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Leave your comments below on the afternoon session of the AZ State Circus debacle.

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Thursday Morning Comments 5/16

Motherfuckers & Justice For Jodi

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Always have done.

Always will do.

Nothing will ever change that.


The real battle starts today folks.

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  1. I miss my dog. He was the best dog i ever had. I would do anything to get that dog back.

    If you have not heard what happened…my dog was hit by a car 5 years ago. He was living with a family in Texas, i think, at the time. I don’t know for sure, because he barked to much when he was a puppy, so 2 days after i got him, i dropped him off out in the country, as i didn’t want to take time to go to the pound, and i sure as hell wasn’t going to teach him how to be good. Well, he did end up coming back, thank goodness, i sure loved that dog, but he still barked, so 2 hours after he found his way home i took him to the pound. He had flea’s too, not that i was going to pay for the treatment, it was his own fault for playing with other flea ridden puppies when he was born.

    I heard news several years later, that the people that bought my dog from the pound had moved down south, texas i think.

    Then, about 5 years ago, i got the call. I remember the day, it was a sunny afternoon, i had just finished doing a hit of meth and was settling down for a nice night of beating the kids and smacking the wife around (she always tried to steal my meth). I knew right away it was bad. The caller asked if i was the man that had taken that amazing puppy to the pound, so many years ago. I said i was, after i made sure i wasnt in trouble and that the dog hadn’t hurt someone…people are very sue happy these days. He told me a drunk driver had been speeding down the county road in front of his house, and that little sparky, who was now a father of his own, had been murdered by this man. My heart dropped! This murderer had killed my “spooky”, or whatever his name was, and that he left behind 6 puppies to fend for themselves. Oh my…how can i go on? I sure loved that dog..starky..or whatever it is.

    I can’t believe they allow men like that to exist. He made up some story about only having 1 beer, and that was why he had the “smell” on his breath. The police did do a PBT at the scene and the level was only .002, but later, after they found out about sporky..spanky..whatever….they had an expert look at the PBT again and realized they had errored and the guy actually had a PBT of .29. (The officer had simply miss read the .29 as .002, he know knows the .29 is correct) That’s almost 4 times the legal limit. These people! My poor dog!

    Because of the police man’s testimony the man was convicted of aggravated DUI and for killing my POOR dog spankers. He is going to be sentenced next week. I am going to be giving an “impact statement” to make sure that mother fucker gets life! or, whatever they give dog murdering criminals that lie. Yah…he still claims, even after he was found guilty, that he had only 1 beer. He even went so far to try and discredit the cop! Like it was the cops fault! Something about filing charges years ago against the cop, when he caught the cop sleeping on the job while at a park, when he was supposed to be patrolling. (they never convicted the cop! Obviously, this ass hole murder is lying). Anyway, do you think he has apologized for being and alcoholic? Nope, he doesn’t even admit to drinking more than once a year or so! YAH RIGHT, EVERYONE drinks at least 3-4-5 times a week, and who only has 1, really? Pfft. He tried to apologize for killing my dog, but he didn’t even say it to me! He went to the people that stole my dog from the pound.

    I could tell, the first day of court, that this fucker was guilty. I dog owner knows. We have a bond with our loving dogs that can never be broken. This guy’s lawyer doesn’t even own a dog! how the fuck can he know what it’s like? I sure hope the jury has dog owners, this guy will FRY!

    I need your help. Lawyers and stuff cost money, plus i had to quit my job, so i could vacation…i mean “travel” to Texas, so i could make sure Sporty got justice. Since then, i have not had the money to even eat. I did spend my savings on some new suits, but that’s just because the news was going to be covering the trial. If you could just go to my best friend’s website “” and donate whatever you can, i would be grateful. You can also go to “”, twitter donate at #sparkywasmyBFF, see us on facebook at “sparkyisinheaven” or email me at “ Or, you can send donations to “OICU812 south north street, anytown AZ 69691.

    Spotty was a great dog, he loved me so much and now i ask that you honor this love…the love of a dog owner and his best friend….and send us some money. GOD bless you. Stanky and i will never forget each and every one of you!

    • Lol you are very funny. Poor sparky leaving puppies with no father behind… Shame on that drunk driver and shame on him for driving drunk!

    • Haahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Awesome post! Thanks for the smile you just put on my face.

    • 😆

      Death to the killer of your dog! Fuck the Constitution! That bastard should not have rights!

      I will send you money, and lots of it…

      But first, let me photoshop a picture of that dog killing bastard strapped to the death table!


    • BTW, HATERS>>>> If you dont like me comparing Travis to my puppy, then maybe he shouldnt have acted like a dog.

      Wait, dogs are usually loyal and loving. Shit, how do i change the story to my poor rat Skittles..or skuttle…whaaa you know what i mean.

        • Brilliant sirlips!

          We needed something to add some levity to our somber mood.

          Thank you. <3

          And I will mail $$$$$$$$$$ to you, as soon as I get my unemployment check.

          Can we hire JM cuz we know he'll work like a rock star for justice for dear splotchy.

      • sirlips so appreciate u showing how unreal the impact statments were…i could see through the whole tale…Kill Jodi was the heart of it…she killed the most wonderful person on the planet…why did travis only meet stevens little girl once…oh i remember…the dr. & his sons were TA’s new family…remember how TA told the doctor that he didn’t have any family….so every sunday..TA had dinner there..he even took Jodi….sooo much bull it’s 2 much….i care 4 Jodi so it’s OK to tell this

      • You forgot that losing the dog caused an life threatening ulcer, the breakup of your marriage, your inability to quit smoking, and your inability to effectively parent your child.

        • Since i have been going to very expensive counseling (drug rehab) i am trying not to talk about that. I did beet the shit out of my sisters neighbors cousins dog watcher, because of the nightmares this event has caused.

          I also am having to use a penis pump, because well…isn’t it obvious?

          OH my dear sprinkles, i need you back.

    • JUSTICE for Stanky/Sparky/Spotty (whatever the name was,hey I may not know shit about your case but I still want the needle for the bastard who did this)

        • ASAP,sirlips.I’m so sorry for your loss Im willing to go broke just to help you and your siblings get new houses,cars,outfits, 3 different mexican maids to help your wife out with the housework.Whatever you need,just ask!!

      • Justice, you are correct. There is nothing in this trial that is funny….but my story, to mock the BULL SHIT trial, hopefully is.

        Maybe you think his best friends…the ones that stayed on vacation for a week AFTER they heard he was killed really are “bff’s”. i dont. they are out to get paid. PERIOD. Oh, im sure they have regrets, we all do, but i think their regrets are more about how they could have milked this event for even more.

        His family? yes, they lost a son. A son they had NOTHING to do with. Which, in it self, is still VERY SAD. but they didnt stay at a distance…they injected themselves into this trial, did interviews, made scenes, posted HATE and then pretended that they loved TA SOOOOOOO much, just like i loved Spooky..sparkers..spanky….

        Would you preffer we all get depressed, take up arms and start knocking people off as they walk out of the court house? Im a terrible shot, but im down for a party.

        • Noooooo we do not advocate violence.

          Entertaining the idea of a magical pianos raining from the sky on the bloodthirsty hyenas outside the courtroom, maybe. But certainly NOT anything more.

              • Lol sirlips!!!!! I missed your post earlier, I just wanted to tell you that your awesome and im glad your on our, well Team Jodi side!!!!! ; ))

                By the way, ill get started on “Spanky” lockets. $9.99 All donations will go straight to your travel!

          • No, sporty’s dad did run off with a poodle back in 2008 but i think his mom is still around. I’ll have to go wiki it.


    • Poor fucking Spooky or whatever? Poor YOU, sirlips! You met that dog, like, five years ago. I don’t know how you go on another day. You’re a brave man. I can use PayPal, right?

      • yes, we do except pay pal. But, dont let that detract from the the real mission, to get justice for sparky. How much are you sending? Yah, i loved that dog! Are you sending the money today? Im sure he is in doggy heaven. What time do you think you will send the funds?

        Thank you, spoty thanks you too.

      • Yah, its hard some days to even get out of bed. My dealer said he is starting to worry about me. He gave me something to pick up my spirits or i dont think i would even be able to make it to the bank….BTW, when are you send the money?

    • Sirlips,
      You will be receiving a letter from my lawyer. That damn dog you love so much knocked up my registered bitch and I plan to sue your ass!
      Love, Ann

      • You will want to be sending this to the family in Texas that “stole” my dog from me, via the Pound. If you want, we could BOTH sue them…lets work together?

          • ann, just start a hate site…its easy cash. no-one will EVER catch on.

            How bout this… we split it even 50/50, but i give you 10% of my 50% and you give me 20% of your 50%, since im the one that lost snarky. Plus we split the bastard puppies in, we sell them…then slpit the MONEY in half…?

            • I’m not sure about the math. I know in AZ 62 seconds can suddenly turn into 2 minutes. Is it the same way with money percentage? My 50% suddenly turned into 40%. I like the hater site scam. Can you get some tear jerking pictures?

              • Oh yah, there are tons of pictures of dogs just like my poor speckles. It will be easier than stabbing….(ah, i better not,. almost..but i am not that big of a prick.).

                If they believe someone brings a knife and gun to a fight, and decides to use the knife first…they will believe anything.

                Just make sure they dont find out we are robots from the middle east…or they will turn on us faster than a piece of sushi left in the sun.

                • We’ll just have to be careful about how we ask for the money. I suggest we start a non profit. Also when we go to court, I have some introverted photos with time stamps, proving he was in the act! They’re poor quality but graphic.

              • Ann!!!! Too funny!!
                Ann and Sirlips!!!! You two feed off of one another so well!
                You need to take your gig on the road! roflmao 😀

                • Sable,
                  I see by your gavatar, you have a pretty little pussy cat. Just be thankful Sirlips damn dog Speckles didn’t get to her!

                • Omg, Anne, I AM thankful, especially because my pretty little puddy tat, Peighton, is tomcat! Lol.

      • TY KMiller, if it wasnt for people like you, i dont think i would make it through this loss. Thank……………………………………………………………………long…..pause……………………………………………………………………….You.

    • ROTFLMAO! Can you share that on my fb page? OMG! That is dead (excuse the pun) on!
      Big Thank you for making me laugh today!

    • Sirlips, I hadn’t seen you around here for a while and was a little worried, but now I understand that you must have been in mourning for Spunkins. Glad to see you are still with us here, even though your grief over Spotty is palpable. 😉 Thanks for sharing your ordeal with us and cheering us up with your very apropos analogy. 😀 ♥

    • Sirlips, I have always wondered how you manage to look so perfectly done- head to toe, hair, nails and what not, when you are sitting in court day after day, seeking justice for this beloved sparky/spooky what ever.  When you are not crying you are rolling your eyes constantly. I have never seen such pain and devastation before!  I cannot imagine how you can function, after suffering such a great loss! How can you go on, without this skanky/sparkie whatever?

    • i totally heard that sparky was cheating on his baby mamma with a terrier! FUCK THE DRUNK KILL SPUNGY!!!! HE FARTS IN THE FACE OF JUSTICE!

    • Travis’ family is understandably upset. But I think they faked some of it, they don’t seem very nice. The type of people that only care when it benefits them maybe. I think Jodis only chance is to: not waive any possible appeal, then you cant get that appeal back-yre scrwd. I also think she should continue to go with the (severe) personality disorder. She must let the media hype calm down! The parents shouldve done more, earlier.

  2. the site above covering the trial has desided to let people here the family speak again while they are at lunch cutting in and out jodi crying whats up with that

  3. Someone should name a twitter account #StephenAlexandersDramaticPause like they did with #AngelinaJoliesLeg.

    Just sayin.

  4. Well does it surprise any one that a family of druggies are now all on drugs? But now there the ones the dr gives you.

    • Popping pills for to help them come down off the “meth”

      Sorry if i am sounding un-zen and cunty today
      but i have no f’kin sympathy for the devils

    • Now the pathetic Alexanders have an excuse for popping pills. Now Jodi is their excuse. They just haven’t taken responsibility for anything. For 5 months they have had Jodi to punch around. Now they want to kill her. And for the rest of their lives Jodi will be blamed for everything they aren’t happy with.

      Why aren’t they thanking her for all the money they got for free. It is a bit easier than their drug dealing careers.

      What about what Travis did to Jodi, what about what the media are doing to Jodi, what about Jodi not having money, what about jurors that are unconstitutional and liars deciding life and death for Jodi, what about the Alexanders still feeling they have a right to a civil case and more of Jodi’s money, what about the serial sociopathic murdering prosecutor, what about everything else involved that showed how unbalanced our scales of Justice are in Arizona.

  5. Why is Jodi’s face soooo puffed up? She seems as if she haw been crying all night. Poor thing. How scared she must be… I hope she knows that we are with her in spirit and in possitivity. Hang in there sweetie. Hang in there.

    • I think it´s from the pills they probably make her take. I just caught a glimpse of her and I felt devastated seeing her like this. Reminded me of me mother she was full on on psychopharmacology drugs.

    • Hey you other greek girl!!
      Επιτελους σε πετυχαινω!! Σου ξαναεγραψα καναδυο φορες αλλα φαινεται δεν το ειδες.Που μενεις στην Ελλαδα;; Εχεις FB??

      • Ναι! Μένω στην Σπάρτη. Εσύ από που είσαι? Ναι έχω fb. Θα με βρεις Πανδώρα Παικ αλλά στα αγγλικά. Φωτό μου : Μαύρα μακριά μαλλιά και πράσινο μπλουζάκι + φουλάρι!!!!

  6. 5/16/2013

    029 – ME: Status Conference – Party (001)



    MOT – Motion – Party (001)


    NOTE: Defendants Motion to Preclude States Penalty Phase Witnesses for Failure to Notice

  7. Jean Caesaras reports that Samantha gave Jodi’s mom a look that could kill before Samantha sat down from her speech. Why would she give Jodi’s mom a hateful look? Where are Jodi’s immediate family members today. With the exception of her dad being ill, I wonder why none of the others are there.

    • I heard that. If Jinkasaurus’ point was that the Alexanders are vengeful, inappropriate assholes, we already know that.

    • Jean Caesaras has the worst Botox job I have ever seen. Yes, it is due to Botox! The one eyebrow up/the other eyebrow an inch lower. Her forhead isn’t moving. All you need Jean is common sense to fix that.
      Not mention Nancy Disgrace who has a plastered face she wears.

      • Unfortunately, they were the wrong defense
        I think they know it. Maybe better for them to file trying to get off her case because they felt they weren’t helping her. It may help on appeal? I don’t really know. Just trying to figure out ways to help Jodi .

        • Jodie s defense was doomed from the getgo. It should have been a crime of passion
          defense for any chance of aquittal or any thing less then 1st degree.The penalty phase is
          terrible. Where is her family. They are the people who can best plead for her life.

          The defense lawyers should be allowed to exit the case. At this point , they are totally

  8. I’m cut n pasting this post I made from the last forum. I think it’s important for us and everyone else to realize what’s happening here:

    Here’s what I think this phase really means for Jodi and her life in the future. IMO, it will be a long time, if ever, that AZ puts a needle in her arm.

    No, what this phase means is will Jodi ever be permitted to touch human flesh again.
    Once more. Can she be permitted to have her flesh touch anyone else? If Death Row, the answer is no, she will not. No flesh-flesh contact with ANYONE. On Death Row, she will also not be able to communicate EVER with any of those imprisoned around her, forever.

    If Life or LWOP is chosen, she can touch another human being. Hug them. Kiss them. Touch her Mom. Kiss her. Establish friendships and relationships in the prison and use her fine mind to help others, perhaps dissuade them from further criminal activities and lift them up.

    It is about her very flesh on Jodi’s bones and on her heart, and the withering destruction of her mind. That is precisely what is at stake here. Nothing more and nothing less.

    Welcome to the ‘Death’ Penalty in America.

      • No offense intended to YOU, Ed, for being the messenger, just saying… this sucks big time for Jodi and is heart-wrenching. 🙁

    • Ed, that is an incredibly powerful post. When you put it that way, I’m sitting here thinking…

      Death Row vs Death Penalty? I gotta say, I agree with Jodi in this moment

  9. Samantha, nice touch with all the puppy dog head tilts and nervous twitches to the fake crying..bravo, great acting girl. She is so believable, NOT.

    • lol . I think Elvis look a like did a better job. But cant get over him blaming Jodi for his failed marriage!

      • “But cant get over him blaming Jodi for his failed marriage!”

        omg. That happened? I thought I made it up.

          • Oh, yeah, and it’s Jodi’s fault he has ulcers, too, he tried to claim.
            Hello, Steven, ulcers are now known a stomache infection by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, so get yourself a script for some damn antibiotics you pathetic, blaming, in-denial, nothing-in-my-life-is-due-to-any-of-my-own-behavior “victim.” Grrr.

            • Sable says:
              May 16, 2013 at 3:10 pm

              Oh, yeah, and it’s Jodi’s fault he has ulcers, too, he tried to claim.
              Hello, Steven, ulcers are now known a stomache infection by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, so get yourself a script for some damn antibiotics you pathetic, blaming, in-denial, nothing-in-my-life-is-due-to-any-of-my-own-behavior “victim.” Grrr.

              NOW that Sable was truly hilarious, he probably made up the ulcer thing for effect, NOT seen right through it!!

  10. I’m ready to cry reading along with your updates. Poor Jodi.

    This is barbaric, arguing in court about the reasons that someone should be put to death. I used to be OK with the DP in rare circumstances, but this trial has changed my mind. It should be outlawed. It is murder. Kermit is asking people to have Jodi murdered. I’m going to be sick.

    • Yes Kira. Its blows my mind!!! How is that ok? If I was Jodi id stand up and yell, FUCK YALL and throw something!!! Really, what else can they do to her?!

    • Yes, isn’t it ironic that the person who argued about Jodi premeditating a murder is now premeditating a murder?

      • Exactly! The only premeditated murder happening in that court room is what Flores & jm are planning and the jury is executing.

    • I know 🙁

      The worst part of this is, they are putting an abused woman to death.

      They – the media, the jury, the family and “friends” – have continued Travis’ agenda of abusing Jodi, and have fulfilled his agenda of killing Jodi because she was moving on with her life.

      • A long time ago, I thought that there was a place for the DP in this country but I’ve since grown up and come to believe that every life is worth saving and there IS good in people but you just have to look to find it. Killing a person to say killing is wrong is about as ass backwards as it gets and we’re supposed to be a civilized society!

        • Hi, Mel. I understand exactly where you are coming from. That describes my own mental evolution on the ethics of DP as well.

    • Kira I agree with you that the DP is barbaric “eye for an eye justice” – Soon they will run out of eyes.

      The DP needs to be abolished – sooner then later.

      And in those rare circumstance when a crime is so heinous – 20 to 50 years rotting underground in Federal Prison, is far greater punishment then a shot that puts you to sleep.

      And America claims to be a compassionate nation of laws ❓

      • We all know everything is wrong here. I have worked with criminals for multiple years. Many that end up in jail for murder. Many are out after serving 10 to 15 years and they are way more dangerous than Jodi. I have found that almost 1/3 of that population really try to turn their life around once they get out. They do change their worlds around and then go out in community to help others. The other half to 3/4 end up back in Jail. Jodi does not fit the picture I am used to seeing. What I see for the death penalty is people who won’t admit they are guilty and all evidence says they did. Some usually end up admitting it. Other people who may be serial killers can become so disgusted with themselves that they do feel they deserve the death penalty. They know in themselves that rehabilitation isn’t going to work. There are many differences. But I have never seen anything like this. Jodi should have gotten manslaughter. This whole trial is so off.

    • Yes, Yes I thought the exact same thing! All these people sitting there judging and then they go home and sin in everyday life!

  11. This is like watching a train wreck! I will say it AGAIN, howwwwwwww do you give someone a sentence when you never even heard all of the evidence because of shoddy investigative work, not to mention all the LIES told ON THE STAND by the Hughes’ clan, the police, tME, the prosecutor!!!!!!!!! WHAT are we gonna do abut it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • “WHAT are we gonna do abut it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

      Stay far, far away from any dealings with law enforcement. Never speak openly to them and take to heart that they WILL use whatever you say against you. No lying to cops and no truth to them, either. Give them NOTHING. Starve them.

      • Good start Ed . . it’s come to that. What the hell is freedom when we almost have to document everything we do in order to protect ourselves “incase” something in our future will be used against us that we don’t have notorized that wouldn’t be believed anyway . . it’s a mess but starving them and alot more things in this country is the only thing that will get our country back for us.

    • cj I WISH I could do something about it! I know how you feel! Its fucked up! What if that was any of us? I know id want HELP! People all over the world watching how the system played you on national TV for everyone to watch like an entertainment reality show. And the medial laughing at you. How this out of line prosecutor lied his ass off and the judge allowed it. How the judge allowed anything, like your a piece of not worth shit. Like they just wanted to pick ONE person to experiment and say, HEY, lets do this to this person, set them up and see how much attention our state will get. And poor Jodi was that person. What if that was you, me, my sister, my DAUGHTER!!!! What would/could WE do????

  12. I know that I probably can’t do much but I am willing to try and do whatever I can. I can certainly learn how to do things. I certainly found my way here when I said oh hell to the no, I can’t buy the shit they are selling so I am not stupid. Let’s start now figuring out what to do. I am counting on the 85% of overturned sentences. I’m thinking it’s that high because of BS trials like this one.

      • LC, sojourn, I just can’t believe that people are treating this like nothing other than a witch hunt. They would not care if they took this girl out and burned her on the steps of the courthouse. When I stop and then about the fact that it could be any of us it makes me even sicker. How would they feel if their mothers, daughters, neices, nephews, friends, were in Jodi’s position. How can the people in this day and age act like fuckin barbarians. I do want to do something. I am waiting on SJ to give me a task and show me how to do it. I will do it or bust. If it’s nothing other than to point out the WRONGS in this case and then we give that list to a bulldog of a PI who will take it all to one hell of a bulldog of an appeals attny

        • Guaranteed if it were their Mother .. Sister or Daughter were in Jodis position .. the Loudest one out of the whole mob would be singing a different tune … it’s not .. so they all act the fool!

          It is a witch hunt … and it’s sad!

          The whole jury should be in prison themselves .. for their verdict .. sure, but for so much more leading up to it ….

  13. The Alexanders 15 mins of fame will soon be
    forgotten & so will Travis.
    After this trial is over no one will even care…
    They are trying so hard to ignore the facts
    & turn him into a Saint.
    Not gonna happen!

    But Jodi will NEVER be forgotten!

    I have finally learned the true meaning of Delusional
    by watching this trial.

    • You are sooooooo right Josh! This has been utterly appalling! I really don’t know if I can stand to even hear snippets of the bs anymore. I want to start NOW doing something to get Jodi out of this BS. I know it’s going to take a long time but we all said we are here for the long haul. I don’t know what I can do but I can do somethinggggggggg!


    The Alexander family whining about a brother that they never really wanted to interact with when they were sober or he was ALIVE ( HEY, pick a side/any side) really?


    So THEY get a platform to stand up and wring their hands—-all of them—at a Penalty phase where they can lament (yep, look that one up ‘Alexander’ “family”….)

    You’lll look great in a composite 5X7 that you can frame on your mantles—it will undoubtedly be the ONLY things that you ever acheive.

    You don’t Need this garbage tossed out at you from a pack of people who mundane at best.

    Hope someone coached them on their 25 cent vocabularies. As if.

    So Go Fish.

    and WOW…..weak Brother moaning about his ‘anti depressant’ usage (let’s blame that on you….as well as separation from his wife….let’s not look at our own personal flaws…..) yawn.

    **************You know Jodi, sometimes I get indigestion. I haven’t filed a formal complaint against you, but….well….I suggest it’s your fault. Call Stephen. Boo Hoo. Lawsuit to follow.

    None of these idiots were even in Travis’ sphere of contact, but suddenly….INSTANT BRETHREN. add Meth and stir, I guess.


    and…..awwwwww………let’s quit smoking (and yeah…..Stephen couldn’t…awww……but, that’s your fault, too) These Bums are looking for a free ride at your (AND TRAVIS’) Expense. Terrific. Round of applause.

    Affirmations on a Blog as ’emoted’ by a dimwit?
    What’s Steven’s I.Q…..72? Okay, 75 (points for hand wringing)……

    Fools. **sisters merit points for on screen eye rolling skills. They may have others, but unwilling to contract STDs…well, I won’t know for sure.

    Community Service.

  15. Is it almost better for Jodi to get the DP?

    I ask because we know she doesn’t have the money for an appeal if she gets LWOP. So she will be in prison until her dying day and shes already mentioned the longevity of her family.

    If she gets the DP, she would at least get an appeal on the state/ another chance with different players.

    • I’m cut n pasting this post I made from the last forum. I think it’s important for us and everyone else to realize what’s happening here:

      Here’s what I think this phase really means for Jodi and her life in the future. IMO, it will be a long time, if ever, that AZ puts a needle in her arm.

      No, what this phase means is will Jodi ever be permitted to touch human flesh again.
      Once more. Can she be permitted to have her flesh touch anyone else? If Death Row, the answer is no, she will not. No flesh-flesh contact with ANYONE. On Death Row, she will also not be able to communicate EVER with any of those imprisoned around her, forever.

      If Life or LWOP is chosen, she can touch another human being. Hug them. Kiss them. Touch her Mom. Kiss her. Establish friendships and relationships in the prison and use her fine mind to help others, perhaps dissuade them from further criminal activities and lift them up.

      It is about her very flesh on Jodi’s bones and on her heart, and the withering destruction of her mind. That is precisely what is at stake here. Nothing more and nothing less.

      Welcome to the ‘Death’ Penalty in America.

    • She does not deserve to die. She also does not deserve to spend her life in prison. Another chance at life would be best for Ms. Arias.

    • While I hear what Ed is saying (the potential for lack of human contact for the rest of your life is no small consideration), what LC is saying is that perhaps the best hope of Jodi getting out altogether (through overturn on appeal) lies in getting the death penalty…because she’s unlikely to ever get sufficient funding for an appeal if she gets LWOP, especially with this wrongful death suit plaguing her.

      It is quite the fork in the road.

      I am keen to hear how much access she would have on death row to books, writing materials and drawing materials. It seems to me that she would have at least some access to books and writing materials for the sake of her appeals. Even if it is very limited.

      • Right Fresh, that’s exactly what I mean. And I think Jodi knows this and has to do with the comment she made on FOX.

    • Jodi said in her FOX interview (bwahh bwahh HLN wanted first interview) that she wouldn’t appeal a DP verdict.

      There is one automatic appeal in AZ on a DP conviction. After that if Jodi doesn’t appeal the DP will be carried out as early as 2015. An attorney on FOX gave those details.

      • Ok,I think I stopped breathing there for a second when I read 2015. No way,God,plz dont let this happen…

      • I thought I read that they currently have only one injection left in AZ? 2015 does not sound right. Debra Milke was on Death Row for over 20 years and Wendi Adriano has been there for nearly 10.

        • I think all appeals have to be exhausted before they carry out the death penalty. If Jodi gives up her right to an appeal then 2015 might be about right.

  16. “We just want to get on with out lives” Bullshit. I bet the interviews are arranged and the books are allready being penned. If you weren’t filled with such venom and hate for Jodi you might be able to move on in this life and let Travis go and do something meaningful of your own right. But no Travis is your meal ticket you’re gonna milk it for all its worth.

    • If you think it is bad today. Get ready for the media blitz this family is going to be on….HLN, Dr. Phil, Fox News, etc., etc.!!! Book deals, book signings, movies interviews ad nauseam. They are now officially HLN celebrities and all than entails. Hang on…it’s going to be a bumpy ride and it will without a doubt be ugly.

  17. Interesting to hear the siblings speaking to the jury as if they had a very close bond. The last time he saw his brother was X’mas 2007? They don’t appear close at all but I can see that this tragedy can bring siblings together. Now, if this is a ruse to capitalize for money, it is a possible motive. You see, the defendant is pleading for mercy, something Christians understand God is merciful. I just don’t get it, this trial and the ppl are not reflecting it. It is an eye for an eye message being reiterated. Why?

    I am asking for mercy as all humans deserve it. If God forgives, why not humans?
    Here is Jodi on trial fighting for her life and yet ppl think cruelty first before compassion.
    Where is our human compassion and benefit of doubt?
    Lost for words.

    • He can splash up all the unstamped photos and videos he wants via the media, there is no proof that they were close at all. Funny how he didn’t choose a favorite email, voice mail, or something else to show to the jury.

    • I am confused, wasn’t Christmas 2007, the Christmas they accused Jodi of sleeping under the Christmas tree or hiding behind it or whatever? When exactly did Stephen see Travis?

      • Probably some time around Christmas…I know I only see my brothers on Christmas day or Christmas eve depending on everyone’s schedules. We all live to far apart.

        But I have a Christmas tree up for almost a month when I can.

  18. The little man is going to be a total cunt right to the end of this trial.

    Its like he wants to take her outside and shoot her himself right now.

    I feel sick

    • I totally agree with you UKJodifan about JM’s unrestrained hatred of Jodi Arias. And they say justice is blind. HA. I wondered myself why he bothered to go through the charade of a trial. He and Flores seem like they won’t sleep unless they get to put her death with their bare hands. Disgusting that these are public “servants.” Who do they serve? Their TV audience.

  19. Is this it with the boohoo, ITS ALL JODIs fault or will the state call inked meth faced bitch too, so that she can also blame Jodi for being a crystal head!

    Hey, they can call 1-800-HLP-METH or better yet, call Dr Drew!!!!

    • LC, isnt’ it a shame that his celebrity rehab was cancelled????????????? ohhhhhhh sighhhhh, NOT fucken son on a bitch

  20. My pw isn’t working and I need it about right now!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so mad my hands are shaking! I am going to start making a list in a min.

  21. I’m sooooo very very sad for Jodi……….she DID NOT WANT to kill him. She HAD TO KILL HIM to save her OWN LIFE.
    I can not imagine what she is feeling right now, knowing the majority of the WORLD thinks she is a muderer.
    There she is sitiing crying and crying knowing she never ” wanted” to kill him and listening to all this is just killing her.

    Praying for God to give her peace to make it through this.
    I know if it was me I would have lost it already and would have been taken out of the court room.

  22. I think Jodi should stand and say….”Wow, Steven and Samantha, I wish I could have met your brother. The one who was your strength, instead of the one who never spoke of you people. I wish I could have met the one who tried to lift up everyone he met, instead of the one who tried to stick his penis in my vagina while I was asleep. I would have loved being invited to a family party, instead of forced to sneak into your grandmother’s house through the window. I would have enjoyed handing out food to the homeless, instead of being tossed a candy bar after he ejaculated on my face. I wish I could have met your brother who was successful and not the one who took money from me and was losing his house. Please don’t feel like I ripped your saintly brother from your lives….because I didn’t. YOUR Travis must be still out there, because I met a totally different man!”

  23. OMG! Kermit’s discussion of mitigation was absolutely improper! Where the fuck has this judge got her head?

  24. I am going to work on drafting a couple of letters this evening when I get home. I need a constructive way of dealing with the anger and frustration I feel at what is happening to Jodi in the name of justice 🙁

  25. Reposting this here because I would really like an answer ;p

    I am confused, wasn’t Christmas 2007, the Christmas they accused Jodi of sleeping under the Christmas tree or hiding behind it or whatever? When exactly did Stephen see Travis?

    • He is LYING. There is NO way they seen him that recently. And before Sam took down her FB, I saw that pic of her and TA … that was from years ago

      • I would swear she had posted that it was from at least a year before he died. Now its from days before? I guess lying is ok when asking for someone to be killed.

            • NK , don’t know if someone took a screenshot of that statement on Samantha’s FB page. I could careless when the photo was taken….. That photo doesn’t help Jodi, facts and evidence on June 4th 2008 is what matters.

              We all know that TA family are liars……….. remember she’s a cop…. Did she clean up TA records in CA… ?

  26. Look at darling Samantha.
    Her Ten minutes of Fame.
    Awww put her “life” on hold? right?
    COPS, but not.

    So Sammie— is living vicariously off of THE brother she never KNEW.
    She wants a glimmer of limelight at Jodi’s expense.
    She misses Travis’ Charisma (does she know how to define the word? probably not)

    Vinnie Politan/ They (Alexander Family) Crying their hearts out………..IMPACT…….sob, SOB, SOB (as in Son of a B*tch)

    SO—-I Look at Jodi.
    SHE is suffering through this….

    This woman Samantha (Travis was stolen from me) Alexander……..(aka “our family will never receive the full benefit of his goodness”……..what does that mean…she can’t cash in on a policy)

    Sammie————Buy a 2X dress in a different color, blue isn’t your deal…sort of Orka.
    Hey—-maybe Deanna Reid can direct you with the address of some online ‘Big Girls'” Shops…….

    These people shouldn’t sleep well at night.
    They are blaming a victimized woman for EVERY failure (and it seems there are many) in THEIR lives.

    sign me: DISGUSTED. In Florida.
    Jodi. You are Wronged.

  27. I thought so too. He told them point blank that any mitigating factors are against their jury instructions. WTF!!! Then why fuckhead does the law allow mitigating factors?

    • Jeff it really doesn’t matter about the mitigating factors at this point. This jury already has their minds made up………. Sad but true, otherwise they wouldn’t of convicted her with M1….. Extremely crulety… now we will wait until next week to find out the verdict of either ” LWOP or the DP” …. I don’t see the jury coming back today with a verdict.

      FK JUAN AND TA family…………. they need to invest in therpay not XANAX and Anit-depressants to cover up their emotions of pain from their childhood and take it out on JODI… That’s just as messed up as this trial.

      FK it’s been five years………….. and they were estranged, look at FLORES report. YOu dont steal your brother idenity to someone your close to. Fk these peeps.

      • yeah, this just formalities of satisfying the paperwork .. “get’er done” because they know it’s not ending it here. The beauty part is . . there are so many more fractures. Now is when the real truths come out. Wouldn’t be surprized if some jurors don’t harm themselves when they find out.

      • I don’t know FuJ, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a DP verdict today or tomorrow knowing this jury. I seriously think they have made their minds up from the get go! I’m not trying to be negative, but after hearing the M1 verdict that pretty much convinced me that this jury has their head up their ass!!

    • Jeff says: “He told them point blank that any mitigating factors are against their jury instructions.”

      I don’t believe you, Jeff.

    • Well, it is a celebration for them. This is what they have been working sooooo hard for. Disgusting liars!!!

      Mark my words, the truth will come out will set Jodi free. They should be very, very afraid. This is NOT over by a long shot.

  28. I turned on HLN only because my live feed went out and went crazy wanted to see the mitigation phase and thought I was missing it. What a disgusting ass JM made himself out to be once again. How can he be allowed to say the mitigating factors are worthless. That is all argument! Judge Fuckup strikes again.

    Is this really all anyone can expect in terms of Representation?
    The Firm —‘Nurmi and Wilmott’ got extra $$ above and beyond that allocated to Public Defense to represent Jodi. (Not to mention pretty damn good Press)…..
    Is this truly “Right?” as in What you or I would want for our own FIGHT FOR LIFE?
    (Count me as NO)

    • I understand Nurmi has tried to withdraw for some time. This last one was probably because she did that interview. I kind of doubt they believed it would be granted now. But it probably will be as soon as the sheep jury give the DP.

      • The interview had nothing to do with it. Jodi will have a lawyer who specializes in appeals. JW and KN are about done with their part of the process.

    • Just thinking out loud but maybe it was a tactic to allow a delay (new counsel would need time if this was granted) and put the court on notice of the fact that she wasn’t adequately represented to help her in her appellate case.

  30. Afternoon All!! Sorry, those impact statements made me sleepy, I took a nap!!

    Ready to endure this last phase so we can get to this APPEAL!!

    • Kmilker, someone here said that Jodi made a statement that she WOULDN’T take it through the appeal if she got the DP.

      Makes me upset because that would be throwing away a second chance at being free. : ((

      • She was depressed when she said it right after the verdict. I would think she would have a much clearer head now.

        She would clearly win on appeal.

  31. Hey guys,
    I’ve been out all day but have been keeping up with Beth Karas’s tweets which were bringing me down but when I got home I got the best thing ever. A postcard from JODI! It’s so weird bc today I was praying that there was a way that I could find out if she was getting postcards from her supporters. She said it’s comforting to know that there are people who stand beside her. She also asked me about being Catholic bc I told her a little bit about St. Jude. So she is getting our cards so keep sending them!!!!! I just send more. Yeah I send more than one at a time. But there isn’t a lot of room on the card and I’m bad about getting to the post office. What I would like to do is send one every other day to keep them going.

    Now I’m going to catch up w what I’ve dvred. From Beth Karas’s tweets I don’t think it will be fun, but I do have ice cream so maybe that will help.

    • What a blessing to know that some of our support is getting to her. I am also bad about making it to the post office. But this info will keep a fire lit under me.

          • I just emailed SJ. 🙂 She’ll love the cards. Then I’m sure if we need a new address SJ will have it for us. SJ is the one who gave me her address to write to her.

            • Hi Danielle,

              I’ve been sending Jodi postcards for the past three weeks since I got her address from the Jodi Arias artwork site. As of yet, I haven’t gotten anything back. If she is moved from the Estrella jail, will you or SJ email me and send me her new mailing address? I want to keep in contact with her.

              Thanks so much,

        • Hey Danielle, can you send me the mailing address as well? I want to send her a postcard w artwork on it. Thanks! L

      • Yes I wrote my return address at the top before I started my letter. The postcard just has to be metered by the post office so you have to leave more room than you would for a stamp. I measured the label so I give myself enough room it’s 3 inches across and 1 and a half inches down.

    • The haters like to poke fun that Jodi has been interested in different religions. I actually think there is nothing wrong with that. Most people just blindly follow whatever they were taught as kids. Learning and exploring is NOT a negative trait. I hope she pursues the Catholic religion (and I’m not Catholic) if it gets her to turn away from the Mormon cult for good.

      • I’m interested in different religions too. I have friends w different religions so I like to know what they believe too. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I’m Catholic but I’d like to go to a Jewish service to see the difference. I wouldn’t change being Catholic but I like to learn.

      • It is very normal and in my opinion very healthy to try to understand and learn about different religions. It takes an open minded person to do so. To put someone down for searching for a religion or a belief system is ridiculous. Jodi was young and searching for something to believe in. On a side note, this reminds me of another stupid comment that nancy grace made about Jodi. When it was reported that Jodi at one time had studied Wicca, Nancy went ballistic and accused Jodi of “inviting the Devil into her life”.! I just wanted to scream at the T.V. and get it thru nancy’s big T.V. head that Wicca has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Devil! She is so ignorant!

      • I totally agree Jeff.

        The ironic thing is, a lot of those haters are “good Christians” that have no problem telling Jodi supporters to burn in hell and say that they are pro-life.

        It’s bizarre.

        IMO studying religion is important. It’s fascinating to me finding out why people believe what they believe and how it affects their overall worldview.

  32. That motherfucker is saying that Jodi is a worthless piece of shit. From my perspective, he would actually be talking about HIMSELF. He has done more grandstanding, lying, and getting witnesses to lie than any good novel would have. This is nothing more than yes, kangaroo court!

    • I’m holding on, when you reach rock bottom the ONLY way is UP. I HAVE to believe this.

      Hold on tight everyone.

    • Yinzer: “How do people believe in any god that allows this travesty to take place? That’s some merciful god you got there.”

      Corinthians 1:18-19 “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.”

  33. I probably should have learned by now, but…

    Every time there is a delay like this – for all of these months – I am sitting here hoping that something big has happened to blow this whole monstrous charade to hell, and Pickles will be back momentarily to declare a mistrial.

  34. American Horror Story Season 3 should
    be set in the Mel Cupa County Courthouse.

    Judge Pickles & JM would scare the living
    eff out of the viewers!!!!!

    • Don’t know whether you saw my last message, Josh, but thank you for the film links. I’d never seen them before, they helped. 🙂

    • LOL I love that show and this is way scarier than the show bc I could accidentally wind up in AZ someday.

  35. OMG!! Michael Kiefer just tweeted that the jury is going to sentence her and that is what they are working on now in judge’s chambers… what happened to the people speaking on Jodi’s behalf????

  36. hire a pivate eye …see if ole brother boy has his lights on all night when he goes to bed ..or if he is nothing but a bullshitter

  37. Like I said I can’t watch. My daughter is trying to give me updates but I am refusing to hear them. I am sure the siblings are wallowing in self pity and eaten alive with guilt over their long distance, sporadic, aloof relationship with their brother. But suddenly they can barely go on without him. That’s about the gist I get of it. And by killing Jodi they will somehow miraculously be healed of their dysfunction. So to the family of TA…Healing time is over as far as your brother goes. Time to show compassion to another human being who was, unfortunately, a victim of that dysfunction, just like you were. Whether it be drug addiction, narcissism, sexual deviancy or whatever had TA sought help for his problems he would most likely be alive today.. also, don’t get attached to the attention and money coming your way either because that’s about to dry up too. Now would be the time to man up and show forgiveness no matter what you believe happened. If you’re reading this, don’t become Death Eaters. Jodi’s quiet spirituality is making you all look bad in the end.

  38. Sibs testimonies very fake and not believable! Being the dysfunctional ppl and Addicts they are, they probably fought like “dogs” at their gatherings, som of the brother’s statements about ta came straight from UTube! Nice research, dude!

  39. Wow. Mowed some lawn and then got caught up trying to get rid of dandelion greens invading a garden bed and was afraid I’d missed something, but I see the great seal is still up….

  40. Samantha says her brother Travis had a smile that could light up the room. I knew a guy like that. He also had a back hand that could knock you across the room and he did.

  41. Dirty Sanchez Is a Fuckin DEVIL!! He had the AUDACITY to say that Jodi DOES have a criminal past because she LIED IN COURT!!! He said, “sure she hasn’t been convicted, but that doesn’t mean it was not a criminal act” WTF??????????
    That RETARD statement sums up this whole FARCE of a trial!! Why doesn’t he just come out and say it, FUCK the Constitution, and FUCK Jodi’s RIGHTS!!!
    He is absolutely revolting!!

    • Jesus, it’s already 2:40 pm in AZ, guess they are wanting to delay the verdict until Monday… They all should be prepared for today they have had plenty of time………… this is a joke of a court system in AZ.

  42. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 49s
    The bailiff just said it will be at least another 30 minutes before they are back in open court.

  43. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 1m The bailiff just said it will be at least another 30 minutes before they are back in open court.

  44. Hi everyone…I just finished working for today…trying to get caught up…I found this…

    Tweets from wildaboutrial….

    21 seconds ago
    Valerie just informed us that it will be another 30 minutes before we proceed this afternoon. Break time.

    11 minutes ago
    Willmott just darted out of chambers to her desk to get her phone and now is darting back to chambers.

    16 minutes ago
    Wild thinks he just saw Darryl Brewer walk out of chambers. Looked like him from what he remembered.

  45. It would be so nice if just for once when they came back from chambers it would be good news for Jodi 🙁

  46. Ok, So Nurmi wanted to resign as her atty again. So does this explain why he seems to have just dropped the ball. I feel like neither of her attys really seem to care at this point. Does anyone else get that feeling? So who will represent her in an appeal?

    • She needs a different type of attorney for appeal – Nurmi and Wilmott would not have been able to represent her anywat

    • An attorney who is experienced in handling appeals and in dealing with the higher courts. Usually the attorney that handles the trial does not handle the appeal.

    • Before anyone starts piling on Nurmi, a couple things need to be pointed out.

      Nurmi was screwed from the get-go. Two people against 40,000 hateful, vengeful bullies in the media and social networking is impossible to drown out.

      He wanted to withdrawl before going to trial to start his own private practice, but it was denied.

      He has made a point to put it on the record that there should be a mistrial due to he and Jennifer’s inability to provide adequate counsel. He said it was a “fairy tale” to believe the jury wasn’t reading the media, and he knew it was impossible to win his case.

      IMO, they do care but they have been have been worn down by the constant attacks. Jennifer Willmott at one time got death threats from the Travis Taliban. I don’t know who will present her in her appeal, probably another public defender.

      • Willmott and Nurmi kicked butt in that trial. They were awesome. They worked hard as heck. They were fighting an uphill battle – the jury was tainted from the start

      • You know what occurred to me the other day?

        Someone here, don’t remember who, (Al maybe?) pointed out that Martinez and Stephens both work for the same boss. Well, when Nurmi joined the case, he and Jodi’s other attorney (Washington?) were with the public defenders office, so they TOO worked for the same boss as Martinez and the judge, right?

        Lord, no wonder Jodi couldn’t catch a break. She’s had the weight of the Mormon controlled County of Maricopa bearing down on her from the get go.

      • Thanks for your comments. I just know that when we represented clients the attys did their best to represent them to the end. There is always something that can be appealed and in this case in my opinion it’s the whole trial. I am not belittling them.. It just seems they have backed way off and are not fighting like I feel they should be. If I could afford to hire an atty for her I would. but that would take winning a huge jackpot. That is how much I believe in her. Granted I do feel Jodi needed to think before she spoke on several occasions during her testimony and she should not have given that interview post-verdict. And as for remorse, I’m sure she feels bad that she killed him, but it’s hard to cry or be remorseful when someone has abused you and pushed you to that limit. That is one thing she has stood true to showing little if no remorse and that should tell everyone of her innocence. Now if this came out wrong I do apologize. It’s been a very long week.

  47. The sad thing is that if Jodi does take the stand to plead for life, all the vipers in that courtroom will eat her alive with their eyes. I hope that she does talk, she deserves to show the world that she is a kind soul. Either way, she’s damned if she does and she’s damned if she doesn’t. Stay strong Jodi girl.

  48. God Bless Jodi……. I wish HER strength (as well as ANY ONE OF US FACING THIS PERSECUTION…not Prosecution)

    Let ‘everyone’ (aka Samantha/Steven) wallow in ‘Impact’ statements.

    This is still ABOUT: Jodi’s Life.

    ————–oh And ‘Steven’……Travis’ death didn’t ‘Ruin’ your life. Neither did Jodi.
    YOU never had one to begin with.

    Have Fun with it at YOUR OWN Expense.

    • cheers, let’s toast on that Norma . . it is so matter of fact . . and yes .. Sam: IA might be asking you for a department eval and Steven, get over yourself .

  49. I have a question if anyone knows? If after the trial is over, some of the jurors admit to the same thing as juror#8 , as in going to a store and seeing headlines not meaning to or overhearing people talking when they go out etc. would that be enough to overturn a conviction in an apellate court and how long would that take?

    • Juror #8’s comments alone should be enough for appeal – he was on til the end, if he made up his mind beforehand, you can bet that everyone else did.

      They were moved by sympathy for Travis’s family, and dislike for the defense witnesses, and they were annoyed Jodi was drawing – they did not base anything of evidence.

    • It should help the appeal but I don’t think they can admit too much at this point because then they could be brough up on contempt charges.

      And seeing how AZ court system works, probably a whole shindig of other stuff.

  50. His brother Steven said the last time he saw Travis was 2002? Oh yeah this was a close family…. please.

  51. Ok, so now Jodi is responsible for killing TA and now HIS GRANDMA TOO! WTF!!!!

    Plus, its her fault that the meth-head family is taking Depression and Anxiety drugs! There are so many people in the world that take anti-anxiety and anti-depressants. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jodi herself felt she might need some. Why should TA death or Jodi be the reason they need to take them. May be they need to be tested I bet they’d be surprised at their diagnoses.

    Was it just me or was the TA poser brother trying to blame Jodi for his marriage problems and the ugly duckling sister blaming Jodi for the families financial problems, because they have had to leave work and home to be in Arizona for the trial? Isn’t that a choice they made, can’t they just stay home if it’s so financially distressing?

    Step Up ppl, Justice for Jodi!!!

    • Ms. Laviolette testified that children brought up in an abusive home have difficulty maintaining long-term personal relationships.

    • DITTO! And if they can say their poor parents died ….then shouldn’t the jury be able to know they were meth addicts??? And that Travis ran off to his grams to be raised at 9 yrs old and left his siblings in the dust with the meth parents???? He wrote it on his blog….said he stood there and screamed until his mom gave in and took him to his grandmothers. Yeah….he was a real stand up guy…..

    • dear me, and if he gets cancer from smoking, because Tavis died, I bet he will blame her for that tooo. but there was one thing they did say. Travis was a forgiving person and showed unconditional love. Therefore they have learned nothing from him. Because if they did they would not be pushing for the death penalty or for JM to prosecute.

    • Ok. I think that’ll be Darryl Brewer. He did the same last time he testified. What is he gonna do? Stand there with a box on his head?

      Team Jodi

    • I think its reasonable but they should have known that beforehand. Makes no sense like everything else in this case.

    • Beth Caras:Arias’s friend, Patricia, will not be shown on camera though it appears we’ll hear her. Darryl Brewer WILL be on camera (though he was not when he testified on Jan. 29). #jodiarias

    • It’s a sad, sad day in this country when people from Jodi’s past feel afraid to show their face to the world because they are supporting Jodi. I say that not against her old friends but for HLN and their torches and pitchfork fan base that threatens anyone who might support Jodi.
      I’m thoroughly disgusted!

      • Well, this is our new reality, thanks to HLN. It is a Media Mob Squad that will look for any reason to assassinate your character or destroy your life.

  52. Here’s a thought…the exhibit # for the photo of Travis and Stephen singing karaoke is 666. Did anyone else catch that? Ha!

  53. The jury instructions say not to take sympathy into consideration, then they have the fake crying family members who hardly knew their brother up there trying to get sympathy from the jurors..that makes sense.
    I imagine Hitler had family members who half way liked him too, but that didn’t make him a good guy.

  54. Elizabeth Erwin @elizabetherwinEveryone but family just kicked out of the courtroom…no clue what’s going on. #JodiArias

    WTF is going on???

  55. I was just going over the Dr. Drew transcript of Juror #8’s interview last night. It’s interesting to me neither Dr. Drew nor any of his panel members asked him about any of the evidence presented at trial, like what was the most compelling evidence you saw or what was the evidence that made you come to the conclusion that Jodi was guilty of M1.

  56. Gee, like the jury won’t be effected at ALL by witnesses for Jodi who are afraid to be seen by the public.

  57. Sibs testimony: it’s all about me and everyone else’s fault! Typical Addict mentality. I agree with a post from the up thread, I think “Sammie, the cop” should undergo thorough evaluation if she’s fit for her job, hate to get pulled over by that B…. Oh wait! Screw Pissy may be offering her a Job next to that blonde Bimbo (juror) that had diarrhea of the mouth every night. She deserves to be on unpaid permanent leave for what they did to ALV.

  58. I am totally confused as to what is going on. I thought Jodi would get a chance to speak for the Evil Witch Judge gave the jurors their instructions.

    This is totally off topic but it might help pass time. Better than looking at the seal. For all the cat lovers among us.

  59. Well, it seems this is going to continue into next week. How this will be concluded today is beyond me. What a Kangaroo Kourt!!!

  60. Oh, of course, this will give the jury much needed time to catch up on all the HLN coverage before they bring back their verdict.

  61. hey yall….i love this site..i laugh out loud all the time..i may not say much, but im here everyday 🙂 got a few questions. will jodi get to talk to the jurors before sentencing? after sentencing whats next and how long will it be before she appealls..or do you think she even will do that since she said she wanted to die now?? thanks guys!!

  62. I talked with the restaurant manager that used to be Jodi’s boss. I was pleased to hear that she does NOT want Jodi to receive the DP.

    • super Jeff, that is good to know, kinda wondered since the one gal wasn’t supportive, ……………… and since there were sooooo many jobs Jodi had, the haters can knock themselves out attempting to boycott the place

  63. If Jodi’s own witness is afraid to show her face because of fear of threats it shows how the pitchforks are raised. There are soooo many appellate issues with this case. I think no matter what defense jodi puts up they’ll sentence her to the death penalty. This case IS an open shut case of DV. Travis and Jodi were toxic to eachother.

    This is no case of Jodi torturing Travis its so simple to see.
    This is so upsetting for so many reasons. Adults blaming Jodi for their ulcers and marital problems. Let me see I blame Juan Martinez for global warming because he upsets me and I become an emotional eater which makes me fart a lot. Farts release methane and cause global warming. So here’s a message to you Juan you are at fault for global warming! I blame you!

  64. I knew today would be a circus. Jean C. says she doesn’t know what’s happening but expects to go in any minute. The family has been asked to leave the court room too. Jean C. says the comment that was supposed to have been said by Jodi’s mom when the aggravation verdict came out, “This is the beginning of the end” was NOT said at all. Jodi’s mom approached Jean to say that she would never say that about her daughter. So someone made that up just to cause more chyt.

  65. Relax everyone. The jury is NOT behaving badly during the recess, holed up in the jury room, by watching HLN and other shenanigans on their phones/tablets/laptops. They swore to pickles and I really believe them. I really do.

    This trial is very fair. Sequestration? pffft.

    • And they haven’t seen the mobs of people and news agencies outside with pitchforks when they walk into the courthouse.

  66. Wow…how crazy are these HLN people! Saying Jodi needs to get up there and admit that TA never abused her, was never a perv….and beg for her life??? EXCUSE me…but He did do all these things..and Jodi CANNOT do that…because she would then be lying and her Appeal would be gone! She needs to say how sorry she is that his family had to suffer and that she KNOWS how it feels to miss him because she did love him and had she never wanted to hurt him much less take him from his family or end his life. She needs to convince them that she could not get him out of her heart….even after moving away. That she was never a violent person and to know that snapping the way that she did not only took ta life it ruined hers and too many others. JODI: Nothing I can say will ever be enough and i do not deserve to have you believe me….after all of my lies…but from my heart if I could change this i would do whatever it takes to do that…especially for his family. People have said I do not have a heart…since this happened I feel that my heart went with Travis….I can only ask that his family members KNOW that I did not plan this and I will not ask them to forgive me because I don’t derserve that either..but Please know that before that night Travis loved me and I loved him…and this was never supposed to happen. There was a side of him that was everything and MORE than what they said…it was the side that Travis and I dealt with on the night that this horrible loss happened that changed everyones life.

    • “JODI: Nothing I can say will ever be enough and i do not deserve to have you believe me….after all of my lies…but from my heart if I could change this i would do whatever it takes to do that…especially for his family. People have said I do not have a heart…since this happened I feel that my heart went with Travis….I can only ask that his family members KNOW that I did not plan this and I will not ask them to forgive me because I don’t derserve that either..but Please know that before that night Travis loved me and I loved him…and this was never supposed to happen. There was a side of him that was everything and MORE than what they said…it was the side that Travis and I dealt with on the night that this horrible loss happened that changed everyones life.”

      When did Jodi say that?

      • She did not say that….I did not put it in is something that I think she SHOULD say…remember..because Jodi was abused and TA was a A PERV and probably pushed her to do what she did…that does NOT mean she is not sorry…that she took a life..that she took him from his family..and that she lied time and time again. Truth is if she had handled it differently (as she said) things might be much better) but she has to show she has a heart…I am not really so concerned about this Jury…becaues I Think they are a lost cause.. but going forward for those who support her and those who MAY support her..she will need these people.

    • Cheryl get your facts straight:

      1.” She needs to convince them that she could not get him out of her heart….even after moving away. ”
      This sounds like you’re buying the ‘jealousy’ motive.WTF??

      2.” Nothing I can say will ever be enough and i do not deserve to have you believe me….after all of my lies…”
      Now you sound like Nancy Grace.

      3.” I will not ask them to forgive me because I don’t derserve that either.”
      I hope she doesnt ask them to forgive her because it’s THEM that should be asking HER to forgive THEM!!!

      4:”on the night that this horrible loss happened”
      Travis was killed in the late afternoon you know…Around 5,30?Rings any bell???????

      • The FACTS are Jodi was forced to do what she did….I said nothing about Jealousyl…if he was not in her heart she would NOT have been there and having sex with him for HOURS!! I am not buying one dam thing that Nancy Gool girl has said…But it does not matter WHY someone brutally murders a member of your family….it is unforgivable! And to admit that…speaks to her character..that everyone is trying to say she does not have. And regardless of whether it was night or afternoon…she should acknowledge that it is a loss..and she caused it and wishes it had never happened….if you think for one minute that Jodi does not wish she had left this ass hole and ran for her life out of the door and down the drive way…you are wrong. And the fact that she felt like she was fighiting for her life…she did not have to Lie for months? She has admitted that she should have handled it differently….water over the falls…now all she can do is acknowledge that she is smart enough and decent enough to know that was wrong…

        • “But it does not matter WHY someone brutally murders a member of your family….it is unforgivable! ”

          Even in self-defense, Cheryl?

        • If I had to kill someone to save my life, I wouldn’t think I was wrong. I wouldn’t apologize to anyone for defending myself!

      • I agree she shouldn’t say one word, she should say two words .. “FUCK YOU!” … That’s what she should say. 😀

  67. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 3m

    Was just informed we were going to adjourn for the day. Deputy said we could go back in for 5 mins to dismiss the jury. #JodiArias

    • Yeah go home watch the news So that they feel good about sending a young abused women to her death, remember no criminal history! This should scare every citizen of these united states! How quickly the media can get people to shout kill her, kill her. Open your eyes haters!

  68. Did you see the changed look in JW face???

    Jodi had a different look about her too….

    I wonder what was said in the chambers???

  69. Did our girl appear a bit more brighter that earlier today?

    I wish I could blink my eyes and have her vanish into thin air, transported to a sunny island

  70. Jennifer willmot looks so pissed today. I think her defense team feels defeated. Like I said no matter what they say Jodi will get death penalty.

    • maybe pissed and determined have same looks sometimes . . caught it late . . would defeated as some might as seen fit too? I like the pissed/determined version

    • I’ll watch it again! I thought JW appeared not quite as somber as earlier.

      What did you think about Jodi?

    • She looks just as pissed today as she did yesterday. I see no difference between this morning and just now either.

  71. here we go again let the jury go home and watch more TV and use there cell phones and Ipads and other devices to see Travis family talk has any one seen the one Chris hughes did say if she wants to die then give to her

  72. Well here we go again…but maybe this will be a good thing and the impact from TA’s family will be nullified long as the jurors do what they are suppost to do and not watch any media..but not holding my breath on that one, but I hope so.

    • Lynn the news in Mesa will probably play the statements over and over. I find it hard to believe they won’t see it again. But wait they have the admonition.

    • Shit, they”ll be hearing the words from the 2 siblings over and over all weekend.

      Well, only until they leave the room or find the remote and change the channel

    • Not watching?Puhleeze! Oh Lynn I find you very lenient on them…
      They are the same motherfuckers that have been watching all along,copying and pasting NG’s questions,reaching a M1 verdict for god’s sake!!!!

  73. I have a question ….would it be considered as tampering with evidence, when CH said on Dr.D that he logged on to TA email?

    • I would think so…. this along with Drunk Juror’s statements…. “doc” spew might be the eventual reason for Jodi’s freedom!! 😀

    • It’s a fucking farce, and they keep dragging this shit on. Absurd! Everybody knows she will get the death penalty, but even that isn’t enough for these cruel bastards.

  74. After reading that jurors were crying after hearing Travis’ sister and brother…

    Probably it will be better to wait until Monday so the jurors can compose themselves…

    • sorry to disagree here..Fuck the jurors they put themselves in this position by this JOKE of a verdict they decided on

      • NT…it is all about respect that I am talking about here…

        The jurors need to compose themselves….they have been so heavily biased this entire trial…it is no wonder that they behaved the way that they did earlier with the crying…

        Jodi deserves the respect of jurors that aren’t constantly crying like they were earlier today…the jurors should put everything aside and give Jodi that respect…

        The jurors can go home now and cry their eyeballs out all weekend…and I pray to God that when they come back on Monday they will give Jodi some respect…

        • Beth and Jean on HLN have both said the jurors were NOT crying.

          The people in the room who WERE crying were the ones that weren’t close enough to the sibs to realize that THEY weren’t crying – no tears, just contorted faces, and the jury could see what the camera saw. FAKES.

      • No doubt. FUCK the jurors. Besides, compose themselves? They’ll be stewing in the bullshit drama put on by Travis’ siblings today. What a bunch of ghouls.

    • But Truth, someone on here said I think it was Beth K said that the jury was “emotionless” who knows which one is right????

  75. So since we’re slinging blame around Juan has caused me to have acid reflux, I think he may have even caused me a case or two of severe diarrhea. I have also developed a strange phobia which morphs into panic when short, whiny, lying, middle-aged men with frog-like features approach me. It’s a newly diagnosed illness called Kermiphobia. I CAN’T watch the MUPPETS anymore!

  76. Wow – that delay felt like a rain delay in tennis or baseball. Waiting for hours to resume and then finally they cancel and tell everyone to come back 4 days later!

  77. I can not believe that Jodi’s “friend” who is supposed to speak on her behalf is requesting that the court NOT show her face while she speaks. She only will allow audio. UHHH>>> Some friend!? If it were me, and I felt the need to stick up for someone I would gladly show my face ! This just goes to show you the fear that this lynch mob has put into ANYONE who dares to say anything positive about Jodi. Ridiculous!

    • Jessie, the nut jobs have made so many death threats and that’s probably why…In that regard I don’t blame her for being afraid..At least she is going to speak on Jodi’s behalf

      • I know, and I do understand. However, By hiding it is letting the haters-lynch mob win. I am grateful that Jodi has a friend to speak for her. But it is plain wrong that these witnesses and friends and anyone who has anything positive to say about Jodi is subject to death threats and all of their hate. I am the kind of person who fully stands behind my convictions no matter what and I do not care what ANYONE says or what they try to do to intimidate me. I will always be that defiant person. But that is me. And you are right that the girl needs to be safe. I am just a rebel! Anyhow, again I do apologize for not being more understanding. I was just really mad! I still love you though, Jessie

    • Are you kidding me? In this day and age, and with what’s gone in this case, she’s fortunate to have someone speak on her behalf I’m sorry to say.

      • I agree, JC… everyone involved has had death threats. Even US who are not directly involved. I am so grateful some one came forward for Jodi.

      • Again, this is beyond my wildest comprehension that this would be allowed in a court room in this country!

      • Yes. I’m glad that Darryl is speaking on her behalf too; I thought that he might. I wish that Jodi had stayed with him.

      • I have to say, if I could help Jodi, I would stand up and do it with a quickness!If they wanted to bring on the death threats, well, where I come from I have a shotgun with their names on it just about at any time, any place. I would suggest they not fuck with me and mine.

    • Look at what the lynch mob has done to ALV, Dr. S, Dr.G, Gus and the list goes on and on. These are very scary times. I am fearful this is only going to get worse.

      • Everyone of them needs a shotgun by their sides at times like this anddddddd friends to go back and fight for them just like people here have done for Alyce.

    • Well it is ridiculous Jesse.

      The abusers have been out in force creating an atmosphere of intimidation towards anyone who supports Jodi. Can you blame her for being afraid for her life? The nutjobs are bloodthirsty rapist scum that don’t believe women are protected by the Constitution.

      I’m surprised she’s even going to do an audio appearance. She’ brave for just doing that.

      • And the family had the blessings from the prosecutor and judge to carry on instead of getting a boot in the ass

      • MB…

        Wasn’t it Travis’ sister Tanisha who posted on her Facebook the hate toward Jodi that enraged and inflamed the haters out there…because of Tanisha’s loony followers they ultimately went after ALV on Amazon and other innocent people…

        Wild About Trial tweeted earlier:
        Steven explains he has nightmares of someone coming after him and his wife and daughters. He can’t sleep alone in the dark.

        When I read that I said to myself…WTF…I have nightmares that Tanisha’s henchmen are going to come after me and my family…just her evil look is scarey…@@…

        • No doubt huh!!!

          And yes it was Tashina who got the mob out against ALV. She was kicked from chambers for that.

        • Maybe he should turn off Hate Lovers Network and step away from the details of the event.

          Maybe he should start to, as best as he can, put it as a piece of his past and look towards his future, for his own daughter’s sake, who deserves to have a father who’s involved in her life. He knew what it was like to have a father uninvolved. Why let this be the excuse to continue the theme?

          Maybe if they’d all stop picking at the scab on their leg, stop looking at the pics of the crime scene and focus on the good times they shared w their bro, and start work towards healing and forgiveness and stop blaming everything that is negative in their life on this one event he would not be afraid of the dark.

          Maybe he’s afraid of the dark due to his own inability to see how fueling and maintaining the hatred and anger will never allow him to see the light. It’s his own choice to remain afraid of the dark.

            • IF the haters were to ever find out that they have been played bigtimeeeeeeeeeee, then yeah I’d suggest all the bullshitters hide. They created this bullshit mob mentality and it might just come back to bite them in the ass.

          • I am convinced there are very few blue dresses left in AZ. Heard that the Alexander Girls have scoop them up for this trial and the up coming civil trial against Jodi. Let’s see is there any more mileage they can get out of this? Oh, I am sure, if they can figure out a way to be professional trial attendees, they will sue. That’s right, they have a ton of upcoming appearances on HLN and Dr. Phil, Book signings, Interviews, Movie openings, etc. Disgusting. It is their doing and all they do is whine “it’s all Jodi’s fault our lives are a mess”. Go figure!!!

        • Maybe that is why his marriage failed. Because he couldn’t sleep alone in the dark. Maybe his wife didn’t want a wuss for a husband. Can’t believe he blamed Jodi for his failed marriage!

      • I do understand, I am just speaking for myself. If I grew up with Jodi, and felt strong enough about her character to defend her, I would not only speak but gladly show my face. My reasoning is that by hiding in fear of the lynch mob, is letting them win.. I think it is despicable what they tried to do to ALV and JW and Samuels, etc.. but God bless them for having the courage to stand up for what they believed in and what they thought was right. Perhaps I was a bit hard on Jodi’s friend for not wanting to show her face. I am grateful that at least she has enough courage to speak. I was just really upset that the hateful masses have all the power to scare people. I love you guys and I am sorry if I was a bit too harsh, Jessie meow

        • I feel that one reason for such a brutal attack on Jodi, is because no one speaks up for her. Her mom or family has never done a press conference for her. Not even her DT. If they had, more people would have rallied behind her.

    • I wouldn’t be too hard on her friend for not wanting to have her face shown; at least she is speaking on Jodi’s behalf. Hell, I speak on Jodi’s behalf on social media sites and I can’t tell you the amount of hate I have expereinced because of that, I don’t blame her friend for being scared. I’m glad Darryl is speaking up for Jodi as well.

  78. I bet Martinez is having a hissy fit because Patty doesn’t want to be seen..

    Defence should move that media madness and death threats to Defence make it impossible for Jodi to get fair treatment in this trial.