyone to be coming on to a Jodi Arias web site a week before the jury deliberates, and this person still doesn’t get it….well, I am not going to waste one more second of my life trying to teach uneducated sheepel the facts.

      • Can anybody find a good picture of TA’s right foot from the same angle as that in the supposed dragging photo. The autopsy photos leaves his right foot out, conveniently. I don’t think that is his foot in the photo.

    • Hi Dina I think it’s good to question things. And you’re right the way she handled it wasn’t the best way to handle it. I can say from my experience with people close to me that things aren’t always as they seem, and although alot of her lies point to guilt there could be more disturbing reasons we’ll never know about.

    • Dina, I feel like someone in that situation who has been a victim of DV and who had been attacked would be in such an extreme survival mode mindset that they felt like they HAD to make sure they were dead and they wouldn’t be able to hurt them anymore. I could see someone doing the “overkill” to make sure that person didn’t come after them anymore. Especially if they had been shot and continued to chase / attack them.

    • If you had an open mind and had been paying attention Dina you would be able to see that a woman who has been abused often does not act in rational ways.

      You brought up her parents…well…did you fail to notice that they said it had been in the last year and a half or so that she had been acting different? About the time frame she was being abused by Travis.

      You claim to be studying psychology? Did you happen to catch Alyce LaViolett’s testimony or not? How about Dr. S? Surely you don’t believe that baby doc’s testimony over the testimony of experts with many years of experience???

      Surely you wouldn’t be that closed minded?

    • dina she did not say she stabbed him because she did not stab him you need to go to the top of this page and read the flores report and the breakdown and you will see they is something wrong with this trial…. where have you been HLN or the hate sites this site is for jodi and to figure out what happened because she was not able to tell the jury what happened and if the jury gives her death I hope she tells them what happened with out the interruption of JM or flores

  44. I gotta walk away…. I am getting upset. A week before the jury gets this case and I see a bunch of bullshit about her case that is obviously coming from a hater stirring up shit, and then I get Tony jumping on my ass for it……………


    • Whoa Renee’!! I certainly meant NO DISRECT to you at all!!! Come on now. I know everyone’s emotions are high but there is no need to feel anger towards me. I’m DEEPLY sorry if I offended you.:’-(

    • I’m with you Renee.If anyone comes to this site next week or during deliberations and after the verdict I’ll quit being the good girl I’ve tried to be and will unleash all ny suppressed anger.I won’t have ‘newcomers’ upsetting us at a time we only need peace and prayers for Jodi.NO WAY!

    • hang in there lady!

      I’m right with ya!

      I too get tired of people coming on here and posting comments that are not bad enough for banning, and yet are from people who are clearly NOT for Jodi, regardless of how they are trying to spin their questions and statements.

      ((((((hugs)))))) renee’

      • That’s right, I am afraid -the lunatics are going to start coming out of the woodwork over the next week or two. stay strong friends

        • I’m afraid too.I dont know if we’ll have the emotional strength to fight back,given that next week and the days to follow are bound to be difficult.

          • Maria and friends, I haven’t posted much today. Iv been in n out, im real busy cleaning up house, we have family members visiting from out of state. Im hoping it doesn’t interfere with the last days of the trial! !!

            Anyway, I just wanted to reassure you, WE WILL HAVE THE STRENGTH TO FIGHT BACK! Remember, WE’RE way smarter then them! They have proven how stupid they all are! And if Jodi can keep it together and be this strong through all of this BS, WE will too, we will stick up for her and justice all the way to the end.

            • You’re right.If poor Jodi angel can go through this with strength,courage and dignity we’ll all be ok too.Thanks LC,I needed someone to boost me up!

    • Renee…..gurl don’t trip Tony….his chyt is weak….just saying!!!!! Hang tight Renee….have a drink or something!!!

  45. Does any one know how Jodi ended up with Brewer’s remote control to his tv or dvd player in her rental car? She came overto borrower the gas cans, used his computer to check myspace and had breakast with him. She said she was only there for a half hour. She came back to his house 2 hours later to bring him the remote control. What is so important?

    • Nancy Beth..isn’t that just a rumor? If you have seen documentation of it anywhere please post and I can give an uneducated opinion.

      Also, are you the NancyB from Calls for justice? I have never really seen you post anything that I would consider is positive regarding jodi, so I am just asking.

    • This is in Jodie’s testimony. Brewer’s son had accidentally put it in the car while Jodie was there (iirc). It was something to do with either the son or Jodie accidentally leaving it in the car the day she was there. At any rear, it was in Jodie’s testimony.

          • No problem – I’m not sure if there is really any significance of any kind to the fact. I found it to be just a rather trivial bit of info in the grand scheme of things.

            • me too buystander.Somehow haters do bring it up frequently though on the other sites,saw a couple comments about it the other day.I think they only do it to make her look like a weirdo who would take odd objects for no apparent reason from a house.

              • Yea see, if this is what they’re going to come here with, we’ve got it covered! If one of us missed something, the other will ba k it up with the facts! We have nothing to worry about! I know it gets annoying, but we’re strong enough and smart enough to hold it down! ; ))

                • I believe JM asked D. Brewer, “Do you recall Jodi returning to your house to return a remote control?” and Brewer replied, “Yes, I think so” or “Yes, I do”…
                  This is what I recall of Brewer’s testimony regarding that.
                  As far as Jodi’s testimony, I can not recall what she said exactly, but I do think she said something about it.
                  My question is: What relevance does that have at all to the case? Is it an issue with travel time? Why is it important?
                  Just wondering…

  46. I just want to offer a formal apology to Renne’. I sure in hell did not mean to offend her in any such way. I am sorry to all the other loyal ladies who post here as well. I sure in do not want to make Renee’ stay away from here either. Please let me be the one who stays away for a few days to think about the grave mistake I made here today.

    I am truly sorry again!!!

    Peace to all.:-)

    • Tony,please dont go away! Neither you nor Renee.We love you both,we cant afford to lose anyone at this crucial point in time.I say we stick together for the difficult days to come.Stay united against the haters too 🙂

      • Sorry Maria, but I must do what is honorable. I hope Renee’ will forgive me in time. Until then I must do what is right and stay away from here. Good God I offended such a fine WOMAN!!!:'(

    • Tony,

      No need to go away. I am not going away. Here is the problem with posters like Dina. I have seen them come through here many times. They post a couple times neutral enough to stop being moderated, then they begin with the anti Jodi bullshit.

      I have then seen them go to the Taliban site and laugh at what “idiots” we are over here, and how they trolled us and had a blast.

      I am over it. This late in the game, fence sitters as to whether to support Jodi or not need to jump off the other side of the fucking fence. I can smell bullshit a mile away, and Dina smells like bullshit. If you look at the language of her posts you can clearly see where she came from and what she is here for.

      I don’t have time for those folks.

      AT ALL.

      No worries about you and I, I have a soft sport for ya Tony, and ya know it. No harm, no foul.

      • I am sooooo worried ! Las Vegas is seldom wrong ! They are offering you even money on your wager if you agree that the jury will return with a 1st degree conviction in under 45 minutes…Some are saying there is easy money to be had with that wager !

        Are mormons allowed to wager ? I wonder ! sigh !

        • I don’t think that Vegas is in the habit of giving away money, I think they know that the true and just verdict is NOT GUILTY . They will make a lot of money off the people who are hoping that it will be murder 1, and I don’t think that Mormons are allowed to gamble.

          • Angela,

            One would have to wager $350 in order to win $100 if one believes that the verdict will be 1st degree…This is a better example of why I am very concerned for her…Indeed, LV is not in the habit of giving money away !

            They have prognosticators watching every moment of the trial…Decisions there are not based on what is just but rather what the likely outcome will be based upon the presentations of each side…lol

    • Beautiful . . we on this site come from all walks of life/location/religious denominations and get along better than the organized all for one clan.I’m not religious but I do believe in Christ . . not christianity.. we are what it’s all about. Even if things don’t turn out like we exactly want them to, we will accept the message we don’t understand, victory will be awesome and if no victory we will still be humble. Bless us all.
      Dina, there’s enough information out there available to you. . We’ve all read and re-read commentary/opinion/transcripts without prejudice. Some of the work here has exceeded any attorneys.Without getting intense about our reasons for skepticism of new/terse/old lines of questioning .. it’s always best to enter an established forum .. and observe.

  47. ok it time for ((((((((((((((((((((((( hugs ))))))))))))))))))))))))) and we can begin again love you renee you say what is in your heart to bad jodi could not be like you and defend herself

  48. If Dina had gone to the haters site they would have filled her head with lies. I think she was trying to understand what happened and all of you are more honest with your answers than the haters.

    • Thanks for being understanding Pamela. I hope Renee’ comes back today too. This is my last post for today, tomorrow, and maybe a few days longer.

      God forgive me for my disrespect to Renee’!!!

      • i agree, we are not here to kiss ass and to suck up, we are here to protect jodi. I don’t have to smoothe anything she is innocent. Get on board or get off, its too damn late in the game and tired of stupid questions, go read all the questions on this web site but all the haters sites. might be a good fit.

    • Pamela, I think some of us are just weary of trolls because often they don’t really want answers…they want to argue…and if someone doesn’t see the situation of Travis and Jodi from all the different angles or doesn’t believe the different possibilities at this stage of the trial, then there is no changing their minds most likely.

  49. if Dina is still here you can start by reading the flores report it is located at the top of the page and also look at the detailed breakdown of what we found and then come back and if you still feel the some way there are lots of hate sites that will love you we are here to detect uncover find sluth and befriend one another because of the other hate sites were so disterbing

  50. In the autopsy it said that they took clippings of Travis’ fingernails
    I would think that if they had found any of Jodi’s DNA under them, it would have been brought into court.

    My guess is that any DNA under his nails would have belonged to SOMEONE ELSE!

    Also, the shoe print really really bothers me. Flores could NOT say what Jodi’ shoe size was on the stand when he answered a juror question.

    I think that he knows the shoe size of the print and it doesn’t match Jodi’s so he is trying hard to make it not important.

    • The footprint has always been a big question for me too. If it was left by the roommate the evening they found TA, why didn’t they make that known and dispel any myths about it. Same holds true if the footprint would have matched up to Jodie’s. Just one of many facts that has been swept under the rug during the prosecutors case.

      • The blood would have been dried after five days, so the print had to have been left when the blood was wet. I don’t think it was Jodi’s. I saw in the police interview that they took her shoes and gave them back, I think if the print was made by Jodi, that Martinez would have made it known during the trial.

    • angela 🙂

      what is so disterbing is the fact that the only DNA evidence that was discussed in this trial is the palm print and travis thats it and there was blood everywhere even in the downstairs bathroom at first I thought i emagined it but went back and watched the videos and there was blood on the banister yet it was washed and stickey. looked like he had long fingernails

  51. I know I started posting later in the trial, so I hope that no one thinks that I am a troll, I really think that Jodi is not guilty and that something bad happened so she had to defend herself. The slitting of the throat was totally done after she left by someone else.

    • Angela, I also think the slitting of the throat was done by someone else and that Jodi, in fact was NOT the one who killed him at all. If his heart was still beating when he was stabbed…the person with the knife was the killer. Since Jodi claims she can not remember stabbing TA…could it be that she can’t remember because she wasn’t there when it happened?…I know in my heart, call it intuition, call it logic, call it educated rational opinion…whatever, I know DEEP DOWN in my heart that Jodi DID NOT kill Travis at all. There is so much cover-up, are so many rumors, so many threats being made to Jodi, the Defense Team, the defense witnesses…I think Jodi is being the fall guy here and is sacrificing herself to protect others.

  52. Posted too far up before….. yes guys “dina” and “nancy beth ” are jerking everyone’s chains on this site. It’s probably ng and jvm looking for something intelligent they could use on hln. crap time tv. don’t waste time or energy on them. I enjoy reading all of your posts very much and just wish I could add more. I also appreciate all the time you all put into this case-

    • zoe 🙂 you are so right on that one used my hail mary and voodoo comments here I wonder is they will use the chris and sky hughes story ya right I only go see there asses to see what new shit flores has released to them and the kkk buddies that get on and spill there shit

  53. did you read my post above were I describe the intruders and another thing that bothered me was there was not foot prints going out the door to travis room and the floor cleaner downstairs was never tested either and what about the duck tape and the photo the time it can be fixed any one can do a fix job on them just see how they fool us with the ufo photo’s but I know they are real saw them played with them and when they landed I thought to myself we dont have anything to offer but coffie but that did not last long someone shot at them

  54. Just wanted to “pop” in and say “HEY…good afternoon” to y’all. Watching Sense and Sensibility with a glass of wine… that movie. Hope everyone are enjoying their weekend!!!!

  55. Well, there is no knife with his blood or her fingerprints on it. Jodi lost her mind (not being sarcastic), so the point has been moot and over addressed as fact when there’s no proof. That would be my story and I’d be stickin to it. There is no way I’d keep letting someone put that off on me if there was no evidence. I told ya I shot him because he attacked me, and it’s all a blur from there til I come to in the desert and wondered how the hell i got there and what happened “for sure”. If they are banking on premeditation still, it’s lost it’s foundation in reality, JM will muck it up and no 2 jurors will see it the same way.

    • cb I hope so but we do not live in the 18th century were there is no TV and they have been watching all along they are given let see thursday friday sat sun mon tues wed thus what one week off no TV ya right the HLN is all over it and they hope that they are watching they have it down to the niddy griddy ya jane nasty nancy use that saying why dont you

  56. Excellent post, Jade,

    I agree the prosecution have not said a lot about the gun and bullet. Even the photograph of the bullet (a black/gray bullet on a dark blue background from a distance) makes it impossible to see the bullet distinctly. Are they trying to hide something or do the police or forensic techs need better equipment ? Martinez would certainly be shouting it from the rooftops if the bullet retrieved from Travis was a jacketed hollow-point bullet – as Jodi’s grandfather described the bullets in his stolen .25 caliber gun.

    The only reason I can think of that he’s not making a big deal about the bullet is that the bullet was a full metal jacket bullet, not a jacketed hollow-point bullet like the grandfather stated. Apparently, the grandfather was not particularly knowledgeable about guns so he might have made a mistake. Either way, it could lead to some confusion among the jurors so Martinez might try to avoid discussion about the bullet for that reason. Just a guess.

    I want to get more information on the bullet, especially did it fit the description that Jodi’s grandfather gave about the bullets in his gun. I did send an email to Elizabeth Northcutt, the forensic firearms examiner, who testified about the gun/bullet on Day 3 but I didn’t get a response. It was suggested I sent a Mesa Police Department form (available on the online site) but I heard somewhere that discussions were being held as to whether all reports were to be released to the public while the trial was still in progress. Also, there are questions on this form like: “Why do you want this information?” or something to that effect which probably decrease my chances of obtaining it. But, I will make an attempt to obtain this info when the trial is over.

    I spent 3 hours on Youtube last night watching people shooting .25 caliber jacketed hollow-point and full metal jacket bullets at coconuts, water bottles, blocks of wax, car doors and “zombie heads.” I need to study them some more to see if they’re worth posting here

    Now, I must go and see what BeeCee posted.

    • Naive question but I have no idea when it comes to guns,all I know is this:hollow-point bullets are supposed to inflict a greater damage,dont they?Wouldnt such a bullet destroy his mouth or cheek or at least cause a greater damage to his face and not simply end up lodging on the inside of his left cheek?Sorry if it’s been answered already.

      • Maria,

        I’m no gun expert but I’ve read a lot about guns and bullets since this trial started. I think you are correct about “greater damage.” It appears the hollow-point bullets have 2 purposes: (1) they are built so they will “mushroom” (the front of the bullet flattens) on contact & cause more damage and (2) will not pass through the body (hopefully) and hit an unintended target, e.g., like an innocent human being.

        As to damage to Travis’s facial area, you would think there would be a lot of damage although the .25 caliber gun is not supposed to be a powerful gun. I’ve never actually heard the trajectory of the bullet described fully. In court, Jodi demonstrated how Travis lunged directly at her as she was pointing the gun at him. I think she (as Travis) crouched down and made a lunging motion forward and at the same time turned her head down and to her left a bit. I’d have to go back and look at the video again to make sure.

        • I think the mushrooming of the bullet causes the bullet to slow down rapidly shortly after contact so it doesn’t pass through the target as compared to standard (or non hollow-point) bullets that often go through the target and keep going until they hit something.

        • Absolutely the bullet becomes like an “umbrella” shape. It would be unquestionably able to be identified by a firearms forensics expert. It would be unmistakable.


          That’s why Martinez avoided the words like the plague. He knew it wasn’t hollow point. But he had to get in the fact that it was .25 caliber. Jurors may likely have researched this on their own because that wouldn’t violate any restriction of their oath and may already know Martinez was bullshitting them.

    • In the Yreka police report, Carlton Allen stated to the police officer “it also had a fully loaded magazine of seven rounds of JACKETED HOLLOW POINTS that were also taken with the gun.”

      This is not something you can accidentally make reference to and be that specific unless you know what you’re talking about.

      Also in the report ….”There was also a dirty scuff mark where the door knob should have been that appeared to be a footprint.” The door was broken this was an outside porch door that suggests breaking and entering.

      Jodi would have also had to do that but then doesn’t ransack the house at all to make it look like a real burglary if she was trying to phony up a burglary break-in. It stretches credulity again for someone who is in the process of this master plan to commit the perfect murder.

  57. i have just got done reading all the posts since about 3pm eastern time .Reading Dina post and Renee’s comments about them i must say i agree with Renee. For Dina to say some of the things she said she either has not been watching the same trial we have or worse yet is just watching the HLN Nancy Grace and company recaps. Dina i am trying to give you the benefit of the doubt that you have questions, i would suggest you should go back and watch trial from the beginning and i believe your “doubts” or questions about Jodi.s innocence will be answered.

  58. I’ve just been reading through the comments and it looks like this poster with the name ‘Dina’ is here trying to stir shit up. Just wanted to post and bring it to the attention of one of the admins if they are online.

  59. chin up all, we are nearing the end of this ordeal

    we believe in jodi’s innocence

    soon kn or jw will make the closing statement for jodi and bring all the threads together

    she loved him, but feared for her life, from all he had said, and done, including when she blacked out from his blood choke across her carotid artery

    he attacked her, she defended herself, and killed him, which,is effective against all the charges

    to defend yourself against an immediate threat to your life would not a moment of calmness, and tranquility, but of sudden, conscious, overwhelming fear, adrenaline would be coursing through your veins, your heart would be pounding, you must act now, or die

    the judge will set out the law

  60. I am feeling very defeated and deflated right now. I just saw a clip of HLN “after dark.” I don’t watch T.V. so I saw this on They had a “fake jury” and a prosecution and defense team argued for and against premeditation for murder. I thought for sure after the fake defense team made there statements that nobody on this fake jury could reasonably vote guilty, but 11 out of 12 held up these GUILTY signs! One after the other, I watched these red signs go up. Which tells me that your average joe thinks Jodi “planned” to kill travis. I am in disbelief. How can anybody with the ability to think come to the conclusion that she planned to kill him?

    Judge Stephens will inform the jury of “reasonable doubt” but if this jury doesn’t understand reasonable doubt then it’s not looking too good.

    The 25. calliber gun….this is a popular caliber, isn’t it? And even if it wasn’t, there is still reasonable doubt to suggest that Travis might have had a 25 caliber as well, although no it was not registered, it does not have to be registered according to AZ law. =(

    • Jared,

      A huge reason why that is happening is because HLN has twisted everything and lied about everything. It really is sickening.

      They aired that clip of Travis and Jodi, the one where she is sleeping on his lap, 2 months ago or something. I am very sure they had access to the entire clip, but they only played 30 seconds of it. I am very sure that HLN knew Travis was discussing a dream he had, but instead, they decided to make Jodi look evil and uncaring by making it seem like Travis was discussing a real life event.

      I always thought that was a very odd clip. There was something off about it.

      I am so sick of the media! You cannot trust anything they spew out. It is disgusting. I am appalled and distressed. I can barely turn on the news or read news articles anymore because I am disturbed by how easy the media can lie!

      Also, I think a huge reason why some people struggle to say “innocent” is because of the nature of the killing. If it had just been the gunshot, they may have been able to make up their minds. But it seems like due to the nature of the killing, they believe some retribution is in order. :/

      I believe Jodi deserves to get out of jail. I believe this trial by media is ridiculous and the media never should have had any access to anything related to the trial other than the actual trial footage. This whole thing has gone on long enough.

    • Josh,

      Don’t worry about it. The whole HLN thing is rigged. Have you noticed how their juries either vote 10-2 or 11-1 i favor of the official HLN line.

      And by the way the 25 caliber is very common. There are more 25 caliber handguns in the US than there are motorcycles.

      This is far from a given for JM and his cohorts.

      • Cool, the HLN station seems slimy all around. I was still caught off guard when those jurors held up their sign without hesitation. It was kind of reminiscent of how this whole trial has been-that Jodi has already been tried by the media and public sentiment, and has already been found guilty. This isn’t a fair trial for more reasons than i can count!


    • Jared,

      Ever since I stopped watching HLN, I am much more at peace and happy. I don’t even visit the hater’s sites.

      I believe that right now, we’re all feeling fragile and nervous about the outcome of this sham of a trial so for me, it has been very beneficial to stay focused on the positive.

      I believe wholeheartedly that Jodi will be ok. And at the end of this ordeal we can all celebrate. =)

    • and keep in mind who would be on their Jury? Only people watching HLN being brainwashed by their so called experts, of whom I often wonder how they even made it through law school to begin with, telling how much of a better job they would be doing in Court. Lets just hope none of the Jurors are watching HLN or if so they will get questioned by other Juror members where they got their knowledge from.

  61. That mess is rigged by the HLN goons !! Word of advice, turn the TV off, throw rocks and run as fast as you can !!

    • Dear Bystander
      I should have read your kind advice a couple of hours ago, before I had gotten weak.
      After a long time i thought it would be a good idea to go and watch the other side just should not have done that, even liptv on you tube with Looni Combs fell under the impression it is best to bash the defense, clearly Ms Coombs has only watched part of the trial or has a memory problem. I have to give Allison Hope Weiner some credit for stopping LC a bit here and there. I am just fed up with those experts being so full of themselves and doing about anything to point that out.

  62. This is going to be a very emotional and crazy week
    ahead of us with all of this coming to a closure.

    I’ve invested so much time into every facet of this trial
    and I have always believed in Jodi’s innocence.

    This trial has taught me everything I had already
    known and felt.

    The world is a dark place full of hateful
    malicious and evil people.

    It’s like the we are living in the dark ages.

    I am seriously praying the jurors are smart
    like all of us here and WILL see through
    all the bullshit smoke and mirrors.

    Jodi is not an evil person but with this trial
    she exposed how evil and disgusting
    mankind can be.

      • Thanks Renee, You were in my thoughts
        when I wrote this 🙂

        I agree, there are going to be some trolls
        spies, and people that are going to come here
        this week because when you hold up LIGHT
        you will attract the moths and also the haters.

        Like Damien Echols ( from the West Memphis Three ) said
        on his twitter page

        When you allow someone else to upset you, you are allowing them to control you.

        We will not allow that on here
        this week let’s be positive no matter what the outcome is!

        • ”when you hold up LIGHT you will attract the moths ”
          So beautiful Josh.I have the same concerns as you,I’m afraid that our peace and civil conversations will get disrupted by the haters and I know that SJ or JC will take care of them eventually but recently I’ve found it hard to even have to deal with one or two of their ignorant or nasty comments.It’s because as you said this is all coming to a closure and we all kinda feel lost about what will happen next.

    • Beautiful post. I agree Josh, Jodi is a shining light and showed who we really are as a culture.

      It’s a shame that all the progress we made has been taken for granted and sold out so people can feel self righteous and use another person as an emotional toilet for all their anger issues.

  63. well it is time to go eat some red beans and rice and I think we have lost two souls dina and the other one I hope dina is reading the flores report but she has not been back nor the other so we will be strong we have days and days and days and days till the jury can get back into court the judge made sure of that to help JM out so he and flores can release more videos to HLN and the kkk clan can do there damage and they are all hoping the the jury is home watching it and I hope they are here at this site getting some perspective on a very serious situation a life jodi’s life


    🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄

    • Lol I love it Tonya! !! Enjoy your red beans and rice, “Buen Provecho” (that’s what we say when someone’s ready to have a meal).

      • And we say :”Kali orexi”
        Are you of spanish origin LC?I love spanish,it’s my second favourite foreign language in the world!!

  64. HLN After Dark makes a porn set look
    like the set of James Cameron’s Titantic

    Biggest waste of space on cable TV

  65. Hey, I just realized I don’t really have a chance very often to chat with the “evening crowd” here because I rarely have a chance to read all the posts at night. Okay, I admit it, I am usually slightly inebriated as well.

    But I digress, just wanted to say I read all of the regular evening and night posters posts first thing in the morning. I have my coffee, and read your words.

    So thanks guys for supporting in Jodi.

    • *thanks for supporting Jodi. You can ignore the “in” as I have already begun my Saturday evening adult beverages,


      • Thank you Renee for your sweet words,
        we seem to have the same rituals in different timezones.
        I think a lot of us have become to the point where we are a little worn out by this trial and became sensitive.
        I think that is okay it was a long stretch upon until now. Sometimes I am just to tired to be able to process the thoughts written here.
        Sometimes I wonder whether I am even too worn out in order to find the correct wording to point out my thoughts, those are the moments I feel like the dummy here.
        Swiss Chocolate Hugs to all of you have a great week and a good rest of the trial. I am praying the verdict will be fair

          • 🙂 look who is talking Maria your English is perfect
            My point is not so much the English language,( at this point and time I have even a hard in my native languages) , but more the fact that this trial is asking its toll; the trial has been wearing me out emotionally and the lack of sleep caused by the time difference doesn’t help ether. So many thoughts and opinions seem to be racing through my brain unable to be processed into reasonable/ somewhere smart wording.
            All these smart and intelligent posts I read here that is where i feel like a dumb ass for not being able to come up a halfway smart post.

            • I know vebe.Time difference has taken a toll on me too,I’e been sleep deprived too,having usually to stay up till 5 o clock in the morning to catch up with the trial and the posts here thus making it even harder to communicate effectively.I have nothing but deep admiration and gratitude for all the posters here,who are highly educated and commited to figuring out and analyzing all the evidence.Without their invaluable comments I’m sure I’d be half confused during all this.

    • I’m glad you are here renee’. I miss you on FB.

      If I had the margarita this evening that I had yesterday I would not be so nice to the shit stirrers…