Today’s Hearing – Video Highlights (Exclusive)

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The outcome from today? Nothing at all. The AZ State Circus BS will be continued next Tuesday (11-26).

Here are the edited video highlights. Enjoy…

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Make no mistake.

Believe it.

Prepare for it.

Be part of it.

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  1. Did I understand correctly that the jury will not be sequestered in the penalty phase? I read on CNN that the decision was made because there will be no live coverage of the trial, but reporters will still be allowed in the courtroom and will still file stories – so how is it okay to not sequester the jury?

  2. SJ, your video is definitely much more interesting than the crap Martinez or Stephens had to say today.

    The grass that’s growing is probably the same grass Pickles & Kermit are smoking… LMAO!

    • Rasna, I truely believe that everyone in shitzona is smoking something.

      Either they’re rolling their ganja and puffing away or they’re hitting the meth pipe … any which way, they are definately delusional when it comes to the meaning of ‘justice’.

    • Hahahaha, after court is over she probably calls Martinez into the chambers for a smoke and a makeout session.
      That’s why martinez sometimes has that ugly shit-eating grin on his face. Somebody should wipe it off his face.

  3. I clicked to watch the video and i’m waiting, waiting. Then I realized what’s going on and now i’m laughing my butt off! What a great way to describe this mess.
    Then again, it is not funny because Jodi is still incarcerated.
    Poor Jodi.

    • Hi Trixels!

      I agree with both your points… but the video still makes more sense that Kermit’s closing arguments ever did – and it’s a lot more interesting to watch :mrgreen:

      Team Jodi

      • Yes, it was very entertaining and true! You covered almost all the elements (grass,wind, a few birds chirping, sunshine) unlike Judge Stephens which is absolutely nothing!

  4. Hopefully, This Crappy Trial will be overturned on appeal. Then, Jodi will get justice and only then. So far, Justice has truly been blind. Personally, I feel for Jodi. In life, Jodi defended herself against Travis,and she needs someone to defend herself against the Judge and The Prosecutor. God Bless Jodi and her friends and family. To the Family, Pray without ceasing for Jodi. She needs you more ever now.

  5. ((((((SJ))))))) ♥

    Fantastic video!

    To be totally honest, I was expecting kermit to shyly appear from the bottom of the screen. Later on I was told that the day of the film making he was engaged in other important services: giving out autographs to his ‘fan club’.

    As for pickles absence from this film? A total success! Her role was exactly played out, just like in the courtroom: non existent!

    I hope there is a sequel to this film! 😉

    Σ’αγαπώ τρελά! Είσαι υπέροχος! 🙂

  6. There is going to be a 2-part special entitled “Snapped” on Oxygen about Jodi on December 15 & 16. There will be interviews with “Travis’s friends and experts who covered the case.” Diane Schartz, Juror #6 (who voted for the death penalty) and HLN legal analyst Jon Leiberman will be interviewd.

    You just know this special is going to be filled with lies and distortions. I expect anyone who sees it will be ready to vote for the death penalty. On the other hand, it is so unfair to show this special before Jodi has been sentenced that it may work in her favor eventually.

    • This is the crap the prosecution is always doing. The judge allows this. Nurmi needs to be screening and yelling about this bullshit made up story. This doesn’t show a true picture of Jodi of what happened. If any of this was fair, the judge would stop it. Stephens will deny she evens knows about it. But being a fly on her wall we watch her flinging back the popcorn and alcohol while watching. Her and Juan probably watch together.

    • How disgusting!!!!! That is all we need another fictional movie on Jodi and Travis. But don’t worry anyone Judge Stephens said that it will not affect the jurors. I do believe she lives under a rock. Sad so Sad.

    • I read that. … SMH.
      How disgusting, how perfectly synchronized with the new jury selection!! It really is mind-boggling, the way this lunch mob mentality has prevailed and infected people out there!

      What else do they have to say? How much more venom have they kept to spew?What other names have they come up with to call Jodi? Is there no bottom in this hating game of theirs? Hasn’t she been crucified enough already? Hasn’t her whole personality been torn apart, vandalized and annihilated enough? WHAT MORE DO THEY WANT?????? FFS! Leave that girl AND US alone!

      Or are there more praising titles maybe they have thought of during these months to attribute to their Saint Travis? Jesus Christ, how much more will they stretch this entire persona of the pious innocent boy who wanted to change the world but caught up in the femme fatale’s web? PUH-LEEZ! IT IS DISGUSTING! The must ALL be under some kind of hallucination or mass delusional disorder.
      The guy was a LOSER! No, not a loser. Loser is not enough of a strong word to characterize someone who had managed to trick EVERYONE into believing he was something which he clearly wasn’t. Someone who wasn’t not simply a womanizer but a vampire of emotions, feeding off of poor girls like Deanna and Jodi. Someone who was the best bro, friend, Mormon publicly but a freaking ABUSER behind closed doors.

      Sometimes I really feel I am at the end of my rope with all this….

        • LOL, not going anywhere honey. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Jodi and all my fellow supporters. We will prevail! Justice will prevail!
          The good guy ALWAYS wins in the end. Coz no matter what 99% of the people out there believe, Jodi IS the good guy in this story not the villain. The villain died on June 4th, 2008.

      • Maria, don’tcha know it? The worst people are the ones that seem like they are the most decent. The suit doesn’t make the man! 😉

    • Coldcase, you’re so right! Isn’t it soooo convenient -in favor of travis- for them to be airing that just around the time that the trial is starting again? I am just wondering, what other venom they will spew that we haven’t already heard?

      The more they talk shit, the stronger in supporting Jodi we get!


  7. Hi all Jodi supporters!!!! You know AZ thinks it is too costly to sequester the jurors but it’s not too costly to sequester someone to DEATH??? I honestly think pickles is doing whatever Martinez tells her to do! I wish Jodi had that judge from Zimmerman’s case and his attorney!!! That judge knew how to do her job and didn’t take any BS from anyone!!! She was her OWN person and did her job right!!! She wasn’t biased to any attorney and she was fair!!! I feel SO helpless in Jodi’s case as long as pickles is judge and —— is attorney (fill in what you want to)!!!!!!!

    • I feel the same way.
      This judge is a waste of space!
      I think appeals will be handled by a different judge, and Jodi will get justice.

      • Yes Alexey. Appeals will be handled by a different judge. Anyone else will be better than the piece of shit that has been keeping ‘order in the court’ all this time! (shaking head and rolling eyes the samantha way..)

    • I feel the same as you. If the state wants to be cost effective, they should not retry the penalty phase.
      if I were an Az resident, I would be mad as hell. This money could be used for a more productive
      purpose than trying to kill Jodi Arias.

      • I believe the people in Maricopa County are all drinking the same “Hater-ade”. They must be in a trance placed upon them by their justice system. It reminds me of the Gladiator days throw the at the mercy of the court only to fed to the lions. a very blood thirsty crowd. It is apparent that they are making a boat load of money trying these death penalty trials. #4 in the country. All of them trying to become famous on the misfortune of others. Their thinking is “Who cares who’s innocent” but the mistake they are making is we DO care and will NOT stand for it!!!! Prosecutor Martinez and his Judge Pickles should be locked away in a dark cell for years to come. They have made justice in AZ a joke. But not a funny one. FREE JODI AZ!

  8. Hey, R. Love, I wrote a letter to President Jimmy Carter since you can’t email him. His contact info is:

    James E. Carter, Jr.
    Carter Center
    453 Freedom Parkway NE
    Atlanta, GA 30307

    Maybe, like you said, if enough people send him letters concerning Jodi’s case, he may be able to help us get something done about all the corruption going on in Jodi’s trial!!! I hope and pray that he can do something to help Jodi!!! I will let you all know if I get a response from him!

    • I never realized this was an option. I’ll probably write a letter too,
      I agree that the more people write him, the better our chances of convincing him to help Jodi.

    • Thanks so much Mary! I will start working on my letter today. I appreciate the address and soon mine will be in the mail to him. The more letters the better! 🙂 Loved your daydream! The power of positive thinking 🙂 . . .we’ll try anything to free our Jodi.

    • Mary Williams, johnm posted the site on the Oral Arguments thread. So the thanks should go to him. I believe Jodi had tweeted about the Jimmy Carter article. Maybe johnm can put it back up for us.

  9. Hi, Alexey! I am so happy that R. Love gave me the info that Pres. Carter is fighting against the death penalty – I didn’t know that!!! I had emailed Pres. Obama about Jodi’s case but they only pick ten emails out of thousands for him to read so R. Love suggested emailing or writing Pres. Carter since he is fighting against the death penalty! Yes, it sure can only help if we send him as many letters as possible about all the corruption going on with Jodi’s trial! Thanks, Alexey!

  10. SJ that video was GREAT!!! Right on! Too funny! LOL! It was so peaceful and quiet that I started daydreaming of what I wished the video would really be playing – ha! My husband says I have an imagination that won’t quit – , so I was picturing all these higher up officials, who would be above pickles in power, walking in the court room straight up to pickles during the penalty phase trial, and saying, ok, this AZ State Circus BS is OVER and you are fired so take your things and leave immediately!!! Then these officials walk over to Martinez and Flores and read them their rights as they cuff them and tell them they are under arrest for perjury!!! Then they cuff the ME and read him his rights and tell him he is under arrest for perjury also! Then they go over to Jodi and tell the Sheriff to un-cuff her immediately and tell her she is free to go!!! Then they tell the whole courtroom that this trial is OVER and they can leave the circus now!!! Hey, there is nothing wrong with daydreaming is there? You never know, maybe my daydream isn’t that farfetched??? I love it!!! LOL!

  11. Hi all!

    I haven’t commented in a while but I visit everyday and feel like I know you all already.


    That visual is awesome….my favorite was”…so take your things and leave immediately!!” Thanks for making my morning a little brighter.

    and thank you all for continuing to fight the good fight! I think writing to Jimmy Carter is an excellent idea. Especially from the angle of “death penalty qualified” juries…NOT Constitutional, biased from the start. I will be working on my letter today. Also, I just received my “Sunset” print from Jodi’s website…it really is beautiful! Have a great day, everyone!

  12. Judge Stephens, giving her reason for not granting a change of venue said that “Jurors with preconceived notions about the appropriate sentence will be excused.” It seems to me that death qualified jurors, by definition, already have a preconceived notion about the appropriate sentence.

  13. Wow! That was a long wait… Hope everything is running perfectly now! SJ, you got us worried!

    OMG! Give me a minute to put away my ‘just in case’ cyanide tablets…..

    ROFLMFAO! I always appreciate good humour! Girlfriend… that was fucking funny! Seriously… too funny! When the jokes are smart and authentic they are well accepted! I do love a good sense of humour! Kudos!

    (for those who don’t understand… this is an inside joke 😉 )

    ((((((good clean humour))))))) ♥

  14. Hi everyone.

    You do not have to look out your windows to see if it is a “blue moon” – I know I’ve been missing in action for some time. I was tending to some family emergencies and then time got away from me with things being rather “uneventful’ of late.

    I have missed you guys! I know so many are no longer participating here, which is very unfortunate. At the height of the trial and bullshit that we all witnessed this site was my home.

    Regardless of all that, I will leave my two cents regarding Nurmi’s motion for withdrawal and of course the denial afterward….did we expect anything else? When it comes to Jodi, “denial” is all that judge knows how to say.

    Pandora…I LOVE YOU GIRLFRIEND! ♥ ♥

    I see a few familiar faces – I hope to see the rest!!!

    SJ, I have missed you and I love you dearly. ♥

    🙂 All my love to all. ♥

    • (((((((((((((((((Janeen)))))))))))))))))))))) ♥ ♥ ♥

      Although we talk everyday, it is sooooo good to see you here again!

      True, life does get in the way and I know that although you haven’t been around for a while now, you have been supporting Jodi every living minute!

      When was anything ‘pro’ Jodi ruled by that skank pickles? (rolling eyes the samantha way)!

      I love you to the moon and beyond too! xoxoxoxo

    • Janeen, hi!

      Although I wasn’t around when you were posting here, I want to let you know that I have heard the most amazing things about you! I have also read many of your comments and you really are a fabulous person! Hope you come back more often. You are very valuable to Jodi and to our site. 😉

      • ♥blushing♥

        Hi Rasna! It is wonderful to meet you! I’m sure you saw HUNDREDS of pages of my comments, some nice and some a little bit on the edge. During the height of the trial, I was here every minute my eyes were open that I could be. I lived, slept, ate, dreamed the trial. Although the meat of the case is over and it’s just a matter of time before the sentencing phase is complete, I will not ever change my mind that Jodi’s case was handled horribly and she never received a fair trial.

        I am sure you are a remarkable woman and without any doubt an asset to SJ and his team as well as every member of this wonderful site. I do miss the former admins very, very much. But as with everything in life, things evolve and changes are made.

        But I can tell you this…it is wonderful to be home again. ♥

    • o……m…..g…….

      Is that my sis posting again??????? I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY!! And nagging works 😉 LOL!

      (((((((((( sis ♥ ♥ )))))))))))))

      You already know I’ve missed your participating here terribly, this site feels so much more like home when old posters re-visit, especially people like you that have been by Jodi’s side since the beginning. Oh, I do miss those days when we would (as you said) spend every minute of every hour here, watching and talking. I hope you’ll try and stop by more often.
      I love you ♥

      • Yes my dear, it is your sis posting again! ((((((((((((♥ sis ♥))))))))))))

        I knew you would get a kick out of it. I miss the old days so much. ♥ ♥

        I love you with all my heart sis; I always will.

  15. ((((((((((((((♥ ♥SJ♥♥)))))))))))))))

    Hey Pan, sweetheart…you are ROCKING that avatar!!! LOL!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey where’s my sis with the cheesecake?!?!?!? (just wondering…LMAO!!!!)

    • Oh, ((((sis)))) is going to be ecsatic when she sees you here! Seriously, your absence has been majorly noticed and irreplaceable!

      As for the cheesecake… I’m sure she’ll whip up a batch in a jiffy just for you!

      • As long as she does NOT use Ouzo – all’s good! 😉


        Let’s get the party started!!!

        I have been awake since 3 am. It is now 4:45 pm here. Let me tell you how my day started…

        I had to leave my house at 5:40 am to drive my daughter to work. After dropping her off, I exited the shopping center parking lot and was coming up the road to cross the highway so I could get on the service road to proceed eastbound. Well, this witch, blows the red light. I SLAMMED on my brakes and skid; how I did NOT hit her is a mystery. All I saw was my truck plowing into her passenger side, the airbag deploying and me being rushed to the hospital by ambulance. O M G. THANKFULLY my brakes held and I came within a HAIR of hitting her. I drove away leaving 10 years of my life span in the street; thankfully that’s all I lost!

        That’s how my day started! I also thank God my daughter was NOT in the truck with me!

        • OMFG!!!! You must be shaken up! Yes, it is a blessing your daughter wasn’t in the truck! Did you get the witch’s info? FFS! Were you hurt? Are you feeling better now?

        • Leave the OUZO up to me!!! 😉 LOL! (just to get the others in the ‘loop’, I had sent OUZO – a strong greek alcohol drink – to Janeen in September… she tried it and hated it with a passion! LMAO! I love it!

          • You my dear friend can have all the Ouzo manufactured until the end of time! IT SUCKS!!! LOL!!!!

            No I was not hurt; just shaken. The witch didn’t even STOP! Truly, amazing is all I can say! LOL

            ♥ ♥ ♥

          • MMMMMMMMMMM OUZO!!!! I love it! especially OUZO 12 White over Red label with big black letters

            (((((PANDORA♥))))) (((((((((((((OUZO♥♥♥)))))))))))))))) 🙂

            • Ray, someday we will all be having ouzo together at a small tavern at the seashore… and our guest of honor will be Jodi! 😉

        • I’m glad you are OK! I drive a truck I see this all the time, makes me wonder how some people get a drivers license. Nondrivin idiots GRRRR!!

          Ray in H-burg Va.

          • You must have nerves of steel Ray! There are some certified crazies on our roads in TN. My husband and I have always said that we would like to sell everything, buy a big rig and hit the road. But we have one small problem, we would both be asleep before we could get out of town. LOL Be careful Ray!

            • I’ve been doing this since 1979 off and on. I drive a dump truck now and go home every night. Some times 400-500 miles a day. 🙂

              Ray in H-burg Va.

              • It is a hard job! We are in the plumbing business and just drive our dump truck locally from one job to another. I can’t imagine bouncing down the road for 400 to 500 miles a day. Your the man Ray!!! My husband has been in business since 1970 and is ready to retire but it is hard to do these days!! We just keep going.

    • ((((((( Janeen ))))))))) , your sis is here and she is not going NO PLACE 😉

      Thank God you weren’t hurt and my niece was not in the truck…. When a bad thing like this happens and someone escapes with their life, us Greeks have a very sweet expression: ” You had a Saint by your side” so there you go…. 😉 The Universe loves you, sis ♥

  16. Apparently St. Travis was not only emotionally irresponsible, he was also a financial flake. Here’s his mortgage history regarding the house:

    July 2004: Travis buys the house for $250K obtaining a $200K 1st mortgage (with an adjustable interest rate) and a $50K “interest only” 2nd. Both loans were with WMC Mortgage Company which, according to Wikipedia, “catered to consumers with less than perfect borrower profiles.”

    Aug 2006: With the house now worth $415K (per Zillow), he refinances (Countrywide Home Loans, another subprime lender) the original $250K and pulls out an additional $86K, bringing his mortgage to $336K.

    Feb 2008: With the house now worth $352K (per Zillow), he refinances what was apparently his balance of $332K (again with Countrywide).

    It was people like Travis, using their homes like an ATM machine, who helped (along with the banks) get us into the financial mess that we are all now paying for.

    • Gosh Justus, you are a world of knowledge!!!! I suppose that is how he was paying for all of the fun trips that he seemed to go on. I know somewhere I read he was always after Jodi for money. No wonder. I can still hear ole Dave Hall talking about what a wonderful catch he was. . . guess he really didn’t know him. Travis did a real snow job on everybody including Jodi, didn’t he.

      • Yes, indeed. Travis did a real snow job on everyone. As I said awhile back, I think there are two types of people in this world. There are those whom I call ‘dancers’, who try to move in unison with other people, try not to step on their toes, trip them or make unexpected moves. Then there are the ‘game players’, those who see other people either as opponents to be conquered or as game pieces to be maneuvered and manipulated around the game board according to some rules only they know. Jodi is a dancer who unfortunately met up with a very accomplished game player. And dancers always come out the loser in those relationships because game players can so easily make you think they are dancing with you.

    • Yup…. That’s their Travis! 🙄 He and his facade…

      As Mary Treadwell says in Ship of Fools :
      ” I chose the wrong man. How many times have you heard that said, I wonder. He was the most promising. The most handsome.
      He had the most glorious facade. The facade was ALL THERE WAS.”

    • Haha,
      I didn’t realize Travis was such a loser finantially-wise!
      He was just putting on an act, pretending to be a successful guy to have women fall for him and give him want he wanted – casual sex.
      Jodi should have dumped him.

  17. Jodi tweet:

    “What seems unjust in the moment may be absolutely perfect in the large-scale scoring system of the universe.” – my horoscope

    Keep the faith, Jodi, keep the faith!

    • How do you do it johnm? I check Jodi’s twitter almost daily to upload her tweets here and you ALWAYS beat me LOLOL!

      (((((((((( Jodi ♥ )))))))))) We love you, keep your chin up 😉

      • Maria. I have an twitter add-on and it constantly updates the people I follow. I’ll let you put up Jodi’s tweets if you want. I just do it to let others know what Jodi tweets. I said it before, but I hope the person who tweets for Jodi comes here to Jodi Arias Is Innocent and reads some and tells Jodi how we all are pulling for her. I know she gets postcards, but I hope she knows we care about and pray and discuss the court. I’ll hold up and let you post Maria. Have fun, I enjoy Jodi’s tweets too.

        • Honeyyyy, relax!I was kidding! 😉
          Who cares who posts Jodi’s tweets first? As long as we post them. I just wanted to pull your leg a bit, because I DO like checking twitter often to see if Jodi uploaded something new and you DO always beat me LMAOOOO!

  18. Oh great – anyone watching Law and Order SVU?

    Rape victim’s case is compromised because, just prior to the assault, they exchanged text messages where he describes this awful thing he wants to do to her and she replies “oh, that’s so demeaning – I like it!”

    they seem to be drawing a few other parallels – turn it on if you haven’t

    • Well, shit –

      This time the twist is that the rape victim was playing the one SVU detective that was in her corner. Rape victim found guilty of murder, SVU detective falls back into her own addiction.

      • That’s why I stopped watching Law and Order (all franchizes).
        They always portray the prosecution as good guys!
        This slant is unjustifiable and just plain wrong because there are quite a lot of criminal cases where the prosecutors are the worst scumbags, like Martinez.

        Law and Order is the farthest thing from reality, and it poisons the minds of potential jurors who get to thinking that the defence always sides with the bad guys.

  19. The whole Travis and Jodi Tragedy is a nightmare. Travis was a disturbed individual who was led down the wrong path by a whole group of money grubbing, two faced, law breaking, evil people. Fast and Easy Money is what Travis was interested in and these people were showing him the way. Yes, they profess to be fine, religious and upstanding citizens but underneath the surface they are very dangerous. I believe Travis did not know the people who he was dealing with. Not really. In a way I do feel sorry for Travis he was caught up in their evil web of lies. I also feel sorry for his family because they are blind to the facts and just down right ignorant with their hate towards Jodi. Travis”s family never really knew him. Travis had major problems mentally and apparently financially. They need to hear the truth and face it. I am sorry for his death but I’m even more heart broken for our Jodi. Jodi is still living in this tragedy. She has suffered greatly at the hands of these lawless and dangerous people. Poor Jodi comes along and falls in love with Travis even though she knows he has so many flaws. Jodi believes in him and tries to help him although she has her own life struggles. Jodi was in love and would have done anything for him no matter how demeaning it would be. Then he started with all of the abuse. The on again off again crap. The hot temper. The broken finger. The horrible name calling. Jodi thought she would be able to change him for the better but I’m afraid she was already in to deep. Travis was beyond help. Jodi was trying to break away from his power over her but unfortunately she couldn’t. She didn’t stand a chance against the kickboxing Travis and this devious group of haters. I believe Jodi is the fall girl for a very evil group and I pray that they will be discovered very soon. Surely the Walls of Injustice will come tumbling down in AZ and finally Justice will prevail.

    Hang on Jodi! We All Love You.

    • R. Love,

      I feel exactly the same way you do!!! I totally agree with everything you said!!! That is it to a T!!! Yes, I hope, too, the evil group will be discovered very soon and justice for Jodi will prevail – soon, very, very soon!!!

    • Well said, R! Unfortunately, yes that is exactly the way things transpired… Jodi was ostracized by TA’s friends, who formed a haters group and managed to poison the media in order to create an even larger group of haters out there. But really, who cares?
      Life is never about quantity but QUALITY. We don’t give a damn if there’s a few of us believing in Jodi, we don’t care if our opinion is popular or not ; haters say we’re mentally unstable, embellishing their posts with many amusing adjectives describing our personalities,lives, thoughts-they really think they know us LOL! Quite entertaining 😀 I say, if that’s what it takes to support Jodi, SO BE IT!

      • The more time they spend hating on me that’s less time they have for Jodi.

        (((((JODI♥))))) (((((MARIA♥))))) 🙂

        Ray in H-burgh Va.

      • I reread the Dr Drew Question thread that JM wrote. I had forgotten what it was about. WOW! It made me proud to be on Team Jodi even more!!!! 🙂

      • Maria if it makes them feel any better and makes them feel superior saying all that crap, then let them (shrugging shoulders).. I don’t care because they don’t know us at ALL… so either they are referring to specific Jodi supporters or to the man in the moon, it’s all the same! They don’t know either of them! 😉

        And I totally agree with Ray: I’d rather take the bashing if it means that it will be less bashing for Jodi… As long as it isn’t the ‘same old – same old’ boring things… the least they can do is be a bit more original in their nam ecalling and bashing, make it more funnier for whomever reads (me included)! 😉 Just a small bit of advise… I shouldn’t have to scroll down to find sth interesting to read! (sigh)

        • Pandora – Maria,

          I think the media does play a role in perpetuating hate. But after watching trials for awhile and reading blogs about defendants who are appealing, I wouldn’t blame this jodi hate on his friends. It’s the media that gives them the platform. Also, Jodi’s family could have spoken up. Sure they would have been bullied but Casey Anthony’s parents spoke up all the time while enduring the hate and that case by all accounts was much bigger than the Arias case. I’m not bashing the Arias family as we have to respect their decisions and some are more fearful and sensitive than others I’m just trying to make a point.

          There are pro prosecution people who love to hate supporters and there are pro prosecution people who are just that – pro-prosecution and respect the opinions of others. I have met a few and found that although we disagree on certain things, we can respect each other’s opinions and even find other things in common. Haters hate regardless of what’s being said or who it’s being said about. For example, when news reports about cliff mom came out, you would find the same type of hateful commentary in any news article AND at the time i was reading these, the FRIENDS of the victim hadn’t even talked to HLN yet.

          • ALEXIS, I too know people that are not Jodi supporters and we have a mutual respect for each others’ opinions. We discuss the case and it is always a healthy discussion. I am refering to the haters that just love to hate for no reason at all! I am all for talking and debating if it’s gonna be a healthy one but when it comes to people that just want to get in your face… then I prefer avoiding them!

            • I understand Pan! I’ve had trouble with some haters harassing me too. I just hate lumping everyone together. For example, some haters, well a lot, will lump every supporter together saying we all subscribe to the intruder story or other conspiracy theories such as friends of travis killing him and then call all of crazy. I believe in the heat of passion/self defense theory. Sometimes, I think even certain supporters feel the need to get angry with people who don’t believe in the intruder story or that jodi should walk free. And some get mad at the thought that another supporter believes she was overcharged but guilty. Saying Jodi may be guilty of 2nd degree murder does not mean they are any less of a supporter or because they don’t believe Jodi should walk free. I like to be balanced in my views of people and not generalize people into one category or another. The world would be a really boring and dangerous place if everyone thought exactly the same as the next person.

  20. OK, so after SVU I changed the channel for Nashville.

    Caught a great message for our girl:

    Steel is forged in fire!

    Stay strong Jodi! We’re with you!

  21. With the greatest respect, R, I have to disagree that Travis didn’t know who he was getting involved with. If you look back at your description of those people you could just as well be describing Travis’ family. He managed to convince a lot of people that he had risen above all that but that environment and those attitudes were exactly what he was familiar with. Unfortunately it wasn’t working out too well for him (as it often doesn’t). Just look at his financial issues. By 2008 he’s living in a big house, mortgaged to the hilt, and he’s borrowing money from Jodi. (And, by the way, where did he get the money to be buying an expensive camera???) I suspect the financial stress he was under trying to uphold appearances, on top of no longer having Jodi around as a bunching bag, probably contributed a great deal to what happened in that bathroom that day.

    • Speaking of his financial woes, Travis should probably be grateful that Jodi ended things for him. With a mortgage of approximately $330K, by Aug of 2009 his house was worth $218K. He may have even done himself in by then (but more likely someone else might have died at the hands of his rage.)

      • Flores’ first thought when he saw the body was suicide. His report indicates he’d had experience with such suicides.

        And the three deep knife wounds are consistent with blood atonement – which is what started the speculation in that direction.

    • That’s one of the things that struck me as very odd – Travis, a self-professed “successful” guy, borrowing money from Jodi?!? If he was that successful, why borrow money from people?
      Turns out he was like a leech, mooching off of his girlfriends, a gigolo.
      Now that his upside-down house came to light, we see the picture of a guy with a huge debt hanging over his head, desperately trying to cover up his insolvency with securing new loans and borrowing money from the people who had the misfortune to love him.

    • Hey Justus 🙂 You probably are right but I don’t feel Travis was as smart as everyone thought he was. He was just pretty clever and fast with words.. . . hmm kind of like Martinez. I believe his stories about his success were beginning to tumble out of control and Jodi was caught in the web. The one thing I’m sure of; if Jodi did kill Travis it was in self defense and that is not a crime. However, if the intruder story proves to be true it will not surprise me. Deep down I have always felt she was innocent. Travis was a typical con man but his friends were also. He was learning from some of the best.

  22. Can someone please refresh my memory regarding the story of the four-person road trip they took north out of Phoenix? The female passenger in the back of the car (don’t remember who that was) testified about stopping so Jodi could get some pictures and when Jodi returned to the car Travis began doing what some people might call “playing” with her, continually moving forward so she couldn’t get in. I think that kind of behavior may say a lot about what’s going on underneath that “nice guy” persona. Why would anyone think that’s funny or even just plain fun. It’s passive-agressive and unless both people involved think it’s funny, it’s not funny. Simple as that! I take it Jodi didn’t think it was funny and something occurred between her and Travis after she got back in the car. And I think the witness said she was quite taken aback seeing a side of Travis she hadn’t seen before.

    Can anyone remember the details of what transpired after Jodi got back in the car?

    Does anyone remember more details about what the witness said regarding her own reaction to the event?

    And who was that witness anyway? Hughes, Hall, another?

    • Desiree Freeman was the witness. I think she said Jodi was angry for awhile – I don’t remember details but Desiree’s testimony was pretty brief, and that story was in part of direct testimony so it probably wouldn’t take you long to find it.

    • I don’t think it was the least bit funny either.
      Travis had a perverted sense of humor if he honestly thought it was funny. But I have a suspicion he did it with malice, he wanted to humiliate Jodi. This incident makes me want to dislike Travis even more. What an asswad he was!

  23. It was Desiree Freeman.
    She said that overall TA treated Jodi as if they were still dating, though they had broken up and he was dating Lisa at the time.
    When she got back in the car, she said something to the effect ”That wasnt’ funny” (Martinez objected here) Travis’ response according to Desiree was ”stark, it seemed a little over the top for the encounter”
    She also stated ”he raised his voice” even though a few seconds ago he was joking with Jodi. Desiree also stated that she was shocked.

    • (ooooops! I meant to reply to Justus)
      After the incident, Desiree stated that Jodi did NOT answer back to Travis but instead stayed quiet and stared out of the window.

      Typical Travis behavior, right?????????? Jesus Christ, what she ever saw in that a$$hole I’ll never be able to understand!

    • Thank you, Maria. That all now rings a bell with me.

      First, he’s obviously cheating on Lisa. Even if he wasn’t sleeping with Jodi (although he probably was), he’s out with another woman treating her like a date. That’s cheating in my book (on both women). And then he thinks screwing with people emotionally is funny and if the person on the receiving end doesn’t think it’s funny then they should be sternly shut up and put in their place. A real piece of work.

      • Of course, it was cheating! Because he WAS going out with Lisa BUT invited another woman on the trip, with whom he was definitely having sex (c’mon, we all know his relationship with Jodi was never just a platonic one, friends with benefits yes but just friends no,no,no). He plays a practical joke on someone, he sees the other person is not amused by it yet instead of apologizing he has the NERVE to yell and get pissed???? Oh, my… He was a real treat,wasn’t he?

        You know, I always say that it’s the little things that can make you see the bigger picture, it’s details and seemingly trivial incidents that speak volumes of a person’s character. In Travis’ case, we have many every day life examples that verify and corroborate Jodi’s story. This is why, I refuse to be told by the haters that we blindly believe whatever comes out of Jodi’s mouth: on the contrary, it’s other people’s testimonies and Travis’ own words that seal the deal for me. He really WAS an asshole!

  24. Hey everyone! Happy Thursday.

    Journee – I watch SVU all the freaking time and I don’t remember that episode! DAMNIT!!! I will have to look for it.

    SIS….I am back…………….♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ to you! (((((((((((((sis))))))))))))))

    Pan if you are here…((((((((((((((Pan))))))))))))))))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ for you too! LOL

    I cannot believe the hatred on this case continues to this day. There are people who attack us for saying “Jodi didn’t get a fair trial”. That fact alone, amazes me.

      • Sh*t! Now, I’m tempted, just like I was tempted to watch that vile, disgustingly inaccurate Lifetime POS movie! Oh, well……Maybe I’ll watch it this weekend. Thanks for the link, Journee 🙂

        • FWIW, Maria – they’re not purporting to tell Jodi’s story like Lifetime did. They’re just doing what they always do, making up a story by borrowing some headlines.

          There was a rerun on this afternoon that I started to mention last night, an example of what they do with headline stories – the one that ran today started out looking like Casey Anthony’s story – for the first twenty minutes or so there was the crazy Cindy character and the party girl daughter who’s misplaced her kid with a fictitious baby-sitter. But when the little girl is found dead it turns out she died of measles because her party girl mother had taken her to a park where she encountered an older boy who’s mother didn’t believe in vaccines. It was the mom who didn’t vaccinate her son that went on trial for the baby girl’s death.

    • Happy Thursday ((((((((( sis )))))))))) alThough it’s after midnight here, already Friday and I’m off to bed LMAOOOOOO!
      Love you all, see you tomorrow ♥ ♥

  25. Greetings! How is everyone? It has been awhile since I posted here, but I’m never far. It is always an uphill battle for us to deal with people in the media who dislike or even hate Jodi Arias. I’m just tired of hearing about what an innocent babe Travis Alexander was. Travis was far from innocent. He was a manipulator and he knew full well what he was doing to Jodi Arias. And look at how he treated her. He used her for sex over and over again. Then, when he didn’t need her anymore, he disposed of her like she was a piece of trash. How do you think that made her feel? How would you feel as a woman to have a man treat you like this, conceal you from his family and friends, call you all sorts of derogatory names and then keep coming back to you for more sex and fun? How come so many people don’t see that? Oh, but they do. They just have blinders on and don’t want to see it.

    I’m not saying that Jodi Arias is perfect or didn’t make mistakes. One of her biggest, though, was getting involved with Travis Alexander. Whenever I think of how Travis treated Jodi, it makes me very, very angry. Pissed off doesn’t even begin to describe it. No woman should ever have to go through what Jodi Arias went through with Travis.

    • ^^^^^^^ that!!
      I totally agree with everything you just wrote Jeff! Society seems to have taken a turn for the worse, a misogynistic turn in fact. THAT’S why so many people don’t see what we see. Or maybe the people who don’t see it have either not been exposed to any kind of abuse or have been abused themselves, manifesting what is a common pattern of underestimating someone else’s experience as a ‘defense mechanism’.

      • I don’t do FB, so I’m not aware of all the rules –

        Did the family have something on the page about the appellate fund? I know early on FB had rules about promoting businesses or soliciting funds, but then businesses got their own FB pages so I don’t know how the rule came to be interpreted.

        • yeah, that was on there, maybe that’s it, but soliciting for money is constant as far as I know. I imagine we’ll find out soon

        • No facebook doesn’t care about soliciting money or they would have shut down all the pages soliciting funds so the Alexander’s could stay in Az for the duration of the trial. What happens on facebook is someone decides they don’t like what another is saying so they submit a report to facebook and lie. The more reports facebook receives, the faster a page will be shut down. Consequently, people learn to mass report a page they don’t like and viola, it’ gone. It not only happens to supporters and non supporters during a trial, it happens in politics etc. Anytime where there is debate going. There is a group on facebook dedicated to collecting the names of Arias supporters and shutting them down so those of us on facebook, block the names from that list.

            • I have never been reported though and I don’t block people. But my mom would agree with you! She thinks all social media is the cause of kids killing themselves over bullying because they cant get away from it. When we were kids we could go home and get away from the bullies. Kids nowadays can’t get away from it. They go home and it’s on their facebook, twitter, instragram, and phone if not monitored by parents. I wholeheartedly agree with her about children and young adults being more at risk on social media. But i digress…

  26. Under the Jodi’s Pictures thread there was a comment made by Darrick Evensome (?) around Jan 3rd.2013. (about 3 comments below Madeline’s) I found it interesting that he had known Travis and was expressing his thoughts about him. Seems like he knew him pretty well. Wonder why he was never used for a witness?

  27. Thank you Journee!!! I will try to catch it this weekend!! Much thanks for the link!

    Sis, Pan, SJ, anyone else that I may know…(((((((((((((have a fantastic weekend))))))))))))))

    In case none of this has been discussed here, there have been several cases of “prosecutorial misconduct” uncovered in shitzona. Our fondest wishes may just come true after all! 🙂

    • ((((((((((((Janeen))))))))))) I have a question for you. You work in the legal field so you may know the answer. Apparently, there is a lawyers group on facebook and Victoria Washington is supposedly discussing the Arias case in this group. I find it very hard to believe that a lawyer who at one time represented the client, would discuss the case while it’s still active. It seems to me, that it would be a huge ethical violation or breach of confidentiality? I don’t buy it. What are your thoughts about that based on what you know about the profession.

      • Hi Alexis.

        I have been in the legal field on and off for the past 30 years. I have never heard of an attorney discussing any particulars about a former client with anyone other than that client and those involved with the representation such as opposing counsel, witnesses, law enforcement, court personnel, etc. This case has been active for over five years and now, we are asked to believe, that a former attorney who represented Jodi during the earliest part of this fiasco is not only violating the attorney code of ethics, but she is doing so publicly on social media; not to mention on a stupid good-for-nothing blog, that, although is read by only a handful of people who have nothing better to do with their six collective brain cells, has been known to hyperbolize its content and ridicule those that do not agree with their idiocy, with strangers where her violations can be screenshot and proven? If it is revealed to actually be Ms. Washington, at this stage of the case with certain appeals going forward, I would think she has committed career suicide.

        Here is the link for the Arizona State Bar Code of Ethics. Although I am not an attorney myself, I work in a law office. I will get a true “legal opinion” and get back to you. 😉

        • Thank you for the link, answer and your time as well as confirming what common sense dictates! I’m sure others here will ask you legal questions now. I bet I just opened Pandora’s box no pun intended. LOL 😉

          • No offense taken! LMAO!

            When Pandora’s box is opened… all hell breaks loose! 😉 Only the most courageous dare to open her box… they have to deal with the consequences!

    • (((((Janeen))))) I am absolutely sure that this clowning around can’t last too long. Someone with a brain in his/her head is going to say ‘Enough is enough of this bullshit’ and take action.

    • Oh my love! What in the world would you do with my gravatar? LOL! If you want it, it’s yours! We’ll both post with the same gravatar… how awesome is that???!!!!


  28. Our online petition to move live coverage of trials off of commercialized networks, to be televised only on a network such as CSPAN, now has 1588 signatures. I am now starting a campaign to bring this issue to the attention of our congressional representatives. I have already sent a message to both of my senators and to my representative in the House. Below I provide a template from the message I sent which I would hope you might each copy, edit and send to your representatives. You can find how to contact your representatives online at:

    Dear [Senator/Congressman/Congresswoman] ____________:

    I would like to familiarize you with a petition currently online. In essence it asks Congress to pass a law that would allow live broadcasts of trials only on a network similar to CSPAN, that is, proceedings only, no commentary, no commercials. The petition currently has nearly 1600 signatures from across the nation (and across the world) and we have comments by 30 of those signers, expressing why this petition is important to them. Please take the time to view the petition and to read the comments:

    If you have any questions or requests (perhaps we need more signatures?) or if you see some flaw in this approach, please contact me. On the other hand if you see the petition as reasonable, the petitioner and those of us who support the petition would appreciate any assistance you might be able to provide in familiarizing other members of Congress with this very important issue. Nobody’s fight for their legal rights (much less their life) should be turned into commercialized reality show entertainment.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.



    HOW will we know what happens, or has happened during this sentencing phase ?

    WILL we be totally reliant upon accounts from the media gatekeepers ?

    HAS the media shown itslelf as impartial, professional competent and accurate in the past ?

    HAVE the media been fair and unbiased in their reporting or opinions ?

    SO now we will be no longer be able to witness the corrupt spectacle that preceded this phase, should it re-emerge ?

    SO now ALL will be hidden from US, except in time, learning of the sentence ?

    WILL martinez now change his spots and be an officer of the court and be fair, just, and respect the judicial process and uphold the highest standards of prosecutorial integrity ?

    WILL stephens now become competent, fair, and impartial ?

    IF the same evil continues, but is now hidden from US, how can WE THE PEOPLE NOW assess if the trial was fair ?

    All lawyers will recognise the oft cited aphorism of Lord Hewart from Rex v Sussex Justices; Ex parte McCarthy:

    “… it is not merely of some importance but is of fundamental importance, that justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done.”

    • Your right Wes. We will not really know what is happening and they are counting on that fact. IMO. Lord only knows what they will do behind closed doors when we know what they were doing when we watched. UGH!

  30. I have a friendly question for those on this board that think Jodi is innocent and believe the intruder story. If you came to believe that Jodi did kill Travis in self defense OR it came to light it was clearly heat of passion would you still support her? I’m just curious is all.

    • ALEXIS, I believe that self defence and heat of passion come hand in hand. We are all capable of passing that thin line and ‘losing it’ in conclusion to commiting a crime of passion when our own life is being threatened. Jodi loved Travis – no doubt about it – and that’s why she kept going back to him. When his abuse became dangerous, she did what we all would have done: she fought back. All that bogus about premeditation is plain madness. Jodi served her ‘time’ for her crime of passion and that is what justice we are seeking for, for her to be set free – time has been served. She will live with her actions for the rest of her life and that punishment can’t be dictated from any court of law.

      • I believe that self defense and heat of passion can happen independent of one another or go hand in hand depending on the circumstances. I believe a person can defend themselves and also lose it as it happened to me once in another ‘life’ many years ago when I was in an abusive relationship. I tried to defend myself but that didn’t work. I lost it and began hitting a wall and throwing book off my bookshelf. I don’t know why he didn’t beat me that day. I’m guessing it’s because he was astonished that I lost it as he stood starting at me with his jaw dropped. So I know it can happen. BTW, he’s in prison for abusing three women in a row and an ex’s boyfriend with a shovel. He is where he belongs and won’t be released anytime soon with the added 3 strikes and your out law. Anyway, in light of Victoria Washinton’s comments ( if that’s her) and because Jodi submitted a plea of no less than 25 years for heat of passion I think it’s plausible. Things built up for Jodi that day and the perfect storm occurred. I don’t believe in the premed theory of course but sometimes I feel censored on here. I feel like I can’t say what I think for fear someone will take issue with it while I respect everyone’s opinions on here. I’ve come to know a lot of supporters this past year and many believe in the heat of passion or self defense theory and I don’t think it makes them any less of a supporter. Thanks for listening.

    • Alexis,

      As I have said already, I CAN believe that Jodi might have killed Travis in self defense. I believe he was abusive, I believe that – having been once put in the position of being choked until she passed out – if she was again in a situation that made her in fear of that, she would have fought with everything in her. ‘Snapped’ could be the word I guess – what Alyce said is that when the abused finally fight back, sometimes they don’t know when to stop. That’s why, in the earlier conversation, I said that ‘self defense’ paired with ‘battered woman’s syndrome’ can equal heat of passion.

      But, as I have also already said, I think the scene (boot print) and Travis’ own body (lack of evidence on his body that he was *dragged* into the shower – either he walked in there himself or he was carried there) tell me that something *else* happened, or something *more*. Someone else was there when there was still wet blood on the floor.

      • Journee,

        Thanks for saying it again. ” if she was again in a situation that made her in fear of that, she would have fought with everything in her”. Are you speaking about Jodi or generalizing a state of mind? I was choked Journee and didn’t fight back the next round. I think the blood evidence shows a struggle was going on. I admit I don’t have an understanding of forensics as others do. I didn’t study forensics and my mind is not inclined to pick things out like yours is. ( I’m just not that smart. ) The boot is red herring to me. I know Nurmi overlooked certain things but I don’t think JW would have. The one thing that gives me pause is that the roommates didn’t smell anything or notice the ring, watch and other items he left behind. But, I’ve also known young men as roommates who overlooked a lot of odors and assumed where their roommates were. Did Travis have a habit of checking in? Napoleon also gives me pause. Dogs love strong odors and despite him being gated off, I’m sure he barked trying to back up to the room. My dad’s dog rolls in dead coyotes as they live in a rural area. But I also think the evidence has shown that it could have been heat of passion. Also, I don’t see fear in Jodi. Wouldn’t that be part of this theory? IF she’s sitting in jail, she must be terrified right? I’m just not seeing that fear I think we would see if she were hiding a giant cover-up for years. How many years now? 6? Wasn’t Zac at his girlfriend’s most of the time per his statement to Flores? I think there were some inconsistencies with who did the washing last according to Zac. I think the reason they weren’t called to the stand is because their story would have favored the prosecution’s theory. Had the intruder story stuck, they would have been called.

        • *Are you speaking about Jodi or generalizing a state of mind?*

          Oh, I guess I might have been personally relating…. on the stand she said (a few times I think) that when he was on top of her, and she was trapped under him with him threatening her, she panicked. *She said* her mind went back to when he choked her out, and she just had to get out from under him. (I saw the likelihood of the knife wounds to the back happening in this scenario). I was assaulted and raped thirty-six years ago, and ended up with a few very situation specific PTSD issues, one of which was being trapped under someone. I always over-reacted – I never hurt anybody because I wasn’t really being threatened, lol, but I could relate to what she was saying.

          I know I throw a lot of theories out there, Alexis, but that’s only because I don’t have a specific theory – beyond my belief that someone else was there and hasn’t spoken up, someone who knows something they’re not saying. And because I’m still looking for that answer, I look at the suspicious behavior of anyone and everyone surrounding the case. There’s plenty of that to look at, which only – to my mind – amplifies the mystery and makes it look like MORE guilty people. (a la conspiracy, even though conspiracy isn’t where my mind goes with it really – cover up, maybe)

          As to Jodi’s fear or lack thereof, my only thought is that to me, she seems to have surrendered to a fate she’s powerless to influence. Instead of fear, she’s embraced the faith that whatever happens is supposed to happen. But that’s just, again, my opinion.

          • I understand now. I see similarities to what your saying about this case with how I related to the Anthony case. Interesting… 🙂

    • Alexis, I was reading posts and just now saw your question. Good question too! YES, I support Jodi all the way, whether intruder story, self defense or crime of passion! It is just that so many mysterious happenings lead me to believe that there are other people out there who know what happened because of all the lying, perjury, “so called” suicides, etc., etc., etc. To me, when a person has to lie or commit perjury, etc. they are trying to hide something. A person who is comfortable talking, like Alice LaViolette was, had nothing to hide. She didn’t have to hum and haw, she just answered the questions without any hesitation until Martinez wouldn’t let her because he knows the truth also and he just didn’t want Alice to put it out there! Just like Tanisha! Why did she go and threaten Alice? Because what Alice was saying was the truth and Tanisha didn’t like it! Tanisha didn’t want to hear the truth about her brother. The truth will prevail though and Jodi WILL be free!!!

  31. Alexis, I feel you all have covered this well. I do support Jodi no matter how this story plays out. There are just to many unanswered questions for any of us to really know what happened. Mary and Journee pretty well said what I believe. I believe Jodi appears not to be afraid because she has pretty much accepted her fate. Plus she is safe in the jail, I hope. I feel if she is guilty of anything it is defending herself from Travis’s attack but how will we ever know. I do not believe she is responsible for the knife cuts to the heart or the cut of his throat or the one on his head in a triangular shape. The blood atonement ritual seems to make sense to me too. I believe his body was staged by someone else and maybe they are the ones who killed him. I do not believe she could have killed him. I do not believe in the premeditation of this either. No way. But I respect everyone’s opinions here and I believe we all care very deeply for her and are working hard to see she receives her freedom soon. She has paid for her crime ( if there was one) as far as I see it.

    Sometimes I have wondered would there have been this much attention to this if it was Jodi who had been killed by Travis. I doubt it very seriously.

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