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The trial of Jodi Ann Arias, set to begin Jan. 2, is expected to be the biggest court proceeding to take place since Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her child.

The 32-year-old photographer is accused of shooting her lover, Travis Alexander, in the face, stabbing him 27 times and slitting his throat from ear to ear in the shower of his Mesa, Ariz., apartment.

The case, which has been more than four years in the making, has routinely captured headlines around the world, especially after details of it became public.


December 27, 2011 – Arias’ younger sister, Angela Arias, said her sister’s statements during the “48 Hours” interview were lies and that Alexander’s death was an act of self-defense on her sister’s part during an incidence of domestic violence.

“She was not under oath when she spoke on TV and yes, she lied,” Angela Arias wrote on Facebook after The Huffington Post sent her a request for comment. “But, it was because she was so in love with that man she did not want people to know what a monster he really was. She wanted everyone to believe that he was as amazing as they thought he was … My sister is innocent of the crime they are accusing her of … She did kill Travis but it was not in cold blood, it was not for revenge, it was because she was afraid for her life.”

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      • This may seem a little graphic and it is my opinion and maybe not the case or partly true.

        From all the pictures, autopsy, forensic evidence and testimony. It seems to me that if Travis was the sex addict/porn,into pubescent nature of attraction due to his immaturity and addiction to his power over Jodi and sodimizing her, eventually Psychologically he would not be able to mentally and physically ejaculate in her prescensce all the time but would covet the notion and would be masturbating in the shower when these pics were taken.
        First the shower was closed and he is posturing as to “relieve himself” 2nd Jodi is getting dressed, (did she refuse anymore advances?) she is not falling asleep with a camera in hand. If Jodi sneaks upon him masturbating and is taking pics from a Zoom, He may or may not have heard the clicks, however, the last up close pic is a headshot with an open shower door.
        If the camera was dropped it , by Jodi who was lunged at, then why wouldnt she not retrieve it under neutral circumstances, Why? because she is fighting for her life.
        Do not forget Travis collected knives and as for the gun? it is possible it was in her purse, when she walked in the door,certainly not waving it around. She would not have put her purse in the bathroom would she? If Travis was receiving oral gratification during this shower seen, then it woulb that the camera was on auto sitting on a stool, however, many shots depict the camera changing angles.
        I understand why someone who is forced to have anal sex, that is very painful could become very resentful. The spiritual implication is idolatry which has demonic energy and consequences.
        It also looks like Travis is holding his hands too his chest and is holding an object in the shower.
        I am not trying to explain away Jodi’s amnesia, when traumatic events are unfolding the conscious has a way of deflecting “counting tiles”
        The only way Travis could have “not felt his legs” is if his limbic system was affected by the gunshot first, he would have enough time to make it to the sink, that shows the spatter pattern with his hand prints, He may have sprinted down the hall, not likely. The blood splatter among the hall and doorways shows a struggle for life, When he is down the hall , I think the large pool of blood is from the head passed out, If she drug him back to the bathroom, It is my opinion that is where the throat came in to play, in the shower. It is possible throughout the attack she could have had him on top of her and she stabbed him in the back and head trying to get him off her. I am amazed at the size difference in weight and height for such a brutal attack without the aid of the gun first.
        The chest wound that puncutred deep enough had to have come from the force of a run-on attack and the neck wound from the rage and utlimatium that it is “either him or me”
        I have replayed the scenerio out and studied this and there are also 4-5 variables of timing and alternatives, however, one thing is for sure. No ordinary healthy minded Christian will offer to force or ask a woman to take pictures of a peforated Asshole shot that depicts my “dumping spot” including polyps from anal sex and a healthy minded woman would allow this degrading action to happen. What is being done is making her a buffet for his jack off pictures later. Notice in one picture he is instructing her with pointed fingers and lube and sends text of his gentiia. This is not normal. It is being violated. Who was jodi gonna tell or show this? NOBODY and now EVERYBODY. Tell me this is not abuse. Sick and deviated get what’s coming. Nobody deserves Travis’s kind of death. but you play with fire and you do get burned, I am glad she survived the hell hole. This makes me think of Farah Fawcett and Julia Roberts in the movie “Sleeping with the enemy”
        Any comments welcome.

    • As I said in my other post, I dont understand why women accept this type of behaviour from men, it’s degrading, controlling and self-serving. If we keep accepting this as typical male behaviour then women will keep being subjected to this type of emotional abuse.

      • Why do women accept this type of behavior? I don’t think its a simple answer. Abuse, whether physical, emotional, mental or a combination thereof is an insidious thing. It happens slowly, over time. The victim is often insecure in some way and is told and convinced and then convinces herself that its all HER fault. If she’d just done this or not that, said this or not that, etc., then perhaps the abuse wouldn’t have happened.

        Jodi clearly testified about the abuse GRADUALLY getting more violent, more personal and crossing boundaries she didn’t feel comfortable crossing. But she loved the guy, she probably couldn’t understand why he would do such things to her. It might not even be a stretch for one to understand that her idea of what love looks like and feels like is skewed. Therefore she’d stay with Travis until she snapped.

        Remember he treated her “like a goddess” at times then like a dirty little secret other times. Its mixed messages he sent her constantly. When she tried to pull away he reeled her back in. Its pretty classic scenario in a controlling/abusive relationship.

        • I read in another post about a blood atonement for sex before marriage/adultry and other sex sins in mormon history under a person named Joseph… slashing someone’s throat is the punishment for that sin. Please take a look at the link to the website. I am sure there are more sites with more info/details. I this murder was somehow influenced by that story in the mormon church…hmmmm I am curious of any comments about this…. I am going to take care of a few errands and when I return, I want to sit down when I have time to post and think about what I am typing.

    • Nicole.

      I find it hard to understand how you can’t put yourself in Jodi’s shoes; you expect her (or anyone) who had killed someone, not to panic? You just say she lied. Think of how You would react if you had just killed someone; your mind would not be thinking rationally. You’d be very scared.

    • yes she is innocent in my opinion she was scared and afraid for her life as well as her families.Shes not innocent foor killing TA but i beleive she was soo in love wit him she wanted to do everything in her power to please and make him happy no matter wat if he abused her physically or emotionally she was soo in love with him she did everything still to make him happy.Theres women all over the world that r abused and stay with the man they love hopin it will stop but in this case i beleive Jodi was abused soo long she was at her witts end and feared for her life that day. Everyones sayin Travis is this perfect religious guy n he never abused her and was this perfect guy but no one sees what he was like behind closed doors and i see a controlling manipulating abusive person in TA. I understand jodi isnt the perfect person by no means but she def doesnt seem the type to kill unless she was fearing for her life and yall coud say oh shes a lier an a manipulater but she lied and fabricated a story cause she feared for. her families lives amd also loved TA soo much she didnt want to be looked at as a killer to the man she loved even though it was self defence and she blacked out during the killing people woud still look at her as a murderer and she was scared at first to tell the truth in fear for her families life so everyone sayin shes a cold blooded killer your absolutley wrong. if u loved someone soo much and they abused u but u loved them soo much u stayed with them and tried to make them happy at all cost and then one day things escalate soo outa control n they say im gunna fukin kill u n charge u n u r fearin for your life what woud u do? Me i woud defend my life to the end!! woudnt you?? imagine u were jodi and u gota man two times size of her syin im guna fukin kill u n charges u wat woud u do? by no means am i sayin jodis an angel which woud be upserd but what i am sayin is yes she stabbed him 20 plus times n shot him now if she didnt black out woud she have stabbed him that many times n shoot him the person she loved i highly doubt i beleive as soon as she seen blood she blacked out n has no memory of wat happen this women does not seem like a cold blooded killer.

    • some1 might have already read your statement sorry if I missed that. she and her atty went to the DA with a deal she would plead guilty to 2nd degree. Which the jury does not get to know this info.. go figure… And if you heard and seen the above about the dress up part, odd how that’s all that stands out to you. Him sticking his thing all the way in her butt tied to a tree.. blows my mind and saying she sounds like a 12 year old getting off for the first time shows us his a lot about his mind set. And today JM did some stupid stuf, he starts out with you loved Travis so much you did not want anyone else to have him, yet today he says to her you did not love travis cause she called someone else the same name as she called travis.. might be small to some, but shows me she had moved on, but when it came to wanting travis to want her I think she did want that. I see victim all in her. \nd can thank the DA more for that then her team! Was’nt until the DA started to talk to her that I started seeing a shut down person, why cause to be fair to him it’s his job to be hard on her. And what do you see a jodi that puts up walls so he can not hurt him with words. why she cried while her side talked to her. Also he seems to get pissed that she does not fall in his traps when he will say like what he did yesterday. you were affended right she says yes I was affended then he goes on to say you were very affended she does not let him work that VERY in and they go back and forth for 5 mins on this word alone, then he has to get the other guy to read her the question! WoW showed me not only had he scrabbled her brain he had his own as well. To end this book lol. I have not heard not one thing yet from the DA that could give the jury a reason to convict her on anything but being a lair. Last thing what was with bringing in the red car.. We ALL try and not drive red cars cause it in a FACT they do get more tickets. That kinda blew up in his face but even if it had not he never drove in a point, other then she did not want to drive fast.. 0.0 If the jury gives her 1st degree I will be as shocked as I was over Casey walking wow. If they are really doing there jobs right on the jury so far they can not say the DA\has proven anything but like I said she lies, we all do!

      • lol bless you all if you read what I wrote it’s a hot mess with lots of typos in it sorry. I do want to ask this if anyone else is thinking like I am about the 48hours stuff. I think she was still in victim mode, let me make travis out to be the best guy on earth thing. Does anyone else see that like me.. And does anyone else see her shotting him with one a weak gun cause a 25 cal is weak.. And all her stabbing is her going into attack mode save yourself and her blocking comes from her getting so worked up when it all happen? I just am having a hard time on her going from taking picture’s of him from him to I am going to kill you now. I just can not see it. So anyone elses thoughts on these two above?

        • I agree with both of your comments. The prosecutor is now trying to catch her in a lie on the stand but it hasn’t worked thus far. He will talk constantly about one particular event and try to throw in questions about another event, but she has caught it every time. She was still in victim mode and didn’t want all the bad stuff about Travis to get out, that is why she lied, the primary reason she lied. I have never killed anyone nor have I been in an abusive relationship such as this one, but have witnessed and helped many women with “battered woman’s syndrome” to leave their situations and I believe many of them could have been capable of this very act and may have acted in a similar manor because not only would they not want to smear the man’s name, but wouldn’t want to be forced to accept the consequences for an action they didn’t really have control of and would do what they felt they needed to do at the time to protect themselves from further hurt. This was in no way a malicious premeditated murder and if she remembers clearly shooting him first (which I believe is possible and he could still function, since the medical examiner couldn’t determine the route of the bullet), then her survival instinct “fight or flight” kicked in and her body (subconscious) simply reacted without her conscious being able to stop it. In turn creating the memory gaps. This is a simple defense that many people’s subconscious use in order for the person to function after a traumatic event such as this.

    • Nicole,

      TA was a sexual deviant. Look at the story of the first prosecution witness, his ex-girlfriend (sorry forgot her name). He LIED to her, she thought he was a virgin, etc., etc. She wrote him an entire email saying how he always talked about sex, sex, sex (interesting assuming young Mormons are supposed to refrain from that type of talk). He grabbed her ass in public – very disrespectful. But then, she turns around and recants her story because he told her it all was not true (and we now see it is). And then, all of the sudden, it becomes okay to grab her ass in public. This is clearly manipulation.

      His background; sexual deviancy (this comes from the words of his own friends!). He had already been to the Bishop to talk about past indiscretions. His business was a pyramid scheme (from the words of the freakin’ prosecutor, for crying out loud!). His parents were drug addicts who, most likely, taught him this manipulative behavior.

      Those of US who have lived with partners who are sex and porn addicts KNOW that what she says can not be made up. If you lived it, you recognize it. It is a problem that needs to be addressed in our society – not tucked away and labeled “healthy male behavior” because disrespecting women, their bodies and looking at women as “game” (his words according to his own friends) is NOT acceptable. Defending yourself against a monster IS acceptable.

      • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on all accounts.Those of us who have lived with or been involved with lying manipulating porn addicts who objectify women KNOW THE TRUTH!!! I knew it as soon as I listened to every minute of her testimony. WE KNOW HOW THEY ARE>>>

    • well it looks kike you have convicted her already… Travis alexander referred annal sex… only, this annal sex is not preferred by woman maybe once for experiment with a husband.. she was mislead using her love for him to continue this. I believe she was intentionally use… he also told her he was moving on with a new woman that he thought God said was his wife to be.. What a sick thing to say while she is their and your having sex sex sex, and taking all the ictures found in camera of her behinf, vagina etc.. Why did he not move on …and havee these fantasys with HID NEW WIFE. NOT SOMEONE ELSES DAUGHTER… JUDGE THAT SHW WAS VERY IMMATURE AND STUPID THAT HIS HER CRIME/ NOT PREMEDITATED MURDER

  1. The truth of the matter is that this case will be judged by the evidence in this case. Absolutely know one can say she is guilty or innocent except the evidence. I believe and support the families right to support Jodi, and would be saddened if they didn’t. A parents love and support is and should be unconditional !!! I am a student of Forensic Science, and I believe that only evidence does not lie. I have read a lot of comments on Facebook and other sites bashing both Jodi and her family. I find this disturbing for 2 reasons. 1 none of these people have any knowledge of Forensic Science, so they are just speaking out of their ass. 2 Jodi’s family did NOTHING !!! Why bash the family. That’s not only stupid, but uncalled for. I feel sorry for the family for having to go through this and wish them peace in the coming days. Don’t let what uneducated people say get to you.

    • Yep, I also read that Jodi’s mother and sister are being bashed for their appearances/facial expressions/comments. So tacky and unnecessary.

      • Yep. People have said that any mother who stands up for a killer deserves it. Same with the aunt. I don’t get people who think like that. I wonder if they have ever been a parent?

      • It really bugs the crap out of me when the camera shows his sisters and Samantha ALWAYS has a smirk on her face. I dont get it, her brothers dead and another life may be taken (Jodi) and she sits there with a smirk on her face?

      • Jodi arias mom & sister that is such a lie. .travis family should be removed from court his sister constantly makes faces looking for sympathy?.. This is such an unfair trial.. I pray she is aqqitted

  2. My only problem with her claiming it’s self-defense and not premeditated….is why did she have a gun and knife with her when she was taking pictures of him in the shower? Why did she steal her grandfather’s gun to take with her to AZ? She hadn’t taken it before (it had only been stolen days before the murder). Why did she feel she needed to take it to this ‘booty call’ and not to previous ones? Why did she need to stab him in the chest, in the back 27 times, and then shoot his dead body in the face in order to ‘escape’ the abuse? None of Travis’s former girlfriends have said that he was ever abusive in any way. I guess I want to understand 1. Why he would be abusive to only Jodi (what was different about her that would make him abuse only her)? and 2. Why did she have a gun and knife so readily available while taking pictures of a naked boyfriend after a pleasant sexual encounter? Did she know she was going to drop the camera and supposedly send him into a rage? It just doesn’t make sense. I’m trying to make some sense out of the defense arguments.

    • I can tell you from first hand. My nephew was rough with his first wife and her children from her previous marriage. The relationship started out with a lie. That at 16 he was the father of her child.
      So we knew nothing of the abuse. First we knew of anything was when she moved out of the house and took every stick of furniture and 5k from the bank account. I wondered how she could do it and keep the kid quiet. Kids notoriously can’t keep a secret. It was a question that was finally answered when years later I caught up with the kids via facebook. They are adult and married with their own kids. The daughter told me stories. She said she can’t live in the past and her mother always excused my nephew because he was in the army and it made him that way. Her mother contacted me and poured out her heart to me. I believed her but I said that she should have left sooner. If my nephew was abusive to her son then as a mother I think she should have put her son first. Her son is now an alcoholic with a lot of issues about the abuse he was subjected to by my nephew.
      So my nephew is again married and there is none of this behavior. The reason is two fold. His second wife has a different personality. She is more outgoing and has lots of friends. She is also a little bit tough. She wouldn’t put up with it. She told me he is very strong willed and they have arguments were he is always right. She is able to deflect it.
      Even if it is just emotional abuse any sane person would leave, but the abuser is not always horrible. There are times when they are pleasant.
      Travis and people like Travis can be horrible to a person because the person puts up with it.

  3. I was married to someone who was abusive. He never was abusive to anyone else. He had the same girlfriend for seven years before me and he never was unkind to her. You would be surprised at the monsters out there.

  4. I find it interesting most news articles I read make it sound like Travis was devoted to his Mormon faith. If that were true, he definitely would not have engaged in premarital affairs with numerous women. He sounds like he was a liar and manipulator, as well as a chauvanistic misogynist. His behavior is generally ignored and often praised in our society but I think it’s sick and disgustingly harmful to our society. And, if he is a rapist, I agree I am glad he’s dead!

  5. I have a question that’s bugging me about this case that will probably be answered in the trial, but if she’s claiming self defense, why is he stabbed so many times in the back? If it was her fighting for her life and justified to kill, wouldn’t the stab wounds be in the front of his body?

  6. Hello,
    I stumbled onto this site as I was getting the daily news on the case and honestly was a bit surprised at
    what I found, a very well moderated forum for discussing this case with integrity and intelligence. We hear the phrase “innocent until proven guilty” ad nauseum it seems, yet rarely do you find commentary on emotionally charged cases like this that is so dedicated to truly preserving the accuseds’ rights and respect thereof. Kudos for that.

    Now, as to why I am compelled to comment…

    Like many others I have been fascinated by this case and quite honestly 10 or 12 years ago I would probably be voicing the opinion of the lynch mobs. It’s very easy for us to say “why did she stick around, why keep seeing TA, but the truth is as many as 1 in 3 women find themselves in these relationships at some point in their lives and it is very difficult for them to get out. I look at all the pictures of Jodi and him as a couple online and they look like she is earnestly smiling while he looks like he is just faking it, acting the part. It is grossly obvious at this juncture that he was not the “devout and respectable” mormon he played the part of in public.
    I’m the first to admit that there are hard questions to answer when making a case for Jodi: “the lying, why did she bring a gun, the wounds , etc etc” and while I could sit all night discussing each, instead I have one suggestion for anyone truly interested in finding answers:
    read “PRESUMED GUILTY” written by Jose Baez, the defense attorney for Casey Anthony. It is the reason I am no longer the “lynch mob voice” I was 12 years ago. I promise anyone who decides to read it, you will never see these things quite the same again. You will understand how and why the incriminating elements of the case may have very plausible and understandable explanations, how many women are victims of abuse, and why that prosecutor becomes more panic prone as this case goes on.
    I would go as far to say that after reading it, I find the prosecutions story to be the most incredulous and hard to believe.
    In closing I’d like to express my utmost respect for this site and everyone participating in discussions here, no matter what your opinion of the case. It is very uplifting to see so many people capable of intelligent and mature discussion moderated at such a high ethical level on the web.

  7. I’ve been captivated by the coverage of this trial. I don’t see the point in Nancy Grace, Dr Drew et al continually bashing every sentence that Jodie utters since she’s admitted to killing Travis. It’s as though they are not going to be satisfied…. they feel she is guilty period and forget a trial, hang her from the highest tree now. Let her have her day in court and let her give her side of the story without the constant belligerence. These people have a public forum and have the power to manipulate public opinion. Sadly there is no TV show that is balanced to both sides.

  8. Clearly this sweet and innocent girl has been thru enough ! I have no doubt and have consulted a very gifted psychic who has forseen that Jodi will be found NOT guilty on all counts and furthermore her real story will be told in the form of a best selling book and its possible the rumours of PLAYBOY calling may pan out into reality !!

    in regard to doing community service well that has already been done by this person ” alexander ” or whatever his name was, being gone now and not ever hurting anymore of these innocent girls , with him gone forever he can’t cheat with the dozens of other girls like before.

    • well, Todd, that is one heck of a post! a psychic! cool… i hope they r right, BUT i cant see not guilty on all counts as she has confessed to a crime.
      she was gonna plea 2nd degree but Lil Marti would not accept that! he wanted to spend taxpayers $$ to get known, imo. AND more $$ to keep her in jail for a very long time, then u kno…

      it happened, things happen. yes, ways to avoid the killing, BY BOTH OF THEM, but, when one is left standing, some want MORE BLOOD. i disagree with basically on moral grounds. NOW, everyone has the time to think and re-think what happened, etc. to ME that means cooler heads SHOULD prevail. a lil compassion goes a long way. people think jodi doesnt regret what happened?

      fate happens, but there IS a cause that generates fate. one move here or there can change it OR make it happen.
      BUT, DECIDING/DELIBERATING / WANTING / having the LUXURY of time to think clearly – to KILL someone – in this case the State of AZ, Lil Marti, mz disgrace, etc.


  9. Hi Jodi,
    Under the circumstances you are holding up well.
    Better than most can.All you can do is keep your head up as much as possible and hope.
    You are not a monster but a human.the media is the monster.
    good job and take
    hoping for the best outcome.

  10. I have read through some of the posts here only a few days, as well as other sites, some video of the trial, etc., enough to informed and would not be posting here, if I was not – not sure everyone else agrees, and I suppose it is ok, also, to state an opinion whether informed or not. A horrible murder has been committed. A beautiful woman has confessed. I listened to the tape last night, and my heart went out to Jodi- I could hear the heart felt affection she felt for him – it broke my heart. Why didn’t she tell him she loved him? – I was waiting for it. Why would she want someone who did not want her? An, why couldn,t she just walk away?

    She could do very well for herself- very smart lady- Why did she have to kill him. A lot of what’s going on in the trial is a waste of time. Obviously, it was a crime of passion. I hope for the best for her, but that does not mean she should go unpunished. I don’t believe in murder, killing another human and I don’t believe in the death penalty. I know our court and justice system often seems dysfunctional, but at least they try to make it right’ even when they start to look like comedians. I will pray for Jodi and for Travis’s soul. One last thing, I haven’t seen any proof of physical abuse- is there any information in any of the trial days? My best to Jodi.

    • your analysis is a litany of your misunderstandings of the law, ignorance of the testimony, and flawed
      i’ll deal with just a few matters

      firstly, there was no murder, horrible or otherwise
      jodi killed ta in self defense
      that’s a justifiable homicide
      you are allowed in law to kill your attacker within the parameters of the law set out below
      using a knife, a gun, a brick, a stone, a hammer, a tire wrench, a sword, you name it
      the method of killing such an attacker is not limited in the legislation
      look at the arizona criminal code title 13 chapter 4,
      http://www.azleg DOT gov/arizonarevisedstatutes.asp?title=13
      replace DOT with a period

      13-404 Justification; self defense
      13-405 Justification; use of deadly physical force

      she killed him because he attacked her, and she feared for her life
      he’d choked her previously, with presumably a blood choke, and she had passed out
      such are well known to be potentially deadly
      you do know that ?
      he was deeply involved in wrestling, mixed martial arts and ultimate fighting
      all such use choke holds, and are potentially fatal

      she had good reason to fear for her life

      you allege that there is no proof of physical abuse

      your understanding of the law is simply wrong

      her testimony is evidence to support of his violent nature

      you appear not to have watched alyce laviolette’s testimony, or if you did not understood it

      the secrecy with which such violent predators as ta carry out on their violence on their victims is
      established beyond a shadow of a doubt
      you know that ?

      if a tree fell in a forest and no one heard the crashing of the fall, did the tree not fall ?

      you misunderstand the nature of proof
      she told her story it was credible
      the surrounding circumstances, the three hole wonder etc
      all are supportive of her claim for self defense

      such violent speech/language is supportive of his violent nature
      alyce talked about this
      you are aware of that ?
      such other evidence is supportive of her account
      wikipedia has an article on the continuum or range of violence
      if you are interested look at it
      Outline of domestic violence
      http://en.wikipedia DOT org/wiki/Outline_of_domestic_violence

      jodi gave evidence in support of her claim of self defense
      alyce laviolette discussed domestic violence
      you need to watched that to understand domestic violence
      alv showed dv is not just physical violence
      samuels said she shook out of fear one time when in discussion with ta over the phone
      these facts and other support jodi’s claim of self defense
      she does not need to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt
      jodi raised the issue to a live issue
      the onus then switched to the prosecution to disprove her claim of self defense beyond a reasonable doubt
      which it didn’t
      ie jodi’s claim of self defense succeeded, which negated ALL charges
      my verdict, not guilty of all charges

      the improper behavior of the prosecutor and judge on innimerable matters which i won’t elaborate on
      warrants a new trial

      i have elaborated on this matter in response to your post, in part for you, in large part for others who
      are unclear as how such issues are dealt with in law

      hope these comments don’t contain too many drafting/grammatical/spelling errors 🙁

  11. Everyone wants to know why she lies, why she stayed, blah blah blah. My father was a veitnam vet with ptsd. My mother & I both suffered his abuse, walking on eggshells every single day! HOWEVER, I still would lie through my teeth for him. NEVER EVER told anyone! And i was a child, with no idea of why I lied except for the feelings of shame & guilt….same way Jodi looked at her secrets. Why cant the media see the difference in lies & shameful secrets???? So anyway LET’S GET IT JODI! Give em hell!

  12. Jodi,

    I don’t know all the details. I am a person who has suffered PTSD and also live in a environment where the person I loved kept me walking on eggshells.

    Say it all with your head held high.. and tell the truth.. That is all you can do.

    Hang in there.

  13. I always say that you don’t know what you’ll do until you’re in the situation. I don’t care what the deal is. Everybody says I would do this or that. You can not honestly say what you would do until you’re there. I do believe that Travis did a lot more than people or his people want to believe. I think he pushed her to far and then paid the price.

  14. It’s really sad and aweful how Travis used her strung her along and knew all along he would never never marry her that isn’t right.he is a jerk for messing with her mind, no man should do that to a woman. Really screws a person up.

  15. I have been in both situations, where one is guilty of something, and when one is subject to defend one’s property or one’s self for any particular reason. In the guilty senario, one tends to change the story and what actually happened for one’s self-interest. Whereas in the defense senario one tries to be as accurrate as possible. The last thing you want to do is change the story and what really happened; something Ms. Arias did from the very beginning, three times.

  16. I have been following the trial intently. I am praying for both families. I am just about as disgusted as one can become with the media profiles of both Travis and Jodi. No one person is all innocent or all evil. Travis and Jodi are both perfect examples of that. Tonight Dr Drew showed a video of Jodi sleeping and managed to find that this video fits with their theory of how “empty” Jodi was and all I saw was a guy who didn’t care enough to take his date home and allow her to rest for a while. Enough is enough from the blood sucking media desiring to feed off of this nightmare and leave those unable to truly think for themselves with nonsensical chatter to fill their commercial breaks. A special prayer to Jodi’s mom and siblings. No one has walked in your shoes completely. But many have watched a daughter or sibling try to make it in this world and fail in one way or another. The heartbreak is devastating. I have no hope for the outcome of this trial at this point. I can only hope that God’s hand controls it.

  17. The media has her convicted. Dr. Drew had more sympathy for Casey Anthony! But poor poor TA. TA was a sexual deviant who degraded her with every sexual encounter. To myself it is irrelevant if she was a willing participant, cause even on this premise, she is a victim and a target for relationships like this one. TA recognized that unfortunate quality in her and pursued a relationship with her. Originally I did not take interest on this case until I saw media clips of her testimony. I do believe she is a victim. I have female family members that are in relationships like this one with TA. Hearing her on the stand is like talking to them. They really love these narcissistic men, with ”good qualities”, for those few and far in between honeymoon moments where they are ”nice”and ”loving”. They will do anything for them; regardless of how degrading it is. My mother in law would drive the 300 miles to be degraded by her husband with some of the most demeaning and shocking acts. Jodi could ”lie” or manipulate the truth, but, the text messages, audio recordings and emails speak volumes as to the type of man TA was, and what his preferences were. i have not heard one message where he spoke to her with any respect. I’m sure if there was one, the prosecution would have presented that instead of trying to prevent the defense from providing this evidence….

  18. I have watched this trial. I believe that Travis used Jodi, manipulated her, and had control of her, physically, (because of the emotions), emotionally, financially, and spritualy. I believe she did the things she did to somehow keep him in her life. However, he was a master of manipulation and he knew she loved him and he would pull back just to hook her in more. I am not suprised she killed him, I think she “lost” it, and I think anyone would in the same situation. When I heard he had another girl in his life and he was receiving signals from “God”, it made me wish he was alive so I could slap him. Jodi’s self esteem was so low and that happened only after she became involved with Travis. I do not think self defence has been proven but I don’t think pre-medtation has been proven either. When Martinez seems to be making a point his attitude ruins it, – LOL. He is strange and he lies. He says Jodi said something while testifying that she didn’t say, and he says he didn’t ask something that he did ask, and yells at Jodi when he is denying what he just said. I back up the dvr just to clarify, and Martinez lies all the time.

    • so right Jeannie…he was abusive to other women except they didn’t know it…deanna the sex& then “I cannot marry U…sooo sorry U R2Old now…..putting his hand on Lisa’s ass in public…many all shows disregard 4 their place in life…he cut his own tires to set Jodi up…2 make his fantasy stalker come alive

  19. Jodi should not have killed Travis, but the case to me is complex. I think Travis aggravated Jodi and strung her along, toying with and controling her. He enjoyed this. She wanted him desperately and was heart-sick over him going with this other woman to Cancun. Travis knew this. Jodi wanted him back and when after giving her everything to him and realizing it wasn’t enough after a long day of sex, she became extremely angered. I’m sure Travis said some things and was verbally abusive to her and possibly physically abusive as well. Honestly, I have had several relationships where I allowed myself to stay in relationships with guys who were like this and later, I kicked myself for allowing it. I have felt enraged at them at various points for flaunting these women in my face. I eventually stopped taking their calls and playing the game with them, but I’m not sure how I would have acted if one kept giving me hope then dashing it over and over. There is an element I think that women can reason with what Jodi did. It’s not that in saying that I condone her killing him, because truly I think Jodi should have cut this guy off for good; but I also know that can be easier said than done. I’m sorry but I don’t entirely buy the self-defense claim, but would rather view it more of a heat of passion crime. I hope she does not get a murder conviction, as I don’t think she deserves it, but on the other hand, I don’t think Travis deserved to be killed. He did deserve to be cut off and get a big kick in the ass for being an utter and total f*ing jerk. Jodi needed to latch on to her spirituality and let Travis go bye bye.

    • I would not argue that its a crime of passion, but also self defense. I can believe that he responded aggressively to the camera dropping. He probably spent a lot of money on that camera. He posed for all the pictures. He was into all that photographic aspect of their sexual exploits, as the text messages proved. I also believe that the gunshot was first, that the back stab wounds are superficial, as if he was on top of her and she was stabbing as she was under him in an attempt to get him off of her. It is just that I have experienced time and time again as a family and friend of women who do not leave these unhealthy relationships and can understand how they defend and protect the reputations of their boyfriends or husbands. I have to many women who deal with the derogatory sexual conduct, the willingness to drive many miles to be treated like a piece of meat that is there for that mans pleasure. I have also experienced the most ridiculous presentation of religion brought in to justify a mans exploitation of women.
      On the stand, even as she explains all the aspects of their relationship, she still protects his reputation. She justifies his behavior. A man like that does not limit his sexual deviance to just that of his partner, they look for other “releases”. If she’s being truthful, than the absence of genital hair is symbolic of pre-pubescent desires. I really hope that the expert witnesses cover these behaviors. Its irrefutable evidence as to a persons sexual deviant preferences, that will speak volumes beyond the spider man underwear….
      If this was premeditated, she could have easily put his body in the car, then dumped him anywhere in the Arizona desert. She’s well traveled throughout the state, she’s aware of many remote locations where his body would not have been discovered for months. Instead she washes his body, which i believe is her act of remorse in some way, a disbelief of what happened, then leaves without completely cleaning the crime scene????
      And as for the gas cans…I live in Arizona, and i travel with 10 gallons of gas and a case of water. Trust me, you do not want to run out of gas out here. I never leave on long trips without such things.

  20. I too believe that something happened that fateful day that triggered Jodi to react the way she did. Clearly she was not acting in her right mind (example: putting camera in washer). The stabbing seems to have been done in a frenzy; my guess due to fear. Also another thought is why Travis automatically gets to wear the halo of morality. If Jodi wanted to kill him she would not have done it in a way that she would not have to fight a man that is much stronger than she.

  21. I believe Jodi is innocent. Mormonism is a sick and scary religion, full of delusion, based on lies.

    If I found out my fiancé was a pedophile, it would take every ounce of strength & sanity for me not to kill him. And not out of self defense either. I’ve dealt with severe physical & verbal abuse in the past from an ex, & you don’t truly understand how it changes a person unless you have direct experience.

    I feel physically ill, trying to relate & understand the pain that Jodi endured. We’ve all lied out of fear at one time or another in life. That doesn’t mean she deserves to be sentenced for this tragedy.

  22. if you read the flores police report on the right side just above the calendar, the time line for zac and roommate enrique what mimi said nic pic it like i did and you see the story is different. its hard to do because it is spaced out had to put all remarks on paper and look for differences need to look at what was said under dustin and ashley too. got this idea from mark ferman the one that was on the talk so that was related to OJ trial. Its what he says that made me go look at the statement given to the police the nite the 911 call was made. from there i cept nic picking till I could see some thing was wrong with the picture ….. Its up to you now to do some sleuthing of your one

    sorry my spelling im tired been up two days still have not finished the rest of the report. wont give up for I want to save jodi from the death penalty. this could be a good for the nurmi along with the fact that she tried to plea to the 2nd its on file here to and Nancy grace was all over this with two lawyers saying if the jury finds out this happened case closed

  23. 62 seconds for all that to have happened? Quite probable imo, no doubt about it. Remember when other people accomplished so much in such a very short period of time under tragic circumstances, they all say it happened like it was in slow-motion. The defense for Jodi Arias is very probable as the defense has proven Travis’s death by Jodi was needed for her self defense and proven way beyond any reasonable doubt to me.

  24. hi i have been watching this case and the prosecutor is doing a poor job and the media is eating it up.
    1. the roommates were not properly pursued since they spend time in the house with a decomposing body.
    2. the prosecutor can not without a reasonable doubt say whether the crime could have taken 62 secs.
    3. the picture after the shower pics shows a ceiling which can indicate the camera fell.
    4. the fact that gas can does not mean premeditation since most of American buy gas can and stuff happens.
    5. the closet where she claim to get was not dusted for finger prints to prove whether she did in fact get the gun from Travis room.

    my theory is Jodi did not do this alone and my view for a psyche perspective is each version gives a minimal truth. it is possible the memory lapse is because she did not do it but know who did. r did not act alone. the roommate don’t seems so innocent to me. also based on the fact that she has lied it is possible she will lie to protect some one.

    she is not a sociopath since she can produce tear. i have encounter sociopaths and nothing makes them sweat. they are pathological liar who truly believe their lies so getting them feel remorse wont happen even under the worst circumstances.
    I just wanted to say this because the media s using this term so wrong.

    • They only have receipts for two gas cans. The other charge could have been for anything. why wouldn’t they have all 3 gas receipts? Because the last one he brought up and guessed at, wasn’t for gas.

  25. Marinez comes up with “is it possible” and anything is possible, but he berates her into saying it is possible and then comes back later and says “didn’t you just testify to …?” She corrects him, but I hope the jury isn’t sleeping and realizing this. Martinez has to do that to make his case. I also think the knife was probably in the bathroom and Jodi grabbed it in the struggle. If you pre-meditated a murder, you wouldn’t pre-meditate using a knife and a gun. Who would do that? No one. The media is looking at this case from the view point of guilty of pre-meditation and that is not what we are suppose to do. Innocent until proven guilty. I do not believe “proof” of pre-meditation has been presented. I am looking forward to the psychiatric testimony. I also do not understand why the judge is letting Martinez get away with all this hypothetical scenarios. The only thing I can garner is that Jodi’s attorney is not using the correct reasons for his objections.


    Would anyone else LOVE to see Janine Driver, “body language expert” analyze this guy on tape? Am I seeing things or does anyone else think he’s got some ‘splain’ to do???

    And I’d love to hear your guy’s analyses, too!

    And from facebook, I thought this post nicely summed up the “mentality” that has formed…

    Debi Sutton I truly appreciate how perfectly HLN has covered the Jodi Arias murder trial… I hope my support on each and every affiliated facebook page confirms that.. and to go through the trouble to build the murder scene to scale.. that is more than awesome. Just PLEASE don’t forget.. Jodi’s story is NOT the way the murder happened. Hope you remind everyone of that fact as you do HER reported re-enactment.

  27. There are many mixed emotions surrounding this case. Sometimes, that brings out the ugliest in us all. This case is dragging out and getting more and more aggressive. I only hope and pray for an outcome that includes justice and peace of mind to all involved. Since Jodi has admitted to the crime, the discussion is now, in my opinion, on what the sentencing will be. On that topic I am very clear on saying that only God gives life and ONLY God can take it away – not the state or any man made institution.

  28. Jodi I believe you. I think Travis was a jerk using your love against you so he could live out his kinky fantasies. you just loved him so much you always wanted to please him. Thats why I don’t believe you ever premeditated his death. I don’t see how the prosecution and so many people don’t see that something had to happen to make you go from taking normal pics of Travis in the shower to killing him. the self defense makes perfect sense. Also just him mentioning a 12 year old girl having an orgasm is sick, very sick. And no one mentions it. I also had a experience with amnesia. A few years ago my ex husband had an affair. We had two small boys and I loved him very much. It ripped my heart out. Anyway I had several periods of amnesia during the affair and a year or so after, And those memories have never come back. I know murder is only okay in self defense. So know that you are justified. I will keep you in my prayers, Namasta, Carrie

  29. Without expressing an opinion one way or another, and in essence playing devils advocate, why are you banning negative comments? I realize this is a support website, but does that mean you violate people’s right to free speech?

    • Why? This is a support site for Jodi. We can determine what speech we want on it and censor as we please. The constitution guarantees us that right. We don’t owe anyone who stops by to say something idiotic a voice.

      • You might want to get out your copy of the Bill of Rights and and read the First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law…… abridging the freedom of speech”. I don’t see the right to censorship anywhere in there. And if you think any idea or statement that does not agree with yours is “idiotic” then you are far beyond the ideals that this country was founded on. “Freedom of speech is not the freedom for the thought you like; it’s freedom for the thought you hate the most.” – Larry Flynt

        • No we don’t want to stifle freedom of speech but we need to stifle the mean people that don’t want to build others on the site up but they are trying to tear them down so, they can go to another site and do that. we have our own site to support her and we don’t go to the hater sites and say good things about jodi and mean things to them… I think they have their own site to say mean things there. I still would like to know if anyone else thinks it is odd that the throat getting sliced is something that Joseph Smith (a founding mormon) used this as punishment for audultry.

    • Bill Johnson: you are distorting the point of Free Speech. Free speech simply means that the government cannot stop you from expressing your opinion. That does not mean you are entitled to post your opinion at EVERY web site on the Internet.

      Going to people’s privately owned web sites and claiming you have a RIGHT to waste the owner’s bandwidth posting your opinion is NOT an argument for free speech as the Constitution defines it. It’s an argument that you feel ENTITLED to the site owner’s money and resources hosting your OPINION regardless of the cost it requires to maintain that data.

      Nobody is stopping you from using YOUR money to go and start YOUR own web site. There you will be free to post YOUR opinion and decide what conversation YOU want associated with YOUR content.

      But don’t even PRETEND that you have a right to tell someone else what they should or should not allow on their own web site. To presume as much is the purest form of entitled arrogance.

      • Really MB,
        If Bill can’t into Many, Many sites withut a password,
        does he, oR is he concerned about free speech?
        Craziest thing I’ve heard!

        Many othersites have rules to go by on THEIR site.
        Do they think they are losing free speech? REALLY!

        • Well BJ is that your name or is that just what you give? There Sir I enacted my right to free speech!!
          The admins on this site do NOT interfere with anyone’s rights. They are choosing to ask people who post on here to follow their rules when posting as they OWN the site. When you are in someone’s home you follow the rules set by the home owner and treat them and their property with respect. You would not go into an African American family’s home and talk about how GREAT the KKK is. The admins on this site are asking for that same type of respect when posting here by not speaking in a hateful manner about Jodi Arias, her legal team, the supporters on this page, and her family. You can exercise your rights by NOT COMING to this site if you do not like the rules set by the admins.

  30. I don’t think she even killed him. Reason 1 Why take pictures of the crime you committed? The only reason anyone would do this mental or not is to show them to someone. If you were going to do that then take the camera!!! Why delete pictures from it, smash it and put in washing machine. Reason 2 why leave blood finger marks on the wall and not even try to clean them up? Also why cut your hands and not even try claim self defense the first time and them give cops your dna? Reason3 why get a bunch of gas cans and then buy gas at pump?? and use a traceable credit card If you want no record of buying gas or where you are (why would you want a record if you are going use it to commit a crime) then siphon it out of someones car.
    My opinion someone wanted travis dead for anyone of his numerous pedophile activities and the easiest thing to do was to frame her.

  31. all i know is the situation jodi sits in right now, i pray for her to take the time she’s got to lose the mormon thing if she hasn’t already and just follow the actual word of christ in the bible, because yeah she’s locked up for who knows how long but what’s important is where she’ll be when she takes her last breath just as its important for all of us. we all will die but accepting christ as her salvation and redemption she’s forgiven of all wrongs.that’s what i pray for on her behalf.

  32. also i find it disturbing that TA would out of all the adjectives out there refer to jodi like a 12 yr. old. i’ve done some dirty talk in my past but to use that description is sick and just shows what a troubled person he really was. i feel sorry for jodi and wish i could bust her out of jail, 5 yrs. is more than enough time to serve for defending yourself against a loser in life. given the opportunity i think he would have tried the same thing with some other girl, if he wasn’t already.

  33. Hello. I have taken a great interest in this trial lately and have always felt that there was more here than meets the eye. I think that Travis was a scumbag who manipulated and used Jodi, pretending that he cared to get what he wanted, then treating her like garbage once his “Mormon guilt” started creeping in.

    I am leaning toward Jodi having killed Travis in self defense, or at worst, temporary insanity. The one thing that bothers me, which I’m sure someone here who’s more knowledgeable then me can answer, is why did Jodi take a photo of dead Travis laying in the shower? This puzzle piece doesn’t fit for me.


    • Jodi didn’t take any photo of dead ta in the shower! I’m glad you think Jodi defended herself. I hope you’ll keep Jodi in your prayers, and I’m sure you’ll get a better answer than what I’ve written. Suffice it to say the pix of dead ta in the shower, were from mesa pd.

    • Gordon, the last photos that Jodi took purposefully of Travis were the nice ones of him posing for the camera with the water shots, etc. There were blurry accidental pics taken after that , but the pics of the deceased TA were crime scene photos taken on June 10th.

  34. I really did not watch the trial as it was taking place, however the story caught my eye one night as I was getting ready for work. I have dated men like Travis when I was younger and naïve and of course at that time as a young woman you want to do anything your man wants to make him love you. The mental anguish you endure from this is horrible. All of the “odd” sexual fantasies this man played out on her, it’s a wonder she couldn’t think straight. I have found in my experience that men who will abuse you sexually will also do it mentally and sometimes physically. He used her, knowing she loved him and wanted a relationship. I do not believe that anyone deserves to die in the manner in which he did, however I am not sure I agree with the sentence either. As stated above, you play with fire, you get burned. I wish her peace.

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