TA’s Criminal Record – Part 2

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So, the debate rolls on.

These are the court documents JVM was waving around on her show last night, in relation to TA’s criminal records as obtained from Riverside Superior Court…

(Click the links to launch the PDF document in a new window)

CR Document #1  —  CR Document #2  —  CR Document #3

*** TA ARREST REPORT (10 pages) ***

And here’s the video clip from last night featuring JVM, Beth Karas, a failed journalist & crime author and an equally clueless Jon Leiberman:

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I’m not too sure where Leiberman is going with his “slandering & libeling a dead person” BS. We exposed the actual court documents (on public record) from the Riverside website. Plain & simple.

Leiberman needs to go brush up on his knowledge of the law and quit being a lying asshole – or just stick with doing his voiceover gigs instead.

Leave your comments below…

Kudos to the Team Jodi members that made this happen.

Team Jodi


  1. Our site is getting to HLN. They hate that they cannot control what evidence that is being put out. It is time for a Facebook Flood. If you not familiar with the term, it is when you inundate a facebook wall with post. So during the hours these HLN shows are on the air, we should show our support for Jodi by a facebook flood.
    You can see they have vilified Jodi and now they are vilify us. It is time that reaffirm our efforts.

    • i knew this would happen that they would blame the other brother to protect travis so jodi will get the DP

      • One way to prove this is to look up arrest records. He would have been arrested, there would be record of mug shot, finger prints, court appearance, etc.

        • The thing that bothers me about this, in regards to this site, is that we are supposed to be a people of intelligence, a group who fail to be swayed without damning evidence.

          In this situation, there is no Damning evidence proving it’s actually TA who was arrested. We only have letters, one being a citizens’ arrest.

          I think we all need to stop acting like the very people putting JA on trial and look at this objectively.

          • Pyromie,

            I couldn’t agree with you more.

            Folks, just a word from an old graybeard. We’re going a little overboard with this take the battle to them chatter.

            OK, so we’ve found a past record for battery. Everyone knows it now. The purpose of this site ought not to be to coordinate Facebook floods, or concoct names for people or any of that other insidious stuff.

            I thin we were doing a lot better when we were carrying out an intelligent analysis of the evidence and the law.

            Please let’s go back to a decent debate on the real issues.

          • I agree. If there is no mugshot, there is no actual proof that it wasn’t his brother. It could be possible. His brother had a record, the things listed on Travis’s sound similar to what was on his brothers.

            Additionally, the jokes on his myspace referencing parole could very well be jokes referencing Travis finding out one day that he was supposedly arrested, on parole, and owed fines.

            But just because this record may not be his, does not mean it was not self defense.

            • yea and the huff post said riverside would only release the mugshot to the prosecution?! So much for it being public information.

            • I assure you, if it were you or I, that arrest and subsequent case and guilty verdict was enough. We dont have to prove it isn’t him, they do. It is his name, his stats, his hometown. So, I can just say, if my past criminal history is brought up… NOT ME??

      • I have remained open minded through this trial. I always ask myself what if this was was me or my daughter before I form an opinion. I don’t think anyone should die. I also think she deserve a fair trial. Not to offend anyone but my question is, if this was Travis in the case in 2002 what does this mean for Jodi now? I am also puzzled about the ability to carry a dead body. I think we should focus on the things we know verses grabbing at things from 2002.

        • If this is his arrest record, it shows a past history of violence. Given that the case is about domestic violence, the record would speak about who he was.

      • Guys….if it wasn’t Travis that was arrested the files and records would have been DELETED!!! His court appearances etc wld have been mailed to address on lisence so he wld have KNOWN about it and he wld have had to go to court to prove it wasnt him….unless he was willing to take the rap for his brother, which I highly doubt!!!! there is noway he wldnt have known!!! Especially bc one of the charges is a Felony!!! He wld have been flaged with travel etc as well. he wld have been able to go to Mexio but not Canada…..he wld NEVER allow it if it wasnt him!!! even if it was his brother. it cld ruin his life!!,! The records are REAL!!!! Come on ppl…he’s got memories of his father chasing his mother with an Ax on his myspace page, he def had deep seated anger issues going on, that is why he became so heavily involved in the church….he was trying to heal himself!!! And Lets not FORGET, he told her she sounded like a 12 year old girl having an orgasim….sick sick sick!!! I’ve asked tons of guys about that and they were like NO WAY wld those words wld ever come out of my mouth….other words…but NOT That!!!

    • just went back to utube to see the mark ferman video again and its not the same one the left out the part about him explaining that some one else was there and how he said she is telling this confesson to flores and if you here her say this it was not there….. the one when she describes him on all flores and she is on the floor herself all that part is miss in the video

    • For the life of me, I am not sure why it offended HLN to the point that one of their talking heads mentions sueing for slander! A ligitimate question was brought forth for the public to see. Arent we all following this case because we want the FACTS? Those papers were pretty hard facts from public record. Now, if this had been an arrest on Jodi, HLN would be all over it, and we would be hearing about every night for a week on all there shows. How can people who are supposed to be professional get offended when someone brings public info to the publics knowledge??? For the life of me, I dont get this one. No one was trying to make TA look worse, IT WAS PUBLIC INFO!!!!! Come on people. And Im sorry, but if my brother stole my ID and got arrested in my name, I would work diligently to get the record corrected. I think the problem here is that the info this site found was better than any info HLN has come up with in a long time.

      • don’t u kno HLN sides with the offenders not the truth of the matter.. After all NG lost her license bc of violating the 6th amendment (right to a fair trial) LOL

  2. SJ,
    One of the members from here paid the $1 to get access to the additional info, someone from here posted the Youtube Video, which turned out to be true. Was it TA or his brother? Dont know yet but, The file was there, it did happen, JAII scooped the Media and ALL other sites! And they say we are crazy, no we want the truth. If we have to go get it ourselves. Someone from here sent that video to every media outlet they could. It had to come out. Nurmi has to know and lets see the Mug Shot. HLN, is not News, look at the video SJ posted above JVM, looks like rabid dog face. Why is she acting all crazy. Did they not hear TA tell JA she orgasimed likea 12 year old girl etc? He is not and was not a Saint. IMO, I feel it will come out, that it was indeed TA that was arrested. Can you imagine if it does and those 12 jurors put her to death and finding out about prood of his violence, on a peace officer no less. Correct me, Didnt a boss of his say Travis had anger issues. He was only human. Why wont they make a plea deal. Why insist on watching her die. What if he was beating on her and she is protecting him. A juror pointed out she was protecting him.

    • Hi Patty,

      I sent the initial Riverside website link (not the 21 page PDF) to a few of my media contacts over the weekend. It looks like they decided not to run with it and let HLN have it instead. All the media are checking this site daily anyway. It was bound to come out at some point. All we have right now is Shanna Hogan saying it was “someone else”. Yeah, right. That’s hardly proof. If anyone else has any other documents I can add to the site, just let me know.

      Team Jodi

      • SJ and the team and fellow truth and justice seekers!

        I’ve been inundating all the facebook pages of HLN, JVM, NG, VP, JJ, IS, all of them with my petition since I started it. So I started a “hate campaign” against myself, ha! JeanCasarusRex actually responded DIRECTLY in a post, and nicely, so if we let even one of them live another day, I’d vote for Jean! This website,of course, is referenced in the petition, but I make it clear this is not my site, I am not the owner, blah,blah..And I try to convey that signing the petition is not an actual vote for or against Jodi, but against the coverage. Of course, many if not most of the signers, including myself, are supporters, and I do believe we can possibly affect not only this coverage but future coverage with our combined efforts. But this is where it starts…..:)

        My name is Sandra Webber, on facebook, and on my driver’s license, and library card, and yadda, yadda! I sucked at thinking I could remain “kinda” anonymous, though I started here with “Maggie” and I kinda like it:)

        Anyhoo…yes, WE HAVE TURNED THE TIDE! Congratulations! And never underestimate the power of one great idea, one righteous cause, and the “good kind of crazy”, as I like to remind folks whenever necessary!

        Oh my, lots of reading to do….:)

        • Hey Maggie
          I visited “Sandra’s” FB page last week and thought you may be Sandra:) Love your page and your determination to see Justice served. Keep up the good work, but be mindful of your safety. The vile things I have seen on some of these sites, leads me to believe there are some pretty deranged people out there,who clearly do not have the ability to control themselves (and I’m not just talking about HLN hosts). I have actually thought about that in regard to the safety of Jodi’s lawyers etc. as well.
          Keep up the good work and know that I support your efforts.

          • I’m very concerned for the 12 people who will decide this case in the end….THEY have to live in that town…why haven’t they sequestered them again? With all the crazy’s in the courtroom every day…..Have we not learned anything from FLA.

            • Jury members were selected from the entire county. The population in Maricopa County is ginormous … almost 4 million people. The only way the public will know if someone was a juror on Jodi’s case is if the person willingly speaks to the media, tells friends or if the Judge allows the names to be released to the public. IIRC, the Judge in Casey Anthony’s case sealed the names for 3 (or was it 6) months.

          • Thanks, TR! Oh yes, I am aware of the level of hatred. Funny thing is, it makes me even more determined! I’ve been rather like this most of my life, ha! I don’t mind going against the mainstream. And this is not my first rodeo, ha! But I do think it’s my biggest to date!:) I wouldn’t mind if more “came out of the closet” so to speak, but I understand. You know they say there’s safety in numbers! And also, Florida has some very liberal, whacky gun/weapons laws, that well….I’ll just leave that for now:)

            Thought for the Day:

            “WHY SHOULD WE BELIEVE YOU NOW?????”


            • Hi Maggie,

              Just wanted to let you know you are not alone. I have been visiting the main FB hate page (Justice for Travis, I think) and posting little bits here and there like; Only sick minds are crying for death, NG is a loudmouth who talks over others because if the truth comes out, she looks worse and I even posted a link to the Utube video of the Mormons killing Mormons thing (with no comments). Not trying to start an argument – but it does get some thinking while others actually stop for a minute. Thanks for posting, too. I will stand by you if I see you in the hate rooms. 🙂

        • Hi Maggie,
          i’m kinda like you in the aspect of going onto the hate sites and making comments as much as I can. I figure with all you on here making the case for Jodi, I try to convince the “others” to wake up and see whats really happening here.
          For me, I use twitter more than anything, usually JVM and Dr. Drew. There is no hope for Nasty Grace, so I gave up there. I asked her last night to please be objective about the arrest warrant, provide facts and no theatrics. It obviously didn’t work….then that Liberman guy, wtf…he looks like he’s high on something. I’m finding out more and more their “experts” are actually misfits that can’t find jobs in the real world, so they throw them on there to keep them employed. LMAO
          Anyway, you all keep up the good fight here. your doing great. I’ll keep up my hit and run assaults on twitter! lmao!!!

        • hey Maggie,we´re on the same FB support page(aha yeah ,you´re Sandra) I saw that you posted the petition,I tried uploading myself pretty much around the time you posted it here on that same FB group but my post was being monitored forever and I see that eventually it wasnt permitted.dont know why…maybe because I dont comment there often…luckily,they let yours be uploaded.

      • I sent the Link and also the Remarks on My Space to Geraldo and Greta and also Fox News Tips.
        I think that they really are so obviously upset. This IS NOT the Brothers record, I don’t buy it. I am sure that lots of Money is behind this Bashing of Jodi Arias by the Media, I saw a few seconds of the Jane lady couldn’t watch it. But I asked my Mom about the Sam Shepard case it was before I was born, The Media was so outrageous that When F Lee Bailey was able to free Dr.Shepard The Fugitive was based on that case. I think everyone here should write to Gerry Spence & others because lets say Jodi had more support and resources Like Dr.Henry Lee or someone like Bailey who is very aggressive with the Media and great at getting evidence.

      • Thanks SJ,
        Look, in the beginning it was fake, then not him, then stolen identity (Some man) now it is the brother. Come on. They need to get it straight, What a bunch of liars. No 1 sin is greater than the other 9. Look, nobody in any parts of the media seem to want to believe anything but that TA was a sweet 30 year old Virgin who wouldn’t hurt a fly. They dont think that a 200 lb BIG man attacking a small woman in heat of passion, saying he was gonna KILL her deserves any Justice. What Jodi did to him was heinous, she had to have lost it. She had to have been scared to death and just snapped. But, unfortunately for both, it happened and now it should be fairly sorted out. Saying only she is evil and NOT giving her a fair shot is not Justice. The DP for anyone is just a heinous to me, as it is a celbration of sorts and revenge. No no no. You tried and I know SJ, you wont stop. I v=bring as much info as I can to this site. I also have a Pro Travis site that is, believe it or not, fair and impartial and doesnt allow abuse. They have good info and are really beginning to question what was once, in their minds unquestionable. Peace.

      • Travis’ brother is claiming that he gave Travis’ name when the brother was arrested. No idea if that’s true or not. The brother claims that he ordered the mugshot yesterday and that the records dept will only send it to JM.

        I don’t know if there will be a definitive answer to this. A definitive answer requires mugshot or finger print comparison.

        I say definitive as in concrete evidence, not as a criticism to comments. Honest!

        Question is whether the mugshot will be released or not. I don’t know what the lawyers will do with this criminal record. I am certain that they will have to confirm the mugshot and/or finger prints in order for both the state and defense to not give vigorous objections to the use of the criminal record.

        Another question is whether the media or anyone else can get the mugshot while the trial is ongoing. It is a public record, but the court could force the mugshot to be sealed until the trial is over. Just thinking out loud on this one.

        These records are on hell of a find!

        • Also Guys lets not forget that TA’s sister is a police officer in Riverside Co Calif. Coincidence? she has access to ALL those records. and can change them to further protect her bro. Cant remember her name but it is not the one that spoke to JVM its the short one w/ black hair…

    • at least there is reasonable doubt now need to go to the store he worked at or look up work record and find out if he worked there

  3. Shanna Hogan says “Its NOT about Travis Alexander.”
    Who the hell is it about then, you stupid b*tch? Seriously.
    Who is it about. If he wasnt dead, she would have to jump on another bandwagon and lie about someone else to sell a book.
    ALSO. IS this book even for sale yet? The trial isnt over… so what… is there a “Choose your own ending?” What the hell?
    The next person that refers to that trash writing baboons ass as a Journalist… should be stoned.

    • Shamma Wannabeawriter is no journalist.

      Just another ignorant person trying to make money off of other people…she should fit in with the PPL people just fine.

    • Shanna Hogan has no future as a crime writer, and it is a shame she bought all of the bullshit Travis’s friends were peddling.

      Even Maureen Maher of CBS didn’t fall completely for the b.s. when she first reported on the Arias case back in 2009.

      • I would not buy ut either. What about If I went out n write a booknabout this case, but actually write about the TRUTH??! Would the haters buy it??!! I thk so, I thk they’ll want to read… lol and would I be hated? Would I be in danger?

        Just a thought, if that asshole can write about “hearsay” any of us can!!!
        Book Title: “The Perfect Mormon” ; )

      • i read an excerpt that was posted here and honestly that woman’s writing style seems more ppropriate for cheap novels rather than crime books!

    • Ya she is on HLN”S view that is the exact same thing they say an the HATERS too …….Travis is not on TRIAL JODI IS. I am sorry but Travis is in a way as Jodi is claiming Self Defense so when the PUBLIC friends of PPL an LDS are making statements that TRAVIS was a VIRGIN TRAVIS was PERFECT pretty much an JODI was a WHORE pretty much is what they say about them both. I am afraid Yes TRAVIS is on trial also. Problem is no MORMON woman is going to tell the TRUTH about it not now or ever FORNICATION is reason to excommunicate them from that congregation so why would they? That is their LIFE !

      • agree Rhonda!sorry to all the haters but if Jodi is on trial it is a direct outcome and result of Travis’ behaviour so yeah in a way he is on trial too,at least the aspects of his personality that led the defendant to where she stands now.

    • I feel sorry for Jodi she endured so much pain heartache embarrassment humiliation abused in EVERY WAY. she was used by TA and is now being made to look like she is the evil one. NOT!!! TA was the Monster & his family /friends can say all they want to that he was this wonderful amazing awesome person. but they don;t have a clue as to what went on behind his closed doors or how he treated Jodi. And her PAST with other men has NOTHING to do with her relationship with THIS MONSTER. SO what if she had many men be4 him. that doesn’t make her a whore or a slut. what was HE??? A “STUD” because he had many women. No he didnt deserve to die in this manner but it was him or her…she had no choice.

  4. If it wasn’t him, if someone stole his I.D. Etc those court records would have been destroyed. Tickets etc wld have been sent to Travis house and he wld have known about it and he wld have went to court to protest it. The arresting officer wld have identified him as “NOT the perpetrator” and the documents wld have been destroyed along with any record!!! So BULLSHIT is wasn’t him!!! That is his arrest record!!!

    • Travis fingerprints and his criminal fingerprinting would confirm his arrest. Also, find the person he assaulted and ask if this is the same Travis.

      • Of course. These “friends” of Travis just need to shut up and realize their friend was a flawed individual with many good traits.

        • The records clearly show whoever it was plead during guilty during video arraignment, Thus the only way an arresting officer would make a statement to the court would be via an appeal.

    • Dirty Tricks by the Cult that appears nightly on trash TV yes they are soooo Religious the same people that said Travis was a Virgin, Now there new story is she introduce him to Sex, The media is more against her then Hitler??? whats up. Look at the Mormon Murders book, thats very telling maybe this would expose the scammy business that they all be;long to.

    • The ONLY way his brother could pull something like that off would be if neither he nor Travis had ever been fingerprinted before the incident and the brother simply didn’t have ID on him and just gave the arresting officer Travis’ name and birthday/license number. The system is not fool proof, there are ways for him to undetected even if he’s printed and photographed. However, it’s a one time deal, obviously.

      Now, there’s just one problem with this story and that is Shanna says, “Travis was notified that he had served time in jail blah blah yadda bullshit bullshit and they were able to straighten things out and have proof of such” This is a loose quote, of course. I’ll tell you the problem by sharing an experience I had…..hold on to your hats folks!

      So, during my time as a heroin addict, I would steal to support my habit. I would also steal clothes because we eventually became homeless and they don’t have laundering facilities free of charge. So, one of the times I stole some jeans, I accidentally left my driver’s license in the back pocket of my old jeans, which, were left on the rack in place of the new jeans I was leaving the store in. They were cute jeans but not cute enough to be worth the hassle that would come from this as Karma decided to bend me over and go all TA on my ass. Sorry, that was inappropriate.

      I went about my life completely unaware of where I left my license until I started staying at my (then) husband’s mom’s house and received a few calls there from random people I had lived with or associated with in the past. They all had the same story, “Krystal, I don’t know what you did but you did it BIG this time. Like, FBI big! 2 agents came by (or called) looking for you and they knew everything about you! You may want to call them.” Uhhh…yeah, sure, as soon as I can get my stomach out of my asshole I’ll do that. Riiiiiigggghhhtttt. I was TERRIFIED. WTF did the FBI want with me? I’m small time crook! I steal DVD’s for heroin money and the occasional pair of jeans! I don’t rob people with weapons or assault anyone. I rob big corporations and never over $500 worth! Is the FBI that fucking bored?

      That’s when I receive a call from a Detective from Downey Police Department and an agent from the FBI. Yay! A conference call! Peachy. For the next half an hour I collected flies in my mouth as it hung gaping, my jaw on the floor, as these two men proceed to remind me of every move I’ve made since birth just about. What a bunch of stalkers, these guys were! Then, they started telling me about things even I didn’t know about myself. Like, how I rented a car from Downey and used that car to steal checks from an old lady and go on a splendid shopping spree then, when her account was depleted, I suddenly developed computer skills that allowed me to print checks in my name and spend those too! The total cost amounted to close to $12K! Ooooh! Now, I see why you guys are so anxious to meet me! Here I thought rumor of my awesomeness had reached you and you simply wanted to bask in it.

      As if this wasn’t enough to give me a coronary, they kept on with their tomfoolery and told me I decided to ditch the rental car instead of return it and then thought better of ditching it and decided to STRIP the car and sell the parts. I’m quite the opportunist, in case you couldn’t tell. When they finished, silently waiting for me to say, “Okay, guys, you got me!” I could think of only one thing to do. Well, two things but I was already soiling myself as they spoke. So, I said, ‘You guys are retarded. You know my MO, you have my records in front of you. Obviously, you have my license and photo too. Surely there is video of the car rental or any of the purchases? It’s not me. I’m small time guys. I steal DVD’s not cars. If I write a bad check, it’s on my own account and, as you can see from my records, i did that a long time ago. I still have 5 years before I can even get another checking account due to check systems. THIS IS NOT ME. ”

      They told me to go to my local PD and they would have someone there identify me to see if I fit the description of the person captured on video renting the car. I did just that and whattayaknow? NOT ME. It took about 3 months to fix my credit for the bounced checks but the charges came off of my record immediately. A criminal records search of myself shows nothing indicating this ever happened. I thought, I hope this never happens again. I mean, what are the chances? When you’re me, as it would turn out, the chances are pretty good. Ready? Here goes….

      It’s 2003, I’m fresh out of jail after serving 18 days hard time and clean off of Heroin after 4 years. My life is on the up and I’m even pregnant. 7 months, to be exact. I still have legal issues and I’m on probation but I’m not doing anything bad anymore. The last time I saw a judge he told me if he saw me in that court room for shoplifting from one more damn Wal mart, Kmart, or Target he would throw me in jail, no questions asked. I took him to be serious in his threats and stayed the hell away from all three. One day, after calling to make sure my payments for my cases had gone through, I was alerted to a bench warrant I had out for my arrest. WHHHAAAAA?! I go online and search my name and sure enough, there it is right next to all of my other offenses. The charges; shoplifting petty theft from Wal mart and assault with a deadly weapon. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!! If it wasn’t for the baby occupying my uterus, my stomach wouldn’t have just hit my asshole reading that, it would have blown right through it!

      I made a bunch of calls, threw up a bit, and made some more calls. I found out my court date to be arraigned on my FTA bench warrant and I”m told by a public defender I have to appear, he can’t stand in for me, because the Judge has to see for himself that I am not the girl in the booking photo. Who, by the way, was named Crystal Shinque Johnson. I was Krystal Gayle Johnston. She was 45. I was 23. Oh, and did I mention I’m white and she’s African American? I prepared to go to court the next week and, day of court, I’m staring at the name of the Pro Tem who is presiding over today’s hearings. I almost birthed my baby right there because this was the judge who told me no questions asked. And, remember, I’m infamous for my efforts in Walmart. She was busted in Walmart. So there I am, standing in front of Honorable Grumpy Face listening as he reads my name, only to stop midway through my last name and look up in disbelief at me. His thick unruly eyebrows snap together in a menacing furrow. “YOU AGAIN?” he bellows. At this point, I did pee a little. I’m not going to lie. “Didn’t I tell you the next time you stood before me for shoplifting you would be incarcerated no matter what your excuse was?” This is when I hear the clinking of the hand cuffs dangling from the Bailiffs belt as he moves into position behind me. My wrists start burning. I pee a tiny bit more. Suddenly, I realize if I’m incarcerated and I have my baby behind bars, she goes to the state and it’s incredibly difficult to get your baby out of the system. Finally, it all becomes too much and I cry out “IT’S NOT ME!” I follow this with a meek and apologetic, “Your honor, it’s not me.” It was a risky move but one I had no choice in making if I wanted to give birth freely and see my baby when I was done. He looked at the booking photo, cleared the charges, and congratulated me on getting my shit together. A criminal background check will show nothing to indicate this ever happened.

      So, short story way too long, my point is this; I’ve had two separate incidents occur where my name has been either stolen or mistaken and the people responsible do terrible things with this new identity of theirs. You know, cause it would totally kill them to pay a bill off or two, right? It’s the least they could do, really. In both cases, crimes were committed of equal or greater severity to those committed by Travis or this “brother” of his and as soon as I faced a Judge to prove my innocence, the charges were gone from my record immediately. I had the FBI WANTING ME! All charges and record of it gone. Because, you see, that’s how it works when you are wrongfully charged, convicted and I’m assuming sentenced for something you truly didn’t do. If, in fact, you really do straighten it out as Shanna media Whoregan claims Travis did and even says there is proof of.

      Did I mention I live in Riverside County and this is the County where the charges were brought against me? Well, I do and it is. I live in Hemet, about 25 miles from where Travis grew up.

      In conclusion, this was not Travis’ brother using his ID. Unless, of course, Travis never came forward to say it was mistaken or stolen identity to protect his brother from more charges. Which, I can see Travis doing. However, that’s not what’s being said, now is it?

      Okay, I’m done….for now. Sorry for the friggin book! Good job, by the way, TEAM JODI slueths who got the records in circulation among the media. I have never been prouder to post on a site with such fine people as all of you. Okay, NOW, I’m done. For realz.

      • Krystal

        Don’t be sorry for the book. It was awesome. You ever thought of writing. This is a great piece of writing. Cogent, concise, perfect composition, great flow.

        Screw the ID theft nonsense. Your prose was just a pleasure to read. You have a talent.

        That was just great. Give it a whirl lady. Write a book. You’re writing reminds me of Robert Parker, the guy who wrote the Spenser novels, or Elmore Leonard. A conversationalist style.


      • I second what Al said…and further state that you should write Picture Imperfect: The Truer Story of Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander. We need it.

      • Ha ha – that was fun to ready (but what happened to you sucked!!!). I am glad you are okay and “clean.” And thank you for shedding quite a big light onto the scenario of TA and bro.

      • Krystal,
        I wanted to tell you how much I liked your post, and how I really love how you have so eloquently added humor and humanness to what surely was a hard time in your life. I am a former addict as well, and I try to look back on those days and remember the funny stuff, even though alot of it was horrible, it’s easier to deal with for me if I try to find the humor in my crazy escapades. I am happy you have your life together and agree with the others, you write very well!:)

      • Great Story on so many Levels I don’t believe either but if a cover up to that magnitude is allowable then its hopeless. Turned on Dr.Drew few seconds he is the worst really bad very sexist horrible comments the same Groupie Friends of Travis

      • WOW!! Thank you all so much for the kind words in regards to my writing abilities! Seriously, I’m not the most confident person so I was extremely nervous about posting that novel of a comment, fearing I would catch shit for it. After all, this site is about Jodi and I here I took up 2 feet of comment thread talking about myself. After spending an hour and a half just trying to find my dang post in the first place, choking on the anxiety I felt over not knowing what comments awaited me, I was beyond shocked as I read them. I had to read each one twice, however, as the tears stinging the back of my eyelids that finally carried out their threat to spill over made it difficult to see. I keep a blog on my FB page in the notes section and I have friends/family who tell me I should write a book but I always told them my writing is only what it is to them because they have a face, voice, and knowledge of me to go with the text so they can envision my stories. I tell them, if I were to write for strangers, the reviews would hardly be raving. So, again, thank you and….just….wow.

        As for writing a book, I love the titles, by the way, I actually have a short story type piece in the works that I started for this website. I titled it ‘Double Exposure’ and it was going to be my take on everything I knew about this case so far. I really feel like my theories are good and they even hold water. In my opinion, they hold water better than the prosecution’s take on things. Which, I guess isn’t saying much when one considers how a bottomless bucket holds more water than the prosecution’s story. But, I digress, as usual.

        I threw this post about my own experience with identity mishap out there to see how it was received and was going to decide on whether or not I finished Double Exposure and posted it here. Some of my thoughts are radical and I would hate to take a hit to the little self esteem I have in my possession over a dead guy and a woman I’ve never met nor will meet. But, as Travis said, “why not live life to the fullest?” It’s a good point.

        I’m curious to see how my next post is received. If it’s accurate enough and you all like it, maybe I’ll try to submit it somewhere. Who knows? I may just email it to HLN or Shanna Hogan.

      • Krystal, your true self exists whether you acknowledge it or not. It is often buried under fear and learned behavior. When we recognize our power, our luminosity, and our divinity, we cannot help but live authentic lives of appreciation, potential, fulfillment, and grace. Your thoughts and feelings are more than likely expressions of your true self. Though you may have learned quickly that to speak and act in a certain fashion would win others’ approval, you understood innately that you were no ordinary being. You may think that you are not “the most confident person” however your words just don’t support this. Rediscovering who you are takes time and also courage.

        You are right stating that this page is in support of Jodi and the bottomless bucket does indeed hold more water than the prosecutions’ story and I too disagree. Without restating my comments on this trial you can find them on the support page.

        To close my comments to you, I too feel unwavering sympathy for both Jodi and Travis, and the end result of this highly dysfunctional relationship. No one wins in this case and the extreme abuse and unfair judgment of Jodi, before all necessary testimony is presented, does nothing but cause more pain for all involved. Jodi’s defense team seem to be doing a fine job and my hope is that she gets the fair trial she is entitled to.

    • Sometimes high school annuals have seniors sign their signature under their pictures or maybe someone has an annual he signed,

      • Let’s all take a deep breath here…pls. I have always thought that there was more to this story. Things just do not add up. I also have been berated by friends and family for what I think. But I hold strong in my belief.

        I honestly feel that there are news investigators out there that are digging into this. I’m not pro Fox News but I have a feeling that someone from that network is doing some investigating on this if Greta herself isn’t. I do not think she would put herself out there if she didn’t feel there was something that just didn’t smell right.

        I am of mind that it was brought up in one of the proceedings in the judges chambers and found not admissible. I am also of mind that HLN will take a BIG hit from this trial in the end. Not in a positive way….

        I think that Travis’s family should be off limits. They have had to endure more then most of us could if it were our brother. His friends are another story!!!!! They are using Travis death for personal gain…$$$$$$$

        I’m very concerned for the 12 people that will ultimately have to make the decision of Jodie’s fate. If they come back with anything but the DP what will their lives be like? Look at what happened in FLA.

        I do believe it is Travis’s arrest record. I do not believe for one minute that Jodie could have done this alone…….

        Keep up the great work……the truth will prevail and thank you for this site…..

  5. I think the think that has bothered me the absolute worse about Travis is the text message or vm ( cant remember which) where Travis said “there were many times you were miserable and I raped you”. Im sorry folks, that is a SERIOUS statement!!!! I dont understand how all these reporters can get on TV and report that Jodi has a cold sore on her mouth, but convienently not report this! Rape is rape is rape. It is NEVER ok!! HLN is an embarrassment to true journalist. Nancy Dis-Grace constantly reports false info on this case. For instance, even after it was established that Jodi had dyed her hair months prior, Nancy got on here drama fest show saying what woman, after the love of her life is killed goes and gets her hair done? And then, of course, there is a debate did Jodi have two gas cans or three. Nancy said something to the effect of, Who drives around with 5 or 6 gas cans in their car. Its subtle, but if you listen you will constantly catch her inflating the facts. Very sad.

    • Michele-
      I have posted on the RAPE several times on this site. I have also emailed NG and Dr. Drew. They will never discuss it, as it won’t bring the ratings and revenue, they are getting from the uninformed folks that are watching them. I have also posted on several FB sites and have been met with some really deranged remarks.

      Thank you for bringing this up again! I think it is being made clearer by the day, that Travis was indeed a dangerous and violent man, no matter what his supporters say.

      Let’s continue to remind everyone that Rape in any form is Violence. Maybe one of the networks here will pick that up and start getting the truth out… am I an eternal optimist or what??? LOL

      • TR, or anyone else, would you post the rape info here…verbatim….if you can find it, and have time to go to the effort?

        We all must be very careful (well not “must”, but it would be helpful overall, I think:) , if we continue to post the FACTS, straight from the horse’s or ass’ mouth, whichever applies! Of course, then everyone is free to speculate. Although I firmly believe, the FACTS speak for themselves, especially as we are establishing a PATTERN of LYING, which no one has established Jodi EVER having…except for to 48 hours…which was her not-so-brilliant-attempt to save her life and likely her family’s too! And which sadly has backfired and put her in her current position!


          • SJ
            Thanks. Could you also find the part of the phone call where he tells Jodi that when she was miserable, he raped her. This is the part that I have been referring to.

            Thanks a Bunch.

          • sj the vido of travis kicking the one guy on the floor and stealing his money from his pocket and giving it to the girl sitting on the couch. two points the kicking (((( JODI ))) and stealing all cough on tape for all to see.

        • Maggie-
          My posts have all related to the taped phone call already in evidence in this trial, where Travis tells Jodi that: when she is miserable, he raped her. My point has always been, that no matter if the victim sees it as rape, the perpetrator of the Rape sees it as such. Not sure why I would need to be careful about this subject as it is already out there and admitted in Court.

          My efforts have been in an attempt to get the public to see the truth about Rape and Violence. Lots of Social Science, and Psycholgy researh out there on this topic. Much done by researchers actually interviewing Rapists. The remarks I have seen on the “other” sites, as well as on this site, have shown me just how much our society does not understand Rape, but continues to blame the victim. (ie: people saying such crap as: Jodi testified he didn’t rape her in the legal sense etc.) For goodness sake, we knew about this topic in the 80’s. My University actually made it part of the Freshman Orientation. I am saddened at the lack of knowledge that still persits.

          Many young women never come forward in situations of date/partner rape, because of the hell they will go through by the uninformed. This trial, in my humble opinion, has many social implications in addition to the fact that a young woman’s life is on the line.

          I think the criminal record that has been uncovered, is now the second thing that verifies TA’s propensity toward violence. His own admission of Rape on the tape, is in my mind the first. Clear evidence that Jodi had to defend herself against violence! Maybe this is why the Travis camp is now saying that it wasn’t Travis on the phone.


          • Yes TR and SJ, and others,

            I have been cutting and pasting for the last few weeks many of the very intelligent, thoughtful, rational, fact-based posts here, – I have about 60 pages now!

            This is a MAJOR point and those so-called domestic violence experts on HLN – Tonya Young Williams and others – should be tarred and feathered! OH but wait, would that be considered abusive? I guess not, if you’re a Travessite!:)

            I have a little ADD myself (so sue me, ha:) and the great ideas come at a fever pitch sometimes, but he organizing is well….sometimes lagging, ha! Certainly, there is so much opportunity for publishing the rational, compassionate, research based side of this issue and more.

            As for being careful, I am all about adding to the petition and posting on facebook, but I just don’t want to pull the trigger, so to speak, before the gun is fully loaded…oh dear…the puns….

            So yes, everyone, please organize your thoughts and observations and maybe others with organizational, web skills can put them together. I have some of that skill, but quite frankly, I’m overwhelmed at the moment!

            So, onward my friends…:) OH, but is’t this funny…

            Jerry Riewer Has a degree from JSU in communication, english….and can’t read. She should demand her money back.
            28 minutes ago · Like

            Sandra Webber Ha, ha, Jerry! That’s funny! I”m going to include your observations in my scrapbook! Have a lovely day!
            23 minutes ago · Like

            Sandra Webber And then I’m going to punt you to the curb, like anyone else that has nothing of any substance to say…I don’t mind insults if there’s substance attached, though, FYI….but don’t make me look for it…OH heck, I’ll give you 5 minutes to apologize….k?
            21 minutes ago · Like

            Beverly Pappas Travis is not on trial. Jodie is the one who stabbed him 29 times and shot him. She is an evil conniving person. There are many shop lifters in this world. Mothers together stealing but they aren’t driving 1000 miles to go out of their way to see someone who they claim are abusive and the stab them 29 times and shoot them. You are one sick person and maybe you and Jodie should live together in the same sell. They do have bunks.
            19 minutes ago · Like

            Sandra Webber Beverly, take a breath, dear. There is not a fiber in my body that wants to disparage a dead person, Saint or not, however, the venomous slander that has been fueled by HLN and Travis’ so-called “friends”, the ones who didn’t bother to look for him for 5 days (not a text, e-mail, nadda from him and no “alarms”…give me a break!) have brought many of us to this point. Additionally,those who live in glass houses should not throw boulders from high atop a mountain top…of deceit and more…Have a lovely day, Beverly!


            • seems to me that Mark Z. from Facebook, would not want his social media site to become a place for vileness and hate. wonder what they are doing to stop this crap?

      • I actually berated what appeared to be an older woman on another site for saying that TA just loved having sex with Jodi and there is nothing wrong with that. I am a victim of abuse from a SA (sex addict) and that just pissed me off. I told her (and the rest of the forum) that rape is NEVER okay, being anally raped is not okay (if you listen to Jodi’s actual words, she didn’t say she enjoyed it – she said it was better than the alternative) and talking about a 12-year-old virgin’s first orgasm is NOT part of normal sex and quit pretending it is.

        Of course my post was answered with at least one “awww poor victim woman, wah wah” which shows that our country and people still hate women who are abused. There are too many young women being hurt out there to let this rape thing go unnoticed. I cannot help but wonder why the family and media are all so willing to cover up this aspect of TA. This is not speculation, folks, this is from his own mouth! If I were in charge of the church he went to I would be starting an investigation into ALL young women and children of the church to see if there are any improprieties then or even now!

        • And this is exactly what is going on here cindyp.

          Don’t you folks know the rules in 2013 in the USA? It’s okay for Travis to be a dog and have rape fantasies. It’s okay for him to sleep around and if he finds some girl willing to act any of them out with him, or allow him to act them out on her without putting up too much of a fight, well, she’s a whore anyway. She’s not marriage material, so what the hell. That’s all just what guys do, don’t you know? And those slutty whorish girls let them. So, what’s the big deal?

          Girls, on the other hand, well, they are supposed to remain virginal until some guy is gracious enough to marry them. And then, if that guy she marries slaps her around a little bit or continues to “get some” on the side with all those whores, well, what’s the harm in that really? Women get the reward of a husband, his money, and kids. What else does a stupid bitch of a woman want?

        • Absolutely correct cindyp. I haven’t spoken about how the Church should be investigating, but you are absolutely correct. There are some very sick and evil people out there who relish saying vile and dispicable things, and do so with impunity because they are on the internet. I don’t go to those sites, because one cannot be rational with irrational people. Let’s face it, if they had a rational thought they would be on this site. I am sorry that you had to endure that abuse, and don’t let these vile creatures revictimize you.

    • Me Too that Rape comment really struck me as very sick out and all the Hypocrites Gloria the ambulance chaser who I always hated made excuses Gloria thinks that’s normal, I am no fan of Fox News or any stations right left but Greta was actually pretty good about this. Very sharp no one brings 2 weapons to a murder. When Furhman said the gun didn’t go off and she went to get a knife Greta said who goes to get another weapon, I don’t see it she could just shoot him again, She hinted strongly there was more to the story and more then 1 person involved.Greta said she believes there was more then 1 person involved.

      • Laughable, if it weren’t so serious. Just shows me they are watching this site! They are working overtime to discredit the truth, so they can insure ratings, and lots of money in their pockets. The love of money is the root of all evil! Gloria and the rest should be ashamed of themselves, but I suppose you need a conscience for that.

        • Gloria is a criminal when people think she is an advocate I laugh she is a media whore money hungry hypocrite that thinks date rape is OK. She is so stupid and trashy. She has defended people who abused their wives follow the money she has absolutely NO MORALS.

    • I so agree ! that statement really shows how he was. Who talks like that? A man that likes to have total control he does not care whether you are tired or sick or maybe just don’t feel like it at the moment but thinks it is ok to RAPE you an see that you are miserable? that is a sick twisted person.

      Hardly anyone wants to see or hear that statement it seems. They come back with Jodi Loved it she said she did. I heard her say she loved it sometimes of course. But every time was not enjoyable is how I understood that but she went along to calm his attitude for the moment.

    • This to me says it all!! Rape, from his own mouth, I had to RAPE you when you were miserable. Nurmi, did you hear that? If someone did that to me, Even if I never said a word. Most rapes go unreported. I agree, I agree, I agree. Look someone rapes me, if my son, ex husband or friends didnt kill him, I would. That is so humiliating. She didnt say yes to that. He said, When you were miserable, I had to Rape you. Lord Help Jodi. Please Jurors, listen, look at her. See what has happened to her. She has had many breakups, men have cheated on her… They are still alive. This woman, call her a slut (I dont think so, if Travis wanted to be celibate, she would have too) She is NOT a Saint, she did a horrible thing. I believe she did it out of fear first, she snapped and then got angry. Her actions speak volumes. She mutilated him. Why when a gunshot would have worked. Why not lie in wait? I believe after the fog cleared and she was still in that house, she was like OMGosh what have I done. She tried to clean uo, she tried to cover up once she left the house, she tried to lie and everything to cover what she had done. So awful in her mind. So horrendous to her own self but, she realised a few years after. I did this and here is why. The family had the opportunity to avoid all this scandal coming out about Travis and now THEM. The lies and cover up. Yes Travis is on trial here also, he wasn’t just the victim, he was the collateral damage that occurred when one woman fought back and said NO MORE. Would we even be here had he killed her? Doubtful, he would have said she stalked me (a lie) she was a whore and seduced me (lie) So, if they think they can get away with killing her for defending her self. That nobody would want Justice for Jodi, they are wrong. She does not deserve the DP. They all know this.

  6. Well, when I first started looking at this case, I thought wow JA must really be crazy. So I started researching and watchong the proceedings. Then I went to something doesn’t sound right here. Then I thought maybe crime of passion, then I listened more, researched more, watched more. Then I started to see how this could be self-defense. Now I’m at the point that I feel she’s is being railroaded. The prosecution evidence of premed, which is made up-hair color change that in reality never happened, gas can purchase that never really happened, is really making me wonder about the gun. On the autopsy report it says the gunshot entrance wound is 1/8 th inch in diameter. I got a 22 caliber bullet and a 25 caliber bullet and measured. A 22 could make the 1/8 inch hole, but the 25 is slightly larger than that. So how does a bullet that is larger than 1/8 inches in diameter make a smaller hole? I don’t know any thing about guns, so I don’t even know if there are 22 semiauto’s out there. So I have confidence in this group. Can a 25 make a hole of 1/8 of an inch?

    • I don’t know the answer to that, but they did find a casing inscribed as a .25 caliber.

      That is a good question, maybe someone who knows about gunshot wounds will chime in.

    • 25 caliber semi-automatic is lot rarer than a revolver. Semi-automatic is the only gun that kicks the shells out. The revolver does not. A miss-fire can happen if your ammo is more than a year old, ask any cop. As far as the bullet and the hole it made. Depending on the grain of black powder, did it have metal jack, and the distance it was shot could change the size of the hole. Also, when the body decompose the skin starts retracting and could cause the hole size to stretch. The key would be to verify the bullet in the body.

      • What I’m wondering is was TA shot with a 22, and when LE found out that a 25 was stolen, did their story change to make JA look more guilty?

    • A simple question is it 1/8 inch diameter or 1/8 inch radius. A 1/8 inch radius hole is .25 inches in diameter which is how bullets are measured

      • on the autopsy, it said 1/8 inch diameter, maybe nothing to this, but I’m begining to get suspicious about the prosecution case. And if premed can be disproven, which in my mind it has been, then there is no dp.

    • I don’t know much about guns but I am married to firearm collecter-haha and he said there is no way a shot from such a small caliber could kill or injure that bad unless you are a really good shot and the victim would bleed out but not die quickly.
      Most likely she shot at him, it grazed him, and he flew into a rage!

    • You have to remember, the gunshot wound was measured days after he was actually shot. The body had started to break down and the skin shrinks.

      You hear myths that after you die your finger nails continue to grow, your hair continues to grow…it’s the shrinkage of the skin after death.

      • Ooops, forgot to add, There would also be swelling, which would continue even after death.

        Sorry, my brain hasn’t kicked in yet this morning, need more coffee! 😉

        • And add to that we are assuming the ME is making an accurate measurement. Looking at some of the other ME conclusions I have to call into question his competency.

          • Or the competency of his assistant. All the ME does is the actual autopsy, it’s his assistant that does all the pictures and measurements.

          • Yea Natalie, I didn’t find him credible. I dont know, I just got a feeling abiut him bring up on the stand. He looked like he didn’t want to be there or like he was upset, he didn’t like what he was doing. I can understand that if he was uncomfortable ir nervous. But this is a professional and this is for sure not the first times he’s had to expound a dead persons report. Maybe he was forced to do something he didn’t agree with, idk just my thought.

            • That idiotic gas expanding theory in the brain that incapacitated TA. Watch his testimony cause that is where he had a hard time explaining that one. If it were true, then gunshot particles would be found in the skull, no matter how much decomposition and there was none noted on the autopsy report.

              • I didn’t hear the ME say that expanding gas was in the skull. I thought he said it was in the abdomen (mostly). TA’s body was bloated with decomp gas; much of that was centered in the abdomen.

                The ME said that there was an absence of hemorrhaging in the skull.

                Actually, with 5 days decomp, the brain has begun to liquify. The brain in a living, healthy person is the consistency of soft jello. I looked at the XRay of TA’s brain from the autopsy, and his brain was mush. There were no definitive crevices; there wasn’t even a definitive cerebellum (small globe just behind the brain stem). The lack of definitive cerebellum indicates that neurological decomp was significant.

                Because of the decomp or “liquification” of the neurological tissue, it truly is possible for no gunshot residue to be found in the skull.

                I need to watch the ME’s testimony again.

                • When asked by JW why would the gunshot incapacitate TA, this is where he talks about the expanding gases from the gunshot would have a concussion effect in the brain. He also stated that they were able to take tissue samples of the brain. When this process is done for examination they take pieces of a tissue, put the tissue in a paraffin block, which holds the tissue together, then the tissue is sliced very thinly and slides are made. Some tissues are stained using various dyes depending on what is being looked for, some tissues are not stained. These slides then undergo a microscopic examine by the pathologist and no matter how decomposed the tissue is, microscopic gunshot particles would be seen. Gunshot particles don’t decompose, they would be considered foreign artifacts and noted in any report.

                • Thanks, TB! Fascinating stuff. I’m planning to rewatch those portions of the trial … I obviously missed a lot on the medical testimony! {blushes}

  7. Jon Leiberman is a tool and a massive douchebag. Go ahead and sue me for character assassination and slander, Jon! Oh wait, you can’t, because it’s true :).

    Michael Jackson Velez-Mitchell and that Shanna person are equally as clueless. The records DON’T LIE. Where’s the corrected record?

      • No shit BeeCee.
        Some days I feel sorry for those that can’t think for themselves and do the research.
        Other days I’m just sorry there are such stupid people out there.
        Maybe jurors IQ’s should be tested before hand or at least the ability to use common sense?

    • He is GROSS screaming like a loony tune he is so stupid. Character Assassination ??? I would ignore these people, They are playing to the mob mentality, its not intelligent its like fake wrestling. .

      • Ok this is what I sent this douchebag:

        I just read your opinion piece on Jodi Arias.

        Have you actually watched the trial?

        “Jodi has no respect for the law or the rules of society.”
        What examples are you basing this statement on?

        “she openly and unabashedly sneers at the prosecuting attorney”
        Have you seen how ignorant the prosecutor is? He can’t even remember what question he originally asked half the time. I do not interpret her as sneering. It looks like disbelief that this guy twists words and makes up a story while trying to get her to agree.

        “Arias hacked into Alexander’s email and Facebook accounts. He found her hiding in his closet when he returned home from a date.”
        These are all statements from the same friends who believed Travis was a 30 year old virgin, did you happen to miss that fact that Travis lied to his friends about Jodi being a stalker? If there had been proof of that, the prosecutor would have brought it in. Because there isn’t proof…just more of Travis’ lies.

        “She introduced him to sex, playing the submissive partner though she was actually dominant in order to control him.”
        Umm, right. Based on what? The sex tape? Did you miss that he spoke about how other women tasted?

        “She stalked, vandalized, plotted and then murdered. Twice she slashed the tires on his car. She sent a threatening email to Alexander’s new love interest.”
        Again, no proof of this. I suggest you read the “investigative” report by Flores. You will see that someone called in a tip about her soon to be ex. Travis had more enemies than people realize because of his womanizing ways.

        If one takes snippets of someones life, believes lies from others, then I guess we would all be labeled sociopaths.

        Maybe try writing a fair article next time, instead of falling in line with the lemmings.


        • Thank you BeeCee for sending that, very well put.
          It’s as if the media thinks that if they just repeat the same smarmy shit over and over again it will become the truth.
          Sadly, they’ve put me in a position where I truly enjoy watching their sculpture of Saint Travis crumbling before our eyes.
          I try to refrain from bashing of Travis and his family – but that doesn’t stop me from speaking the truth, be it speaking ill of the dead or not.
          I’m not going to pretend it’s acceptable to reference rape, pedophilia, or sexually degrading fantasies – its not, nor will it ever be, dead or alive.

          Death doesn’t change who you were Mr. Alexander, as you can see, it’s actually bringing to light the real you.
          They will all see, Jodi Arias is innocent.

          • I always refrain from bashing the family too – but I think they’re clearly making Dennis the scapegoat here. He’s the “family fuck up” who had an extensive record, so it’s easy to ask him to take the blame for Travis’ record.

            • I am not real hard on the family because this is a terrible ordeal, but I just wish they would face the fact that while Travis had many good character traits, he was a flawed individual.

              Just like the rest of us.

              I cannot be so charitable toward the media and hacks like Shanna Hogan, however, who should know better.

              • So true tonysam.
                I cant spare them just because of their stupidity or denial.

                And the media is well aware of what they’re doing…

              • True, and I hhave tried to keep my posts about JA and TA, because first a family member was killed and then they had to find out he wasn’t who he appeared to be. His younger brother Steven had said on an interview that he looked up to TA for the way he stayed true to his faith. And now they have to face the fact that they were lied to. Could explain a lot of the anger they have, JA destroyed their illusions so they want revenge.

                • When I look at either of the families, Jodi’s or Travis’s, I just see people who are so very sad. This awful situation destroyed not one, but two families. I become angrier and angrier at the State of AZ for not having the sense to accept Jodi’s plea. Instead, they have wasted all this money, caused a lot of hurt, and made money for HLN hand over foot.

        • thanks for the tip again about the flores police report here again I say read read read it till it hurts to read and read it again question the friends that are all travis’s friends and you will discover something new

        • good for you Bee Cee!!!that clown’s whole article should be objected as hearsay!!!! why is it that people have nothing better to do that take lies and gossip and present them as evidene or facts?and to think he’s a Dr!

        • I pray it gets read by any sane person at FOX who will then be brave enough to bring it on! That is a great piece of work! 😀

      • FOX asserted that there are no written rules against distorting news in the media. They argued that, under the First Amendment, broadcasters have the right to lie or deliberately distort news reports on public airwaves. just copyed and pasted the post site interesting

        • All News Organizations are owned by corporate media they placate their audiences and sponsors and special interest groups FOX NEWS CNBC Nancy Grace Jane Dr.Drew they all chant the same Mantra HATE SELLS, I am sorry for the fools who think that any of the networks are different, Pepsi & Coke. They are individuals that play a role, nasty not too nasty, very opinionated, what their ultimate goal is control, so if you question authority you will be silenced. A politician questioned our involvement in the middle east and was fired from MSNBC, FOX is the same. CNN kept blocking Ron Paul from answering questions after the audience seemed to relate to many of his opinions. The same with Fox and the rest of the Rat Pack. You don’t think for yourself group thought you regurgitate the hate mantra.,this is dangerous on many levels and I can see why people are dumber & dumber.

          • propaganda press, sometimes I read the online Pravda, and according to them, we have become like them under Stalin. Sad day when you have to read a russian newspaper for the truth. Control the media, control the people

            • KGB TACTICS
              Its true look at the phony elections, Why even vote they pick a puppet leader, Who will sit in plastic throne of the presidency?? Look how corrupt our own government is, any time the media cheer leads a person or trashes them there is an agenda. They are so angry about Travis Criminal Records, So ,What Happened To Baby Jane” will have the psychic or intuitive lady to explain Travis’s criminal records, with that Oh so familiar accent of the Gypsy fortune teller. and that’s evidence to Jane, Nancy & DREW!!!!!!!!

            • I would add in “control the media” AND “use religion to control the masses,” and that is how you can easily brainwash an entire population into believing BS even though the truth is right in front of them.

        • according to FCC rules, it is illegal to purposely engage in News Distortion
          however, they also say they will not always enforce the law. I filed a complaint regarding this weeks ago, also regarding HLN and obscenity.
          the only thing i can see that’s changed is a significant delay in their live trial broadcasts.

      • Daily Kos isn’t owned by Fox news. It is an online blog type magazine, and it is independent. Its mostly political, and leans liberal. Markos Moulitsas started it in 2002, and still runs it. Personally, I read it alot for the politics as I am left leaning….and for the record, I hate Fox news and all they stand for. They are full of high paid talking heads who have little to do with actual news IMO. 🙂

      • Ok, forget my prior post, LOL, just RE-READ what Also posted, and I totally misunderstood what her post was about….carry on..:)

    • Thanks BeeCee…. im with all you, guys but I had a VERY DIFFICULT time understanding this idiot. And ur all correct, he doesn’t know shit!!! I wonder how stupid he must feel knowing that he’s been misinformed big time!!!! Lol

      Were did you find his email address? ? Maybe ill email him too, that way he’ll get more then one email telling him to KNOW his facts before going on air.

    • “Some experts claim she’s a sociopath and it would be easy to bend the rules and say she is close enough to the diagnosis. She lied, disregarded everyone but herself, manipulated, conned, deceived, took a life and refuses to express remorse. But all this occurred after she met Alexander.”

      Okay so didn’t you just prove our point! None of these things happened until TA! Jodi was a normal, healthy girl before he shredded her self worth and confidence! Nobody from Jodi’s past has made claims that Jodi was a violent girl in the past. TA has a violent criminal record and they still say he is perfect! Hello Pot meet kettle!

  8. SJ, Team Jodi, and Fellow Truth Seekers,

    Just wanted to say, GREAT work everyone! I can’t say enough how much you all give me hope that the entire world has not gone mad! I am more sickened than ever to see the extent these deranged people will go to see a young woman put to death, and bury all evidence that will give her justice.

    I have a few questions that I hope someone will be able to answer:

    1. Has anyone contacted the Innocence Project for help?
    I know they generally work on behalf of those already wrongly convicted, but they are also commited to preventing further injustice. (This is one of the biggest injustices that I have seen in recent years.) They may be able to assist in obtaining mug shots,etc.

    2. Anyone out there with expertise in Constitutional Law? Is it even legal for the media to continue to spew lies for ratings, when it is creating a clear Mob Mentality, whereby people are actually threatening the lives of others?

    Although I strongly uphold our Constitutional right to Freedom of Speech, the current media has now gone too far. I always remember being taught, that there are some limits on this freedom, and one could not “yell fire in a crowed theater”. Seems to me that this is exactly what HLN management is allowing their employees to do via shows like NG, JVM, Dr. Drew. They are laughing and scoffing at the truth and those who seek to speak the truth, all the way to the bank, while inciting an angry Mob. I don’t think the petition is enough at this point. Forgive me if I am not correct on this, as it has been many a year since I had any education on government and the consitution.

    Thanks and keep up the good fight!

    • Tr, I agree with you. I think the hysteria they are creating against JA is at least borderline violation of consitutional rights and the sad thing, it’s based on the lies spewed from a select group of people. Look what happened last week when Casey Anthony went to court, people were yelling baby killer at her and she has to be in hiding. I think even if JA does get convicted on a lessor and is released one day, she would not be safe anywhere.

      • I hope somebody is working on a book as we speak–and I am not the one to do it because of limited finances–about this case, the media, and the debasement of defendants’ rights.

        This is actually far larger than Jodi Arias or Casey Anthony or other targets of the media lynch mob.

        This is truly a terrifying trend if you are concerned at all about people’s constitutional rights.

        • Tonysam:
          Absolutely That was my interest as I told someone, The problem, is a disinterest in the truth & Constitution, So if you hate someone usually propelled by the media, they do not deserve a fair Trial, well sorry this is Stalin KGB tactics. This is horrible we see it in our elections. The criminal aspect of the media is so obvious.

        • If I were a writer of suspense and knew the law better I would. If anyone else has time – I would gladly typeset it (I’m no professional but I typeset my book to save $350 and it looks great) and it costs nothing to get to print on Amazon and to get it as a Kindle version. IDK, this really sounds like a project for a team of writers of various chapters….

        • tonysam, it’s free to write a book, you know! Then, you simply send it to publishers until one says yes. At that point, the publisher gives you an advance. Alternatively, you can self publish for a very small amount. Look into it.

      • She would be safe at my house out here in the country we can see anybody coming up this way for a long ways off. Small town an I doubt many would even recognize her she could pass for my own daughter as far as that goes. An I would welcome her here in Alabama.

    • I think Spence is a Constitutional Law expert, the best,Gerry Spence has a website I wrote to him I would advise writing to Gerry Spence i would say everyone should write to him. might sound silly but why not?? and any other person who has handled this type of media circus. Its worth it Bailey is old but still sharp and I am sure there are others. The Media is worse then ever. Bailey was disbarred but still can give counsel it was a joke the disbarment, but can and perhaps one of these 2 giants are old and would like to in some way leave a legacy. The media is way out of control.

      • Yes, this what we all can do … send a msg to Gerry Spence I love to see someone like Piers Morgan interview Spence.

        • YES I wrote to him if he gets a flood of emails letters perhaps he would make an appearance HE is respected un like the media whores.

        • TR
          you are right its destroyed our Judicial system, I saw a comment about this a while back in reference to this case it was a quote from (Who Many Consider The Greatest Lawyer ever

          Thomas More: …And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned around on you–where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country’s planted thick with laws from coast to coast–man’s laws, not God’s–and if you cut them down…d’you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake.”
          This was posted I think in a rebuttal to Huff Post weeks ago about Jodi. These were direct quotes taken from More it was based on a Play A Man For All Seasons.
          the other quote

          “If we lived in a State where virtue was profitable, common sense would make us good, and greed would make us saintly. And we’d live like animals or angels in the happy land that /needs/ no heroes. But since in fact we see that avarice, anger, envy, pride, sloth, lust and stupidity commonly profit far beyond humility, chastity, fortitude, justice and thought, and have to choose, to be human at all… why then perhaps we /must/ stand fast a little –even at the risk of being heroes.”

          • Oliverio-
            Profound. I especially like the last paragraph. So fitting to this and so many other situations in this crazy world we live in.

            • TR
              Especially that it was written in 1500 s People were crappy then too!! LOL
              A well known politician who was a Lawyer I won’t say his name because it was a private story someone told me. This politician use to have a Painting of St.Thomas More in his office, He was pretty revered by Attorneys as well as Religious, when this politician disregarded his morals his friend visited him and noticed the great painting of Thomas More was removed from his office because, he couldn’t bare to look at it since he had compromised his morals for political advancement.


    • The government is the only entity that can, by definition, violate Constitutional rights. The media is held to standards of legal behavior dictated by tort law, not Constitutional law. And there are First Amendment limits on tort actions. The state of Arizona is responsible for ensuring that Jodi gets a fair trial. If they fail to do so, Jodi would have grounds for the appeal of her conviction, and potentially a cause of action against the state.

      The abysmal behavior of the HLN correspondents and commentators reflects poorly on their ethics, and in the cases of Vinnie Politan and Drew Pinsky, perhaps a blurring of the lines between the practice of a profession which imbued them with the “expertise” that made them interesting as hires for CNN, and their roles as journalists.

      • Thanks JouJou-
        Very well written but not sure my Lay mind fully understands. Are you in essence saying that that this media coverage is a violation of Tort Law? With the first Ammendment limits on Tort Actions, could legal action be taken against media that fuels dangerous mobs, and perpetrates serious unthruths about a defendant in a criminal trial?

        We all know this media is not ethical or moral, I have posted my thoughts previously that ,the “experts” in fields of Psychology and Medicine on these shows, should face disciplinary action by any State that licenses them, for providing inaacurate information to the public, in direct conflict to what ever oath or standard of practice they are obligated to follow. Maybe you could speak to that as well?

        Please make it simple, I’m having a rough day:)

        • p.s. JouJou-
          I really would like for you to “dumb it down” for me. I won’t be insulted in the least. I am recovering from a concussion as the result of an MVA, and some days, when I am particularly tired, I have a difficult time processing complex information. So, I suppose in one way, I’m like the TA supporters, only with a legitimate excuse:) Thanks

          • I think that perhaps instead of being over your head, my statement was merely vague and not fleshed out. Embarrassingly, intentionally. I’m no Con Law scholar, and it’s been a very long time since I’ve written on this topic, and even then it was probably just in a blue book. But I’ll try.

            Private entities can’t violate Constitutional rights (think: the Bill of Rights rights starting with “Congress shall make no law…”). So when journalists (private actors) lie or otherwise intentionally pass on false information, if damage is caused, the damaged party may seek to be made whole by initiating a tort claim. So basically, a tort is a legal cause of action, usually having its basis in the Common Law (much of which we inherited from England [except in Louisiana, but I’d need a whole other blue book for that, so give me a break, wouldja?]) or from a statute. Because the laws and courts are governmental actors, the laws and decisions that they issue are subject to judicial review (lawyer word for “can’t be unconstitutional”). So if Jodi is damaged (her reputation, ability to work, etc.) she would have a cause of action against those who libeled or slandered her. There is a tremendous body of law on that, it varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, etc., and I couldn’t say whether her claim would likely be successful or not. That body of law concerns, among other things, what standards apply to speakers, and what the First Amendment protects and what it does not. There are also different standards for public figures, who is a public figure…I could go on and on, but not very knowledgeably. But the way that the First Amendment applies to these private actors is merely affecting the causes of action that the government administers. Does that make sense?

            If the media acts, and it affects the fairness of the trial Jodi receives, her beef is with the state of Arizona, not the media. The state is supposed to ensure that her trial is fair, not the media.

            As for my examples of Dr. Drew and Vinnie Politan, It’s fairly obvious that they could both benefit greatly from a freshman level journalism ethics class. As for their licenses, I totally agree for defo w/ Dr. Drew. I particularly like: a. how he diagnoses people he’s never met; b. how he took a Hippocratic oath, yet doesn’t seem to have a clue what that is; c. has as guess psychics, body language experts, and lawyers who have never practiced and passes their opinions as “expert”, and d. applies vastly different standards of behavior in different contexts (telling, for instance, one of the Teen Moms that violence and coercion of ANY type under ANY circumstances is unacceptable, but referring to the abuse Jodi endured as “relatively minor.” I don’t really know of anything that Vinnie has done to jeopardize his license, but you know lawyers. We make our own rules. Literally.

            • That was supposed to be “guest” psychics, body language experts, and lawyers who have never practiced. But perhaps the slip was Freudian.

            • Thanks JouJou for taking the time to re-explain. I think I understand it better now. Sounds like the media can act without any scruples with impunity, unless the injured party sues them directly.

              As for Dr. Drew, one has to wonder if he is a “real” doctor, or if he is just “playing one on TV”. If he is a real doctor, he must have been busy talking to Nancy Grace when he was taking the hippocratic oath. Seems like if he is a real Dr. he should be shut down from practicing any type of medicine. You said it so well.

        • Maybe I can help a little TR.

          Essentially, only a government entity can violate an accused’s constitutional rights (i.e., Jodi, as the accused). The state of AZ is the government of the state of AZ. So, it could violate her constitutional rights if it can be proven that it did not provide her with a fair trial. If the trial court (i.e., the judge) commits reversible errors in Jodi’s trial, making it unfair, then Jodi has the right to appeal. (And, as far as I know, in AZ, all death penalty cases are appealed to the Supreme Court of AZ.)

          The media is not violating Jodi’s constitutional rights in not giving her a fair appeal UNLESS it could be proven that they were working WITH the state of AZ. That’s seriously far-fetched.

          Suing for libel, slander or defamation of character is possible. However, in the US, the person suing has the burden of proof — not the person or entity being sued. To sue then, Jodi would have to prove that the statements made harmed her and were made negligently. Public figures — which it could potentially be argued she has become — have an even higher threshold. In those cases, one has to prove reckless disregard for the truth and that anything said was known to be patently false.

          And then, you have suing the media, which are entitled the constitutional right commonly known as “freedom of the press”. While that doesn’t mean the press isn’t subject to defamation lawsuits or that they’re exempted from them, they are allowed to have opinions. This makes suing them extremely tough.

          Does that help? I’m so sorry to hear about your accident and concussion. Feel better!!!

          • Yes Also, you and JouJou’s explanations helped a lot. Thanks so much for the well wishes. This type of dialogue is actually good for me, as I lost a whole lot of vocabulary as a result of the consussion. This has forced me to retrain my brain a bit and will hopefully help get some of my vocab back.

            • TR, I totally know where you are coming from. I’m experiencing some cognitive problems as well. And I’m finding this a lot more therapeutic than anything else!

              • JouJou-
                I’m sorry to hear that, I know it is a very difficult thing to deal with. Your writings show you still have a brilliant mind. I so enjoy reading them, not only for their content but for how well written they are.

                Now I won’t feel so bad asking you so many questions. I will think of it as being therapeutic for both of us 🙂

  9. SJ and the team and fellow truth and justice seekers!

    I’ve been inundating all the facebook pages of HLN, JVM, NG, VP, JJ, IS, all of them with my petition since I started it. So I started a “hate campaign” against myself, ha! JeanCasarusRex actually responded DIRECTLY in a post, and nicely, so if we let even one of them live another day, I’d vote for Jean! This website,of course, is referenced in the petition, but I make it clear this is not my site, I am not the owner, blah,blah..And I try to convey that signing the petition is not an actual vote for or against Jodi, but against the coverage. Of course, many if not most of the signers, including myself, are supporters, and I do believe we can possibly affect not only this coverage but future coverage with our combined efforts. But this is where it starts…..:)

    My name is Sandra Webber, on facebook, and on my driver’s license, and library card, and yadda, yadda! I sucked at thinking I could remain “kinda” anonymous, though I started here with “Maggie” and I kinda like it:)

    Anyhoo…yes, WE HAVE TURNED THE TIDE! Congratulations! And never underestimate the power of one great idea, one righteous cause, and the “good kind of crazy”, as I like to remind folks whenever necessary!

    One idea that came to me last night was to write up a “demographic” so to speak, of theJodi supporters….still putting it together, but…”rational, logical, intelligent, unconsumed by manufactured hatred, charming, funny, kind, gracious…..and likely good-looking” or something like that,ha!

    I’m not the best at keeping up with the board but many of your posts have touched the good nerves in me – Rhonda – Alabama, yes?:) TB, TR, DirtyPickles, Dog, Patty, Kitty… guys and so many more here ROCK!!!

    Oh my, lots of reading to do….:)

    FREE JODI!!!

    • hey summer!trying to catch up myself with everything that happened these last few days,you have a loooot of reading to do LOL!see the site’s recent posts,fasten your seatbelt and start reading!

  10. Nicole says:

    March 12, 2013 at 1:03 am

    OK, I looked up the alleged brother, Dennis Gregory Alexander.

    He was on probation for having drugs in his possession. Further, he said he had a PAROLE violation. He had a PROBATION violation in June 2000 and the arraignment was in April 2001. He said the court sent him to prison was violating his parole for the Travis incident. However, these dates were BEFORE Travis’ record!

    BTW, he also served time for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!! I guess the apples on the tree are pretty close together.

    Here is what I have found, I hope the info turns out on here.

    Case RIF082489 – ALEXANDER, DENNIS GREGORY – Probation

    Probation Type: FORMAL Granted: 11/09/1998 Expire: 11/09/2001


    Case RIF082489 – ALEXANDER, DENNIS GREGORY – Related Cases On Calendar

    Related Cases On Calendar
    This Defendant Does Not Have Any Other Cases With Future Hearings Scheduled.

    Case RIF082489 – ALEXANDER, DENNIS GREGORY – All of Defendant’s Other Cases

    Case Number Filed Date Charges Next Hearing Jurisdiction Status
    RIM358199 09/15/1997 PC 273.6(A) None Scheduled SUPERIOR COURT – RIVERSIDE Pending Adjudication

    Case RIF082489 – ALEXANDER, DENNIS GREGORY – Actions & Minutes

    Action Date Action Text Disposition Hearing Type

    06/27/2000 ELECTRONIC WARRANT SENT AT 08:28
    06/27/2000 WARRANT GENERATED.
    06/26/2000 8:30 AM DEPT. 51 EX PARTE HEARING RE: VOP TERMS 01 06 16 DISPOSITION

    I brought this over from the last thread
    I wasn’t sure how many saw it. Maybe When Nicole gets online she cane post the Doc. And maybe SJ can add it to the docs. to go along with this thread. Good stuff!!!

    • Very interesting KMiller.
      Thanks for looking this information up.
      I was hoping someone would look up Dennis’ records and compare.
      I’m not very savvy when it comes to finding police records and what not unless guided. 🙂

      Let me guess, they botched his record just like Travis’ (hah!)?
      Is it just me or is that is that shit I’m smelling coming from the Pro Travis sites?

      • Oops – thank you Nicole.
        Didn’t see that it was a repost by Nicole from KMiller.

        Thanks for the repost though KMiller, I had missed it on the previous thread.

      • Thanks M. But It was actually Nicole who found and paid for this record. I just reposted it since it was towards the end of the prior thread and I didn’t think it was seen by many.
        Just wanted to make sure she gets the credit:) We have some really good detectives here!

      • Omg what a freaking mess!!! So…. what is it??? Was the brother on probation while the mysterious person got TA in trouble? ??

    • Problem is we don’t know how long Dennis served for his 2001 probation violation. With prison overcrowding, he likely didn’t stay in long. The TA arrest was on 3/02, almost a year after Dennis’ 4/01 parole violation arrest.

      Dennis stated that he gave Travis’ name in 2002 because he was on parole. He may have been serving a second of third round of parole.

      Dennis said he was caught stealing Sudafed. I think he was a meth addict.

      I truly don’t mean to be a naysayer. I just think that it is worth having as many facts as possible so that we have a complete picture of events.

      The more complete the facts, the more this new evidence could help Jodi.

      God knows that if Jodi that Jodi needs as much accuracy as possible.

  11. Off subject:

    For some time the Ed Snell video has really bothered me and it wasn’t just the character. This morning I realized what it was….Where are his garments? Once attained Mormons are supposed to wear them day and night. I guess it’s ok to put them aside if you want to sell more shares in a MLM plan!?

      • Funny!! Very Sick indeed But from what i have read theologically by Scholars etc. The Mormons aren’t Christians and really Worship Joseph Smith over Christ NO CRUCIFIXES OUT SIDE THEIR RESORT TEMPLES But Statues of Mr.Smith the Pederast. The symbolism in Mormonism is more in line with Masonry & the occult. Satan & Christ are brothers according to Mormons, we can all be Gods if we join some get rich quick scheme and get a lot of suckers to buy into the Self Help Gurus that permeate this cult.The Doctrine is completely weird lacks any substance, Follow the Money or in this case PPL??? gee they couldn’t seem to handle a simple IDENTITY THEFT?? But I guess Travis Family can sue for character assassination by OUR LEGAL SYSTEM For allowing such a gross miscarriage of Justice has the court records have shown. Oh they belonged to his brother, A study of a culture is their religious beliefs, and I do not see any great culture coming from this silly Disney World cult with the magic underwear, But the fact that the media is so protective and every night has Mormons flooding the air waves is very telling. How Much Money is being poured into the corporate media by these Criminals.

        • Oliviero I have a sisterinlaw who is Mormon. I once asked her about the crucifix and her response was “If you killed someone with a gun, would you wear a gun around your neck?” The symbology of a cross or crucifix to a Mormon depicts the killing of Jesus. They simply do not celebrate his death.She also stated one is better to wear a tomb around their neck, for then they would be celebrating the resurrection., and not the death.

          • This is correct Debbie, we don’t like to wear crosses because it is a reminder of HOW he died, not WHAT he died for.

          • On a pure Theological Level Didn’t Christ Say Pick up your Cross and Follow me that sacrifice was ultimate reward & Gift, So it would make no sense to me Theologically speaking to have a Statue a of a Man Joseph Smith and ignore Christ & His teachings which are not in agreement with Mormonism at all. The founder was a known Criminal. Most Christians where a Cross which if you really think about it how this changed civilization i:e BC AD
            This woman stated
            I now wear a crucifix because I want to remember Jesus died for me. He hung on a cross for me. I want others to know so I wear it so they can see it.

            • We have statues of Christ, we just choose not to focus on the way he was killed.

              Once again, we worship his REASON for dying, not the CAUSE.

              • That is open to interpretation So how about the Joseph Smith Guy, Its equivalent to having Swastikas And Statues of Hitler on display in Germany. The Cause was the Reason according to scripture Book of Isaiah good example First Testament. The Bible & Christian Theology Seem to differ from Joseph Smiths theology. MORMON theology is based on A Man Joseph Smith with a monstrous reputation. A Criminal & Degenerate. Yet his presence permeates this cult.

        • Thanks Again Oliviero. As I said yesterday, I did not know a lot about the Mormon Church. I now have learned a lot. Quite chilling stuff.

    • Based on something I read when Mitt Romney was running for president, the undergarments are optional, other than in temple. I can’t remember where the article came from now, but they were discussing the fact that Mitt appeared to always wear his undergarments, which suggested his deep faith. And they were saying that he didn’t have to always wear them, according to LDS rules, other than while in temple, where they are required.

      • I just read up on this last night and during the endowment ceremony when the initiate receives the garments, they are told only to wear them throughout their life. It’s a bit vague. However, it is made clear by the one authorized to perform the ceremony that they are to wear them at all times. They should never take it off to do something if it can be done reasonably with it left on. They give an example of an appropriate time to remove the garments; swimming, but they say the garments should be immediately put back on. It is also said the garments must never be altered in a way that will keep them hidden under revealing clothing. Finally, one should never EVER alter or change the pattern for any reason to do with trending fashion and consider it the most grievous of sins if one does alter the pattern. They are told to hold their garments more sacred than anything in the world.

        A “devout” Mormon would wear them constantly, taking them off only to shower. In this sense, Travis was pretty devout. At least, when he wasn’t Eddie Snell. But, perhaps, he made up for his not wearing the garments then by keeping them on while tying Jodi up and performing oral sex on her later. I mean, it clearly said do not take them off to do something that can be done reasonably with them on. So, all you TA haters, let’s give credit where it’s due.

        Look, that’s sarcasm. I was giving my hand a try at knuckle dragging and distorting reality so that it shines a good light on a bad thing for Travis’ image benefit. Don’t delete or ban me, okay? I won’t do it anymore. Didn’t feel good anyway!

    • I listened to MiMi’s testimony again an she said that he had lost his Temple worthy thing? she had thought she was not sure but if that is true then they would not wear them underwear right ? I don’t know…………..they asked about Priesthood also an she said she just never really asked just thought he did still have that. But she did state that in that congregation of LDS sex before marriage is a HUGE sin just below MURDER ?? an you could be excommunicated for it even decided by the Bishop. If that congregation meant a lot to TRAVIS an his standing with his PPL an LDS friends I am sure that is why the stalker crap came out an all the lies to make it as JODI was a nut an Travis was innocent. I think he may have got knocked down a few notches in that LDS an repented.

      The more I think about this crap I think he was wanting a MORMON woman that had GOOD STANDINGS in that LDS an HIGH UP parents in that LDS so when he found one an married then it
      looks really good in that LDS an JODI did not fit in that plan she was a convert. An converted for him to be able to date him.

      This is a true story I knew this guy in Phoenix Arizona he was from Colorado an a manager at a place I worked at an he told me a story once about how he was a only child an he was looking for Ms Right but she had to be a only child an have wealthy parents ? an I was like that is weird you have a criteria for who you will marry an they have to fit it? an he said Yes. AN the reason was GREED ! this way when the new wife’s parents pass an his pass they will be very wealthy being both would be only children.

      I have to say that was the most arrogant male I had ever met an the thought very highly of himself too big bragger an talker I could not stand him for only a few minutes to actually have a conversation with him was like you had to just listen he did not let people actually talk much interrupted an was just disgusting I thought. I have not met many others like that in life either actually no one so demented as who he would marry had to have a certain criteria for him. AN he did find that woman finally also poor woman I Bet he never told her he had checked her out first as far as being a only child.

  12. Travis Talking Tough and Maybe Something Else

    This is a transcript from the net of the audio sex tape. Travis is talking about some guy who was coming onto Jodi.

    But the sentence that puzzles me is when Travis says: ” Am I supposed to say uh Hey, I just got uh ripped a new one ‘cause I’m drug check frickin’ felony …”

    I’m not 100% sure this is what he is saying but if it is accurate it sounds like he might be talking about being drug tested because of a felony. This portion of the tape starts around the 6 minute mark (give or take a bit). The actual recording is at the end of the transcript if you want to listen.

    <> That means I intimidate him in the bathroom.

    <>He said nothing but nice things about you but that he didn’t want to be a part of my dramas and I was like “ok”

    <>He’s a ghost to me because what am I supposed to say “Hey you kissed my girlfriend” wow, let’s talk about that.

    <> That was before I was your girlfriend, you are so cute.

    <> Uhhh, nahhh, nah.


    < It wasn’t…what am I supposed to say you know what I mean? Am I supposed to say uh Hey, I just got uh ripped a new one ‘cause I’m drug check frickin’ felony and and now uh you’re drunk and you’re frickin’ trying to hook up with my girlfriend five months later? Ya know?

    <> When was that?

    <> Oklahoma, remember I was going to go beat him down?

    <> Oh, he said something not so nice. He, it was a compliment, it was meant to be a compliment to me but it was an insult to you and I should have stuck stuck up for you I was I was timid and I was still I’m like that I need to work on that I need to be…

    <> Yeah I always notice you take so much crap over Clancy and then you didn’t stand up for me you were getting picked up…

    <> No he was hanging all over me…

    <> No…Hey hey…not true. Not true, we don’t need to go there, let’s not even go there

    <> Let’s not go there then <> We already said the other night that we are never going to go there again so let’s let it go. Ok back to the Team Freedom thing um yeah…

    <> This is why I intimidate him in the bathroom

    **************JA starts to put her blazer back on at this point**************

    <> You’re funny

    <> I thought I was too ‘cause ‘cause I was right next to him and I put out the ‘I’ll whip your A buddy if you say one word to me’

    • I should have added that if Travis is saying that he needs to be drug tested because of a felony (2002 Riverside maybe?), it sort of proves it was him and not his brother that was arrested, doesn’t it?

      • Yeah, I just listened…..”fell on me”…is not “felony”….ha….as much as our minds want to “create” that, ha!

        More of the whole truth will come out on the charges, arrest, etc. And whatever are the true FACTS, I will gladly accept and post. Even if it is is not Saint Travis in a mug shot. The whole thing reveals even more….deceit….on many levels…stretching to the family and to Shannon Hogan…Are we saying anyone deserved to die because of it? Oh hell, no! (Samuel Jackson voice..:) Are we saying these charges, etc. support battered women’s syndrome? No, not exactly…

        FB: There is not a fiber in my body that wants to disparage a dead person, Saint or not, however, the venomous slander that has been fueled by HLN and Travis’ so-called “friends”, the ones who didn’t bother to look for him for 5 days (not a text, e-mail, nadda from him and no “alarms”…give me a break!) have brought many of us to this point. Additionally,those who live in glass houses should not throw boulders from high atop a mountain top…of deceit and more…Have a lovely day, Beverly!

        • Jodi told us that……………at some convention some drunk lady was on him for a long time they were holding each other at the waists an she was embarrassed an ran off to the bathroom. He apologized later an was nice enough to let her lay her head on his lap while everyone was wanting to stay up all night drinking an talking an she was exhausted an embarrassed.

      • OK, thanks for the clarification. I must remember that line:

        ” Honey, you got it all wrong. I was just sitting here thinking about buying you a present and a drunk chick fell on me.” What could go wrong with that explanation?

    • What he’s saying is, “What am I supposed to say? Uh, hey, uh, I just got ripped a new one cause some drunk chick frickin fell on me and now you’re drunk….”

  13. Good morning everyone!! Please go and sign the petition Maggie references above (yes I have signed). Tomorrow will be a whole new round of biased bullsh*t with Jodi on the stand again. The ratings chasers will have a whole new venom to spew. HLN is NOT “HeadLine News” anymore…it’s “Headline Leeches Now”.

    Kudos to the SJ Team Jodi/Administration and everyone that is posting here! You guys rock and you all make my day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Fighting back sometimes DOES work!! We must keep rolling.

  14. I had cable news on MSNBC the charges against Travis was brought up. I was in the next room, and I heard something to the effect of his brother took the fall for Travis. I may have heard it wrong, and have to leave for awhile, maybe someone else heard this, or has something else to add. I was shocked it was mentioned on MSNBC.

    • Is that your interpretation of the report by saying it was Travis’s brother and not Travis, or did the network actually say the brother was taking the fall for a guilty Travis?

      • I don’t want to cause a rumor, but that is what I swear I heard. That is why I was hoping someone else heard this. I wish there was a mugshot, and there has to be, no?

        • Maybe you heard somebody giving his or her opinion about this matter and this person believes the brother is taking the fall for Travis.

          Which is most likely the truth anyway. That’s Travis’s own police record that’s out there.

              • That’s the problem with the spin. The brother already had a criminal record, and things were plenty computerized for them to know he wouldn’t have been Travis.

                The reports ARE of Travis, period. The real Travis Alexander, not his brother or some impostor.

                • I knew someone this happened to his brother had a criminal record too. they didnt figure it out. Im not looking to start trouble here and I don’t give a whip about travis but I think it could have happened like that and the family lied because they knew that the history of violence would make travis more prone to violence. Im 50% that its true ( travis) and 50% his idiot brother did this. don’t be mad. 😉

                • I looked at the full report, i never saw anything about his brother name being on there.. And nothing was posted on it at the bottom that it was him… i think the family saw the report and his brother made that up to cover for Travis…

          • JC, I tend to think like you. Only because why wouldnt Mr Nurmi have brought this in already? They cannot disallow the ONLY independent corroboration other than Jodi’s word. That would totally be biased against Jodi.

              • I am not so sure they could bring it up. Travis is not on trial, and I am not sure if they can bring his past criminal history up. I could be wrong though.

  15. Battery is actual physical violence. The “news” bias on this is funny. That one said he might have gotten into a little shoving match. Or he could have punched him in the face.

    • I’m from Riverside County and I can tell you that my daughter was arrested for being drunk in public and when she had to have her mugshot done she pushed the hand of the arresting officer and they charged her with felony battery to a police officer. The DA got it down to a misdemeanor and she had probation for 3 years.

  16. If what the brother is saying is true, why wasn’t he charged with lying to the police, and possibly perjury?

    Also, why wasn’t the record changed, EVER?

    • Yep the brothers rap sheet has been posted his probation was over before this incident and he has NO charges for using false identity.

      Nicole says:

      March 12, 2013 at 1:03 am

      OK, I looked up the alleged brother, Dennis Gregory Alexander.

      He was on probation for having drugs in his possession. Further, he said he had a PAROLE violation. He had a PROBATION violation in June 2000 and the arraignment was in April 2001. He said the court sent him to prison was violating his parole for the Travis incident. However, these dates were BEFORE Travis’ record!

      BTW, he also served time for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!! I guess the apples on the tree are pretty close together.

      Here is what I have found, I hope the info turns out on here.

      Case RIF082489 – ALEXANDER, DENNIS GREGORY – Probation

      Probation Type: FORMAL Granted: 11/09/1998 Expire: 11/09/2001


      Case RIF082489 – ALEXANDER, DENNIS GREGORY – Related Cases On Calendar

      Related Cases On Calendar
      This Defendant Does Not Have Any Other Cases With Future Hearings Scheduled.

      Case RIF082489 – ALEXANDER, DENNIS GREGORY – All of Defendant’s Other Cases

      Case Number Filed Date Charges Next Hearing Jurisdiction Status
      RIM358199 09/15/1997 PC 273.6(A) None Scheduled SUPERIOR COURT – RIVERSIDE Pending Adjudication

      Case RIF082489 – ALEXANDER, DENNIS GREGORY – Actions & Minutes

      Action Date Action Text Disposition Hearing Type

      04/09/2001 HOUSING LOCATION: RPDC
      06/27/2000 ELECTRONIC WARRANT SENT AT 08:28
      06/27/2000 WARRANT GENERATED.
      06/26/2000 8:30 AM DEPT. 51 EX PARTE HEARING RE: VOP TERMS 01 06 16 DISPOSED

      Nicole paid for this online and posted

      • I’m not buying this load. Are they actually dense enough to think that we all won’t see that the brother’s legal issues happened a full year before TA’s record states? Also, is there a date on the mugshot?
        They must really think we are stupid.

        Oh well, I guess we know now that it’s likely for sure TA’s record since they had a couple of days to work on their cover up and all they came up with is proof that it has nothing to do with the brother??? DUH.

        I will gladly accept the story of stolen identity, if they show some evidence to support it but I don’t see ANY.

        And I don’t know why some people don’t see this as relevant. I’ve been looking at this case as a domestic violence, battered woman’s, self defense case since Jodi took the stand. It is a murder trial, but the significance of TA’s history of violent tendencies either supports, or doesn’t support Jodi’s claims of abuse. The best predictor of someone’s behavior is past relevant behavior, right?
        Also, why are all the talking heads only mentioning the shoplifting and the “little scuffle” with ems, or whatever? Isn’t the part where he was charged with battery or assault against a spouse or partner, just slightly more relevant? Or did I miss something….LOL

  17. Its not a logical explanation due to the fact that IMAGE is so Important to these folks. PPL has something to do with this, and perhaps PPL is just a scam

    • They have a thousand complaints for a shitty service that they changed their name to legal shield. Google pre paid legal and complaints.

    • PPL is a scam, they sell you legal insurance, but what is that? If you have a legal question, you can talk to an attorney-maybe they will even send a letter on your behalf, but if you need anything more you have to pay whatever the attorneys rate is. So what are you paying for when you can call an attorney and get a free consultation. They also sell identity theft protection, not even going there. They lost one of their biggest sellers of this flim flam service. Chris Hughes among others was getting rich from the work TA was doing. Rising star of our company.

      • P. S. I have always thought this is more to do with PPL than the church. Many people to churches of their choice and profess to be faithful to the churches teaching to appear better than what they are. So I don’t think it matters what faith he practiced. This has more to do with the money he was making at PPL. Follow the money!!

  18. Whether it was Travis or his brother, does anyone find the irony almost too rich?

    The family has changed their story enough times now that they surely can relate to Jody, in at least some sense. First it was identity theft. Now we learn it might have been a brother.

    Shame is a very, very powerful force. It causes people to lie to hide the truth. Truth nobody wants to face. I feel for them, just as I feel for Jodi.

      • The friends are covering, that’s obvious. So i gather that they must have covered up evidence in his home. So the crime scene was not really secure, This is a strange case. The family you can understand that’s their brother no matter what, but the MONEY HUNGRY FRIENDS that appear constantly on these cheap trashy shows are beyond contempt, and are only self serving parasites.

    • I agree Sam they could have lied several times out of shame. It was all about travis though. What irks me is if this was ID theft by sibling, they had years to get this removed. Yet, where did their energy lay? what actions?

      I think if it was the brother it still shows he came from a violent background ect yaddi yadda.

      • If it was his brother, and the record was never corrected, then it shows the family has demonstrated an ability to protect someone known to use violence.

        Jodi, on the other hand, has no history of violence or jealousy.

          • True Sam, no matter how this turns out it doesn’t look good.
            Can anyone say hypocrites?

            And not that its against the law to be a hypocrite – but the damaging effects of all this information on TA Supporters/family is easily enjoyed on my end.

  19. I hope somebody has screenshot that MySpace page where one of Travis’s friends mentions Travis’s probation.

    I am sure Chris Hughes and company have a ready-made spin on that one.


  20. I assume this has been brought up before, but here is a comment from Chad Perkins on Travis’ Myspace page. Does this mean what I think it means? “coming out” – huh? And a book?

    Chad Perkins

    “Hey Travis! Good to hear from you man! How’s the book writing coming along? I’m proud of you for finally coming out. Your story will inspire many to follow suit.”
    5 years ago

      • I saw that but since it was a direct mention of his book, I assumed it had to so with the contents of his book – i.e., childhood abuse.

      • I think it was meant as, thank for coming out with your stories of abuse.
        If you read about some of his stories that I think were being put into this book, its all about the abuse he suffered as a child.

        • Except that the words we choose are very significant in how we wish to convey the meaning or intent behind what we say. Typically, when referring to someone speaking publicly about abuse they suffered as a child, we hear something like “Thank you for coming FORWARD” or words like “Opening up” and “Sharing” are used.

          Rarely, when speaking of abuse do people “come OUT”. That particular set of words is typically saved for the gay and lesbian community. I’m just saying.

    • I suggested that posted the comment and others its there. The truth will set you free & I do believe this sinister group has really done much damage.

  21. Brothers prints were on file. As soon as he was booked and printed they would have discovered the fraud while entering him into the system. His explanation can’t fly. If not updated then Riverside police are look ing mighty imcompetant. Maybe they will make a statement verifying it was TA

  22. Even if these charges WERE against Travis Alexander, the victim is not the one on trial here. There was never a police report filed against him by Jodi Arias, and so these things would likely be inadmissible even if this was a trial regarding his violent behavior toward her.

    I think we’re getting off track. This trial is about whether or not Jodi Arias murdered Travis Alexander. It isn’t about their sex life, it isn’t about HLN or Jane Velez Mitchell or Nancy Grace… it’s about whether or not this defendant was justified in stabbing someone 27 times, nearly decapitating him and shooting him in the face.

    Let’s not forget that this website is not what is important. Justice (whether you believe that to be a “guilty” verdict or a “not guilty” verdict) is what is important here.

    I’m starting to get a very bad taste in my mouth about this whole thing. There is danger in making it about us, and not about what happened that day five years ago.

    • I disagree…the prosecution, and Travis’ supporters portray him to be the perfect Mormon…we now know he wasn’t…if he was arrested for battery, that supports the claim that he has temper issues and possibly a history of violent behavior.

      • Agreed KC.
        They (Travis supporters/prosecution) use any and everything they can to try and smear Jodi.
        But god forbid, we find some damning facts/paperwork, and all of sudden we’re getting off track.
        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel we’re stooping to the level of the Pro Travis Sites (calling for Jodi’s death, making fun of her cold sore, etc.)

        I guess I don’t understand though, how this doesn’t have anything to do with the trial?
        Sure, Jodi is the one on the stand – but that’s only because she’s the survivor (which, mind you, I bet doesn’t happen often, that the women survives, thus making this seem so rare and I guess hard for some to believe).
        So does that mean, that whenever something damning comes out concerning Travis and his character that it doesn’t matter, that because we aren’t turning our backs and refusing to acknowledge this information means we’re getting off track, forgetting what this is about? Absolutely not, someone needs to stand up for Jodi, this information needs to be shared (obviously we can’t rely on the media to do this for us), and no one can convince me otherwise.

        I am Team Jodi.

      • Exactly. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Everyone is entitled to express their opinion. And if you guys would rather talk about how awful HLN and Nancy Grace and Jane Velez Mitchell are (and I don’t actually disagree with you there, btw), it’s your choice. I just find debate about the facts of the case to be more interesting, and more pertinent.

        • Also – it doesn’t matter if he was the perfect Mormon or not. I believe he wasn’t. I believe he was mean to her. I believe he never took her seriously. I believe she frustrated him (I find her INCREDIBLY frustrating, myself). I believe he used her for sex. I believe he never intended to marry her.

          And I believe you don’t get to kill someone for all of those things.

          Based on her own words and demeanor, and the physical evidence of his body, I do not believe her story. I ABSOLUTELY respect everyone else’s right to believe her. I just don’t happen to.

          I come here because I like having my opinions challenged, and learning new points of view. But when the debate becomes a debate about the journalistic integrity of shows like Nancy Grace and Jane Velez Mitchell, which are NOT news programs and therefore have no obligation to keep opinion out of the discussion, I am not learning anything or being challenged.

          • I can’t believe I am actually reading this nonsense.

            His Mormon beliefs ARE relevant, hence JM’s exploring this in the prosecution’s case. Travis’s actions ARE relevant. They have EVERYTHING to do with Jodi’s actions, whether she is guilty of murder one or not.

            You are on the wrong board.


          • So you buy the prosecution’s nonsense that she traveled from Yreka to Mesa to confront him over his going to Cancun with another woman, right?

            Because your posts are more full of you-know-what than a Christmas goose.

          • Sorry that the website does not always live up to your expectations to be “challenged.” Conversations turn in different directions at times – don’t read them if you’re not interested.

        • Well my opinion that the talking point, “the victim is not on trial here” is old and lame. We all know Jodi is on trial, but since her claim is self defense, HOW do you suggest she proves it without telling WHY? She has to give reasons WHY and HOW. She tried to offer a plea, and did not want to “put the victim on trial”, but they want her dead, so her we are……

          • Well… first of all, he isn’t on trial.

            That said, yes, she does need to convince the jury she was attacked. Problem is, the only one saying that he ever did anything violent to her, is a woman who has admitted to lying on multiple occasions, and as one juror asked, why should we believe her now? No one ever saw it, no one ever saw unexplained or unusual bruises or wounds. And before I get attacked for attacking an abuse victim, I am an abuse survivor. I know the psychology. But I also know that there were physical signs when I was being beaten, things I was asked about and lied about… people who could be called to testify on my behalf as a witness to my wounds if I had killed my abuser.

            Also, no one forced her to take the stand in her own defense; as a defendant in this country, you do not have to testify on your own behalf. Once she takes the stand, she is expected to show us something to back up her story. She has nothing. I’m disinclined to believe that, after she wrecked the guy’s BMW and all he did was make her pay him back, he would have been willing to KILL her because she dropped his camera… which didn’t even break, apparently.

            It’s a difficult story for me to swallow.

            At any rate, regardless of whether I’m right or wrong, the legal system only allows certain things into evidence, and you should believe that if these police reports were admissible, her attorney would have admitted them. So they must not be. Or he must not think they’re strong enough evidence, which would lead me to believe that the stuff about it being his brother and not him must be provable.

            • But in a sense he IS because his actions play a critical role in WHY Jodi killed him. It can prove or disprove motive or premeditation.

              Do you even understand anything about how trials operate?

              • I was just going to reply with the same sentiment. This trial is about her life at this point. Sounds cruel but it is. It’s about her and him and what transpired that day that led to his demise and if she is at fault for her actions. Everything is relevant at this point. His religion and beliefs are at the fore front because they were opposite from the way he actually lived his life in most cases. That goes to character. I’m sure some of the Mormon jurors have thought this to themselves. Doesn’t mean he deserved to die but it shows him to be weak when it comes to his moral beliefs as well as someone who hid many secrets from many people. Again, not saying he deserved death just showing that they were both troubled kids in a dysfunctional relationship!

            • She doesn’t have to prove one damned thing. It is up to the prosecution to do it.

              Stop making excuses for Travis’s behavior. Please.

            • I agree, there are physical signs of abuse, but only if it’s physical. And not all physical abuse shows definite signs.

              Mental/emotional/psychological abuse leaves no visible signs, and alas is the hardest to prove.

              I too am a survivor of abuse, many times Jodi has minimized things that she said TA did to her, she is in denial, and and she is protecting him…not uncommon for an abuse victim to do.

              The dynamics of all that went on between Jodi and him are so multi-dimenional, it can’t be summed up with one or two observations.

              • And let me add, as an abuse survivor, we all have a sixth sense and can spot another survivor a mile away.

                Jodi sent up red flags all over the place that she was abused far beyond what any of us could even imagine.

            • Ah…yes I agree somewhat with what you’re saying. However, you are not comparing apples to apples in your example as to how TA would respond to JA when she was responsible for damage to his property. When TA learned of the BMW being destroyed iJA told him over a phone call not in person. And we did hear testimony from his then girlfriend, Lisa, that TA did get angery and did something physical (can’t remember what- telephone slam?) to show his anger. Now on 6/4when the very new and very expense camera fell out of JA hands and dropped to the tile floor right before his eyes.Who knows how much anger TA would have had instantly at JA…and she was right in front of him. The fact that the camera was, for the most part, unharmed was not something TA would have known in that moment.

              I think he picked her up and threw her down to add in getting her out of his way to check the camera. I think the ceiling shot photo is one TA accidently took when checking out the camera and that is how JA was able to roll away and get ahead of him enough down the hall to have time to get the gun.

              I believe it was TA’s gun and that he too thought it was unloaded. Otherwise why would he charge at it. If someone is pointing an unknown gun at you the natural response would be to stop and stand still – not charge.

              I believe the police did not think the closet was not involved and did not check that out as a crime scene. In their reports they state they used the closet as their entry to and from the bathroom as it appeared undisturbed and therefore would not hold evidence. The police also handed the home back over to TA’s family very quickly and TA’s family could have discovered photos, journals, magazines, etc. that showed his sexual “issues” and destroyed them, not even knowing they had anything to do with the event at the time.

              Bottomline too many unknowns and alternative plausable theories to be rendered from the same “facts” to put a person to death.

              • A crime team processed the scene for 3 days. Hard to imagine they missed things as large as in the post.

                Remember she is going for an affirmative offense, Self defense ends where incapacitation starts.That is the law. Do you really think there was no point where Jodi could get away?

                • If JA was defending herself it’s not as if there were medical staff in the bathroom with them running vitals to tell her when TA was no longer a threat. The crime scene looks like JA could have started out defending herself and than had some sort of psychotic break. Unfortunately there isn’t a self-defense plus temporary insantiy defense. Or should she be held responsible for not being mentally strong enough to stay focused and properly assess the threat during the attack – oh and make mental notes to remember everything for the trial. Really, is that reasonable? People who have minor car accidents forget the details or have total memory blanks, it’s not uncommon. Why is it so hard to believe JA’s memory is blank do to nature of this event?

            • But this is exactly why JA has nothing to back her up, because anything that does support her is considered hearsay and not allowed into evidence. Can I ask you why is it that only JA lies are important? Why isn’t the lies and the changing stories of the prosecution not important? For example she bought a 3rd gas can according to the prosecution, but if you really read the reciept he showed, it wasn’t for a gas can. It is okay to you to convict someone to death, based on changing stories and lies?

          • “it’s about whether or not this defendant was justified in stabbing someone 27 times, nearly decapitating him and shooting him in the face.”

            This is common pro-pros board rhetoric too, to name the details of the crime over and over again. We know what the charges are. We get it.

            • my thoughts exactly Kira!OK,hater guys we know what she did already!you are not going to SHOCK us or disgust us by listing the injuries!We are aware of the injuries and guess what??Wr are still standing by that woman!!
              Plus,the ” a woman who has admitted to lying on multiple occasions,” ”no one ever saw unexplained or unusual bruises or wounds” comments!So typical of pro-pros sites! I do believe we are all done with answering the same old 2 brain cell questions.It’s just boring,really!
              This is a DP case and the defense’s line is SD!If people dont get that the victim’s actions HAVE to be brought forward in order to decipher the defendant’s actions leading to the killing,then sorry maybe they need to go away and leave this board as peaceful as it was before they came along.

              • Plus if we’re going to get technical, “nearly decapitated” isn’t exactly true. The spinal cord wasn’t incised like in Nicole Simpson’s case. Travis’ wounds are bad enough without adding extra gore for the sake of it.

    • If Travis had a record of violence it is EXTREMELY relevant! Even if it can not be admitted in court it does prove that he was not what he portrayed himself to be, and what others portray him to be. It is NOT fair for Jodi to be “convicted in the court of public opinion”. Its not right that everyone is free and clear to say what ever they want about her, but we can not offer reason to support her self defense?
      You are right JUSTICE is what we want, JUSTICE FOR JODI!
      Where is the justice in calling her a sexual deviant? In saying she was a stalker? Saying She is a cold-blooded murder? Saying she planned this? There is no justice in that. That has all been proven a lie, but when we show a PUBLIC DOCUMENT with not OUR claims, but the sworn, and signed factual word of the state of California’s court of law, we are putting a bad taste in your mouth????

      • It may be morally relevant, but it is not necessarily legally relevant. If he was on trial for beating her, there’s a shot it would be admitted. For it to be relevant to THIS case, I’m guessing it would have to be a police report filed after he beat Jodi Arias, not someone else.

        • The problem is you want to make excuses for Travis by saying he is not on trial, and that isn’t actually true.

          I think we KNOW this information is not admissable, but that isn’t the point. The point is it is further evidence the guy had a history of violence.

        • If I was on a jury and being asked to sentence someone to death I would want to know EVERYTHING about the circumstances. How horrible would you feel as a juror to find out after you voted guilty and voted for the death penalty that there was evidence to show the victim had some past violence history and were not told about it? How would a juror feel if they voted guility and found out later the DA fought hard to not let the jury see the letters written by the victim, or his journel entries where in his own words he admits to things that supported the defense’s claims? The death penalty should be outlawed, nothing but bloodlust and it costs the taxpayers more to boot. I can understand why some would like to see it remain – for the Jeffery Dammer types out there – but not for this case. The DA has overcharged, something becoming all to common lately when the accused is attractive and the case sensational. Couldn’t be DA’s are trying to get cases on CourtTV to make a name for themselves and retire off of selling books could it? Maybe these trials should not be allowed to air live. I know I would have never heard of this case if it were not for TruTV. Prehaps they should be aired only after the jury’s verdict is in, than mass media will not have played a role in the charges, verdict, or vegilenty justice/hate mongering going on now.

          • Excellent points Me.

            I am conflicted about this topic though. I can’t help but think that , God forbid, if I was ever over charged and being railroaded like I believe Jodi is, I would ask for it to be televised before the disposition, so this group could assist in my defense, if only on a web site. I really believe this site is getting the message out. If for no other reason than it makes these quack “journalists” have to double their efforts to fool the masses, our time is being put to good use. I know I found this site only after being SO DISGUSTED with the media, that I either needed to ignore the entire trial or find some rational people that would look for the truth.

            I also think that televising trials before verdicts, holds overly agressive Prosecutors, looking to win their next election, to a higher standard, that would not be placed on them otherwise. . Can you imagine how much worse it could be without the scrutiny of a group like this. Chances are, that far fewer people would be watching the trial and scrutinizing the behavior of their elected officials if the verdict was already in.

            Just my Humble Opinion.

          • I was just thinking about how proud I was to be on this site and then Dena comes along and posts her very rational and valid opinion, only to be told to get lost and that her post is full of you know what. Dena presented her opinion in a respectful way, yet some were quick to question her intelligence with, “Do you have any idea how trials work’ or something to that effect.

            While the responses to Dena are not nearly as hateful, violent, and outright nasty as those from the Travis support sites, the same basic principle is there. The bottom line is that Dena has every right to feel the way she does. Jodi’s case was as holey as Swiss Cheese from the start. Her lying only expanded those holes. But, she’s human and the magnitude of what she’s done weighs heavier and heavier with every moment that passes. She’s not a hard core criminal with a thick skin to survive prison, she probably thought they’d eat her alive. Hell, I lied my ass off about a petty theft charge because I was terrified of going to jail and getting my face pounded or raped. I’m 5’7” and I weigh…..well, that’s neither here nor there, now is it?

            It’s important that we remember, if we are to support Jodi publicly like this, then we are acting as a representation of her. What’s the general consensus when it comes to Travis’ supporters? That their hypocritical douche bag assholes who are so narrow minded and ignorant, not to mention douchey, to actually threaten bodily harm to anyone who dares to so much as question them. Travis was a firm believer in the laws of attraction and, if one applies that logic, Travis’ friends are doing his image and reputation a huge disservice. But, if this is how you judge them, should you not be judged equally?

            If you want to help Jodi, do so by treating people the way she was always known to treat people. With respect. This is the time, more so than ever, the supporters of Jodi must take the high road, agree to disagree, if you will. I’ve spent a lot of my time pouring over the posts on this site and all of you are amazing insightful individuals. Intellect runs rampant here. You underestimate your influential power over the anti-Jodi community. I came to this site believing Jodi was guilty and I was very set in this belief. However, the points being made here were presented rationally, with sources to verify their credibility, and this alone made the information in the posts so much easier to digest and process. Your posts on here come from using logic while the Travis supporters are caught up in their emotions. Understandably, so.

            Thing is, when our emotions are high, our logic is low if not disabled completely. When it comes to the law, emotion has no place. Or, at least it shouldn’t. The jurors likely won’t even consider most of what was admitted if it has to do with the character of either Travis or Jodi. If they do what is asked of them it will come down to two questions only;

            Did the state prove beyond any and all reasonable doubt that Jodi had driven out to Mesa Az with the sole intent to kill him?

            To answer this question they will ask;

            Did the Defense present a possible, plausible and/or in the least bit probable alternative version of the events that transpired?

            If the answer to the second question has cast even the slightest bit of doubt over the prosecution’s version of events in the mind of just one juror then the answer to the first question is no.

            With no proof the gun was either Jodi’s grandparents or Travis’, the gun now becomes irrelevant. We know the knife was already in the house, there are evidence photos of a knife block the knife belonged to with an empty slot or two as well as photos of the open dishwasher with a knife belonging to the knife block in it.

            This negates the argument that she brought the weapons with her because she knew she was going to kill him.

            The gas cans and receipts and all that jazz is all purely circumstantial. There are too many other explanations for them, thus, they are negated.

            So, yeah, play nice everyone. 🙂

      • Thanks KMiller. you said it, now I don’t have to waste my time saying it again and again. I’m not convinced that it won’t be admitted by the defense. Their case is not over.

        • It’s possible they didn’t have this info beforehand, but on the other hand they might have, and the judge refused to admit it into evidence.

          • possibly. I have been asking about this for a while, and haven’t gotten an answer, so I’m not sure anybody knows about it’s admissability or if it can and will be brought up in the defense case.

            • There was likely a scheduling order issued by the judge that would have set forth the time frames for discovery at the beginning. Ig the defense did not know about it, and should not have known, they can try to get it admitted before their case closes. Or use it to impeach the testimony of somebody else. But whether or not it comes in is ultimately up to Judge Stephens. I would have to know more about the nature of the charges to form an opinion about their admissibility (I’m thinking Shoplifting – no; Domestic Violence – yes), but as far as the conviction goes, no one would have to demonstrate that it was travis. That determination was made by the court in California. The decision is unmolested, and the AZ court can take judicial notice of it. Whether it would get in if offered is up to the judge, and if Nurmi and Wilmott felt that the excluded it unfairly, they could take that issue up on appeal.

    • I agree with you too Dena, ” it’s about whether or not this defendant was justified in stabbing someone 27 times, nearly decapitating him and shooting him in the face.” This is the issue.

      • Thatgirl, am I understanding you correctly that you think Jodi is not entitled to due process because part of her defense is that Travis was abusive? Because that’s what I’m getting from both you and Dena.

        • Not at all joujoubaby. I would have thought that the Defense would have already done an investigation into Travis’s background to see if there were any criminal charges (that’s kind of a no-brainer don’t you think), especially as it relates to abuse because it would help further Jodi’s claim of DV and the need for her to use self-defense.

          I think that if there was anything to these charges her attorneys would have already brought it up as it would go to prior bad acts and since there are no eyewitnesses to the abuse it would help Jodi’s case. From what I have seen so far I don’t think there is anything to these charges but I could be wrong.

          • But you say:

            I agree with you too Dena, ” it’s about whether or not this defendant was justified in stabbing someone 27 times, nearly decapitating him and shooting him in the face.” This is the issue.

            apparently endorsing this previous statement by Dena:

            I think we’re getting off track. This trial is about whether or not Jodi Arias murdered Travis Alexander. It isn’t about their sex life, it isn’t about HLN or Jane Velez Mitchell or Nancy Grace… it’s about whether or not this defendant was justified in stabbing someone 27 times, nearly decapitating him and shooting him in the face.

            But the trial IS about their sex life, at least in part. Whether Jodi was in fear for her life, at least if a self defense defense in AZ is like it is in most jurisdictions, is dependent upon what HER state of mind was. Not what mine or yours or an average person or a juror. Unfortunately for the rest of us, that means that the sex tape, the texts, the broken finger, Bobby, Victor, Matt, Daryl, Bianca, Pre-Paid, Gus, Chris, Lisa, Esther, Deanna, Mimi and yes, Travis and his sexual proclivities are all relevant to that.

            As for HLN, Jane Valez Mitchell, and Nancy Grace, they are the media source from which information on this trial is available. I have posted previously lamenting the demise of the real CourtTV. Plus HLN does not present itself as an entertainment channel and its sensationalism at this point is pure profiteering. Further, they have worked many of their viewers into such a froth as seriously to call into question the possibility of a fair trial for Jodi by rubber stamping the blatant untrue, ridiculous, and incendiary comments of Travis’s friends and family. I think that that is relevant. I think that it is noteworthy. I think that it bears discussion.
            I am saddened and angered when civil liberties are eroded. The crumbling of the Fourth Estate sickens me. You may characterize that as petty and superficial. I don’t.

    • The victim actually IS on trial in a sense because knowing about his behavior prior to the murder can prove motive or premeditation or the lack thereof.

      This is SOP in every murder trial in the country.

    • Partial Re-Post:

      …….I don’t know why some people don’t see this as relevant. I’ve been looking at this case as a domestic violence, battered woman’s, sexual assault, abuse of power, and spiritual abuse, self defense case since Jodi took the stand. It is a murder trial yes, but that the State’s claim of murder, NOT JODI’S. The significance of TA’s history of violent tendencies either supports, or doesn’t support Jodi’s claims of abuse (which IS directly related to her SELF DEFENSE claim). The best predictor of someone’s behavior is past relevant behavior, right?

      Also, why are all the talking heads only mentioning the shoplifting and the “little scuffle” with ems, or whatever? Isn’t the part where he was charged with battery or assault against a spouse or partner, just slightly more relevant? Or did I miss something…

      It IS absolutely relevant, and this case IS relevant to all WOMEN IMO. It matters to Jodi’s freedom, and the treatment of women in the future, dealing with scumbags,some of which may blossom into bigger scum- bags depending on the outcome of this trial, and some women (now our daughters, and nieces), who may either blossom into well respected, and believed, strong women, or hushed little sex toys, who bow down and bend over to the the a-holes who remind them of their place in this world (from behind) – also depending on the outcome of this trial, and whether or not HLN continues to get away with their BS. As long as the idiots like Nancy Grace keep talking, then we have continue as well!

    • I disagree also JODI already ADMITTED TO KILLING TRAVIS she does not remember the stabbing an slashing that is the part of the story that has everyone guessing. An I am starting to think a group of devious mean spirited people did this an wanted nothing more than from the first day they met JODI to see her DIE their jealousy an ugliness shows every day on the blogs an sites for Travis.

      If people would listen these same people that never checked on TRAVIS for 5 freaking DAYS ! WED THUR FRI SAT SUN an then on MONDAY NIGHT AT 10 pm WHY? because there was a TRIP the very next day. This is ridiculous HE MISSED CHURCH he MISSED FAMILY MEETINGS he MISSED BUSINESS calls etc etc etc. WTH ! do they all live in California NO right there in the same town!

      5 days no one thinks nothing never stops by an the roommates an roommates girlfriends they don’t smell anything! but Mimi walks in an states the odor was evident when she walked in the house but says Oh I thought the dog had a accident. I am sorry but DOG POOP smells nothing LIKE a DEAD DECOMPOSING BODY that has been there for 5 DAYS ! bottle it up an TEST THAT SHIT ! no comparison at all !

      Everyone is GUESSING an GUESSING because Jodi can’t remember the ONE PART that has all of the PUBLIC in a UPROAR! the STABBING the SLASHING which is really strange how it was done! An I don’t care what these LDS people say there are nuts in every RELIGION that carry stuff out too far an carry on the crazy stuff. An these people got on TV an said OH WE KNEW the FIRST TIME we met JODI we did not LIKE HER she was STRANGE ! clingy had a sexual over tone ! would be the type of woman to steal your HUSBAND. Just ridiculous.

      I wish JODI would have walked away too those snobby B@%#$# seem to think they are all GOD’S GIFT”S an here to JUDGE people. It is apparent they do not tike CONVERTS or at least JODI they made that clear WOW ! I would not feel like talking to them either if they gave off the VIBES I think they did. THE WHOLE STORY after the She shot him STINKS TO ME ! I find it STRANGE the stabs to the BELLY an under the breasts an to the NECK are the same kind it says to do on BLOOD ATONEMENT KILLINGS. Great Frame job for a killing that was excessive but was not left that way maybe WED but was found that way on MONDAY NIGHT. Just my opinion I know a wolf in sheep’s clothing an seen them on tv an blogs a lot lately..

      So Until Jodi says she remembers doing all that stabbing an slashing I really do not believe she did all that. She would have cut her fingers so deeply on both hands stabbing that much an switching hands stabbing. They say a knife almost always slips an hurts the attacker due to all the BLOOD ! she barely had any wounds at all. I just can’t believe she did all that damage until there is some proof.

      An people need to KEEP IN MIND these PPL an LDS people hated JODI way before this ever happened.

  23. But does anyone know why this was not put into evidence or why Nurmi has not put it in? I have a hard time believing that the judge would not allow this in if true because it DOES speak to the fact that Travis had a history of assault???

    • Defense hasn’t settled so we have no idea that this wont be admitted. He might be holding onto this for a reason. If it doesn’t get admitted there must be a legal reason for it. Maybe because the dispute of the identity theft is hersay?

    • The lawful reason was laid out here in a previous post. I’m not gonna look it up (too many post to go thru) but it was something about it could only be used if Jodi could prove she had prior knowledge before she killed him in self defense. If she knew about it then it could have given her reason to fear him, I’m guessing that is why.

      • I agree with you Kmiller. I’m sure JA knew but she’s not going to say anything. I am quite sure that Nurmi has known about this for quite sometime. There is a reason why it has not been brought up….

      • That might be the reason although it would be hersay coming from here because she can’t say he told her. The defense could have called the Lopez guy though to speak to Travis’s behavior. The docs could have been entered into evidence through that channel. This happened shortly before they started dating. It’s relevant in my mind.

        • Here’s a thought……..
          Maybe this info is going to come out through a person who IS / WAS aware of TA’s history.
          Let’s see if it comes out through another person on the witness list.
          I think because Jodi’s testimony was so long, and they put her up so soon, people forget that the defense has only just started to present their case. Jodi is not their last witness.

  24. I was just catching up on the other site. I think I was banned because I can’t comment. I only commented once or twice and it was weeks ago so it’s crazy to me that they randomly blocked me now?? Anyway, I’m amazed how no one on there even questions the validity of the family’s statement and how it can’t logically be true. With the technology that LE has had long before the arrest was made, there is little chance it would have gone as far into the court process being the brother had already been in the system. There are protocols in place or this. They won’t even entertain it because they would have to accept the fact that maybe, just maybe Travis did have a temper at times. Doesnt make him evil or a bad peron just means what it means. He has proven to be a different person with Jodi so maybe they just brought out the worst in each other. Who cares. If this is true it doesn’t mean he deserved to die. It would just mean that he had violence in his past. Just another fact for the jury to weigh. Before this news broke they were all bashing the expert whitness scheduled to testify. If they are all so positive they are right in thinking this was premeditated murder then why so concerned over stuff like this? They are droning on and on trying to make each other feel better over this issues. Maybe it’s false but to not consider that it ould be true is childish and ignorant. They still think it was expunged lol. Hello the paperwork ould not be public record.

    • that is the problem. true identity theft wouldn’t require expungement, it would require a statement and charges reassigned to the brother. We would not be looking at this right now if it were due to identity theft/and or it was “expunged”

      • Correct, there would be no need for it to be expunged, since it would have been taken care of immediately, i.e. as soon as they ran his prints, and the brother likely would have been charged with lying to a police officer, possibly ID theft, etc…People don’t seem to understand what “expunged” means.

      • Confused, I didn’t see your comment before I posted – and agree – law enforcement would have been on this way before it ever went to court!

        …. and if it didn’t …. well, i cannot fathom this is even possible and one would NOT want it corrected.

        Who in their right mind would want a criminal record out there for any employer to find if it was an error?!? GMAB!

        • No one as I also doubt the Riveride Sheriff’s dept would not want this cleared up on their end. Especially now since it involves such a high profile deceased individual and murder trial.


      • But if it was discovered post plea – post the person being convicted of the charges – it would require appeal

  25. Ok, heres a stupid question – regarding whom it was that was arrested on ’02. Wouldn’t the Riverside PD check drivers license information and see right away, with their own eyes, that the person saying they were Travis A. and the person standing right in front of them was not the same person – unless the brothers look like twins.

    The guy was arrested and, tho I’ve never been arrested, would assume ones items they are in possession of at the time – wallet – would contain credit cards etc and be confiscated by law enforcement and looked at.

    If he was claiming to be Travis and his wallet info is in Gregory or Dennis or something other than Travis would be a clue to the PD of identity fraud way before any court docs are initiated.

    Heck, if I ever get pulled over I may tell the cop my sisters name and see if he notices that its different from what my drivers license states! 😉

    • Regardless the brother claiming this was him was a convict on parole and his finger prints and mugshots were already in the system. If he had never been arrested I would say maybe this identity nonsense could be true but he was and their spin is idiotic. I felt Beth K and Jean of HLN were a little embarrassed reporting otherwise. I think they felt it was unlikely but went with the narrative.

      • The brother was in the system in 2001. So if he did get arrested in 2002 and use TA’s identity, it would have been caught, the minute they did his fingerprints again. It doesn’t make sense. I am thinking that TA spun this past of his into a story (lemons into lemonade) and used it to sell legal insurance, and he probably even thought his public record would help prove his identity theft story!
        Also, the reason he worked or stayed with PPL – he probably couldn’t have found another job with his record.


  26. Has any one seen “The Godmakers (The First Film) on youtube posted by Robert Skynner? I understand the film is quite old and may be Christian motivated…but if you skip to 39:00 of the film it caught my attention…how the thumb was drawn across the throat. I do NOT believe that Jodi slit TAs throat. I haven’t believed this from the beginning. Perhaps she cannot remember doing so because she DIDN’T do it. Perhaps she fled the scene and SOMEONE else finished him off? Perhaps he wasn’t even dead when she ran. The bullet wound was not fetal and most of the stab wounds were surface wounds.(indicating IMO thrashing self defense wounds) I am wondering if there are any other opinions regarding this. Also, the fact that the prosecution weighs heavily on the “fact” that Jodi was a “stalker”. I am astounded that ANY of this was admissible as evidence; the 911 audio (the part where the caller states “Travis had a stalker” should have been stricken from the record as hearsay. Also any other testimony from Travis’ friends stating what Travis told them should be stricken as hearsay. All the ‘stalker” talk was merely gossip. I believe there is more to this complete crime…any opinions?

    • Dorothy, Is it still hearsay if the person who actually made the 911 call can be called to the stand and confirm what she said and why she said it? I’m not very legal savvy but thought it was only hearsay if there was no one to back up the info that was said.

      In this case there were numerous peeps who were there plus its recorded with the 911 dispatcher.

      Yes its her opinion. But she is entitled to it. And most likely she came to that opinion from the stuff Travis said about Jodi, that she was a stalker, while he, behind their backs, is keeping her on the hook and calling her for late night phone sex.

      • I understand that the reason so many of Travis’ friends believed Jodi was a “stalker” was because Travis TOLD them she was “a stalker”. The witness can say she said it, but as to the validity of what was actual vs. what she BELIEVED to be truth is hearsay. There is an objection by the prosecution/hearsay each time Jodi says “Travis said…” . So, who started the rumor that Jodi was a stalker? It all boils down to hearsay. This on heard it from that one who heard it from another one…there were no formal charges pressed against Jodi for stalking. It is all hearsay.


  27. I think the larger point here, is that we have quite POSSIBLY uncovered an attempt at deception. Now, this is only for the “court of public opinion” which as we know HLN has been the “director” of…until now.

    I won’t argue whether it should have been or will be admitted in the case, or what have you. Plus I don’t know enough about the legal system, or certain strategies of both Nurmi and JM. They may be completely aware of the entire truth, whatever it is, for all we know.

    And now that we have again POSSIBLY uncovered an attempt at deception (which it wouldn’t be if there hadn’t been the denials that have changed and morphed now, as soon as it came out, namely from Shannon Hogan), it should spurn us and everyone else on to start questioning a lot more….

    Now allow me to introduce Exhibit #2: From the Huffington Post article:

    Dennis Alexander said he tried to get a copy of the original booking photo Monday to prove it was him, but said police would not give him a copy. “They said they would release it to the prosecution,” he said.
    Jerry Cobb, the public information officer for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, which is prosecuting Arias, said his office had no information on the shoplifting or battery case.
    “We wouldn’t have any information like that,” Cobb said. “Travis Alexander’s not accused of anything. He’s a victim in our case and it’s not something I’m familiar with.”

    Hmm…..release it to the “prosecution”? This information, like anything else, falls under California Public Records laws (again, which I am not completely familiar with). An attempt to withhold information will be suspect to me….

    And if Dennis Alexander was on probation for something else, then another mugshot and incident report should be available for the crime that put him on probation in the first place. If they really want to squash what’s coming out, if they’re telling the truth, they should have no problem a’tall with releasing a mugshot, from whichever incident (s) Dennis was involved in….

    And again, it’s starting to beg the question…WHY SHOULD WE BELIEVE YOU NOW?

  28. Good Afternoon
    What a day yesterday.
    I found this tidbit of info at Blink on Crime.
    I worry once again.

    Matt McCartney has admitted to forging the “pedophile” letters that Jodi tried to have admitted as evidence (precluded and determined forgeries) and her mother has since tried to sell to the National Enquirer. Matt has immunity and has turned state’s evidence.
    IF this is indeed true….
    -explains his involvement
    -explains why Juan keeps going back to “he is your friend who would never betray you” comments
    – explains the coded magazine message
    – proves she blatantly LIED ON THE STAND

    • This is all speculation, but it concerns me just the same.
      Martinez is a sneaky bastard. I also believe he is desperate to win at all costs at this point.
      I DO see the irony of the A family changing their story now 3 times to explain away the arrest record.

      • What’s the third story? My understanding was TA’s sister had said ‘someone’ stole his identity. It’s not a lie that she didn’t specify it was the brother- she wasn’t trying to protect the dead but the LIVING. I’d be curious to know if the story has really changed, though.

        • Lie #1 – It was a different Travis V. Alexander, not THE Travis V. Alexander

          Lie #2 – SOME PERSON stole Travis’ identity, Travis called PPL who then called the PD and within the hour the matter was taken care, expunged

          Lie #3 – It was brother Dennis, he’s the black sheep in the family, leave it to him!

          • The first one was just speculation from boards. The next two came from (somewhat) official stories. I don’t see a discrepancy between the two, aside from the fact that they failed to specify who “some person” was.

            • Well, SOMEONE and YOUR BROTHER is a big difference to me.
              And I thought I heard from what’s her faces book that she quoted Travis as saying, “SOMEONE stole my identity.” If he knew it were his brother, why would he not say it was his brother. Something smells fishy.

              And how can whats her face quote Travis about something that happened way before she started this book (and now he’s dead, so?).
              I digress…

      • I saw that too, Trixels, and at first had the same reaction. When I look back on the way JM was questioning JA, though, I really think that he was trying to get Jodi to say that Matt would do anything for her, so that if he were to testify, JM could use her statements to undermine his testimony. Plus, wasn’t it to Mat that all of those smuggled messages were directed? He just wants to make Matt look like Jodi’s lap dog.

      • Cindy, that is what I thought. If he even mentions the letters, then thy can be addressed in court since he opened that window so to speak. Thanks for reassuring me.

    • I think that’s speculation. Matt is a defense witness, not a state witness as far as I know. As recently as January, he posted here that he would not be testifying at all because he asked Jodi to leave him out of it.

    • The letters were copies I heard , But The Judge Allowed The Pedophilia based on those letters The letters were not allowed because copies are not admissible must be originals. This is what I heard, I do not think any Lawyer with 1/2 a brain would allow evidence that was an obvious forgery. The magazines are spliced also copies so that is not really admissible Not Sure! Just what I heard. I would really look at the court proceedings and forget all this conjecture,.The big problem I think is memory. at the most crucial moment, Gas Cans and other theories are just theories and can be explained, Premeditation is at the core of this case, I do not see premeditation, or rage, I see fear and an emotional vacancy which can be explained by people who treat past members of Cults these psychiatrist use deprogramming methods for abuse victims who are still under control of a cult.

      • Oliviero,
        The magazines have been admitted. Both of them. Remember he showed them both to Jodi, one was a photography magazine and one was an Us (I think) I remember her attorneys going over each page very carefully before they were admitted. JM had her read from the pages that had messages, then he put all the sentences together on paper and had her read the full sentence. He never brought them up again, which I thought was strange, thats why I am concerned about Matt now.They were meant to go to him.
        The other letters that Jodi had several years ago were submitted to the court for evidence were copies. The court ruled them inauthentic. That was back a couple years ago from what I recall. I am worried about that now, just have a bad feeling about Matt . I am not sure if he testifies, if he could even mention those letters since they aren’t in evidence, but he could mention the magazines. I guess time will tell.

    • i really pray none of this is true.If not,then Martinez is gonna have a field day confronting Jodi with this evidence 🙁

    • Trixels,
      I have been worried about Matt for a week or more. Jodi has mentioned him a few times when asked specific questions, about seeing him on her trip, calling him after the killing, etc. You are right, JM mentioned him the other day, “someone who would never betray you”, and I thought uh-oh.I had originally thought the defense would call Matt for their side. When they(pros) brought those magazines with the coded messages in them up a few weeks ago, I knew they were intended for Matt, but they kinda let the whole issue go, and I wondered why. I remembered the whole thing about those letters, there was a sealed hearing regarding those letters and they were proven to be forgeries, so I knew they wouldnt be admitted into trial. I knew about JA’s mom trying to sell them to the Enquirer too. But now I am really worried about Matt…they could have threatened him with forgery or tampering or something. Ughh….do you think he is going to testify for the Pros? If he does, that is so NOT GOOD. If JM impeaches her on the stand, its over for her.

      • I’m not sure if he will testify for the State…I recall reading that Martinez threatened to nail Matt with perjury if he tried lying on the stand. I think Kermit is getting all of these Matt references in because he’s on the defense’s list. If Matt testifies for Jodi, Kermit can go to town asking him about his previous statements that he’d lie for Jodi.

  29. One way to prove this is to look up arrest records. He would have been arrested, there would be record of mug shot, finger prints, court appearance, etc.

    Not only that, but there would be a victim involved. That victim should come forward.

    Why is the defense only learning about this now? Why wasn’t this info brought up sooner? Seems rather fishy to me. Can they admit this into evidence now or is it too late?

    • Much of this case seems “fishy” to me. I wonder if is too late to admit this evidence…but the judge will most likely rule in favor of the prosecution…some palm greasing?? Ya think?

    • If this evidence is new to the defense team, they can certainly bring it in (if the judge approves), since they haven’t rested their case yet.

      Generally the witness list is done well in advance but new witnesses can be added when new evidence surfaces.

      However it would surprise me if this was unknown to the defense team. Jodi’s been in jail for over 4 years. How could they not know Travis’ criminal history??? More likely I think the judge ruled this stuff inadmissible in a closed hearing prior to the trial and it’s been a big secret until now.

  30. The thing that bothers me about this, in regards to this site, is that we are supposed to be a people of intelligence, a group who fail to be swayed without damning evidence.

    In this situation, there is no Damning evidence proving it’s actually TA who was arrested. We only have letters, one being a citizens’ arrest.

    I think we all need to stop acting like the very people putting JA on trial and look at this objectively.

    • “letters”? – no, we have actual court records from Riverside County…I have no idea whether is was TA or not, but per the court records, he was arrested and convicted…

      • Letters was indeed a poorly chosen word. I haven’t seen the conviction report though, would you happen to have the link?

        Does it contain finger prints? Pictures? TA’s Signature?

        I’m not defending TA mind you, just stating that it seems a bit hypocritical to defend Jodi with this logic, but refuse to use it when something against TA comes into play.

        • That being said the docs we do have confirm he appeared in court and was indeed arrested and charged. I don’t know that prints and a mugshot are typically included. I do know that this information would not randomly be archived with the county if no arrest was made.

          A transcript can be ordered of the court proceedings. Looks like it takes some time to get


            • Tonya, I believe these dates have been shown as dark on the court calendar for quite a while. When they picked the jurors someone mentioned one or both of the days being unavailable, and for some reason both were on the calendar as no court.

              I read about this in the local papers, but I can’t quite remember the exact details.

              I don’t think the delay was sudden, or has anything to do with these latest issues in court and with the arrest.

          • Doc One, The court entry stating the charges, along with a writ of a PRIVATE citizen arresting T.A.

            Doc Two, A writ stating TA failed to provide a Financial Disclosure form.

            Doc Three, A Warrant for him to appear before the court for Failing to provide a Financial Disclosure form.

            Where am I supposed to be seeing Convicted of anything?

            • I’m referencing the documents found on the Riverside PD website.
              I’d have to go back to previous posts to find this link, think SJ linked to it at the top of one of the pages too?
              Not the 21 page document, the actual link to the website where you type in the information to pull up Travis’ arrest.

              • I’ve seen those. I’ve got one under my name for breaking and entering in RSide, so I know how riverside’s system works.

                As I stated, just playing devil’s advocate here, not defending the “Spin” or TA.

                • Pyromie –
                  I think the issue with you playing Devil’s Advocate is that all weekend, Monday, & now today we’ve been listing all the reasons it seems highly likely this arrest was indeed Travis, not Dennis.

                  I feel pretty confident this is true and I’ll eat my words if proven wrong, I can admit it when I’m wrong. Its the Pro Travis Sites and Media that cant.

                  Thus the spin on this whole debacle.

    • Pyro, I could care less if it was Travis or the brother.

      What if disturbing is the possible attempt to hide the truth. Why the uproar and attempt of damage control?

      Even if it was Travis in the arrest it has zero bearing on the trial.

      What matters to me is what is truth.

      • If these documents are factual and Travis did exhibit violent behavior to someone other than Jodi it would be relevant to the case. It lends credence to Jodi’s allegations of Travis’ violence toward her His hot temper, according to Jodi, is what ultimately lead to the self defense.

      • Agree Rainy. I’m more concerned with the potential cover-up than I am with who got arrested. In the end, the jury won’t be hearing about any of this anyway.

    • No, these are public records filed, sworn, and signed at the Riverside California Court House. No one on here tried to pass letters off. You are right we don’t make false claims. These are not our claims they are the claims of the COURT. You might want to fact check further, there are court minutes and official arrest records. No one here pulled these outta their ass.
      If they did happen to be not TA, then fine, but that needs to be addressed with the courts, it is their documents, we only discussed what we found.

      • But there are court documents and minutes claiming JA is a murderer, and that it wasn’t self defense, yeah she hasn’t been convicted yet, but still, here we are, defending her from a false charge.

        We don’t KNOW personally that it was him in court. We don’t.

        Really, It doesn’t Matter if it was or wasn’t him.

        We KNOW he had anger issues, from testimony from both JA and others.

        It has no pertinence to the case.

          • Believe me, I truly don’t care what his friends or others say.

            I’m going off my own principles here. If there is no damning evidence, he gets the benefit of the doubt. Same with JA. There is no damning evidence, so I choose to believe her.

            • The difference is Jodi is still on trial whomever this person is was sentenced to 3 years probation. I’m sorry but you are not correct in your comparison. Further more it is most certainly pertinent to her murder trial ( if true which I feel it most likely is) because it goes to his demeanor and character.

              • I agree it may not be pertinent to the trial now but it does make a difference on how I see Travis Alexander. Just like me going back on My Space pages an seeing how he conversed with friends. I did not get the picture that his LDS AN PPL friends painted for me I got a whole different look from seeing words he actually typed an could feel how his personality truly was. Just like the Sex Tape. Had I not heard that myself I may have believed the other side of this the prosecution side. But I know by looking around an reading from 5 an 6 years back into his life Travis was not a virgin an not a Saint. An Jodi was not some Whore looking for a Mr. Money Bags with a BMW that was a piece of crap that he sold to her for too much that was losing his HOUSE ! that was not keeping his head above water very well. That borrowed a laptop from a friend? on an on an on………….

                Geesh if she wanted a Mr. Money Bags she passed up Gus Searcy if she was a true GOLD DIGGER she would have snagged him up !

        • Please read ALL the documents. You can’t have the intelligent conversation that you so desire without being fully aware of the subject at hand. The arrest record reads CONVICTED! Yes the words convicted. There are no other names, an ‘AKA” or alias which is what would show if his brother was the culprit.

          • Doc One, The court entry stating the charges, along with a writ of a PRIVATE citizen arresting T.A.

            Doc Two, A writ stating TA failed to provide a Financial Disclosure form.

            Doc Three, A Warrant for him to appear before the court for Failing to provide a Financial Disclosure form.

            Where am I supposed to be seeing Convicted of anything?

            • Pyromie, the PRIVATE citizen arresting him was likely the employee of the grocery store who detained him until the cops got there. That’s what happens in a shoplifting incident.

        • Dont most of the charges say “CONVICTED” or something like that next to them?

          If Jodi’s court minutes say “CONVICTED” next to them, then we’ve got some major issues concerning our court system (not that we don’t already, but this would be EXTREMELY concerning).

          Correct me if I’m wrong here…

          • No… you correct M, Kmiller, tonysam. Its HIS records CONVICTED from the court. Why not blv it? They are trying to hide it to protect TA. If it hasnt been admitted and it Nurmi cant get it in idk why (maybe they hadn’t researched it). But I dont agree, that it DOESNT have anything to do with the case. They’ve been looking for any prior violence from Jodi. And If they’ve bought Jodi’s ex boyfriends to testify to any prior violence and they’ve gone as far as to make it look like Jodi so overpowered Ryan Burns during there grinding session. Then why wouldn’t TA’s prior records be relevant to this SD case?! She IS claiming SD from someone that was violent towards her, can this not be proof?? Is this what the family n others so afraid of?

            If I was a juror in the case, I would DEFINITELY want to know, wouldn’t you????

        • Jodi has not been convicted yet. The court documents show a conviction. This is what the official documents say, we simply found them and posted them.

          • Yes, I was referring to Travis’ documents saying CONVICTED.

            And pointing out that if Jodi’s court document says CONVICTED then we’ve got real issues, as her trial clearly isn’t over.

            Think my post was confusing, didnt clarify very well.

      • Well said Kmiller. I don’t think the spin is going to stop, no matter how solid the evidence is. For goodness sake, now they are saying that Travis wasn’t the person in the “sex” tape, even though it has been admitted into evidence.

        • Are you kidding? Where was this mentioned? He isnt the person in the ky pictures either right lol. Please ….the prosecution hasn’t even disputed the fact that that is Travis ‘s voice. Next they’ll say Travis cell phone didn’t send those texts nor did his email address ever email her! Hell maybe next they’ll say they hardly new each other lol!

          • Dr. Drew said it on a promo for his show last night, that he had a friend of TA on the show to say why it couldn’t be TA on the phone sex tape. But then when Dr. Drew started to ask questions of the guy he wasn’t answering the way Dr. Drew thought he would, so it didn’t work out for Dr. Drew.

        • What I’m trying to prove here isn’t some “Spin”. It’s the fact that there is still NO hard evidence it was TA. NONE. The courts have been wrong before, have they not?

          You want to be an objective, intelligent collective, you must do so on ALL fronts, not just those that may aid Jodi.

            • I’m sorry, Py. I take offense to your suggestion that we are not open minded on this site. Additionally, accepting as fact that someone was convicted of a crime based on court records obtained from that court seems, well, whatever the opposite of naive is.

              • I take offense also I don’t see anyone on here cussing an spewing hatred like I do on the pro Travis sites an if this was the other way around there would be HUNDREDS of hate comments right here already that is the difference.

            • Pryromie or however, you spell it,

              The family LIED using a book writer to do their dirty work. they told several stories. In case you haven’t noticed, this is a DP case.

          • Right, Pyromie. But we have court records. There is a reason we have courts of law. It is to establish FACT. Court records ARE considered hard evidence.

            If Jodi had gone to the police after having her finger broken, or when Travis strangled her and she had bruises on her neck, then it would be considered hard evidence. Unfortunately, like most victims of violence, she kept silent.

            But someone who was assaulted by a man calling himself Travis Alexander didn’t stay silent.

            • I just thought about something. Can someone search for this Mr. Lopez guy on fb or something? ? I would but I dont have fb I wouldn’t know how to.

      • If someone produced court documents that named Jodi Arias with the same birth date and same city of residence, and it said she was convicted of burglary, shoplifting and battery, would you have any reason whatsoever to doubt they were authentic? Probably not. What if she denied it and claimed to be a victim of identity theft, would you believe her? So when someone produces court documents that name Travis Alexander with his birth date and city of residence, what reason does anyone have to doubt they are legit? It’s only now that the family has come up with a distraction story that people are questioning it.

        • but there are reports from before TA’s death that state he reported his identity stolen along this timeline. Are we to ignore them?

          Really, It most likely was TA.

          Honestly, I could care less, he was a scumbag regardless.

          The point is, don’t put on your blinders like the Nancy Graces out there, keep an open mind.

          • Pyromie –
            I get your position here, keeping an open and all; I’m just saying, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…

            • I’m just playing Devil’s advocate here, pulling strings.

              We as a group just need to be a little more open minded to some of the possibilities in this case.

              This is also something Martinez should do, if he weren’t just going for a conviction, and actually working for Justice.

              • How much more open can minds be? What is this you are talking about “report” that TA made claiming his Identity was stolen? What happened to your need for HARD EVIDENCE? Shanna Whatshername? that’s your proof?

                • Kmiller, I think you are misunderstanding me, and I apologize if I haven’t made this clear.

                  I’m simply showing both sides of the field for this.

                  I’ll provide an example.

                  The court documents against T.A. Show Convicted. This we know to be true.

                  Let’s theorize for a bit. Let’s say J.A. is convicted of Premeditated, first Degree Murder.

                  Does this mean she actually did it? Or that the jury was swayed by Froggy’s Prosecution techniques?

                  Let’s say T.A. admitted to being guilty to protect his brother, who actually committed the crime and did so using TA’s name.

                  Is it really about what we believe, or what can be proved?

                  The likelyhood of this scenario is slim, but it still means we need to be aware of the possible anomaly to the story.

                  We can’t just CONVICT based on speculation. That is what the Prosecution is trying to do with Jodi.

              • OK
                I believe its Possible but NOT probable, Also the explanation was very swift didn’t seem there really was ample time for them to get evidence to the contrary other then the word of a Brother. Lets remember now WHO LIED YES HE LIED HE IS A LIAR. So is he lying now or before which story should we believe so we have Travis Brother LYING, So I gather Jodi Arias is not the Only Liar. Travis Brother Tells Lies. Its a stupid excuse & perhaps the same PPL place provided Mr.Alexander with the same type of legal lies that was provided for Jodi Arias. So my advice stay away from PPL. Which I heard Stands For Pathetic Perverted Liars.

                • Pyromie- I think I’m understanding you completely, Ann I’m understanding that you are back-peddling now. I don’t appreciate how you came at this situation. You should have researched before you started accusing others of talking out of their asses. Not Cool-
                  Now you are still comparing apples and oranges. It isn’t if I FEEL the arrest record is true or not, it has a plea of guilty and a conviction.
                  Jodi is not convicted and she has plead not guilty/ self defense.
                  NOW- If she gets convicted, then I can believe she is innocent all I want but just as with Travis the record will show convicted, and there will be nothing to argue.
                  I’m not trying to convict Travis with speculation. According to the official record he pled guilty and was convicted by a JUDGE.

                • Kmiller, you are putting words in my mouth. Not once did I say ANYONE was speaking from their rear.
                  Also, You have plea of GUILTY by reason of self defense in this case. Jodi is guilty of the murder (per her own words) but only because she was forced to defend herself.

                  What if the research being done by Riverside’s courts (read the recent posts by MB – Team Jodi does come back as it being the brother? Won’t you feel a bit foolish for jumping to conclusions?

                  I’m not calling anyone names, or saying anything against Jodi, I’m simply stating that we don’t have all the facts yet, and it’d be unwise to jump to conclusions.

            • Well whay else can we do?? We’ve git the court records. How do we get the mugshot, we’ll SEE who this TA was ???

              《《《 How do we get a mugshot? 》》》 if we have to pay for a mugshot, plz let me know. Maybe we can all work towards it.

              • I don’t know if Mugshots from back then would be public access or not. It’d be interesting to see, put to bed the “Spin” haha.

            • Actually no, I’m not quoting some hack writers work. I’m presenting a probable situation, and examining the reactions of those who claim to be objective. Good Research though.

          • Py, what reports before his death are you referring to? And if they were credible, (i.e., Travis was aware of the mistake) why wasn’t the record corrected prior to his death?


  31. Omg why are they still on the Cancun thing??? Jodi KNEW he was going months before with someone else. And about Mimi she didnt jnow ut was her until AFTER!!!

    Oh someone on HLN just stuck up for the “stalking” accusations! !!!

    • I agree. Enough already. On the phone sex tape she sounded like she could have cared less about the stupid trip to Cancun. What I want to know is did his friends still go on the trip?

        • They did. Several of them were on one of those HLN shows saying how sad it was to go without Travis, and there were pictures. Actually, that so-called psychic woman went with her husband and also showed pictures from the trip, I believe.

          • That “psychic woman” is a nut case (IMO) who wanted to be in the spotlight, her 15 minutes of fame so to speak. I was embarrassed for her when I saw the interview.

      • YES, his friends went on the trip to Cancun.
        One of Travis’s PPL friends got a text right before leaving, said Travis is dead.
        He said that they went on to Cancun and I believe it was JVM that said oh, I’m sure it wasn’t as [leasant as you hoped it would be.
        He agreed and said his PPL friends would talk about it when he arrived.

        Strange, right?
        What about the girl that was supposed to go with him. I guess she wasn’t that concerned until they all got back.

    • Yes an they talk about it on that tape a little bit even. He says he may come to visit after that trip but was not sure because Mr. Alexander was going to be so busy……………….(puke)

  32. watching the medical examiner testimony again…. both in testimony and in the Flores report, it is mentioned that they have seen people commit suicide this way.

    Is there a possibility that Jodi could have done the shot, the stabbings and then left; Travis realizes he is going to die so grabs the knife to atone himself in order to get into heaven? even if the pedo stuff is a lie (and I dont think it was a lie) he had to have known that according to Mormon faith he may not get into heaven because of all of the other things he was doing.

    • never-mind my comment, I am going mad I think 🙂 he couldn’t have done that to himself without massive blood being all over the shower

      • Most Mormons nowadays (being a member of the LDS church myself) don’t even know about the once existence of the Blood Atonement Prayer, in which they prayed that our enemies would slit our throats and cut open our bosoms should we reveal the sacred ordinances of the temple.

        The only reason those of us DO know, is personal research into the history of the church, and it’s practices, Research I did before choosing to become a member.

        • Is this knowledge someone like JA would have, being a newbie to the church? Or how about TA would he have known about it? Maybe in his last moments in this life he asked/ordered JA to preform it on him, as a way for them both to atone for their mutual sins….possible?

          • Possible, but unlikely. It isn’t something you have someone perform on you, it’s something you WISH to happen upon you by an enemy. The church still believed in “Thou shalt not kill”, so no one would want to damn their fellow member or family to hell for performing such a thing on you.

            • So if TA knew of this attonement and thought of JA as his enemy ( which is fair to say he did in that moment) he could have ask JA to do it, but she being a newbie would most likely not know this would damn her to hell. Sounds more plausible by the moment to me as a reason for that final horrific act.
              That being said someone in my area recently committed sucide by slitting their own throat, so it can be done. However, since no knife was found near TA I think it can be agreed he did not attone himself….if that is the reason for that injury.

        • There have been cases and although all Mormons may not do that some might, I don’t adhere to that he did it to himself but some times People become fundamentalist on their own and think they are going to be more authentic. But Blood Atonement has been practiced. Who knows I do not see Jodi Arias slitting his throat doesn’t make sense. To me.

          • Oliviero, what you aren’t understanding the blood atonement isn’t the ACT of violence, It’s a PRAYER asking for said acts to happen to you if you reveal the sacred ordinances. It was PRAYED in the 1800’s, and taken out of practice by the LDS church in the 1900’s.

            You speak about it as if the church members did said slitting and cutting etc. but they didn’t.

            • It was Practiced there is documentation whether it is a fundamentalist group remains to be seen but Joseph Smith was a criminal. and there are many groups that do adhere to Fundamentalism. The slashing of the throat is just weird in the context of the crime, I have heard different spins on this theory, but it doesn’t really fit. Jodi Arias had relations with him she states she was afraid we all heard the tapes does not seem like Travis was a devout Mormon from his sexual practices.


                While many Mormon scholars would like to scoff at those who have seriously studied this matter, there is incontrovertible proof that Brigham Young, the second prophet of the Mormon Church, publicly preached a doctrine called “blood atonement.” Although one might think that the name of this doctrine came from the atonement of Jesus on the cross, the truth of the matter is that it relates to people being put to death. Brigham Young explained this in a sermon given on September 21, 1856:

                • That page does nothing to prove it was an ACT, and not just a prayer.

                  Oliverio, have you read the bible before?

                • Psalm 137:9

                  “Happy is the one who takes your babies and smashes them against the rocks!”

                  Hosea 13:16

                  “…They shall fall by the sword: their infants shall be dashed in pieces, and their women with child shall be ripped up!”

          • That was a practice
            Sorry all Scholars Agree about this Practice LDS changed its teachings on this but This was done.The requirement of bloodshed for capital crimes grew into the idea that salvation would be blocked unless this penalty was adhered to, as the “law” would remain “unfulfilled.” The belief of the necessity of spilled blood and death to make restitution for adultery and murder was aided by a generally favorable view toward capital punishment, the idea that spilled blood “cries out” for retribution, the “blood for blood” doctrine that says crimes of bloodshed should be punished by the spilling of blood, and the concept that repentance requires restitution. Although the scriptures in Alma 34 of the Book of Mormon speak of the “requirement” in terms of a legal obligation, Brigham Young described blood atonement-worthy crimes as actually negating the salvation offered by Jesus, stating that a sinner’s crimes “will deprive him of that exaltation which he desires.”
            Joseph Smith, Jr., the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement, was a strong proponent of capital punishment, and favored execution methods that involved the shedding of blood as retribution for crimes of bloodshed. In 1843, he or his scribe commented that the common execution method in Christian nations was hanging, “instead of blood for blood according to the law of heaven.” Years before making this remark, however, Smith was quoted as saying that the hanging of Judas Iscariot was not a suicide, but an execution carried out by Saint Peter. In a March 4, 1843 debate with church leader George A. Smith, who argued against capital punishment,Smith said that if he ever had the opportunity to enact a death penalty law, he “was opposed to hanging” the convict; rather, he would “shoot him, or cut off his head, spill his blood on the ground, and let the smoke thereof ascend up to God.” In the church’s April 6, 1843 general conference, Smith said he would “wring a thief’s neck off if I can find him, if I cannot bring him to justice any other way.” Sidney Rigdon, Smith’s counselor in the First Presidency, also supported capital punishment involving the spilling of blood, stating, “There are men standing in your midst that you can’t do anything with them but cut their throat and bury them.” On the other hand, Smith was willing to tolerate the presence of men “as corrupt as the devil himself” in Nauvoo, Illinois, who “had been guilty of murder and robbery,” in the chance that they might “come to the waters of baptism through repentance, and redeem a part of their allotted time.”

            • In 1920, R. C. Evans, a former member of the First Presidency of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who had left the church, wrote a book called Forty Years in the Mormon Church: Why I Left It!. Evans accuses both the RLDS Church and the Utah-based LDS Church of advocating “blood atonement” and associates the alleged practice with the “Danites.” In response to denials by both churches that the practice had ever been implemented, Evans wrote:
              Thus we have the President of the Reorganized Church and son of Joseph Smith admitting, as well as apologizing for the rash statements of his father and other leaders in the old church, and then we have Joseph F. Smith of the Utah church using about the same argument to excuse the language and murderous conduct of the Danites in Utah. All we care to say is reply to both of these descendants of the original prophet and organizer of the Danite Band is, that when the leading members and officers of the church for many years teach and practice, by threats and murders, ascribed to the Danite Band, then we believe the public is justified in denouncing such language and conduct, and affirming it to be the doctrine of the church.[62]

              • Oliv-
                Can’t imagine anyone arguing with you on this topic. Must be some peeps have not been reading your previous posts. LOL

              • Oliv,

                Please forgive me if you’ve answered this question already … I can’t keep up with all of the comments!

                You’ve written some very interesting comments about Mormon blood-atonement. Do you believe that TA’s throat was cut because of this historical practice? I’m unclear as to how you’re linking TA’s death to blood-atonement.

                TR: many practicing Mormons have been taught that blood-atonement is a historical myth. I think that is one reason why some Mormons claim that blood-atonement never existed.

                • Lisa
                  Sorry I never saw this comment I am guessing but The Throat Slitting seems ritualistic and was part of Blood atonement no matter what many try to say today it is was part of the Doctrine of Mormonism. They will say like the Muslims say Holy War is really an inner feeling not Literal That’s a lie. Not True, I thought First a woman states on TV Jodie impressed her as being in a Cult, Travis brought her into this community, which operates like a cult, there are many very nice Mormons but the doctrine is weird to say the least the Founder was a complete degenerate and that is an historical fact that cannot be disputed. Jodi has no history of violence she has family problems like many. But she enters this cult which uses what psychiatrist define as Love Bombing Control etc. A psychiatrist on Court TV states that he believed she was abused, he seemed very reputable unlike the silly commentary that has flooded the air waves. He stated the killing looked like she was a victim of ritualistic abuse. There are Brain washing Techniques used in these cults that is why you see this group thought. All these Pyramid Schemes owned by Mormons operate the same way that their so called religion does. The Ross institute has written much about Cults. In the slitting of the Throat these sick people believed that spilling blood was the only way to redeem oneself from sins. Slitting the throat ear to ear. A high Ranking Mormon Left after 40 years because he knew the Church had taught this. They pretend they are Christian but do not adhere to Christian teachings in this cult you can all be Gods While the , Christian theology would have to note that there is a tremendous amount in Mormonism that is neither true nor good. Further, because Mormonism presents itself as a form of Christianity yet is incompatible with the historic Christian faith, sound pastoral practice would need to warn the Christian faithful: Mormon theology is blasphemous, polytheistic, and cannot be considered on par with the theology of other Christian groups. So in the absence of a Higher Power your Mentor i:e Joseph Smith becomes your God. Listen to Jodi say deify which she uses maybe incorrectly diatify Take away his God Like worship she has stated this over and over why she would not speak against him.

                • Thanks for your response, Oliviero! I very much appreciate it. I understand your previous comments as they relate to the case much better now!

          • OregonMom,
            I posted that yesterday There are also friends of Travis stating he didn’t have sexual relations, so I do not believe that a person who is not interested in the Truth and brain washed by a cult will be interested in the authentic History of The Mormon Church and its grotesque Doctrine as recorded by many scholars, Just as we all heard the Sex tape. This killing is related to the Teachings of The Mormon Church, & to deny it is simply ignorant. The Slitting of the Throat was ritualistic, you need not be Sherlock Holmes or Or Oliver Wendell Holmes to see this particular type of killing by persons who belong to this Cult, and since Jodi & Travis were very ignorant of The Mormon Doctrine about sexual acts etc. They seemed quiet uninformed it is not a leap of faith to believe That fundamentalist behavior can exist with many. So just as ALL Mormons do not practice Sodomy etc Some do and Some are capable of practicing this. We all know about the outward appearance versus the truth. You Will Know Them By Their Fruits. Joseph Smiths Fruits were rotten.

      • Maybe we are both mad, Renee. I’ve thought of that too. Or that he did it as a way to take control. I have a dear friend who was in an abusive relationship and her ex used to take pills after they fought. He’d make sure he did it in front of her. Then she’d call for help, and he’d deny it.

        I’ve also considered that Jodi did it afterwards, as a way to point the finger at someone else? The throat is the one injury I cannot comprehend.

        • that is probably accurate. it would make sense for Jodi to do it if she really loved him and thought he may go to hell…

        • I seriously doubt that TA could have cut his own throat that deeply, if at all. The bullet went through the prefrontal cortex and frontal lobe of the brain. That would have profoundly effected his problem solving and reasing skill.

          In addition, the depth of the cut would have differed significantly on his right side vs left because he was left handed.

          I think this is an interesting idea; perhaps one or more of his other wounds were self-inflicted?

      • Right and wouldn’t it take a lot of FORCE to get that deep in one slice??! Iv akso question that. Would Jodi have that strength to do this?? Iv also wonders if she could’ve done it from underneath TA, while he was on top still attacking her.

        • in watching this again, I see that even the ME agreed it was likely that the back wounds were made by someone in front of him and reaching over his back. This totally aligns with self-defense. If he were attacking her, or lying on her, this is how those wounds would look.

          • Yup!!! Iv always thought this was done by someone else n jodi is covering because shes scared. BUT for her SD claim, iv always pictured Jodi on the floor struggling to get away, stabbing as fasr as she can, as hard as she can. Not being able to get him off of her, she slit his throut from underneath using both hands. And that would also be SD to the max, there was no way she could’ve gotten away without the damage that she was forced to use.

            • LC totally agree with you, I say the intruder story IS the true one. I feel somebody got to her and out of fear she changed her story and decided she would take the blame. I just feel this is her personality and would rather take the blame to protect the people she loves. If they had taken her plea, we would have never heard about Travis and his ways,,,,but we have heard for ourselves how Travis was no Goody, goody as his friends claim.

              • I would like to add, she never said she shot him. she said the gun went offhand she didn’t think it hit him. As for stabbing and throat,,,her answer is I don’t remember.

            • Would explain her statement of coming to in the desert covered in blood. For surely there would have been plenty if that is the position she was in(under him) when the throat was cut.

            • If he is close enough and on top of her for her to stab his back and slit his throat from underneath, how does she also stab him in the chest and abd with the knife going straight in with a slight upward direction?