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Following on from the verdict at yesterday’s AZ State Circus, this is a continuation of the “Kangaroo Court – afternoon session” post.

There’s obviously 2 trials going on here. The one that we watched, and the one the jurors were watching.

Here’s a message from Jodi’s Twitter account posted a few hours ago:

Jodi Arias 5-15 Twitter message

If you previously pre-ordered one of the new “Survivor” t-shirts – shipping will begin this coming Monday. A portion of the profits generated from the sales will support other survivors of domestic violence, and go to Non-profit Domestic Violence organizations selected by Jodi.


The next phase starts today @ 10:30 am JT.

In the meantime, leave your current thoughts and comments below as we plough on in our quest for JUSTICE FOR JODI!

Team Jodi

If you would like to help Jodi by way of a financial donation via check or PayPalclick the Team Jodi link below for further details. All donations go directly to the Arias family…

We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!



    • Good morning Jodi !!!! I’ve been up all night long cuz I couldn’t sleep .I know that they probably wake you up at 3am to let you sit in a holding cell all day long.I’m praying for you stay strong I know this is the beginning of a new life for you!!!!! Jesus is the way the truth & the life no man come to the Father but through him !!!!! It’s a free gift By grace alone not by works .JESUS LOVES YOU JODI & HE forgave you for all your sins !!!!! I BELIEVES THIS WHOLE circus like Trial should be Grounds for s mis trial due to this being a capital murder case & the Jury can play on cellphones iPads & do puzzles .
      Also the judge is even bias Evertime the defense objected ,the judge overruled it .I’m praying for u so much Jodi hang in their there’s always light at the end of the tunnel .mjmmaryjane

      • I support Jodi 100%! Been in her shoes! Jesus is the light and the ONLY WAY! U are right! Seek Him diligently! Jodi He will give u strength and comfort u! god use our worst circumstances and turns it around for your good and to give Him glory! I am a witness of this from my own life! I support you! U should receive a post card from me soon and I hope Jodi, u write back! I will continue to support and write! All of u who can see thru media Bs and stand for Jodi, God BleSs! They say her tears are fake and bash when she don’t have any! Wowser! Ok already it’s almost half hour late for this session! Come on! We all keep praying together! There is awesome strength in prayer!

    • i don’t have any friends! Hahaha.

      I only made the page to report some crap as I’m not a FB user. I’ve been perplexed by what is considered following TOS and what’s not, Clearly more bias,

      Maybe it is just a numbers gsme where the shrill sound of Travis PAL’s (Persobal Ass Lickers – thanks Natalie!) is heard vs ours…?

      • I’m new and I notice nobody notices my tweets but that’s okay. It feels good to know there’s others who believe as I do that Jodi was hung by everyone before she even got to court. This is a good place to vent and get things off my chest…..I went down one bra size already!!!!

    • I ‘re-tweeted Jodi’s tweet!! Too many haters tweeting her. My gosh I just realized something!…..from the look of all the people condemning her, our world is filled with saints so their throwing the first stone! I think Jodi, me and all you guys on here with me are the only sinners left on earth!

      • The crowd outside the court house sounded like an insane old west lynch mob. HLN turned Jodi’s trial into a blood thirtsy carnival.

    • I think what bothers me most about the Jodi case is all the prudes that have a predisposed notion that the pretty must die. I say she did what she did in an act of rage against this pedo crack head loser of a man she was dealing with. The media is all to quick to play judge jury and executioner here. The DA is out to make a name for himself as they all are. I wasnt there, I didnt interrogate Jodi and I have nothing to do with the case. If I base MY judgement only on what the media says and not take the time to talk to the accused,I would be making a wrong judgement. While there is much support on this site,I also think (just a suggestion) that the “owner” of this site should focus more on the innocence and appeals for Jodi instead of flinging poop on the pedo ex BF. I support the fact that Jodi is innocent of Aggravating Circumstances. I think there is far more to this case than is being let out in the MSM. I wish Ms Arias the best of luck,the strongest of support and the firmest embrace from God.

    • I like the author of the book about Jodi who went on Nancy Grace yesterday for his big reveal: After the second verdict, Jodi was talking with her attorneys and Jodi “smirked”. WOW, what revealing information. I’m so sure she was “smirking”. She was talking with her attorney!! WOW! imagine having the gall to confer with your lawyer in a death penalty case. This represents the standard operating procedure of HLN. Plug a book and pile on unsubstantiated allegations (smirking) agianst Jodi for your own personal gain. You can be assured you are now popular and 90% of people will not question any part of anything you say!! This is a tiny example of a very scary propaganda machine and we all should be concerned.

    • I’ve been following this for awhile now.. Such a shame.. I have so much more to say but I think it is more suited for the vent portion of the site.. Is there a way for me to post it there? Thank you in advance.. I’m so sorrie for whats happening.

    • Good morning all!

      Jodi’s tweet is really beautiful – awe inspiring in fact.
      I sometimes feel I’ve spent too much time or emotional energy following these developments or reading/writing posts, but, as cheesy as this might sound, I have drawn a lot of strength and encouragement from this incomprehensible situation to be able to better deal with things that are hard in my own life.

      I wish everyone from all backgrounds, walks of life and creeds renewed strength, peace and assurance for their day today and everyday.

      Team Jodi might be a much bigger thing than anyone could have imagined.
      Keep the faiths.

      • I agree team Jodi might be bigger than anyone could have imagined …… the comments are so long and there so many .so much love for Jodi !!!! that’s really awesome !!!!!! I’m a little upset right now venting venting venting !!!@ I cleared the cache on my cell phone the Internet part to free up. space and now I can’t get in the password protected vent site .I’ve met so many friends on here and became so involved in this site .I have the password I know the password !!! I was given the password by team Jodi she emailed it to me .after I put it in the first time I never had to put it back in .And now It’s asking me for the password cuz I cleared all the history catch on the Internet .A lot of people that I normally see are not posting here and now I’m locked out of the blog .Please is their any way back in? haven’t seen also abused on here lately and really like to read the post .Any ways Love n Prayers Jodi Arias team Jodi .mjmmaryjane mjm

    “When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.”
    ~Catherine Ponder

    Trying my best to let go of yesterday’s resentments…

      • This is what I said when I was abused…….

        Now I lay me down to sleep, Lord, I just can’t take bein’ beat!
        I wish I’d die, instead I wake, to face another day, so full of hate!

        After TRUE friends stood beside me, I said…… (and it took awhile!)

        Now I lay me down to sleep, I’m so thankful I wasn’t beat!
        Don’t let me die, I want to awake, so I can challenge this world of hate!
        Lord give me wisdom, give me grace, give me peace, in every place!

    • I might be more prepared to approach that quote in the spirit it was meant after several more rants or maybe not ever. I am, like everyone else here, no fan of what lady injustice has done in this case. We might be the last bit of empathy and reasonable thought in this fiasco in a nation of Jodi hating loons who believes everything HLN and JM spoon fed them.

  2. SJ’s statement a couple of days ago will keep me focused on what is important:

    “We’re here for the long haul – and we will ultimately get JUSTICE FOR JODI!


    This will be a difficult day but we will get through it. Candles burning and prayers being said for strength during this difficult time.

  3. Hello everyone, I just wrote out a long post and it didn’t go up, so I’ll try again. I don’t post very often, because I basically agree with everything that’s being said and I’m still trying to learn the facts since I only found you guys about two weeks ago. I also didn’t follow the trial very closely until towards the end. Jodi is such a courageous and gracious young lady to endure all of this. But justice will come for her, with all of the wonderful support that’s due her from this site, For the longest I thought I was the only one in the universe who felt this way. I also agree with Al, the intruder story makes more and more sense, I have a theory and I think it’s the obvious we all are thinking, don’t want to elaborate right now, IMO she had a message to convey and that’s why she did the interview. I think I heard somewhere, that the interview was only to take place incase the verdict was M1. More mystery. I pray for her continued strength, hope and faith! May the Angels watch over her always!

    • “I think I heard somewhere, that the interview was only to take place incase the verdict was M1.”

      Well, that’s an interesting bit of information!

      and, welcome BTW!!

    • The interview was done right after the verdict because it was M1. Had it been any other verdict Jodi stated she would have waited. She said that when she called about the interview.

    • Andrea, this is not my site…I only post here… I am a huge skeptic of people just learning, and or, believing ONE thing Mad Midget (JM) has to say…. Look to the right of your screen, and you’ll get caught up quick! I had “people” copy my words, and post to my FB page, something my 14 yr old read! Yes, it was an email to HLN, but still, SOME people are still drinking the KOOL AID! Det. Floral, Dr. Horny, the Mad Midget Juan, N. Disgrace, etc…

      You’re right…Jodi will get JUSTICE! This is FAR from over! I have never seen so much corruption! Jodi’s trial SCREAMS APPEAL! Being in Law Enforcement 12 years, those HLN talking heads need jailed! And I’ll tell you like I told my friends on here… If TA (Travis) was alive, I’d put him UNDER that jail, AND, if I were on that jury, she would’ve walked THAT DAY! Jodi WAS abused, she’s NOT crazy, so don’t drink the KOOL AID! If your truly Jodi’s supporter….. Welcome…. Please get caught up and informed….


      (No Kool Aid Juan – JUSTICE for Jodi!)

  4. Good morning, everybody! For it is almost still morning over here. I have to catch up with comments on the last post.
    Hugs to everybody.

  5. In her quote I hear forgiveness for those who persecute her. It’s inspiring. I have learned that forgiveness is an action not a feeling. I’m struggling with it in this case though.

    Good Morning Team Jodi! ~{HUGS}~ ♥

  6. Watching the aggravation phase on YouTube. Juan just loves to tell his tale, doesn’t he. He sounds like he’s telling a “Gruselgeschichte” (horror story) at a fire place. …and then there is a hand…holding a knive…they try to crawl away… Of it wasn’t so serious I would be funny. I can’t believe the jury fell for it. It’s just like Nurmi said – the state has to prove that this murder was more cruel than a “normal” 1st degree murder. That would mean something like torturing your victim for hours before killing AND knowing what your doing. The state says the killing lasted about 2 minutes AND IT CAN NOT PROVE that Jodi knew what she was doing.

    This whole trial is a “Gruselgeschichte”! I can’t believe that this is really happening and real people witnessing this still decide the way they do.

      • Agreed and his pregnant pause made me want to smash my own computer monitor. I honestly wish I hadn’t watched at all. It was worthless and predictable.

        • I thought about not watching it at all, too. Bit then I felt so disconected to Jodi and like I abandoned her. Plus I want to witness the injustice myself so I do not have to rely on anything but my own mind.
          But I agree to 100% percent: it is so predictable and dumb. It’s opium for the masses.

        • Goodmorning AA.. Tell me please how JM was allowed. to stands up there and lie. He added another minute to the time and his whole story of events. How did the jury not see this? Further more is there any motion that can come about him lying?

          • He stole a line from a poem by Dylan Thomas called “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” If he plagiarized his sources in front of a jury he absolutely cheated his 5’4” ass off in law school.

    • “Juan just loves to tell his tale, doesn’t he. He sounds like he’s telling a “Gruselgeschichte” (horror story) at a fire place. …and then there is a hand…holding a knive…they try to crawl away… If it wasn’t so serious I would be funny. I can’t believe the jury fell for it.”

      Americans today crave a show. Flashiness. They revel in voyeurism, of schadenfreude. ie: The misfortunes of others. Even if the misfortunes are people recovering from a natural disaster, hurricane, etc., voyeurism rules the day. What movies are being made Blood, horror and on and on.

      PRIDE, HAUGHTINESS. I’m going to take a chance here and give a link to a video of a -real- Christian addressing the pride of Americans, particularly the pride of so-called “christians”. It is of poor quality but it is 11 minutes of absolute truth, IMO. Everyone, no matter your faith or non-faith can learn something from this.

      This lady expresses exactly how I feel.

      • Let me tell you: it’s not only Americans today, it’s humanity today. I, myself, ate ashamed to admit that I am guilty of it. The reason I turned to the Arias trial was voyeurism. I just read somewhere that a girl is on trial for killing her ex-boyfriend (and carried gas cans in her trunk! Ha! That was actually one of the first things I read about this case.) and googled it. Luckily, besides having some bad, voyeuristic parts in me, other parts, like compassion, seeking justice and ultimativly feeling love, are stronger. I feel like a lot of people stop at their first reaction. They do not look any further, neither outside nor inside themselves. They cut out big parts of themselves and they do not have a connection to their “human feelings”. They are like machines and one should actually feel sorry for them because they live a pity full live. I see it all around, everywhere I look, not only in the US.
        I hope I got my point across for sometimes I am lacking the proper English terms for discussing things that go further than gossip and Hollywood movies. I am sorry if my posts are bumpy to read.

        • Ma’am, you are exactly right. I do the same things. I pray for forgiveness and repent, turning away. It works for a while, then here I am again, particularly when a radical injustice is being done to -anyone-. I hope you enjoyed the video, and may God bless you.

    • I know and I thought Nurmi again spoke so well but the jury ain’t hearing it. They made their decision the minute they were picked for the jury!!

    • He was so over-dramatic, like he was telling a ghost story:

      “And then the blade was five inches away…and then the blade was two inches away…and then the blade went in and out!”

  7. I know no one here likes Nancy the Pigface. However, there is one thing she does that aggravates the hell out of me. When she touches her right ear like she some kind of diva in a sound booth waiting to hit the high note. What is that about?

  8. I am glad that Jodi is showing her spirituality and her generosity of spirit to the hate-filled cretins that are calling for her death. I am not feeling quite as well towards them. I have a more ‘may you all rot in hell’ attitude. And I think maybe Nance holds her ear like that because she hears Satan whispering to her.

  9. Goodmorning….SJ day here feeling as if I had totally lost my mind…How in Gods name could I have missed everything that the jury saw too keep coming back with the verdict. they do.

    JM stood there and lied and they didn’t even bat a eyelashe. The events were all changed around and the time went from 62 seconds to 2 minuets. Have I lost my mind?

    • Yes, all this BS will come out at the appeals. This has always been a very basic self-defence/DV case that got turned into a circus by the State.

      Team Jodi

        • I don’t see a woman at peace. I see me when I left my DV relationship. I was completely devoid of emotion. I couldn’t laugh or cry. I felt nothing. I was completely empty. What worries me is that she is using this same avoidance and coping mechanism. She will eventually crack and fall apart when this is over and I am afraid and saddened for her because she will have no one to help her through it. I just wish I could hug her and tell her I understand and but for the grace of God Himself I could have been Jodi. What all these monsters forget is that we could ALL be Jodi. God did not make some of us better than others. We are shaped by our surroundings and circumstances. Also wish I could express that to the Alexanders. We are all the same. We all have choices and you cannot tell me what you would do in the exact same circumstance. I for one can tell you without a doubt that I would have fought for my life with everything I had exactly like Jodi did. And I can also tell you I would have lied like a rug to save my own ass if I had to . It is called human instint and self preservation. I do not look at Jodi and see a woman who is proud of what she did. How can they?

          • tnlucy, I love your post!

            And your very cute lucy avatar, btw, 🙂

            A good friend/former boyfriend of mine pointed out something to me many years ago that I did not truly grasp at the time, but that I have come to see as having some validity since then. I cannot recall the exact words he used but it was something to the effect that people judge other people while using them as mirrors.

            As you so wisely stated, “we are shaped by our surroundings and circumstances.” I do not know what factors have shaped the people who perceive Jody as being proud for having killed Travis, but I know there is a part of me who is proud of her for valiantly defending herself and succeeding in what I consider to have been a David vs Goliath altercation. Those who see Jodi as arrogant, I believe, are probably arrogant in their own lives, as evidenced by the snarkiness of so many of their own words and accusations, and thus, drawing upon their own personal experience, they mistakenly assume Jody MUST feel “so arrogant (!)” as they hold her up as a mirror and never even realize she is their mirror.

            As for the instinct of self-preservation, I agree with you that we ALL are blessed/cursed with this two-edged sword simply by virtue of being living creatures as that is a biological imperative. I think, too, that the empathy that most of us are born with, along with the morality our various civilizations attempt to enculture us with, succeed for the most part in making it a taboo to kill others of our kind. Even other species are loathe to kill their own kind in the same predatory waythat they may routinely take down prey to feed themselves as happens in the balance of nature.
            What I am trying to get at, here, is that there is a fundamental question humanity has had to deal with since the beginning if time: which is the worse to experience: to kill or to be killed? Neither one is pretty, by any means. I look at it as but for the grace of the universe go I, that I did not have to make that decision as Jodi had to.
            When I first heard about this case in the news, it was so horrifying, and sadly, I, too, ASSUMED Jody was “a murderer.” In the beginning, when I assumed this about her, I found it so painful and unnerving every time some tidbit about her past or her personality was revealed that I was able to identify with, BECAUSE, I did not WANT to have anything in common with this “murd erer.” Frankly, I found myself identifying with her dissociation-induced behavior long before Dr Samuels was introduced and explained acute stress, just because, I dont really know how, I just know myself well enough to conclude that killing another human being would be such an horrific experience I would HAVE to dissociate from it to cope, and yet, I also knew/know that I am fully capable of killing someone, because I have a fierce temper, and am volatile in nature. I KNOW rage, intimately. Every time I stub my toe or get my finger pinched in someplace I shoukd have been keeping it away from getting pinched in, I feel such an overpowering sense of rage I titally identify with Bill Bixby metamorphasizing into Lou Ferrigno. Crap. Getting off topic, again.

            I suspect at least two things are at play in fueling the haters to be so impervious to comprehending the truth about Jodi Arias. First, some are simply hateful, bitter, jealous people who are probably in the habit of viewing other people only as props, tools, pawns, what have you, as means to a self-serving end. They are empathy-challenged, imho. Second, are those who blame Jodi in order to protect their own fragile psychological egos from the reality they, too, are capable of killing. It is so much easier to villify someone that looks like you, that you do not WANT to look like, and so you resent them for looking like you, and do everything in your power to come up with ways that they look different than you do, to try to prove to everyone around you that the two of you do NOT look alike. They doth protest too much! It scares these people to realize they could be Jodi. Rather than facing their fear they label her in their small minds as “the Other,” in order to distance themselves from having anything in common with Jodi. Jmo.

    • Dr. Drew commented last night about jodie s mother not getting her help. Not everyone can
      afford help for a mental condition. in this country they would rather spend millions of dollars
      trying to kill someone such as Jodie then put the resources into mental health or education.
      This makes no sense. Jodie certainly is not the worst of the worst. Juan Martinez and yes, the
      Alexander family is simply out for blood at any cost.

  10. “To exclude all jurors who would be in the slightest way affected by the prospect of the death penalty would be to deprive the defendant of the impartial jury to which he or she is entitled under the law.

    There are murder victims’ family members who go through this process thinking they’ll feel peace once the revenge of the death penalty is carried out. What I’ve learned is that you don’t feel better in revenge. You feel better in forgiveness.”

    Matthew 5:7 – “God blesses those who are merciful, for they will be shown mercy.”

  11. Good Morning Everyone,

    Love all your morning posts…thank you. God Bless Jodi for her inspirational tweet. I’m praying for her, and the jurors…although, that may be a moot point…I’m hoping today they can find a thread of decency, and compassion in their hearts….Hugs and love to all….and to you Jodi..our sweet angel

    • BeeCee..I’ve been wondering the same about Tonya…I’ve been popping in and out, and haven’t seen any of her posts..I may have missed them…is she still here ???

    • I am in the same state as our Tonya and have family up there where I believe she is ( do not want to say where for obvious reasons ). There were many tornadoes there last night but as far as I know, not in her area. There was grapefruit sized hail and massive rain and wind. Possibly the electricity is out where she is..

      Tonya, let us know if you are okay!

  12. I pray this torture will end today so we can move on to the appeal. The degradation and abuse of our sweet girl continues and Juan Asswipe is lovin every minute of it. Please, can one juror just say “ENOUGH!”

    • CL…sadly, that would take a heart…and I’m convinced all the jurors were, at some point cast as characters in the Wizard of Oz…scarecrow, lion, and tin man….sad, so sad…..

  13. I want to watch what how they defend her, but I don’t think I will be able to stomach the faking scum sponge family with their victim impact statement.

    I could not bring myself to watch “dr” drew , but it sounds like the drunk driving juror was a total twat. Didn’t sound like he was objective at all. Why should the jury feel a debt to the anyone. It sounds like he broke the judge’s orders multiple times.

    He should be at AA meetings, not on TV trying to be famous. Glad he didn’t kill anyone himself when he was drunk driving.

    I hope they use his 15 minutes of fame seeking in support of Jodi’s appeal.

    I loved her tweet, but unfortunately it will be spun as something preposterous as usual. She can’t win, whatever she does they twist into something absurd. This must be what the Salem Witch Trials were like.

    • Ugh, me neither. I have thinking about the family statement for days now. It will be puke inducing (is that an actual term?). They are clearly on the wrong path. They will not feel better if Jodi is killed. They need healing from inside. I feel like their pain and suffering comes from a different place and different time and is only partly related to their brothers death. It is only an outlet for the pain they endured a long time ago. And if they cannot dissolved that particular pain, they will never heal. But they don’t seem to realise this. The are out for healing by another persons death. This is why everything they do feels so fake to us – because it is fake. But they don’t know that it is fake – ignorance.

      • And I should feel bad for them for obvious reasons. But when I see them bawling their eyes out, sniffing during that two minutes silence that Juan awkwardly forced on us (does he not know that time is not constant??? Obviously two minutes in court where nobody talks and a lot of people cry audibly is a long time. Two minutes cuddling with you dog is short. Two minutes getting murdered is probably not even processed by the brain. Idiot.), I hated them so much, I want to hit them.

      • Judith, hello there, German friend! So glad you have started posting, I enjoy learning what you think. Your fluency in English is excellent, but since you asked if we have a word for puke-inducing, just wanted to let you know we do have a word: “nauseating”
        Still, I think I like “puke inducing” better than our word! Lol.

        • Nauseating! Thank you, Sable – I should have known that one….:) I had a couple of free days therefore I was able to post a lot. I will still pop in the next days – even if it is just to say hello.

          Thank you for the compliment!

          (I probably still keep using puke inducing…;))

  14. AA -For days now I wanted to tell you how sorry I am about the loss of your gerbil, I know you loved him and gave him a great life and he was really special. I had a great gerbil friend too , his name was Ralph He actually belonged to a neighbor friend that gave Ralph to me because Ralph would climb out of his cage and come over to my apartment, climbing through an old milk chute.He was so smart he would do this every day to come visit me so his owner ended up giving me Ralph.
    I thought what you said bout how we deal and react to our abusers was really interesting.How some of us learn to deal with their outbursts and how we learn to diffuse the situation,first anger, second anger.Since this trial I have looked back on when I was attacked and what stopped me from killing him. It’s almost unfathomable to me that I didnt kill him because I was so enraged at the time. What makes this trial so emotional for me is that it could be me in her place, it could be many of us.

    • It seems odd that you mention rage. I felt fear/terror during an abusive relationship and if I had fought back at any point it would have been during an attack and due to the fear of further injury or death.

      • I find fear and rage to be closely intertwined and only separated by a thin line in my own experience. When the fear swallows up the rage I find myself paralyzed and inhibited from engaging in action that might be useful or that might be helpful. When the rage swallows the fear, I rant and yell and slam cupboard doors and throw objects (only when I am alone, and never “at” anyone), and feel out of control and driven toward action, rather than inhibited from it.
        Of course, I like it best when fear/rage are not an issue and reside below my awareness, as when engaged in happiness or mental concentration.

  15. I pray for Jodie and her family they are all going to need the ultimate strength today. great tweet Jodie
    Stay Strong
    Dale H.

  16. Good morning, and good afternoon to us Germans. Yesterday was another painful day, and today will be one more. I was stunned when I read Jodi’s tweet right now – it goes right in the face of those who asked sarcastically: “What ya gonna tweet now, Jodi?” And because this tweet points us in a spiritual direction, I decided to post something I’ve been wanting to share for a while.

    In my country Germany, only very few people are active Christians anymore. Christianity is utterly “uncool” and Christians have no “lobby” like they do in America. The good part about this is that people who believe in Jesus Christ in Germany are usually very serious about this and don’t do it for selfish reason. I am one of those and have had to face being ridiculed by my family for it for over 25 years now. That’s also why we have to know what we believe so we don’t just go with the crowd when it’s uncomfortable.

    For me, the accurate prophecies in the Bible that have been fulfilled over time have been a big reason to be convinced of my faith even in times of doubt. And I would like to share with all of you the book of Revelation, chapter 13, in the light of what we have been seing from the haters, the social media lynch mob. This prophecy is still about the future, but I think nowadays it is much easier for us to fathom how such a thing of global impact could happen than it was for the person who wrote it 2000 years ago.

    Especially these verses: “15 The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. 16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.”

    Here’s the link to the whole chapter:

    I totally love and accept everyone else who doesn’t share my faith and I’m not here to convert anyone. I really just want to share something that seems very important in the light of globalisation, yet few people who don’t know the Bible know about anymore. Food for thought.

    And I wanted to say a big thank you to all of you here for supporting Jodi and expressing your opinions so freely. This site really makes a difference!

    • Another German, yay! Feels good not to be alone!
      Hallo und einen schönen Nachmittag dir, Lene. Ich bin keine Christin, aber spirituell. In der Bibel stehen universelle Weisheiten, wenn man sie zu lesen weiß und sie ernsthaft auf sein Herz wirken lassen kann. Danke für deinen Beitrag.

      (Hello and good afternoon to you, Lene. I am not a Christian but I am spiritual. The bible holds a lot of universal wisdom, if you know how to read it and if you are able to truly feel them with your heart. Thank you for your post.)

      I wonder how many Germans are on this board. I feel so joyful to discover that a lot if my fellow people are here. So happy!

      • Hi,

        I am A German too. I Leave in Hamburg.

        I also being fallowing Jodis Trial for 2 months now.I am very praud to see, that many warms hearts are for Jodi. Love you all and keep faithful to Jodi.

        Therfore we have a mission to support this woman, that have so unfairly been judge..

        Grüßen aus Hamburg und bleiben treu zu Jodi. Sie hat es verdint. Diese arme Frau…

  17. Good morning everyone.
    I am new to this sight and definitely not a hater.
    Whatever happened to the theory that there was another person in the room as seen in the reflection of TA’s eye? Who could JA be protecting?
    I firmly believe that no matter who it is everyone has the right to a fair trial.
    I do not believe in the death penalty.
    Being tried on H-Hell-N in the court of blah blah blah dumb ass Nancy Grace without a sequestered jury is not fair and just.
    I hope that if this goes to appeals down the road that she gets decent representation.

    • I read a lot of crime fiction and nonfiction. There’s so much obfuscation in the legal system that it can’t get near the truth, not anywhere near. This case, even going on for years, is horribly incomplete.

      We’ll know a lot more as years go by. A lot more.

  18. Re Facebook

    MY OFFENSE: Posted the photo from JAii of Travis in the body bag. Caption: “Travis looks good in blue.”

    RESULT: FB Jail



    Okay, you guys have seen the obscene polluting of FB with grotesque pics of Jodi, right? It was especially egregious yesterday. How in the hell is it that I’M punished?

    • That’s ridiculous that you were punished for that. He’s already dead, say what you will! She is still alive and her life is at stake. 🙁

    • Good question!? I could report those nasties all day and nothing….I get some message notifying me that my report has been reviewed, like that’s helping anyone!

    • I am sure you posted that very seriously Basse but I am sitting here killing myself laughing that you had the audacity to do that. I love it 🙂

      • Me too, Basse!!!
        I just LOVE your sassy spunk!

        Btw, I noticed you liked my fb picture of the bunny cookies and would like to forward the recipe to you if you are interested. You use Pillsbury cookie dough and cover with coconut flakes for the fur. Each cookie has a milk dud baked into the center making them chewy and yum. Anyway, not very saavy on how to use fb, yet, and haven’t figured out what the practical difference is between sending soneone a message vs posting on someones wall??? I feel so inept on fb and cautious, too, because of privacy issues and potential to inadvertantly open Pandora’s box?

        If anyone here has some tips or pointers for me on how to understand/ use facebook features wuthout getting into trouble, I would appreciate whatever knowledge you can impart to me.

        Basse, if you would like the bunny cookies recipe, I can email the link to you Or send it to you via fb if you give me some instrux on how to go about that.

        SJ/admin: Basse Krokke has permission to know my email.

    • Basse, WTF?? I’ve been reporting much more vileness towards Jodi but get the same reply that it doesn’t violate TOS, It’s sickening the bias @ FB.

      How long are you suspended? Your comment is nothing compared to what’s out there

      • I don’t know how long the sentence is this time. I juggle 5 accounts, because I am jailed every day. Each time I’m jailed, I switch accounts, as one of my other accounts’ ban will have been lifted.

        “Your comment is nothing compared to what’s out there”

        Right? And I’ll concede that some of my stuff is egregious enough to warrant punishment, BUT NOT THIS TIME. Seriously, this shit is bananas.

    • That makes no sense…I wonder if it is the number of people complaining against you.

      I have that photo as the background image and no one has said anything…or course I am not nearly as outspoken as you (I wish I were, just isn’t my nature or I don’t have time)

      @Rainy, we need a way to coordinate complaining against the same pages.

      Rainy are you friends with Basse? IF so I will try to find you.

      • “I wonder if it is the number of people complaining against you.”

        I suspect there is a core group of TT a-holes who report me every day, routinely. I’ve been jailed when I hadn’t posted at all for days. Effing Team Travis are bullies just like their heroes, Travis and Juan.

    • Basse I saw that, but it’s okay to have pictures of JA swinging at the end of a rope. WTH. And all the autopsy pics are all over the place. How is the bag worse than that. Just can’t piss off pedo lovers.

  19. First off- I am no longer linking my Twitter to this page, so my name will not show up as a link, but it’s still me. Second- I finally found a postcard and I’m mailing it to Jodi today!! It’s so hard to find postcards and although I bought some online yesterday for Jodi, they won’t be here for a couple days. I was happy to find this one. I hope it gives her the encouragement she needs to keep pressing on!

    • I was wondering how to write to her. Where can I find information on writing to her in prison? Do they only accept post cards?

      • Right now she is in the county jail. They only accept postcards there. I’m not sure what prison will be like as far as correspondence. You can email SJ for the address I think.

      • Hi Kat, I just got your email but I thought it better to reply here in the site in case anyone else had the same question. So, the best option would be to hold off for now until we have a firm address for Jodi. When we do, I’ll let everyone know. Thanks!

        Team Jodi

    • Hi Rachel,
      I hope your postcard make it to Jodi. Today is going to hard day for Jodi & her family. I’m eager for someone to stand up Jodi.

      • Good morning, Ann. I hope so too. I am mailing it today so I hope it gets there by Friday or Saturday and she hasn’t been moved yet.
        I am not looking forward to today. I don’t want to hear anything the Alexanders have to say. My stomach was in knots yesterday and that was just with Juan running his mouth. :/

    • Do they have to be a special type of postcard? What I would call postcards are available in virtually any tourist or gift shop.

    • Oh my gosh!! Me too I went to 4 different places and finally found one and it wad ugly but I bought it anyway and ordered some from Amazon!!

    • Yes folks, lets do it a lot, so Jodi will spend her days in jail reading our mails, so it wont be so hard on her… With many cheerings lots of funny cards, to raise her spirit.

      I know I´ll be doing that from Germany. And when if I fly to visit my brother in NYC I won´t forget to stop in Arizona for Jodi.

      I really wish to see her and give her personally a visit.. To show how she is loved by me. My younger sister. Jodi. You not havy you´re my sister. Because God is our Father !

  20. We now know that the outcome in this was a foregone conclusion from the beginning. The jury was unsympathetic from the onset and the defense was fighting a losing battle to begin with. At this point it’s pretty obvious what’s coming next. Automatic appeal is all Jodi has to look forward to. This was a railroad job of the worst kind.

  21. I had to take a few days off from all of this….just too sad to deal. But now I am back and comforted by all here. I feel so bad for Jodi…she looks so small and sad…I wish I could sit by her in court and just be a friend to her.

    • i hear ya Kat K… AND all the public verbal abuse she and her family is quite sad.

      but remember, she’d STILL be in jail right now in almost any scenario minus full acquittal which was not gonna happen. and she knew that, i believe.

      thus, AFTER these next phases are determined, which is tough for her i’m sure… she’s doing her time anyway, while working on appeals, etc.
      (just another way of looking at it to perhaps make u feel a LITTLE better!?)

  22. Good Morning-
    Wondering if I am the only one that is concerned that Jodi continues to tweet quotes of those in the Mormon hierarchy? Jodi is so intelligent which makes me wonder why is she continuing to subscribe to the teachings of the Cult which is out to kill her? She has seen first hand that the mini me Joseph Smith’s ie: Chris Hughes, Dave Hall etc., are on an all out campaign to make Travis into a Saint and Jodi into his cold blooded killer who deserves nothing less than a brutal State sponsered murder. She has had many years to really look at the Cult she was brainwashed into and research it’s history which is one of violence toward women and children.

    I am becoming more and more concerned that Jodi will never be able to fully defend herself, including in an appeals situation, if she continues on this path. If what many believe is true, that TA was actually murdered by the Mormons and Jodi is the scapegoat, Jodi continues to play right into their evil hands.

  23. Good Morning Everyone.

    First, Morning Music …. This one’s my FU to all them other folks.


    The iPhone has a cut, copy, paste feature and allows opening multiple browser tabs. So if you open a page on one tab, go up to the address window, tap and the edit screen shows up, highlight the section you want to copy, by sliding you finger over it, then tap copy, now go to the tab you want to paste into and tap, the edit menu will show up, select past and voila. If you use some other phone, I don’t know, but one of the other folks here knows.

    And I wish they’d just get this freaking travesty of a trial over with (since we all know where this is headed), so we can get the appeals court to overrule this crap and get moving on to some real justice.

    • Morning Al
      Yes let’s get pass today & on to the appeal!!
      I’m dreading the “sister act”
      Looking forward to seeing someone stand up or speech up for Jodi

      • Ann, that is my fear as well: the sister act…. Especially the younger one (i don’t know their names. Not the sceleton one – the other one), she was putting on an act yesterday for the jury and the camera like it was going out of style…. Did anypone else see that?

        • Oh yes, she could win as Oscar. I think it will be her & the one with the blonde highlights that spoke at the memorial service. I could be wrong. Rumor has it Jodi will not be making a statement. I hope that rumor is true…. For appeal reason only.

        • The entire world saw it. What still chaps my ass is that the jury (supposedly) does not know that SuperTrav and his family were not close at all. They therefor look like a grieving family who is really suffering. They also (supposedly) do not know about all the donations and money grubbing or the campaign by the family to ruin the defense witnesses careers. Nor do they see the evil and hate toward Jodi, her family and supporters. They really are playing to a captive audience and it is sickening.

  24. Judith – I saw your first post from a couple of days ago and felt the same way. Nice to meet other like-minded Germans this (unusual) way.

    TR – I worry about her quoting the Mormons, too. I also find it hard to disregard all the details that point toward the “blood atonement” part. This is what is so unsettling… The feeling there is more to this and no one brings it up for whatever reason. One thing I do NOT believe is that Jodi tried to disguise the killing as a mormon blood atonement. But I also cannot believe it has nothing to do with it. The similarities are too striking – why else would he have had his throat slit AND his heart stabbed AND been shot, too. All this points to blood atonement, including him in the shower (“his blood flowing down in his grave”) and his body being washed.

    • defense should bring up on appeal IF they can, etc.
      that Jodi only remembers… (whatever portion), due to CONCUSSION, i.e., fog when TA body slammed her onto tile floor.
      THUS, that could bring up the mormon atonement BY OTHERS. Jodi could not have done ALL that, etc.
      just saying should/WOULD’ve helped, IMHO.

      it would’ve explained some things in Jodi’s favor?
      Juan would still have his gas cans, and the gun coincidence, but…

    • Lene, sorry to ask but what do you mean by “…as a mormon blood atonement..”? I am from Greece and know almost nothing about the mormons.

      • Pandora – just google “mormon blood atonement” and “throat” and you will find plenty. There are references especially to slit throats, but also to stabbed hearts and cut-off penises. In younger times the gunshot seems to be the preferred method, though.

    • It’s pretty obvious to me like you say that Jodi did not do all of it. I believe that members of the mormon cult came in, and did a blood atonement on Travis. I’m telling you that the mormon’s are some strange characters. This is also why it took 5 days for them to report the dead body.

      This would give plenty of time for them to clean up the immediate area where Travis was after the ceremony had been accomplished. As to make sure that none of the participants would be implicated. They would simply blame it all on Jodi.

      I believe this theory is the only one that makes sense. Immediately Jodi was implicated by one of Travis’ … friends!!!! This allowed them to do their little tweaky mormon act. Jodi is the perfect patsy.

    • Thanks Lene- I guess that make two of us. Couldn’t agree more with you about the blood atonement issue which continues to be common in the Mormon cult, even though they try to say it isn’t. I have seen some very eerie You tube videos from ex mormons on this issue.

    • Thanks Lene- I guess that makes two of us. I couldn’t agree more about the blood atonement issue. It remains common in the LDS, despite the cult saying it is no longer practiced. I have seen several videos on you tube by ex Mormons that make it clear that it is a common practice.

  25. Good morning, All! AM I correct in understanding that Drunk-Juror admitted on “Dr.” Drew that people at work would approach him about the case, and that he would see it on media and change the channel??

    If so, didn’t he lie when Pickles would ask people to raise their hands if anyone approached them, or if they saw anything in the media? No hands were raised? Yet now he admits it?

    Does the defense know this?

    • Morning, Renee!! And yes, that was my understanding of what Juror 8 said. I thought the same thing about him not raising his hand. I am thankful now he was kicked off the jury, but it doesn’t seem like it would have made much of a difference anyway. :/

      • What the fuck does “tried not to read the newspapers” mean?

        Does it mean he tried and failed. Because if he succeeded he could have just said “I did not read the newspaper”.

        Why the caveat?

            • Yes I do remember that…. Let me look into my crystal. ball…Oh I see lots of money flying. out of your pockets ……….

              I’m taped out with funds for my younger son ed. He took time off from getting. a law dagrer. So now he’s working at his brothers plumbing. company. It took him 2 months before he told me. Timing I guss was everything. He waited until. we went out for dinner. I so just wanted to bitch slap him back into reality. But he is 26 so….

    • Renee,

      Yes, it was sick! Yes, he said that co-workers approached him and he would say he couldn’t talk about it. He professed it was extremely difficult to avoid the news, TV… Dr. Drew and crew treated this guy like a saint and they felt sooo bad for him that he got kicked off the jury. Katie Dick (my nickname for that over zealous spray tanned, Nancy Grace type eyeshadowed chick) was practically licking his nuts over how terrible it was. VOMIT!!!

      Ok, Dr. Addiction Specialist this mf’er got drunk and behind the wheel, endangering the lives of everyone on the streets and where was your advice for treatment for this drunk asshole?!!!

      • I am watching now…. fucking ridiculous. I know this will be made right with the State paid appeal…

        Complete and utter juror misconduct. They are all so proud of him? They don’t discuss the fact he was a drunk driver?

      • “Ok, Dr. Addiction Specialist this mf’er got drunk and behind the wheel, endangering the lives of everyone on the streets and where was your advice for treatment for this drunk asshole?!!!”


    • Renee,

      It’s a sham. The whole freaking thing. We have a ME with changing stories and claiming typos, we have a prosecutor changing timelines and using possible suggestions as proof beyond a reasonable doubt, we have a detective claiming he was mistaken, we have a judge who couldn’t find justice if it was stuck up her bony butt, we have a jury that’s out for blood, we have the media making shit up as they go along and inciting the public and the less we talk about the public at large the better.

      This whole thing stinks of a legalized lynching.

    • Jodi should win her appeal JUST based on the fact that this jury was not sequestered during a high-profile trial. And I don’t give a shit that an AZ jury hasn’t been sequestered in decades, blah blah blah…this isn’t 1950. News runs 24/7 and it’s too easy for tainting to occur in 2013.

  26. Juror 8 could have driven his suv drunkenly thru the courtroom smashing into pickels screaming all the jurors watched hln and nothing would have been done. Basse K if you think it would help I can like yor fb page

  27. wow………….if this is true, I am PISSED:

    Beth Karas

    The defense attorneys moved to withdraw from the case after the guilty verdict. The judge denied it. We do not know the basis for the defense motion. #jodiarias

    Beth Karas

    Judge Stephens denied the defense’s motion to have victim impact statements videotaped. We expect two of them, live, later today. #jodiarias

        • Renee,

          Who are the bastards in your comment? If it’s the judge I agree.

          If it’s the defense attorneys, they may have made the motion to preserve the record for some future “ineffective assistance of counsel” type appeal, fully expecting the judge to turn it down, but now its on the record.

          • I hope that is why they did this…

            and yes, Pickles is a bastard.

            and if JW and KN did this for any other reason than future appeals, then they are bastards as well, IMHO.

              • Now I’m. just going to throw. up.

                OK I have a hypothetical for you. Do you honestly think that they will give Jodi the DP ..I’M Thinking that she has all this crap for a appeal and if she gets the DP the state
                will have to spend lots of $$$$ . But if she gets LWOP she’s on her own. Normally I wouldn’t think that the system would be this corrupt …..but damn …

                • I think she will. These jurors are too bloodthirsty IMO. But the DP will actually work in her favor during the appellate process.

                • Cindy, since when the “State” spends… Thats the volks that pay for everything.. Taxes payer… And the State don´t give a shit.. sad but the truth..Don´t forget all the conspiracies untill now.. Illiminatis and etc, etc, etc…..

  28. Morning everyone~My computer wouldn’t fire up yesterday so was unable to get online until today.

    I watched mainly KN yesterday…pretty much ignored most of JM but listened to him change the time from under a min to 2 min. Now…given that lie and or change, KN pointed that out to the “jury” and you would think they would actually think about that, and wonder..ok, JM changed something again..I see what he’s trying to do here etc..but no, not THIS jury..I almost feel that know what they are going to decide already and draw it out to make us think that they are “actually deliberating”..BS!!!!

    I can’t wait for this verdict to be over turned on appeal, and it will…I can’t wait for all of the lies and misconduct to be revealed, and the fact of no sequestration and how preducial this was for Jodi!!

    So, I will half watch today..will not watch any victim statements as TA’s family gets to cry and vent ..all the while they have tried to destroy people’s careers, and gain financially off of their brothers death..makes me sick…Can’t wait until a successful appeal and see the smile wiped off the haters/family’s faces!!!!

  29. Actually the jury admonition says

    “When you go home tonight and family and friends ask what the case is about, remember you cannot speak with them about the case. All you can tell them is that you are on a jury, the estimated schedule for the trial,
    and that you cannot talk about the case until it is over.”

    Remember Juror 8 claims he told his wife and neighbors what case he was on. Also how do his colleagues know what case he’s on. I guess they could guess based on schedules etc.

    The problem of course is that he has been dismissed and was not part of the verdict, and so any such issue with regards to him is moot, since the court can say, he wasn’t part of the verdict and was dismissed for misconduct in any case.

    So I don’t think there’s any meat on those bones.

    • But Al, remember all the times she asked people to raise their hands if they saw anything on the media? or raise your hand if ANYONE other than counsel approached you about the case….

      and she would bobble-head for a second and say, “I see no hands”

      is that not a complete and utter lie? juror misconduct? and if he was on the jury for 5 months, how do we know he followed any of the other admonitions? How do we know the jury didn’t discuss this with themselves….when he is admitting he lied to pickels?

    • But he has admitted to bias towards the Alexander family, he did not disclose his misconduct regarding the admonition, AND weren’t his self-admittedly “snarky” comments capable of tainting the remaining jurors?



    A mormon man, single, a self proclaimed virgin, an up and coming polygamist, busy practising his skills in gathering his future harem ie a standard mormon male predator

    HIS techniques: glibeness, superficial charm, family values rhetoric, sex, violence and deceit ie the ingredients of a sociopath
    alyce laviolette though said he wasn’t

    BUT it’s his violence that gets this explosive, and volatile, disturbed man into trouble
    ONE time when he starts to beat one of his woman, she fearing for her life, and with good reason, responds by killing him

    THE mormon church is aghast ie the president, and the quorum of the twelve apostles

    THEY are astute, and quickly realize the dangers, especially if this problem is mismanaged.
    THEIR polygamy, and their secrets will come tumbling out into public gaze if this problem is not managed properly
    A special action group is formed to control the public’s perception of events, and to focus on the young woman who it appears has killed this man; she is to be scapegoated
    THE central strategy is to divert attention away from the church, and onto the woman’s character.
    ALL the assets of the chuch are brought to bear, and coordinated
    PEOPLE in arizona’s power structure are contacted
    THE media, especially the electronic media, are on board
    THE woman is to be characterized as unstable, a woman spurned, who killed an uprighteous mormon man
    THE woman is convicted, after a lengthy trial, and the church, largely unscathed, relaxes a little


    11 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Mormons
    [ including a photo of magic underwear, for both men and women ]

  31. I have only managed to catch a little of yesterday’s coverage, but seeing how quick the decision was reached again, and listening to the determination in their voices proves they are hell bent on following the prosecution line all the way. And that is despite the contradictiions in the state’s case. It indeed raises questions about their humanity and the justice system. And the fact that the prosecution gets the last word and are allowed to challenge the defence’s last word, adds to the bias in the system. This sentencing phase is nothing more than a charade-but then this whole trial has been a charade. And that is a travesty.

    • Agree Oscar!! I think the jury had their minds up from the get go! The “nail biter”, “cup chewer”, “guy with head in hands, half asleep”, “juror #5” in court….yea, they really “listened” to the evidence didn’t they..and they ignored the lies from ME/Flores and now JM..half-assed jury!!

  32. Hi everyone, I feel like I know you all. I have never posted but read all your posts every day. I started feeling a little guilty just reading though. I have been team Jodi since day one! I feel like everyone deserves a fair trial and she definitely has not gotten that. It should have never been a death penalty case in the first place. When I get totally depressed about the case, I come here and I always get positive energy and strength from you all. So I want to say thank you to all of you and to Sj for starting and keeping up with the site. I do not have fb and am very new to twitter. Actually, I only started tweeting because of the trial. The first time I sent out a tweet saying I was team jodi, my twitter account got so bombarded with threats and hate that it got shut down. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Thanks, Tami

    • Good morning Tami- welcome to our site!

      It’s nice to meet you and thank you for sharing your thoughts and of course – thank you for helping us support Jodi.

      • I want to say that I am also on Team Jodi and I don’t post either but come and read everyday. I hope all the lies and lies and lies and lies made up stuff get to see the light of day. I feel so bad for her and cried today…she just looks so sad and defeated. I hope she knows we are all here for her and her family. I just feel so helpless…..I think our justice system stinks and I have no faith in it..I am against the death penalty and so many innocent people are on death row and I hope Jodi is not one of them..I hope everyone has a great night and thank you for letting me speak my peace…I also can not ever post on facebook my allegiance to Jodi for fear of hate mail and twitter as well. I am glad there is somewhere I can go to talk. Thanks again!

  33. Good morning to all….today is a day that Jodi needs to feel our support and she will have the strength to endure, as she has every day so far. One thing keeps going around in my head….maybe this “two intruders” story from JA isn’t so far fetched. I still can’t believe that the attack was done by one person, it’s more of the handiwork of two people, especially given the size difference between JA and TA. Perhaps the Hughes need to be looked at more. Maybe they caught TA doing something he shouldn’t have been doing? Maybe they were out for revenge? Why do both of them look at each other before speaking (as in we better get our story straight). Why were they pressing Gus Searcy so hard to find out what he knew? What importance/value was it to them? Perhaps they had something to hide? Maybe they wanted to make sure he didn’t know or wouldn’t tell the truth about them? If they were such “great friends” of TA then why had they never been to his house? So many questions and not enough answers. Today Sister Sam will be forcing her tears, just like yesterday. She was trying to make herself cry. Sometimes I even caught her smiling through the so called tears. What a joke and a farce! They all make me sick. Jodi stay strong today!! You have so much support behind you!!!!

  34. Apparently Jodi’s defense asked for the victim impact statements to be video taped but the ALSO requested to withdraw from the case. That was on the news this morning. I think Jodi is going to ask for the DP and thats why they want off. Maybe thats why they both seemed a bit different yesterday. I hope she doesn’t ask for it. If she gets life there is still hope. If she asks for the DP and gets it, is that reversable?

  35. From yesterday:

    WARLOCK JUAN: “Travis Alexander did not go gently into that … hot afternoon … not only did she make sure that … uh … um … went that way … he did not go gently, she also made sure that he went in a way that he was nude.”

    Oh, come on! That is verbatim, people! How is this hot mess being praised as the performance of an incredibly talented prosecutor? That shit doesn’t even make sense. Listen to that goblin speak, and it is clear that he CHOKED under the pressure. Yet, he wins. WTF?

    • LOL Basse-
      I thought the same thing. He was stumbling and bumbling all the way through. The jury had it’s mind made up long ago on all phases of this and JM could go in and just stare at them and they will sentence her to death. He is an idiot.

  36. The thing is, these knuckleheads don’t realize that with their actions they or anyone could be in Jodis shoes in the future..

    Jodi is just “collateral damage” in their quest for fame and money!

    Lets see how many end up on HLN..

    • And if they get their “Travis Alexander” law passed their own rediculous law may end up biting them in the ass. That would be karma in action now wouldn’t it?

          • It pisses me off to even circulate that link and disturbs me to see how many people have signed it! Truely alarming.

            • So basically if anyone is careful to abuse someone and is able to do it underhandedly like TA did. They can get away with it and the person can’t even defend themselves because they could not bring the abuse up in court unless others know about it.

              Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t many abuse victims get abused for years without even those closest to them knowing about it? Then if it finally comes out, everyone around them is shocked? I knew all of this before this case ever started but if I was even remotely skeptical about it, the writings of those on this site alone have made it painfully obvious that nobody knew about their abuse either.

            • Bev, this whole trial is alarming….I have NEVER seen anything like this and I have watched many high-profile trials….and HLN’s conduct is shamefull…they damn well know what they are doing, and yet they frickin don’t care!! You would think they would back off when witnesses such as ALV are being threatened, and even the Defense Team members!!! A sick society we have become! I took Sociology in College many years’d be interesting to see what Sociologists would make of this case!!

              • Dear Lynn,

                If the Goverment is corrupt, do you really thing that the States are correct.

                The Goverment don´t care about it´s volks. Sad but true… Conspiracy after conspiracy.
                America should concetrate in get rid of this system that are destroying America.

                Firstable no more central banks, no more Rockefellers and so on… All new !

            • bev… more well known lawyers r saying briefly on the news….how wrong the DP is in this case….they say the truth…case of self defence…but media is trying to wash them out

          • Thank you Bev for posting that link….I just see this as another way TA’s family wants to keep their name in the spotlight..disgusting..I hope none of them has to defend themselves ever….if they don’t have enough evidence to support self-defense they are screwed!!

  37. I am worried that the mormon who was visiting Jodi has her brainwashed into asking for death.(That quote she tweeted worries me). If other people were involved in TA’s death as many of us suspect, they want her dead asap. I am really worried that she is going to ask for the DP. Help me out here people am I wrong? I want to be, I hope I am.

    Please Jodi don’t ask for the DP. We can fix this, we can!!!!

  38. I was just reading up on the death penalty in Arizona. This is an interesting read, it’s a fact sheet on Arizona’s Death Penalty Problems and Recommendations. I thought this portion was particularly interesting given what happened yesterday:

    An ambiguous, overly broad aggravating circumstance can lead to arbitrariness in capital sentencing. In 2002, the Arizona Capital Case Commission expressed concerns regarding the ambiguity of the (F)(6) statutory aggravating circumstance (a murder committed in an “especially cruel, heinous or depraved manner”), but no changes have been made yet. Given the inherent vagueness of this aggravating circumstance and the possibility of overuse, it is of utmost importance that Arizona adopts a uniform and specific definition of this aggravating circumstance when instructing jurors during the aggravation phase of a capital trial.

    • Also thought this part was especially important:

      “As a society, we must do all we can to ensure a fair and accurate system for every person who faces the death penalty. When a life is at stake, there simply is no room for error or injustice.”

      • What annoys me is that anyone with a brain can see that one hell of a fight took place that day. It seems to me that if Jodi had let up for even one second, she would be the one dead in the shower. That’s if she even killed him which I have serious doubts about.

  39. I have an enormous respect for human life. When I was younger I saw things as more black and white. I was for abortion, I was for the death penalty. As I became more mature and had some experience under my belt I realized what a miracle life is and I don’t believe it is anyone’s right to take another’s life. I believe in abortion in certain cases, but not as a method of birth control. We know what causes pregnancy, and as intelligent people it’s up to us to protect against it.

    I don’t think the death penalty solves anythingor deters people. I think we can house murderers until they die. We are supposed to be civilized human beings. If we do believe in the death penalty, who are we to demand this punishment, and expect someone else to carry that sentence out? If we ourselves would not be able/willing to insert that needle into the arm of another, then how can we ask someone else to do it?

    If someone is given a life sentence for murder, then their actions should be limited. We had a murderer up here who murdered 11 boys, then from his prison cell he tormented the families and he also received the old age pension. For giving the location of some of the bodies he was given $100,000.00 which went to his family. No way that should be allowed. He eventually died in prison. If anyone deserved the death penalty this man did, but we don’t have the death penalty where I come from.

    The death penalty just seems uncivilized and barbaric to me.
    If a murderer of babies gets life in prison, how in the world can they justify the DP for Jodi?

    • Bev, I hate to say it, but I am sure that this “jury” is going to give Jodi the DP..they don’t need to hear impact statements, they have already made up their mind, just as they had from the beginning.

      Jodi will get her appeal, and the corruption will all come out!!

      • I agree…I believe that the jury had its mind made up long ago. I think Juan brainwashed them. Sure Jodi lied but not until then and only to cover her tracks…I just feel so bad. This whole thing smells of cover up and jury tampering, etc… Just sickening.

    • I agree BevM — to live in a country where the state was a right to take a life is barbaric. We talk about how society is evolving and how American Justice has no peer. Well, as far as I’m concerned, any country that has the right to execute people is a throwback to the cave dweller era… If you have the death penatly, then you don’t have Democracy. You have Mobocracy. Mobocracy led by Nancy Grace and Dr Drew tried and convicted JodI Arias before the jury was even picked. America. Yeah. We’re world leaders. We take delight in taking lives.


    “[Jury selection in death penalty cases] creates an atmosphere in which jurors
    are likely to assume that their primary task is to determine the penalty for a
    presumptively guilty defendant. -Justice John Paul Stevens, 2005

    “Going into the trial, I wasn’t
    sure where I stood on the death
    penalty. Today, knowing what I
    know about wrongful convictions
    and the kinds of problems that
    result in putting innocent people’s
    lives on the line, I would no longer
    vote for a death sentence. . . . I
    don’t think many jurors feel
    comfortable playing Russian
    Roulette with people’s lives. Jurors
    are recognizing that life in prison is
    perhaps the only responsible way to
    vote.” – Kathleen Hawk Norman, founder, Jurors for Justice

  41. I have decided to be pro-active and claim a day for YOU, ME, and ALL the other justice seekers…

    Since next weekend is memorial weekend, i would like to propose that next weekend we memorialize the loss of our justice system, our common sense and our media integrity.They served us well, but they are now dead. lets remember them…

    Bunch a bullshit…mother f8ckers. Grrrrrr…. and here i hoped that a good night sleep would brighten my mood, now i am simply rested and pissed off. lol

  42. “It’s better to be hated for what you are
    than to be loved for what you’re not” – Kurt Cobain

    Jodi is being hated because of what she is: a person with feelings, a person with love, a person with faults, a person with fears and a person who makes mistakes…
    TA is being loved for not being genuine, for playing people, for manipulating people, for mocking a whole cult, for not respecting anyone or anything… BUT he is being put on a pedestal as a saint. So what he really was was a fake.
    Jodi might have frozen at the beginning and tried to ‘get away with murder’ (and let’s face it, we all would have done the same when we realized what we had done) but she has now come clean and knows that she will deal for her actions. She has to start forgiving herself. I personally believe that she did us all a favor concidering the fact that there is one less sadistic, pedophile, selffish bastard around.

  43. Jodi’s quote
    it gives her comfort
    it’s a quote from uchtdorf
    but she’s afraid, isolated and vulnerable
    and has not the benefit of counsel from this room

    i also look to the source of the quote, uchtdorf
    he’s in the top echelon of the mormon hierchy

    with the utmost respect for jodi
    i have a different view of the mormon cult, i find it abhorrent

    i am not religious but i quote from matthew
    Mat 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
    Mat 7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. —

    Dieter Friedrich Uchtdorf (born 6 November 1940) is a German aviator, airline executive and religious leader. He currently serves as the Second Counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) and is the eleventh most senior apostle in the ranks of the church.

    Uchtdorf was sustained a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles on 2 October 2004. He was ordained an apostle on 7 October 2004 by church president Gordon B. Hinckley. Uchtdorf and David A. Bednar were called to fill the vacancies created by the July 2004 deaths of quorum members David B. Haight and Neal A. Maxwell.[11] As an apostle, Uchtdorf is accepted by the church as a prophet, seer, and revelator.

      • Bev yep
        i have a dim view of ALL religions, cults etc

        their sole concern is power, power over others, their life and death, wealth, resources, everlasting institutional power, political power

        these are institutions with mans fingerprints all over them

        the bible rejected the gospel of thomas
        you are the god

        Enlightenment for All

        Exploring the Gospel of Thomas, we discover that Jesus believed the self and the divine to be identical and one. Furthermore, the Kingdom of Heaven is not in the future but is “right here.” and one only needs to be awakened to this perfection.

        that doesn’t go down well with institutional religions

    • “Nevertheless, if you want to make a point, all the “pedo-hugger” “meth head” expletive.. expletive. Isn,’t helping. ”

      then why didn’t you post your opinion on the page where those comments were made?

      The same kind of people who think that is all we are are about (cursing…blah blah) are just stupid and ignorant…but that is no surprise.

      If you had been reading here for a while you would know this instead of just finally posting a comment because you are offended.

      Fuck you.

      • hahahaha BeeCee. Now I can tear myself away and continue with my “decluttering” as I’m selling my house. Laughing all the way.

        Thanks for the giggle.


        • BeeCee, I second that fuck you and raise you a “eat shit”

          I would think that someone who comes here and sees the admonition about Travis loving pedo fuckers would think twice about lecturing us on our language.

      • BeeCee i agree with your comments at lijo

        i agree and add to lijo5150, i don’t give a fuck if you check this site out “from time to time”
        nor do i give a fuck about your “Here’s the deal.”
        nor what “people say”, in your …
        “People say, look — the people supporting Jodi are just as bad as she is. Here’s the deal. – ”
        and i re-iterate BeeCee concluding remark

  44. I give Ms. Arias props for maintaining her voice throughout this whole mess. She deserves to be heard, despite how the media depicts her. She could’ve kept her mouth shut and not spoken to a single reporter but she remained vocal, even as her trial progressed. That takes strength and courage.

    Also, name calling is inevitable during something like this. People are going to hate Mr. Alexander and they will hate Ms. Arias — these people are, like the vast majority of those following this trial, strangers to them both. They’re going to say whatever they want, so what. You can only control yourself and your own actions.

  45. Good Morning y’all!!

    I have been a bit concerned about what Jodi may say if she even speaks today. But then I think….how much worst can it get for her………..

  46. I have a hard time understanding how a jury could execute someone who is in this situation because her life was threatened. She fought for her life that day and now they’re in agreement that a valid and appropriate sentencing option is taking it from her regardless? I see very little justice there. Thoughts?

    • N
      my thoughts >

      read my post above

      Wes says:
      May 16, 2013 at 6:56 am




      here’s the discrepancy

      there’s what you said

      and what the jury said

      the jury’s verdict etc was just a point in time along a completely rigged process

      your words are
      She fought for her life that day
      I see very little justice there.

      justice hasn’t been done so far

      you’ve probably heard of the innocence project and others like them, organizations dedicated
      freeing only some of the millions? wrongly convicted

      at that site
      10 Things Anyone Can Do To Help Exonerate Innocent People and Prevent Wrongful Convictions

      and a contact which is also a statement of their very limited resources in the face of massive official injustice

      visit the Other Innocence Organizations page to see if there is a program in your area that provides broader legal and investigative assistance.

      which includes in alphabetical order


      Justice Project, Inc.
      Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University
      PO BOX 877906
      Tempe, AZ 85287-7906
      Phone: 480-727-0009
      Fax: 480-727-9157

      Arizona Innocence Project
      Department of Criminal Justice
      Northern Arizona University
      P.O. Box 15005
      Flagstaff, AZ 86011-5005
      Phone: 928-523-9979


      • I must not have made myself clear: I find it unsettling that the death penalty is on the table at all. Their verdict, well, it is what it is right now. Rigged or not, it still hangs in the air for Ms. Arias. I see very little justice in the decision of allowing the option of execution to be available. Eye for an eye is not justice.

        What I’m discussing is how this case has changed the jury. I was first captivated by this trial because of the frenzy the media created, but now, I’m concerned the media isn’t standing on both sides, equally. American media is biased — wickedly biased. I’m implying the question or thought that perhaps some members of the jury are allowing their judgment to be clouded by all of the bad press. Thanks to our media, too much emphasis has been placed on her reaction, not enough attention has been paid to the depravity of the man she fell for. It’s very easy for Mr. Alexander’s family and ex’s to say he was wonderful and yaddah yaddah, but how well ANYONE (including our own family) knows us is up to us. I hope this jury keeps the bad noise out of their decicion making so that they can do the right thing.

  47. I know I’m going to hell, but I opted for the Parisian poodles with pink stripes instead of the sock monkeys and veggie chips over popcorn.

  48. Travis’ sister didn’t have a single tear… what’s up with that? Usually the news pukes are all over that…

  49. I’m concerned Jodi is quoting Dieter Friedrich Uchtdorf and any influence the LDS church might have over her. I think the real truth has not come out yet, and suspect Mormons are involved as evidenced by TA’s slit throat and the length of time it took for his body to be officially found.

  50. I am really glad I found this page wow..I am kinda on the fence about what happened as I was not there.I believe that Jodi did not lie about everything no way there is truth there.I believe the jurors should have been sequestered,I dont care what anyone says they saw and or heard what was happening in the media…Jodi should be able to have a appeal on that alone.I think the jury has already made up there mind and Jodi will not have any fairness at all in this due to the media!!Just needed to vent guys sent emails to some hln media rating junkies to no avail of course..I used to really like Nancy however she has sickened me throughout this and I have seen a side to her I do not like at all,love how she quotes Part not all of Jodi’s tweet tonight on her show gotta love those ratings…Disgusting how everyone has thrown this women under the bus.If Travis was Mr mormon and an awesome positive person who lived a horrible life brought on by his mom, I have to believe his respect for women is not there,but I am sure Travis would not want her to be put to death dont ya think?but yet lets all fight for death.God does forgive so in the prosecution’s opinion lets put her to death and send her right into travis’s arms once again because like I said God does forgive.This trial drives me crazy!!!! Gl Jodi I hope everything works out for you…I say retrial!!!!!

  51. I am so sick of the HLN Jodi bashing. Tired of hearing her being referred to as a manipulator. How is being nice to Travis and looking past his bad, bad behavior make her a manipulator? I know I am not the sharpest crayon in the box but I know a cover up scam when I see one. I know someday the truth will come out and all the people giving TA sainthood will be eating it…That’s all. Thanks for giving me somewhere to check in and read loving and caring things for Jodi and her family!!

  52. Dear Jodi ,

    It breaks my heart to see you seating on that chair and see your hopeless face.. I know inside your are suffering just as much as the Alexanders, and those people, the only thing they know, is to creatizie you and wish you the death penalty.

    The forget, that this can happen to anyone of us, we´re all sick. There isn´t one single healthy human being on the face of this earth, because we´re all not perfekt and healthy to reise a healthy child. Some can control better then others, but in the button ende, we all get sick from holding it back…Some are capable of more then others… But this ist a sick planet already from many, many centuries.

    I´ll write Mr. Martinez and ask him if, he has the courage to prosecute George W. Bush. For his lies, that killed thousand of American soldiers and many Irakians citizens… And procecute those who are responsable for 9/11… instead to be picking in a one single sick woman… That is a human being just as we are..He is only a coward. We came all from the SAME SOURCES… But this people apperently doesn´t know yet…

    I understand for the Alexanders suffereing, but that doesn´t excuse them to wish Jodi the death penalty, I just see, how their faith and being a “church” member will affect in many people. How UGLY does their example are. After 5 Years they still can´t forgive. Jesus said, we have to always forgive..

    The brother blame Jodi for his personal issues, and the sister makes her brother Travis as her Jesus… Travis was our strengh!! If they weren´t a member of a church ok, that´s ecceptable… But that´s not the case. Very, very poor statements… LOL !!! AND THAT WILL SAFE jodi´s life…
    WHAT KIND OF FAITH THEY HAVE !!!! As I saw it, many has seeing it too !

    Be strong Jodi, I am still sending you my positive thoughts… The death penalty, they will NOT GET IT FOR YOU in name JESUS ! You are not alone we that love you as a human being and are with you and our positive wishes for you, still floting to you. DON`T BE AFRAID TO LET YOUR EMOTIONS OUT; Jodi, only your emotions will convince the Jury. They want to hear your regrets, REGRETS MEANS, you wish now you haven´t it done it. DO understand ??? PLEASE save your own life… JONNY CASH came out. Don´t give your hopes up !

    Love you

    • I used to live in Chicago, a town well known for brutal politics.

      Juan Martinez, if he were praticing in Chicago, by now every sickening, disgusting cover up in his background would have been in the papers. DUIS, date rapes, etc.

      OOPS. Mesa has its own corruption: the financial clout of the LSD.”church.”

      Has the LSD ever responded to the fact that Travis celebrated his baptism of Jody with anal sex?? Or would the LSD say that Donnie and Marie pretty much represent their core beliefs?

  53. I just feel it in my bones…Jodi should be spared. Obviously…she did the wrong thing. She should have this or she should have that…BEFORE it got to the point of needing to defend herself and going off the deep end. I currently DETEST the media and keep having farcical visions of them laughing as they manipulate every facet of the justice system. I watched most of this trial via live stream on the web so that I didn’t have to rip my ears off from the dumb ass comments from HLN wanna be lawyer/celebrities. Nancy Grace needs a noise filter instead of that silly haze filter she uses for her show to make her beaky little face appear kinder. Talk about someone glorying in another’s death???? She does it every day and uses her fiancé’s death in vain so she can feed off the foolish and make $$. Keep it real Jodi…no more lying. I don’t believe that I have gotten 100% of the story from you still…BUT I don’t think I’d tell 100% of the story either. If I was as brutalized as you were by Travis….I may have gone nutty too. He was abusive, disgusting, manipulative and vain. I know that you probably still hold love for him…but…really…you shouldn’t.

  54. Jodi I hope u get to read this. I was with a guy who reminds me a lot of how u describe Travis. I feel like I understand where u are coming from and I wish u could be free to move on with ur life freely. U are in my thoughts and prayers.

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